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    TWsiks, Valises
Suit Cases a&! Telescopes
A Complete Line at Popular Prices.
One Price. Clothiers, Furnishers and Halters, Pendleton.
w. h. nebergalL may
He Is at Sinters Hospital, Where Sur
geons Are Treating Him.
Tho breaking or H. Nebergall's
log in n runaway accident Tuesday
Is considered much more serious by
the attending physician than was at
first thought. It was n vbry serious
fracture of the bones below the knee
and there is a possibility that air. Ne
berRall will have to lose the foot. Sev
eral pieces of the bono had to be re
moved which were splintered off. It
Is considered quite serious.
Mr. Nebergall and . II. McCorm
mach were driving along the road
near Saxe Station, in the latter's bug
gy, when one of the horses shied at
the train and then kicked the tongue
of the buggy, breaking It. thus caus
ing the rig to run onto the team and
as air. McCormmnch. who was driv
ing, had no control of the buggy and
the team was fast becoming unman
ageable, they both attempted to jump
from the rig. Mr. McCormmach es
caped without injury, but Mr. Neber
gall was not so lucky. His foot was
t aught in the wheel and he was drag-
red for several feet before he extri
i cated himself. Mr. Nebergnll has
' heen taken to the Sisters' hospital,
I where he will receive the best atten
tion possible in the effort to save the
U is probable that the war revenue
repeal bill will be amended by the
General Funstan has entirely recov
ered from the operation performed
upon him two weeks ago.
The United States transport Meade
arrived in San Francisco, 2 days
from Manila with about 1200 soldiers
whose term of service have expired.
Four deaths occurred during the voy
Lge. A special meeting or the Big Horn
county, Wyoming, Woolgrowers' asso
ciation was held for the pur
pose of protesting to congress
against the setting aside of a portion
of country lying between the Gray
Bull river and the. Montnna line, and
west of range 102, as a forest reserve.
Two thousand invitations to the
launching of the Emperor's yacht
wore sent out by the builders, Town-send-Downey
Company. Only those
whose names have been passed upon
by the committee of arrangements
at Washington and the secret service
bureau, and personal friends of the
builders received the coveted card
boards. .
The beet-sugar men have probably
won their fight, and are able to pre
vent a concession to Cuba. Represen
tatives who at first favored making
concessions to Cuba now fear it
would be impossible to meet a cam
paign i nwhich it was pointed out that
the concession was largely in favor of
the sugar trust and would work harm
to the beet sugar interests of the
Jlr. William Steele, the well known
saw mill man of Hllgard, died at his
home aionday.
At a meeting held in Portland, 120
saloon men adopted resolutions pro
testing against the ordinance passed
at the special meeting of the common
council, increasing the annual license
Jrom $-100 to $G00.
Senator Mitchell gave notice of an
amendment he would offer to the sun
dry civil appropriation bill appro
priating $20,000 for additional build
ings and improvements at the Astoria
quarantine station.
Seventeen houses on Long Beach,
belonging to Portland people who
spend their summers at the seaside,
have recently been ransacked by bur
glars. The thieves have been arrest
ed and arenow in jail. It is not be
lieved that' anything of great value
has been stolen.
At the Portland exposition build
ing 1200 people in mass meeting as
sembled formally denounced resolu
tions recently adopted by the trustees
of the chamber of commerce favoring
unrestricted Immigration of certain
favored classes of Chinese.
The petition of citizens of Van
couver, Wash., to congress for a wa
gon course on the proposed railroad
bridge across the Columbia river, for
. which a franchise Is sought, will re
ceive the indorsement of the Cham
ber of commerce of Portlnnd.
The secretary of war has fixed the
limit to the number of sheop to be al
lowed to graze in the several forest
reserves during the season of 19u2.
Under the arrangement pow outlined
200,000 sheep will be permitted in the
Cascade reserve from June 15 to Oc
tober 1&; 25,000 in tho Washington re
sorvo, and 170,000 In the ait Ranler
reserve, east of the Cascade range.
The Fish Lake irrigation ditch will
bo completed by the first of aiay. The
ditch starts at a point on Little- Butte
creek, about thirty miles north of
Sledford. The most difilcu't part tf
the V3rk is niw imik(iIiIpi The two
largest rock cuts have been finished,
the first being 2000 feet In length and
the second 800 feet In length. A
ditch flvo feet in Ions' J' hns bocn
blasted throug these rocks. Tho
ditch le 05 miles long.
freight earnings amounting to $5,S00
per mile of line. It should be noted
that some, if not all, of the per mile
averages derived from the prelimi
nary compilation nre probably some
' what larger than those that will ap
pear from the full returns for the
year when compiled for an increased
number of roads, owing to the inclu
sion of those havinc comnarat'ivelv
j small earnings per mile of line.
j Operating Expenses.
I Tlie operating expenses aggregated
Sl.02d.15C.2Sl, which indicates an av
erage outlay on this account of ?5.323
per mile of line. Making a compar-
ison between these preliminary fig. j
ures for 1901 and the final figures for i
11)00. it appears that gross earnings
increased ? I89 per mile of line, oper-1
ating expenses ?3.'!0, and net earnings 1
$159. J
Net Earnings. j
The net earnings of the railways in-,
eluded in the present report were j
$555.01.17.924, and as the net earnings '
of the same railways for 1900, disre- j
garding unimportant exceptions, were j
5519.430,700, there was an increase of I
535.577.21S in this item. I
Dividends Declared.
The railways to which this report '
relates received also an income from '
sources other than operation, as from
investments of various kinds, amount-i
ing to $05,271,244. This income, in!
addition to the net earnings stated,
mode the net income of the railways i
for the last fiscal year $020,279,108.;
From this sum, to ascertain the sur- J
plus from the operations of the year, .
there must be deducted interest on
bonds, rents of leased lines, better-1
ments charged to income, taxes j
(which were $47,041,214). dividends
and other miscellaneous expenditures. .
The total of these deductions from in
come, not including dividends, was
$421,G25,790. The dividends declared;
during the year aggregated $121,108, i
037. As it is shown that the divi
dends of corresponding roads for 1900
were $108,210,052, it appears that the
pecuniary returns to their stockhold
ers in 1901 wore about $1.1,000,000
greater than in the year before. It
should perhaps be explained that the
dividends stated in the preliminary
reports, which are compiled from the
returns of operating roads only, do
not represent the entire amount of
dividends declared on tho stocks of
all the railway companies in the
United States, because the dividends
declared by those companies that
lease thoir property to others for op-;
eratlon are paid from the rentals they I
receive, and such dividends are neces-j
sarily omitted from reports of this j
character. Returns for a series of
years indicate, however, that the total
amount of dividends paid by both
classes of companies annually In
cludes, roughly, about $30,00,0,000 paid
on tho part of leased lines.
From the income statement of the
operating companies included in the
report under consideration, it appears
that the surplus from their operations
for the year ending June 30, 1901, .was
$77,514,735. Tho surplus for the pre
vious year shown in tho final report
was $87,057,933. For 1897, Instead of
a surplus, there was a deficit of $0,-120,483.
Dr. W. R. Campbell Comes to Town
and Corrects a Statement About
His Swine.
On apparently reliable information,
the East Oregoninn published a story
to the effect that Dr. W. R. Campbell
had lost all of his hogs but 10 out of a
band of 70 from the plague that is
prevalent in the country, and as the
doctor was not in town and could not
be seen to correct the statement, It
was published "as facts. Tuesday he
was in town and positively denied
the story, saying that he never gave
out such information and that, as a
matter of fact, he has lost only 10
hogs out of his whole band and that
he did not anticipate the loss of any
more. He says he is doctoring the
sick ones and they are getting well
and no more are taking the disease.
The Pendleton.
James Wright and wife, North Yak
imn. William Jones. Bolso City.
George Fltzgibbon, Portland.
F. E. Simpson. Athenn.
Thomns Wood, Portland.
J. Bellinger. Spokane.
E. J. Brannlck. Portland.
G. E. Cozier, O. R. & N.
J. J. Burns, Portland.
J. II. Kloeckner, Portland.
A. aicRea, city.
A. II. Anderson. Boise.
A. W. Whltmer. Portlnnd.
Frank Miller and family,
airs. A. Harrell.
C. H. Anderson, Boise City.
W. S. Bender Snn Frnncisco.
W. P. Glendinlng. Portland.
Charles S. aicNIchols. Illinois.
B. W. Dennis. Portlnnd.
J. G. Brandt.
F. J. Ginger, Spokane. . "
W. L. Marshall. Portland.
T. W. Jackson. Portland.
B. G. Baker, Portland.
William Jones, Boise.
H. ai. Ogden. Portland.
W. L. arcLeod, St. Louis,
airs. at. aioore, La Grande.
E. B. Hill, Seattle.
How's This?
Wo off or One Hundred Dollars Itewiud for
any case of catarrh that cannot ho cured by
HM'g Catarrh Cure.
l J. OIIK.N'KY A CO., Props., Toledo, 0.
We. the lindcrslKiieil, linvo known P.J. Che
ney for the lust flfteon years, and believe Ulm
perfectly honorable In allbuslnc&s transaction
anil financially able to .irry out any obliga
t ons made hy tliulr tirm.
West A-Tim ax,
Wholesale Drui.'idau, Toledo, Ohio.
WaLU1.NO, It l.N.VAN & JlAHVlN.
Wholesale Druggist, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, act
ing directly on tho blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by
all druggists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Tills arc the best.
Sparrows begin housekeeping very
expeditiously. A pair of them will
build a nest and furnish It with an
egg 'iifildo of 24 hours from the time
lint the site was soleclsd.
A Sioux Indian has committed sui
cide for love. At last the Sioux seems
to have been reached by the broaden
ing influence of civilization.
The Standnrd Oil office boy of a
lew yars back is now several times
a millionaire. He didn't spend all his
energy soldiering the work on the
other office boy.
A London physician suggests the
running of motor cars at a speed ful
ly up to the legal limits as n means
of administering the open-air treat
ment to consumptives.
A Florida woman has made nearly
a million dollars giving "absent
treatment" to lunatics all over the
land who for some reason nre allowed
to remain outside asylum walls.
During the year 1901 the various
car building works in the United
States have built, altogether, 114,207
cars of all kinds, the largest output
for any one year, says the Railroad
Gazette. These figures, of course, do
not include cars built by the railroads
at their own shops.
Prince Henry fears, and not without
reason, that his reception to the Uni
ted States will be more German than
American. And he comes to see the
native American as he is at home.
air. Frank' James is quite right.
Plays glorifying outlawry, such as
"The James Brothers in aiissouri, '
are injurious to the youth of the coun
try and should be censored from the
r.tafte. In the matter of elevating or
holding up the stage, air. James is
competent to criticize.
The Washington correspondent of
the Chicago Record-Herald notes the
fact that the colored people of the
south are migrating to northern cities.
Washington has a larger number than
any Southern city, and Chicago has
more than Washington. Philadelphia
has also a large number.
The men who gather clam shells
along the aiisslssippi river and its
tributaries last year gathered and
sold nearly 40,000,000 pounds. The
shells are used In the manufacture of
pearl buttons, there being u number
of large factories in the vnno'is liver
towns, principally in Iowa.
The Albatross, one of the steamers
of the fish commission has spent the
greater part of three years in the
investigation of the fisheries along
the coast of Alaska, and It seems pro
bable from the information which it
has brought home that eventually the
fisheries will add as much to the
wealth of the nation as oven the gold
mines of tho Klondike.
Th increased value of sealskins
In 1900 induced tho lessees of tho
Ptibllof Islands, the breeding ground
of tho seal herds, to kill 13,000 2-year-old
seals, whoreas tho rule has been
not to kill any senls which had not
reached the ago of at least thr !.-
years. If this killing of two-year
olds is allowed to continue it Is cer
tain that tho seal herd will soon be
The Golden Rule.
W. J. Brown, Yakima.
D. H. Coffin, Walla Walla..
R. E. Porter and wife, aieacham.
X. Lavander and wife.
Kate Brasmnn, Heppner.
Sarah D. Neace, Wnitsburg.
airs. L. Neace. Waltsburg.
T. J. Kirk. Athena,
arnrry J. Williams. Walla Walla.
Z. Houser, Portland.
S. ij. aiorse, Pilot Rook .
L. D. Stetler. Sumpter.
H. L. Stephens. Pilot Rock.
J. E. Burch, Spokane.
D. Belts. Pilot Rock.
Julius F. Wegner, Pilot Rock.
J. Swart, Bingham Springs.
Lee Porter, aieacham.
H. B. Perks, Baker City.
John Jordan, city.
D. Chase and wife. Portland.
Charles Couch and family, Cornucopia.
Grocery Removal
Martin Family Grocery and BaW U
Wfiile the New Store J
in The LaFontaine Block 1
is being prepared for the new stock of
the old stock at the present location mSl'
poted of, to save expense of removal
Prices on Many Articles ate cut
Martin Family Grocery and Baker,
Main St. Next to Joe Basler's.
Child Died From Pneumonia.
The 13-months-old child of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Hampton, died on Tues
day from the results of whooping
cough, which developed into pneu
monia. The funeral occurred at the
family residence, near the Sisters
school, in the eastern part of town,
this afternoon, Rev. H. J. Zercher
conducting the services.
Big Deal in Typ
Austrian Government Orfel
Smith Premiers,
"Vienna, Feb. 7 The greatest single purchase of typewrit!
ever made lias ordered Dy the Minister oi Justice, which, after
mime iuiniaii) wiiii is muii x ouiuu jrremier typewrita
supplying every court. Press dispatch to Portland Oregonian, FJ
Tfje Portland Office Smith Premier Typewriter Co.
122 Third Street.
L. & M. ALEXANDER, Agents.
The occasional ad Is one of the very j
best 'methods by which to squander
money. Continuous advertising, on I
the other hand, will bring ample re-
-turns for the money Invested. Sue-
Ex-Secretary Gage bus declined an
offer of $100,000 a year to take the'
presidency of the International Bank-'
ing company of New York City.
That's just double the salary of the 1
president of the "United States, and j
the job is far easier and less annoy-j
One of our artistic, handsome i
efficient cooking ranges, the pridJ
the housekeeper's heart. Our rani
are guaranteed to BAKE and BUB
right. l'RICES LOW. Would!
to show them to you.
Thompson Hardwaret
631 Main Street, Phone Main S
Time and Money-
Two important words in the
daily life of people.
Because we are here to please
the.people and make a special
ty of filling orders, and wait
ing on customers promptly.
Cle&f&nce Sale
chines from $20 op. Second hand Machiues $3 to $10.
JESSE FAILING, - Main Street, Nearji
S3 00 per Daj and Upwards.
einst Hotel
In the Pacific
Because our large stock
low prices enable us to
the purchaser money on
thing in our line. Make ;
purchases at our store,
Note the correctness
our statements.
Phone, Main 28,
Association Block.
. cist t In nil 'Jr"
Special Rates to Eastern Oreeon people vmmnx iivRRS, i
fnr tnnrlat mnA rAininnlii1 iMvlN i -
Laxative nromo-Quluine removes the cause.
K. W. Grove' signature on every box. l'rico
For Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
Polydore Moens, Proprietor.