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Mptomers should thank rul that we can pave
a. .tnonifl uf a trip to TortlMiKl to i urcliasf-
a-r . .
. foods. We are iboWlOg a rnopi elegant and
r e ... i i n ,i .
I jelffti'tl line "i area jiimhis in an un n w weav es
mlorins4 nfloai a" pVTMe, We wish to
L .1.1 nt ' i 1 1 ifiti to our mte o icavv : i : . I s hrnnk-
npniui " j
m,xun b for the popular walking skirts.
i Aa uMi tii.. iitiiut lv .tiolfli 1 ai.if' uliii...-
IfC '
i tit! I' II T" . .11
"The Sorosis."
Alexander Department Store
with a deeper shade of brown silk de
corated with rows of tiny brown tort
s v -
....v v,, i mi i i: nail.
i , .
Possessed ni superior executive atH
Ity, energetic and iniMn, of un
(iicst loped scholarship lor t hi- la r -
It I claimed that he will make an
ideal state superintendent.
This paper places itself squarci
on record for I'rof Armstrong toBM
flvi- years ago. It find mentioned hltn
a.H a suitable person for lOIIOilltOllil
ont oi Multnomah county Since th'n
he has served two terms In that offn .
giving the moHt economical and buai
MawMO adnilnlHt ration the county
han ever hnd. and fully meeting the
expectations of educators and the gen
rial public Ho can and will do
qually well for the state If given i
chance. Should he become a rami'
date lor the office mentioned h. haj
our heat wishes lor success.
gut Told the Officer They
Net Mold Him Escaped and
I it Large. .
Ontoo. -ov -1 bpcmu.-
QaMWOth, the crazy
Iwturnl here hint week, nil
ru "Heaven and no Hell."
. , r it.: .f! a' t lines, he
mt orator that ever lectured
lire !' lian heailtlflll flow'
Hi- ami upas DO notea. He
liven a HuptiMt preach
. hanged his faith und
rhy he Ik hounded ao. At
ol hlh speech u collection
t (or hltn und Juat at that
oftrern closed around him
it n ii i e ail i hi i it i k i ir
( At thlh time h" did no
idled uiit Stopped to the
itkeil II hi' bad any friends
that hi wu.- In i mid. I. hu
not n mt: u 1 1 right. He
i i um mi .' iii 't'liut
M can . Mid. hold him
proven true Juki as the
ert- crowing in the luoruini'
flllthi wild two offlcera In
t In disappeared aa If the
id swallowed him up. At
K- IMOle llav In. H. lit WOl'l!
aVMtor thin he would law.
. if inn - III. ... . 1. J m
.. ..... (I. in. in mi i.i
l T p in and would Ilka
m- - - . .
ahl thui hi v Mild preach
i Miaou in Portland three
that Uata
ii"!'. Ma euttle iniyer waa In
lam w.-,.' .n,,! inmi,t g
w lattle of II T. Council
" for fin .,i Ttnre ar..
I'"' ktd in heai cattle In
1 thai in, in. me fed and art
wiHiinii mi market, aa the
lon t car,. tl, s,, , prHni
i Finer Than Ever Before Something
About Long Cloaks.
New York, Nov. 27. At no time In
the history or America have women
In the amart HP, worn finer dot hep
than in thla year of grace. 1901 i;s(
aa oon aa anything eapeclally ehle
appear, in ract. often hefore It la
aluiwn In the shop window a. manufar
lurerp. and man nilftlnera who appeal
to patrons of lcaa nienna make such
lever imitations ol the original aril
eh thai II demnnda nn artlat In wo
men u npparol to detect the difference
The finest effecta In French crea
tions are replicated .with such arils
tic results ami so faithfully to the ori
ginal as to ehallente admiration and
cause one to wonder which is to he
admired most the original or the im
itation. The creator has no limit
placed upon him What he haa to do
is ti produce results, the Imitator Is
bounded by prescript ions of hank ar- :
counts and dure no! niBke his work
too costly l. ,.. onomltrea with
marvelous skill and keeps his work
within the possibilities of purses thn
may be drained
It may he stated that the winter
effects nre stylish without exception
This Is noticeable especially with tin
long eont which appears lib th in tan
cloth For the carrlnge and autumn
bile wear, the loose cloak Is most In
favor, amt is worn very long with
wide cult of the 'pagoda" sleeves
which arc closely stitched and often
limes appllcated with panne velvet.
The bottrim and aide fronts show
stltchttiK and cut cloth put nn lu ap
plications An Innovation Introduced
upon these coats is the facing of
white cloth which Is stitched closeh
down upon the goods and OTerfHlged
Squadron on Winter Cruise.
Washington, Nov. 26. The winter
cruise of the North Atlantic squadron,
which began today, will he a notable
one. The vessels of the squadron will
stop at Charleston for four days dur
tug the evposltion. and visit Onhn
PortO RICO, the Isthmus of Panant.t
Colombia. Trinidad Island, on th.
northenst const of Venezuela, and the
nanlsh West India The squadron
will arrive at Porto Hlro two days te
fore Christmas and remain there a
lull month.
Iie John Reld. Jr., ot Ureal Palls
Mont recommended Kh's Cream
Halm to me I can emphasize his
statement. "It is a positive cure for
entairh If used as directed " Rev
Frincls W. Poole. astor Central Pros
church Helena Mont.
Mfter using H s Cream Halm alx
weeks I believe myself cured of ca
tarrh. Joseph Stewart. Urand ave
nuo. ntiffalo. N. Y.
The Palm does not irritate or cause
stieivitiK. Sold by druicirlsta at SO cts
or mulled by Kly Brothers r.t. Warren
street . w York.
Cleaning Out Sale.
Having bought the Fltr.jri -ald stock,
on Main street, I will close out at
cost the entire line of canned iroods.
pickles, pepper sauces, crackers, etc .
fine scales and a good coffee nl'l
Come and see me.
Modrrn Surgery Surpassed.
"While suffering from pile..." snys
0 I I'arter Atlanta. On.. "I got De
Witt's Wit. h llarel Salve and wne en
tlrely cured." Cuts, burns, bruises,
quickly cured Heware of counter
felts Tallman Co. ard Rrock tc
Says New Jersey Corporation Is In
Violation of the Statute of Hit
State Agalnat Railway Combina
St Paul. Nov. 2H. Attorney Ueneinl
IVnuglas made the following statement
in POfBTi to the effort to he made to
prevent the proposed consolidation :
the Uieat Northern and Northern Pn
villi railroad eonipanie:
"The oi'Kanization of this New Jef
m ooi poi nt Ion tor the pui rbane of a
I'ontrolllns; Interest of the stock oi
rival railway companies Is clear vlo
latlon oi the spirit, although not the
letter of the act of 1881 . the validity
of which was sustained li the ail
nienie court of the United Statea in
MM IV ai sail case I am not In n posl
lion to discuss remedies bill am URdjel
the Impression that pressure by the
I'-deral authoiltles baseil on the Sher
' man null trust act and the Interstate
i-ommen e a't is likely to lulng kboul
Rood results."
International Seamen's Union.
HufPlIn, N. Y., Nov. 2fi OeleKates
from tjto cities of Ihe Atlantic an I
the Pacific coasts as well us from ill
the grent lake porta, are attending
the annual convention of tha Inter
national Seamen's t'nlon. which b,
unn Its business seslons In lluffalo to
day. Waaes for the coming marltim I
season, conditions of lnbor and otln i
matters of importance to the men bo
i fore the mast are to be discussed by
the contention.
Rice Will Case.
New York. Nov. 26. The OMUIM
jtlon of subscribing witnesses to the
'will for millionaire William M Rice
was Im-ruii todav hefore Rnrrtiaat i
Fltrgerald This Is the will of I S '
In which Mr Rice bequeathed th-
bulk of hla t,AOO,OO0 to the Rico In
stltnte Thla la Ihe start In wht
tirotmses to be the most celebrate, I
Wilt contest on record Hefore the
actual contest of the 18tf will coin,
up the ItM will will be disposed of
Then will roil the trial of lawyer
Albeit T Pntilek and Valet Jones m
the charge of having murdered Mr
Rice The minib r trial Is set for next
Week, but wilt probably tie postponed
until after the will contests have b i
'on '
or V0M
hnold leek
Nto thi..
hilt If VINI h t
itf.trnv nd with
n it like (his.
"Destroy thf tmn
fit. I
rrin,. lh
fv W
No DaaaVoll, ne
fill u Ililr. an
Bulilnru, H you '
v.ith Nl.wltKO S
i . .., ; .1 drutfbl P ' .
The lorgolng Item is from u ft
laud piiper It Indlcuies that Pint
tlllu county is nut the only plio. g
Oregon where political matters ur
beginning to receive attention
Oeatnesi Lannoi do lurtil
ly local apalli silom. aj tin ) naaael i.'ie h tbe
dOM-s.i-d peril, hi nl tl t Iherr I. nnii i.ni.
way le curv OealOMa, nl tlml I. by eon.iilu
lloual raiiirdH'. Iit'slnr l.on.wt ! hii In
Bsrned .ii.dlln,u nl tin mil. nui. i.i.Iiik ut the
KiutmiilHU ml,, When IM. ml.. g(. n,.
Usnii-d you lisve rimililiiiK SaNJMl ur imp,
Imci hcsiina. sad wljca u i- raiiroly iiIommI
daaiiMM I. Ihe retult. ami italesi Ihe Inflnnnus
tloti ran ts' nikvli nut Mini II. I. litis, rs.lnr.'d in
It. normal loudltion. acsriim miii l-.Ipurorud
loretreri nine saass out ol u-n r. mu. d lo
uslarrh, n tili-li li nelliiiiK bill un Inll.tueil
rnndlllnn of the one oun .urlm-ai. W Mil! five
oiu. huudrt'd ilni.Mr. fnr snv .km- of diil'H.
( iiieil i . sUrrlo thai i .ullol In- eur. .1 by
llall'i alarrli ' unv Ht-ud Im rir ulitr. fi.-i-
r. .1. intsrv a in, i,.i..,i... i
U Pays (to Trade M Tlhe IP5Plles WPihD)iDi5e
Not a Questionable Quality Here
Men Shoes Women's Shoes.
Hold In all drugf'iL. ?
, Hal!', .aiully IMlli am the U-t.
bu huiiling ppjifj from
tn tin alba me) ehuiiis
JJJ Olliaoii Mho Ima iit.nn
leaool in district No. 7 for
ilia. t.it i. I
rVliill. l,,, ,,, ,,,.,,. ..
Bot mu v loea BBrn en
r here i Hi,, ,..! isrin
BY ll.iui....
. ' "'Ill,
In. III....
11 ' i mis ret urn..,
n-suii- Here
BM mud. a nl., . Bam.
A .... .. , . - .
r ,, ,,, ,,, nilsiiins-
""irisliiIlK e.in.llll,...
nun I.'IHIII: In
Meklai . QBdlttoo
k i :
M pt His Leq.
Ml am, j w sulllvan. of
Lonr, ""uMie his leg
'""fimmotln. with
PpJ .' ii. Fox ,wo uar8
P inieiih.-iv .n the be
PJ nianatlon. "but " he
sl on,, hntlLa ,,r
1 L i . -
. - 1 HUM -s lit I iin's
my icg waa sound
ever' Km
, " Slin-K ,111(1
Hoi'deis t.-l mu
"i, ri , -i. . i. .... .
,. - " ' ' I lieill
Will ifiir.... ....I.
.....n.-v imiy on
Important Conference of Miners.
Huntington W Va Nov. .''. Foi
the second time within a month del
KUtL-b repruaeutlng tbe uiiuern oi vai 1
oues sections of Virginia and Wes'
Virginia assembled here today to dis
cuss the question of organisation and
otbei inutleis affecting their inter
eats The Mrst OOBTOBttOB hlch wa -held
here earlier in the Piontli re
suited lu nothing dellnlte being a
-ompllshed and it la frankly admitted
i hat the outlook fur the preani gather
ing is not much better The mine op
eruiors oi the two states hove n
requested to enter into the oOrtfafOM
tomorrow II tin-) deeltfM to atlen l
s il la expected they will, the na
tiolinl offliials ol the 1' lilted Mite
Workers drndare they will immedlat.
lv begin u general Movement for the
oignnlitatioii of the two states. If
they fall in this a aympatheii, strike
w ill probably be ordered.
Thousands Sent Into Exile.
livery year a large number ot poor
suffcreia whoae lungs an- sore aud
nu ked with coughs are urged to go
lo another climate Rut this is costly
nnd not always sure Don't he an
exile when Dr. King's New HiHcovery
for Consumption will cure you at
Inline, It's tbe moat Infallible tnedi
cine for Cougha. Colds and all Throat
and Last, discus. on earth. The first
doae brings relief. Astounding cures
result from persist.- t uae. Trial hot
flea free at Tollman Co.'s. Prlee fine
and l.no. Every bottle guaranteed.
Solid, all Uttther rain CoHgrwl tp sole . $l.fiO
Kroo ( lf. Creed more or Congress, lots of hard
wear 2.00
KanKaroo Calf, Seamless Lace or Congress, tli v
are all rilit 2 10
Napu tan. YVatetpiool leather, suit BppBfi hillows
tongue, tap sole, lace 3 2R
WHANG LEATHER, leather lined, h.axy double
sole, lace .... 2.7f
WHANG LLATHKK. canvat lined, heavy double
sole and tap 2 7S
Mu se shoes an- iu-.iv 1 vi ith OLEII E '( IKON ad
ding to the wear ami making them waterproof.
Comfort Shoe for tender, cold and rikMUBStiC f' t,
felt lined, soft and guy but lots nl wear 3.H0
German Socks Felt Boots Canvas Legtfins
Felt lined, led t he i foxed, la. c "t Conuress. vety
orafM tnd eontfortoblo . . $1 SO
Kelt beaver buskin, iist the ihing lot cold mornings .7R
VvU olippeis, lUniu I lined. Im trimmed, fm h..usc
wear .. . 1M
Pall nollini is, fur Uinum-d. red m blki 1 M
Fine kid, stylish Btltton hoot, felt lined, jn .t the
thing for wintet 2. SO
tra tine vn i kid, Chrome kid lined .ill through, un
surpassed lor fall and wintei wear.. .. '. SO
Kangaroo Call, la or button, made fnr haul we n J (Nl
Comfort Shoes, pist what the nam implies. 1 1 nasi
Lilly kid. ni)syiut, .uft tlexible soles 2 fW) lo 3.04)
Jersey Leclns
Cloth Overgalters
Eil ipaiys H(D) Tirsidle fttl TDne PedDiplle WfirelhioiiflM.
Not a Questionable Quality Here,
W e are xnK l" K'v
year's scholarship in the
St. Joseph academy to
5ome (JIRL in Umatilla
county. We want you to
help select the girt. Step
in and let us tell you how
we propose to give abso
lutely free this full year's
Boy's Shoes
Unlinad grain, baUdwM kind oi wear $1-45
Steel shod, bfet of nt.c k uppaf ad JbojtOBMi
HoleH ail'l llUC'lefulI of rtfl ill I'l-ct IH 2 OO
Kangaroo eajf, fair ititob, Bogliih back 4ay 1.75
Kangaroo oalf, HoaiuieBn. quiltad lolat, laro
We will gixe absolutely
free, a full year'A scholar
ship in the Pendleton
academy fo some HOY In
Umatilla county and want
you to help us name the
boy Call and let us tell
you how we propose to do
2 OO
Dwarfs Wed
Fawtucket R. L Nov. One of
tbe oddest weddings ever celebrated
111 Hawtiu ket took place today Th
bridegroom waa Henry LavaUo, a lu
cal groi-er. who is three feet ten and
a half inciter tali and the bride. Mlus
Martha Cayette. of Hlackatone. whoa
stature ih two inches leas than that
of her husband
Mars. There Wil. Hinli
e UT' . - . .
m imam
Wpeis lliionh,.,,,
Qa I o." '".
-j mi. a. f. Arm
;"' 01 the PorUand
ui-Ke r 1...
.1 ". , tie nmct. ,ti
-"'"'""eiiuent He Is
aa a 1, . . .
,-..',,iitiei 111,1 un...
BUI. " - "...
an ,i,ui....u
".near, man
A Physician TaotlfUs.
"1 have taken Kodol Dybpepalo Cure
and never used anything that did roc
the good that did." aays ( ounty Phy
aician Geo W.Scrogga. (tall County.
Qa. As a phyaiclau I have preacrlbed
it with the beat results " Kodol Dys
i.epsia Cure dlgeaU what you eat.
Tallman A Co. and Brock McComas
McKinley Estate 9200,000
( union O.. Nov. 26 Appraisers of
the McKinley estate filed a report U
day that uhows the entire estate II
worth nearly $700,000.
U Fays ttcLD Trsidle at Tlhe FedDipDes WarchonMa
Not a Questionable (Quality Here.
Misses' and Childrens' Shoes
Baby Shoes
Calf, lace or buttou good style, not UKte
Ii.jS i. So
Hougoia Kid, heavy sole, lac or button, dreasy. but full of
Verv flue viei kid, oitenoioii solas, fairaticb, vimi will like
' , i mc J .aa)
H Fays ttn Tir&dle as
Rod, Liatai Mutton, goat skin, not sheep
Hlueorred, vlci kid, fan, flniali
Itlaek Vb i, iwU-iit tip and heel foxing, extra flue
Blac k dongola kid, pan m leal her lip
(ilove calf, lip aame
And Iota of others
n tt Fays ttn Trade aa
The Pmples W&mkmm,