East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 23, 1901, Image 2

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    Men's and Boy's Overcoats.
See Reductions in Price
All of our $12.50 coals will ro at $ 9.00
All of our $14 00 coats will go al $10.01)
All of our $15 00 coats will (p at $11 50
Boy's Overcoats.
All of our $2 50 ove oais go at $1.75
All of our 3.00 ovfercoata .o v 2 25
AH of our 3.50 overcoat- go at 2 75
Every Overcoat In the home has b.v i reduce
com.' e fly at id yt your pick.
One Price Chillier, fitrnukers mi l Hatter. Pendleton.
IN rtj Belmont was a rue In a led by
lbs democrats ol (fun Tort MvMtfl
Coniii ihkIobI district tO MWCMd
CoBgrsnumon Ntcholui Mnltor. re
iRncii Montague Laos tei mi now
runted bj tiii' r publics u
M Lima I'oru excitement prevails
Cablegrams from Hmuo V. re- re
port thai tin Argentina governmenl
bai- ordered tiw Argentine minister
to retire it Chile main
ition aba has asi ii
appeal to ROOSSVSH
' Islon anil If tu iii il
i a . entire, may (!
lit? i the ! ynoti "i tin-
t Ions ami dlnnei ROWOS IM hoiim- of
tbe i iunx crested especially for
this wnmoii ure bewildering In tbc ex
at .-'
tnln t ii
ana I n -'
t tin
KOi eminent
(lit '. i r ' .1
The most oi thaw arc developed iti
nil! in very Manly finished clotha
Then is a revival ol tin- olil hIIKh
tin' inoKt in it n ' id being tin armure
' i These silks, oi course. 1 11
IMCC with tin' I'Minvrtuaiici- nl the
la ko art- not cheap, hut tbtn Is
'Mm ho novel gbout the srmure
ground with Its ttripod or elaborately
flowered designs, thai it is "Irrialatl
1 i iltariMfl " ns Jerome K. Jeronu
ITOUM 111 T It.
rtblng i chit "a sappliin
'n tsffets trimmt t with unlit luce.
The nUrt ami lower s . 1 1 of tin I !
In an- mil' In effect, clliniitm ami
1 1 ' i ranged oi
lib. ami I (i in
H I ll
Mad Mitiunfar hi
III which gppeUt
tp i " r ni that fit
it rprctotlon of tl
given jn Preside
i . the It'.n- i
n MimiiIi ixa iii
towakj arer-mialatei In ax Crasl
dent Oreapo'a eablnet rebelled Thura
igj ngjUunl President Custrn mot I
La VMarli The revolution! eta
reached faun on the way to Villa d
ClirOi WbOM their nirtlsans had con I
eeutretcd from all the surrounding
f 1 1 1 . Mlnlatet Pieldhng, of the ,
Dil Inn nvi i mucin, telegraphed to
Mai. . : from ' ttnu offorlnK him In j
tobgll of tin Canadian cabinet, every
facility for STOUtlng win-leas telo- j
. i .i ; !. i ,t ! - mi t ' Nova Si-ut i i ii
lag hop id makliiK him moat cm our
axing propositions, aesurrlua him
thgl then wn no obstacle- in the i
way ei carrying oat his experiments I
in Cuiiiiili in territory, ami inviting
him t Ottawa to discuss the am : i
mi ol the propogltkwg
; in colbii gnd very pointed revere
tin iivshi an covered at lbs 'lno
r an Inch er more .ii!i dellcste
el olil tbrcaii The larve coat
i . Bg on i i t ' hgnda ami at
in pomis. a i I gre
(Old lace At tin
from the bell to
line of lame (, mi
I he outer SeliniH
edged wit
tin- limit line Is n
Cloves Tiom Spider Silk.
iu Ik. Dec, ' -Tbe laic.t auclet)
fgi la to possssa i noli i glovea
o trun spltb r sub. a precnl
U . Preach hosier atatca thai SS
milch ax two hiimlrcil fgagSN bj vuli
Kgntl helm oahi b) lendsra oi i'u i -urn
for a pair of glovea niaile rom
i in oi mi glib it is Intsrsstlng to eb
aervs tltai oin Hi ui caU ulate that it
requires 1,300.(KH) janl- ot iugl- apl
mi cail ti make om Hiiar yanl
ni kiii. Miitahie tor dreea guterisl
Tin thrcail varies in tkfctkgtSM trum
.i thoasnndth to tin- foer thonsnndth
part ot an inch, am! will betr a
u.'lL'iit ot t;o mains
Si u.itoi Mitchell ha hctned an al
kiWSDve ni 4O0 pel annum lor aidli
tionai eJert hue at lbs Whitney, Or. i
The bos) oi jonspb Kolbt) th' Bbv
leg anglneci m the wevtui n m-ight
i i.ii. wrOSbed near Weston Waiih
ni the Northern Pacific was found
bnried gggVM the wreck ,
Tbl bonthhoiiml tagc
Lyt(Mi.lli ami Willits was
half u mile gboTS the latt
A registi.-reil pouch ami tin
Ni'u York Wee J.'l The lajst eel,
was a reeurd breaker for ObriStghBI
slnippers Today ami Tueaday will
probably see the heavieat ol the hoi
iila trade The streets are filled
with a congSOOOUtnn crowd, and, us
tin atorea arc open cveninga until af
ter Chriatmas the tin hoik lit a res In
i in sliopplitK ulatrlct arc not cleared
until a lad- hour
ciot for napeM flsslgni lined at tbe
W hite House, gnd lino ordered lowni
of tine embroidered linen for herself
and Mlaa AHee RoOSSTOlt The
impels Includea tsbls scarfs, novsni
and doilies and bad linen Kach arti
cle is to in worked with the American
monogram U. s. and win have the
words white House" In rnlli 1 stn
, broidery In tbe cnntni
New Yoi ken an greatly htt reel I
ui compnrtson ol the rwllee forcea
;.v nii"oi the Isrge metroimlll m ii wi
i papt is. This eomimrtson showa thai
the number ol police of Lonitoni i
v, In n romph t '! thi' w
Bt. John the nivim. Ill
in t his i ounti ' with tbe
the oapltol ,n Washington
hundred ft 1 1 shore tin h
, rnt site ill addition
rot nee sia will glee it i
prominence, Work bos bt
reaa on the cathedral for
and it is not enpected to be completed
,rtr frtilv-rivi. man Tin- cost will be
f place
bOI wen- taken A man named Ivans
gag been gffOStOd
Al (ieKon City l.'laikamas couu
ly t- iali.-Ts met and efftcted a pM'
BjMOnl party organization hy elect
mi; ii OOUBt) central i oiumittci . Kred
Meindl as elected ebalrnasn ami
William Heard seeretar
t'hii Jimtici H. S lt-an ot the Ore
gag supreme court, has been appoint
ed by tin president Ol the American
itai Association to represent Oregon
at a gntberina ol lawyers at the Lou
isiana Bgpusitlon ai Hi Louis In I tbl
The I run peals have been so de
struens ni tin Inland Ktupirc during
the aeanui just closed that a united
effort la to In made ly fruitgrower!
and the faculty of the Washington
Agricultural College to devise iotas
enna of extennlnnileg tbi
At t 'oi ucliiis. tr . Mi .- Kaiinie
Theodosla Hockney, who died at her
noine had resided In thai section
sine. 1 871 sin- wni born In ggf
land in ll'1 lb was emanied to
Obnrl Verp Hockney at l,aceb)
i a .land .lanuarv i ISII In IKSu' tin
.M.I , ai le to the Hatted states
it' ii h in Wisconsin. In I a
mnvi a'Sa made to Oregon.
mi in pin
live I ".i
Nc Tenr'a dnj will see the mien
lug oi the Children's court which wsa
n gted b) i'u n ', i hartt r some tin
ago. At this court youthftll offendei
a iii be plat ed tot trhil Instead i ao
ui; before tbe dlfferenl mnglstratei
onus with othei crlmtnnla Und
tin present conditions nil boyi mil
uiii- grrented thranghoui tbe rtt) gnd
Infming to lie undei sixteen r irn
old ate setii to tbe ofllee ni th el
rnn's society, where (be) are ie!il
until lh opening ol court
A'ol in tiianv years in lad ml
ilnce the fnmoui Bradley Martin 1 ill
which marketl Mr. and Mrs Brudlej
Martins lenvstnMng of then native
land- ha any iiterinlntin in l n
mi much discussed as Mrs Pierre i or
lllsrd'a hail Thai tot lety exph
aurprfse puts it mffdTy Mw I i
lard has I ti in retire men I
ft mi - ami ln n her husband, the well
known llorneman gnd mnnn(i tnwt
died last July, It was iteiterallx
thoMnht ii her t'ia:i acq nalntancea
that, nltbough their mgtrtmonlal car
reel had gel been ii pleasant one she
WOSl I mourn fOl him Bt leant a ) I Br
while tin grown son Bird daughter of
Mrs. Uorillnrd were cown I In aomhre
hlrtek or hah monrning, ahe srenra
hrmht coh'i'H inn1 atunnlny hat and
I til. 1 1 inn
hi In! illat'it
i j?r - ar
Boston Sto
sioan nearly
much lo tin
lal clrch
of W f Wbltt )
loon whose mother
'Inn nt immediately
, i on i rom M r.
H nn will add
1 1 ot Oct ha ml at
wot))" are mad from wool ra's ami old eooltn rm
fblankeU lulian robwf, hIimiiht nii;- ami shawl?
QnUI ' -ale oi Tins EHtls,
t temee atui Pmkj (
Ii'splte this rush, however, tin
week has had its sensations, and tin
sinait set has furnished its share ot
material foi gossip Koine of the
young men in society have lornied a
..nt m secret ('ommittei of Fifteen"
im the apforssntnnt of certain very
ueeessary tiiics and regulations, not
tin least oi which Is an early cloalug
These men claim that owing to tin
lots hour at which various aoclal tune
non.- gre DVOI " is impossible to get
auSClent rest and they are therefore
until for DUglnesa the uext day. The
OVOSMBl has already met with some
sitciess as nearly all the fashionable
dunning ClaSMS have arranged for
midnight closing, and it is promised
thai at tin- large receptions to be giv
en later BUPpei ill he served earlier
ami the cotillion Mulshed bafOK two
o clock.
gfggta lautren-- 6u lo i j s
Tops. , In i,' TlJO! ell St- , (,,
I $4.1. Toy IMUUOI ,3 to $,.i ij
Druius, t tibles. .run wagon'fc,
1 vcloit-peiles, toy piano- -i i .
' lliiiititeils ol toys. New goodf
I a ;i:st assorumcnt
ftbih "Minsj.
of Hew gailic-
Aiiiong the uio-l i'centl orgauued
societies ul CiolliaUl Is out whose ob
ecl in prOOMtS the industry ol flue
ueedli work amoug Porto Itican wo
men II hi doubtful It any institution
has met with so much success from
th. ti tinning SS has tbia society ami
SUM oi Ms patrons ale amo'ig the
list ni the land. Indeed, while Mrs
Roosevsll was hero not many days
ago doing her Christmas shopping,
slu placed n ku - order wMh tin- ac
Games 5c to $5.05.
I'roKiuolc. Carlo w
ivrelat tienii, dueeua
that will interest you.
SJg! books, bio k.- to) urndlee,
begs ami springs, doll varriagea aleUa,
lii-cycles toy wringer, ice ereein
I'reeaer ui? i 1 01 is, etc.
dantaClau) Caudy.
Here exclusive at Null -, you iii.il
tbcHaiita Ulnue, uiailb frooi uun u
gar. (iootl 10 eat ami deooroia your
tree, bfl a fiouiid. Olber ivauiiies, In,
1 1-li ami Lie a poUIML Try our rtgu
lor -iih nrnsuii here ai Molfa for Ho,
Toilet sets 46,' t. 10,96, hL, iiiis l e
loT.H0 eull'auii collar boxea, fauoy
uerfUUlSs, line iiielgUkuiele.
The Pendleton Woolen Mi
; Strictly Pure Fleece Wool Direct Fi
the Sheep's Back.
1 1 his
accounts for the Superior Finish and Appearan
their product.
....... ;;.A...Uit.'..i..ggaAUU
I . ,s . If . ...ant 3 i ilDt't
i in- larfsi siock in tno cuy. ii you a... t ntl lain
line. We will give you estimates seweu au i
A Mammoth stock of Furnitur
Next door to Po5toffic.
l or Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
Polydore Hoens, Proprietor.