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Umatilla County Sunday School Work
ers Adopt Resolutions and Preeent
a Petition to the Railroad Company.
Vh Sunday School Association Ol
Umatilla county, at the mention In
Atheni last Wtik, took strong ground
again.) the i ountenancing of Sunday
i in ami the rutin m.. of Sundav o
cureion trains, ami called upon DIs
trlct Attorney ami Mayor T. O. Hal
ley to suppress the names here this
eiimni.'i Thi- resolution which the
convention gdopted was printed last
Saturday In the Kast Oregonlnn nnd
calleil for that ofllclal to prevent the
bafoball games upon the plea of need
ed observance of the Sunday In the
communities of the association Tie
tltlon to the O. R. & N. Conianv
"We, the undersigned, members of
the Umatilla County Sunday School
COSVantlOll and Sunda School work
era, rotltai the (treat need of taking
n wh Ided stand in opposition to all
Sund.n exclusions do hereby ask your
road to cooperate with us for the fol '
lowing reasons:
"In the Sunday school work we
tand tor the upbuilding of homes, up-1
right lavs abiding citizenship, and the
beat interests of oven community.
"What builds up our work is also Milton
ror tne beat interests Of the road.
Therefore we respectfully request on finance mmiM that ....... i,
Baldwin. Haptlst, Pendleton; Iteta
Saunders. Baptist, Pendleton; H. L.
Kra.ier, M K South Milton; A. B.
Wood, U. II . Weston, Melford W
Sin I tli Athena, Maud' Frazler. M. B.
church. South. Milton; Jesse Frazler.
m B, church, loath, Milton. U
Penland, Baptist, Pendleton; C, a
Dotson, Portland, l.ucla Howman.
Congregational. Pendleton; Mrs. 8. A.
Lowell, Congregational, Pendleton.
William Dew mm, M. K. Sunday
school. Athena: Mrs. () C. Oallaher.
Congregational Sunday school. Ingle's
Chapel. Miss Mary K. Warner. M I
Church, South. Pendleton; Miss KHz
atietb Warner. Congregational church,
Pendleton. W Marvin TSehrung Pres
bvti tian. IVnd!"ton . W. M. .oiler
Adams, M B, Sundn achool. E. A.
Child. Kreo water; Charles H. Camp
bell. Stanton; t; H. Qlhbe, M E
South. Milton. .1 F. BtrlM, M. E., Wat
erman II II Curtis. Athena; II A
VlnaOD Milton. Chrlsllan: Mra. R. A.
111. tii 1 I! .s,iiula school, Weston.
Mrs Llnnt Read, Methodist Sunday
school. Athena, Mrs. Mattle M Mill
Methodist Sunday achool Athena
Mn Charles Kelts. Haptlst. Helix;
Mrs Jennie Richmond, Haptlst. Helix
I N Stone Milton. Christian; C II
Waterman, Portland.
Tlie oflkceft ol the coming year are:
Pn lldenl II ll. Curtis. Athena col
responding secretary, Mrs. R. Jones
Echo; recording secretary. Mifs Maud
l'ra.ier. Milton treasurer. Mrs H B
Porti i Meacham; first vico-presldenl
ond superintendent of home depart
meat, Mrs M, B, Whitman Pendleton
second vice-president ami superlnteml
Ml of primary work. Mrs. S. K. Yates.
Pendleton : third vice-president and
superintendent normal work. Rev
Levi Johnson Pendleton! executive
committee Mrs 8. A. Lowell. Peudle
ton Itev C II fJlDM, Milton. Mrs
Sarah (ieiss. Adams
the time to be determined b
the executive hoard. The commlttei
Sheep Men Do This to Secure Early
Lambs for July Mutton.
Under sheds for shelter and to se
i lire iambs tor lanening wr isie ,nu
markttl i number of Umatilla county
; sheep men are now engaged In lamb
lug This Is for the purpose, also, of
fattening the ewes for earlier sale as
; mutton The sheep men who follow
this plan breed a certain number ol
ewes early, so as to bring the lambs
In th first days of February, ami M
able the fattening of both ewes and
lambs (Of the demand for fat mutton
I early In the summer The lambing
under sheds also causes a larger per
rentage of lambs to be saved than
would be the rase were the lambing
done in the open and exposed to MM
readv for
ll 71 MCB here III Pendleton
The Umatilla Implement Company
Flying Dutchman Gang Plows,
Canton Clipper Gang Plows
with steel or full chilled bottoms.
The Hut ti . .
now in lJ
i! Se&fim "SEXm FvrruWnf in t&r Innikntent Lint and tlic Host on Earth
market In Jul) will bring o I
Saved Him From Torture.
There 1h no more agonizing trouble
than piles. The constant Itching and
burning make life intolerable. No po
sit ion is comfortable, The torture is
tnceaalng. DeWltt'a witch iiazoi
Salve cures piles at once. For akui
disease, cuts, burns, bruises, nil kinds
o1 wound) H Is iineuualled, J, S (! r
all. 81 Paul. Ark., anys: "From 180.".
I suffered with the protruding, hie -d
Ing tilles and could find nothing to
help ni. until 1 used DeWltt's Witch
Hazel 8alve. A few boxes complete!)
cured me " Meware of counterfeits
Tallman & Co. and Brock & McCom-"-Co.
Successors to
Main Mriet, ..... Thompson Block
Denim In Hardware, Stoves. Tinware, Barbnd Wire, Bdgi
Tooll, Supplies (Ol Woodehoppatl MM) Lumbermen.
Got Our Priooo.
your road to not run Sunday excursion
trains to ball games or other places of
Sunday amusements."
Those who are backing the move
ment are named here each one being
a member of the convention, and vot
ing for the resolution and petition
without exception.
The Backers.
F U Koontz M R Sunday school.
Athena. Mrs. Brown. M. E. Sunday
school. Milton. Miss Margery Mc
Queen M E Sunday school. Milton
Mrs S K. Yates president Sunday
school Pendleton Mrs. Sarah C.
C.elss Haptlst Sunday school Adams.
Mrs Maggie Wheel.t United Hreth
ran Sunday school. Weston: Mrs
i.ena Van siyke. United Brethren
Sunday school. Weston. A K Price.
Athena. Christian; Mrs. Adda Tal
bait, Milton Christian; Miss Flora
Walker, First Preshvterlan church,
Pendleton: Mrs 8. S. Shields. Mrs. T.
C. Salt. Grace Presbyterian. Milton.
Miss Maude Kent M. I c hurch. Mil
ton; Josephine Wilson. M. E. church.
Milton. Oliver Dickenson. Waterman.
Asa E Troyer. Christian. Milton.
Mrs Flo H Holman. Cumberland
Presbyterian Freewater; J. A Ayres,
superintendent (' 8 S Freewater
OrnM Oliver. Methodist. Pendleton;
Eva Helts. Presbyterian. Pendleton;
(iraye, ('ro. kett. Presbyterian, Pen
dleton. Hertha Long. United Hreth
ren Weston; John Read. United
Brethren, Weston. Mrs H. E. Porter,
Mea.ham. Miss Anna McQua. Chris
tian. Milton; Mrs Ann Taylor. Chris
tlan. Athena. Rev I.. W. Oowen pas
tor Weston and Athena. Baptist; Leri
lohnoon, Pendleton, Presbyterian;
Mrs R Jones, Echo M. E . H A
Qreen. Pendleton M E. 8.. It W
King. Haptlst. Pendleton R E Coon
Economical Expense.
Vou cannot make an advertisement
too plain, and the right sort of lllus
next convep.ion will be held in tratlons will '.elp. Sometimes their
oxpeaslveness precludes their use.
hu; quite often the most expensive
oxpense Is the one that Is not incur
red. Sometimes It Is really extrava
state gant not to spend money. If you have
a ten-dollar apace In thi paper, you
had better apend Are dollars more.
i. necessary, to mau it attractive
ad efr tive Ooood -dvertlalng.
should be assessed one ceni per mem
MT enrolled Tor county and
Other Matters.
The resignation of Mrs. 8. A. lx
w. i as secretary was read and the
following resolution passed by a rls
ing vote: "Resolved. That we. by
rising, vtoe to express our heartfeul
thanks to Mrs. 8. A
earnest and efficient labors as seer
tary since the organization of the as
hoc latton. and that we profoundly re
mat it iia he. one u. , . r
Favorite Nearly Everywhere.
Constipation means dullness, de
Lowell for her presslon, headache, generally elisor
b red health. De Witt's Mttle Karl
Kisers atlmulate the liver, open the
bowels and relieve tbla condition
Safe, apeedy and thorough. They
her to lay down this work in wlo.h never gripe Favorite pills Tallman
Clearance Sale
chines from tin up Sncontl hand Machines $j to io.
II SSI FAILING, - Main Street, Near Bridge.
unmoim Sample hj
Rates $2 J
Special rates by week ,
l-.xcfllent CuWb,,
Every nosfrnCaJ
Bar and BHliari1itaJ
Only Three Bloclu Iran J
her heart is so thoroughly hound up.'
1 lies., ar. c. legates to th state
onventlon May U-iM'. Mra. 8. A.
Lowell. Fendleton: II A Frazler. Mil
ton Mrs R. Jones. Kcho; N. A. Dnvls.
Milton: D. E. Coon. Pendleton. Mrs.
8. 8. Shields. Freewater; L K. Fen
land. Itev. I.evl Johnson. I'emlletou
II II Curtis Athena; Miss Grace
oiier Peadletoa: Rar. Walter Pajraai
Weston; Hev. H W. King. Pendleton
s Simmons. Pendleton; Rev. John
Kvans. Milton. C. E. Hern, Milton;
Mrs l.inna Head. Athena; J. T. Lieu
alleu. Adams; Mrs Frank Hlchniond.
HeHx; (). K. (ioodman. Freewater;
Miss Eva Belts. Pendleton; Miss
lira.-, f.'roekett Pendleton; Asa Trov
at Milton; . H Woods. Weston.
ft Co. and lirock & M. -Comas Co
The new store can never be
known unless It advertises
Where are
You Going?
$3 00 per Da and Upwards
To Tlu-
The Last Heard of It.
"My little boy took the croup ov
night and soon grew so bad you could
hear him breathe all over the houae
says F D Reynolds. Mansfield. f.
"We feared he would die, but a few
doses of One Minute Cough Cute
puciuy reii. v. ii mm and he n-ent to
sleep That's the last wo heard of
th. croup Now Isn't a cougl cur
HKe mat valuable'
New Lumber Yard
to buy nice, new clean,
bright lumber.
. aw. a ii'in. tvii .'lie. uaitr- M.U ,
on-. Uaiitist. Penlleton; Mn T. E.
ur is absolutely safe and acts
immediately For coughs, colds croup,
grip, bronchitis and all other throat
and lung troublea It la a certain cure
Very pleasant to take. The little ones
like It. Tallman aV Co. and Mrock
Mi Comas Co.
J Gray's Harbor fill ll 111 Co.,
opposite the W. & C. K. depot
W. J. ShWELL, : : : Man.ct
ilMBeWwnejlWIW mi
TheBMMteflertivenkiii purl fyiug and beao
tifyiatg soap, as well as purest and swaetest,
lor Unlet, bath, au.l inirwry. ll sinkoa i
thu cuutr of bid coujploiionx, mi, rough
Ii4ji4i, falling hair, and baby Urmiihtu,
iii, tho clogged, uriuuxl, iLlUaicl, over
Uurked, or sluggish I nr.-
h 44 trr
hL.rn. ... ..ooduu ' llow to Cut
"SSelli my wile on. I tujUttmw been
Lee H. Pearl Likely to be the Succea
sor of the Portland Man.
Ueorge L liakei manager of the
Baker theatrical circuit, which in
eludes opera houses in Portland, Pen
djt Mn uud liakei City, came up from
tae Webfoot HetropoUl Wednesday
to attend a meeting of the- board of dl
rectors of the Raker City opera house,
says the Uaker City Herald The
board met and adjourned that even
lug without transacting any business,
and Mr Haker returned to Portland
OH the early moruing train yesterray
Ijtst night at an adjourned meeting
..I tin board Mr Baker's resignation
as manager of the local playhouse
was read No action was taken by 1
the board, pending a full meeting of
the directors. It is probable that
Manager Baiter's resignation will be !
iMtftoi and the control placed in 1
the able hands of Lee H Pearl.
1 1 ' C.l-tV.
sing CAS AMI I ' ..1
Lt lKta we liitve ev. i Lu.l In ll..- buusi- Last
" ) wif. was tmnlic with bexliicbe tor
i- 1jt she lriel sonniof yourCASCAKhl
dl t rusv relieved tie. (utu fh ber ben 1 slrnott
llaieij B . 1 u ici,juiuiiniC'Mcsreu "
ClIAS S'lll'll lu
PltietNrf au a Urpoit Co Pituburi Pa
R. at
Colored Man Whe Derailed O.
N. Passenger Sentenced.
Addison Kidd wrecker of the O. R. i
& N. passengen train near Celllo, was
arraigned before Judge liradshaw In I
Th. Ialles The law of 18U3, which
applies to eases of this kind, makes
the crime murder in second toffee
and to this charge Kidd pleaded gull
ty. An the prisoner waived further
trial, the Judge at once sentenced him
to tie penitentiary for life. He was
taken to Halem
PltkMui. Haltui.ie foleul 'rut Uood. Uo i
OtAid NuTer Slc-kfii Wcakri, or firTTe 10c Sic 90c
... ouna CONSTIPATION. ... uJf,M 11,11 d and n,Kht
aiVae e a afih !'' . iwt. mt the ahlfts changing at noon and mi'
. ; 7" night Most of the mill workers are
NO-TO-BAC & VVwmW&LtLyiUSr children.
to know what nRftfjT I
you have to sell If you don't fdw irMI s k II
jjk Flneat Hotel BBanananal
VJ le the akalBHklaW
iWlaili ..BBBaWIBaV aBal
an i' n m iiii m m w i eji rm.Mu mm mt.iv i ssssi
megm. "msmm, anv - " m
tamK&BStsma d an 1 m
. . . a sai mwmM m mm
ii MHvV
s mud ! m
I I Elegantly Furtii4lK1.
O A tassel aaF"
9 3UBu wmm
luropeanrlss, K.
Ik mo. - - mmt
mwmhm. mm
afN aL
Special Kates to bastern Oregon people vUltlac Partland. HeaOwiners
tor tourists and commercial travelers. K. C. BOWKKS, Maoager
.m.a..m,.,.,.,.,.,, TirrriirriririniiiigiiiiiBinaiaiaiaiiaiwwwrT;
James B. Welch will tell yeu
what these letters stand for.
It's a good story.
Have him tell you, and if you
do not, you will find out later by
watching this space.
The Column
Lodging m
r ' ' mmmm
twr ALil"
only 16 onw I
amraia..i..iMMM.,... , mmmmmmmmmu