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    Holiday Goods. society notes BARGAIN
Christmas Gifts
rrazier,Book Man.
Successor to Max K"er.
.Elegant Souvenirs for Christmas Tide
Ilolk Dotta ofotwij dtscrlpth 1 1Mb ViYriir BhMnt 1-' reach plate uiir-
VWB if to 6.00. Dolls head and HlilUto ri,eaVi mirrors and trlpl
exit of all hinds. catee. Just the thing foi your dreewr
JlpUKSC GOOUS ' BaatclMls, AlhllllK A" a-M.rtinent of forty .In
collar, curt. hamUntsbtaif aud gkm nU'UUL hnnl album at various
boxes, waste iHf i baskets, mats aul prio n. You oauaot help heiag pleased
all kinds of novelties.
famK O'MBISOLA. the great StillilllHTV 25 'J1'" U"
lmnl. una Othot popO - peggm 'v?' xaihinl UM ity.
uabrr M ssr as Pktme- rr
lk- and .-ard - of UM latent wnlu. Hllll ,,, ggjggg, Mum bs seen la
designs. appreciated.
IkMlRS u.,l'''H.oVpn:7,rv S
aud bumoi regain gift bo.! li. "h.UJ1s handballs aa4 Hum bajbij
.loth and leather Uhtfitwa's book P' knlv-. nuoi. K-W "."'
that are mire t.. please. ' P:"- IWIi ",,uU'-
Select them no and have them laid away. You will thus avoid the
rush of the !a-t moments.
sent to .McNeill's Island and was told
Uutt there wore too many there
Toy Toy asked no question, but
smiled at the anxiety of Ueorg.
In regard to his balr. and bis future
place of residence.
Anna Edna passed as a doctor ur
wttrh with the Indians. George ani
Tor Tov professed to be afr.it '. she
Entertained 150 Friends at La Do'
Music Hall on Thursday Evening
Other Events of the Wee!..
At 1-a Dow MiiRtc Hall, on Tlnirsda.
evening. Messrs. Lawrence Q PrOSlS!
Charles t, Ferguson. Klnier P. Dood
Kosco S llrysou. (ieorge A. Harm. in
.Jr.. Roy W. Mtatr. Fred W I ampklt:
Charles llond. Harr Thumps u. Hob
ert Statk went her, Que SV Wade and
Idrtd h waffle entertained i ompa
ny of 15" .if their friends. It was em
inently n successful social function,
and will he marked as one of tic
pleasantest nffalrn of the seas in The
yniins gentlemen were very gracious
hosts and rerr ed the cinrrrutiila
tions of nil their guests for the charm
ing nuallty of hospitality that was dis
pensed Tin Li DOW Music flail was ren
dered more attractive evn .hnn usual
by the artistic placing of a profusion
of palms and the Illuminating of th'
RMMBI with colored .Tapares- lanterns
that she,! subdued Ugh?, the soften
ed effort being much Tnnrr gg I Stable
than the elearOf dare of el.-.trl ' Unlit
Every ,1.tiII was arranged w'tl co
snmat. si. Ill so that the comfort of
everyone was looked after In a man
ner to Insure the highest decree of
enloyment The guests were r Mved
at the hall entrance bj sOTOrol of
the hosts, wbc i ondncted them to the
reception room. Improvised from the
Elks' lodge room During an hour,
the euests arrived and wore recoive-1
by the hosts and natrnnessoH who
wore- Mrs T.eona Thompson Mrs. J
A Porle Mrs F W Vincent. Mrs. Ti.
Alexander Mrs J Tl Dickson Mrs
Frnnk Frnzler. Mrs T O Wnllev Mrs
I.eon Cohen. Mrs. E T Marshall Mrs
Charles H Carter Mrs. (5 V Mart
man and Mrs. Charles J. Smith.
Card tables were placed convenient
ly and some of the guests during th"
early part of the evening engnged In
games some preferring to remain
there rather than to ontor the ball
room Th. orchestra was In the rereptlon
Subscriptions (o (he
DAY! Jiff
n Saturday, December 28
His Neck Had Been Saved and Then
He Desired tne Same for His Ample
OahBBlB George and Toy Toy, th -Umatilla
Indians convicted a few day
ago of the murder of Anna Edna, an
old Indian woman, by aUministuruu;
strychnin.- were arraigned for sen
tenet- in the I'm ted States court yes
terday morning Judge liel linger aeu
ten ed them to imprisonment tor life
tc the Oregon state penitentiary, at
bard labor They received the sen
Maai v itbout any symptoms of emo
tion, having iien made aware of the
verdict of the Jury what It was to be.
When they were taken to the
United States Marshal's offlce prepar
atory to iH'lng shlpKd to prison. Co
lunilua George anxiously inquired If
be w-uuld hiiw- ins hair cut off. Dep
Kt Wilson tuld ...in that he was not
would work .hem aome barm, aud so room until about l:S0. when the great
er part of the company repaired to the
larger hall dancing continuing until
1 o'clock.
The program of dances was as
usual, waltzes and two-steps and the
-nung men who wore giving their
friends an evening of such pleasure
proved to he highly successful In
causing the dancing portion of the af
fair to proceed with delight to all
Refreshments were served In both
rooms, and In every respect, the event
was successful and en lovable
poisoned her. The crime was comnir
ted August 2i, 1100. The murderer
waro tried and convicted In th. stat
court at Pendleton An appeal wa
.i D to the supreme court, where :t
was decided that the state court ha I
no Jurisdiction In the case Taaj
were promptly rearrested and held la
answer before the United States court
WMN the Jury found -hem guilty bol
declined to Inflict the death penalty.
George then as. ,: W.lsuti Ui inter
cede for him and save his hair If pos
s!!d- saying Indian no like to haw
hair ut off."
Hh next askd It both were MOJtaBI -d.
and wli -i. told that they were, he
asked "Life"
Wilson said "Yes."
"Uph. grouted George, "ti.o bail:
long time "
Soft White Hands
Luxuriant Hair
Produced by
t uutiira
ltctl?e skin i nrifyuu; and (wauti-
i i, lur w.jiiu, s Sell M LtifMl aiu!
it. aad awasn rii
pi, HasMa4si ps4i
d, foogta tun. L. ut
ia lull- ilrr. linn,
nick. I ji t i.iii.i,ims.
r LelMt, l
Uir of I'llll
. Sl .hi. fnmi p. C c S
ttc li. . .iota 4ut.U.u,a-i IU. (m.
Nau's Dyspepsia Cure
has cured these cases
and it ill cure u
J. If . Church, I(iraii(i .. -a,
"I sutlere,! fur ill yettrs. and believe
ha! I not uw.1 Nan s Cure
1 WOUIO not be alive In write you a
testimonial "
Natbaii Palki BoaW, Idaho, ays: "I
sutTe'ed fo- vear; found inuiiy relic's
but Bowmacoaal yours."
For sal h Ta'lman A Co., aud a'l
first class ui uj,glsts, or send to Frank
Nau. Portland Hotel Pharmacy , ort
land, Oregon. Price i a bottle or u
bottles furls express prepaid.
Tne Rev. Soioman Hotenia. Full Bioou
Choctaw, Sentenced to Death He
Would Have Been Saved Had he
Been Ignorant Like Columbia
George and To Toy.
A case that heart, upon that of Go
lumbia George and Toy Toy. tor th
killing of Annie Kdna. is related from
Paris Texas The case is different
in that Hotema is highly educated
I is not true of Columbia Georg
and Toy Toy. a fact that caused the
Jury in the federal court lu Portland
to refute to return a verdict empower
ing the tfourt to scutum e them t
Tio RoTwIwad Solomon Hot.nia .
full-id led Choctaw hlghlv cdui-at'-d
and once a Judge. District Attorn .,
and Presbyterian minister, was MU
td of murder in the first degr.
in Dm federal ourt and will be sen
tOBOOi t.. death.
Hoiema. despite ins gaaaitlaB and
experience believes In Wltch"S ail 1
In April last exterminated several
men and women of the Choctaw ua
tion with u shot gun. on the ground
that th. women witches and th
men workers of witchcraft.
The clergyman was acquitted at on.
trial iifton th. bolttf that h. was in
sate ami a second trial resulted iti
a mistrial
Hotema wa.- educated at the I'r.-s
'yienan Coliege at Hoanoke Va . and
after studying thre years was gradu
ated and ordained to the Presbyterian
ministry Heturniug to the Choctaw
nation he was elected Judge of Kla
niida county which office he held
oral terms lter he became dis
trn-i sttorn.-y and a member of the nu
ti-'ii council He was a delegate ;,,
the recent general assembly of tin
HieHbyterian church at New Orleam
There were several deaths irtim
meningitis In the nation and Hotema
concluded that the witches were at
work He and two young braves
started on a witch hunt, killing fw.
women oue with a child in her arms
a boy and two m.-n
An Evangelist's Story.
"I buffered (or years with a bron
eliial trouble anrl do not rollof
until I commenced One Minute Cough
Cure " writes Rev James Klrkraan
evangelist of Belle River. Ill One
Minute Cough r'ure affords relief for
all throat and lung troubles For
croup It is unequale:! Tallman a Co
Some Fraterna: Society Notes.
Arrangements tun dn perfected
by Pen iieloii Cauip No II, .'. lodtlieu
ot the World, and Daphn. CI h Ml
'i. Women of Woodcraft, fot th recep
tion o: Head Consul F. A. FttikeabUl
who Is to be here on the 17th nisi
They are making extensive u pan
tions and hup.- to make this the great
est fraternal even' ever had ill I'en
dieiui. TtM raaopUoa win i . beld
at I. O. O. V. hall trom 4u to p i..
lllld bt.'ll they Will lll l.' . I,, ; roil-
House when Consul Falkenburg !;
aaitfar a lecture. Alter th- exercises
there a dance will b- given a' th.- i
How hall
The Pioneers of tin- Pacific have
BBaaaed their meeting piaee (roej Uu
i.u '. hall to the Hendrlck'l hall
umi Weiinesdu: ev.-nuu- ti.-- .
brateii their moving lata III I Den
horn.- by he ing a spread and
an. '.im th'-mse hca Th. uau i
atil midnight and all had an
hie time K Irk man s ore best I
ntahed the noalc.
The First Ironclad.
Aoco.diug to the recotda reeootlj
discovered, the hist Iromlai vh
built .1. th. .-.lxteenth - ontury In th.
pgal eoaUWJi People, an- trying this
Btedteias and that one hj the imp. a
timlinc a cur.- 101 indigestion dvspe.,
sia. Ilatuleney. biliousness and mi
iaria There is only on.- medic n- to
are tfceaOi and that is Hoatette -Stoma-h
Hitters. I i it am sou Will
be convinced It is ior salt :,y all
druuglsts Apply to anv of them fa-
.(. ol H.MIetler h l!lustr it. d .
manac for IW2. It If a fr nnbllcg
tion aud contains nun-h talliable in
formation that may be useful to rou
during the entire year, also
amusing anecdotes, statistic.-, am'
testimonials as to the afkaej ol th.
bitters It Is punted In sever, diffei
ent languages Don't ;ail to
Costly New Churen.
Log Angeles. OaJ,, Dec 7 Klalmr
U pre peara tions hav. i.e.-,. , ,,i,ipi..:
ed lot the dedication lie:. to:iiorrO
of the new Methodist church, one of
tin- most costly church edifices on tie
Pacific coast Hishop Earl Cransto .
of Oregon will pres.de h the re re in on'
ies and prominent iiieuit.ei.- t the
denomination from San FTSnclsea
and other cities will take part
A Cut of 50 per cent.
For this one day only
At I his rau. the Daily bast Oregonian,
if you subscribe on this day, will be sent
by mail to you for one year for $3 00; the
Semi Weekly for Sl.00: the weekly for 75c.
This offer is made to old or new subscrib
ers who pay subscriptions in advance from
December 2Nth. IWI for one vear or more.
Don't fail to take
advantage of it.
Tell your Neighbor
about this offer
oeno m voar name
for a Sample Copy
Mu-derer to Die.
Iinton N V Dec. 7 Prepara
Mono ar. being made at Clinton pr
on for the electrocution of "Whlt
Rulllvsn which Is to take place d
ing the week commencing tomorr-
Hullivan's crime was the murder
Night Watchmn Matthew Wilson at
( obleuklll on November tl of last
Saved His Life.
I owe my life to Kodol D.sp.ips.a
nr.- ' writes H C Chesterson Hay
field, Minn "For three veare I had
dyspepsia so bad that I could hold
nothing on my stomach Doctors said
I could not live. I ruad your adver
tlsement on Kodol Dyspepsia Crao
and comeuimed Its gag, Nnu I an
cured and n-coiuinend it to all " Tall
man a Co.
Remember this offer is good for the
Saturday, December 28th.
Remit by bank check, postal note, money
order, express order or in one and two
cent stamps. Address
(i ndu:ton, opeqon.
, , , . gonian ior a free cat-
alogu, of (hem. A loU supply always kept m stock.
Over 10,0
ovw aim ril
iMfuM L
Special Ecaiirn
' moon .
tt "' j
, E
J s 1
l Ma. I
R . sdl
asa, rtaM"
in evBtrncl
every mm
1 L. Ravi
a ' k.
Stocks, Bond
Htid Grain i
New York Start Is
Chksgo S-Kl rjrtasl
Cbhtsgs Besni t ue
N, i
i i tad ff
am buy
Have viioliw