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A financial and industrial crisis ia
reported to be spreading in Germany.
The walla of 8t. Paul's cathedral,
London, are nettling from the vibra
tions of the underground train which
pass near it.
With the exception of the (irewt
Wettern, the I iab railways will
not pay dividends thia year on account
of great decrease in trallic during the
past six montha.
As a reault of the recent breaks,
plana for incmaains the strength and
practically doubling the carrying ca
pacity ol the Brooklyn bridge have
been prepared by William llildehrand,
superintendent .
Lord Cnrr.on, governor general of In
dia, telegraph that the total rain in
ti e inland districts is only half the
normal fall, hut that the crop prospects
are fair. The total number of persons
on the relief rolls is (V.Y1.000.
Secretary Root's order cutting off the
use of commissary supplies by civilian
employes in the I'liilippines is caus
ing consternation among the minor
clerks, whose expenses are thus
Danny Maher, the American jockey,
will probably never re-enter the race
BOMIBB. Owing to a serious hemor
rhage i the lung, hia phystcans have
cautioned hint that a further attempt
to ride would be fatal
The directors of tin standard Oil
enmpanv of New Jersey have declared
S quarterly dividend of 8 per cent.
This compares with a declaration of
1- per cent in .lone and M per cent in
Nearly L'OO miles on one battery
chaw is the latest performance of an
electric automobile, setting a new
mark for these vehicles. The machine
is the joint output of two Cleveland
companies and a Chicago com pan v.
The military government of Manila
ceased on Wednesday and the munici
pal affairs were taken over by the three
commissioners, similar to the novern
ment in the District ol Columbia.
The president is the Filipino Colonel
Judge William Cecil I'rice, I nited
States treasurer under President Itn
chauaD, died at Chicago Tuesday at the,
home ol Ins son-in-law . William S.
Newherrv, aged 8i years. Judge I'rice
settled in Springfield, Mo., in the
early BO'l
The Central Labor Union at Kaston,
Fa., has adopted a resolution denounc
ing Andrew Carnegie as "a foe to la
Isjr," and iirotesting against the
school board of Kaston acceiting I'd.
(SK) from Mr. Carnegie for a librarv .
There are heavy lires in the Hlue
Mountains, north of I.ai.rande.
The board of public works of I'oit
laud has granted a ten year franchise
to the I'acitic Slates Telephone com
pany in consideration of J.VMi a tear
to be pa id to the city.
I'errv I'ix, a boy of 11', was run oer
and killed by a freight train pulling
"it of the Northern I'acitic yards at
Tacouia, Tuesday. The tsy was rid
ing on a switch engine and jumped off
iu front of the freight.
I ire on Wednesday morning destroy
ed the livery and feed stable, corner of
sixth and Cuucli street, Portland, and
40 horses were burned to death. The
loss is i.iu.ixai, partly covered hv
su ranee.
Northern Pacific officials report s
forest tires rain in Missoula county.
No great damage ha as yet tioeu done,
hut owing to the unusual dry condition
of vegetation the outlook is regarded as
Three Oregon text iss.ks are among
those adopted by the commission.
They are Mr- F.inerj Dye's "Stories
of Oregou", Wui. K. Lord's book M
urnithology and Mrs. Kamiie Hardy
Fckatrou'a "Bird Book."
John Keuimctt, father ol Mis. Wil
liam Van de Water, of Walla Walla,
was seriously hurt by a vicious hull
Wednesday on Maurne Powers' farm i
miles south from Walla Walla. Hit In
juries are serious but lie will recover.
The proposition is before Baker City
people to organize an athletic club and
pr.svide a bume lor tbe many youug
aud old men who have a few hours to
spare during the day or evening and
no particular place in which to spend
the tune, thus being open to the
tempts t i. of places not good for
tl cm.
" By their fruits yr shall know them "
Tlu SfS) u iuo ut tin- vslMS of any
uicdi. nit is L its cures. A,pl hat
t. -,1 lo In Pierie's 1'avoritc Prescription
and it is at ome lilted high als.vt all
other put-up medicines ili-kigucd tor
tbe cure ol womanly discaaes C bionu
forms ot di-A-a which loi.il nhyweian
have tailed to cure, aud winch have
yietUed tft no other treatment have Is en
p. riccily and pemwneDtb cured by the
in- of I'r 1'ierce's l avorite Prescription.
It M lilies inoutbl.N regularity. It
dries debilitating drains, n heals in
flammation aud ulceration die I cures
HMBtSSt wcakueaa.
Mis. ahouirnie of Hslluu blicll.y Co (lino
writrs '' M luutht-r had su overiee tuniitf
whicli wr thouglil would rtnuli ill her druth
but we hud read uur udvc-rlu-iULUI aud wt
tounuruic-d iisiuy your ' Favorite rveecriptioe
We su! ollt 'Iceu botlle Iu Qomaicecc with
ud hefor sac had tak-n ihrrt U.ltl.s ke
tjrgsn lo uupiove she ib living tu (In) aud wr
have given youi loedi.ine the credit My
muii..i was ataty-eia yeare oid whrn th. tassoj
4a.unurni.cd ll grow : hr is M-vrlity aix uow
aud th, luiuoi is ah gum slu had goiUee
awfully Later, aud hn liuiU. btgaii to iwefl
urloir wi urgau to im vuui Favoritr Pre-
acrlpiiuu 1 "
Dr. Pierce's Plcaaaul Fellels cure bilt-HSJBJSSj
Gompers and Shaffer Hold
Earnest Conference.
Will Mike i hV Tleup of tbe Industries
in I he Kaslfrn States.
Pittsburg, Aug. I, Snorllv before
noon, QaSSpSIS ami Shaffer went into
conference and at 1 :. to o'clock were
still talking. At that time, Shaffer
announced lie did not know when the
conference would terminate. Hefore
the meeting, (tompers said his first
endeavor would be to review the attel
strike in ita entirety, lie wants to
learn the cause that led up to the
trouble ami the present status of the
struggle to secure a basis for future in
telligent act ion.
The conference adjourned at SlM
(or luncheon. Shaffer seemed happy
when he emerged from the conference
rOOSt, but refilled to talk, linmpcra
I Stl Basted he will make a settlement
when the DOtMUltStioO terininatixl
No Defection From Strikers' Ranks.
Pittsburg, Aug. 8. There have not
liecn any defection-, from the strikers'
ranks so far a can le learned, but
notwithstanding this fact the niana
gers of some ol the trust mills have
been successin! in placing a portion of
tbe plants in operation. The success
of the management in opening the
Clark mills was a great surprise to
tbe workmen ami the throngs of strik
ers who gathered to discus-, tbe itua
UOS were deeplv char,; I tied There are
mi indications of trouble.
Arehblshop Irstaml a Psaesmaksr.
New York, Aug. M. Archihsbop
John Ireland of St. Paul, who has
Is-en here for several days, is en
deavoring hi bring about a settlement
of the steel strike, according to a
close personal friend, who says the
acrhbishop will soon visit Mckinley in
the interest ol the steel Workers.
Archbishop Ireland desires to see .1.
P. M i;iin this evening or tomorrow.
Hartford, Conn,. Aug. M, -Archbishop
Ireland tma denied the Now
York story that he is seekingto bring
alsillt settlement of the steel strike.
Clark HUH Don't Worry Shaffer.
Pittsburg, Aug M. -Shaffer does not
take the starting of Clark's mill ser
iously. He says there is a gnat dif
SIMMS between throwing coal into a
furnace to make smoke and opSfStlug
a mill with steady hands.
One Non-Union Mill starts.
Pittsburg, Aug. 8. - One mill started
here this mnrning with nonunion men.
Want Kxeluilon or ( hlnese Act.
New Yolk, Aug. K. - The American
Federation ot Labor has issues! an ap
ieal to the people of the ( lilted States
to assist the organization in securing
the passage by congress of a rigid Chi
liese exclusion act .
Gompers at Plllsburai.
Pittsburg, Aog. 8. Samuel (iompers
arrives! here this morning lor the
conference with the Amalgamated As
sociation official.
bompers and federation to Assist.
Chicago, Aug. H.--A Pittsburg spe
cial quotes IseSMI iompers as saving:
"1 am here to couler with President
Shaffer. The American Federation of
l.abor is heart and soul with the steel
workers in the present light. The
Amalgamated association wilt get from
I the outside moral and financial assist
ant c, ami, il necessary, our active co
oeration Just what course the Fed
eration will pursue I cannot as yet say ,
! but, whatever .-halter asks of us, be
can le aasure.l it will not Is. rsraSBB
Sanvulne at MeKeesporl.
McKeesport, Pa , Aug. S The
strike situation here is unchanged. No
attempts have been made to start nnv
of the mills. All is iliut. The strik
ers are most sanguine j( success.
A Trust Labor Union.
New York, Aug. 8. -A report is iu
circulation in Wall street this alter
noon that the steel trust proposes to
I fight tbe Amalgamated association by
forming a rival asaoc;altoo ol iron,
i steel and tin workers. It was said I he
trust would endeavor to enroll in its
membership all its non union employ-
Charaed by Drivers In the Plre Dsparl
minl There '
Portland, Aug. I, A number of
drivers in the Are department have
tendered their resignation, which
j were accepted, and thereby hangs a
i tale. The charge ot rank lavorltisio
is being made by some of the late
drivers against the liard of lire BBSS'
uilaalouer. Under the provision ul
ii , , bSPtSf. drivers ase entities! to t7
per month The assertion is made
that, through favoritism, some driven
were paid 17. a month, while others
were given but loo. D was tins uu
eual uirthud of paying all the men
claaaesi by llieuteelvea that raised dia
eention and reaultesl in half a doien
drivers withdrawing Irom the service.
When the matter was laid before tbe
commissioners, they are rearted lo
have ultimate! to the men that resig
nations would i.e accepted as there was
a good reserve of applicants for job in
the department.
Soyaa Had a Wife In Portland.
Portland, Aug. 8. -Kbeu 1.. Boyoa,
tbe murderer who was hanged in Ta
nnine today, has an ex-wjle living in
Portland. Uocye was a musician aud
was considered quite proficient on the
cornet. tie married his first wife
bere, but was aftewrards divorced.
The second wife he married while on
tbe .-'.uii I aud it was this woman
whom he murdered anil for whose
death he today paid the jamalty.
A Fued la Kentucky.
Louisville. Ky . , Aug. 8. Because his
18-year-old daughter would not abumit
to him, Clement buchter shot and
killed her thia morning. The wife waa
also shot by the unnatural tathei , al
though not fataily. The murderer was
arroeUsi .
Reported by I. L. Ray ( o . Pendleton.
ChlBBo Board of Trade and New York
Stock Bxehanare Broker.
New York, Aug. 8. -The wheat
market was higher early, but on the
advance here was considerable wheat
for sale and tbe close was .r-8 under
vesterdav. Liverpool closed :t-8 high
er. t s. New York BfMJMd
lower. 7t 1-8, sold up to 77 and closed
7,'14. Corn was strong Closing f-8
higher, 81 3-8.
Htocks higher.
Close vesterdav, 7t
Open tislav, 1 1-8.
Range balay, 74 to 77.
Cloe today, 7M4.
taskSI Sugar, ItMl steel, 43; St.
Paul, M 1-8; V. P., 1'4.
Wheal In ( hleaao.
Chicago, Aug. 8. -Wheat. 71 ' to
70 :-8.
Wheal In San Franelseo.
San l-ranctsco, Aug. 8. Wheat, 101,
r H h AMAt.UA-
Asioelatlon ot Iron, mssi and Tin Work
en. Calling lOO.OOO Men to
Strike Aumu 10.
"Brethren -The olllcials of the
I sited tates sleel trust have rsfnsed
to r guise a union men thoe who
are cow striving for the right to organ
ize. I be executive bOSfd ba author
Issd BM t" issue a call on all Amalga
tna'co men in name and heart t join
tn tb. movement to tight for labor's
"Ws inns, tight or give up forever
our personal liberties.
Son will he told that you have
llgBSd contracts, hut you never agreed
to MrrsndsT thosa contract to tin-
I'niteil -lutes Sfeel corporation. Its
otlicers i: 'nk you were aold to them
i ii -1 us the mills were, contract and
"RsBMMlbSf, before you agreed to
Snj i on Intel voti look an obligation to
the A iiialgaiuattsl association. It now
calls yon to help in the hour of n I.
I nlcss the trout, Ii' is settled on or
bofore Satunlav. August 10, 118)1, the
mills will close when the last tun I
made mi that day.
"Brethren, till! i the call to prt
serve our organ iat ion. We trust vou
and need vou.
"Coiue aud help us and may right
come to a just cause
"Fraternally POMPS.
"T. .f. 1HAFFIB."
Counell Purchazes Nelson Plaoer System
Paying Thoreror S I a, 000.
l aser City, Aug. a. Last evening
the cite council passed an ordinance
authorizing the mayor to purchase the
Nelson PISCM Mining company water
system Kir the sum ol f Ift.iXHI. I bis is
an additional supply to Ilk creek
which is now tapped hv the new gravi
ty water system. It gives to Tlaker
Citv from MSI lo its) inches of the pur
est mountain water during the lowest
season and several thousand inches,
it desired, during much of the year.
I he system purchased is known as the
old Auburn canal system, which was
used by the earliest placer miners lo
eating around Auburn iu the 001
Beaches the Fatherland From Hit Cam
palan In China.
Ilamhii'u, Aug. H Count Wahlcr-
s.-e landed here todav . He was met
by army ofltSSPI aud relative and at
tended to the city by five thousand
troops and a large crowd ol civilians.
The royal faintly was unrepresented in
the welcome, but will receive the re
turning held marshal In Cnmhlirg
on SSBSSI A brilliant military re
ception had boats planned, but was
abandoned on account of the dowager
empress deal b.
Collided With the Oseanlsa off Water
ford, Ireland, Lives Lost.
,, , i, slow ii Aug. a I he While
-star liner l leeaiiic which sailed from
Livnrpis.l vesterdav collided III a
dense log near Walerford with the
steamer Kincara I be latter sank and
manv of her crew are missing The
collision caused a j aim on the Ocean
ii -oven ol the Kincsra's crew were
Socialist of Bulgaria Demand Dethrone
ment of Perdluaud.
lolgti Hulgaira, Aug. 8. Ihe BObIsI'
,si BQMMfSSI this morning adopted a
resolution demanding the removal ol
King Icrdiiiaie! ami the BBtStbl isbuieiil
ol a llulgarian republic Most ol the
delegalea have great influence among
'I,, masses.
bout Were Hilled When the Ba surslon
Trains Cane Toaelher.
Pittsburg, Aug. 8. - Two Mictions Ba
an excursion train c, Hides! a short
distance from the city this morning
Light pasaeugers and two traiuiueu
were seriously Injured Some arc not
, (.,, I, d to I.
Detnonstrailon Agaloat CoDsiauiioopia
Aaaot Quay Ownership.
Ville Praui he, Frame, Aug. 8. 1 be
I rencli squadron here ha received or
ders to nreoare to leave at a moment's
I notice. 'The destination is not known,
but is believed to be Constantinople.
Qpuesome Seattle Dlasovary.
Seattle, Aug. 8. Laborers excavat
ing near Hie race track in the aouth ol
the city thia afternoon found an iron
cheat co. taming tbe remains of a girl
aged fifteen. The ribs were broken
aud tbe skull crushed. It waa evi
dently the reeult of a murder some
years ago.
Scottish Urauditaad Collapaed
Paisley, Scotland, Aug. 8 At a raaie
uieeliug here today, the grand stand
crowded with people collapaed Manv
' peraous are repo'ted injured.
Teamsters Join Those Already
on (he Strike.
liny Ships Krmilo Id the Hirbor jUiiiin
SeltNinnl ol lb. Troubles.
San Francisco. Aug. t. The team
iters of ihe street weeping and
sprinkling forces joined the strikers
bslay. The streets therefore are BM
swepi iiint uiisprinklrd.
Ninety coasters, and twenty deep
water vessel, are idle iu the barlsir
It I- expected the wholesalers tumor
row will refuse to credit the retail
grocer- in Month Market street, whe,,.
a majority of IBS strikers reside. No
disturbance, have occurred
Arrested Under Suspicion of Implication
in Hold Bobbery.
Sun Francisco, A MB. 8. - n ex em
ployee of the Mbl -rneller. John Win
ter was arrested last night and subject
ed to an lBiMSitl0H b the BOltSS all
I g It is thought ha made
a confession rtajjSfdlsaj IM gold rob
bery t.reat SBBPSS1 II maintained r.
gardtug the result ,, attempt was
made at the smeller tins morning to
nit blood hounds on the trail, but it
is (eared il will Iss unsuccessful , owing
to the lapse of time.
no Winter's cabin near the smelter
works was a posted sign warning h.,.
iile not to enter on pain oi being
killed. An ftfSSllBSllOM of IMS cabin
is la-lug made,
THE Wisconsin WILL 00
she is to Look Alter American Interest!
on the lithmui.
Washington, Aug 8. I be navy de
pari incut selected t he halt lesh 1 1, Wis
1011111 to proceed to Panama ll devel
opment there warrant the presence of
an American vessel on that side ol the
Isthmus. Order were sen! tin alter
noon lo tlu Wisi sin to proceed IfMBB
BPSSSBfiOB, Wish., to mii Francis...
when- she will aw ait furl her nisfrm
Crtapi s Heart Urowi Weaker.
Naples, Aug. N. -signer Crispi has
hail another Uttt lor the worse. Mis
heitrl is growing weaker .
Preneh Aeronant Nana Suspended Prom
Housetop for Ten Minute.
Pa i re, Aog. 8. Tbo bsllooM ol Hsm
Ins Diitioiit eiplmleil tin morning
while the iMfSMtCB was trying to win
the DiHtsh prlas of ioo - IrsMss,
The aeronaut hung in the haakei of the
damaged airship suseiiiled Irom a
house ',,p for ten minutes. Dimmit
lierformed Ibe wonderful fwl . i ....
circling the I Iffel tower while going
t w.-iitv miles an hour
When DISKMl leachtsl the atreet al
ter l-eiou rent lie. I he sk ,I..s,m,I l,
tbe spectators Many women pressed
their arm about him and kiss.. I him.
itrsi States Billed.
Salem, Aug I Abraiu Mevher wa
klll.sl vesterdav near here, being hit
on the bead hv a piece o( burning
tree. He was seventy four veer of
age and an old soldier
Henry Avertll, BfJSd tl war, who
wa in pued by Is-iiiu run over by a
trolley car , n Portland July 'M, died
luosdav iu 81, Y inceiit 'a leaipital.
fbe proh i lo si- ol Maryland
held their atale volitional Haiti
more, I'ueadav Ibe plallortn adopted
reatlirins the devotion of local prohi
bitionist to the tenets ol the national
organisation an I BSteads thanks and
congratulations kl BOHMrsSB lor having
alsdishisl the army canteen.
For the Dog Days
Wi- tan make lib- endurable
(luring ibcst but tlaya il you will
COM silt IM about your FOOT
WKAK nte.lh
How about a pan oi OX
SHOES' They will help you df
iy tbe bol weather.
R mi MBRR I His is so i
si oki WHERE THR
BHOK8 Wll.i MAKR mm
50c A PAIR.
Mid Summer Sale
IStill Going On
The Peoples Warefiotise
I iif. PITTHliS OF FfiKT.
716 Main Stncl. Ptn4Ttffli Oti