East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 06, 1901, Image 8

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Shoe Sale
Oommtnoillg Thursday, Nov. 21st,
we will sell all of ottr large Itook of
Boots and Shoes
at a great reduction. We muBt re
duce our atwk and in order to ac
complish this prices will be
Cut and Slashed
Nothing will escape the slaughter
except the tueen Quality Shot)),
which are contrac goods. The
chance of a lifetime to get the hest
goods in the market for lees than
they arc worth. Call early before
sizes are broken.
Terms Spoi Cash.
The Boot and Shoe Hen.
hi i im .a
A Pendleton Lady Witnessed a Thril
ling Scene at Sea.
A Pendleton lady who recently re
turnwl from an extended trip. relate,
that on a lovely Sunday afternoon, ua
the O P. S. S. C. steamer wan pIoukIi
Irk th Mediterranean, she observed
Souvenir China
We have mm unpackf il
our own importation of
Souvenir China.
V hav. the KpiiH'ouni Clinreh with
lie dignity, thf emlm-ni HikIi aWklOl
from it- eminent-, the Court Hon-,
on tht- -iurt , Qhatf PtO m bll IflfJPjNJ
ami aober, and "teiia- .i.M.-e" u itl.
Owl Tea House
Fine Teas and Coffees.
" rosy el ked KiikIihIi matron wall-
iiik tin- deck with her first born In MI
arm Suddenly a durk t-omplectc.l
man 01 oriental liearlni walked to
ward tli. mother and ehlhl. neljted tin
balie and tosHed It overboard In plain
view of the horrified pamienKera. who
could see It borne away and hear It
distressing. Wf A rnh war mad'
toward the supposed dlspoller. but h"
ralmly walveil them back. savins
ivopl.- do not worry. I did It but to
show that In the OCCUtt science yo.i
are as yet infants We of the cai
an- Immeasurably vour superiors. !
will . !! the ehlld back."
.lust then, the nurse appeared in tin
' ompanlonwav with the infant In her
arms The entire proceeding had
been one
orular deception. Tie
in'.-ldent is alleged to be an actual
fact, and It Is an actual fact that "The
KvhaiiKe Maui 'iv ' ''our- S-
direct importer of wines and liquor
k l tin largest and best Mil ti
Moe, ol goodft in the i Hj Tin
ware room a are stacked to the celling
with the finest gradeH ot wine ami 1'
iuoi Ihui ' foret tli. number, TI..
i:-h... ik. J"!.'..; Court St. Wat. li
their windows for Christmas novel
ties. They sell good goods at (owes
Englishmen Liked Message.
1 ..onion Dae, 5 President linos.
. no .-..in- held tu m' place In al.
newspttie-S lure Comment dlfTeri
llttle. KtroiiK approval Is the prevail
mi- i. .11. ot the tdltorteta
At Elleusburg. Wash., the ioIIowiiik
city ticket was elected: Mayor, J. H.
Sniithson . lerU. QsjQtfsj Sayles
treasurer C II Stewart, attorney
A Mires health officer l)i .'. A Ma
ban; -oun-llmaii at large, A. M.
U'iikIii COUMiltMB hist ward. A. Ol
BM, (leorge W. llornbeck; council
man second ward, R. Purdln.
Don't Have Cold Feet
When you can prevent it by wearing a pair of our
Warm Lined Shoes.
We also have a tint: assortment of Felt and Knitted Slippers
in all colors for ksditfl "id children
645 Main St. The Pendleton Shoe Co.
An up to date Hepair Shop in connection with our store.
Crockery for Christmas Presents
We show in great varietv We
have the newest and neatest in
tdbi.-v.art and toiletware, and a
.'u assortment of those ornamen
lal pieces ttiat are in such populai
jftmnil loi ChfiattQM ;ifts. Th
ln m on all these goods are the
lowest for the qualil) .
'and visit rttatlVtJ there for a day or
Oforfi 1 . Maker, manager of the
I ei Opera limine In this city, and
,n, Nen Baktl Thcnter in Portland,
batltfM several other play h mses In
,lirfercnt parts of the state, nrrlved
this mornlnp to remain here today.
Snow Fell Here and In Walla Walla
8oon Disappeared.
According t" telegraphic report
t',,,4 storm which visited Pendleton
last evening tin beS)D general all oul
the country reaching from th Pacl
tic to the Atlantic coasts For tli.
past ten days It has been rainlnc a!
most continuously and at 4:10 yestcr
i!u evening the rnln turned to sno.
which was the first of the season, ami
until 10 o'clock It kept this up Tttr
probably feii two Inch, of the "btau
tirul " Hut the ground being wet ii
niete! almost as last as It fell Thl
montlng there was onh a little on tin
bills to remind the people that winter
was at hand.
However, flu temperature did not
hang. ry much ami It Is still unu
suall warm for the time of year.
Btocktnm and farmers in general nr
lubllant orer this condition, as the
soil has been thoroughly soaked an-!
the w.irn weather will bring on th
delayed trass which was held bad.
by the unusually dry fall.
Snow In Walla Walla.
Walt. Valla Dae. rt For several
hours l.nt night snow fell In this city
and Ike mound was covered to th"
depth oi over an Inch. The racenl
ralna mad tin- ground muddy and the
white covering soon disappeared The
temperature remained unchanged.
9. P. Wall and William Dargavel, of
Fairbault. Minn., Seeking invest
menu III the West.
s t Wall ami William Dargaval, ol
.! i, Minn nre In Pendleton to
r it 1 1 ini .ii., , ----- ni
day, reentered at th. Ooldtn Run
i, .it et The nr.- in the tar west worn
foi iiM-Ations. and an desirous of
Lin., inni Investments. Thev havt
lll.in'.. ' "
, otni to Pendleton for the purpose ot
verlfvlim the flattering reports thev
hava haard as thev runic along the
llaaa tW tnihvav over which they huv
traveled, and they stated to the Kn'
Oregnnlan that they are pleased with
the realisation of the statements that
had i an made to them.
These gentlemen will buy property
here, iti th" event they can tint! lust
what tlM) want They were ehown
about th. city by N Rerkeley Ir.. and
are examining certain pieces ot real
. stat. which they mm purchase
As to the resources of t'matllli
county, they have learned much, and
are lurpriaed to nnd that here In one
region that hax not been over-stnte.l
In Looming advertisers Rvery asser
tton has been borne out hy the actunl
conditions, and the effect has hi en to
eaaae the MlBBeajotaaa bo desire to h
U here. Thev will remain nf th
Qotden Hub- hotel until tomorrow, and
will further Interview some of the lo
Sal dealers In realty.
Hard Fought Battle Will Be Witness
ed in Pendleton.
Those who thought the football sea
son ended with tin Thanksgiving
games were wrong The local heava
here have Just begun to play. Tonne
row the high school ami academy lo
i als will meet on tin gridiron -t oi
the city, where It Is expert.- I that I
hard fought battle will be vltnsil.
as both teams ate In good trim nnd
win do thtif best to carry aft the
As this game will not aB'1 tfcx I .i
son. the academy team exp-.-t fo to
Walla Walla two weks from ton. u
row where they will play the local
high school, and then the Sana t-am
will conic from then to this olt to
pbjj tin- local high school and tin i,
tin same t.-ani will come from than
to this city to play a return gann- on
After the Kunic tomorrow, the high
s. hool will (jive the academy player
a reception at tin- high school assem
lily hall at 8 o'clock in tin- evenlg.
Swift's premium baron and hams a
- A He
Innas MeCo is in Pendlelon ir
bll home at Echo.
A. .Miller, a pioneer of Pilot Ri
Is in the , ity today.
W. T Henves, of Echo. 1 in UWB
with a lot of hogs for the F.,i,dlet.n.
Mrs. Man Kesler of Fomerov
Wash., is in the city visiting her N
ter Mrs. Louisa Kees.
MISS lle. Hoover has l. cepten
'in position u! biHii.u. cpe: u Cl. ,i-..
Hros ' dry goods atOfl
Sherifr W illiam ttlak. ,. .,,
to his raaah at Eastlam! Ul lo..'. aft. :
his Interests there
0 W Hunt. tOWatel 04 th- limit
.lilroa.l ...st. in with Ins wit.- i.- re-
Rat ad ut Hotel PaasJit too
Miss l.ucja Mowman ratttt
tonta) irom a visit with Mrs. Herbert
Hamhart in Starbu.-k. V;ihIi
Waiter MeOne is in tin- (-itv tnm
heppnei visiting his sisters. Mr.
Smith ami Miss Kranc. , l. t;, .
Scot' llelljatllili Who ;ts lieej) t
the bedside of his sister. ri ai
gent, lias raianMd to his aoaa in s.
Miss irtle Smith expect I,, ,.MV,
tomorrow tor lone ( Wftlli n i-v
days ami will visit her boBMateaul
near there
Mn lulla Adlemau. who has le
visiting Mrs ! eM I.uhken tin pasi
oath i.-ft yaatarday evening foi h.
bom. in Holsc. Idaho.
0 I' liavis has ratltrMd lioni Ho,
l.ai.. where m hail spent severa
weeks tut rheumatism Mr lia.ish,,
thoroughly recovered
I P A liarnhart left this morn
mg ioi Portland, after spend. UM lb
nasi month looking after his larnllt
interests in this county.
JOSa Halley. .Ir . who was thn nr.
ad with an atia. k oi tvphoi.i fare
able to be out this morning for (be
tli-st time since Sutiirdav
Mai John Warren, of U (irande
will hold servlcae In th. KiiH,Pa
chur h ot this city Sundav in place of
Rev Potwlne the rector who will K,,
to Ituker City to hold se v- ,
W. R Hurlburt of Portlaim pass.v
through Pendleton this morning on
his return from the ,-ast. a M
Paat several Weeks with his father
Colonel (leorge Hurlburt. at Hoxburg
8 and 1. A Dlckaou two of the
Pilot Hock country farmers wen In
Pendleton last night ami left for their
home this morning with a iad or
house furnishings purcbaaad ol M
Mrs Nellie Wilson will leave tumor
row for her horn.- in The Oalles. aft-,
spending a wi ek with her slater, Mrs
Itose Campbell Hhe will stop at Ion,.
She put her
Foot in it.
ind liaul Mthan that's
tin- softest, tin t'St (eel
ink' hoot I ha 1- had on
tor a loiii; tune I will
take that paii Mow
tnici an tlu- I
tor a tint' kid. Ml lined,
stylisli ladies' walking
Mlllli boy. it ei!, II itlllllg to vote
BOM girl: it cunts uotblni to vote
Peoples Warehouse
We are Slaughtering prd
Clearance alc Is in pujj
n nr.- u... i,M,K Mercantile !'ole
And are Knockinp Dowa the P-i
Come and Sec if This Is kj
i -- i .
iv. iiii-iiii.d i.iirtros! stock of ,,noj
t 'ountj
ever bajfort, as we mun riiu,.e
januarj it ivuv, Verylrnh
to soloct from und mUZ i ln
Ort' 11H U'l mi. at ., Wr this
M stwk (r,
ll., ,... ,.f n,. .....I. !
ii v pimif; uiif-ui wui urv. tlt' (Jmilu. room Mai
an- ..I , Inner (Insipn and fininli. solidly mademd tJ
ni a price lower than ever before fnrxupb susnor
.lust look al them, Uipv an- wortli it. even if vow as!
tend purchasing. Our new shipment include
grade no vernee. t.one m anvhnw and i
1 1 A N i K on the $004)0 premium.
( 'orner
Main and Wehh utreetK,
To make nooil lireail u- Hverc' tin Floor. Ittnodnl
pre. a. i i at the Chicago Wuri,! Pair orsr ill eoapai
itml give excellent Mtiolsction wbtrum m1
Kvery tt.-k It. oaratiteeit We have th ban HMM
Hollwt lUilev. Hmnl Rye am1. Bear. I Its Bsrlw.
W. S. BYERS, Proprietor.
I have a full line of the celebrated
Wood and coal Htovet guaranteed to
he ahhdlutely ait tight. Noueofftj
heat in wanted und the atovee.Iwill
nave ON F. HALF of your fuel bill.
I also have a full line of cast cook stoves' nd sti
Friues are (be lowest, quality coatioW
T. C. TAYLOR, the Hardware
7 1 1 Main afreet. Pewll
WE WILL snow
The Mont Complete
Line of Fancy
Ever Shown in Pendleton. The New Designs!
CHRISTMAS GIFTS for 1901 are Indescribable.
They Will Soon be on Display. We Will Cheeri
I r
ow oil the Line.
I he Leading Druimsts. . - PendMW'