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Ojrsteas. . ,
Do the People of Pendleton Want It?
It Goes to the Highest Bidder.
A move is now on foot by the Ad-
ventisls to hold their regular annual
encampment in Pendleton, which
event will be pulled off at whatever
point selected, during the month of
May. Rev. W. F. Martin, pastor of the
AdventiBt colony' at College Place,
Wash., was in town last week holding
a conference with our business men
and looking over the ground with a
view to this end. Mr. Martin's idea
is that the people of Pendleton who
are Interested in the growth and up
building of the town should do all in
their powr to have the meeting held
here, as it will bring in a large crowd
of people, and be a good advertise'
ment for Pendleton. He wants the
citizens to contribute toward the ex
pense of entertaining and carrying on
the meeting, which would last 10
days and bring 900 or a 1000 visitors
and give the town a good advertise
ment. The matter is not yet settled,
Lockjaw From Cobwebs.
Cobwebs put on a cut lately gave a
woman lockjaw. Millions know that
the best thing to nut on a cut is Bunk.
len's Arnica Salve, the infallible heal
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President Roosevelt and his cabl
net have decided to withdraw Amerl
can troops from Cuba on May 1, the
time or the inauguration of the Cu
ban officials.
ator H. W. Corbett Is Not Averse
to the Governatorial Nomination,
"and There are Others.
The Salem Sentinel, very much
alive in times when the political pot
is set to boiling, offers the follow
ing: "You can fool all the people some,
or the time.
Simon is for Geer.
Geer is for Simon.
Simon is for Simon and Qcer.
Geer is for Goer and Simon.
Simon and Geer are for Simon and
Simon's inends are for Gcnr.
Goer's friends are for Simon.
Hence it is useless to deny that
there is a Simon-Geer combination.
You can't fool all the people all the
time. It don't require many words to
deny the existence of the combina
tion, but it will require much stronger
proof than hasyet been submitted to
convi km the peonlo that this combi
nation has not been effected."
WOMEN and specially Mother are
most competeut to appreciate the
Purity, awoetuess, and delicacy of
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wad balr, and In the form of washes and solu!
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perspiration, and for many sanative purposes
WWoh readily surest IheiBselres. 4
Hf.1ny of the above conditions, gentle
The above is good reading and it
is to the point so close that It is the
truth. Simon is crying "thumbs up"
to Geer.
The Oresoinan sticks a pin here:
"Senator Simon is coming homo. He
seems to need himself here."
Considerable has been said in
state press during the past
months relative to the possible
bernatonal candidacy of Hon. K,
Corbett, remarks the Salem Sentinel
Even the Simen-Geer papers have
looked upon it with favor. No denial
has ever been made by Mr. Corbett
or any of his friends that such a
thing was among the probabilities.
As convention time approaches more
and more is being said on this sub
ject and in Portland the conclusion
seems to be that Mr. Corbett would
not be adverse to the nomination.
The Medford Enquirer gives nine
teen good reasons why Geer should
be neither re-nominated or re-elected.
J. R. Whitney, of Albany, is a
prominent candidate for state print
er. W. S. Dunniway, of Portland,
will also be in the race. W. J.
Clarke, of Gervais, is in the fight, as
is also E. L. Porter, of Oregon City,
and there is Edward Everett Young
of Baker City, last but not least.
The democratic central committee
for Marion county has fixed the date
for the primaries for Saturday, April
The Pittsburg Jail. Warden Soffel. Mrs. Soffel.
Mrs. Stoffel, who gave up everything In life for the brief companionship of tho depraved Biddlo brothers, Is
anxious to make what amends she ca for her crime by shielding her husband and children from any further
shame In the deplorable matter. For this reason she is striving to obtain a change of venue, on the grounds
that she would spare her kin the disgrace of the court proceedings. There is, however, but little possibility of
her request being granted on these grounds.
An interesting contest is being
waged over the nomination for the
office of governor of Oregon. The po
sition is -worth going for, not for the
money there is in it legitimately
and no man who is a candidate
would use the office to gain a dollar
by any dishonest or doubtful indirec
tionbut for the honor, the prestige,
it gives a man in his state. It is a
"proud position," and Is becoming
more and more so. Telegram. Sel
ling supplies to a state institution
of whose auditing board he is the
chairman is one of the strong points
urgea against Geer. This comes
under the head of "doubtful Indirec
tion." Salem Sentinel. And there is
Plummer's receipt staring him in the
face and his defense of the "lnmi
trust" to be credited to him. Gov-
ernor Geer is not like Caesar's wife.
There is an opinion that Sylvester
Pennoyer will be the democratic can
didate tor supreme JudKe. This
would be, what is sometimes called, a
political chestunt.
Governor Geer is censured in
different parts of the state for his al
liance with Senator Simon. This is
mostly talk of anti-Simon men.
Geer's friends are well aware that
without Simon's help Geer would not
stand a ghost of a show. Woodhm-n
Every Simon man In Marion countv
favors the renomination of Geer.
says the Dalles Chronicle, but Simon
is so cordially hated by the majority
of the voters that the support of his
inenas is a hindrance to Geer's aspi
rations rather than a heln. Hence
tne btatesman, a Geer orcran. 1b mak
lng efforts to prove that there is no
1 . 1 A.I .
vuiuui Minion ueiween tne erovernor
and tho senator. TIipro
WV-M v-
uuns .are anytning but comnlimen.
tary to Simon whose support tho gov
ernor is alleged to have purchased at
tne price or the veto of the Portland
charter bill, but be that as it may,
no one familiar with tho situation
will have the hardihood to denv that
C no'ti mnln 1. n . i .
v.v.v, a uiaiu uuj)o iur fenominaiion
and his only hope lies in the sue
cess of Simon in Multnomah county.
Baker County Politic.
The opinion of politicians in Baker
county is that that cpunty WJ1I go
democratic at the June election this
year, particularly bo pn ' the county
ticket. This is not surprising In view
of the political record of the county
for the past 40 years. The ticket was
divided in the last county election,
a portion of the candidates on both
tickets being elected. There has been
a change In the county since then.
The "Panhandle" district, which was
formerly a portion of Union county,
has been added to Baker county, thus
increasing the voting population by
several hundred, a large majority of
whom are known to be democrats.
Under ordinary conditions this in
sures the county to the democrats
if they make no mistake in the selec
tion of candidates.
The present democratic officials
are practically sure of renomination.
County Judge Travillion, Recorder
James 'and Assessor Jeff have all
made enviable records from a party
standpoint, and as they are practi
cally sure of renomination, it goes
without saying that if the party is
successful ai.the polls they will bo
The fact that the conditions at the
present time seem to favor the demo
crats locally does not mean that the
republicans will let the election go
by default. They will put up a good
ticktt, and the fight on their part
will be for first place. So far as the
legislative ticket is concerned, tho
indicatlins are that the republicans
will center their efforts in that direc
tion, and try to wrest senator and
representative from the democrats,
--Hi In view of tho fnrt Hint Iint' the
senator and representative are to be
elected jointly with two other coun
ties, the republicans have hopes of
success, although at the last election
the democrats won.
So far as the casual observer is
able to judge Mr. Moody's friends in
Baker county have the whip hand in
the fight, but the men opposing him
are not novices in politics, and it is
not exactly safe to predict the re
sult thus early.
Situation In Harney County.
In Harney county the political sit
uation is somewhat mixed. The re
publicans will have the hardest fight
in their convention, the way things
now stand, as two years ago there
was considerable strife over the re
presentative, and it was the cause of
several men on the republican ticket
meeting defeat. This has caused hard
feelings among republican voters in
some localities, and it is ascerted that
certain members of the party traded
the county ticket to the democrats
for democrat support of the republl
can nominee for representative.
There Is good reason to belieyo this,
for this Is a democratic county by
about 100 majority, and at the last
election there were three nominees
for representative democratic, re
publican and independent republican:
so it would be' natural to think the
democrat would be tho one elected,
but when the votes were counted the
republican nominee was found to be
elected and what led up to this re
sult has been the subject of consider
able contention which may have its
effect at the polls in June next,
The homliest man in Pendleton as
well as the handsomest, aad others
we invited to call on ay druggist
ad get free a trial bottle of Kea's
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relieve all chromic and acute eeaghs,
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mce zee asa sua ror sale by Talv
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m jo., soie agents.
The Transcontinental Railroads Are
Succeeding In Continuing Discus
sion. L, D. Sale writes to the East Ore
gonian from Washington as follows,
under date of February 2G:
"The friends of the Nicaragua and
Panama canal routes are still harping
on the difficulties to be met with In
the construction of a tunnel. As far
as the Isthmian canal commission Is
concerned It is an undisputed fact that
j not a single member of It has been
near the lino of the proposed tunnel,
and therefore cannot know of what
the rock is composed. George S. Lee,
a distinguished mining engineer, and
who has had great experience in
works of importance in Central Amor
ica and California, says that the pro
posed tunnel on tho Mandingo line is
the easiest part of the work to be
"Mr. Lee testified before the senate
committee on lnteroceanlc canals
few days ago. The friends of the Man
dingo route strenuously deny that they
are obstructionists, as Ib asserted by
come of the over-zealous champions of
other lines. They still cling to their
original statements, that the tunnel
and the Mandingo route can be built
in one-half the time that it will tako
to complete the Panama route, and In
one-third of tho time that It will tako
to construct the Nicaragua line. In
stead of the tunnel costing $22,500,000
per mile as has been publicly stated
a number of tho most able contractors
in the country have offered to do tho
work for 17,250,000 per mile.
"The men who make these offers
arc not theorists or pessimists or men
who have never seen the work, but
responsible gentlemen who are willing
to put up a guarantee of $10,000,000 In
United StateB bonds In the way of
good faith, and to show their confl
deuce in the practicability of the en
terprise. If they fail to do tho work
within the specified time, and for tho
-money agreed upon, they obligate
themselves to pay forfeit. When Buch
men as Professor Hopkins, Angus Mc-
Dougall and Charles S, Sweet nut
themselves on record as saying that
the Mandingo hill Is granite, it would
seem to bq the height of folly for any
one who has not given tho ground
a closer inspection than the opponents
of a tunnel have done to maintain that
It is a volcanic heap of ashes, As com
pared with tho great cut on the Pan
ama canal the Mandingo tunnel is
simply a small affair,"
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