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Eastern Oregon Weather
Will bo delivered at your residence
or place of business by carrier at
5c A WEEK.
Tonight and Saturday, showers.
NO. 47
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jets a Hearty Reception in
New York's Capital,
ful for the Kindness Shown Him
the American People Visits
Bt Point Military Academy in
wich He Is Greatly Interested,
bauy. N. Y March 7. Upon
Ice Henry's arrival in this city
morning he was driven immedi-
to the city hall and from there
fas conducted to the state house,
re the legislature was in session.
made a brief address to the mem-
of the senate, in Which he said:
irlsh to thank you most heartily for
kind reception I have met here.
IB one of many 'acts of kindness
Ich I have recoived during my stay
the United States and which I am
likely to forget."
from the senate he was taken to
lower house of the legislature,
are he made a brief address in
same Btrain. Prince . and party
the capitol for their train, their
stopping place being West Point.
(Albany's Reception to Prince.
Ilbany, N. Y., March 7. Thousands
people gathered about the railroad
lion and lined the down town
fccts this morning and cheered
rtlly as Prince Henry and his suite
hurried visits to the city and
le olllclais. The royal special ar
id in Albany from Boston shortly
Ire a o clock and left over the New
Central for West Point two
rs luter. The reception commltte'e
the distinguished visitors at the
on Station and escorted them to
3Ity Hall, whore- Mayor Gaus, fol
ly presented the freedom of the
From the City Hall the prince
escort were takan to the capitol,
ire they were presented to Gover-
jOdell and members of the gen-
assembly. In the state library
irlnce was shown the sword pre
Ed by Frederick the Great to Gen-
IGfjorge Washington.
Prince at West Point.
fjBt Point, N. Y., March 7. Prince
Jand suite with the German am
lor, Admiral Evans and Assist
pcretary of State Hill, arrived
from Alband this afternoon and
fmet by Superintendent Mills and
taff of the United States military
my. During his stay the cadets
put through several drills and
prince was especially pleased
their exhibition of skill in horse-
khip. The various buildings were
tctea and the prince was after-
Is presented to the officers and
Is connected with the academy.
prince proved his acquaintance
American history by occosional
lences to the treason of Arnold
Ihls connection with West Point,
o luncheon was served the vlslt-
by Colonel Mills, during which the
bus West Point band rendered
le. After the luncheon the nrince
party loft for New York by a
lal train over the tyow York Cen-
I Prince Nears End of Tour.
York, March 7. Although
fce Henry will spend a longer
of time in this city on his re-
frora his memorable Southern
western tour than in the earlier
the official incidents of his re
pn are now practically at an end.
imrty is duo to reach New York
C o'clock htis evening. At 8
Ik the prince will dine at the Uni
fy Club. Tomorrow will be a day
Freation spent in visiting the city
o end of which the prince will
at the GroBSo Deutsche Gesell-
Sunday he will take luncheon
University Club, attend a nrl.
dinner, and In the evonlng visit
ew York Yacht Club.
General Hoffman Dead.
Padelphia, March ,7. General J;
ui onman died last night of
01 the lungs, aged 79.
command, of the Fifty-sixth
yivanla regiment, General Hoff-
"5u me battle of Gettysburg.
Governor Summantri.
PI Hawaii i i ' ,
kiit., l """i " iuwu numraonea
l'ngton bv President nnnia'vAll
OVer thn TlAlltlnal tnM.. -
Ma.ny Millions Involved In a Street
Railway Deal.
Cleveland, March 7. The Plain
Dealer says:
"Terms have been agreed on for the
consolidation of the Cleveland Elec
tric Railway Company and the Cleve
land City Hallway Company, the two
roads to be under the presidency of
Senator Hanna. The i consolidated
company will include every street car
line in the city.
'Involved in the deal are arrange
ments for vast improvements, for
universal transfers' and for the sale
of six tickets for 25 cents, although
this latter detail has not been posi
tively settled on as yet.
Stock to the value of $21,600,000 is
involved, of which $13,000,000 rep
resents the .Cleveland Electric Com
pany, and $8,C00,0oj the stock of the
Cleveland City Railway Company.
He Grows Quite Eloquent on the Ship
ping Bill.
Washington, March 7. A notable
speech was made in the senate Thurs
day by Mark Hanna, of Ohio, on the
pending shipping bill, which he dis
cussed from the point of an American
business man. Hhr arguments were
carefully prepared, he was always
forceful and earnest and Quite elo
quent. He eomraanued the undivided
attention of the senate and of the gal-
lories and when he closed he received
congratulations of many of his col
Early in the session, Frye, in charge
of the ponding shipping bill, obtained
an agreement that the senate should
vote on the measure and all pending
amendments at 3 p. m. Monday,
Marqh 17, that time being entirely
satisfactory to those opposed to the
The American Liner Waesland Goes to the Bottom of
the Ocean,
Ships Came Together in a Fog Forty Miles Off the Coast of EnglandThe
British Ship Was Able to Proceed, After Rescuing the Passengers, to
Liverpool, Many of the Passengers Escaping in Their Night Clothes
The Boilers of the Waesland Exploded Just Before She 'Plunged Be-
Big Round-up at Fort Worth.
Fort Worth, Tex., March 7. Citi
zens of Fort Worth are pleased over
the outlook for the big convention of
cattle raisers to be held .here next
week. Indications point to an. unus
ually large and representative attend
ance. In conjunction with the con
vention there will be held a fat stock
show. This feature of the .gathering
has been planned on a greater scale
than ever- attempted before, and it
promises to compare favorably with
more pretentious exhibitions held in
the great fat stock centers of the
Hanrahan vs. Choynski.
Louisville, Ky., March 7. The
20-round bout between "Wild Bill"
Hanrahan and Joe Choynski, which
is to be pulled off in Music Hall to
night, under the auspices of the Em
pire Athletic Club, has aroused keen
interest in sporting circles. Since his
easy defeat of Marvin Hart, Hanra
han has been a favorite with Louis
ville fight followers and the club ex
pects a big crowd on hand for to
night's bout. The local contingent
will be reinforced by delegations of
sporting men from Chicago, Cincin
natl, Indianapolis and other cities.
Maple Syrup Will Be Higher.
Ashtabula, O., March 7. The maple
syrup season has just opened in the
isortnern unio belt. The sugar and
syrup making section, which is im
portant, now rivals even that of the
famous maple camns of Vermont
Makers and dealers now declare that
tne price or maple syrup will be much
higher this season than last. Farm
ers owning sugar bushes are nrermr-
ing to sell this year's product to the
ueaiers at u cents per gallon from
the start.
Permanent Census Bureau.
Washington, March 7. President
Roosevelt today signed the bill pro
viding for a permanent census bureau.
On July 1, when the bill goes into ef
fect, a director of the census will ap
point such mombers of the present
office force as will constitute perma
nent force. After that date, all an.
polntments will be made under the
regular civil service act.
Columbia and Cornell to Debate.
Ithaca. N. Y.. March 7. Thn an mi.
al debate between Cornell university
ana Columbia university takes place
hero tonight, and ' it DromiaeB tn hn
tlie most interesting event of the col
lege year. Columbia will support the
affirmative and Cornell the negative
side of the question, "Resolved; That
the United States should resist by
force, if need be. the colonization of
any part of South America by any
European -power."
. MImouH Bank Robbed.
Ebbox, ,Mo March 7. Two men dy
namited ft safe In a private bank here
last night and .escaped ,wlthjf 8000.
neath the Waters.
Liverpool, March 7. At 11:30
o'clock Wednesday night, 40 miles
southwest of Holyhead, England, the
American line steamer Wtiesland and
the British steamship Harmonldes
came- in collision. The accident was
due to a dense fog which prevented
the lookouts from sighting vessels un
til they were almost on one another.
Although the American ship was
struck amidships and sank in 35 min
utes but two lives were lost. The
most perfect discipline prevailed on
each vessel and the. boats were hoist
ed out and the passengers transferred
from the decks of the sinking ship
onto those of the still seaworthy Brit
ish vessel with all dispatch. The dead
Steerage passenger named Danger
field. Elsie Emmett, small child, daughter
of a cabin passenger.
The passengers and crew of the
American ship lost all their belong
ings, which went down with the ves
sel when she plunged beneath the
The Harmonldes struck the Waes
land amidships and cut her down.
Less than 35 minutes afterwards the
work of rescue was completed and
the passengers and crew were trans
ferred to the English ship .
The Harmonldes, bringing 32 cabin
and 82 steerage passengers, arrived
here at 3:30 o'clock this morning. The
lost ship carried no mall.
The Boilers Exploded.
Liverpool, March 7. When the pas
sengers of the sunken steamer Wnes-
j land arrived hero, many cf them were
; attired only in their night clothing.
All of them praise the discipline dis
played during the trying time follow
ing the collision between the vessels.
Women and children were given the
first places in the boats, all of the men
Standing aside until they had been
provided for. The last boats leaving
the steamer contained the officers
and crew. All were just fairly well
away, when the water reached the
boilers and they exploded. The ves
sel trembled for just a moment as in
a death agony, and then disappeared
under the waters. While most of the
Waesland's boats were rescued by
Hermonldes easily, one of them took
the wrong course in the fog and it
was two hours before it could bo
found and picked up. Another was
swamped, but was righted and all of
its occupants rescued. The Waes
land's passengers will bo forwarded
by the steamer Nordeland next Wed
nesday. The Etrurla Still Missing.
London, March 7. The Cunard
liner Etruria has not yet arrived. The
Cunard officials, however, are confi
dent the ship is all right. Without a
I propeller she is helpless at sea and
1 will not be able to reach port until
, assistance reaches her and she is
i towed in.
Reported by I. L. Ray A Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and ,
New York Stock Exchange Broker
Now York, March 7. The whoat
market was strong and higher today,
under the influence of higher cnbloa
from tho other sldo and numerous
crop damage reports from Kansas.
Liverpool closed V highor, G .
New York opened 82 and closed
S3. Chicago opened 70 and clos
ed 77V4. Market looks like It Is going
Closed yesterday, S2V6.
Opened today, 82
Range today, S2S3.
Closed today, 836.
Sugar, 127.
Steel. 42.
St. Paul, 1G3.
Union Pacific, 90 y2.
Wheat in - Chicago.
Chicago, March 7. Wheat today,
7G1i7714c per bushel.
Wheat in San Francisco.
San Francisco, March 7. Whoat to
day, $1.121.12.
Guilty of Counterfeiting.
San Francisco, March 7. O. L,
Woodworth was found guilty of hav
ing counterfeit coin In his possession
and fined $100 In the federal court in
this city today.
Southern Pacific Train Ditched
and Burned in Texas,
Sends His Daughter to Cuba Instead
of to the Coronation.
Washington, March 7. It Is believ
ed that Miss Alice Roosevelt's trip to
Cuba,' upon which she starts Sunday,
has been substituted for the proposed
visit .to the coronation of King Ed
ward. The president, it is said, feels
that his daughter has been brought
into enough prominence during the
series of gaities of the past season
and by reason of Prince Henry's visit,
and that the proposed trip to London
is, x therefore, inadvisable under the
Mayor Humes, of Seattle, Nails Up
Gambling Houses.
Seattle, March 7. One of tho re
sults of the city election is that all
gambling houses of tlie city are clos
ed, It is understood, by order of
Mayor Humes. Various reasons are
assigned for this action.
For Oratorical Honors. .
Boonville, Mo., March 7. The inter
est In the annual state Inter-colIe:
giate oratorical contest is evidenced
by the presonce of Jarge delegations
of students and others from the lead
ing educational Institutions of Mis
souri. The contest is to be brought
off here this evening. The contest
ants will represent the state unlversi-
ty, Tarkio College, Park College, Wil
liam Jewell College and Central Col
lege, The winner of the contest will
represent Missouri at the interstate
contest to lie held at St. Paul In May.
Big Gold Shipment
New York, March 7. Heldelbach,
Ickelhelmer ,& Co., wll lship $1,000,000
gold to Europe Saturday, Goldman,
Sachs & Co., $1,800,000 and Landenr
burg, Thalman & Co., $600,000, mak
ing the total thus far engaged $3,-
Murderer of Sheriff Ricker In Wyom
ing, May Live Longer.
Casper, Wyo., March 7. Charles
Woodward, convicted of the murder
of Sheriff Ricker, and sentenced to
be hanged on March 28, will be grant
ed a longer time in which to prepare
for the gallows. Judge Bramel de
nied the motion of Woodward for a
new trial' and the case will be taken
to the supreme court, a stay In sen
tence being granted for that purpose.
As considerable time will bo required
by the supreme court to review the
case, Woodward cannot bo executed
before May or June.
Another Disastrous Snow Slide.
Denver, March 7. An avalancho of
snow this morning Bwopt away nlno
buildings at tho Butterfly mine, near
Telerlde, and three men woro killed.
Justice at Hands of Colored Men.
Los Angeles, March 7. Tho first
colored jury In tho history of tho state
today is trying David Anderson, col
ored, of petit larceny. The Jury was
summoned by colored policemen.
Statement Not True.
Havana, March 7. General Wood
says that tho statement mada by beet
sugar interests that the Cuban Rugar
crop of this year has been bought up
by the sugar combination is without
Thirty-threo People Reported Killed,
Many Wounded Party of New
Yorkers Narrowly Escaped Death
Details of the Wreck Delayed.
San Antonio, Texas, March 6. Tho
west-bound Southern Pacific passen
ger train went into tho ditch and was
burned at a point 25 miles from San
derson, at 4 o'clock this morning.
Thirty-three persons are reported
either Instantly killed or burned to
death and many others injured.
First News of the Wreck.
Denver, March 7. Tho paasengor
train on tho Galveston, Houston ft
San Antonio railroad Is reported
wrecked and burned early thlB morn
ing. Thlrty-flvc people arc reported
dead and many injured.
Details Not Yet Reported.
Few additional details of the wreck
have been received up to noon, be
yond tho fact that nbout 15 bodies
have been recovered. A largo party
of New York capitalists wero In a
coach of tho train, but escaped. Nino
cars were burned.
Details of the Awful Accident.
El Paso. March 7. A Southern Pa
cific passenger train, west-bound from
San A"ton'o was ditched nnd burned
near Maxon, on the Gnlveston, llnrria
burg & San Antonio division, nt 4
o'clock this morning. Thirty-eight
(Concluded on page 5.)
Epworth League Rally.
, Rochester, N. Y., March 7. Tho an
nual convention of tho Genesee Con
ference of tho Epworth League,
which will be In session in this city
during the remainder of tho week, Is
the best attended meeting in tho his
tory of this body. All of the local
branches of the society In Western
New York have full delegations on
hand and in addition there are many
ministers and other well-known
speakers in attendance. Tho presld
ing officer is the Rev. W, A. Harris,
of Mlddleport, first vice-president of
the society.
Governor Taft In Hospital.
Cincinnati, March 7. The governor
of the Philippines, Taft, arrived here
today and will undergo an operation
tomorrow for a trouble that caused
his long confinement In Manila.
To Invade Washington.
Portland, Me., March 7. Tho larg
est and most notable tourist party
over organized In Maine 16ft this city
today for Washington by way of Bos
ton and Fall River line. The party
was made up entirely of state officials
of Maine and members of the legisla
ture. The Jaunt is one of pleasure
solely, i majority of tho participants
being accompanied by th-iir wive1
and families.
Loss of Life In Fire.
Beatrice, Neb., March 7. Fire last
night caused $10,000 loss in the bus
iness district of Beatrice, and six
firemen were very seriously injured
by coming in contact with live wires.
The injured are: James Coon, George
Maxflelds, Herbert Palmer, Henry
Lyndcott, Harry Harper, Arthur
Smoke Pendleton Boquet Cigar.
In Use the most Economical
Greater in leavening strength, a
spoonful raises more dough, or goes
Working uniformly and perfectly,
it makes the bread and cake always
light and beautiful, and there is never
a waste of good flour, sugar, butter
and eggs.
With finer food and a saving of
money comes the saving of the health
of the family, and that is the greatest
economy of all.
MICE BAKING POWDER CO Not. Mny mixtures, made In Imitation of btkbMr
i-niwK mimimu ruwuLH ou., powders, are upon the market. They
CHICAGO. ld cheap, but are dear at any price, be
cause tliey contiiii alum, a corrosive (icteoo.