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state, the county and the district In; under "woman's' emancipation." Ap-
,- ; made. The state should bear the regtaurant ccokiiiK. In her mad rush
major portion of the expense, the j for "independence" she has even for-
comity the mnjor portion of the re
mainder, and the balance should be
DAILY, WEEKLY "5 SEMI-WEEKLY I horue by the district through which
the road is to run.
The last named provision would be
nv thk
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On Inch, or lea. In Semi- Weekly, ir nionth.2.0O
...... n . I t. rt-tl.. ............. ,1. .
I iv n . ui t-rw. ..mi I'V. .., .... ...... ...
Twolnrhfs, orleib, in Imiiy m.U Wwkly, per
Over three Inclief. Dally, iierltn'h ir month
Over tlireo Inches, In J)nily ami Weekly, p-r
jticli per month -
Onelucti,orle,ln Weeklvpermonih 1"5 i
Over three incliec, in Weekly, per inch per j
month Ti
Over three Inches, In Tudny'slsiioorsemi- I
AVeekly.perlnchperinonth K
Solid nonimre'l fulvo'tlsements In Soml-Wepkly i
"Wekly or Dally. HrM !neriion, per Inch, LCo;
based upon the principle of local
self government, which is needed to
a greater extent than It is now se
cured under prevailing laws. Fur
thermore, the provision that all per:
maneiit roadways constructed at state
aid must bo paid for in part by a di
rect tax upon the district through
which it runs, would act as a deter
ment to extravagant requests upon the
state treasury.
Tills wnulri make good roads in Ore
gon. It would he diillcult to adjust it
to different sections with different
00 1 tience and honesty would overcome
these difficulties.
Over llireo Inches. Semi- Weekly, per Inch per' pnl,,ltti,ins hut ltirnl!l.nnnn n-rwl
gotten to ask herself whether tne
children might not ho benefitted by a
more intimate acquaintance with their
But the "head of the household"
has at last been located. Just as we
were about to send out a tracer for
him to ascertain where he had land
ed under the new domestic system
the president of the New York Moth
ers' Club flashes a red lantern in the
fog and declares he is -m ihe main
track. The man who pays the bills
is still the bend of the domestic com
bine. Pink teas may flourish and
green and yellow luncheons multiply,
but tfie silent partner with the cash
box, who seeks quiet solace and com
fort in a cozy corner of the club,
must be reckoned with finally in the
ronnubinl directorate.
This is the bold pronouncement of
A Demon of pa
Rheumatism seems f& take a fiendish r1i; i, .
imoh'hic. NTrx ,a c - i uulgnt in w. ,
. Ay Aiivuc ja pumsninent eve,- ; llnn
or practiced by devil-possessed savage W
bodily suffering, such deep, rackinrr Si
disease. Rheumatism leaves in ibTwi as this u
i j j i -t . . 1Li trail dict-j f
uuukCu auu Ainssnapen joints and Mmn i"?
iiuioweu countenance or tne sufferer T?t, Msm i
us grow old and decrepid before our
This is the Hold pronouncemeiu m . . , j i . -r3 t , -"""A-uuua Has h TJ
Mis. Harry Hastings, president or stricken by this ruthless disease, and made almost as helpless and depend t
the New York Mothers club, in an 1 Chained to the invalid's chair or hobbling about on crutches irf 5n auan
address to the club she delivered these .... of,-Qf : ,1a,QWtJ cno -n . ? cntlUUallv
W1LJ1 JJiLlJl, blAV. tlLH-UL J.AX UUUlttUUU A WU1 LO I.U UOC KJt UpiatCS, Which d fl ""HIS
lead to ruinous habits. There is no disease so aggressive and stuhh eu
Has the strenuous Roosevelt resign-
stirring utterances:
There is a tendency in too many
"households to subordinate the father.
The modern phase of the women ques
tion makes every woman to emphasize
too strongly their equality "in the
tech sutveoiiecr Insertion, We. ,, . ,.. ... ... ... i, I hniisehnlil. mid this has n tendency
lyOcalnoticto.teiicJiiWtrllua-eacUliiseition. !'" lu "S1"1 ' inmv iu u nuiracvKii , x ,
Federal money for reclamation
Western, arid lands lias the approval of
the president. He strongly recom
mended in his first message to con-
... .1.... I. .ii.l. t . I.ii iiM.'.niinn .1 . t-l,n
1 . , . , LU lllllllllimi lilt; JllllfUl i'L bii
-!vll I'sses none of the character- mt nQ nmtte how the qual.
I istk's t,iat made Teddy, the Rough ltv of n,en ajul Women may be insist-
Rider, the impulsive, the straightfor- ed on, the development of ages has
of ; ward, the generous, the fearless Teddy I Riven the man the dictatorship in the
admired by most republicans, and by
thousands of democrats? The presi
dent has consented to the closure
rule asked for by the machine politic-
others of
home. He should be the reverenced
head of the household. He should bo
tlie supreme court to which the prob
lems of the upbringing of a child are
finally referred.
as the
hold. Here
gress that it be taken up as a para
mount issue, and something be done to 1 ians Hanna, Aldrich and
transform the vast deserts of the West i the like and the rule has been ap-
into the productive regions they might plied to the house of representatives, j through the gathering clouds of the
be, and would be were water placed . The war tax repeal bill was forced j domestic firmament. Record-Herald
upon them. The president appreciates j through under a special rule reported i
the possibilities in the case. by Dalzell, of the rules committee.
after it becomes well intrenched or fixed in the system, and no lininie t Wnafl
application can check it or do any permanent srood. Rhenimf,'e,,, . .r 'txfen
influences or causes, but is a constitutional disease, an internal inflame to out
too acid condition of the blood. Waste matter that should have been cast f f1
retained, fermentation takes place, Uric, Lactic andpther acids form nri ,
REPEATEn fa mm
time a traveling o.i wlnatn,N.C .
Bays: "Two rears tn at 801
wretched condition and l1?0
bodily ailments I ' Sjiiwt.'
the blood, and as it circulates through the system every
joint, membrane, tissue and nerve is saturated with
these corrosive, irritating acids ; when exposure to cold
and damp or a spell of indigestion will hring on a fierce
attack that almost takes the breath by its suddenness
and severitv. The parts affected become inflamed and
Think of the twentieth century man i ,.,ii,, ,i ,V AA ,.VI,
supreme POUrt" Of hlB house- ouull,-" tl1"-4 UU.V iauvtmcin. ao xlu. yy.x ya.
Some Western congressmen
1 '
havej w
hose only distinction appears to have
In a dim nook partly sheltered.
By the barrels therein stored
uuments I nnfFa -
nheTxmatisn, After" ft.
seoure relief from the usa nf .ik "
I besau S. S. S., unlit JJV
The rheumatic 'jX, ut 'tLJ
xne rnenmatic pains left w
health was built Sp Veil R1"
hlr-Viot nnnnn i- cv -.BU' I Uti
. . . i"'i ui o. o, a, fo-It I
medicine that did ma any good."
accom)lished positive 'results tor the j been lus selection to perform this rep-' with a rapt, intent expression,
irrigation propaganda, and among . rehensible bit of work for the others Sit two players at the board.
them is Malcolm A. Moody, of this dis-i of his associates. There were items Anrt tne country merchant lingers
tric't. It is the East Oregonian's pol
icy to commend public servants, re
gardless of their party connections.
Mr. Moody deserves commendation for
the interest he has taken in the irri
gation of Western lands, and the re
sults that have followed from his
movements along this line. He has
directed the attention of the depart
ment, from which must come influ
ence, to the conditions, has personally
conducted representatives of the gov
ernment over the lands of Oregon
needing attention, and thus has cans-!
ed them to see what is needed. In
the future working out of the irriga
tion problem, the second district con
gressman will have had a part by no
means small.
Irrigation of arid lands in the West
is not a petty measure for the pleas
ing of a constituency. It is states
manship. It looks into the future. It
makes for the development of the
country. It trends towards increase of
productiveness. It is on the side of
labor and industry. Let due credit
be given to Mr. Moody, even though
his opponent, Mr. Williamson, be an
excellent man. In this and as to Mr.
Moody's position anent leasing the
public domain, let all who fight bo fair
and accord justice to political enemies.
in the Avar tax that might linve been
Loath to serve the public more.
Pnr bin thnnrrhts nrt with tlm worthies
left iii effect without harm, for in-j playing checkers at the store,
stance the inheritance tax. Had this)
and other items of the tax law been PS on the situation
, ! On the mimic battlefield,
allowed to stand, revenues would havs Guarding carefully the "king row
been easier, and reductions in the tar-1 Lest the small battalion yield,
iff, or reciprocity with our "colonies," i "Jumping" with a gleeful chuckle,
might have been more diillcult to de-! "Crowning" his opponent's king
e 1 .iivii i wiv. i.itu an t'U uvviij.uii
At any rate, ,the measure would
properly stand the test of debate, and
this was prevented, and the president
consented to the prevention.
It is disappointing to Mr. Roose
velt's friends. It is unworthy his
reputation for openness. The action
of the machine politicians in this con
nection was expected, and excites no
All his plots maneuvering.
E'en the supper hour approaching
With its promise of good cheer,
Has no magic in its summons
To entice the player here.
Yet the contest in its finish,
With its fine unwritten law,
May with all its complications
Be decided by a "draw."
You may boast of golf and tennis,
And the tournaments of chess.
Heralded by great announcements
And the plaudits of the press,
But these champions of pleasure
With their fund of players' lore,
Well might envy those old worthies j
Playing checkers at the store.
Anna Fuller Treat, in Modern.
rift of sunlight that seem to cut like a knife into the tender flesh and
nerves. .After Rheumatism becomes chronic there is al
ways a soreness and weakness of the back and dull
throbbing pains in the muscles and joints and an ever increasing stiffness of the li:
'Pliic 7itirm nF Poiti offool'-o flio T-i11 our it-hti -r -Tio et-rv-vtifV onri llm muni,
.1. JLWlllll -1- Ulll CAl.kfc4V.JVk, kll. V1U (111U J VLLUj bUV. OUVug U11U kXX VCliV. "" HO 011C IS CXfil
bur frmn niiflflle life In r1r1 ncre itirf-'he time whpn ifc ncc'inlt-c: herrmie nmcf fmn l i
A : . . r tr r rr" -yuCuLanQsevi
At tms period tne vital energies begin to wane, tne blood grows weak and tliin, and is
olllllorl -ll- mt.rll1nflAll konAtilad ntinnvfoi o n A r'l im.t n 1 A r-r I r. 1
viuii.Uj v. n uiaLiv.ui uv-1-viiin.o iiiiiv-i Ltiii-i ttiiva siutv cuiu. luv.iv. 13 3UU.ri.tuy U IHOni"
ireedom rrom pain m some part or tne body.
The treatment of Rheumatism must be internal ; some reined' that can reach
ttftllf 4 1 . 11 1U11 f fill (' . I 111 r r"1 . 1 ..11 n n. un. .1 i-.' nil O O O 1
: .1 1 ;.. 11 ti 1 .; !c. . 1 . J s
uicuivinic, nets prompn- uiiu surety in an is-iieuinatic cases, punning ana invigoratiii?
: ii ,
s&zzrei ssssb ts3S5Jfe ii"povciibiieu uiouu, erauiccitiiiy a.u mmunties iroa
is ... AT 'Hfi jr i ji:.. r i. r 1. n i.
hyjjLcui, uuu beiiuiug a bueaui ui ncu new Diooatorash
& SEss&iJB ff Bfer. sysiem, ana sending a
4. sste. 'ls, i W. the irritating particles that are causing the uifiaramati
x' A esaN and Pain?- In chrome
.. l j I..
3 S 1 rlQw3' I fe' ' " ' S e-sPeca3r elective; it warms and enrici
"-$0 S4' u) restores nervous energy and stimulates I
'juikls up ihe general liealth, thus fortif-iug the s'steni against the tortures of Rheuraatii
Alkalies, Potasli and mineral remedies lulve an opposite effect, destrovinp-the delicate lm:
)f the stomach and often permanently impairing the constitution. S. S.'S. is guarauld
-Uitircly vegclable, and a specific in all Rheumatic troubles. Our Physicians will rial
icivise, williout cl large, ail v. iio write them about their case, and -e will mail irecouxsp
bu-jk on Rheumatism THE SvrVSFT SPECiFXC CO., Atlanta, 1
A rational good roads movement in
volves the formulation of a proper
plan, and then the persistent follow
ing of the plans laid. The" plans
should look forward into the future,
and involve permanent improvements,
and just so rapidly as the financial
resources at hand will justify.
In the first place, the building of
roads should be under the supervision
of a .superintendent who understands
his business. He should have exper
ience in handling forces of men and
teams, and thus have the capacity
for'tho economical disposition of the
funds devoted to road building. This
is the method followed by railroad
companies, which have reduced road
building to a science. They have
learrned to get the largest returns
from the expenditure of a given sum
of money.-
In the next place, a plan should
be formed, which provides Jor a giv
eu amount of permanent road work
each year, and beginning with the
roads upon which Is the heaviest
traffic. These permanent roads
should be made in a mannor to need
only a modicum of repairs each suc
ceeding season bo that the hulk of the
road money would not be expended
In doing over again and again what
is never done well until It Is done
In the third place, the expense
should be distributed between the1'
How Mrs. Bruce, a Noted Opera
Singer, Escaped an Operation.
Proof That Many Operations
for Ovarian Troubles are Un
necessary. " Deah Mils. PiMicirA.ii : Travelling
Jown my health so completely two
While Johnson is thus redeeming
his election pledges ns to local street
car service, lie is losing no points on
the issue of taxation, in which his in
terest is as keen and deeper. What
he lacked in this connection, Gover
noi Nash has supplied. In order to
"steal Johnson's thunder," the gover
nor proposed a state tax on corpora
tions. But as he neglected to illarln.
gnish between corporations without!
special privileges and those with very '
valuable special privileges a distinc
tion which Johnson scrupulously
makes he has actually given Johnson
more tax thunder than lie had before, j
The situation is very clearlv describ
ed by a Columbus staff correspondent I for years on the road, with irregular
of the Cleveland Plain Dealer (Febru-' muals an1 sleep and damp beds, broke
arv 91. whn wrltps- i down my health so completely two
When he started out to "separate yea aS Uu th" l'y''eiau advised a
state from county taxes" Governor 1 20ml'lct rCSt Und wkea 1 had t?amed
Nash thought he would have an easy
time of it; that the corporation's
would fnll over themselves to accept
his ideas as a means of escaping the
Johnson bills. Governor Nash forgot
that the Johnson bills were aimed at
the corporations fattening on public
privileges, while he was going after
those who owned their success to the
workings of men's brains only. Rail
roads without the right of eminent
domain would be of little value, it is
argued. The greater part of their
value is in the right of way, a contin
uous strip of land running across the
state or the continent. The value of
telephone and telegraph companies Is
mainly in the privilege which they
have to sot poles and string wires
across a city, county or state. Tho
greater part of tho value of a streot
1 VI
and other building
material including
and Sand.
We have a largo Btoek of
for barna and dwellingf
rep Lumber faro
Aha St., opp. Court House.
Eight lots with' dwelling and barn-,
House has seven rooms, bath,
cellar and wood house, city water,
hard finished on stone foundation
Also lour lots and new cottage,
$1,250 -
T if r, w i
silts. . miuoE.
sufficient vitality, rn operation fot
ovarian troubles. Not a very cheerful
pronpect, to be sure. I, however, was
railroad Is In tho right given it to use ! u lvised to try LvdUx. K. Pinklmm's
the streets of a municipality. These 1 Voffotalilo Compound suwl Sun-
are tne propositions which tho advo-Uulve Yasli; 1 did so, fortunately
r ates of the Johnsonian schonio of ! for uxe. llofore a month had passed I
taxation advance. They say they do
not want to tax brains. Governor
Nash may not want to do that either,
fult that my general health had im
proved ; in thivu mouths more I was
ourea, anil I have been in perfect
but thnt he is doing It in his capital' hetllih slati- 1 dld Vot l0ti0 uu uuSaBe-
Rtrmlf hill tlmrn onn 1 ,11a.,. ilr. ' xiiiaa u, nie.ll.
Louis F. Post, in the Public
The "new woman niovomont" has
been pushing along with constantly
accelerating speed with reckless un
concern for the fato of the now man,
the old man or tho middle-aged man.
Indeed, the twentieth century wo
.man has not deemed it worth while
to inquire into the status of the man
! taiuly wonderful, and well worthy the
nraise your admiring friends who have
uoen cured are ready to give you. I
-'V- "t ijsijr Ul mm yon
will udmit I have good reason to do
eo." Mks. O. Uihjck, Lansing, Mich.
(fJOOO forftlt If abovt testimonial not utnulne.
The fullest counsel on this
subject con bo secured without
cost by writing- to Mrs Pinkham,
Lynn, Mass. Your letter will be
entirely confidential.
Two lots and house, $1,000, part
cash, reasonable time on balance,
or will sell on installments. See
817 Main Street.
j You get
I What you buy
1 from us. - . .
Bid Stock of
Popular Decision
is tlmt the Domestic Laundry is noted
for the superiority f it.s Bervice. All
lineu laundered there is de by the
Ml eaf und ,UOflt 'e.rfe(,t methods,
and la in every way the most hfiH
factory. Wis a qWton iffio ,fe
good dressere will appreciate.
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Laatz Bros.
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Is where von can get gcoh
quick ana cheap price!.
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Sand, Moulding
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Windows, Sash
& Doors, Terra
Cotta Pipe.
Pendleton Planing I
Lumber Yard,
J. V V w
I still have Farms W-
The East Oregonlan is Eastern Ore-
and the people appreciate it and show THP RFAL ESTAl"
J. F, RobiUBon Prrm t 11 . 11 y nir unerai patronage. It is tne ... - pjDa
1WD,nBon. PrP' Pendleton, .advertising medium of this section. Saving Bauk Building,