East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, February 05, 1902, Image 6

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    I Pendleton.
Dramatis Personae. C. A
C. W. Fulton Time.
Johns sod
Scene. Qoldburg.
The Hnkor City Herald has the fol
lowing. ACT 1. 8CKNE 1.
I I.41 office of C. A. Johns.)
John talonoi Mow weary. Hat.
stall- nnil unprofitable seem to tnc iht
uses of all this world. Fie ou t O.
tip that I should MM to this. I .-t mc
not think on't. My name for gov,
tenor sounds odd Uut who knocks
thou ? Moft now the glorious Ful
ton. (Knter State Senator Fulton I
.My honored lord, how ore you this
mornlne" How are you this many a
Fulton- Finer than silk and bring
you thr glorious news. The state r,i
Oregon demands you for Its gover
Johns What means your lordship?
Fulton There is no name under
the sweet heavens sounds M swe t
a.s C. A .lohns for governor. You are
the expectancy and the rose of t h i .-
fair state the observed of all oli
Johns .My lord what play Is thlh?
Fulton Tin by Oonzago who
dwells in Portland an Italian eml
B tatty tit for the work of makn.g
Johns Hut what of FurnUh?
Fulton He is In his retirement
marveloualy distempered.
Johns And Lowell
Fulton Dead as Julius OMHri
bull pup.
Johns And tall Theodore?
Fulton Heaut It ully beaten
Johns- TIs well and fitly spokei.
I have thom on the hip Now for a"- ROV,rn tho of Oregon. 'TIs a
,l0D I consummation devoutly to l- wlsl.
r",t0Or"Ad ml"'1 yw" ct youil. To get the nomination Aye
uiiKht I., you hear nie? ( an you ,,.,, , ,,(, n) Th(,re h rP8pP(., ,,,)
elay this play by Oonzago fnmt, () , ()h , whp ar,,
John- Aye my lord, and with your i4))ls T(, pnnl(i , Mnf, whl))1HW
D lp I can astonish the natives and ,,,, T,. of tnt BOVernor s
ti. kle nonzalgo to a finish. For good ,1I)nvftr(1 from whos. bourne n pol'
Is Oonzalgo. who holds th aUt of tlcn ver returns. It ptuilw the
uregon in the hollow of his hauls ... i,.,hlnkh r,. i.t. i,ai.
and will bring this to pass.
Fulton Most excellently spoke.:.
Now see to it these btiuchgrasH poll
tu ians do not put wheels in your
.u in: ki kI (ionzago has promised
i OtUMorf nil' and needs your person
al help Ke.u them not; they are all
troubled with weak hams and shalhw
Johns 'TIs e'en so. I'll get that
nomination and tell pale fear it lies
and sleep In spite of thunder. Out.
my honored sir. what will the natives
;ty of this colloquy?
Fulton Huz. buz. I am looking ii
this country regarding the sugar
beet industry; also recreating for
m hwaltli. Do you tumble?
Johns Yes. yes. Farewell ni
honored aJe javpn 0Ur d)eu
laid plans.
Fulton--Amen Adieu. (Ex't
Johns t alonei This play of Oonza
go puzzles me. .1 never knew him to
play an play only for Oonzago
Then ma le method In it. but I'm
irom .Missouri, uonzagn tnosi sno.'
m III turn out th. llRh and see If
I ran deter t the ctillutl pusson In this
sanrtuui saurtoloruni. I'll commune ,
Soft White Hands
Luxuriant Hair
Prvdutee) fey
The mnsleflectlTfl skin purifying and lieaatl
rylng soap in tfee worlil, a well as pureai anil
sweetest for ullel. balb, ami nursery Tbe
ooly presenture ot pimples, blackbead. red,
nwKti.aiid oily tkm.red, mugb baml with
itebiug imIuus ami abaix-les nail, dry, thin,
aasl 111 w..- hair, and simple baby bletniabee.
heraiiM) Um only prereotlTe of the cause, Tl ,
inHjinnul ion sad ' logging of tbr I'omks
UtA-i sesvf vkeei rms D. a CQasr.. Pw In
sss Uwt,UsfaVssyttrulSku.UsuU.uUit.Sm.
Nau's Dyspepsia Cure
Mas cured these case
and it will cure you .
J. M. Church, LaOraude, Ore. says,
"I suff'ereti 1. 11 J' years, and believe
had I not used Nan's Dyspeiwia Cure
I would not 1st- alive tn write you a
testimonial "
n. .1 1. I .ilk Koush liiaJio. aava: "I
BiifTerel for yonra; fouud many reliefs
but in cute except yours."
For safe by TgJImgn or Co., and all
first class druggists, or send to Fraak
Nsiu, Portland Hotel Pharmacy , Port
toad, Oregon. Price fi bottle or 6
bottles for f , empress pic pa Id
(Jin- day ii Oentleman with hiiyeeeit mi his lisi ami pumpkin vln pinned mi
his breast for a bouquet enteral a lari department Store, mul a lie eaiinteroi
bout with hie hands under his cent-1. ills hu asked h the rrd-heiided (llr
l.ehln1 tli. perfumer)- counter If he would ohtta-r her by looKlnr nt thr larsr mm
varied .iseortment or ox-voke lut pln ,d ..n mile
"i would fuln do as vou wish, fair M.ild " renin d the (lentlemni. from Pp
dunk, as he rubbed his noee .igaltisl a bOttll of famll) ammmila. "but 1 am n
.i hum' to see the Hoss nnil cannot tarry
what have we here" ask-l the H"hs, wlun the tienllem.iii st.-ul In for him
"I woutdst slmil askwhv thou never hast sale nf corset -tuns- at halt
price' I am sure 11 would result in s erusn
"gur.lv It Would. 01 Trni le Reuben. nd your question answers Itself A crush
would refult (n personal lnmr a ilien or more women ana defeat MS n"x'
sal rtf J'-cent curling-tongs marked 'iwn to ii cents
"Urn eaid tne Oentlemsri from the torn pasture "hsst enterprise stopped
with oTfnlns a nurserv In connection with vour store Canst net llgure out if
the inAired ace taken ogre of In wins own store hospital, by thlm owt ston
doctors ami ni home in thtnr own slots ssnbulances that you've n"t (he ouIro
on an c-mp liters Thou canst even o farther, and If any nre dead, let thine
nwn store undertaker lav them away In thine own arore cemetery? Ha.
"B gosh i dew' chuckb'd the uosh nnd he took the (lentlemsn around to
the Jamaica alnw" department and filled him up to the chin
Wtth Hon
C. A. Johc s on (lonzagn s
(Lights out.)
Johns tsolllotiuibingl To he or u l
to he: that Is the question Whether
It 1e nnhlnr tti th mlml hi nrnrtl i-
lnv. ,. ., ftrIH al,ain.. u ....t
Ills I have than tly to others I knov
not Of, I'll tlx It I'll wrlti QOBMBO
ai PottllBd my aceeptan-1
I will. I wont.
I shall. I shan't
Damned If I do. DUUMd It I dObl
(Slow curtain Hed Bin
Catarrh lannot Be Cured
With local appllcAtlou, tiiey cannot tescb
the seat of the !.-.-. Cetarrh Is s blow! or
conitltutional dlneasv, and In order t rur-It
you muit tkc Internal remedies. 111'.'"
larrh Cure U taken inlernally and acta directly
SO Mm Mooil and inucou iuilscei. Hall'" '
turn, Cure i not a qna k medicine. It wan pre
scribed by one of the ben physicians in thi
country for years, aad Uaregularpreacrlplloi.
It Is composed o( tbe beat tonics known, com
blned with the bed blood purifiers, acting
directly on the mucou surfaces. 'I henrfev:
ouibiBttoa ol the two ingredient ! what
e atirh wonderful resulu In curing ca
larrh Mend for testimonials, free.
F. J. CIIKNEY & CO , I'rops.. loieuo. U.
tol.1 by drucslsts. prlee 7V
Ull s Tamlly Puis are the best
. . , .
Come Oul Squarely Against Moody m
the fight for Congress.
f h
lalles Chrou'cle thus ftoelsUM I
ni. tie euiigressionai ngni
In the approaching contest foi the
nomination for ron.fressman 01 this
district tin Chronicle is for Senator
J N Wlllamson. of Frlnevllle. rtr. i
last aud all the time. It boa no apol
ogy to offer for assuming this posi
Hon. nor Is an apology needed It
has no personal grievance to avenge
on the present tivumbent. no enemy
tn punish, no friend to reward- It
takes the higher ground that patriotli
duty towards a great and growing
1 .immunity demands the choice ot the
best available talent for congress
man : demands imperatively ih
cholce of a man whose accomplish
ments give fair and reasonable hope
that they will be able to render ef-
h-ctive service tu bis constituents
N11 change is desired or asked for
nn-re change sake We agree with
on. of our contemporaries that. "It
arowM be a great mistake to exchange
a capable man who has served twu
terms, for a new man who would hav
0 gci acquainted, 'learn the rope'
aud get sized up' generally Uu
we submit. It is a still greater mir
taki to first elect an incompetent
man and after be has had ample time
to demonstrate his incompetency, in
persist In retaining him in office
when ahiindauct valuable material
is available That is the exact situ
atlon as the Chronicle sees it. On
the other baud. Senator Williamson
is in uo way an untried wan. ii bog
served an extensive apprenticeship
in legislative work in both houses of
the Oregon legislature, where lie
earned the reputation, in many a
well fought battle, of being a most
faithful capable aud successful leg
Favorite Nearly Everywhere.
Constipation means dullness, de
presslon, headache, generally dlsor
dered health De Witt's Little Karl.
Uisers stimulate the liver, open the
bowels and relieve this condition
Safe, speedy and thorough. They
never gripe. Favorite pills- Taliman
' & Co and Brock & McComas Co
Suits and Liens Filed and Estates
Tuesday a lien was tiled on a h mte
and lot belonging to Thomas RtMVi
of Oklah. by the Despaln Broth tfl r)l
the same place, for fM.0, allege! to j
be due for lumber used III bull. Hi. j,
the liniise.
Thomas Mil.uk. has attached (hi1
east lialf of section If, In township
I, north oi rang' IS, K W. II., belong
ing t 1. M Iluson. ami brought suit
for Judgment ngalnst him in the um
of $ini alleged to be due on two proin
Issory notes, one for o which was
given April 13. lti'J'J. and the other
driuvii 1 1 it- $n March li'im Tin
first one was due January I. 1901 tad
tin seeoipi mie hu demand, but nelth
er have been paid Heslde Interes'
and priiieipnl. plnintiff asks the court
tn award him t:n attorneys' fees in I
i osts ni act ion Carter r. Ituley ar
Um Bttonwjn tor plaintiff.
John I, Qtmtano, ftdMlnlstnttoi ol
the estate of John V. (iurdatie is
OOMOd has tiled his final report ni
Ok settling up o( the estate and DOM
dls. -lint-getl l ludge llartman
J. F. Karl has also died his ilnn'.
account in the settling up oi tip sj
tate of tin de eased Simeon D Karl
and beep discharged by the county
A Pioneer Dead at Dayton.
Dayton Wash Feb 5. 1 8pe oil 1
A. Ilauan. aged til! years, died in
this city Sunday evening of senile
dfeogl Air Hunan came across the
l'l"s 111 IV.I and was a ploneei .i
eastern Washington. He was a na
tive nt Kcntucks and was one ot tin
Daniel Hooue party 01 pioneers lie
iiartleliialed In the battle nt Wall::
Wglla in l.V.
Females of All Ages
lincl these Pills simply invaluable,
as a few doses will restore free and
regular conditions and effectually
remove the causes of much suffer
ing to the sex.
Sel l Kterrwaate-lD base Mc mm) St.
You will
make money
By calling on the
New Lumbermen
before purchasing that
bill of lumber.
New slx tls going up
New stock coming in
At the- new retail lumber yard
Gray's Harbor Commercial Co.,
opposite the W. A: C. K. depot
The Pendleton
vv QrM Btlw city
IV Ii. CkUTStSOB, HI I'atll.
.1 N Hcrlber. Im Orande.
.1 U. tllendenltiK. Portland
v t; Holland, Portlsad.
lamen Wright. North Yakima.
John T Braokl. San Francisco.
Chillies Fleming. Snn Francisco.
,i w Best, Wstitou,
K K Plowden, San Francisco
Qoorgl H BOOttltt, Chicago.
Miss Annie Fulton, Wasco.
ii s. Dsjboii, DittnUt.
M A Warner UnCOUl
William Mi Lean. Portland,
(leorge S. Uabhert. Spokane.
W A Limb, Chicago.
M B. IMtnei San Fraui Isco.
II W Smith Maker City
M. J. Schmidt . San Francisco.
A S Heartfleld. Spokane
Bdgar M LazeniH. Portland
H, (i Hendryx. Haker City.
It W Ulnkely. Portland.
w L Hamlin, Bsltlmort.
N II Mackllnln. Portland,
lin B, F Paul.
Jay I. Van Clove
,1 .1 Barna, Portland.
a Roderick Grant, Portland.
H W Harris Sun Frnttclsco.
T. O. HllbOfn, Chicago.
Kd lllaekbum Omahn.
T W IMMOD, Portland.
I W (litest. Nebraska
Join 1 tiurnee Portland
U S Q KtthB Oinithn
The Golden Rule.
Mrs l.i -in hers. Heppnei
OlMI lei I. Hush. Milton
l II
0. K
.1 v
Smith Wnseo
Fraus .Spokane
Kenlleld. Woonsm ket
(illletle nnd wife.
BfOWl Omaha.
Ooherty. Iloppner
Fletcher. Fortland
Hart. Kt Louis.
Htover. Haker Clt
lennle Dykes. Milton
Kit Carson Walla Walla
(' P Rlnket. Hpoknne
Mrs. Thompson. Union
Mrs. I J Musgrove
(' Mart well Fooatello.
W II Klep)it and wife.
Hill Itlng
Local merchants who oxpect local
ncwspniers to protect their business
bj rofvitBi to take foreign advertts
Ing should at lea.it show their appre
elation by contracting for some space
themselves. Mt.:isiield. O.. News.
within a tW month .
NgWMO'g Hstgnctn
kllta the dandrull genus
that c.iuso tailing hair
and I'm illy baldness. No
nthsjt 'i paratioil hut
llerpii nie kills the dan-
nri:lt ini. IH-stroy the
ci'i-e, i 1 rcinuve the effect
HarpteMe is a deHghffui hair
lr- -oiiik '"' lentil. ir toilet use.
I.I VI viistok , Most , Sral . 90.
1 1 1 i v . . iisr.1 uan-lull Imlll i f III re" Sir,
.....I my l,ra. I is lrt.i tiuui lUu.Hu.f , I my
I uiilU'loiilMlonitriiy. Ism very
huh Ii -nthnel ovrr tin- lesulie, utul bav.
rrvi'linn mini It lo numU t . , my Irten.la-Mi-
M (sioni I. list nvriN.
l or Sale at all I int. Class Unix Stores.
1- '
The Umatilla Implement Cor
Flyinc Dutchman fi A nor Dl
-"6 riuws,
Canton Clipper Gang p0Ws !
with steel or full chilled bottoms.
Ever) thing in the Implement lino ami the Best on M
Successors to
Main Street,
I I. . . I . . r in I I ir,lii.i , e. -,,,.. PMJ . .
!-. -. in nun., kUTC9, llllWiirC, HarlwH U'
Tnlc BtieieilUa lnr U,1..1. , . u
""it"-" """uuiuiiib ana i-umbertnta
Qet Our Prio.-
$3-00 per Day and Upwards. ,
thk portlan:
PORTLAND, okkoon.
.Special Hates tu havstcrn Oregon puople vlsltlnt fortlsss.
lor imirivi nnd commercial travelers. M C. BOWERS,
Kemem l oal. First Class Weod
Orders Promptly Filled.
Telepbone, lied 401, or eall on
W. 0. HUIKJ8,
Ollice Maui Hlreet, Just oiiposile HsMM
font t Thompson's hardware store.
James B. Welch will tell yeu
what these letters stand for.
It's a good story.
Have him tell you, and if you
do not, you will find out later by
watching this space.
in the I
The Columbia
Lodging House
mu in rtiNNK(TIOK