East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 07, 1901, Image 4

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10 Per cent reduction on
Musical Instruments
Kodaks and Cameras
Tii- - -in bargain yon skew Id no) overlook. w
Invite Ike InspoBtkm of oar iioihiuy taolndlm
Toilet Sets. Perfume atomizer!. Ladle' PHM
Hunks, cut iia Cxtract Bottle, u.d.i t'en
I O'attM Palmar 's f:in t'erfumes ait J koei A
Oa'l t. lmp"rt''il livtract.
Kntl OrcgonlAtt
I uLliitLlnK
. l -ril.'S a
Ki llk. v mi i . a.
ao. '
l if If r:i vci -tar. f f. .s"...
Si i'I ''till I.H' - I'! OM" II I 'I
tra federal hank with ranilUcuinoi.
In all imrtr. oi the country, is not new
It :i truv that liar -u threshc.,
ovai in nan' gnnsratioai However,
a relate to tin- prsaont times, it is
new ami coaling just bow, wheti eon
traksntion la no piovnlsiil it is ggpai
tally aiKnithuiii Wkeg "in aad res
Jackson defsati i secti u pjaa, it mm
iimuiii tin k-oii wers ' loyal to
tin nl'-a ot i ml i villi juu in Indus.
try lnan"S ami in all the " la- oiih oi
this lit-. Bach a thiol aa a tnut MM
aaknows a essnhi a 1 as an n un
i l l. thiuK oi Dm (ntnto. and st?r'i
old Amlri'w Jackiion aquelched flM
ponon wiin propoaod Iks oratral hank
u ha aonld annsld Um etpv who
glided among tin psopii to xtint; thni
t" dsnth id- rssnrdod tin aninitw
tin- oSBtnl hank a. i-uutalninK tin- Vl
ms that wmthl ioinon the lmle;eml-
m mi tii- nation ami plare It iadoi
hondaKi to tin MstJ I'ower
At thi titin Si-'ii'lar (iu. nj
!.- .- a I'll".!; Lank ami not i-vihi tin
iiHiially alt-rt ntwHaii'r nn-n at tin
rantlj notiri- the radical sjaj .
of tin pfopossj. It ih radi ul... in nt
tin r..oit .-xtii'iin tyj. and if audi
radii allHIll Wi le to ronie tn notice
iron. OBS of tin opposite, party It
VOUld CSOBS a howl ul aeorii hj IQpSjll
llsans trom OM end of the rinmtry to
the othet
Nut aVOB a" hnnkerri will favor it
A ana Si HMW reniarkeu to the Earn
'H. Uillil.ll W illie dix' llRSIIIK th" IlleUh
lire it would lie well for the lug fellow.-
Inil would he for the small In
BtituUoOS virtually to mi r render the
lontrul of their huaineariea to the
liauking macuates."
Neverthelc-hh Seerotar (iage i plan
will STSntmll) prevail. It Ix ah aii'e
of accomplishment an the nun la tun
tii shine, or the trust movent MM go
on with accelleration
it i apparent to thoughtful men that
nothing an stop the nSSjtmUlg ten
rMMCton and that the ouly exia'dlunt
left hj to sJhMN the control rather
than prevention M the trusts indiih
ti ia. ami nnaii' ial. In the ht'St manniir
posHihli This appears lo he th MB
tlon hotli oi ladiralb ami couserva-
Uffjg in joiitnulisin and in poll! a
Uoverooi Ueer takes ground up (g
the trust Question that is diametrical
I) npp.iaed to that u. . up . .. hy the
president It' the laser's iBSSBglj tj
the cougieau. he aiv i 1 i . Iejml
control of trusts, while (Jo ir C.ei r
in his lettei to (iovernor Van Sam cf
ft -
Iilim nta advoi ati'd the stale regtl
hit loo of Gomhtnei This is. in eCsol
in Btenning of the two nttornncea
rotated to .tin Question ol 'he rnllwit?
The rontesoHl tin extreme npoo
this issue ami IllUStmtS how litCtlotta
o cicat pnftlSS hold to (Hffeicn vii'ws
upon mooted questions.
President Roosevelt, in so u as in
ipeotftod, is exactly 'Ike W. J. Ilrya'i
in the mattST ot federal control of tin
ti.ists Colonel Bryan etstsd ins po
sltlon iii different nianner. using ill)
fernt languagi Hi expressed groate:
fern from tin aomblnos athils Mr
Roi - veil .'iii" to hiixe no font thut
in trosu w;in obtntn hnrtfoJ itowor
In Its MSI analysis, the Boossvsl
Ian ptan is tin Brynn plan in tnoi,
tin utterancea oi Colons I Brynn ar
un' ami more being duplicated in
i iii'lnan staii'smen. nowudy
fioveinoi Oeei s iilan lor Luntlnu
aiic of stati control is morob to
ksnvi iii.' issue as p hna Mien dnrini
nasi years, ami these years hne r
:..'.--"ii its injection into national life
as tin hlugi s; ami most protOtttMUl
mnttsi that claims the attention oi
in people.
Comment on tn. mogaagi from
i rli coast papers lollows
Portlaad Oregoakui Tim though'
ml reudcr u, President Kistsevelt's
iitst BMOaggl will risi from Its pern
sal with tin conviction that it eofaes
from tin gotind heart ol a man win.
is sitn eiclv doalroOS of knowing wha'
is right am! hest. and then carrying
cut his decision wltk entln faarisos
less It is tin prodttOl ot honest
ami common sense Kobodj Bead be
.a doabt us to wkal Be prealdeni
Porttaad Teleg
Roosevelt's itrst
.r tbroagboBt.
long In wkatovoi
am l'i .-ii. lent
Bwesage thougn
is dmappointinglj
rsope ti in buu
bs n refonner, it wti not i mdglng
ftMB his effusion iii tin direction oi
OlldeliSl l! Ilii usages J'o. t,, helu'li-
of the readers who haven't time ot
disposition to wad. through th.. nn -Mga
some of Its main features ar
hereinafter summarised
pokam S uuau iteview Ci.
dent ltoi.se..' .- I'nsi message to con
cress uiay mc be a disappointment
tun it will creatl mms surprise, ii:
thai it is BBltkm striking In its gen
era! character got original in its ic
oaunendutioii: I' inuy not meet tin
aXpOl tations Of those who looked lo
some ol tin luesidentb dlStlnctiv.
peraonallty in his handling oi mnn
impotrtaat problems now pressing to.
solution, inn ii will he favorably
celved hj those win. had not BXpOCted
a iiocunn ut soasBtially conssrvatlv
BoiaS Statesman In his first me.,
sage iu congress I'resident Koo. w-r
has fully met the expectation of the
paklk and splendidly SUglglBOd BU
ropMtatlOB He has shown his mile
pendBBOS by cutting hnise trom tin
tradition which made the messages oi
former presidents so largely masse,
of dry statistics These h- ha- left i..
the reports of the departments, con
fining himself to discussion ot nut
ters demanding attention
Walla Walia Cnion: As was pre
dicted the message is a loug one. bic
In Its scope it covers a multitude o'
th. most important matters confront
lug the government. It Is forceful
clear .and concise straight to the
point and hetween every line can Bt
read the iearless and resolut- okai
acter of its gutkoi
Seattle Times When (irover
Cleveland was president he raised
the general average ot presidential
messages up lo ahout IX.ono words
and every auti-Clevelandlte puhlisl.
lag a new spaper in America how h- I
himself hoarse against 'Cleveland's
VefbOSlty." After the Spanish war
occurred however President UoKlli
ley raised one of his messages to II
MO wordb just heating Clevelatid's re
ord by 10.000 W'hii. Preslden
RoMtvtl hiiH no arsr to tMoonae, hav
lug iMceeodstl lo tin' prosldenf
throagti tin- death of hiM predecesso
It naturally follow thai he should
Mini a Inrpe BOd extraordinary Held in
which now subjects Iiiim become es
ctotUagty proline At team i.on
words arc devoted to an encomium
of the late president ami the tllntwsl
Mm oi anarchists tBd since pn
dentin i nuaoBgri in tin past have
.it-nit llbmll) wiiii thi lubjtci i
t runts it Ik evident 'hut President
Roosevelt feeli thai tin eholi ma lei
hontd he exploited, and him: ' finds
nothoi matter Involving a (troai
itiany words In Its irrnnei elneMntlor
t'hus it happens baton tin nee i .
denl Rata flirt) under sraj with -worn
subjects, in- Rods hlmaell in ihm
mim1oh of nearly 1,000 aorda, n aboii'
in' length of tin' average praaldehtla
mtiaaair nerlj tweut) five or thlrt
.ears aito
Boise Capita! News Preslden
Roosevelt's message printed in roll
in today's Capital News is good or a
bod pnhiic . doonment arcoidlng i
the political Indict oi the erltli
niie is n democrat in srlll find won
ndemn than to pmlse, hoi that
there am not good suggestions mad'
in the mosongs from any polltl i
tnndpoint, lutt hecausc several ot tin
main topics are latnelj treated oi
argued from a premise that to a ll in
oe rat is not consistent with a enpebh
admlnlatrntlon t pubtli affairs On
tin other hand a rspubllcnn wMI timi
tin message a fnirly aide ami well
srrltten srgumenl in fnvoi of the pol
icles advocated b) thai pOft) 'In
document being man in tin nature
of an argumentative address than ha
been ruatomar) with occupants ol th
presidential chali
Walls W
.lent Roosevi
totci ami ftr
Ua Btateaman Pn
It's llli'ssage was il ills
it lacks the otanrnsgs
muousness that i n n
uali eknracterlsed the utterances ni
in "Hough um. 'i i hi evident
that the original draft ol tin' doer
ment had i n materially modified t
of msmbera tin president's pgbl.
Bnkoi cit Demoernl Pi -
Hoosevelt's message Is an Interesting
docomeni ami hi shows n sund
sense oi political Mgaclt) ill tils in
terntti . s His ex ted bittern
toward trusts does not DMteiilal I
and on ail the grnvt mbjecti befo
the American peoph be exp
hlmaell with a smothness thai i' .ii-
tlni t! that ot a politician 1'iesi
lent Roosevelt is evldentl) not losing
sight oi tin- next national convention
Bakei Oltj Repttbllcan TI
Rooaavatt baa demonstrated that he
knOWS Ills people is in tWICtl with
'heir Bocds ami Is one of tttew HI
itrst state document tings with that
'me rieknam marklni ever) event ol
'lis nr.
agent Herald President Ri
volt is vorboai His neseagi ol near
i twenty thousand words Is mu n
Bbove tin ordinary still cms! lei
ai h part tin Introductory is dovnt-
. to his prsdecegaor ami tin lament
aid. clrenmstanc b) which in- lost
his iin One cannot bat be struck
b) 'in thought th.it tin prealdeni
rrn w th. incident out too i n.
allslng that his vie vet ton to tin high
mi., i in- result oi accident aad
'.; y tin tupport by BBfMaltng to the
iiinu'lins ot the people
.lames J. Hill pre
' . . i Northern sa . I ha
tentkM of resigning the pi
ot the (ompaiiv Kurtlieinio
mu going to give up my bom
It i . in St Paul "
M Ohicego the laihllahlna bu
Karl A- Humont I,.. ; i, ,,
tin hands of a receiver Dumoi
filed a petition iu bankruptcy, .
to us relieved oi an Indebted!
I - The ass. is amount ti
i inn
i it K
i it i Kim
Ely s reani Balm
M"! mnl plosMul lo
US 1 .iiiUiik iiu un
juriiMi ilnig
It li'iuioklyslwurU'il.
Uiv rvhel st 0Oi I
it 11- Sllll ',,;,...
IM N4rtl eMas.'
Alls) lu lUuimaliiin
IK'I u.l urulveli tbe M
lljr S,-iiM-a of Twie an. I I. in.
rail.- KiMurea
Lam v,
i Prussian, or by oiall: Trial Siaa
ki.v Buonixas, m w,,,.
' I'- In mall.
Bvo of k
gi 12.600 for a Hpioription
tor largeai turn over pa.nl i,..- a
ShBBgSd uauUa iu San PlgggMM
u a, aoi.
iuirauair tuvulvaU iu .alii
ml iiu. uij
if ., ... . mMll
0.UJaml waa pant by a uaru
- "i"mt i nrigaca oiaoaav iih 0latjia
tntlKTti III. iirabiv dlMaaei
Tuay cuuuiencl Ibe ariou. lateUigM M ol
IU. (ihkidc Noy. I.,, no) Tim, ,nl.fV,HWW,
HgmSM Iheoured au.t Med it aal .
IU by pull lug ovar Ur ,iolcr, aajaj iu ,u,
iraatiuaat sod BBlSBlBg Mem I lie aiw oi
piiyiicuui to asm cbruna, incurable
I. . . , (. . . . . ...
uu auuiiioaieraii it won IjM phy.i. ii
iiitlaMa II..., ..Id L. .
r ""a 4.., isill) ' aavoi
.1 Ibr iwt cue weft. ,.mi,,r vl
aiug favorably
per oant
TSar. baiug but Ihlri,,, p, . ,..,
ib parllsa ware aatiafld aim 0,
ctiou. Tba procaclinga ol ,h lnvaMIMtl,
loniaiitaa aad tba cllnu.i ,Mfl, l)(
i-.ar, publi.b! tad mil tn Mllad
on appluaitai. Addra Jons J p, , ,
r..T. .j . nonui.iiiivry s San Kran
10 .. . a.
only 14
S weai.
by terete,
1 1
Lyilia ". Pinkham's
111 1 I. .. ....
t M ill I I"' iiiiiw.sa ms at ,
irotilili-s, Iiitiatuiimtinn and 11 hilling and UUpWnieni U00Q Beer
. muI poiwqtwjnl Hpliuil ipaknegg, umt is pnoulinrljr w"
adapted t the Chnnire of Iilrei
li i : ni. iir ciscsnt' Bu'kni'li' and Leuoornicen than anv
,,, m, world lui cvor known. It la nlmont tnfnlUbsB tn gnon
, diss i) . .'. gntl cvi'U i itmon from t in1 I terns in an carlj' stng
of devi loptn 'ttt, nnd ohc tks any tondent'y to eanoemug Inituors.
Irregular, SttjipresKcd or Pkintnl Monstruntlon, Wogkiytn of tlie
Btonuok, Indiffvatinii, Khmting, Flooding, Nervoog nTwtrntion, Hcad
oche, tc iical IkjbllitJ qtliokly vidiN in it.
VVoinli trtutliloH, t'tuwiuK imiii.
licvcd and pprtnunently rtirw
1 1-
a its in liaviiiiii with i lie
harnilcM mi wttet,
1 Reuringr-dovrii Faelliur, extreme lassi.
tude, "uonH care" ami " want-tlie.eftaloiM3" feeling, exoltability,
lrritubllitv,nen i -i iHaglncimi Pnlntnenn itloeplennneog, flat ulency,
melancholy or the " blues," and backache. These ure nitre indications
o Female Weakiieag,! KWtn tie range nmni of thi I'lortis, which this
medicine pjn aj i curea.
KldtMf tSnntplalnta ami Itackachc of gddfksnr v the Vciretable
Ornmnotind always cures,
No other ti Mciie medicine in tbe world bsjg received anck
wldesreatl and iiuquMllMetl nndoraeiiionti No otlo-r Medicine
li; such ; record ol cures ol tcuiale troiililea.
Tbr.M women nrlm refuse to uccept atiytliini; vinv ure r
litindred tbouaand times, tor tbej geH what thej want
UCUII lUlId ! liie.". l' cry where. Kct Use all silltstit lltes.
He is wcli picased with Ins linen
anil you will he if you take your
laundry to
They Know their Business
ami other bttlMlttg
material llMlodll
nd Sand.
nave a large itm k of
WOOD ii II n BKi
lor bams ami dwslliagBi
Oregon LuoiDer Yard
Alu St., oiip. Court Hunsc
Notary and
$3.50 to $5 Delivered
Order ot ua and aave ruouwy
neni for Huhber Wia.,.,'.
alao aollcltoa
0 d 0NI,lt CAB
W,U PU, on ihelya. walla, or
m i?m w,PPlu P'l'Poaaa
Newspapers bundraTTiTa';
1 tna haw
an, iwefoil
il ham's VeiretaWe Com-
Vegetable Compound.
I..... I f.ilin.l.kii.l.. ..11
wi - igm, and itucKnoue, limuntly n-
its) use. i micr nil cirrtiiugtnncen it
u ivorn the female system, ami is aa
The Place to Buy
Is where von BOB get gen
iuick ami BBOBp pt"
Bern I ine of
Lanber, Lath,
Hhinglen, Bu IH
Lug paper, Tai
apfr,Liiii( and
oeinaBt, IMcketo
Plaator, Brick.
Band. Ifoulding
Boraan I kyori ol
VN'indowa, Bash
v o.rs. TmTI
i ottu Pipa,
Pttdktoi naslBf .Mill and
LuihIkt lard.
R, FORSTER, - Propri,'toi
French Kestaurant
I'll l.iglileit mnl Hteain Heated.
Best 25 cent Meals
In the City.
Kro Lege, hasteru ami
You ijet
What you buy
it um un.
iu . Stock 01
...M do...
Trucking Sc Transferring
Laatz Bros.
Tha East Oragonian la Kaetem Ore
gon'e rapraaentatlve papsr. It leads,
snd th people appreciate It and enow
it by their liberal patronage. It la tlx
advertising medium of this section.
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cause hetuMkl
Ask for it.
Schultz Brewj
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Old Jas. E.
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ily ami medictoti
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Tin I
705 Main St
A Lunch in
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