East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 16, 1902, Image 3

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nuary Clearance
Ljjj going 'n Want. You will ntltt
.nvmcr oMiortunitV if von do not at-
UJ0!1P r -r i
Wgr6Rt ftlHl 1 ill Hit; uc v nivnivniv rj oniia,
i ,., vim-lr is I'rlli! r lowtr i vcri' iln
ULfun I II' ' ' " " ----- - . .
ore out t some things. All Pendleton i
ibout the lig values we are giving for ho lillle
The crowd of people that have bought of ui
will testify as to the harpaine.
Not cheap goods but
good goods cheap
Alexander Department Store. I
MACCABIIt ins t i i
' '1Nw j"'' Melodrama ;
p O I f Elaborate Scenic Equipment
Mil A I if ureal ujm .
I UI UUlUl I Sensational Situations ,, Startling Climaxes .. Bewildering Effects I
The Imprisoned Indian fcende It to
Hie Wife a Keepsake.
Several days ago a package came
to Colonel William Parsons, address
In his rare, with Mrs. Columbia
Oeorpe, or Mrs. r hi Mil as the ad
dress read, as the consignee. It was
nothing hut a mat of long, blark hair,
coarse, and not worth anythlnK tor
sale to a hair dresser. Colonel Par
sons wondered who In the world had
sent such a peculiar gift to a lady, hut
concluded upon reflection that It was
his client's, Columbia George s, owHi
capillary substance, and that the Im
prisoned Indian had at last been com
pel lc, to suffer the loss of his locks
that are the pride of any resident of
the reservation. Thla proves to he
the ense. and the package of hair will
go to Its new owner in due time.
When George was sentenced in no
to Salem penitentiary, for Hie K I ) ! t r
of Annie Kdna. the Int. an sorcereis.
he begged that he be i Mowed to ro
tain his hair. It Is dlgri for tnv
Indian to have hi locks "horn It
was this that cause 1 the mlng of the
Indian policeman. Brtsbo, a few yeara
ago. when the Indian lirl f ffeiuea
was declared Illegal b .ul. Pee.
and ihe court brol l ,- ' Ht'OrgO
entertained the same loathing of hav
Ing his long hi1- cut
Hut George ih ,i Hfg nrlsoi c: l. I'll
had to conform lo Um rule of the
penitentiary. io hn b.iir .'am iff
Then he conc-iv I the I. ten (,f fending
It as a memento to his grift who has
stood by him so faithfully through his
Incarceration and trial The package
of hair ahe will treasure ns lung as
she lives, and regard It with such sen
tltnenl ns would BOt appeal tn it white
woman similarly situated
M at A . Nel
Nora Kogers,
Picket Orn
- - nac.lini i niT I f 1 tlitlt f 1 1 txm c a n, 1 hMmA. n. I . I-
tanks, fvpivthing necessary to set up and operate. Engine
. .11 ai ui hi'tnrr in imc on 1 v a fu a'e U
JZ n 1 1 III"! m-v. . .. ... nwwamv.
1 a a-k
is ver' etopomirai ami Ruarameeu 10 ne ftatiMactoty. rriCC
East Oregonian, Pendleton. Oregon.
The Russian Siberian melodrama
1 comes to tha Kraier tonight, an ex
ceptionally strong caat and a well
written place.
xpect people to know what
you have to tell If you f on't
.a no vm i e
II UV w y
ttort can never be
iiKii It advertltes
Lotta fteturna to Stage.
Huston. Jan. Ifi.- The Intereat raanl
tested In the first production of an
Knglish comedy called "Morocco
Mound" at the Park tbeatrr tonight, la
greater, perhapa, than Is warranted
by the a alone. It Is announced
that Ixitta Crabtree. who, under the
name of lotta. had an enviable repu
tation as an actress some 16 yeara or
more ago. will be Been In the principal
role Miss Crabtree doea not Intend
tn return to the stage, strictly apeak
Ing. for she Is well aatlafled with
h i Ufa 'f retirement and with her
fort ttna, which Is estimated in the
millions. Hut the production Is to be
Mda in liet own theater, and Mlaa
Holbrook, who wis to have taken the
i principal part, fell suddenly III and
1 Ixitta volunteered to help out the pro
ducer and the company by tempo rarl
' ly taking the part herself
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice la hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore existing be
tween I). M. Taylor and W. W. Pang
burn, under the firm name of Taylor
6 Pangburn, conducting a restaurant
business In the Ctty of Pendleton, Or
egon. is hereby dissolved by mutual
The aald W. W. Pangburn will col
lect all aorounta and pay all existing
debts of aald co-partnership.
Dated at Pendleton, Oregon, this lat
dav of January. A. D., 1902.
Walla Walla Criminal Cases.
Walla Walla. Jan. lt -The docket
f-r the Jury bcssIoii of th superior
court has Just been made up, and the
Jury will report for duty next Mon
day morning. The docket la a light
one for January, and one week will
likely be sufficient time "for the trial
of all caaes now ready. The caaea
agalnat a number of saloon keepers
for opening their places on Sunday,
will not be tried, an agreement of
continuance having been reached A
caae is now pending In the superior
court and the continuance n along
the line of settlement after the de
clslon hns been handed down
Ladles of the Order Inducted Officers
Into Their Positions
June Mlve No 10. Ladles of the
Maccabees, hare Installed the follow
ing officers for the present voar:
P C. Augusta Kimball; C. Helena
jRurton; H and F K. Alice Smith;
: Chaplain. Kmlly Slimi
; He McGee , secictari .
Sen. Minnie DmIc-1
After the Installation the Hlr
Knights joined the ladles and a few
honra were sivnt in a social time
with gamea and refreshments
Progress of Cuba.
Recent statistics show (hat the ex
ports from Cuba have been largely ln
creaaed and the Importa decreased
since It came under American rule.
This proves that thlnga are becoming
more settled Cubans can always look
bin K on the chnnge of rulera aa the
successful turning point In their ca
WO! Tha turning point In the life of
any weak, alckly or nervoua person
will undoubtedly b, when they ro
aolva to try llostetter's Stomach Dlt
lers, for ailments of the atontach,
liver and bowels. This splendid med
l Ina will cure flatulency, heartburn,
belching. Indigestion, dyspepsia and
i onatlpatlon Thousands f peopU
have been brought back to health by
its use during the past fifty yeara. W
therefore urge you to try ft. Our Prl
ihIc Stamp Is over the nccs of the
For Sale!
K i K 1 1 1 lots with ilwellmn .nut lurn
I lions liar, ntltll iiKMii-., t'.ith,
i cll.it anil WOOd BOUBC-i I ity W.itcr.
i hard ftnisliril nn gtoiM fiuinitatiiin
Also font lots ami new COttiCC
At a special meeting of the Maker
City Chamber of Commerce a formal
petition to congress from the resl
dents of Oregon. Washington and
Idaho asking for the rWIOTtI of the
obstructions In the upper Coiunibla
and the deepening of the channel at
the month of the rivei. ami presented
and all of the business men present
signed It.
Two lois and bouse, f,ooo. imii
casii, reasonaMf time on balance.
or will sell on Installment!
h 7 M.i i n Stu g
Jl 1 Ti
2in annual Clearance raie
For To-day
large assortment of guilts were
( laced on Kale this morning
1.25 quality now 90
1 .75 quality now 1.28
in every
For To-day
Men's Under-Wear...
Worth up to $1.25
Clearance Price
75 cents
Per Suit.
Women's Ready
Made Garments,
Dry Goods, Trunks, Va
lises, Men's Clothing,
Boys' Clothing, Child
ren's Clothing, Etc.
For To-day
For Collarettes...
$1.25 Instead of $2.00
imported Veyella cloths, the latHt
Mntnrial for WainU.
45c instead of 69c.
itniHirted French Flannel, Pattern
and roloringH the latest,
59c Instead of 75 and 65c.
For To-day
Men's Overcoats.
$7.50, $8.00, $9.10
Clearance Price
The Peoples Warehouse