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! (rfnin the only
Sola BeiWsa Lirf
S5m I 'mnlHUrountf people.
i ml lull k riiw Friday In-
rMin i"liU'ilne.
1 - MARK l ma wwj
The Place
To buy Groceries
is where yon can have a big
,tock to select from. Call
and see me. My stock is
iarfje hnth in fancy ami staple
G. R. Demott
The Boston Store.
Buyers Festival will close Thursday, Oct. :ilst.
100 Pieces of Fancy
All careful purchasers must attend this Sensational Sale.
Every piece marked with a RED TICKET. Prices in plain
figures. During this sale purchasers of Dress Goods may re
ceive our exceptional values of Dress Linings at discount of
10 per cent.
The big busy Store
rederick Nop
Santa Claus Headquarters
Winter mines apace The lonu,
nights are just ahead. Good
'"' to think ol lamps. Their mel
l0 Klow will brighten the home
m save our eyes. We buy lamps
'n )Ke quantities and pay spot
'-ash to the factory.
Fine inckled
plated reading
lamp, worth 43
here on sale at
( do.en beau
titiilniKht lamp
in fancy decora
tions, choice at
Decorated ban
cpaet lamps, cen
tral draught, to
inch Globe to
$1.85 to Sti.SO
I iiunense line of
4WjpgwW new styles to
W" nJHBa mlrt from
-attlP Cbimnnyn, burners, wicks
IM mantels.
Jjever was our line so compli u
fall tints, in boxes with en
Vt'Pes, or in bulk.
Uets, pencils, office supplies,
11 'owest prices.
, J u'rumuier'a sample line of
"'v:s, wortfi 35, 40 and 45 cents;
Wult. they Us, at j5 teats.
The Alexander Department Store.
Fine Dress Goods.
We have jufl reoeived a full stock of the choicest
imported dress goods ' ever shown in PcndUton"
direct from the manufacturer.
We hae a full line of the new weave la.iuatine. Col
ors resada. new rose, old rose, granftt, light griy, navv
hlue and black,
Prunella, whip cord, garnet cloths, whale cords,
finish and mixed wool Venetians in all the
shades, colors which you cannot find in any
store you can procure from us as our stock of
and colored dress u'oods is as complete as any
litllH SIOCK.
Our stock of rainy day skirtings including heavy
waterpioofs. meltons, plain and pehhled cheviots anl
plaid hack worsteds cannot he surpassed.
Your inspection is solicited
The largest stock in the city. If you want a carpet call and see the
line. We will give you estimates sewed and laid.
A Mammoth stock of Furniture.
Next door to
I have a full line of the celebrated
Wood aud coal stoves guaranteed to
be absolutely air tight. None of the
heat is wasted aud the stoves will
save ONE HALF of your fuel bill.
1 also have a full liae of cast cook stoves and steel ranges.
Prices are the lowest, quality considered.
T. C. TAYLOR, the Hardware Man.
741 Main street, Pendleton, Oregon
As l:eryone Knows
fresh nes. m gn cries is )iist as
MMllfill as 'l is 111 KH or ,ne
niakinu f pU'hlniKs. pastry, etc,
l.wtyone ought to know that 1
take a special pride m selling only
Uroc cries that are fresh.. No stale
stock in this stoic. The mackeral
we sell at I24c a piece is fresh
The Italian newnpapern report that
King Kriwarri will p.inn tin- winter a'
San Homo.
Andrew Oarnenle' offer of a $100.
000 puhllrlthrary tor Sian Jung haa
been accepted
John IV Rockefeller haa preueattd
40,000 niarkato the Anicrhan urch
fund at Herlin. which HI ainounta to
100, niarka
At CklflSMhJMMI McOHiiy. tin or
iKlnator of K. Peter Dunne's "Doolev. '
dtednl an advanced aae M (larrv was
lormerlv a saloon-keeper.
The total I'liatoma revenue lor the
NtN month enrleil.liily HI. 19nl. ai
Philipplnepnrth. wan H,0tt,lll, an g
e reuse over the name period of f00
of $1.1 14..!: ami over 199 of 11,469
At KaletKh, N. t. Unvci.or il.oek
opened the nnro atate fair In an ail
dNgfl in which he urged UM Iter men
(O hllilcl Hp society i hemaelv Pt,
founded on culture Intelligence and
The dinner when hy Preetden' i'ia
in honor ol the xialtlna "leaat t- to
the Pan American congress, wax one
01 the moat perfectly appointed , liter
tiiinnunta ever given in the (" ol
The transport KlrkpBtl vH wM le
emits eaauala and pgpeetlert, will
sail lor Manila next K. ulay The
twenty eighth regiment i luiiititry
wlllsall Nov II! on the trnnnport Qrnnf
tor Manila The Meade la scheduled
to sail loi Manila Nov. HI
lielieral Chaffee notified til. win de
partment that the transport WnrtOg
I. It Manila on the L'lith Inst, fOI Bug
Francisco She will atop at !Sa ;;...n I. i
to take on the nick from UM transport
Sheridan waltliiK repairs at thai port
He ala.i announced the atilval of tM
Hancock at .Manila on the lltn
Tin Northern 1'aelfle Is saul jo have
made a runt no t insurlhK pro,iert
tgnlnat Bra to tko amoum of Itoooo
JOMpIl DuttOD iikoiI 10 at drop
, pod dead with apoplaK) while plow
lnt in n field neat Salem He 1 it a
1 w ile ami MVM children.
A not hit mIiiicc liov riddier.. look
placa on No below lowei niKi io'itv
on llomltiiHIl Creek, aholil .'in IlllleM
l loin Dawson The claim ik u hillside
owned l. h'lt.HlmmoiiK at.n la ion
The .out ml lei of tha currency
ilchitHiatcd the First National Hi. Ilk of
Ni York and the Slate National
Hunk of St. Louts, as receive agnnta
nl the I inte.l Statea National BmI
oi PorUud
A larae numher ol the maidenta and
taxpayers ol Cimih county have pile
tinned tor the tiarUou ei Domlnlel;
Servi la who was reeehed at the penl
tnaUnry in May. nail, to mrvt a three
ears' seiiieuee tor assault with i dan
Heroin- weapon.
Captain N. I., .lohtison, of the
at I m r Blglln. which reiurnei' Imui
Nome litliiKH the news mat nil ol
the Sllierlaii peninsula tltMMUajl into
Helmut; Sea. and the Arctic, eeihrai'
ItiK ulioiit lisniHi square miles, will ''
thrown open to public miiilriK opera
UoM next sprliiK.
At a nicetlim ol tin no hoiiril ol
diractori "i the Orsaoa t'aiitoinia
Kuilmail ('ouiiany. the loliowliiK !
loin wcie ekOMOJ i'resident. K II
Harrlmau v lee pn-sldenls Charles II
Tweed and It Kindlier, xoi r.t, ii
(ieoiKi II Andrews . aaalstant se.re
tary Alexander Miller; treasiir. N
T Smith
News loiues l mm the fan oils Tread
well mines, in Alaska, thai a work
nan had BOM eauaht tty tiK 1,1 tM
a liar ol Kohl mulct au"h ileum
stances as to lead the inani vi . ol
the proM-rty to think that ike 0OH
pan has heen suffering putt) robbar
ies at the hands of some o its work
bjm u tot many year a
Two men wen arteated t It. ... i.iiik
hy Marshal Hlllard on acspu ion ot
llUVitlK IMM 1 olilici led With till l.'i .'III
hold up and roliliery of the Southern
Pnolflc train. They Kavc ihcli nun. m
an Jamie I'eltmoie and Jack Wllaou
linili ui. KtruiiKi'i's at KoscImiik I'hev
wen held on a chai'Kc ot Mfaal drunk
and disorderly They delate ihat
they came troin The Hallea and Heiip
Always atcka to Oivl ..me evjirisMon
for itU II mid won... 11 ifnrtitnds '
keep si.' ii. tin ll peuUt nanetlliiea
I) Win .1" Hawaii write these test lime
Jala to Uw valu of P Wcico'a Pavorini
I'u 1 iptlonf I hr
auawai ann ,ir
j, nt in one aruvd,
Uratitudt, WUM,
f lii years of
ajRMl woman I
freed fioin pain,
whi 11 tie weak
KMI .01 is marie
t roux .Old the
sr k uoaian wt 11,
tin- natural lav
pul i kt to wl Ita a
wool of nrati -l
titan Ita tot the
Mafic 1m w h 11' h
raiita d tna curt.
iJr I'ien r' l a
vonte l'r. . 1 1 j i . 1. 11
cui.s diaaaaaa
L'tiliai tn woiiii 11.
blablialle ircuu
lanty. aloiis weak
rniii drain 1, hi uU
Inflainuiati'n and
ulceration and
iUrai ! 1 in a 1 e
"Havinu um.I lir
V t
m r..
kt 1 .
ru. . Ml, M..IIU. I...IIU lit l'l ..il v
Co. I'u " 1 tan lriilhlul', :-. . ."in. id .lu-111r.il
out. fur id! tt-iuul wwakueMwa 1 kavc iiM-d
avvtral liuttlr .f I a..oi. Prcx ic.'i'.n ' arhtch
J cuiisi.lt r h iical blr.iug ui .:u'k v.'iurii I
wan mj uri von. ami dWair"ad liwit I haidly
km a wli.il iu ilu Yum kiiid advlcir fur htaac
Irrut111. nl i'l-lpeil uir wottderrudy Thaaka lu
lii Picrc.
Doctor I'iercc'a I'leasant I'ellet tture
tiitiousiiev, ami kick headaclie The.
ahoulil 1m- lined iii connection with
"Favorite Pruapriptioo " wuannvaf t-Ue
use ol a laxative is in 1.. .... .1
o -
Schley's Presentation of the
Case Has Ended.
In Attempted Reierwl of the EHecl Prodnrfd
by the DeleoM ol thf Knr
faahlncton. Oct 11, PrMwnuttlon
ol Sehley'i alile of the cnae wi s eo n
plated in the court of IiuiuIia thW
nornlni Lnnlty than produced nn
nrrm ot wlttwaaaa in rabuttnl Cnp
t n in Pordan. Jr., nnrlna oScni mi tic
MiooMyn dtllind the war. Wll the ml
nlrnl'i last wltMna, Nothing. n dn"
trdopad Irotn hla tiHllmoiiN .w
tananl Oonmnndnt urant. 01 tin- Mnaa
achtiaatta, the Rral arttnwa in rebut
tal. wax naked to relate 1 icineran
Hon he had with I .leiiteiiaul Ban fa
Kn nor objected
The 1 on rt luatnlnad the nbjartlou
after .1 kM argument, ami Qrnnl n
t'aptaln Siashee w.ia then illod hv
1 .em 1 1 1 Rnynor objected to the call
Ing ot Bigal ami the eonrl ndji urned
before announcing a declalon While
the argunenta eTere in pragreai Bigg
lice hiiIiI he would like to mill,. .1
sun. in. ni inn Dewey refuged " hem
Mtei the reoegg the court decided
Blggbet could tiHtitx lie ggjd he met
the newgpnper bonl and Informed the
forreapondenta they were in dancer
it'oin torpedo honta at SnnHna" This
wna on the L'Mh of May It war ioiut
I out to Blggbea he had teettfJed he
did not know the Bpgnlgrdi grore ai
Bantlngo until May g.
Bnglneer Clnxton, of the Tevna, who
teetlfled the port gggring aww stopped
ami reTemed gbonl the, time ot the
Brooklyn'! loop, . the next eituneg,
lull w hoKc teatlinoiiy waa eont I :ul l I ed
tn ii gglneer in chnrcg of the en
gine, who whh the next wltneea, mil
ggjd he iniMht have heen gllatnkcn, hut
thoilKllt he WHH iii III
Division of the Mediterranean Squad
ron Detached for a Special Mi.
I 'aria. Oct. 1 1, An --eta- .1! BOtl ll
Sued today. Htateh that onh I are
legged In detach a illvlMlon of the
Msdltermnen'i attnidroo tor u gwelnl
miaalou ll u- rtgted the unlet i nnve
beeg damled to Admiral Oglllnrd who
will command the dlvlalon. Tin gewi
pnporg whi'h had ggewnd gfenrlong in
lormation ri-KardinK Ibe movi ue tit.
agnounned huh gMmlni H'ai the
Kientlll warablia are to k to 'I'm l ey
in enforce rVeneb ciaimr. ggnlnai iimi
it la believed Tnrke) win bnrdli
h i the ggatlgfg reach au linn, i rltlcnl
Hiaxe than they have, hut will Bottle
the Kl'ench i lallllh hi lore I he aiimd
ion a i rn i H In Turklah walera The
liorte haa acknowledged the lalidit)
oi the debta, hut France ragnrda 'he
viai antei h ol bet I n it v in. ni aa in
ufBclenl and hence the draHtn action
whu h har. been taken. A ganmbnt oi
tin i bamher ot riaiuillea deelar. .- tin'
degannntmtang by the nugiliog
ggsnunia to a de. laration of win
An .din lal i tin lorelan 0MI1 n
I'allianl hai. hi-en ordiued In t nk .1
demonntrnUon aKuinat Tnrhei
Kentucky Wmtct Hany a Neyro Fiom
the Slap of tha Tempi of Justice.
HoriKciikille K (let A nn di
took Hllae Kaateia from the jail thla
gaxifglni and i...i,,. i him 1 10111 the
court holla.- atepa He waa aceum .1 ni
u revolting crime The moll waa I. .1
hy the victim aud Hie latler'a father.
Tin negro koi away from the mol. in
1 1. nit of the court house, hut waa rtu
died with bulletg, theu taken hai k to
tin Steps and hanaed
Two Correspondenta Threaten to 8u':
the Ca-aacratary.
New York, Oct 11. Klcliarri Haul
In Oavih and ('saner Whitney liu.hi
an to hin Qenecnl Alger for 11 in 1 on
oil ol a statement lu hla hook
I in s..n, mh American War," rettei t
1.. ' 11 tin 11 1 outage Alirel bi'vn 11, 4i
ui lie Iiailli ill l4iS (iuasimsa lhe Hid
at tin Hrsl tin- hoaidluK a trnnaiMU'l
ami wntiiiK an imaginary nccounl of
in. . iiKaK meut. Aa a matter 01 tm 1
' ami Whltmy were in the thick
ol Hie tray.
The Case Will Gat to tha Jury Thie
1 in ' gjg oil. lua H. Hturai I vs. Wll
nam nuser was Iii-kuu tu Hi- cue
court yeeterdnji aittuuoou n is for
th. lolleciion of a uromlsorv not
Which, is U alleged, the den udant
KSVe ti the I'elidlelini Mt.reui.til
pnnj ami afterwards passed Into the
iiauua 01 Mrs Hturgls. The not i,,
the Interest at ) oer cent liuu IBftS
auiouula to i!26 60. inly three wit
nesses were examined, two for the
plaintiff and one for the de'eune Tbey
were in order, G. A. Hartmon, C B
Wade aud the defendant, William l(..
I .-, i 'u. u i I Haley appeared for tin
Plaintiff and T. 0. Ilalley for the de
Reported b I. L. Ray A Co.. Pendle
ton. Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock exchange Brokers
I he main markets were very gtoad)
todni with n rather atroi.aer under
tone UVOrVOOl cloned MH
Vork ,..en. .1 K Tri: anil eloaeil gl
Chtengjg anineii ciiwii.R ;
to "a Corn waa nanln the ttronl card
and anlneri Se I'ork nnchnnaed
BtOckl lower.
Otoned rggtnrdnyi ifs.
Opened toriny. Trt,'i
Bnnge todny. "iMi7.
t'loaltiK tixlay. 7ft4.
Siiiint tlaVt.
Steel. lf
St rani. Iti!'.
ITntnn Pnclto, ItBfA,
Wheat In Chicago.
ChlcngO, Oct :l Wheat. Wfg and
;o c antg per bnggtnt.
Wheal in San Francisco.
San Kninclaco. Oct III Wh.ui
'ft ' , .in. i gt par ceiitni
Tlie Low Supporters Are Gaining Con
fldroce aa Campaign Progresses
New York. Oct :!! Seth Low In 11
en to nine favorite In Ihla morn
Inn's ixtt nn
Winter in Alaaka.
I'orl Townaenil. Oct. 31. The Itog
poke, the I net of the Nogae pnnnenget
Meet, arrfred ftern today with ' ;nn
ellKclH She ri'lHirlH Hull all lililccH
In the ninth gOVU gJOBg 'nlo wlntei
qunrterk, ami Hint crnfl ot nil klnni
111 Nome, St MIchaelH mid Ihitclilini
hot are being luiiileil off for wiutet
viioiii MNai people win wlntei .1'
Govermnent Buying Bond.
Wnahlngton. ct It, Bnerntnrj
lege auonunceil thin afternoon Hint
In would reeumetbe puri luiae m Iniiiilh
loin holdi'lh .it the I.. II. 'im lllli'H
Ml hIioiI Iwo'h. Hllee'K, foul's mid
iiicm. ni an Intereel return of 1 7"s per
cut and nil 1. .ui' tour'a ill l.gOg per
Earl Russel Re-Marries Mollis.
London. Oct. .11 Karl Ituanel, tin.
1 nlng re-mnrrted Moiiie Bummer
le. whom lie nun 1 nil III Nevildll
mid lot which he wna aetitenei ri 10
tine, uniiith h imprlaoiinieul lm h.u
Turkey Repudiates tha Blame.
Conntnntlnopkn, OoC Turkey In
lal n. NiepN to renlnt the .l. tnands
ii tin I ulled Htittea for repuyuient ol
he illusion neceanary to aeciire Mis.
Slone h release Turkey repiuHati
nil reepoualblllty,
Royal Periginators Return.
Weymouth. Kiik Oi i II Tin
llul.e mid liiiehena ol York uri- l
In 1. 1 1 lin n win Id h toiii todlli
Bottle of Champatgne Broken Ovei
the Tiret Foundation Slone in Li
fontaine Building.
The lauui IiIiik ol a hi ii I. Idoi I. in n
i. .lm. iimi he unknown i,m neveilhe
lees in Pendleton annh u HiIuk trnna
piled, w hen thin llflel nooli. Ml l Hun
l..ii mi Hue broke a hottle oi ehniii
pllKIP' llVer Hie ItlHt folimlaHoll Mtlllle
laid Ii) Hie maaoiiM for the flue new
In Ii I linlldliiit Mi I ii t . in t ii I n i - In now
reeling The ceremony occurred nl
ithoui -' o'clock, and wan witueaaed
hy a ...no ol piisoiih. at the aile
i iin propoeed atrud Main street,
es nidi lii'iwi'i'ii wi'Mi ami Alia
V oi 1. on Hie lm Hit iiu In In he in In I
ho ah lo have it louiplele hint an niHiu I
gB poHhlhlc It will he nn. by one,
hundred feel ground dimensions, mad
w in in hulll according to piaici drawn
ii) nn' wi'iiMiown Itrclillecl I f
Ho w m d
Valuable Postage Stampa.
Ill Hie leeenl edllloll ol the I'm.
amrelcan two cent iioatuae atumpa n
VBI I'liiml Hint Hie lllilhl I al loll Wan
printed upni'le down ami aa only a
lew ol lliem were hold hefoie MMII
not lied Hie value ol III. in haa heen
grentlj uuieaaeii Peonla who have
no e Hand Hont.lt. IK HtollUlcIl Mil
tars plnce a very hlah valualhui mi H
an u family madli lm- It . lm weuk
people Slid Hie Ino i d. -Hi all nloliiach
'an i. -l.tiii it It i.ntmen Ihe uppelll.
and stlmiilatDk the digestive maaim
thereby astmottng an the nntaitiva nl
agBgnl from the mod It has a rnoord
of fifty years of cures of ludlgeatlon,
.)hpi ala conatlpatloii. and ghtulenc)
lo Ita credit We urae you lo liy it
I he K ' null' haa our I'nvale lite
Stailii over the neck of the
Five tiaiiipn at lulituiKht robbi I two
other hohim mi tin- umth Umnd freiiiht
ill H I Ihe lull, i were Iih. -IIiik-
III Ihe refriKi'l ulin i UI Win ll the liuuv
of Ave pounced on them, heut them
owt the iiead with icvolvi is. robbi
them of three walcliea me ol nonl
and $17 In money.
Our Car I.hmu of
To oOM ("t us soon as M)n.iillo in ordor to make room
tor another car in transit.
PiaaOd are beint sulil at surprisingly low prices
to some of (tie leading citizens of tins section
Do not daisy getting a piano at once as you will
get the bargain of your life it you buy this month
Sold on Busy
Almost Every High Urada
Court 0 trout, Lm Doer Blk.
ll Was in Answer to a Peace
Conilliioas In Roholl Island Am Not Satisfac
tory god (ienaial HuftbM Will
Go There it Once.
wneblngtm SI The lo iowina
la rrom General Chaffee Manila. Odd
:i General Mughea wires nie nn fol
lows Insurgent forcea in CoBB
Iglgnd hnvc roma In to lay down their
n nis iii good i o it ii in obudtonog of
demands oi the people for pence IM
rlflee, elghl hrnas plccen, So officers.
l7o nu n Affalrn Hie nut. yet iHtu-fac
ton iii Bobol lalnnd I may Bherg ad
tlltlonnl troops there for BettkfgMgK.
This sillies lm the prenent. ntlennt,
rilaturlM m en hitherto filleting in CJe-
l.ii I shall ildilse llllKhen to WnSte
no time bill move on llohol Inimedl
Judge Har.ccy. of Chicago, Appolnta
Special Counael for that Purpose.
t'hiciiKo.Oc t, .11 I'tnlRe lliineey to
dm appointed u speclnl attorney for
Ills court lo bring certnlg ptlhlh ntionn
alleged ncnmhiloitn artlelen tN.fore hla
it mid uncertain the names of the
i 1 1 -s pt inn 1 1 de tor their :ipiciir
mice iii Henrat's CbUmgo AgaononBi
With the View ol tllkltlK nlepn to pull
ish then lor rotitempt The m Helen.
it is alleged, were nubllnht d for put
pa 1 tlmlduie the llldne Into ren-
di I IIIK ll del I noli UKUlilSt Hli' Klin trual
iii the ipio wnimnto proceedlngjg inmi
iiii.d on behnll ot Hie Amerlong
A M.idnun in Paris.
Pnrlg, oet ii a iii.ni ni. in onnnnd
g see sat Ion m the Kiysee yeatenlny hp
. i viio: I'm a heavenly messenger
sen) io kin Waldeck Rouneenu " Ire
ue in rested loadiil revolver wan
found on hln peiHOII
Around Ihe World.
Pnrli Oct ;il Sun ton I himoi t con
ii inpliiii H H iilina iiroiinii ihe v.urlil In
hln minhlp
Sold State Hotel at Walla Walla,
Saye a Telegram From There.
Wiilla W.illu Oct 31 Mra W. A.
Kuonti proprletreng oi the I'alac
Hotel vi i. 1. 1, iv n. i .nn. nwiii'i "i in..
I hi tilnliiiiKh mid llxluien nl the Hotel
Still' vvlil.li in III. punl hie. heon
. iiinln. I. d nn. I. i Ihe IlliiuaKelneul of
M I Kl lie) Mi K. II' v linn leased
ilu- lloldeu Rule lintel, ai PonBlntgB
eaad win renmve to iiiut citv In the
mini nt ui The terma nl ! ,.i -wei.
noi made ptihllc
'I'lllh aellleH lor Hie preHelit. lit leaat,
til in iH'.Ov in,. bttlldlBd which the
hoi. i m situated in the property or
George l.udwlga.
Wtntf BBYBftJ
.ttn-k uiul Krmi
Ian mm I'm Ku.il-
tra btiyeni.i
1 Have you Either to Sell?
Time HaymeaU.
Fiauo Tade to Chooee From.
& Failing
Peiadlnton, Orogon.