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Eastern Oregon WMth H
t.v mrr'rt
tVxtttyht ami Hinrsttay sertl t,1tt,j
and . psslotisl Hit an i li'it weeitx. r
NO. Itllti.
1 1.
., lavoland If rapidly
fr.lltl I ' n- ' -
... .',.11111 Tolstoi is lor
His kPIX'tltf lias Improved,
t, i-iinp better
Hj kki bnabela of wheat
l0 i jVerpool from Boston nH
j 4no'iwi bushels from Now
jv,.ri i .luting uiv
Gondnow cnnsul-genorai ni
., rti. in th. state depart
.. ........ r.il i nennie in
... .v wi starve imp
ms they K'T iwp nwi lu,T
i . . ... .......,,..,. ,.r tin. ffilliM'-
Int'Tna! revenue snows mm
i .u ... 11,1,. ...'' :n mi' ii"
m"nu' "i - - - .
. . .. .... t. j. i it
row ..' "
.... rt-.-a.... mill .1 I hi
.. ... a.. . . . ..('
nun i . .. "
it'll...... i.illu nf II' VII"!
. .. . ....I r II... .1..I11IVT
01 111 nraiieic-s 1
. ... . . v . . ... u i.tti flf till.
mri ... ' .........
... r , ..... . I
Ml. r ;i,l LI ui'ir. ........p..
i ia 1. Iie..rv In eonteni-
L no om slai challenge, 1 am
Urioush tn hi; uiltir making
Lttcmpt tn lift tli.' cup. This
msic H' r v.'i nut by Sir
L v tin' banquet riven at
I flntrll I iiMinii. Ill hi" honor
Ik wi ato 'iHii'il by more than
T. Itaad and Harold Hy
Ifnrnmhi'i! tin '-' lftnn hall (!
or Ihi rati i il Dr Kraumv
r of Johsnnraburg, aBurped
MM Ati Inciting to mur
warned bj 'il magistrate
Krni hilled tn appear for
( rouli! Utlrlr ii' hclnc pros
tho charge of eonsplracy
th pnils of Justice.
Keeping Celestials in Their
Oriental Homes.
Ito the Jananwe states
sfmsfl at st I MMNIrl
raukwl Ben ntord th'
HMtal retort at Chick
ad carried off $700
I Dick Hun:' wai arrested in
charge ii ' iiuiplli'lty In
Bank of Liverpool frauds
hlpmcnts ni livestock for
tik Expo "mi. in li I, .!(!
next ; h:i arri veil
ir. Ihi i.!iii I,. H iidli'N
Works a- Nnrth Wt-y-
ha. I i il.'stroyod hy
lOaln lor Ihlrtj yi'ura chief
to the k.'.-i. uuy of itate.
a rhrotii' . Mh com
. Mi v. H; DraiMktall tie
I tr Waarti'i i Mtori'g anil
i w-n bnriHM) l.oex.
n a ilauatch to tbt ln
(loni iii' ;i l tn pnr
I In tli. -lit eatth
ratoiu, ni wiHil. i mllla, at 8vl
W Mai umplatad ami
for atartn. ..'iiitlonH
tbi- . .mi
Waah thi bnaktMWW
' logftni aap No. 4.
'' iln vhlla Hm
iMuam uii' K. I. M-
'" ''lll1 . "ni'Hpt'd
I MOOil :.,,, t( whtoh
lttl ini fl w Iavi8.
botl hUM ..i,.,!
HM, .i iif in. i living
nil two Dhlldrnn at Cor
Mk ..iiiii r-omnlttoa
""' I' Ii at his
lui tli. i. ... ,-an he
P4 iriiiil.li, . .... ii
Fl th. ,a. ,.ii, , .1...
' Hi. rollowlni caaal
n'" Jotttlth W Hnr-
........ ik-iiiiu'i. ( ttp.
lMoim..u no i hange
l0t and ..... ration of
"bin, at .rtn,.rn ,,H.
Mm ti Norton. 8
mt. hum nMnry whtu
"tl! "' 'lias,- NV
f Niii v.i.
i " ...in.
nT )l ii... I :....
"' I lannot
r011 ' wit! tak,. until 1
aoil ninii.i. . u ,
i "ir nun-
'" s 'mm innation I
i. hiu . .. .
La.: '"in in inatiKii
m aKa,,,v t,e rtti,road
Ul" th. all..n 1.
r do.vri..., , iaHh.
Kirn"'', "" mi"'ttl !
fHr"'" Hum q ld.Ho.
P"l thl.iii.Mlnl ,l..ll
ClarU . -7. V. ' ,or
.... auoll ,h ab
""l Tl., Hr.,
W.0o,beti $:to.oon
fjift. ' r"rtlano
JT' resonian Pul
, p"rtlan, HotPl Co.
BU . Ll a..
'MilK 10.-
wott. 4 r,t 16.000 "
Thla la Inferred From Senator Lodge'a
Petition, the Boston Man Being
Very Close to the Washington Ad
ministrationHe Will Offer Bill
Thla Winter.
Hoston. Nov. "7 -Senator KodRe.
who is exreeillnKly rinse to President
Hoosevelt. wlren the tollowing to a
loi'al newspaper: "I favor the Chl
neso exclusion art and Intend to In
trndtiee a bill for its extension." The
prominence of Lodge in the national
ndmlnlstratlun maks his opinion on
this question of the utmost Import
Ex-Governor Francis Will Turn tt0
Plowing for the Nenca.
St. Ixuils. Mo.. Nov. : The
World'n Fair management hn. ar
raneetl to break ground lor the
World'n Fair site In Fot -st Pnvk to
morrow. As motion ple'nvcs nrc to
he taken of the event for exhibition
through the country the ceremonlCF
will he ninile as Impressive as pos
sll.li The first shoe! full of earth
will be turned by Treasurer Thomp
son with a long-handled WQOdM sho
el unearthed in San Francinci count
some years ago. and the president
ex-ftovernor Kranclti. will for the time
being become a plowman A M'ent
crowd Is expected to he on hand to
witness the cctemonlc...
California Senator Would Exclude
Them From All Island Posset
Oakland. Nor, HI. Senator I'erklu;
before leaving lot Washington toda .
placed htniHcIf on record as ubsolut.
ly opposed to the admission of ('tli
noHc to Hawaii, the I'lilllpplnes and
all yVmrrieun territory. There must
be mi tlisi i iminatlon in favor of sugai
planters paying big dividends by em
ploying coolies against the beet suga
firms employing whites.
Mental Scientists to Meet.
.lacksonvllle Kla., Nov. l!7 A largi
number of deegatcn and flBltOn if)
gathering tor the second annual meet
lug of the International Menta' Ii
eti- Atimiciation which will begin Its
-.. islons toinorrov "ot Seal reee nt
the honu' of Helen Wliniins. the found"
tr and president of the association
Those in attenilniice will rprMM w
tiearh i'vim'i stati' and d rrltory oi tin
I'lilied MbUM tOftHhw with several
oi the ooUatriea of Buropa Tin- main
work of tin i-iinveutlon Is to adopt a
pluu of action that will tend to the un!"
fli ation of all the branches of the so
culled new thought - movement for
propjaganda and adtieBtlOMl pnrpns
Bodies of th Victims of Tueaday a
Explosion Unearthed After .. Night
of Searching Hoapital Filled with
Dying and Morgue with Dead.
Lhstiolt. Nov 'J , MM black pall of
.hi. hangH over the cit) Hospitals
..re tilled with tbe wounded and dying
and over a score of corpaea lie In the
nioiKue as a result of yeaterday'a ex
plosion in the IVnberthy engine room
All through the night the search for
bodies went on Shortly after mid
night tin- twenty --seventh body was
till unidentified At daylight Igua
tins Hun k died at tbe hospital mak
lug twenty -eight rtotiaW at that time
Postal Telegraph Won.
Sail Ijtke Nov L'7 Judge Morse
oi the district court, today entered ti
nal judgment in favor of the Poatal
Teiugrapii compauy. agaiust the Ore
gon Short Line, from Bait lkr City,
to Cannon station on tbe Idaho state
Una inn one more link is needed from
the Montana state Hue to Hutt., ti
lomplet,' the east and weat chain
8witchmen Loae in Strike.
t'ittahurg, Nov. 27 The national
organization of the Brotherhood of
Hallway Trainmen today decided not
tn support the strike of the switch
mm inaugurated yesterday This
means defeat for the strikers.
Sportsmen's Show.
Philadelphia. Pa.. Nov. 27 .- Phlla
delphia spiirtsmen's nliow. for which
preparat ions have teen making for
several weeks, opened In Horticul
turnl hall today and will continue un
til Dec. 21. The show comprises an
elaborate display of exhibits calculat
ed to stir tin breasts of those who ire
quent forest and stream. The third
annual exhibition of the Philadelphia
Dog Show association is being held In
conjunction with the exhibition. A
long programme of swimming, shoot
and athletic contests will he pulled
off during the three weeks will add
additional attraction to the exhibl
If Full Rsnsom is Not Paid By
Hilda Pesth. Nov. 27 - A dispatch
savs the- brigands who hold Miss
St 1 1 in lm. sent a messenger saying
that they have taken a solemn cruel
flclnl oath to kill the mlnbionary If
the full ransom be not paid hy r'hrlst
American Girl Insane in London.
London. Nov. 27. Miss Vanderbllt
Win l.erinan. the beaiititul American
girl srko beranie InHntu In re about a
fortnight ago. has become lolent and
has to be fed through n tube.
Governor Waite Dead.
Asimi. fol.. Nov. 27 Ex-Oovernor
luunl Walti 'of "Blood to the bridles"
fame, ilied suddenly lierc today.
Pilchn Captured Twenty-four Boers.
Pretoria. Nov. 27. Pilcher has csis
tared t W"nty foiir IltM-rs at Takenvelt
'range Hiver colony.
It was to That Number the Letter
Writer Referred in Epistles.
Some of the recipients of annoy
mons letters which ha vi been clrcu
lated prnmiscoiislv ner Pendleton
for the past six months were refen. .!
ta postaflloe DOI 2K7. Who owned 'his
! was ii bmWIm to the officers for
some time hut by SHIM.- stratenl' lb
tectlve work, tln v are now bosHIts ol
i lie owners of this box whe t '
mall fiom it They are Fred and Oe
neu White husband and wife. BttW
live five and a half miles from Pendle
ton In the BlNk Creek conntrv. A
! Met wits .n this box Sunday with the
address turned up so li nt it could In
plainly rMd from the UttaUH through
th.- i'Iuss door, and it was adressed to
i; ui White" xvltli the business
BMd of the "Heller Chemical DM
puny." of Chicago on tin cornel ol
the envelope
Now. some are wondering how
these people happened to nave the
postofhec box to which the letter
write, refOriOd In her ephths who
fOOOd out so much oi' the doings ot
i'eii lli'ton people The writers have
not nu.de any demand for money, but
seemingly have Just had the on. OlV
jei t In Mew That of eausing Jeal
ousy between husband and wife
Why uuy (MM WOUM want to dn this is
still a piotound mystery and wheth
I IkOJI expect to extort money t colli
their victims when they thought the
time was rip has not yet been solv
ed. It Is understood the postal au
ttarttMM will take up the case.
Mi and Mrs White being In the
country thaj OOOid not he found Of
lours." u mistake may easily have
been inadi and they may he as much
surprised as anyone else when they
learn about tlir- anonymous letti i
vritai tin 1 1 ns' icferred io lox 287.
N Berkeley. Jr., Secures $2600 First
Half Day.
If the success met with on bis first
half dav s canvass is any criterion.
N Berkeley. .Ii Pendleton real estate
man who has interested himself In
the proposition of gettiug a county
fair for I'roatllla will he entirely suc
cessful in his elorts Mr Berkeley
states that $10,000 Is required to put
the fair on a starting basis Twenty
live hundred of that amount was sub
scribed this forenoon Mr Berkeley
desires especially to Interest the
farmers of the county in the projected
fair which Is to be modelled after
those held In the eastern states He
will go Into surrounding towns sell
ing stock and anticipates no difficulty
in raising the amount
In Central America Not Yet
And Makes the Hostile Forces Recog
one the Rights of Commerce He
Ssys the Pinion Returned to Colon
After Landirg Five Hundred Troops.
Status of the Strife.
Washington. Nov. 27 Captain Pet
ry of the hattieshlp Iowa In a cable
gram tn the navy department this
morning confirms the report that the
Colombian gunboat Piurnn returned
M'steniay to Colon. It Is nnderstoood
that during her absence from Colon
the Plnzou landed on the coast Ml
Albans troops In the proposed at
tempt to recapture Colon.
Parry also sent the toUowtai
"Stubborn ti nil t fn m between the i on
tunding forces near San Pablo has de
layed triiinv inquiring prudence and
patience There probably will In
fighting todavj MST MtM I hae sr-
urc. I assurances that the firing shall
.ease while trains are passing For
tv thousand Colombians were brought
In oti the trains.
Runs m the Fsmlly.
Il:n i eiisack. N. J.. Nov. 27. It
doesn't tall to the lot of every mother
and father to raise a family of th rao
children and have thtni married on.'
after another In the order ot theli
ages, particularly If ten of the cl.'en
are girls ' Such Is the' gis-id fortuii"
how er. of Mr and Mrs William II
i.i rman. of Areola. fie miles wesi
of here The youngest of the ten
'laughters Kstella was married a few
weeks ago. and Many, the only son.
Is to be married tntnorrow It Is an
.iild fact that each of the families is
located along tin Susquehanna rail
to ad. within a hall hour's ride of each
Naval Architects to Meet.
Kaltliiiorc Md N iN 27 An v ut
of unusual Interest to naval at In
teets and ship build' rs will be the u!i
UUal dinner ol the Progressive r t. i
ot Draughtsmen In this city i u Ighl
' he M1 .I'll.- i I 1 . ".I 11 I'll di . t i
Richmond, Vs.. will tal e part Pros
ln nt annum those to be present are
Admirals Melville aud Hlchbnm.
" le. mas Jardlna "i the WUlissi Trigg
Iklpjrsrd ami Henry it. Caldwell ot
'miii's shipyard.
New Service to Mediterranean.
Hoston Mass Nov 27 The le w
Mi duet in in nil sit vice oi tin- Domin
ion I. In" was inaugui u:. .l tOdSI with
the suiting of thi iieutnship Comnioii
wealth for Cigraltei. Nspwl and Ge
noa with freight and passengers It
h t tptetad that one result of the
estabilsllUieli! ol the new sei s lee will
be to divert much or the business to
Hoston t list has hfOtofOIQ alwavs
bsti enrrtad "" through Nav York
South'a New Industry.
Hiriiiingham Ala Nov. 27.- It was
announced tmlav that everything was
In i. tidiness to begin the mstiufac
tore of steel tails at the mills of the
Tennessee Coal Iron and Railroad
Company Just complete,) mar Knsb y
These will lie tbe first slot 1 tails lor
trunk lines of railway ever built In the
south The ucw plant starts MOTS
tions with large orders on hand Tor
the Southern and Louhnillnl and Naah
vllle railroads
St. Joseph's Jubilee-
Philad. lphia Pa , Nov. 27 Tbe se
ond day of the Jubilee celebration of
St. Joseph's College began this morn
log w ith tin . elel, ration of high mass
by Bishop Mi Paul of Treoton This
evening a banquet takes place in the
lollege hall, at which Governor Htone
Mayor Ashbridge. several prominent
public men and tbe leading Jesuit
Fathers of the eastern province are
expected to be present
To Marry Lillian Costlow.
Cleveland, O., Nov 17. Wlllian
Nuna a prominent undertaker of
Cleveland, will he married tomorrow
to Mias Lillian Costlow of Columbus
The bride-to-be Is tbe young woman
tor love of whom It Is said Ross Per
rell murdered bis friend Ka press Mes
isnitr Lane, a year or so ago. and
for which crime Ferret! waa electro
cuted after one of the moat eenaatlou
al trials In tbe criminal annals of tbe
state of Ohio.
Reported b I. L. Ray A Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers
Wheat in San Francisco.
New York. No. 27 The wheat
market while dull, was fitm. i today
and tin i lose showed a gain of a
hall cent in Chicago and at New
York The opening was lower than
last niitbt. HI'?, and the close SIS
Chicago opened 7fi' and closed 7
Pork xvas up 2!ic and closed $t". fancy
ThON will be no session oi the hoard
tOOKNTOW, Thanksgiving day.
Close yesterday, Sl.
OfkM today, si
Hange today. SlfTSlV
Close today. II
Sugar. 12fi
Steel. 42V
St. Paul. l!t.
Cnion Pacific, int.
Featherweights Ready for a Go To
morrow at Hartford.
Hartford Conn. Nov 27 Kvery
thing is In readiness for the chain
plonshlp leatherw might fight, which Is
to take place here tomorrow after
BOOS under the iiuspl. .'M of the Nut
meg Athletn ctub. Terry McOovern
and "Young Cotb.-ti " (he prosper
tixe ni-lnclpals. Bfe trnlSed to the mtn
ute ami frOM all appenritnces no
lighters were ever III better COQdRiOn
to enter the ring. While the chain
pion is naturally the favorite. It is
most noticeable that every follower Of
the game who has had the prltrllega
' seeing "Young Coib.-tt" in training
has I u Impressed by the appearance
t hat the IVnver hoy. "Terrible Terry"
will faei the hardi'st OppOOenl he httl
ver encountered. This calculation Is
based on the fort thnt Oorbetl has
scored twenty fixe knot k outs since
he has been in the came winding up
by disposing ol such men as .loc
Hernstelti. Bddle Santry and Oscai
in the ItoOoyern . .imp. on tin i ti er
band, theli appeals to In- no lad. ..
DOOMeMM In the result The Mttb
champion eharai tei Istb ally declines
to discuss the result, content lug him
self with the ttatemcnl that h. will
do his best to win the decision At;
sist.-d lix Dannx Dogh'-iiy and HttSh
MeCinetii and u4or the watchful
njm of 8am Harris. IfoOOTem has
rOOaded in to splendid shape
New York Nov 27 MeQOVen
tialuiug for his fight with Corbet) to
morrow . tided this morning He will
take a abort run on tin toad this af
i"t noon Just before leaving for Hart
Corbett Heady It r the Ring.
Hit tin d. Nox . 27 i 'orlii it weiii
out for a run this morning Itef.ir. l,.
stHi-led he announced he would do
no moi'i' work until he nston the
ring. Sports ar. arrlxiug on every
tialli Helling this tin, nihil' is .tl to
six on M-(ioxcrn
Walcott to Box Jackson.
liallliiioie. Md Nov. 27 Tin hpmt
ing fraternity ol Haliiii.iue will have
a Thanksgiving eiilertaliimeiil In the
shsM of a pugilistic contest between
Jo. Wohoti and Too ha. Peter .lack
son The eoatSM Is to b. a twenty
round urTalt under the auspices or tin
Buret a Athletn lub
Entertain and Instruct Peda
gon and Their Friends.
Session Tonight Will End the Pto
gram Milton duaitet Will Sing
Roster of the Instructors Who Have
Attended the Meetmga During the
Three Days.
I a Claude will be the next place of
meeting ol tin Kastern Oregon Teach
ers' MMCtSttOl This with the ofBo
ers for the ensuing year, waa determ
ined dining this afternoon's session
Ik. report of the nomination com
mittec on oftli Ml was adopted
throughout The) are President. K.
K. llragg. superintendent ot I'ulon
county schools, first vice pu snleul. J.
A. Churchill, principal Hakei City
H.-hniiis lecosd x n e president, mub
Nellie Mi SlevetlM. Wcsloll, SeClctai)
N. C. Strange. I'ulon, UlSOIIfSr, Mrs.
Ni III, I n lirande. executive commit
tee, .1. H Ad ermann, statu sup.. tin
lendenl oi schools, P L Forbes, prln-
i pa 1 Pendleton Academy, Mrs. A K.
i nn ho. in Qrnnda NL c Mack, su-
peilnteinleiit (iianl count) schools;
upetlntendeni Pejrlor, itaker city.
It Is nnttclpnted thm the . mirl imun
will be crowded tonight and In anv
e. ut the conxeiition will Imxe I n
one nf the most successful ever hold
In Oregon The HypolttS Male (piartet
oi Milton in to sing this evening, and
tln v alwaxs have an eUthoMSMJ) re
caption In Pendleton.
r.n sdax nvenlnft More peoph thuu
could in- in . omnodnted sough' a.imis
tlon to tl.e . In ult lourt room to he.tr
'In rondltlon Ol the teachers asMocla
tliui program President K H Conk
Mil. presided There were Several
numbers besldea. the two chief attrac
tions which were Dr. WimhIm Hutch
inson of I'. inline' with an address.
aud Miss lei- Peebles of Weston. In
vii. ni soinn. Miss Bent tie, of Weston,
rendered a piano solo and Miss Iji
Hut re. of Wesdin Normal School, gave
a lea, ling, helm- recalled and respond-
Ing xi. ii eftilly Miss Iteatlle'a piano
number whs "Fausi Wall" arranged
by .ln ! a e. lebi ute.l i IsssP' and
liifi) n ndeieil Miss Heattle la teach
er of Inst ru men tnl Rtnsh at the Wc
ton Normal Mkool
Miss POe bleC1 I 4a was "Angus Mae-
doonld)" music by Joseph I, BOSnkol,
i. in in p I Weatherhy, and her
in ore was 'The lt.,1 Hose" Miss
I'ei bins' solo and respol hi to a hearty
encore win- decidedly features of the
ioliveliln.il Miss I'ei I.I. s let It ha
said Is tint 17 yeori old and baa yet
to In- placed under tin tutelage of a
toucher capable to handle h voice such
I IBM possi-Msi .t hv hot Her singing
wus a revelation and pleasantly sur-
..' -,f 9 - 4 y 4
DINNER - - .
25 Cents
25 Cents
Specutlttrs to Ordarr :
(ike point Oysters oe the Half Shell
China Pheasant-.
Mounlala Orouac
I n ah Cracked Crabs
Tral Ducks
Mallard OiKka
Tjte St. George Restaurant
Dinner: Mi 30 a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m.
i ti i .