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Eastern Oregon Weathe
i hi ami Wednesday throat
enlng w'th probable snow Wod
ncsdny Not ho cold.
,5c A WEEK.
. ... to u.ii";. - i
lr a tliri'l' w7 "'"'"
!. 2S I' I" '"lOC-tC(l
. . 111
i hum!" I Kttll'o will
..in.l V ..WITH U8HO
si.i in Helena, foot
. . ,
.- i .iillll I I I ' h
h. tin nulrOBMi 're-
V.n a' OM Of thu clubs
kmioii.- oi tho convention
t h iatarastini irotit-
tku MWCUrtlOB membership
hMB men lu
llll- isfi
.. . lihilui IMllh
I 1.. ll'll'll OV III.
i. .ti.. v cIiti mirlan : l.
,, iiiiinn'K- Professors
Hlsnsetialilp. of Ilozeman.
i inri mm : ii iu
uricultiii.' Ferguson; r.
d HillliiKh. nml many others. ,
...... i . Iilltltll't MINI
" - u ii,,, .iiiiiin mill will
Ur in ii"
. ronvi'iiti'iti representing
In this state I. am year
poumli- i'l wool wore clip
thr BKkl 111 BtBtB mini
m sEsbbbbbbbbII
1 irji : ml
Reported by I. L. Ray A Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trad and
New York Stock Exchange Broker.
No York. .Jan. 28. The wheat
market wan very quiet today and
prteta moved within a narrow range
Liverpool WM higher. fi -1 1 , . New
York OPOBld ' lilclnT. 8:1V and clos
lod S3V Chicago opened .7T.
BBd dosed 77-V Stoi k higher.
MOBBJP 4 per rent
rinsed v sicninx lli
OpoMd toda, ISH
Hangc tmlay. II i I I
ClOOBd today. MH
Sugar. I27S
St. el, 4IIVi.
St Paul. K'.:!'.
t Unloti ftel to, mi ,.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chlragi). laft II Wheat 77
Wheat in San Ftancieco.
San Frani'lmo. .Inn Wheal
Lumber Denier in Session.
Kaimat- City. Mo . Jan 28 The
annual tnietllig Of the aoiithu extern
lumhermeu hi .an seHtilona tmlay
i In th' Century thrnter. haa attracted
i several hundred lunvher dealers from
all pails of Kansas. Missouri ami sex
eral other states The sessions
which will he devoted to the discus
I al(M of various matters affecting the
trade, will continue two days, closing
with a hunn,tict tomorrow nlghl. Fol
lowing the close of the convention
the memhers of the association will
leave for a Jaunt through the BMtBTO
ii southeastern states
The picture shows Phya A. K ry.
olio minister, Baron Ludovic Moncheur.
jm mw maim Mimm.
Italian ambassador. Slgnor Edmondo Mayor dec Planches
110ns micuam.
CwMimilimu. the sheep
.... ... . . . i 1 1
1111 H I'll 1111 1. 11 H II J. 1 .
MKOr HI llle IMirinwe.il
Bd WoolkTowara' JoomeJi
Imvi' ItttirdB) im Helena.
B attend the fifth annual
M the I'Hi lln Nortliw.-' t
lit mat place February 4, fi
count) am: will do all In
termor in ine oem man
till ba bi the oonventlorj
ib men of Washington
Idahu. I'lah. Oregon and .
BxtPiiHlvi arrangements j
Bade h) tin citizens of
irhtertain the delegated in.
aannur A nceptlon will
at one of the clubs and
of the roDTWUlBJ prom
Br of tin' iiniHt Interesting
ur. .. ni....t ,i...
aw had
Mmn itu .1 u..J.,,..i.
.uiunin.i iiiiu .i , inninin
about in days.
I Oldest PoliMmin
Jin Ik lMua ..in,.. -'I
Blr tall pulliemen and
en i ii i a T iioiiii cm
ha the oiliest noil 1 til.
orld Hi,, name Is Alex-1
Main sriii ... a ... . w
m aao i.viv
clffht iah IvI-etAst.. u-
lioy. iti. nittiiur alalia ii
Mix th fltMt il'Iik. nhiifj
" iai n in 1 1 T" 1 1 i m
IVftlNNIMa.. t It II Uf IM ill that
r- iaii' Blirt". lir 'H I' It)
PIHU ..t ....i. ... I
l Van ilVJUOt.D (
. White iH'Ttli.r,, Mr I. .-nil
iiifhiiM i ot thv uoltce !
I Bin,.. it .
. inn, (v't-iMiiiy ii r
11 nt tin, i I ... a.. ..I. ..
wmel. the killing oi an
Ml Hawk'a trlln who
pjpjj uutu- tj !!(
O'Kuaa Tuberculosli.
Hn' Jan 28. Couatdei-
U llla..ll.ln J I ... i
.......... ii,,;,, hi I .
L r" s"'-iiiors mesHHe
Z: "- i" iieviuen exciu
P" ttUit of tubereuloslH
r , ' " i'ji' i u
t"1' Mm ,.,i,,i hn.nl J
PMlMIUU I'rominent
lla UllUU. DO
K- -veu Utiai'd ii fi.oi t 1 1
'QMuaiptUes. at Rutland. ;
JBaeiid Changea
.i,M9or " Baaoolatlon
WD el. im. ..ii-. .
tv u , eaiiea 10 or-
11 o clock this rnornlna
at u l mot imikortant
k. ",M ev"- held In
"MB are oi me
fnin.. -a i i ....
--ouibi legislation 1b
hI1T ""Vfuvnuient or the
lr omcw and will bo
" Ute lejtslature
Will be
Senate I May Take Favorable
Action This Session,
It Provides for Proceeds From Public
Lands to Go Into a Reclamation
Washington. Jan. 28 The Han
brough-Newlauds Irrigation bill wind
was agreed upon by tin OOnUOtttSs pi
Northwestern senators and u pri sen
tatives. today was favorably rsjfoitod
by the senate comiulttee publb
lands. It provides that tin proooadt
from the nubile lands be placed in a
reclamation fund for tin par)
irrigating arid lauds
New York Legislature
Asked to Appropriate that
This Year.
Albany. N. V.. Jan. 28 An Import
ant kim n I mods, convention opined In
Albany today. Noort) 1,0 leleates
were present. Inclirtlini many (arm
ers of New York, in Ir-i's ,ini!
Vermont. State Kugiuei r Hond called
tin convention to order. In his own
ing adddress Mr Hond called atteti
tion to the work done y the BUthori
tics oi Nov York to liuinov- rotvds
OOpeolaJ Bllwlloil being ;.l n to the
experiments in t'r.an- o'ir.ti uiule.
lln lead nt Kilwai . II llii .iinin to
piovidi roads it sm.ill cosl.
PlTOltk nt Wi H Monte of tie- Na
tional Qood lioads AsHoeiit I iii and
other leaders of tin- movement are
scheduled for addresses dsWUag the
mici i i-illug sessions of the tontrOaV
lion RewohstsOM will oe idoplod
hi;., the .hi at nt tOgiaUt e ti ap
pfourlate $i.ouo,:mi for ruatl iittyravi
The Corliss Bill for Ocean Wire From
Some Point on the Coast of Caiifor
Washington. Jan 28 The house
coininiUee on bjtOrataiS mi" inielgn
commerce today by a oti oi s to T
declared in favor of tin fOVOrriBiant
construction of the Pacitlc cable Tin
Corliss bill was ordered reiorted
the house with favorable recomini i
dtttious. but wan amended by a pro
vision that It shall he operated from
any desirable point on the coast of
California instead of specifically nam
ing San Francisco
Overtures From the Dutch.
Ixindon. Jan 28 Balfour in the
house of commons today replying to
a question, said no overtures loi
peace in South Africa had been re
celved from anyone authorized to
speak on In-half of the Boers, but M
admitted that a oommUOiOOtlOB I
, n received Hum the Dutch BJOVOTI
ment last Saturday and was BO
del i OUSliteltttiOn.
It Was Chloroform.
New Vork. Jan II, la " Cs
murder trial thlB morning l WU
ii. .na nr tho state refused to be
..i.i,..., i thu m.ininn that Millionaire
nii.ni ii iu ." v -
i i . 1....1 hm. ihu Bftnilnisu allon or
l 1 1 I ' llll II llV" -
chloroform gas
Chinese Eacluelon Again
Waahlngtoo Jan. M -Bx Secretary
Kiiat. r ajcatu appeared Uejore iue om
mlttee on foreign affairs of the
to argue against the Chines.
...ton bill President iwuipr.r
American Federation of
ed in faror of the bill.
of the
Labor argu
To Fix Grand Circuit Dates.
IM-troit Mich. Jan. 28. The stew
Brtfl ot the (irand Circuit, in aunuul
session aors to, lay have a hard prob
k in to solve 111 the way of satisfying
tin various applicants for racing
ilati the ciunliiK season and at the
same time preventing a conflict. It
has already been dei ided that De
troit, will open the circuit ou July
1, winch is a week kttOf than last
year, and Cleveland has already
claimed the week beginning July 28
The Columbus Buffalo and Glens
Falls WOOtlBH Mill follow in the or
dot named. Tin DOetfafll 00BB0B be
IWOOB Hnghton Boacb and the Ne",
Tor Stale fair at Si r e use both of
vi .Ii desire to follow the Buffalo
lin-tini! The stewards desire to BBt
lof) Brighton B. adi a.nl it; the end it
Is probable one of the plates to
which dates have already been allot
ted will he persuaded to give way
International Fisheries Congress.
St. Petersburg Jan 2 A notable
Intel national exhibition opened In St.
Peteisburg today under th auspices
of the Imperial Kussian Society of
Kshartat and Fish Culturi Among
the objects of the enterprise are to
acquaint producers aud eonaumerg
rtith the various product of fisher
ies and with methods oi preparing
and preserving them; to exhibit the
gradual development and actual
state of artificial fish breeding and
n, promote scientific research In the
mi.-ri-ii! ot fisheries An im-i noi nn
al congress to discuss all phases
the fisheries industries is to
in niijunction with
be held
the exhibition
Robbers Dropped Plunder.
Jan 28. The
ban who held up the passenger
near Branchvllle last night
closely pursued
Were SO
nv bloodhounds that
were compelled to drop the safus
.1. .. l,.,iL tin III I tie XUleS . O.I m:
safes were found this morning, and
contained about 16000 The robbers
.ot 1600
and the Bei
Proposition tor Added Cabinet
Member Progressing.
Senalr Passses the Measme ToJay
A Close Vote on an Amendme it to
Strike Out.
Mashlllgtoll. .lull. 2 I ii si lisle
UMBsJ passed n hill POO I IBI a new do
, in t iiu-nt of conimeice. The b''l aa
passed tarried an amendmen' hang
;t the title to real ' Heparin ent ''f
i iimmerce und Ijiflor." .-ii nrieni
DMSl to strike out the lil-or clause
was lost by a close vole.
The auieiidim-nt irovtdlng .or a
i in , oration iu the department of the
interstate comment ominlsslou w.'.a
wltiidrawn An amendment to strike
out the census bureau provision was
Investigation of Alleged Bribsry in
City Government Taken Up by the
Grand Jury.
St Ixiuls. Jan 28. Investigation In
to the bribery of councilmen by the
mi i t railway companies waa resum
ed by the grand Jury today After be
lug in session for several hours, tin
district attorney said that the devel
opBMBtJ of today showed an appalling
I, minion of affairs.
Publishers' Complaints Heeded
Waablngton, Jan. II. The p sstof
In i i oiiimlttee of tin' benat" today
couimeuced an Investigation of me
r.nt ruling of the ppal Ml Ml at MM
eral under which certain premium
publications are denied second-rises
rules Senator Mason, who In dull
man of the co.iinn i.e. tint -'in (. in 1
u number of witnesses to prove thsjr
the action of the department la not
warrranted by law. Officials of the
postofflce department, on the ottn-i
hand, are confident that the commit
te. will sustain the rulllng
Mabel Goodrich Csse on Trial.
Philadelphia. .Ian 28 The four
young men OtUaTfjOd with the sensn
tlonsl lobbing and klilnitpplug of Mrs
Mahle Goodrich lust September were
arraigned for trial today. The accus
d are Howard Sloan. D, Knight Fin
ley and Harry Walline. m wspapei
reporters, and 'Oscar Hunlap. a bar
her. Owing to tin- fromer good chsr
a. ter of the in OMBOd and the si BB0
tlonsl feat iips of the i use. the trial
1 will attract much attention Noth
Ing of the Kile oi defeni e has been
Lumbermen at Cincinnati.
Cincinnati. O. Jan. Keiail
Iiiniher dealers m Ohio. West Virgin
la and I'ennsy lvauia met in annual
OOBiVOBtlOSJ in this city today with a
large attendance The sessions,
which continue till Friday, are to be
di voted to the dlsi iisslon ol matteis
of business Between cession there
will be Interspersed many pleasant
features of entertainment provided
by tin locul lumber dealer
Hanged for Murder.
Hui i isburg. Jan - Henry Bow
ltd Watson King were hanged hen
.Ms mornlnat for the niiird. i of Cash
h i Ciiailes iiyau in the Halifax. I'a.
hank, which they attempted to rob
They i onfessed and proftv-n-.l repenl
Will Investigate Philippines.
Washington. Jan 28. -The senate
this morning adopted the resolution
by Hoar directing the committee ou
'tin Phlllpplmni to investigate the con
dltlon of sffalrs In the Philippine an h
WrecKage Was Found.
'n lorla. Jau 28. The revenue cut
i, i QflasM has found wreckage evident
in, in the nuishlp Condor off the
west roast of Vancouver Island.
Eleven Drowned.
DOVOr, Rngland, Jau 28 The traw
r Heron auk durlug a gale off BOf
t iday Kleven were drowned
in Holiday Attire and Ready te
Receive the Naval Hero.
1 oulsvllle. Ky .Inn N Admiral
Winfieiit s.ott Behto) win hM0M
the guest of laOlltoVtllO this evenlhg.
I'lie ohabomto plans for his r n'Moa
which have lieen umler was for see-
ml months were completed this
HBO i i iig The dty 1ms assumed a
holiday nit Ire. ami the people will
unite to do honor to the gn it naval
onniiaiiiliM RvOt) haw Of the lima
the sitmlial Is iu Louisville will he
,;ieii over to som lorm of enter
tainmeni The dlst Ingulshel cunat
and othei uieinhers of his party win
be met across the Indiana Hue by
dolOf tiQOB icpresentliiK the Knights
Templar ami the l.oulsvlllo hoant of
trade, under whose Joint simple
the entertainment will he carthd nut.
An offlclnl wel ne will Ut I t Ii ltd
to the admiral, and on his arrival la
the city he ill 1 nn1 in
tlnlt house, which place will he hit
he.'ldiiiartets while he Is the city's
guest. The elaborate program ol
teiialninent imH0ll for tomorrow
and Thursday calls for a I'Siiijin t a
ball, a review of tin- Knights T' nip
lur Blid n public reception, togetln
W ith I'lllliHge ill Ives shollt tile city.
Hobson in New York.
New York, Ian 2S Lieutenant
lilchiuoml IV Hobson Is In New Vurb
and tonight he will deliver a Uh l lire
on the "Navy and the Nation" ni th
Wahloi f-Asioria Th etilei talnment
will he under the dllc lion ol th. Ns
in mal Society ot the Daughters of
llll for the beiu ilt of the new naval
branch in llroolilin fm iiII'iih and
inarliii s
Ten Millions For Improvements
Ni w Yoik. Ian 28 The minus!
COBfOfOsMM nl dip i tins ol lln Van
del bill llm to In In Id In New York
Ibis week Is of more than ordinary
Interest to the localities touched by
the Kieul system The ut a nun
al Inspection otMViBMd the officer of
the necessity for many Improva
ment. Kspedally is this turn of iua
Flushing distill t. where tin- proa
peels of W.'ihanh competition has I
pfrod latnadlata action. It Is r
BOrtOd that 110,000,000 will bo spent
fm Improvement In this locality
alone Tin Impioveinonta will hi
Isrgely In the na'ni of ot' unions
and branch Hues Into lerilloi; soot
to bfl penetrated by other roads
Southern Relirt Society
blBStOBJ, ' ni -'8 Ti i Inaritf
ball. Ulldei the auspices in the 1 4,
die' Solltheiu llellcf six lely to b
given al the Arlington hotel tonlgh
piomlses to be 011 e of th largest B
clal and flnamliil BtsMsBsWI ol tue
season In the R4UM ot charity ttasa
hand of Roiilhein women propose ta
rale fund to lst In relieving tko
BOOOOaltles nl many ,1,1 veterans who
terved In the ul lules .,1 II,,, Ute Cq
fodOTBli fOVOtrBBJUHal and theti t
Man Frozen at Seattle
Seattle Jan 28 An unknown
was ffOOOg In d.Hth heie this UUi
Baltimore and Ohio' New Lin.
Pittaburc. Pa., Jan. M It la oa
peeled that the final details of the
merger of the Pittsburg and Weatern
Kallroad Into the Baltimore and Ohio
will be arranged at today's meatlng
of the oflhcials. According to preaent
plana the identity of the Pittsburg
and Western will be effaced and It
will ba made a division of the Baltl
more and Ohio.
Baking Powder
Made of Pure (irape Cream of Tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum