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Ringed ! 1 w ; v
Eastern Oregon Weather
Tnnlli an I swlatd 1 easlnt si rami
I I.
NO. 1 29-1
1 I HsT fwmw&J
Amor ItnlN that he pttrehas-
llr Ahhrv
: fX ,ltlot of the Phil..
..(i. nut Th' n
, r nf'' 1 ' ,
a hirut
st MMIBg the OIlllMI an-
.for thr '"!i,on of th, ,,,n(,
Ep, ooposlti 'ant.m.
.(veil M
BiM present
Sa Fowler foi the erection o.
Sir hull
u,ur Hi' eldest daughter :(
fin ,,,a,,' pngmRpl.':,1
WWUiO ciml son of W il
! Whltm )
COS ncr.t 55. no
AU . '.. . ll.l., n..n
in wr killed Of an aur
gatrai train
MUsbMi UliBoto t teat the
DrlriDf float .lis dock, passed
tkroupl tbt jettlce at the
Of the MlMloalppl.
Tslversity m Coenhaon b
George Prande. the Danish
kroner yearly, in rwiini
kli servicer, to literature.
Hit OftV" ' l-! ",'iie Piegnan
Btti Hobaoa on the Men.
lth9tar.;s UnorlflBB war. haa
Mt o ar. InHUM asylum front
riklbwr.. tin Norwegian draniv
y, has b D IB HI health f r
Int. t seriously ill. Ha to un
j walk and there Ik no hope fo:
iffetartcn. guilty of picking n
I of n "' Pteeldent Me-
parv 111! ng thefT Lob An
g. was - ' I BfOB years
laaqurt given lu the City of
li- tepoc restaurant
raited Sta''F delegation to th
ptrican eoBferenoo, In honor ot
k .in,i oth
L v ni. . is a great an
nrtentr attacked a eomata '
icon Bstweei Mutdalepe am
an. Mr) - bounding a aer-
.. i t
tnd capturttiE privates Dunn
naif. two horses, three rifles
rounrtf of ammunition.
unis a) thi VwiaMlM rev i
1 party received information
BBBWtBTt Tiiuraday from a
port ,r .i itiiicT loaded wl'l
altioua for Venezuelan revolt!
. It li aald she will touch at
Sessions on Monday Morning
Caucuses Tomorrow.
Burleaon. of Texas, Will Offer a Pes
olution Aimed at Congressmen Who
Attend the Caucua and Then Refuse
to Be Bound By Action There
Washington. N'ov. 2 Democrats
and republican of the houae and sen
atf are arlvlng in large numbers. The
detiuH ratic houae eaucua heglna at 1 1
o'clock tomorrow morning, when Ri 1;
ardaon. of Teuneaaee. again will b
honored with the ieaderahl, of the li.'
nortty through the medium of a
apeakerablp nomination. The caucua
will bj aaked to conalder reaolutious
prepared liy Burleaon. of T aa, which
will bind the membera in the caucus
to carry out ita dictum ao long aa thii
doea not contravene the -.-ti, 1 s in t'i
Kanaaa City platform.
Durleaou aaya thia la not Intend al
to HrM'titntc itllvnr aa an laaue. Ut.t
ia only aimed at popultsta. gortoHttl
and "half repuldicana." who atten.i
the democratic caucuaea. hut do not
lic up to au Kce.inciit thfic :h
flfd unlea It pUaaea them. Burleaoti
alao will oSm a reeolutii n declaring
It to he agauiht the Inti-real ol ::.
demtx-raey for democrat to aolic!
DBtffoaagM from the admtnatration.
Republican Caucua.
The hjOglgtt rvpubllcaiib will buld
their caucua tomorrow afterno .
SK-akcr Hcnderiion will r .- -i . -. :
without oppoaltlon. and then tlicy Bill
diacuaa rule and matters of part,
policy. The Heed rule probably w'H
be KatopBai although Hepburn. t
Iowa. i making a fight -i-alnat tkv I
In the houae and BBBBti chambein
everything la in readlncbt. and all
Waahington ia looking i- tuiniy to
the rlae ol the congraal-.nal curt n,
uii Moixlay.
lab (roll; V Horae repoi '
aataanlated mail at that
ao t way down tic
I Ita deat! nation,
irritiiurg. Or., at a apeclal
wetioo held it waa votd to
tk ninth grade in the public
n vote atiiod 1 to I.
i: mii !ir tbe i-
t at Corvailla of a algjaal
t' Or i National Quarii
ob bat lwen made to th'
ttary boatd
irdorff Oropgaj ploneei.
yuara Mr:-,
ffarti at OrogoB pioneer, f
d at Bj'ai laot today. Both
ataiiut ' Murrto, an Oregon
i at the home ut
btorrto, three mile
1" t,e uaa a'1'
Id ieft a large family.
'nited MaBB
' alifornia. di I
' ,f ! by uuknowi
h was a native of
St) , i , agt.,j 49 ywlr
on banded down at Oly
aaprt dm , mrr of the atate
i oa , untrol aba
ld aaiveralty aite la vate l
rd f regenta of the State
enle) died at Nort.i
aiurda waa one of tLe
f II. n.a .. tun He
donatiut. i lairu Juat nortb
linutf In 1861. He had r
H)r lortj eara
Her 8alem Commercial clu i
loaua-iirate the New Ye
(Ptupriaute manner. A moi
bk eatertaiiiiueut will be hell
Br hall in the lntereat and ua
tuap,. ..P , (.iub ti
Jaaiiarx 1
Oeaerai n h v ml,.
Poruarin: an
F" 10 mt Of the tUl
r a t p MnflhlBatoBl and
Lu u-gi:aii. to recover on a
to which they were
lor 0 W ik,u,. w. . ,
r' ckitiu - i
m nHu bbbbbb
froiX Mi- l.nrlh ar. t rK
'-OliK Irt.n. .'. ni,u 11 -a..
Pui lth 116 paaaeugeii
' oi iooa, the paaae..
nl all their money to
Bbaoliit. nw-easities of U'.j
aillielkt fi.r kln n Ik.
Th Wabaeh Railway Officials Inaist
ed That the Death Liat Would Not
Eaceed Twenty They Alao Refuaed
to Gay Who Was Responsible for
the Disaster.
Adrian. Mich Nov L' - The 000
i IB I uq uct over the victim of the
Wabash train wreck at BataBOB began
today Wabash officials still insist
that the total death Hat will not ex
ceeil twentv and refuse to aay who
blundered and thus caused the awfu!
a cident
Second Round Was a Hot Exhibition
of Ring Tactics.
Hartford. Conn. Nov IB. TV
place was crowded yes.crday with
aborting men who came to see Teitv
McOovern and Young" Corhett flsht
McOovcrn and Corbett vrlghcd iti
under the ftltmlated 12 pounds
There was little hcttlna. Joe Vend
iK offering S to 1 on Mot overn BfKH
no takers. Several beta were ma.V
on even money that the conteat woul?
laat aU round
Charley White was nniued as n
feree and Joe rhitin tlBMBBBBSf,
Corlett won In the IBOBBi mini
Charley White, referee, oonntei: off
ten seconds while Terry struggle,'
vainly to regain his feet
The first round was one of the hot
tent galBOB . i seen In th ring wlt'i
honors even. In tho scond round
Terry rushed In with a left to Ud
and clinched, then there was an ox
change of rights and toftB, and Co
l'tt, ou the defensive, met Terry '
rushes with stiff blows end atralght
left jal.H and a left hau l upper-cut.
sending Terry to the tloor Terry took
live aeconda and came bBOB like a
wild man. throwing lefts and rights
wildly with interchange. Sclent -waa
nein to the winds am' the boys
ImbjM Hlugglng. Terry BTM very Bfud
but C, illicit kept his head bsttOT. H
.ett on lorclug Terry h1' a' !,. the
ring. Terry fought his defense and
simply haw a hurricane ol blows coi.
to toward him. one of wl lch, a rlu
swing upper ut. landed ajuarely on a
vulnerable jKiint and Ten., went do i.
and out.
Alter the fight a pure" of 1BJMB
vu offered by the Twentieth Centi'.ry
Athletic Club, of San Francisco, for
lanfhjor tight between McOovern at;d
CorBBtl and McOovern MOBpCBi 'he
offer Have Sullivan , l'leiiced the
wtuuer of the fight.
Found Dead in San Francisco
Joseph Fame.
Largest of Its Kind.
Chicago. Nov. W. Ogoal r" I -'
tlollh haw beeu complete, til ' ' 1
opening tonight of the nt- i nutioual
llveatock t-xpoaition Both as regard
the number and variety tbe exhil
its the exposition will eclipse all pre
vloua shop of ita kind The llveatook
industry of tbe United Stitea la rep
reaented as never before Cattle from
Texas and the great wesiem plains
sheep from Ohio. Idaho and Wyoming
and hot s from many aecttous of the
country are abowu io bewildering va
riety. In addition there ai interest
mg 'displaya of high bred catt e from
Canada and several part ol Kuroe
Addod lntereat will be attached to
IJM -xpoaitlon next week ) 'he BBOM
mg of the National LiveaUxk Aaao
elation, whi.h will begin HB soaalons
Ws Proprietor Delmonico Restaurant
in the Garden City Orce Wealth
Sheep Man on the Snake River--A
Wife and One Child Survive
San Francisco. Nov. I".' Joseph
Faure. nc ,1 wa found dead In tied
this morning at Nf Bnah street.
Icath was caused by ns aaphyxia
tion. He had lit'" on hl.i BBJBBaV an I
$3oo In a local bank. He SMM here
from Walla Walla a BjrB days aa
The teas jet was turned on lull. De
ceased was uot accustoiued to ga I
and It la thought he was a victim f
an accident, aa then' was no apparent
reason for suicide.
Owned W.alla Walla Lodging House.
Walla Walla. Nov. . Special.- -Joseph
Faure. who was fiind dead in
a San Francisco lodgitiK houae thi .
BrfffBjlBB, was pnirletor of the le!
monlco lodging house hero, and left
lor San Frauds, o a week ago. saying
that he went to nir lias new fur",
ture for his house He leaves a wile
and one child. Faure vaa once a
wealth) BBBBB man. and laat fall aolt
Ins BBBBB al"l wool Intereatx on Snai.e
river, un, I came here to 'I -e He w,'.
In compu table lr uinstam en when he
Ml BBBn, BB that hla ramlly will BB
irivlde1 for. it la thouaht In Wal'ui
Reported by I. L. Ray & Co.. Pendle
ton. Chicago Board of Trade and
Nw York Stock Exchange Brokers
New York. Nov :'! The wheat
in. ii k. i lias .mally commenced to fool
the effe, tx of the foreign demand, and
all the hi mills east report good fBBI
sales and demands for all kinds of
food stuffs Liverpool cloned hlgb
er. 6 PS New York opened ni 81 V.
and closed SV helng the high an I
low points Chicago Rained a cent
Horn 7.. to 77V Poik was S7'ic
hla-her. 1JTH.
Close vesterday. SIS
len tixtay 81 S.
Hana' today. 8lSfl8:s.
Close todav. 19, '
Sugar. 126V,
St. -el, 43
St Paul. 19V .
I nlon Pacific. 103V
Official Advicea Are That Whila Figut
mg May Continue. Panama Count)
Will Be m Lcis Turmoil and Trans
portation Will Be Amply Pro
tec ted.
Washington. No -"' official di
lalchea from OOBBBjMB this morniim
un eiu ouraKiug to those who ate aui
,,i t,, tratujiiillty ou the Istl.ai.is
restored While the news do s BOt
rtaiBltltl mdlcate that hostilities grtU
cease at any point save it Colon It la
an advantage to have one of the ter
minals of the railway IBCfO, and .i
may lead to the tranafe. rem ,,i u
lighting to other Hrtlon of I olOBtbJ I.
Much credit ia aiven the P nited Stat
and particularly the state and ua..
departments for the pr unpt acti, ,
taken, which is belieed to BBTC pr
vented comidlcatlons let-'inK to dip
lomatlc diflitultiea with Ftan. 'i
many. Kngland aud perhaps others oi
the Eurorx-an powers.
Cruel Conduct Charged Against the
Prince Concort. Who Fought a Due!
With an Officer Who Interfered
When He Struck His Wife Van
tets at Death's Door.
Amsterdam. Nov r.c BBBBBfJoBBj
si,, in s of the royal scandal again arc
current. It la learned that It la not
I pro ha hi' that QBBBfl Wilheinui, i
will apply for a dl voice on thi ground
of cruelty and improper behavior PB
th part ol the prince louaort.
A letter teceived here from a rella
Ide Hague corieMpondent state that
there are no longer any doulds tli.it
i lie ipie. li s Illness Was due to her coll
sort's ill treatment Majoi Vantets
adjutant of IBB royal household, if
said to l,aw- Interfered BBOBj whet,
the consort had actually struck th.
iiiwn. This led to a duel, in wlm.
antets was duiiKerously wound' I
Ud BOW lies at death's door
He Dtscribed the Alleged Confesaion
and Said She Told of How the
Whole Affair Occurred Many Wo
men Were Present in Court Th,
Washington. Nov. 29 - The court
i mini at the llonlne trial was packed
lo,lak half of the audience being wo
men The dote, the who arrested Mrs
Honiuo and secured from her the so
called conlesslon. was the principal
witness at the morning session Hut
ing recital of the "confession''
Mrs. lionltie looked him straight in
Hi. eye and smiled, all the while
There wa an absolute hush as the
detective told of how Mis Holilnc de
scribed the manner In which A) res
lie), I her. the discharge of the pistol,
anil the gush of IiIihmI over her shorn
dor. aud her ret urn to her room, bv
way of the fire escape
Once Mrs. Bonine Was Bored.
At the afternoon session, the BtOB
osrapber, who took the prlaonoi'i
statement, testified that on that OOrw
sioii she was perfectly calm, ami
seemed to he trying to give the polio
all the information regarding the tra
edy that she could. The district a,
tiiiney followed with a reading of the
statement. Mrs Bonine looked bored
and displayed nothing akin to BBM
1 1, mi Her husband and two sons sat
w Ith bet equally compose I.
He Resigned and Republicans are m
Boise to Name a National Commit
teeman. Boise Nov. 21 In resfsause to tie
call of Chairman Frauk Goodiug. of
the republican state . otnuiitteo bait
men of the county munutt.-c.-s an
the repiibluau delegates to the lai
national ooavossJOB are gathering
here today for an important confer
. e The purpose is to ascertain the
viewa of the party leaders regardiut;
the aueoeeaor to ex-Senator Shoup, of
the national committee The , ontc
. i, ia expected to agree upon the
... im.ii to be recommended to Chair
man Hanna for appoinment to the na
tional committee when ex-Senator
Shoup's resignation takes effect
Colon Is n Possession of the Regular
Troops, so the State Department
Was informed at a Cablegram That
Was Received Today at the Nat-on
al Capital.
Waahington v The Mat. di
unrtment ' us reieived a cablegram
stating that tb liberals ha' Im en d.
footed and tbe ''olomblan government
la In iKJhsession of Colon
Captam Perry Saya Same.
Washington. Nov 2 -Captain For
ry. of the Iowa, cabled aa follows to
i , i, aw ,i. partment thia morning
Arrangements for tbe aurrender to
da of Colon and the liberal force
hae lieen completed."
Liberals Surrender to Perry.
Colon Nov 2 Captain Ferrv
with a tattallou of marines arrived
here this afternoon from Panama 1'ue
liberal for.ee In the city surrendered
to him at once. Perry wlU band over
lb. command ol the. town to general
All.au commandei of th goverumei
trooiw when he enters tie town this
When Tranaport Struck Reef Off
Straits of Ban Juanco.
Washington. Nov. 29 Geneial
Phaffe. reports Mom Manila that no
Uvaj w,,e last VBBB bBJBBPBsl
Wright struck the rook off the en
trance of San Juanco Straits A large
part of the cargo will l Boved in a
damaged condition The vooael wao
ldh Injured but may be aaved.
Deatri of a Juror at Des Moinsa, Iowa,
Caused Trial to Go Over.
lies Moines, la. Nov 2V In th
federal dtotrki -ouit thlt morning in
ih, case of letson BalMet, owner of
the Wliii. Swan miue, jear Bake.
Pity, tir accused of using the mail .
for fraudulent pursse .he Jury wa
lis, barged owing to the loath of on
ol the members The con. ending sides
ou 1 d uot agree to tr the ae before
i levii reinaiiiing jurors so the coh
waa continued until the next term.
British Repulse Raidsra.
Ailababa. British India, Nov 2.
The British troops have auccessfuli.
driven bak the Masudawaxlrt ratdoM
with heavy loss The Brltlsbeis y-s
terday surprised aud iteatroyed Ma
kin. one of the largest of the raiders
Another Report of Miss Stone.
New York, Nov 2V T.e World
Vienna on. -si. orient wlrj. that Miss
Stone and Mme. Tallka have been
butchered by tbe brigands who kid
uaped them.
Opening of New Railroad.
Sioux City, la.. Nov . TfcO
Northwestern railway baa arranged to
open its Movile extension to public
traffic tomorrow The line Is twenty
one miles long and connects the Sac
City division of the Nortbweotern with
Sioux Pity, giving the shortest line to
James Ferguson Came West With
Gold Fever From Ipwa, and Wss
I got to Family.
Walla Walla Nov Special
James Ferguson ol Klb ia leu ; aiel
Mrs l Itoblnson of this city brOtBOl
and sister, had not seen h olh, 1
for forty one years until yesterday,
when thev met in this city, aud enjoy
ed Thanksgiving togeth, r lloth un
Boll advaiued In years. Mr. Ferguson
in lug IJ vears and Ills sister IB, Tin
ii ting wss a hsiv one Indeed
A half a century ago the Ferguson
family n sided in Iowa. The famil)
laiuicii laud in Mabaskla county, an I
wer in good circumstances for the
limes But the gold lever struck James
ami lie came west to California Willi
varying foil lines he worked at niinlii"
and othei pursuits until Isttu, whin
lie cam. to western Washington The i
lie removed to KlleUabUlg. when, In
haa realded for nearly thirty years
In tin- effort to acquire wealth, Ferg.i
son lapoame lost to his family and foi
main' years nothing was hoard of him
In th, meantime the family re veil
to Kansas and the last hotc of reun
ion was given up.
Mis itoblnson whose daughter was
suffi iiiig from oiisumptlou. came to
Walla Walla last August foi tin bom
fit of tbe child's health A few wc. i
ago I In- daughter died and notice ol
the run, lal and the sim, ol Ihe sal
death printed In the newspapers gave
Mr leigusnii the Idea that prhap-
the family was related to him Th -mallei
develoised full when tlx tela
tionshlp was found to exist and a
hurried visit to this city by Mr Feign
son aud his wife resulted The fain
ily reunion is being enjoyed at the
home of Mrs Kohinson Hi Cherry
Traffic in Pittsburg District Is Moving
Better Than for Bevaral Day.
Plttaburg. Nov. 21 Oenerall
sp. aklng, there la little Indication thai
the strike of the railroad switchmen
exists iu the local yards Today'a traf
tic la moving better than for aeveral
days previous to the strike declara
Hon The men have practically given
up the atruggle aud many have gJBJM
a i to work.
His Demise Occurred lhnrs-
da Eyeningi
He Waa Famoua Becauac He Was the
Cause of Judge Fee Rtnoering an
Important Decision Relating to the
Rights of the Indian Allotses Under
Several Acta.
Jack Weet Soot, an Indian, was
si Met by a work train three tnllea
east ol Pendleton m 7 o clock yester
day evening The train was coining
In from where the ciow had boon lay
ing steel lulls "Mst of here. The en
gineer saw Wet Sooi ou the track a
few yards ahead ami nvetsed the
glue, hut it was too late The tral'i
was loaded with two m thiec curs of
steel rails and the weight forced It
onto the 1 11 a I its II He had I II dlllli,.
iii town and spent Wednesday night
iu Jnll. being turned out Thursdav
morning n ml the engineer says tht
from (ho way he was staggering fro .i
side to side when son he was evi
dently under the Influence of llojuot
Coroner W fl Pole went out to in
vestlgate the killing, ami found that
no one was to blame mid do med it
UBOOBBBBry to hold un Inquest The
only mark on the body was a gash BB
the head, but the coroner thinks thut
he was probably Injured in t -i ua 1 1.
Tin- bodv Is now at Jesse Falling's un
dcitakliig parlors, ami will be lake
to the reserve thin afternoon for lu
U i incut
Weet Soot Was Famous.
Jack Weet Soot, a , otumoii tiibcs
man. was us. famous as nnv In, linn on
tin' coast He was not a chief, and
BPTOI loiighl a BBttto III Ills life ,
o pting that ho frequently engage I
with furious struggles with a l tux
John of liquor. But he it was who
was arrested and flic d by the ourt
of Indian offenses several vcais ago.
on the res, 'ive hole for being drunk.
He was penalized by having hla hair
ut off. Rd Brlsbo, a policeman. I,eln
the one who , airlol out the older of
the court
For an liidluu brave to have his hair
cut off was disgrace, and lie was In
duocd to seek roluss ut th. haii' M
of the law. and sued Bilsho In fho
Justice omit here Joe Parkas hearth
the case, which was appealed In the
circuit eoart. IBB result that
lllllgc J. A Fee rendered a decision
that, under the haw, s and Hlatoi acta
allottees were citizens of the
( lilted States will, all Ihe rights
privileges and Immunities Ihereuni i
pertaining and thai therefore Ihe
court of Indian offens, exceeded Hi
BOBfOft slid that Bilsho should puv
the fine of 1200 that had I n Impo.
ed by Jusllo Park s Colonel Wlllla u
Paisons aud T 0, Hailey were thi.
counsel who attended U the ctae for
la k Weet Soot
Dscision Was Impurtant
This decision never was disputed
the d, paitmcnt of (he Interior IBeBO
Ing It at Washington without question
It waa siipMirto bv other Judicial in
lerpretahons of the law In federal aid
tale courts.
The decision lesiiltlng from lac.
Wi.i Soot getting ill link l" Ing lined
and having his ball oil off, and all
he proceedings In connection there
with, was Important ludoed. and
changed the entire status of the al
ministration of uffaiis with rofofoaoa
to the Indlaus b) the fedeial depai'
, atoal of Juatlco
Bays Government Will Be Turned
Over to the Cubans m May Ho
Recommends Concession.
New York, Nov M fjovoi BOI tie i
eral Wood arrived loday fiom Cuba
aud says that mailers an qui. I on the
island and that preparations are being
made for the elections in Fchruar)
fioveriior Woods said he came to
thi ('nited States at ih, luvliatioa of
the IBrrOtjrj of war to discuss tiiO
details of the preparations ne essarv
for ihe trai.sf. i tba tuban govern
ment to (he Cuban people. He thought
this would hi done In May He ssvs
he will recommend certain tariff con
essions to tfo t'ubans espe'laily la
sugar and tobacco.