East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, February 03, 1902, Image 5

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    osing Out Sale
pur Collaretts
Regular price 10.00
Electric Seal Jacket to close
J 7.50
Was $35.00
loth Jackets $7.00 to $10 to close
D n
Jackets, $7 to $10 now i
er Bros.' Iry Goods Co.
.90. Cleav
HY 3.
7, Bheurman will be In Pendleton
on April 15th and he requests hunters
1W)2. and trappers to keep their furs un
: til that Jme when he will pay the
highest price lor them.
1 Howard Farm loans
a ,. flr lumrancs
dn for H M Cleaver Bros.
L j i. ttio rltv. Dutton's
l w: " w
Ml Jacket $17.60, was $35.
Brot Drjf floods Co.
j-v-j .,..., fnr rnnt at the
-.j..... fr ntreet.
nit !' kind! of real estate.
I and country. E .T. wade
tin skirt regular price
la clou, u: $17.00. Cleaver
Eg, ali-roon ottnir,u, with
imKi- moth Main street
1 d music store.
hm Irocary has Just re
ti. . I Ik oranges
Rkarltf Pi s ranch In Califor'
f sale. 1$0 res of fine wheat
of Ailnms Terms Iisoo I
mSnce te llll purchaser. Jane n
m la i hcep ranch of
Km, Sf : at re .also 2000
iti, $:: 50 per head. Easy
I T. Wade.
M. i in ', i wo or three turn-
two or three
Hotel I iidleton. AddresH
s thif '
Pirluli kit of the Church of
MM will meet on Wedues
BtrnooD. o clock, at the
Mrt G A. Hartman, on
ramt. It if especially reaueat-
the ostmbi rs attend for at-
I lo Imtiorunt luslness.
I tonlleat niRii In Pendleton aa
I" aV I .: en h and others
W to ral) on any drusirist
1 tras a trial bottle of Kemp's
for the throat and Iudks. a
'thit i ,varntee! to cure and
ill chrut.K and acute coughs
bronct:(rt' and consumption
Stud 60r For aale hr Tall-
I Co . loir aReLU.
pjestic Ranges
: Offer of Free Grounds Favorably Con
tide red.
j A letter was received today from
i the manager of the Northwestern
Han. ball league. In answer to a tele-
gram offering the Pendleton baseball
ground to the Butte team for early
practice free of charge, saying that
Uie matter had been taken under ao
Ivtsement by them and that In all prob
ability they would come. They will
lei tl;e BUfeUMBMl here know In a
day or two If they come, which is
earnestly hoped LBS) will do, as It will
, give the local team a chance to get
some pointers from them, and create
much enthusiasm.
J. Clarke & Co
211 Court Street.
Teachers' Examinations.
Notice Is hereby given that I will
hold the regular examination of appll
canto tor state and county papers In
the court house In Pendleton aa fol
lows: For State Papers.
Commencing Wednesday. February
12th. at & o'clock a. m., aud continuing
until Saturday, February 15th at 4
o'clock p. m.
Wednesday Penmanship, history,
spelling, algebra, reading, school law.
Thursday Written arithmetic, the
ory of teaching, grammar, bookkeep
Ing. physics, civil government.
Friday Physiology, geometry, men
tal arithmetic, composition, physjeal
Saturday Botany, plane geometry,
general history. English literature,
County Papers.
fotmii. nclng Wednesday. February
12th. at 9 o'clock a. m aud continuing
until Friday, February Mth, at 4
o'clock p. m.:
Flrat. second and third grade certi
Waduesday Penmanship history,
orthography, reading.
Thursday Writing, arithmetic, the
ory of teaching, grammar, achool law.
1 Friday Geography, mental arlthme
, tic. physiology, clrll government
Primary Certificates.
Wednesday Penmanship, orthogra
phy, reading, arithmetic.
Thuraday Art of queatioulng, the
orv of teaching, methods, physiology.
County School Superintendent Uma
tilla County, uregon.
The Literary Digest. Is conducting
a discussion on the question whether
a man can be a Christian on $6 a
Our e ira strong; Horebouud Candy stop the tickle in
your throat. The oaudy is delicious, 26 cent a pound
Po I oru Fudge b another good ealiug Candy we have.
ougb Drops and New Cough t ore for your
w'd. Pioueer Rose Cresun for ehappwl bauds and
km : cen U- a bottle
Ml Protectors to Keep You Warm.
F Steps from Mam Street Toward the Court House
TbissiausiuKU oo very U ol tfa gsasjlsj
I axMiive Rfjino-O'JiOin';
What the State Convention Talked of
While Conferring in Portland.
Colonel K. I). Boyd, member of the
democratic state central committee
foi l matilla county, was asked to out
line the work of the recent confer
I DCS in Portland, and submits the fol
lowing: The occasion of the meeting of the
ii time ratio state central committee,
at Portland, on April 30, gave rise to
;i conference vrlth other members of
the party, who assembled Bt the same
nun and place. Representative' dem
ocrats were gathered there from near
ly every section of the state, to the
number of about 6n t Including the
membera of the central committee),
some of w;iom had at one time been
republicans und some had been num
bared lth the populists, but since
mlM ot that party, have re
turned to the democratic fold, bellev
iiik the only hope of the people Is In
the democratic party, as the republl
can party Is now dominated by the
f usts and combines.
All were enthusiastic and practical
1 unanimous upon the main issues
discussed. It was urged that the plat
forBI ol the party adopted by the DOB
VSUtlon, should be brief; that the
tariff should be made the main issue,
as it waa used as a means of oppres
Blot Ol the people In enabling the
trusts and combines to build up eiior
uiouhIv rich monopolies In all protect
ed commodities, by unduly Increasing
thsj ml theriMii to the consumers. It
was pointed out that legislation m
nearly all controlled by these monled
lasses and the Interests of the peo
ple Ignored, especially In the propos
ed legislation aji to the Philippine tar
iff which Is a direct blow at the de
veloping commerce of the Pacific
Railroad combinations, which tend
to discourage competition, next re
ceived attention, as this was viewed
as another means of waring against
the Interests of producers and the In
dustrial classes.
The ship subsidy was pointed out
as a method of tavoring the wealthy
ship-own rs and builders at the ex
pense of the people without JllSt re.l-
son That the legislation now pro
posed- in congress, with any prospect
of success is piact.cally all In the in
tared of monled monopolies, and
against those ot the people, and. if
i mil liiiici would precipitate a war 0i
the (lasses against the masses, which
is now In ginning This is a critical
condition, and must lie placed before
i!.. people In no doubtful terms, that
tt)SJ) BJg SkSJ steps to ward off these
impending artlt before it is too late.
lil live issues shoiii.l he embodied
in the platform, such as are vital to
the Interests of the people at this
It was also recommended that a
candidate for United States senator
should be nominated to be voted for
at the next session of the legislature,
as In accord with the avowed policy of
the democratic party favoring the se
laction yt I'nlted States senators by
direct rata of the people: that tb
rtrj DMi iin n, In every county and
district should he nominated for the
legislator.. Whs will faithfully serve
and not disgrace the state, as has
I. re in some former leglsla
Uirai The legislative ttcketa were
regar i' d as more Important than all
others, that were to be nominated by
' lit i.lU'iUK (OlintleB.
If these suggestions are heeded It
was agreed that the democratic party
. ooU I ontiii.-iitly appeal to the suf
ragi s of the people
It was observed that the conference
was composed of earnest. Intelligent
and active leadera aud it Is thought
much good will result.
With the light men for the state
ticket H was thought the party
might hope for a measure of success.
N'o names wen suggested by the com"
mittee to the state convention, but In
private conversation, Oeorge Cham
,. rlaln of Portland, was the only one
i moot toned for governor, so it would
seem that the nomination points that
She Broke Her Left Wrist This Morn
ing. Mrs A M Martin was standing In
a chair adjusting something about the
loom that she could not reach from
the floor, at h r home Just beyond the
Main atreet bridge, about 10 o'clock
this morning, when she fell and had
the mlafortune to break her left arm
at the wrist.
Ji-nes M Cods V. III.
The wi!l of Jame A. McCool. de
ceased, a former resident of Umatilla
county bu! for the paat several yea.S
a reaideut of Wslia Walls was Hfjf
with the uiiuty clerk Saturday after
noon The will bequeathe everything,
consisting of property both in th.4
county and Walla Walla county, to
hJs wife . guts Conlleky McCool, ex
cepting $1 -sch to bis nephews, Rob
ert snd Thomas McCool. At the death
of Mrs McCool. the property Is to be
divided srnoog his legal heirs.
An order hss b.0. r oirasj '"
Burlington headquarters stoppiug all
! work ou the porposed line from Hit
lings to Great Falls until the United
States supreme (OHM sun
posed of the ase hi ought against the
Northern Securities company b Gov
cruor Van Sant, of .Minnesota
Firm Will Be Known aa the Thomp
son Hardware Company, Incorpo
This morning Thomas Thompson
i ceded to the Interest formerly
held by W. I. Hansford. In the hard
ware business of Hansford A Thomp
MB and with hla brother. Sam
Thompson, will hereafter conduct the
concern. It la the Intention to Incor
porate, under the name of "The
Thompson Hardware Company," the
members owning the business bctn
Thomas Thompson and Sam Thomp
son. The latter has been associated
with Mr. Hansford in the business fo.r
some months.
Mr. Hansford retires from a long
and active career In the business life
of this city, and will for a time at
least rest from all such cares.
Thomas Thompson, succeeding him,
Is a prosperous owner and operator jf
extensive farming lands near Pendle
ton, and his other business interests
here. Sam Thompson has devoted
considerable time to the retail hard
ware trHd". and has attained experi
ence and knowledge of It
The new house will have the best
wishes of all the people of Pendleton.
Frazer Opera House,
Oeo. U nstcr. I( M t MmiMcr. in. B, Wlrh, Lwal lnir
Wednesday, February 6, 1902
A Stlring Colonial Drama.
Prices 50c, 75c and 1.00 Scat sale at Frau rs' Hock Store.
Wedding Sundsy st the Home of th
Bride's Parents.
Miss Eva TiarnhRrt and M.lftfl
Shutrutn were marled at 7. ID Sunday
morning at the home of the brlde'r
parents. Mr. and Mrs .1 Ilarnhart. on
Lewis street, the Rev. F. U Forbes
The bride has grown up In Pendl"
ton. her arents having been resl
dents of the town for the past !!"
years, and the groom Is a well known
and prosperous farmer living miles
north. Mr. and Mrs. Shut mm left
on the H.V) train for Portland, where
ihc w ill spend a few daya slghtse
lB and then go on to California, to,
sptnd a month or two on a honcv j
moon trip. They will make their
home on Mr Shutrum's place. wher l
they will be at home to their friend'
after their return.
Catarrh cannot B Cured
( i spuiicstioiin, as tby sannoi
(lie seat of tln itlsesM- Catarrh l l,lnu1 or
1 (inmitiiiional dlneaoe. mi l In urder m ( lire II
vim niuat take Internal rvinSdies, Hall's h
larrh Cunt Is takvn IntKnially aud acts iltrfrllr
en 1 se iiiiNsi and ameaes lorfsess, Mall's Ca
tart I. CWN Is net a uuai k atedlelM, It .. r v
l t ' i,ur id lie' ' i l.li vstela iia III MlU
( ottMrf (or years, and is a regular ureaerlpl 101. .
I. it ( umiiowd ul the Ix-st Ionics kiimt n, com
Lined Willi Hie lies! Idiaxl mrlf1cr. acllllK
dtrsetly so ( lie atueous iorfacsi neaerlaei
combiiiation ul die iwe agredlenu Ii srnal
produce such wouderlul results In raring SS
tarrh Send for totlnioulaln. free.
r i. ( MENEV A CO.. Prop... Telede, 0.
Hold L druglIB, price 7ie.
Hall's Family Pills are the BSSt,
Oesth of Mr. Donnough.
V. R. Dutton received a letter Sun
day bearing the news of the death of
bis sister, Mrs. Donnough, at her
home In Indianapolis. The cauae of
dOBtn was cancer from which she had
been a sufferer for many years, aud
Ik 1 death was not unexpected.
Horse Cone Astrsy.
I eft my ranch on Tutullla, one bay
horse, 2 years old, branded It, with bar
er the top, on left shoulder; small
i.ii in forehesd; wire cut on front
,d Keward. Address Peter Weat
I '1 ndleton, Oregon.
IfssMfM is i Rood condition, rsquifM only one fUSfttt IswfSS
power to run it and with it w person ran set from 20,000 to a.yoou
cms brevier in sifjhl hours.
With the machine there is the n. ebsary pulleys an4 shaltinK "
700 to 800 pounds brevier lypc, H point
Machine will be sold lor 330 I o b. at PsadlstOfl
East OregoaiOfl, Pendleton, Or.
Stock of Groceries in Martin City Bakery and Grocery to be
Sold Prior to the Removal to the New Location
in La Fontaine Block.
Sale will Last Two or Three Weeks.
Sample Price s
2 lb can Tomatoes 10c
2 lb can Corn. 10c.
2 lb can Table Peaches. 15c.
Gallon can pie Fruit 25c.
Lay in s Mtock of Table snd Household
Supplies during this gsle st
Main Street, Pendleton, Oregon
lit II
'Uu luuaody ikM ' ' MSk I