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Asessors Brown, of Union, Buzan, of
Umatilla, and Jett, of Baker, to
County Assessor George J. Jett, of
Baker county, says tho Democrat, has
arranged with the assessors of Union
and Umatilla counties to meet with
him in Balcer City, Thursday of this
week for the purpose of discussing
matters dealing with the assessment
of property In those counties.
Assessor Brown, of Union, and Bu
zan, of Umatilla, have been heard
from and will be hero the day ap
pointed. For some time past a move
ment has been talked of to interest
the assessors over the state to meet
In convention and discuss such ques
tions as might be of benefit to them.
Thus far the proposition has met with
no response, and tho representatives
of Baker, Union and Umatilla decid
ed to come together for mutual ben
efit. When seen Monday Mr. Jett stated
the object of this meeting was mainly
for the purpose of endeavoring to ar
range a more equitable taxation in
the three counties. This would not
mean the same on all property, but
on things In common.
The year's work of 1902 will begin
the first of the coming month, and
it is desired htat the conference be
held before that time.
Believes they are Favoring White
Men at the Expense of Indians.
Tho news comes from Washington
tht the demand for a sweeping inves
tigation of Indian agency matters is
even stronger now than a week ago.
when Senator Turner offered his re
solution for this purpose, and if the
senate committee declines to act the
house is almost sure to .
Senator Clark, of Montana, who is
on the Indian affairs committee, and
who is thoroughly familiar with the
conditions in the west, Is convinced
that there is a great deal of room for
improvement in the matter of making
leases on Indian lands for grazing or
mining purposes. He also expresses
himself in favor of the thorough in
vestigation of each reservation and
the character of the leases now ex
isting. Indian agents often sacrifice the in
terests of the Indians to their desire
to secure valuable leasing privileges
fnr white stock owners who have the
inside track in the matter of Inmn
grazing lands. Outsideers' cat"(0 are
allowed to mingle with the teiong.
x 11. T.1lnna n rt f 1 .
ing io uiu iiiuii jn tno rounuup
many Indian cattlo are uranHeu -with
the leases and are thus a complete
loss to tho t.vjoe -which has leased the
It Is also tho custom to make a
lease with a cattle or sheepman
which may give him, for instance,- the
right to put 5000 cattle at so much
per capita upon a piece of Indian
land, and then with the connivance
of the agent he grazes 10,000 or 15,
000 head unknown to the department
and paying nothing to the Indians for
the privilege.
One of the children of Mr, and Mrs. , Walla, are interested in tho building
of a rauroau iuuiik wiu "
minn nrnnosed Hunt system from
The Prince's Costume.
Every mother is desirous of her boy
looking his best. Our celebrated
Prince Henry line of boys' clothing is
at the big store. Fine suits for fine
boys just received from the fashion
center of the world. The B.oston
Wall paper, wall paper! Where?
At Sharp's big wall paper store, opera
house block, Court street.
For a First-CIassarticIe in
Office ancl
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Of course, if there is to be an inves
tigation of the agencies, the Umatil
la reservation will be included. Here
the government investigators will
find a very satisfactory condition of
affairs and one of the best, if not the
best, conducted Indian school in the
United States. The finger of suspi
cion does not point at the Umatilla
John Smith, of Alba, is in town.
C. A .Barrett of Athena, is the guest
of Hotel Pendleton.
Arthur Hammer, a prominent Echo
farmer, is in town.
L. E. Boy and Harris are Pilot
Rock visitors in Pendleton today.
Gus Winkler, of the Mosgrove Mer
cantile Company, of Athena, is In
F. O. "Rogers and William Mosgrove
of Athena, are registered at Hotel St.
Henry Menas, of Umatilla, was in
""" tor was formerly ia th oomploy
J. W. Quinn of Alba, passed through
Pendleton last night on his way to
Jap Gulliford and family, of Butter
creek, are in town, the guests of Wil
liam McFarland.
J. W. Walker, of Athena, left this
morning for his home in Athena, after
spending the night here.
Dan Downey will leave for Cunning
ham's ranch this afternoon to take
charge of a band of his sheep.
Hobert Burns, general agent of the
O. R. & N., with headquarters at
Walla Walla, wis in town yesterday.
Walter E. Pierce attended a meet
ing of the trustees of the Sanger Min
ing company in Walla Walla Tues-
Dr. House has been called east on
business, and will leave this evening.
He will bo gone from 10 days to a
Lawton Standard: C. J. Carlson,
the night pumpman at the Red Boy
hoist, is quite sick this week with la
J. B. Wilson, P. L. and E. V. Pierce,
L. B. Mack and Gus Minkler, promi
nent citizens of Walla Walla, were
in town last night.
Dr. C. J. Smith was called out to
Nye last evening to attend the child
of Mr. and Mrs. John McNamara,
which is seriously 111.
Samuel Hays, living on College street,
between Alta and Court, is reported
to have scarlet fever.
County Clerk Chamberlain yester
day Issued marriage liconse to Miss
Gertrude G. Gr.ubbe and Charles H.
Stanflcld, both of the Echo country.
Joseph Ramos and Frank Correa,
subje cts of the king of Portugal, have
filed their intention with the county
clerk of becoming American citizens.
.Miss, Stella Anderson, employed in
the PeopleB Warehouse, ldft Tuesday
for Adams and will attend tho fu
neral of Harry Krebs, at Weston, to
day, s
J. W. Quinn, of Wallace, who has
been visiting his wife and her rela
tives in Grant county, passed through
the city today on his way to the Coevy
Frank O'Hara and Andrew Atuor.
son went to Weston this rr orjns to
attend the funeral of H' Krol
which was held in W t at u
o'clock this afternoo
Arthur Shick, Wjl0 nns beon attend.
ing the Acader ha8 qnU school nnil
gone to his lome ln AtheiHl where
he has Qne lnto Dr Plamomlon's
drug st0ro t0 ieani the drug business.
Berkley Hailey has been employed
on one of F. S. Younger s delivery
wagons, to take the place of E. F.
Chapler, who goes to Athena to play
with the "Yellow Kids."
Winn Krebs, of Lawton, arrived
here yesterday and in company with
Frank O'Hara left for Adams to be
present at the funeral of his father,
H. Krebs, which occured at Weston
L. B. Mack, representing the Gilbert
Hunt Manufacturing Company, of
Walla Walla, was In town yesterday
and placed the exclusive agency for
the famous Gilbert Hunt Drapers
with A. Kunkel & Co.
John Doras and Frank Plnson are
in town today from A. E. Smith's
sheep ranch near Pilot Rock. They
say that Mr. Smith has finished shear
ing his bucks and is now In the midst
of lambing season.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L RinkJtts lfeft
this morning for Cleveland, Wash.,
they having sold their business in
terests here to G. H. Ramy, a recent
arrival from Alamosa, Colorado. Mr.
Ramy has a family and will locate
here permanently.
E. H. Clarke returned Tuesday eve
ning from his extended pleasure tour
to San Francisco and through Cali
fornia. Mr. Clarke says that every
thing Is lovely in that state and fruit
men and farmers are feeling jubilant
over the prospects for a good crop.
Lester Swaggart returned Tuesday
evening from Athena, where he had
been to look after his Interests. Mr.
Swagggart will commence the erec
tion of his new business block in that
town about the 5th of March, now
having the old wooden building mov
ed off tho site where tho new brick
is to be erected.
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Oster arrived
Tuesday evening from Portland, to
visit relatives and friends. Mr. Os-
the East Oregonian, and Mrs. Oster
is the daughter of Mrs. E. A. Shop
ard, of this city. She will remain here
for a few months and he will gn to
The Dalles to organize a lodge of
Royal Highlanders, Mr. Oster work
ing in the interests of that order.
Cecil R. Wade, manager of tho
Whitman college baseball team, came
over from Walla Walla Tuesday even
ing and spent last night with his pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Wade. His
business here was to 'arrange for a
game between the Whitman and Pen
dleton nines, but owing to the fact
that Manager Ziegler has not arrived
from Seattle he was unable to make
any date for the game, but he hopes
to arrange for one about tho last of
Walla Walla, says the Union, to tap
the Eastern Oregon sections at A
point where competition Would be not
exactly entered into with the Tjuton
Pacific lines and would still afor(j nn
immense volume of busines- to tn0
new road. The old sur ey ms oy
way of the Looking G',flBS riVOr and
the grade there, it i ciinic,i, would
not be excessive, though the haul
would be long. i( is j.nowu that the
Grande Hondr notably Elgin and
other small dUcs wmj,d fcontrnmte
handsomr Jy toword such a roagf aB it
is thei, cnJef (iesre to be placed on
a-dr .i u rf nnmrvmnlnRtlnn with
iCLb ItllU -' 1
outside world.
Thnt Wnlln. Walla business men
would assist in the proposed road
many believe from the fact that
Walla Walla would at once become
tho base of supplies for that whole
section, which at present does not
sendone cent this way. To Union
county. Oregon, such a road would be
worth thousands of dollars a year by
reason of its effect upon the wool
traffic alone, and all shipments would
be made through Walla Walla.
Whether anything will be dono is a
question which is up to the people
and to railroad promoters, but the
matter is being agitated in Oregon
and the claim Is made communication
will be entered into with, the Walla
Walla Commercial Club.
Ttfee to Be Established, Running Out
of Walla Walla March 1.
Walla Walla, Fob. 2C On March 1
three rural mall routes will be estab
lished, running from this city In diff
erent directions, supplying over 300
families at their homes In the coun
try. At present one route is in oper
ation. One more route has been peti
tioned for and may be allowed later
in the season.
Route No. 2 will leave the city in a
westerly direction on tho Wallula
road, passing Lowden Station, the Dry
Creek country, the Osborne school
house, and returning to the city, serv
ing 115 families' at present.
Route No. 3 leaves the city on the
cemetery road, making east past tho
Tanksley schoolhouso to Cottonwood,
thence southwest to tho Toner school
house, northwest to the Hood school
house, and back to the city.
Route No. 4 leaves by tho peniten
tiary road to tho Paul schoolhouso,
thence to Valley Grove and Aldrich
schoolhouse, thence by the telephone
road to this city.
Put Your Best Foot Forward.
and walk Into the Pendleton Shoe Co'e.,
parlor, where you will Hud a stock of
Footwear, from which .you can get
what you want at the lowest prices.
Winter styles aro being closed out as
spring is near.
Pendleton Shoe Co.
Phone, 645 Main St.
Red 1 a6,
Thlfl signature is on etery box of tho genuine
Laxative Bromo-OuinineTawou
TTTSTflSthe remedy that cart) m celU ia one cluy.
Funeral Occurred Today at 2 O'clock
From the Family Residence.
In the afternoon of yesterday, at
her home on Lewis street, Mrs Fan
nie C. Russell, wife of John E. Rus
sell, of this city, after a brief Illness,
passed peacefully to tho rest that
knows no awakening, but which faith
teaches remaineth for tho people of
God. Mrs. Russell was the youngest
daughter ot the late J. M .Campbell
and Mrs. Fannie A. Campbell, who
survives her. She was horn in this
county 2D years ago and has spent all
her days In this community. Ten
years ago she was happily married to
John E. Russell and four children
have been born to them, two of whom
are still living. Taken away from
tins eartn in tho full flush of woman
hood, from a devoted and affectionate
husband, and from young children
who so much needed their mother's
loving care and guidance. Her death,
10 numan understanding, Is one of po
culiar sadness and prompts the deep
est sympathy of friends and acnuaint
ances for those who are left to mourn
their loss. Her funeral took place
irom me iamuy residence th la aftnr.
nbon at 2 o'clock, Rev. W. E. Potwlno
offUciatlng at the house, and tho order
of Lady Maccabees holding tho con-
ciuiung ceremonies at the grave.
Walla Walla Is Again Threshing Over
Old Straw.
Residents of tho Qrando Rondo val-
A Mining Engineer Recommends Vit
rified Brick.
H. B. Williams, one of the leading
mining engineers of Eastern Oregon,
who Is connected with tho Virtue
mine, iri an interview with the Baker
City Democrat man, stated that the
solution of the paving of Baker City
streets, rests in the hands of the peo
ple here, who have at their very door
the cheapest and most durable ma
terial. "I, know of streets paved in Eastern
cities with vitrified brick which have
been paved for 20 years and are still
in good condition. There are clays in
Baker county which will make a first
class vitrified brick. The city could
easily and cheaply make its own pav
ing blocks from this material and
could supply the same to Portland,
Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane and
make money on the proposition, be
sides putting its own streets in first
class condition. The right kind of
material to begin with makes a vit
rified brick that is as durable as gran
ite blocks, and forms a better surface
and a surer footing for horses than
any other known pavement."
! iinitsi
The same advvice is good for Pen
dleton, there being material at hand
for the manufacture of vitrified brick
with which the two main streets of
Pendleton should be paved.
Chopped His Head Off.
' Vancouver, B. C, Feb. 2G. While
her companion, Jack Kirk, was
asleep, Lulu Watts, a variety actress,
of Nome, attacked him in a fit of
jealousy and severed his head form
his body with a razor. The news
was brought down by the steamer
City of Seattle.
Harvard and Yale Cross Foils.
Cambridge, Mas3 , Feb. 20. The
Yale fencing team came here todcy
to. meet the crack foilsmen of Har
vard. This is the first dual fencing
contest of the two universities and
the result Is awaited with interest.
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Barometer Went Down.
Walla Walla, Fob. 2C Yesterday
has to Its credit a new record at the
local weather bureau. The barometer
reached 28.04 in the afternoon, the
lowest mark ever reached since the
establishment of the office. The pre
vious record waB 28.07, made on
March 8, 1890. Indications for a se
vere storm wore strong, with likeli
hood of rain and heavy winds. Pecul
iar clouds cav.reJ tho sky during the
afternoon, bit' neither wind nor rain1
to speak of followed.
Red Cross Society.
Walla Walla, Feb. 26. The Red
Cross society will hold meeting to
morrow at Templar hall to make ar
rangements of a preliminary charac
ter looking to the proper entertain
ment of the convention of the state
Red Cross which is billed to meet in
this city in May. The local society
proposes to offer royal entertainment',
and preparations will be made to care
well for all delegates who attend.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the firm
of Gierllch & Morgan has this day
been dissolved by mutual consent of
all concerned. T. E. Morgan will con
tinue the business and pay and collect
all bills of the firm, Mr. Gierlich re
Dated this 20th day of February, 1902.
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