East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, March 01, 1902, Image 5

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    Linen Torchon Lace.
Worth 20c, 15c, 10c yard:
February price ;
5c yd.
See Display in North Window.
Cleaver Bros.
James A. Howard, farm loans.
Hendley & Howard, Are insurance.
Dressed chickens, celery and let
tuce. Hawley Bros.
Nicest candy In the chy. Dntton's
Ice cream chocolates.
Package and bulk garden and flow
er seeds. Hawley Bros.
Wanted Woman to do general
housework In family. Apply to Lee
A small ten cent piece buys a good
pair of gloves at Cleaver Bros. Dry
Goods Co.
Ask to see the Chicago leader hat.
Only $1.50, at Cleaver Bros. Dry
Goods Co.
Wall paper, wall paper! Where?
At Sharp's big wall paper store, opera
house block, Court street
Money to loan at lowest rates on
town or country property. J. R. Dick
son, East Oregonian building.
Closing o-t sale of our old line of
sheet music that has always sold for
from 35c to 50c, at 10c per copy. The
music store on Court street
John Fisher, of Adams, has pur
chased residence property in Pendle
ton of D. B. Thomas, and will move
his family to his new home within
the next few days.
R, Martin, the grocer, offers for
rent the upper floor of his new build
ing on Main street, containing 24
rooms, and one of the stores on the
lower floor. Fine location for a lodg
ing house and the store room is in
the heart of the business district
We will, for this week only, ending
jUarch 8th, offer at a special low price
Rogers J847
Knives, Forks, Spoons in the
plain bright design.
Spoons; Tea at J1.20
Spoons, Table at,... 2.35
VorkH, fMefl) at ... 2 38
Knlves(Ro'ndh nlle)1.90
Jewtar aad Optician. Next door to
It. Alexanders.
f"jr 8ln,el Polaon and 8trvchnlne, for exterminating squlrreli are
olthe standard strength and purity.
m V
foraytal SPiQu"!' Chips, Whale Oil Soap, Pari Green, etc.,
8heep Paint, Sheep Dip, Lamp BU'k and Oil. All our good are the beat
obtainable, guaranteed aa repreaented.
65 Steps from Main Street
Dry Goods Co.
Big red apples, best In the market
at Hawley Bros .
City and country property for sale.
Houses rented, collections. Locate
lands subject to entry. Agent Home
Co-operative Co. Homes on easy payments-
Rlhorn & Cook, room 10, over
Taylor's store.
The Jolly Club entertained their
friends again last night in La Dow
hall, with one of their delightful
dancing parties. The largest crowd
that has attended any of these dances
was present, there being quite a num
ber of visitors from Walla Walla and
i other neighboring towns.
, Joseph H. Parkes is a candidate for
the nomination for justice of the
peace, subject to the will of the repub"
llcan party for Pendleton district.
! Mr. Parkes served in the office for a
number of years with satisfaction to
the public, and he seeks the trust once
more at the. hands of the people.
Lizzie P. Baiter vs. William W. Ba
ker, Is the title of a divorce action,
filed with the county clerk this after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. Baker were mar
ried in Eugene, March 10, 1900, and
plaintiff alleges that defendant desert
ed her without cause or provocation
October 15, of the same year. They
have one child, which she asks the
court to appoint her as guardian of,
Peter West is attorney for plaintiff,
Thjs is the Number who Have Regis
terjbd up to 5:30 p. m. Saturday.
Are you one of the 4000 voters in
Umatilla county who have not regis
tered, but are entitled to a vote at
the next June election? That is'the
estimated number of legal voters in
Umatilla county, who have not vis
ited the county clerk's office or gone
before a notary public and affixed
their names to the registration books
or blanks provided for that purpose.
If you belong to this crowd it stands
you in hand to visit the clerk's office
at an early date as possible and re
gister, for if you put it off for a fen'
days longer you may put it off again,
and In the rush that Is sure to come
In the last days for registration you
may not be able to register at all, or
circumstances may prevent you from
getting to a place where you can re
At 5 o'clock Friday evening Regis-
tratlo nClerk Kennedy had caught up
with the outlaying districts of the
county and had all the names ser.1
in on blanks transferred to the regis
tration books, which contained just
1032 names. Every voting preciuct
had one or more voters rpIsteret,
except Cottonwood precinct, in the
east end of the county, and Umatil
la precinct In the west end.
Friday was the banner day for re
gistering, since the boo.s ave ixen
opened, 50 men havi'ig risked the
court house yeste-day ai.J affixed
their names to the books, thexvby
saying that they wlsu:d a voI.,c in rfce
politics of ihe county r.t i tie next re
gular election, as well a.s at the prl
mary elections soon to occur.
Toward the Court Hopce
This-Strengthens the Cause of the
Mayor and the Four Councllmen
Who Support Him.
The fight over the marshal and re-
cordorshlps waxes warmer every day
and the feeling among the people
grows more intense.
Wha twill be the outcome Is what
every citizen who has the Interests of
the city at heart would like to know
hut seemingly the end Is no nearer
than It was several weeks ago. Citi
zens are getting very tired of the
fight and would like to see It settled
and the" official business of the tow
again running without a jar.
Friday afternoon Judge Ellis dis
solved the injunction which was
brought by Heathman and Beam 10
keep Blakley and McCourt from at
tempting to serve in the offices of
marshal and recorder, in accordance
with the wish of four of the council
men and Mayor Hailey, who put then
selves on record last Wednesday
night that the old officers should stop
down and out and let the new men
take their places, and the attorneys
for Heathman and Bean wsre glvm
the statutory time of 24 hovrs to fi.y
their answer1 to this ruling o! tb
Heathman Willing to Quit.
It was the Intention of Heathman
and Beam this nlorning to give up
the fight and Mr. Heathman told Joe
Blakley, the new marshal, that he was
sick and tired of the whole affair and
would deliver over his star and other
property belonging to the office this
evening. Since that time, however.
Heathman has changed his mind and
now he says that he will "fight the
thing to the end." This change of
heart was made after consulting with
his legal advisers and those who are
backing him. Had they told him that
the best thing to do was to drop the
fight, that is holding up the whole
town just because of the personal
feelings of two or three men on" a
side, who are pitted against each
other and who are determined to
fight as long as they have a ghost of
a show, and some of them when they
know they have no chance to win,
the muss would now be on the eve of
settlement. Heathman says that it is
not costing him much to prolong the
fight and it is the "principal of the
thing" that causes hi mto resist. It is
known that Heathman is not paying
the bills to carry on the fight, as one
prominent man in the business cir
cles of the town said this morning
that some of the "heaviest tax payers
in the city are putting up the money."
What they are doing it for no one
seems to know, and these "heavy tax
payers" volunteer no information.
Attorneys File Answer.
The attorneys for Heathhan and
Beam have filed their answer to Judge
Ellis findings in the mandamus case
argued Friday and the argument will
be made Monday. What will be the
outcome of this move on the scenes,
no one knows, but if the judge decides
against Heathman and Beam, it will,
end the fight in the district court, but
it will probably be carried to a higher
Passing of the Cable Car.
A few years ago the cable system of
street car propulsion was considered
decidedly the best, but, since the in
ventlon of the trolley system the ca
ble Is being rapidly replaced and
many ecperts now claim that com
pressed air will eventually be the
street car power of the future. In
all lines of industry we see improve
ments being made, but In medicine
there is one remedy that Is impossible
to Improve upon, and that is Hostet
ter's Stomach Bitters. It will not
not fail to cure dyspepsia, Indigestion,
sour stomach, constipation, liver and
kidney troubles, or malaria, fever and
ague. Take It at the first symptoms
of any of these diseases and it will
give prompt relief. Be sure to get
the genuine.
"The Rich Boy vs. the Poor Boy"
The Negative Side Won School
Paper Read.
The Academy students held another
of their regular weekly debating con
tests Friday evening. The subject un
der discussion was: "Resolved, that
the rich boy has a poorer chance to
attain success in this world than the
poor boy' The honors were won by
the negative side, composed of Coie
Walker, Elmer Sullivan, Elmer Yates
and Ernest Ruppe. The affirmative
side was represented by Jesse Crock
et, Bessie Campbell, Blanche Whittc-
more, and Stanley Yates.
In addition to the debate, a paper
called the "Academyv Zeltung," with
Ruby Whittemore, Myrtle Hawkcs
and Mable McDlll, as editors, was
read. A vocal solo was rendered by
Miss Myrtle Hawkes at the opening
of the exercises.
The department of the Geological
Survey at Washington, has recently
issued a jubllcatlon by Waidemar
Lindgreen, entitled "The Gold Belt of
the Blue mountains In Oregon, which
will be of incalculable value in mak
ing known the possibilities of Ore
The Pendleton.
S. Harris, Portland.
J, J. Burns, Portlar..-
T. W. Jackson, PorUaml. v
Colin S. Dyment, Walla W&lln.
F. W. Walte. San Ftaucoo
Charles S. McNlchols, Momonce, 111.
Ben Solomon, Spoknne.
Thomas M. Chamberlain, Montana.
John Fleming, Portland.
Frank Wilbur, Portland.
J. W .Close, Cincinnati.
George F .Roberts, Portland.
Maholle B. Beattle, Weston.
Merle M. Benttio, Weston.
T. L. Blackmail, Spokane.
E. H. Burke, Spokane.
George T. Coyne, Portland.
E. A. Poyneer, Tacomn.
E. R. Cox, Athena.
C. E. Kuykendall, Pomeroy.
George H. Fitzglbbons, Portland.
M. S. Marks, Portland.
W. S. Berdan, Jr., Portland.
W. Rosenblatt, San Frauclsco.
Mrs. Rosenblatt, San Francisco.
Dr. A. E. Uroden, La Grande.
A. Sinsheimer.
Maud Thompson, New Providence.
J. L. O'Brien, New Providence. Ia.
J. T. Wallace, Albion.
Mrs. E. P. Baker, Albion.
J. A. Lewis, Rockford, 111.
Gilbert Hunt, Walla Walla.
M. H. Patton, Spokane.
A. S. Heatfield, Spokane.
The Golden Rule.
C. Berquest and wife, Reno, Nev.
J. H. Fredweg, Portland.
A. Melhn nnd wife, Walla Walla.
Charles Lee and wife, Spokane.
F. W. Schenck, Valparaiso.
E. A .Paynor, Tacomn.
W. B. Cassil, Walla Walla.
Marguerite Irons, Miltou.
F. J. Gardner, Portland.
Mrs. J. E. Lourall.
S. A .Frans, Spokane.
Fred Bents, Butteville.
W. F. Kyle, Calwell.
A. E. McBreen, Portland.
F. A. Davis, Mutter Creek.
C. A. Pederson, Astoria.
H. Connell, Umatilla.
B. H.Doherty, Heppner.
W. C. Kent, Holdman.
Jas. S. Baker.
E. B. Morelock, Elgin.
Henry Bunting.
A. W. Kroutlnger, Lewlston.
Rooms In the East Oregonian build
tng for rent. Steam heated, Lot and
?old water and bath room In connec
i 900 Washes
Fishing Tackle
..Barbed Wire..
W. J. Clarke & Co
passapleasant even
ing playing Pool or
Billiards at
Pool and Billiard
J. E. PLATTER, Prop.
213 Court Street.
If You Want to
Buy or Sell
A house
A lot
A farm
A horse
A cow
A Piano
A dog
A wagon
Put an add In the
classified columns of
the East Oregonian,
as there Is no other
means of securing so
great an audience to
your needs as
through the eolume
of this paper.
Everybody hereabouts
reads it. Don't you?
It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse.
...Reliable Goods Only...
As1 to colors, solid eftccts are best. The main point is
not how much work or how much trimming, but what
good effects can be produced and what natty and nob
by ideas can be put in shape, cut and arrangements of
trimming. Without a doubt we will show you the
best assortment. Come in and look them over; it
won't cost you anything.
Stunning ami Stylish Silk Blouses that fasten
In the back; n deep yoke tuoked lengthwlso;
the full bust oiled ia supplied by broad ulruu-
lar tucks; deep printed novelty cull', In all the
latest shades at
Other pretty styles at $G nud $10 each, In black and colors, all inado dif
ferent from any you have yet seen.
Watch for the announcement of our Spring Opening.
To make good bread use Byers' Bat Flour. It took first
premium at the Chicago World's Fair over all compotr
tion, and gives excellent satisfaction wherover nsed.
Every sack is guaranteed. Wo have the best Steam
Rolled Bailoy, Send Rye and Beardless Barley.
W. S. BYERS, Proprietor.
Mat ik elect to nolle? when hU carrliiRO or wa
con needs ron.iirlnir. when thpro Is a bolt loote.
a hub or fspolco kprunp, or when the running
gear Is in nc. 1 of oveihuullnr, until ho inooU
with some accident on the nine! or whom It will
mnka double eznonse to have It raDalrcd. Our
charges are to reasonable that .thero In no reu
se n lor ueiay.
Water 3t.,n arJIuln, Pendleton, Oregoa,
Sold by JOHN 80HMIDT
The Louvre Saloon
You get
What you buy
from us.
Bid Stock of
,..VVe do...
Trucking & Transferring.
Laatz Bros.
The East Crenonlan la Eastern Or.
gon'd representative paper. It leads,
anH h nfinnln snnrwnlatai I anrl .hnui
It by their liberal patronage. It la the
Muvvfuamu mvuium or wile lection
Where are
You Going?
To The
New Lumber Yard
to buy nice, new clean,
bright lumber.
Gray's Harbor Commercial Co.,
opposite the W. & C. R. depot
W. J. SEWELL, : : : : Manager
1. L,. Ray & Co.,
Bay and Mil
Stocke, Bonds
and Grain
(or oaah or on narglut.
New York Steele Bxcfeaagc.
Chicago Stock Bxchaage.
Chicago Beard ef Trad.
art enr, fmmttlmtmm. Or;
Farmers Custom Mill
Pre WaHere, Pretrteter.
Oapaoltr. uo barreU a day,
flam exekaag4 ler wheat,
xlear, Mill rfta4,0k0B4 reed, w., WH