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Please lake Notice that our
openiug of Spring and Sum
mer Dress Goods will take
place on the afternoon's of
Thnrsday and Friday, Feb.
20th and 21st.
ie Alexander Department Store,
Geo. L. Bakor, Leweo and Manager. Jan. B. Welch, Local Manager.
Saturday, February 22nd.
ices 50c, 75c and $1.00 Seat sale at Fraziers' Book Store.
(AKIl'M do all clulmeil for them
uruiy woiiderul medicine I have often
ir a medicine pluafinntto take and at last
ad it in (uscurou. Hince taklup thorn, tuf
iteenporilled and my complexion basini
mderliiliy and I lepl inncli hotter In every
K9.SAI,MK Ui. BHl.l.AllK. l.UlirUll, iUUUi
BBiAli-An U'no .a- n.ln lOo Q-i Hlft-
H rompny, Chlttro, Holrtl,wIirk.
I.BAP Sold and Riinranteed by all drug
' MU cliUto CUKE Tobacco Habit
iere are
To The
w Lumber Yard
I'o buy nice, new clean,
Wght lumber.
p Harbor Commercial Co,,1
osite the W. & C. R. depot
ton Ukiah Stage Line
n at Caraav. Prea'c.
Pendleton eyery dny at 7 o'clock
k,raj or x-iioi mock,
Alba and Ukiah. Good w
uuo. neasonauie ireigni
r ratpa
"flee at Tallman A Co'a drug
Alexander Department Store, f
razer Opera House,
(tfully Chosen Cast, Headed by the Sweet Sinjrer, Chas. A (Karh
dner See the Q rent Riot Scene in the Millionsrie's Dra lug Room
"Eleventh Hour" Illustrates the Train
Signalling Plan.
The famous block house system of
signalling trains ou all trunk lines Is
brought into prominence by Lincoln
J. Carter, introducing it in .lies new
play the "Eleventh Hour." Mr. Car
ter demonstrates fully the entire work
ings of the "Block" system that re
duces accidents on railroads to a
minimum. How few people who are
riding on a fast train and fla3h past
a block signal tower know what is
contained therein and what an Import
ant factor that tower is to the safe
guidance of trains. Yet all of this is
thoroughly demonstrated in "The
Eleventh Hour" which will be present
ed at the Prazor on the 22d.
Big "Uncle Tom."
What is said to be the biggest and
best "Uncle Tom's Cabin" company
travelling will appear at the Frazer
on Tuesday, February 25th, 1902. It
is known from ocean to ocean as Leon
W. Washburn's Stetson Uncle Tom's
Cabin company, and is composed of
50 men, women and children, all cap
able actors, actresses, singers and
dancers. As a scenic production it is
said to bo better than any other.
An invoice of the gold In the United
States Treasury was taken January
31st, and it was discovered that the
total was more than the government
ever had In its possession at one
time ?545,87C,3U5.
trcl lril) (11
a ilorUtb r J.J'AMp.aswellasiiiirest
effective skin purift 80ffi"and nurry
and swccieJf- for to It , w ' oinUnent,
Dry, anoint frc y t l tI00lliei.tt.
tlie great :.n cure nti 1 r vre(,a,iiU,
ends, t"19 '" "i - -r F7tD.jwpC.C..r,
"O. R. Egan, Postoffiee Box Number
434," Pendleton, Awarded the Vic
tory by the Judges.
A board or threo judires. Messrs.
?rl?5 U S?rtT an A. D. Stillman.
u .m.ss tune .loan Frailer, dooltled
by a vote of two for and ono against,
to Rive the $3 prle to the author of
valentine No. 8. as printed In the
East Orogontan the dav after Saint
nlentino's day. The valentines wore
printed upon slip? of wltn
numbers only, and nothing to indicate
the authorishp. their marking being
made without consultation, and the
result was to award the victory to
the valontiue numbered thre.'and
which, when transmitted to this of.
nee. was sinned "O R. Ktran. Postof
fiee Vox Xo. 434. Pendleton.
Valentine No. 3.
Lady of tho smiling ovos,
I-firly of the golden hair.
Could I hut hope to win tho prise
There is no deed I would not dara
Bend but once those eyes on mo.
Let but one sweet glnnco ho mine
And this pure heart that beats for
Shall be thy loving valentine.
Several of tho other poems wore
mentioned Tor excellence, and various
points were cited upon the judges'
proof sheets as indicating tho man
ner in which they mado up their de
cision. The successful valentine is
here printed:
Valentine No. 1.
Saint Valentino is here once more,
And knocking gently at the door
Of lovers' hearts.
Mine opens wide, the dear old painter
Within now begins to paint
A maiden's face.
A snow white brow 'neath waves of
Brown, but for sunbeams playing
And tangled In.
A cheek that Cupid's wing has
'Til like the red, red rose it blushed,
He's painting there.
Eyes that must tax his skill I know.
They are so blue and twinkle so
The stars seem dull.
Those little ears in hue and tint,
To apple blossoms give a hint.
To profit by.
Describe those lips! a pen like this
is all too weak. They're mado to
If I but dared.
The portrait finished. Valentino
Said, "Young man, make that maiden
Without delay."
"Itight eagerly," my heart replied,
"No other maid shall be my bride
To thee 1 vow."
My henrt's key Cupid brings to you
And bids you quickly come to view
Your own dear face.
Ah, love, it only I might daro
To hope you'd let me keep it thore,
No. 2, Lover's Lane, Bridovlllo.
Second in Excellence.
Tho third of the judges gave No. 1
the first place as a valentine, but re
marked that No. C was the best npor
trophe of Saint Valentine, these two
Valentine No. 6.
Gliding down the stream of ages,
From tho prehistoric line,
Known by Druid bards and sages,
Comes the good Saint Valentine,
To rejuvenate the aged,
To electrify the young,
As he did in ancient Carthage,
As he did when Homer sung.
For some heart ho bears a flower,
For some heart he bears n thorn,
Happy mortal, Cupid's dower,
Luckless mortal, Cupid's scorn.
Where he comes from no ono know
eth, But his mission Is fenbllme,
"Thou shalt reap but what thou sow
eth," Is a maxim old as time.
Let the loved one take his treasure
With a glad and grateful heart,
And the loveless his displeasure
As of his deserts a part.
.:.. 1,1... . I lw... nnnrl iiAnnln
And for mall fall Into line,
J And let bells from each church
steeple I Ring "AH Hai. St. Valentine."
' Water Soaks Into the Ground, Instead
of Running Off In Freshets.
According to recent advices from
the mountains, tho snow Is fast dlsap
' (tearing from the hills and canyons,
land it will only be a short time until
there will be none of tho "beautiful"
in Bight, if the present weather con
tinues However, the melting has not
caused the streams to rise out of tlioir
' banks, as is usually the caso In the
early spring, when the ehlnook
catches tho snow-covered peaks and
causes P. to disappear as magic he
fore the wind, but it Is gradually b
ing off cud the water Is soaking into
the ground to the great delight of the
farmers as well as stockmen. The
, soil Is rapidly thawing and adrolta the
I water to soak Into Its surface Instead
.of running off in torrent.
It sometimes appears that a bache
lor envies a married man almost ub
much as a married man envies a
Chicaflo Ma,, Applies far a Franohtse And other Affairs In the Coming City
. and Promises Lovter Rates for Ser Election.
i . Athnna. Pan. If - Internet ha hem
. alta alln. Keh. 1 At the tet. h-tei Into Athana city aatttlrft aa i
i trig of the city ronnrfl hut Blht. a, i rann'Mate far tha my eannell
nitration was irao tot aer-oml fra;r I lh iW Ty am: V. W
ohlso. for n telrhone exchange, tn -. T. J. Kh, IK Km. It. It
. Inland Telephnno Company w hold Cwtta II. nrtt, Urry Caytwi
Ins the field tn Ute -Hy. Ur Umll V . Siitck. Clmtlm Vtok nm It. J.
Iira. said to hail from Chicago. mnd lJy rw" 0br for trmtrr.
nnnllmtlon. and offer to ple a y a Ornajre CttamlwHwin. fur rwwrt
twn or tnlklnn machine in the vKy r ha mo omn(4Uo. a A. IfeMwtt
at rates for conetderahly norfer tho anU 4aaM liniicrttr are wit for
charges uiade Uy the rmaixtny now wayw.
operetlag uitder a JO -vwr franrhln.
A maximum rate of $S wr month tor
oflleo use nx- .vm.mI .i
rhKrgos wore to bo on a seals ttgnred
. ..... .nvmu-n wwm, UtVI
irotu thts HAM.
The matter wn Mwml t the Jn-
dlrinry eoniBilttoe Tor aetlon.
Frank Smith Preferred That Job to
Being Punished by Teacher.
Walla Walla. Feb. W.-Pntnk
and returned to hi place In tho city.
school;. Tho lad had gone to the conn
try 20 miles, stopping nt the houie of
a fnrmor for shelter. There he found
a place hording sheep nt $1 a dnv. ami'
imn.wllntelv went to work wher he
was found ".Monday. As n raunti for
his notions tho hov mitd hlf. pride
Imd boon wounded hy tho tbrmtanml !
UllRllonxInn nt ,.,,.1 ,
ed to get away from tho trouble.
Uko that valuable?" Ono MtnuU i
"STUFFING A COLD." ' Cough Cure In absolutely safe raid acts i
' Iminodlatoly. For rough, cold, croup '
A Commonly Received Maxim Which Rr," bronohltl and nil other throat i
Ha Done Much Harm hlnl Un Irouble It is a certain euro i
Has Done Much Harm. Vwy ,uaMn ,() ,nk Th mUo on,u
Ti:o man who originated tho oft-, llko it. Tollman & Co. and Jrock H'
quoted maxim. "Stuff cold and , McCoums Co.
tetnrvo n fever," either did not under 1
stand what ho was talking iibout. or r,.. n...
he has been widely mUundorhtood. 1M Cl"n Ut U,e LoA"r
to tho groat Injury of multitudes, who Mit of nil. every retail Rrocer
have acted upon the absurd iniivlm Rlim"'l reinetnher that eleanllueaa is
ProMintlng that tho author of It whk n,l'b" fentlnl. The day of the
a physician who know something , f corner Kroeory and Its aeeoinpnn) lnK
the nature of colds and the action of I"" M""" tolwrvo anlttam i
lemodles. ho must have npok.-n sub-' mMWl- vr to return,
junctivoly. and then it would road ,,,Ht' hn Hrii"" n Blwr fl,,1
thus: "If you stun a cold tho rouse wHI' llN"r Kxln, Vxh In mod
duencewill ho that you will bo thrown j ",m ,,yU' ."ml ,br ,,n'' ,or
Into a fever as a roH.ilt of tho stuff 1 1,,.'. 8 'iilln. which foruiwly pre
Ing trontmont of the cold, and thon vn,l,Hl N,.,tw '"Iiik IhU. there
you will have to starve the rover. ' "r" .'V00'1 Rrww uo
This Is a true and sensible Interpre r,w'1 llr who nr. Unlay km ,
tatlon or this commonly reeolv.m max-! n" ' y nA ,1W"ie ?
Im. which has done a much harm a , ttlUy , , ? '
any or the thousands ami one popular ?8,1,y "'J'1 ,,lK,,t, of weigh-
errors which prevail on medlenl MUl(. ! 8tv ara aa oh.ioiloMS to
j0CtK ; tlioao who roHlly w)h to do botlnead '
Without dwelling on tho nature r'B eV,r "?' Wurr- uV""r.tV i',
eauses of colds or on what phyle!..i,H ' nn; f "' thf liir
call the puthohyry or these disorder.. ! I""1 h'lVt' l,.,u ,ur' fur 11 '
wo will say that low or even .torvrV. l'l'e-New IC.ghuid Oro-
it,... .n.. r... .. t i ...i.i. .. ....... ei.
tuiii uiui vm ii inn iuib, niiu it inn
drinking of warm mildly atlmulatltig
teas. Is hatter lor a cold tlmn any
drug or combination of drugs.
j with dyiipjpula, bulrhlug nai soar
Declares That He Favors Bill to U.atSr'yKS:
gallic Its Practice. j gatol I try Kodol l)yppnla Cure,1
. Senator T. C. Piatt it ouUpokeu lu , which I did with moat happy results,
favor of legalising the practice of on- j t huva had no trouble, and when one
toopathy in New York atato. and will I pn Ko to eating mince pie. cheese
ureit IiIh triniuu i, uin.i.mi . i, i.tii candy and nuu after such a time
"I am a believer in osteopathy."
aid ho. "It is )msod on common
enso prlneipleH and linn the Indum
,ent of some of tho ..bloat men l
rt ' 1 " .
sain lie.
iiil-hi ui Dunn- ui inn iiuitmi moil III
,.e btato of New oik and the conn sn Cllrc ,,, , y()tlr foo,,. Tanun
ry. There is no good reason why the, & Co, aU(t rock ft McComnn Co.
followers of that faith should not
have tho right to (traction na other.
ranches of the medical fraternity, and Po,tal "'no Changed,
so far as I am concerned. I do not see ' Owing to preaauro. the poatotttca de
why there should bo nny hesitation j parlmwnl hu chnngod a recent rill
on the part of the leglalntiire lu past.-' Ing which prohlhiteil under (tonally of
ing legislation that will place thorn on lirnt-cluan itoslnge. a written duacri
an nquul footing with otlier doctors. Hon of the couteuta on wrapiwr or
"In the senate there are gome earn ) covers of third eiaaa matter
est advocates of tho system. Including Hereafter a written dealgnttllon of
Senator Forakcr. of Ohio, who had a conteuiH. aneh ua "bfMik," "printed
son whoso life was despaired of, eurw) matter" or "nhoto." will m j-nnisi
by ostuopathy treatment Senator hie "lacrliitlon" upon mall matter n(
Cockroll. of Missouri, and othrn." tho Iblidlaan. iindrr the clnu- -.1
' the act whlcji provide for the ila
Big Missouri Girl to Marry Cowboy
Eight Foot Tall.
The marriage of the largest man,
and woman lu the I'liltt-d State. If,
not lu tho world, will take pluou at
Helena, Mont
within tuo next iw
weeks. The contracting (wrtlea ',,( advHrtlKlug Is like the (town
be Mis Hlla Murray, of Mianonri. , Huurb)llit of a river ataawar n.ro
Is eight feot and one inch tall, to Ld u,011 a ,u(aiit cottage on Ihe ha
ward Beaupre, of Montana, who Is
eight feet in height. Miss Murray'
fathor Iiuh beer trying for some time
to get someone to marry his daughter,
offering u home and liberal expense
Beaupro la 21 year oil and ban
never been out of the state. Ho wears
No. 22 shoes and lias never had a
irlove on his hands
MOe on ma huuub.
vjh.r, Th.r. iE i if, ThTf I Hooe
Where There Is Life There Is Hope.
I was
iiii;i..i b.wi
tasto nor smell and could hoar
?. Kly s Cream Halm cured it.
neither tasto
but little. Ky
Marcus G. fehautz, Kahway, N. J.
The Halm reached me safely and
me encci ia aurpnaiug. .y
the tlrst application nave decided re -
Freeman, Dover, N. H.
Tho Balm does wot Irritate pr caue
sneezing. Sold by druggists, at
cents, or mailed by Kly Brothel. 60
Warren street, Now York.
ATUrtut tw mux t
Lcr Swaart anil Adalph Shure
t aret Thenu
' Athena, rv i AdoTn 8rwrti,
! W11 M 4m Swtwfftrt.
ioC ISndletoa. f,. ta to yr4k3
n lrfrrte.t arrMets fir th
renWTai W the woutleo buttJIiurt on
.J. X
. "! " i
The LAIt Herd of It.
1 M m,Ie lH) t,H,'! lh cruttji o
",8,,t H,,il oon Rnnv so lwJ " ut
hftHr hlm l,rnl over tha howtte,"
f'8 K U llo"hl. MautftaM. t
ht w,,u 'Un' Uul a
??f??. at Vn .M.lnul CouKh Curt
."'v '" Oni tt
.i-i i.. .-.I, i I.,... ... . i - . .
leap. Tlrnfu tho last wo hoard iW
the croiiH. Now lutl'l rniu-l mir.
i Clerk's Wise Sungcstlon.
"I have lately banti much troublM'
iair .ugesi on must no pretty gooo i
Ko'io r8l'f"ln Cure mart
' ,0" 1 '1m WJ" Li,'
! V'., U., "VLL'Zl
.... si i l . i a
..,. ,,, ,,, ,. l. ir.ll m,.iu..l
Ing "uiHtn the blank learea or .m-r
jof any book or prlutod matter of the
third-olio of a aiinpta inanox npi
dudleatloit or Inarriptlon not In thr
nature of a pernonnl corrognondeie t
What It Is.
lllial(.J. Wrtrll, ttu.tv H.,i W(aii ii.m t
ro Ii
..iittJnt! it out like a picture paln'ed ou
tt ,ack eunvna. Tho timid buyer and
the prospective Industry will follow
th ray of tho searchlight of public
Ity, Just u aurely a will tho ere o(
! the staarner' passenger follow the
' light thrown from iholr vessel. They
! will not search tho surrounding gloom
' objorls of lutorest when a beautl
11)1 Picture la clearly hown before
,i. t..n., t,nvry will nl
: search tho surrounding gloom for
, cmuliemonJ ,f tUe .carchllght of
KIUIIl. . ,VHll,VI,IV WW v. - ..... - -
i puoncity is turnod on your own p
,lf ISnftM..caiigiloU (N. Y.J II
. T(() far rwlc)t!ng eff.ct of th
Soutu Afr,,.8 war u shown In e
tj,reatenwl horse famine in the Urlted
1 S(aU)H u a 8ad ihal m m wr
shipped out of Montana last year and
the domaud from tho British for war,
mouutb still continues. The South
African sorvico use up homo faster '
than it doos men.
Jaik Shea's OaHy W rmt Hij-
loa Fram ta Har f Mm C
Matter Keat 9tmm Tva
Vftttn Walte. rrb t -HknfftK
4aa4 ha hl e4t In the aaaJNa
ihsry. Jack Man vm fta4 on Hatv
lajr warning, life nus eU4t
tar mm tinse man ansae fraaa Ka
ronait for one rar for tMrtlarr. wt
M four bmmsi mat ta aatva. iar
aoaae time aa ke4 laam ttsV't
aarly. a4 ayasatiiaaa of tnatMitiy
had haea notkd raaantry
The mM of steal M pacvtkir.
I'Mrtac itfal. Rhea ist-4 t ut th
bara tf H cell. thn a WsnsfkaiaMirf
vaa ataeaH aKoat Ma nark ana U!
ta the tral Wl a l(arhaatn)i
to tta. the telh taraw his tgt an
ha rkrtha .vaa iraaataa' tw 4lh.
wttn at Kiwi nearly toarata ijnu
vt f hla rati ta taU aaatUoa Um
dasvt heat wa fawsa on Maatej
mam tat.
Uavaraor MTirta a4 the arl at
atrl Vara In Iha vltr 4 M Ua
ttHatik at ia itvaa Wi ia Mt mt
the aaM4 veata hunt frasa taaaa.
ant .tu hut night M tha fttrta rank
Uurarnmr MeltrMa ami porty httt
Monday night lor Vsntoavar. a4 Uf
tthittf funrral ana conehiamtar
lotponcd until (ha 4tMla;nilRlrall
partv an Mfaly oat of Iha ilhV
Only a naafar raaart ran ha hail
a th) (acta !ir being anrafnlly haft
In the borkgrtHiad.
Shf Sued Patrick Lyon for 113,000
(or Running Ovr Hr.
Walla Waltn, Feb. 19. A Jury u
the superior mrt )ratrdy rnturneil
i terdi I for lh defendant la th
rtiae i( William Huurtat and wifu
atmlnst Patrick Lyorm TUn eosa io
cHttled nirl two 4ny and was bit
terly voaleatad Iob hi a wnutthy
farmer ant) It .u Kllesl (hut hi
drtrtax Uovi a sir eat In thin rlty ha
wlltitad with a rig bata.4 dtlvaa hy
Mrs Aaarea la tha ittMts wtleh
ftrflowad, It ns. 8anre utnliMNt In
jur I a uf iMMue soil, nibbed to ha a
rlou The Jury took tha ttftfiatlUi
view and gave n verdict for tha d
fendaai, aCr tialna nut a law Mlsv
ui The amoatit rial wad vaa fit,.
DR. J. P. CROPP A5 flUnQGOrl
At the Walla Walla PenflnMarB
gins on March t.
Walht U'allu r-h. 10. 'MM fiwr
change In the ioaltloai ut (ha abttu
panKanttary will ovnr March 1,
whan Dt II It Kaylor will tka thw
(ihtce uf aurgawH. m Altai hy lit, i
V Croon The aaftalntMtatH hs rwt
been anonuroed
Mrs. Thomas Hawlsy.
Walla Walla. Fab t Mrn. Thaai
a HawU-y. aged to yaara, died at bar
how oi Colt Ilia si rant yMlni?
Kuaainl serTtre were ball tk'.t nars
log from iha home Mr. t!-w(y A' art
it daughter of Mr and Mr. IHJ
llarry, and a (julto wall kn0g to
tlilw til) Mhe laovea a atutiaMl till
two rttldren,
Favorlt Nsarly Evsrywhsr.
Conatlnation tuvaua dullnass, 4t
urasalon, hoadauhe, genvralfy d!or
derail honlth. Do Witt's Lttlta Ka1
htsara stlniulati the liver, o:-o lhi
bowals and rvllevu this condition.
Safe, spoedy and thorour.h. Thy
never gripe. Fatorlttt pill. TalliaVi
c Co. and llrock ft McCoroa Co.
"h. ! a'litiK r-im-iifca for tUt
Kf'f. u N' tpi'OUie hU'l WUlsky.
at i.' .i I w, kwv n if n S"i yut
i . v MS'4id l a'l.s an ) h;kjr
i.,j.i ar.-t whisay ar t b kv
rtollovas Dandruff
. . i gl'jwiy I-1 ' i ' -i'
I .. f i.- f Ibu. bnui- i '!.
Nuwhro'u HoriiloIUa
p.rf.iOW ' K fk Ml Ibf1tp,
Dtiry ti.eea(M. T"0 !"! lie
JU aiel frtin.juiiiy it riwjMM
nml IttlU off lue er-buy noww,
which la rmpMibi tut alt -alp
dUMM It Ih'ui rali.a daS4lruit
an4 lalliJ.i hir iijwlo, J
prom 'U a las urUol grvulb f 'tair
!... i. lu.. tharwlilo i'f it
ownr Y-s ou Uhl IJt H s't
prodai9l.lrwtlie kar j luxuriant
04 anyone cutikl wuh for.
Ou tnlit wilt ftiortMa H is '
For Uk by 1H Irit a Druj SUmi,
-r rt."- m
- p k av m