East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, November 29, 1901, Image 2

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Fail and Winter
We wi h to display t- you ur fail
and wiuu-r line -f Su;t an i 0,r
i'ats Made in :h- let mariner ami
we guaran'ee a perfect fit. We have
with ul .jiestiou the et lint in th-i'itv.
Otu Price Clothitr, Furnishers and Hatters, h tuilcton.
hupay. VOVEMBF.ll isoi
MM latmi. was held in Worrheater
ii'iiiv Promin-n' among the si i.k
-r wereinh writ-known MMGMMrs
a lnwnector Hughe of Toronto. fnn
lpal Qttllck ol ('rat lntitiit Shim
visor fregorv of Trenton N an.i
F A HIP retary of the MMMtrte
MMMl ntatt- board of education.
Auociit one Aaaamblad k Syracus.
. N. V. Toprita Has a Gathering at
Ttacner Cleveland Ha a Confer
net Variou Saaaieni m MtMf
Syraciiae. S. Y.. Nov ;s. The A a
aoclatkra of ColleaM and Preuaratorv
Bh ! o! the nuililn state ait.l
Maryland N'ljaii Hr fifteenth annua!
aeaaioi, ai Syra u- t'nlveraity today
with iui. y twtei! educator In aileniV
an- l' .lani' i- H Roliluaon
of I'oloiiiida Fnivrlty oK-iieI tie
National Aid for Valley Forge.
it Itlidiia Not. It la mur
than Ifkl lv that nt the rowing aca-
' . i i .ingr-ti a hill wil! Ur lntr-
'I r. nrovtile fni tht treervatim.
if 'anion amitug ground a
FoTSJS The Valley Forge Na
"' r l. aK'ltiiti haii had the
MMM nrlvlintent for HW
an ii In aairi will aak for SSS".
:li- unuiunt tienled tu imrrhan
nclre fielt! and restore ft to the
Mm H wa in when first ocruin-.;
i BttMOMJ ami; Thr ftrt
i.- will In- held at the Hoi-1
vii. thin v. ninn and plana will
iui irti ! to int.-r.is: rvrrv
UiCi in th- irn).-i i
turn. Tne leaturr
war Ik) MTMi Mttl
PrwMvnt Eliot "f r
dom in siHeeh to
MMMIal In thr
ton th- trailing of '
il : rVn: of I
T u
if Hamilton C
rman of Qfa
- ' lit Rhrrn
took (tan
:ii- i
Heavy Equipment Onr-k
ii-ago Nov 2 Contract for the
'tanii ami rolling stock placet! by
rn ami MMaatfl railroad's dur
ru wi-rKr nir. ui to a
If ever rnnallnl lor n
Tka QfMM Northern hu
ll Km omotlves. the Mi
' flftrrn th- I..- 8hoi.
and tin- Atf-hiaon Tom
Fr one hundrnt and twrn
rona amallrr ordrrn ar
i 'rui:. .ithrr naili-
Educationa1 Matters Diacuaaed
Ton-ka Kan Nov ftrveril
MioD in T
At th lorni
for thr vi
' T. Stnitn
Anamst Child Inturancc.
MuiH'i-a: Qui-. Nov Ii. vn-'i
tin ranid lnrrran- in infant mortal
y in Montrra; th provincial board
loaltl. liar ankril thr frdrral (ov
MBMl III Jirohlliil thr iaauanre o'
Hiirati'i liolirirtt on the llvra '.
tH&NOi iiminr trn yrara of age. in
Mai 'ii-alh After thorough h
atixainii. thr iHwrd baa ronrludnl
tat thr ayatam of infant tnauram r
ii .iiirroc-n many iarrn!!i to Mflw t
itr rhiWren when III
Bl mir its araaiona tonmr-1 wk
ImpcMnt Educationa' Conference
"Irvrland Nov Thr r -
on'. annual ronferrnpe of the eoltofi
atr and n oiidary nrhiwi: inatruntora
ni -aHtrrn Ohio and Wmtrrn Prnnav i
vama ojtenrd thla morning at Wat
err Rraenr I'nlveratty After an a 1
drar of wrb urn. kf Preaidenr
Thwina of Weatrm Kraerrr rnlri r
gftv tl.r ruiiiatorn enterrd into a
in t
Ak r
an i
lar.inp a promiiirnt iart
mmmi vara D C Kybolt of
irtataBktai W i- McOow
mm fa J Itou Bitibop of
and C F. I-ord o? Frant
Readv tor Labor Meeting.
BefMMl i'a Nov ArraiiK
bavi lirrii romiiletrd for th
ntrrtHiMiirut of thr Anirmaii K
ration of Labor convention which ia
MM '.a latter part of next
pulication for amimod.
tion imli'-atr a larr atirmlamr ur
dr)itatra Preaidrnt (iomix-r and
Bfalii.' of the MMNtivr board an-exp-tel
t(i arrivr tomorioa and will
rrmain in Msion until the forma!
.inri.ing n! th- i-onveutioii Thuradav
To Start Fignt on 6aloona-
tfHM Vn Nov - Kopraaeii
tativwa of the varlout aati aaloon or
canuatioua of Texan are rounding up
her- ioia tin an tmitortant conf
ni Tin- purpoar of thr mrrting lr
io o-vrin plana for a ayatematir war
farr ajraiiiNt th- lupior irafA). B I'
Bailey ui Hoiwton iatr prohibition
iauiiiiti m governor ia the glaM
i. MaMM 'In- movmirnt
Kentucky Teaehara.
Ml Ky Nov Tbrr
Mid atirndanrt- todav at thr
tu di-uaat'd duri
ti. Miiiirrviaion
ijOIF at- i-eiitrr
I Niibjeeta to lie
MMM "f atudv
r A. K Tavlor
Teacharg Meet at Sujerior.
Hat Matters on tne Tapia at
QuarUCurg Propertia.
I'nltnl Xtatrn .Maraha! Zoeth Hoi.
win- iia.- jun! --!iirnr(! fron.
Liiiartzburs. where be haa mininf
prnprry itatea that hit amulter t
a'. out i-ad to atart up at thr 8tain'
ant and Uixir minra. and that tin
ia uow about loo tona of ore In tl- -tnnr
rnady (or treatment. It U intend
. .: hav i-i. :.u..u a .' ajgri i"i
vhaa Um mN will ne riven an an
iKirtuuity to teat Ita caiia-lty aa wrP
as the value of the ore In apeaklt.
UK iU r"B'
ilay ai
in ---t
lp a-
Bay MatM Pedagogue.
heater kUM Nov. M
n. ing or the atatr ta
The CHildren'a Fnrnd.
inzhe croup brovhitta. a
uute Cough Cure never fa'!
c h George Winrheater Ky "
little girl waa attacked with croui
and bo hoarae ahe could hardly aje.tii
We giivfc her a doae ol One Minute
Cough Cure. It relieved her irnnedi
Tallman ft Co. and Bnx'l-
Expert Have Been on the Ground and
Look for Some Development
Baker Cltv Nov 2!-The M
known experts and metnlurglst. il
O. Pcaraon and J II BoWdML, hav
returned from a visit of COMldetabh
extent to the Malheur basin when
they made an exhaustive examination
of the oil Held and located some fin.
ol! hearing land? in th" heart of th.
region Two more santuiiw met.
BMW returned from field of Itttttl
glory They aay the indication ar
splendld and that there seem reallv
to lie not the slightest doubt that oil
will lx- found in all kinds of quant
tie. Poxen and scores or Mpa
irom cve-y oil region In the I'niti".
?tiitis ail.. Canada have visited th
fields and MaMM exception al! -them
have returned favorable repur--re
the men mho have sent them Hi
This argues v.. ;! (or the fittun of lt'
region. It it something that bar
never occurrec' before In the hlfltOr)
of iM'troleum in this country. All
other fields have detrimental reMirts
M-cjislonallv turned In.
Th-n han as yet n machinery ar
rivMl on the Mulliriir field lull MM
lompauy. known as the Hirach BJT8
dlcate has purchased apparatus am!
It ia now on the way. ImmedlateU
on Its arrival, this company will begin
to sink a well
Some Choice Land
The lauds located bv Messrs I'ea:
son and Coviden are In the heart i t
the region and ar- in closr MMtfMttj
to thoa- o! the Cnscad- Cnni,auy
which an- rrgaidn! h) cxiM'ns as ha
ing very choice lauds These expert
sav there are still considerable MMM
tit ! of good land that has not '
lieen located and tie y saw rude ou
flowing in appreclabb ipiantltles froni
erevico in the ground on land tba't
ha- no owner except the gnvernmrni
The (Oillitv clerk of Malbeii! counti
liar ovri lilt notice of oil location
that iiavr lieen flleil for rrcnrd
The fact that natural ga ha le-ti
(OMal in th artesian well at ot.ti.
i regarded a a very favorable lad
cation Night baton last the ga
Ontario luirnei! ai: night which feowt
that th- !i -v i i ualderablr and at 4
grrat-r depth ma MMTt to i- . BM
thing Immeiisi Ontarie is only II
milrs away from Yale and is imm-n
lately In thr am s-iLnientary formu
tlon thai extend tNM tin Malhen.
haaia into Idaho
rederick Noll
Santa Clau Slorc
S(H. al Sale.- th scli
Drummer' sample lint- ot kn m
worth 35c and 40c. Clioice at ai
Manicure article
In ) ode' wood redandKrtti,
new styles, choice 35c.
Drummer's sample line ebonv
combs and brushes. sterling
mounted, a saving oi aiom t
per OMal to you on tin lot.
Immense line fine medahu : -in
ehonide frames, new subjects
aye to Reserve your t.
raM now tor Christmas.
II..U-. OohT
Our line is complete, kid b kit
rag dulls, lanes diesscd dolls,
bisque, jomieil dolls, etc.
I ptodatr Book
Kim" "The Crisis' Cordigan.
Puppet Crown" etc , 1.50 boolcs
MBM on saie $1 jy.
1 Hi t Soap and Perum?
Holiday styles in pertume?,
Eastman s triple extract, um
2yc, other styles, to $2 1 mm
3c 10 24c imtiitnae line toilet
soap, castile, OMMaV eldeiberr,
blush rose, white almond, etc.
Fine line MMttl and va-e
lamps, reading MM SOViaf llMpI,
33' o 13 5o
Fancy Uihe
The Cm. bassett fine lint
Freuch and German china. va-ea
Next morning ahe had MBM aijd rost
Agencv. Ladies Home Jeurnil
He ept Hi Lea
Tweivi car ago J. V Sullivan, of
Hartford Oonn.. MtMesv his MJ
t. itb a maty win- Influuimatlon. with
nliHid poisoning Met In. For two year
IM Buff' red kstenaelv Tiler rhe li-s-kMMfl
urged amputation "but." he
wrltea "I us-d one liottle of Electric
Hitters and I l. boxea of Bucklen's
Arnicg Salve and my leg was Bound
ami well ax ever" For eruptions
ecxeaia. tetter aalt rheum sore and
all blood disorders Electric Bitters
has no rival on earth Try them
lallman k Co will gua-an' atls
faction or refund money. Only fie
Fine figured crepe paper, full
10 root roll J2C
MM 1 1 1 w.
1 ins win ic ci rona rj
) 1 tor iiiirios- ctot
W VIA 1 I r w m. m. W 7 v 1 I r I
- a a - v
The bin busy Sto
The Products of
are making Pendleton Famous.
Tbase ire the Pendleton Indian Robes, the
Plaid Shawl-, the wwnd.-rful Pendleton
Blanket and tin- Indian ShawN.
Th y art- all mnde from Kaetfrn OrtfOl
I W i il, and tbe deinantl for them i ejal to
ilie preKMit supply.
As a holiday pi .sent, these gotKls meet anv
heart's desire.
They can be had of all First Class Dealers.
"j-- . i. eo
1 x I li I V , tffl
S-A . . . j . k m thtcity If you war: -...smil
1 yJ t A ( I line. We will give you estnw'." seeoaa
A Mammoth stock of Fuml
a el
Next door to Hostoffk
For Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
Rttydore Hoeni, Proprietor.
urrnu Ofl