East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 18, 1901, Image 3

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    HR 1ST MAS
.1 .. ,., niul tii(ri'ipRt i if 1 1 1
a freefa in the mimls of your
' ' '' n . tlmt will nriiM a
KlAfrieudBhid and good will.
Lmiil call Vfiir i tcuwvw .v.
Black and Colored
At of all Wndi in dainty and fetching
fcrjffw"" ..r ,Tu riii
lV for tl' H'tl .U,1K' 7
LEnirit boa, "ilk tien. lancy ranra una roi-
EEL U)$2.00.
k 18.00 down.
tickets, overcoat, ties, scurfr, gloves.
ther Carload of
" T M . ll QJ
A.' I
U III! .1
Sn:ng Ma
T V: .
) Ullllt JldUUdlU dllU
rv w s iii in i iinii'sr nun
Others from $20 to $30.
Dncount for Cash until January (902.
oj(irptij, Rugs, Lace and Silk Curtains and
Ifaatrrrteu prices for cash. Wall Paper
it cost.
The Celebrated
of Cooking and Heating Stoves
pera Houaf Block.
Tdv a r?rnc
Meal gives them flavor.
UUMheli make them solid
lc gnt aids digestion
'"y. Grain and Feed.
In in Jail in Aalln Walla, for Haviny
Marred When Me Already Had a
Ptrri West. on u" Hit- wotl-knowo
Peter West, attorney and much cai
rM raaa of thia etty. is no m Jntl
la Walla Walin enaiKeil with bigamy.
He WBt. urventeil in UtoastMHl Mon
day by leiiily Mii-ilfT 1'ninlet. of
Walla ' Walla, wln-rr- h with Mrs.
Wi-at No. 2. woi. , iitidnotlnn a restair
Parrj Waal ai nantad t a maiu
in Wyoastai years nto, where
lluy licl linipily a Tew month?,
wh. ii hv hei anie lived ol her anil left.
! uiiii tlifti he rum to Walla Walla
ami about a year uko married Mint
Jennie Kelley. Bister of Arthur Rel
it y w ho if In the Salem reform school
for killliin his lather. From here tfcej
went to ICIlenslnirK and opened a
restaurant, and Mrs Kelley. No. 1.
found him and the result ix that he
now laces the serious eharnc of Ids
atu When asked what he had to
say In his behalf West replied:
"In niie Hcnxe. i .ini Kuilty. and In
another 1 tun not I was married to
the Wyoming woman and lived with
her for some time, when she left me
and went away Some time after
that 1 i nine away I learned about
this time that the marriaae was il
legal, and have since supposed It to
be so, and did when I married Jennie
Kelley In this county. My second
wite told me on Icavlna Ellensburn
that II the first wli would drop the
prosecution on condition that I go
back ami live with her to do so. and
she would take the business and get
alone as well as she could."
Pt rry West seems to be following
In tin foOratepi of his father. I'eter
West who has eleven marriages to
his ci edit and has a very checkered
matrimonial history, but he has not
yet been confronted with the srlous
charge ot bigamy, having had better
took taaa his sou.
West Insists that atlei In ,"tid .Mis.
est Nn. 1 had separated, he believ
ed that the marriage was illegal, and
that he had a parts t right to marry
again, and this belief may be his undoing
what they plca? for It while the In
t( v.! of the law is that the settler
should have the land for f-l -.Ti an aero.
It Will Coat (2000 and Be a Center of
Social Life.
Kcho. Ie Is I'matilla l.odgi No
4". A. K and A M . ejected officers
In this city Votidav night as follows
w m Babfc, W M Wllllan Wil
son s W. . M. 0. Kogera J. W.i W.
ii Baaa. uaaaaraai h h. BtaaaaM,
saerstary ; Albeit MK'arty, s l. :
Cloud Sloau. .1 I). Twig Tee! tyb r
I'matilla Lodge No. 10, ia in a Hour'
labial condition and will hold their
iiesi uncling in their hall, which will
le completed ami read) lor them to
Otra into b) that time Tnis hall,
while not an elalxnati aff.iii will cost
the Masons fttMO, and i two stories
high, with the looms IteM, top floor
t lo be hxed toi lodge puiposea. The
Mrst is to be ai ranged for dam 1 4 and
mtartalaaraata af rarioaa aaturaa,
'.inch live a pan ol the social Ufa
anion-, lie young p ople ot thU little
low ii during the winter season.
m bit
Pendleton, OtefOB.
Danes Pepcr hi Another aay Anent
the Land Question.
ioeriior (Jeer and certain eateem
ed oonteniiorariek. says the Dalles
Chronicle hav raised lotisiderable of
an ado baoaUSI the Kast Oiegouian
and this paper hav. had the inipu-
iaaaa tfl MMaal thai ther, might ba
some i iflukedness in the management
of the state land office when It la Im
possible for a pel son to purchase lieu
lands at a prtat fend h Iht state
This per made the charge ami re
peats It that settlers are obliged to
pay $4 to $5 an acre for lauds for
which the state get only 11.26. The
Chronic!. could ! mulsh scores of
MBMS ot Mich purchasers ami would
do ao were it not that the pBBHaB
tion it. unneeeasary.
The governor and his apologists
talk ot mineral lieu lauds, and aloug
this line made a good case tor the
slat. officials But the Chronicle
wasn't thinking of mineral lieu lands
and never used the word niineial In
thi connection It was thinking of
tlii tact that when a tier of townships
in this coiintv ol Wasco was added
aboui a year ago to the foreat reserva
tton. ami immediately after, when rea
idents of the county applied to the
state laud depart ineut for the right to
pm chase lamb in lieu of lauds in
tortious H and N in the townships
jtiM rocivcd they wen told that
ev civ -are ol tlioe lands uuuil" iing
MMM S. ai res, were already lu ihe
hands ot private partleh In point of
lad the lands In nueation had all BBM
purchased lioni the state belore they
w.i. deOafed a pan oi iio raaerva
tioi ftnJrpuiel,aBed ai a time when
without the uroapaet oi their availabil
ity as base lauds they wen not worth
a'nickle an acre
The OhrOBlcIa is willing to believe
that all this has Iwen done uuder
strict form of law hut cannot help
wondering how tin state land depart
ment If It were as anxious to conserve
the interests of the people as Gover
nor Ceer ami his aiKjloglsts would
LTm .is believe, allowed this land to
b. thus appropriated by men -in point
0l fact bv one man -who now charge
He J.pf-aks tin "Phlloroph) of
Living" Friday Evening.
nr. aaaraaiay, arao ha a Sfartd
wide rcpntatlon as a lecturer along;
ei'mcatlounl lines, and who talks to
his audiences In a way that they will
be Instructed and amused at the same
tin.. . will deliver an SOtUaas in the
Thotnpson stiei t M. F,. church, of this
city. Fildny evening. H's uhieet will
he the "Fhllosotihy of Right Living."
tt aaaiaa highly raooaiawndal as a
I ctuivt of no small merit ind every
one who can should hear hltn It is
tree but n QftllaCltOB will be taken to
Aafrav tha axpomoa of the doctor.
t runk J. t'brni v innk tli ilmt lie to the
senior lisrttier "if the Arm ef r I Cheney A
Srava aa oara, ctrt tiniro i
1 ...... C...W.. .
nf lh
tiff biinm w in the eii ef lultnln. eoiiiev
mid ntste fureMi'l imd Him umil Irm w ill sy
the seal ai One Hundred Dollars loe each ana
every esse of ( stitrth tlmt naMOt he cured by
the use of Msll'i ( mnrrh I'urr.
Sworn to baatfa stni Mbeerikta in my
prc"niT n,. Slh .ln of Is comber, A.
.... ( K MM
i ,AL I A. W (.1 BA80N,
NoUry Publlr.
Hull' i ninrrli Cure in taken luteronlly und
seta illrei r.r on the blood and uiucoti urfsecf
ol the nyntein. Semi for toatlmuhlftl, free.
f J. CHKNKY A CO.. ToU-lo Ohio,
Sold by itniKHI"" We
ll , rDiiTy I'l II lire Ihe lt
"Nigger Henry" Taken Into Custody
by the Officer.
"Nigger Henry," a well known col
on.! character on the streets of Pen
dlutoii. was arrested this morning and
lodged lu the connty jail for acting
In a daft manner. He is a sort of
hnrtuless fellow and was not raising
a disturbance or attempting violence
to anyone, but was talking and act
ing lu a simple way when arretted
by Policeman CofTmnn. lie had been
drinking freely and it is thought this
was the cause of his condition, which
may only be temporary. He has been
adjudged insane before and served in
the asylum at Salem.
Great Reduction
On Clothing
Wa have decided to continue am SPECIAL
s.l B eu Men" and Boya' Suit ami Overcoete.
Our i aatomari know thai aui prieai .ire away
beta athen al all liim'!". jrel wa an Rolng to baal
the reeorrl nd put Ihem tii! lower for ihori
Wo want to sail half of oar atoek ot ohrthloi IttakU of throe
week' thna to maha mora Ibr uow aooda oonhia in. and wo oti'er
our oostarxtors tha oxtra tridaootnoai of llhoral raduntlon fnm
our already too prioaa, so ao oaa rodaoo our sus-k qutokly.
Oar stock of Holiday Moode Is vary eootploto and our prioaa
an- away down. He. out display In our HOI Til W I N I OW , and
note the prices
Don'l put oil buying until the ;;,.i moment mid tnl-s getting
what you want, Imt ootttaal once and get a bargain
Pendleton's Bill Bargain Store
ggT Where Whole Families can Trade
ies can Trade s)W
Health and Beauty.
Poor 'iniplevlon ia usually the re
sult of irregularity of the bowels. De
Wltt's Little Early Hlsera stimulate
the liver, regulate the bowels. Tall
man Co and Hrock & McComas .
Boiler for Sale.
A 6 horse power horizontal tubular
bollt r. gucranteed to be in first class
condition, for sale at the Domeatlc
V itl, oo food save a morsel ot dry
lour, Martin o'Conner formerly of
II cattle, and tVO companions, wander
ed three days through the Upper Tau
ai a valley. Advices were received lu
attle giving th" story of this Jour
ney cans, 'I by the bin ning of the
imiiv's cabin on 'lie Cheona river, at
ihe headwaters of the Tanana
Best Babbitt Metal
Kor line shafting ami all
bearings of machinery
of the mill or factory it
cannot he surpassed : : :
Made from Type Metal.
East Oregonian Office, rendieto.i, or.
For the Holidays HEATING STOVES
Family Liquor Store
You will I ind
The Best
The Cheapest
The Purest
I he Largest Stock
Of Wines, Whiskies, Brand
tea and Gins of All Kinds,
Both -
Foreign and - --
- Domestic
No. 17, Court Street.
J. J. Oliver
Before purchasing sosst aifi
look over ":r large and com
pleti; line of licating; stov
gfhid we art: selling at a v 1
low Tii'iire 1
Tha Leading Hardware Men.
James A. Howard
Court St. near Flrot Nal. Bank I L. Whv Co..
Has Real Estate for Sale aaj mt ...
StOOlce). Horida
See Here:
160 acrea of choica wheat land,
about tan mliaa northeast of Pandla
ton. Thia ia ona of tha finest improv
ed farma In tha county and haa good
School advantages. Will sell for caaO
or trade for equal value In unimproved
Eight flna lota in Pendleton at 100
each, on aaay terms.
160 acraa of whaat land south of
Pendlaton, SHOO
it acraa choica fruit and garden
land ntr Milton. Ona-half of tract
in bearing fruit tree , 7 acres alfal
fa. All undar Irrigation. Flnaty Im
proved. 120 acraa on McKay Creak, SB
acraa a1 batten land under irrigation,
balance good whaat land, wail lm
660 acrea good whaat land, In 0
bedy, four milee from Pendlaton;
tan .a half caeh balance on time ta
cult purcheeer at t per cent In-Uree.
Mini .mill
for iuIi ui ou lOArflua
NOW York Stock I .change
Chicago Stock I !ac bangs
Chicago Hoard of Trade.
aeari WW
You get
Good Beer.
ll Kii i
iii 61
When you drink
A pueitive ture. Yuil biiodI.I iry
t lla: curml rtmit a bare ti.
phvaician laiiad. Kor aale by
At lowest rates
Badley & Zahner J R- DICKSON.
71 1 Main Ot., 1'ainiietun. Oreguu.
wrooartaTA ataiaaai ef waiia vaJia,
Mrr tti-iit-ral u.. 1.1- f.i tliU luedMne
Kaat Oregooiaa Bwlldieg.i
I'rndlctuo, Oregon
iuarantl not to
causr headachb or
Auk for it.
Schultz Brewing o.