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ooolct tonight
NO. 4181
?o VA W m fl It iiniliV A m
am m - -w. m brh mm mm wr mamwmmma.mv. rrh
The Columbia
Lodging House
FSmPP. Prop
Pendleton Ukiah Stage Line
Mutton tt Carney. Prop'a.
.1... ... 9 n'olnnlt
fi St. ind Dktah. Oood Mj
SSUlooi. Reasonable freight and
PlSJ'Tmllnaii A Co's drug,
Summer corsets 18c
Corsets, formerly up to $1.00 37c
Children's vests and pants 2 for 25c
P kct from
Ik. I
pnte on depend.
kmi- uox toothpicks, 5c.
ldoz dothes pins, sc.
CM poles 4c a foot.
guieu tools,
R M and tgc,
': horn Ccrinanv
u.eis ami stationery.
Poison Hy paper 5c.
line hoik
U( Mm .
M SClh (, tO . ,
d's and brushes-a
Wl line.
vy reasonable
-uinet corL
uee . fall., - .
-Wf nH..
i .... - "'"-i so lie ev -
' sCb 1 1
fc " ' 25- $i 45 and
HnnL. -
-WM School Suru
nil . t
old kecks
ofor 5c.
JNH K up.
life 1 10 5C
,d Pencils .
a it 1,1.
boxes, etc.
The finest Mb overall and Jacket in the World.
The "RmI Heal" Brand. Union Made. Strictly flrat-chvw working
garment. We believe the Red Heal overall and jacket unequalled by ajra
other garment before the public.
The "Red Seal" Overall
Are extra full, high cut bid, seven pocket, white atttrhed, continuous '
facing, double button on each aide opening and have extra quality but-1
totiH. buckle and button hole, double Htitched seamt. everywhere and
finished Inside an perfectly M ontlde. Soother overall equals the Red !
Heal In IM particulars. All Ited Heal lit nvemliM art. siimd h.d i it h
HUHiiender made entirely of webbing, the wi'iion from the cmi in the
back down lMlng of goml elastic with niekle buckles ami loops. Thai if
really perfect suspender.
The "Red Seal" Jackets
Are cut like a regular coat. Four pocket, white stitched,
sleeve with adjustable wristbands, tailor made button-hole-..
iiras"- ring buttons, cmiete and perfect inlde a well a out.
In blue demins they sell for $1.00.
In indigo blue striped drill for 90c.
In addition to the Ked Heal brand we carry two very large
and good line.
"A and H Special" overalls and jackets are 60o,
"Never Rip" overalls and jackets arc 76c,
Them- are the lest values at the price we can And.
Alexander & Hexter.
The Boston
Summer Goods for
Crash and Pique skirts 49c
Ladies' belts, formerly up to 75c ... 10c
Laces and Embroideries for
Little Money.
Sun Bonnets, 18c.
Parasols one half price.
Neckwear and Millinery at Your Own Price.
The best Shirt Waist in the store for 79c.
Shirt Waists formerly up to $1.20 for 49c.
Pendleton's Big Busy Store
To make good bread rue Byere' Bert Klour. It took flrat
premiam at the (Jhieago World'i Pair overall competi
tion, aud give excellent aatiiifactiou wherever uned.
Every aaok ia guaranteed. We have the beat ttteaiu
Boiled Bailey, Heed Bye aad Beard lem Barley.
W. 8. BYERS,
"See Dem Freezers"
I have a full line of
The Peerless Ice Cream Freezers
from one pint to ten quarts, will freeze cream
in from three to five minutes; also have a full
line of fishing tackle, hammocks, etc. See my
line before buying
T. C. TAYLOR, the Hardware Man.
full h-tigd li
a Song
A Crystal Delight.
that will charm the most fastidious
taste can be found in any one of our
elegant styles of water sets. We
have them in cut, engraved, fancy
and Hohcmian glass, in an endless
variety of designs and patterns, and
the prices are likewise attraitm .
fi.ao to 5"
The hunt nd drouth in Kaniaa ha
out down the corn crop more than fifty
per cent. Some eMtimatec are ai low
n one-fourth of a crop.
The Ijiclede hotel at Ottnmwa,
Iowa, waa rmrtially deatroyed by fire
Moiulay. John O'Oonner ol Mt.
I'leaaant, a rnt, waa anffocated.
The remaina of Mra. Kruser, wife of
OOB Piel Krnifer, were interred at
Pretoria on Monday. She died of
pneumonia after three day illnea.
At Kana City Monday the govern
ment thermometer reached 104 and re
mained above the UK) mark for aeven
hours, breaking all recorda in that auc
tion. Accord inn to the official tigurea on
Hie result of the elections for the
French conanla-general, which occurred
throughout France Jnlv 21, the re
publican partv gmaeu 47 seata.
Hie qoeiMtiM authorities have
been advised that live caaes of vellow
fever are reported at Santiago tie laa
Vegas, a town of lUXW inhabitanta,
; miles from Havana. All the sufferera
are Spaniards.
It ia believed, aaya the London
I mi", "that a grant will le made to
Lard Itoberts in recognition of his ser
vices in South Africa and to enable
him suitably to maintain hia.peerage.
I'm provide tbil an additional estimate
will be Mbmittad to parliament forth
elth. T in' grunt will be i UM.inu
mm m i
July :il the Suiupter valley railroad
will give an excursion for people over
os ycura of age.
Became of the big hay crop in the
Willamette valley tbe price haa fallen
to from a to 5 a ton.
The Maaons of Spokane may buy the
Blalock block in that city at a coat of
flOO.OtK) and convert it into a Masonic
Donald .1. Beaton, editor of the Nel
son Daily Miner, waa thrown from a
street car at tlalaoa, B t'., and die1
from hia injuries.
Colonel (i ray aon of Haker City haa
purchased the tine residence of E. J.
Meliart on Twentieth atreet, in Port
land, for a family home.
Dr. Charlea Keed, a veterinary
aurgeon, was salmoat inatantly killed
at Tacoma by Iwing thrown from a
horse in front of hia residence. He
leaves a widow and two children.
Henry Bout Avery, one of the
pioneer Presbyterian ministers of the
country, died at San Jose Monday.
aged 71 vears. He organised the First
Preabvteriau church, in Corva! I ia, Or. ,
in 1869.
James Campbell, formerly a resi
dent of Kalauia, Wash., where he con
ducted a restaurant, ia under arrest in
Portland on a charge of uiaking a con
veyance of property to which lie had
no title, and with defrauding 8. Ben
son out of StkJO.
If (). K. Hallou gets his franchise
to put an electric line through Walla
walla he will have to tight lor it.
Residents of Park street, along which
tbe proposed line is to pass, are
signing a petition to deny the
franchise because of alleged injury to
proierty values.
W. W. Mclinde in Portland was
aeriously injured by his team rutin iug
away and the load ol wood, to which
it mus atlarlii.l, falling out ol tlie
wagon on him as he was dragged
through the streets. He died from ins
injuries shortly alter be ng picked up.
lie was thirty v ears old and unmarried.
Three citios have entered the contest
for the next session of the Mining Con
gress now in seas ion at Boise: Butte,
Mont., Ijos Angeles, Calif. , an d Port-
laud Or. The Butte delegation are the
iimst active. I "s Augeles is -ry auxi
.ins for the congress, but in caae Call-
lornia cannot win it is expectoO tliev
will join the Portland forces.
The controller of the currency
formally announces the first dividend
mI si pei cent in favor of the creditors
of the First National bank of Van
couver, Wash., on claims proved,
mounting to 1-13, 658. The commis
sion of A. B. FJaatliaiu, of Vancouver,
as receiver of this bank Mas made out
Monday. He is to take charge on
August 16.
H j Makes the Borae?
S..i the IciiM however tine it iiimvImt;
not os fwraftura, pictiMM and uppnint-
" ntl The wilt- and mother makes the
lot and lu kptak ol goni llouit
iin- US to (o 'hi k into the khrller ol thr
in . . -i 'a lo'. a uli'l aic.
viul when womanly ills sap thr
mother's strength, the ho:iicdifc suffers.
i ie l,,d i.-. not cooked as she cjoks it.
i K very where tht
lack ol wilcl)
atipt-rvikiou and
Btotbcrly thought -
fulness is upK.rrlit
hat a ch tnge.
thru, when this
wife ami in ilhrr
comes luck l take
hti old place in the
haully, Tbouaaadi
ol women w ho, Iw-
i .in . of MMuaal)
ills, nad bern shut
out of home life
and home happi
nea, have bate
ruabled to once
more take their
place in the family afu-i Ix-ing cured by
l)r. Pierce's Favorite Prrst ription it
establishes regularity, dries weakening
drains, haa la inflammation and ulcera
tion and cures female weakness. It
makes weak women stiong, sick women
1 commtuuil taking your ' Pavonn frnci i,
Hon 1 ami Golfaa IStdicat Iua:ovtr aliuitt
Ibe lotk ol Ij-i UccciuImi our vcar ago " writes
Mrs Kliaa Wright, of Mouutaiuvirw Huwrll
Co mi-moum . bsve uceu vary alow aoout
wrltias to yoe, although 1 am lhauklul 1 am
here to-day and have tlie privilege of saying 1
thauk you a thuiuunul tiuie for your kiud ail
vice I can truthfully say that it was through
youl kind advice aad your assdicloc slid tfu
will of tin- Lara that I am liviug today . 1 -u
iu bailer health thau I have been for Hi t
years. I have taken our half doxeu outlk.. of
each iiiediciur. I am able to do my wushuia
for luur iu family, and all my housework cook
iug uud wilkiug Iu fact 1 Icel like a new
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipation aud its almost countless conse
quences. They do not react on Lb
s -i. m not beget the pill habit.
ALL THK HBW8I Take tbe Kast
Orsgoniaa. Daily $j.oo a year by
mail. Weekly li.jo, and teui.
Waokly ea.uo a yosur. Ismpla aayy baa
o -
Secretary Long at Once Ap
points a Court.
Inquiry li to Be life of tbe Santiago
Campaign and Admiral Schley
Relation Tbereto.
Washington, July 24. Secretary
lang reoalved this morning a letter
from Admiral Schley reoueating the
appointment of a court of inauirv . to
investigate hia conduct during the
Santiago campaign. A consultation
with hit staff immediately followed at
which personal court another matter
relating to tbe investigation was
osway to Fraslde.
Hooe after coiiHultation, Admiral
Hewey calletl on Secretary latug hy re
OMtt) aud was tendereil ami accepted
the presidency of the court of inquiry.
He announced that the court will
meet here during sentemlier.
The names of tbe other members ol
the tribunal will be made public
Schley's raaueet for investigation ir
based on Mackley's history. In hia
letter, Schley says, while admitting
the right to fairly criticiae every
public oflicer. he cannot submit to
"ion thugs and abusive lansnage ot
tbia violent partisan opponent, who
haa infused into the pages of hia Issok
so much malice and iinlairnesa as to
make it tinworthv the name of his
tory." Long immediately replied heartily,
approving the rear-admiral's action
and announcing hia intention of at
once proceeding in acrordanoe with h's
Seblsy In Now Terk.
New York, July 24. Admiral Schley
arrived here today, presumably to con
suit counsel. Falward Maoleay, whose
history brought the controversy to a
climax, says he is glvl that Schley
asked for a mart ol inquiry, and adda
that the rear-admiral can sue him all
he wants to.
i hs Post Took It Up.
Washington, July -'4. -The Wash
ington Post last night telegraphed Ad
miral schley that in an editorial it in
sisted that he owed it to himself aa
well as to bis frieuds to begin proceed
ings against Mr. Ms. lav the author of
an alleged history of the United
Statea navy, to disprove the latter'a
charge, adding: "Will you do this?
Please wire statement."
TisJsy it received the following tele
gram :
"Great Neck, July F.ditor
Washington Post: I believe the first
step should he an investigation ol all
the matter by the court, than civil
action afterward. I am preparing to
take this course SigOM) "W H.
The Post, iu the morning, aa a re
sult of extensive inquiries based Usn
the admiral's dispatch, will aay in
part :
"Admiral Schley purposes to aak an
investigation at the hands of a naval
court of inquiry and then to aue His
torian Mac-lay for libel. Hia action is
the sequel to the developments dur
ing the past we. k, during which tbe
entire countr) lias been stirred by tbe
poblleetleB ' the unexampled abuse
poureai out up- n him lu the third
volume of K. 8. Maeiay'a History of
the t'nitttd Statea navy, in wlipti
publication Schley is said to have run
away, "in caitiff digbl," and ia in ad
dition deuuunoed aa a onward, cur aud
Will Is Cslskrstsa.
"Schley's court of inquiry will un
doubtedly lie one of the most de
bratod eases in the naval or military
history of tbe country. The high rank
Of the officers involved in the contro
versy aud the intense public feeling
winch has been aroused will combine
lo give to the investigation Mary
iirainatii iniernal. Vitiiiug naa oc
curred iu Waabiugtuu for many years
that will comyaie with it.
"Tbe appoiutmeut of the court of
inquiry ia eipactsxl to be made by
.secretary lajug. though it would be in
tbe power of trie president to make its
selections if lie chose This is hardly
likely lo occur, however. Mr Long
has already stated that if Admiral
Schlev requested a court of inquiry las
would grant the reuuest, aud baa also
expressed his willingness to personally
select the court. While he baa aot
made any statement aa to its personnel
there is every reaaoo lo balieve that
he lavora Admiral Ilewey and Kear
Admirela Baineay and Baiibam, the
two lattar being uow uoou tba retired
list it is said that J)wy, Bauiesy
and Ben haul have alwaya carefully
avoided giving opinion aa to tbe merits
of the controversy."
Bla Convsutioa to Msot In Cblsaso
Chicago, July 24. Tbe annual con
veutiou of tbe International Baptiat
l ouug I'eople's union will be in
formally opeued hero tonight with
church services. Tba formal opening
occurs tomorrow oven ma. rUee son
sious of tba convention will be bald
daily uutil Sunday. Fiftoan thousand
pastors and delegates are expected.
rreirie rlr MmwBw
Kl Keuo. July U. A groat prairie
lire rages over tbe Kiowa and tba
Comanche reeervatiooa, due to care
leasueaa of camuers. Tbe law and
order league has i a uud a notion in
form iug tbe crooks tbey must leave or
be hanged.
ki ie( st,ri au i trruruc lura.
Conatantiuoplo, July 24. Bulgarian
brigades are terroriziug the Turkish
provinces, committing many murders
aud abductions. They gave battle to
. troops sent iu purauit and defeated
Reports ky I. L. Say a Co., rsndlston.
Chleaa Board of Trade and NOW York
Stooh laohanBO pohors.
New York, July 24. The wboat mar
ket opened strong this mornlnt at an
advance of 2 cants per bushel . Kt
treme beat prevails in the Northwest
and is causing serious damage to the
spring wheat. Liverpool closed 7-8d
higher, 6 9 6-8, New York opened at
77 3-8, and, after selling oft to 76,
advanced to 77-4, closing 77,.
Stocks lower.
Close veeterday, 11 o-H.
open today, 77 38.
Range today, 764 to 77 V
Close today, .". -4
Stock: Sugar, 142 3-8; Hteel, 404 :
St. ratll, M ; V. P., 97V
Wheat In Chlsaco.
Chicago, July 24. -Wheat, 71 to704.
Whsat In San Pranslsso.
San Francisco, July 24. Ikaoember
wheat. 103 A-M to 104 V
TU BK triid in disnarmbnt
Charged With Ckanalaa ths Tsstlmony
Transsrlpt In ths MsDsnlsl Rlurgsr
Portland, Or , July JX Arthur I..
Veasie, commissioner apNinted by
the court to tako testimony in the ilis
tarmcnt proceeding brought against
Henry St. Kayner, haa m uned tbe
defense that the evidence of the slate
is all in, and that the defense will
soon be calletl upon to give its side.
As soon as this ia in, the case will be
submitted to the Oregon supreme
Mr. St. Kayner. who ia considered
wellalong toward the top of the legal
profession, snd is known throughout
the state, is accused by other lawyers
of altering the transcript in the case
f -tale ya. Frank McDaniel. Mt
hauiel waa tried for the murder of
Claire Fitch in a suburb of Portland
and waa found guilty of manslaughter
He baa just begun to aerve a tlfteei
year sentence. Ht. Kavner waa his
lawyer. It is charged that before the
caae waa auhmitted to the aupreme
court, Mr. St. Rayner obtained iMtaaee-
sion of the original transcript I
changed two of ths sheets to favor Ins
side of the case.
Kvidence has been taken inter
mittently during a per lot I of oeveral
weeks. The concluding ovidenro was
fiveu by Miss Cavanaugh and Miaa
foflman, stenographers, and (ieorge
K. Chamborlaiu, distriot attorney.
Miss Cavanaugh atated Hiat sho waa
in the employ of Charles J. Hehnaliel,
when one day laat July Mr. St.
Bavoer came to her and aaaed that aha
make an exact copy of some testimony
he had. In order lo make the testi
mony exact, she borrowed some psper
similar to that Mr. Ht. Bay nor had,
and aloo obtained the uoe of some
black carbon paper and black ribbon.
In making the drat copy Mr. St. Kay
ner dictated some of the testimonv to
her, and, in making other copiea, Miss
Cavanaugh waa not aura whether Mr.
Si. Kayner dictated to her, or whether
lie gave her something to copy from.
Miss Hoffman, who waa employed
in tbe office of Mlaa Mordeu, from
whom the carbon naiasr and ribbon
were borrowed, testified that after the
carlxm paper waa relumed, it waa ac
cidentally noticed that some of the
.Mcljkiighlan teat I mon y could he read
on the paper, and hy a comparison
with the original It waa found that
two pages of the transcript had Isaoil
changed. Diatrlct Attorney Cham-
oeriain waa made aware of Hie dis
covery by Miss M od. n snd so
Mr. Mt. Kayner ia his owu dsfeuse.
asserts that the tranacnpl was kept In
a roll-lop desk, and that, in closina
the top of the desk, two sheets lie-
came lorn. Me had toeae two sheets
replaced by a stenographer, and, if the
testimony waa hanged, it waa the
fault of the stenographer, and not hia
own. lie further maintains tfist the
changea in the test. mom were not of
suttkcinel importance to affect the
decision of the court either way.
Ths OpsolBB aialssxsut toroplstsS This
Morning Beais Tssiloaoay.
Pittsfleld. Mass , July 24. The
mug statement for the dotuuee iu
Foshurg murder trial waa concluded
this morning. Among me witnesses
tailed were members of the Sbeoerd
fl .ft . . 1
aon tamily wbo livad oppiaiiu the Foe-1
burgs at the time ol the billing. Tbey '
told ol hearing shots aud ol young
James hoaliurg running over ami in
tiiring foi a doctor.
The father of the prisoner sod the I
dad girl waa called to tbe stand this
aflnriKsiu and Wild a dramatic sltry,
betweeit sobs, lu tiie court room wo
mini sobbed and men struggled hard to
keep back the tears. He aaid ho aaw
two men enter bia room ou the night'
of the murdor. Ho grappled with them
and was than atuuned hy a sand bag
Ho reuieujbers iiothiug after that, j
uutil bo aaw hia daughter's bleeding'
form on the door.
Amsterdam, Joly !44. The la teat
Loudon rumor that Paul Kruger ia
preparing to end the war ia denied by
tbe Boer delegation hero. Instead .
Kruger snd bis compatriots bare are
basing great hopes ou the fact that tbe
now Dutch prom i or ia a Boer sym
pathisar. colonial Oa.ee lospoBslbls.
Now York, July 84. A London dis
patch to a Wall atreet news agency aaya
that tba colonial office is reepoosible
for tbe raport that there are uegotia
tiooa for peace.
Btautartou, Mouth Africa, July 4.
A party of Boors atlemuiad to cross
tba railroad between Vlaklagte and
Walervil today, while a part ol me,
force attacked tbe Briliab block houses
to divert attention from tbe main
body. Both the Boer forces, however,
ware repulsed
Crazed and Dying in St. Loois
in Numbers.
Tbermometer Attain Indlratn Mora Than 100
Abort Wtatber Bureau Bull-tin
li DlKotiraKlnft
Chicago. July it. i ,r j, .-in -t
the mercy of the hot wave and there is
no reliel in sight. Kesirts trom Un
affected Isdt teli of a tew scattering
nOWOri last night, but condit s
Una morning are similar to thus
the past e week- Crop statisticians
are growing more psjBBIBllSltl everv
dsy, and agree with other crop sharps
that the situation . no Mucker than it
is painted.
With Bnotliei week ol net weather
without rain it would ba surprising II
oven a fourth crop were to be nthnrad
A lew drops ol ruin tell in Northern
Illinois tins morning, but the tail will
la oi no real benelit.
Weather Bureau DlieouraalnB.
Washington, lulv 'l I be weather
bureau in I bulletin issued tislay, gives
little encouragement to larmers ot the
west. It Byi the weather will .on
tinuc lair tonight in the drouth
Stricken section, with the exception ol
possible light showers iu some part
Deaths In HI. Louis
St. I .oil is, July J4. Intense beat
still prevails here, the mercury at
niMin registering III.' Ibirtv deaths
irom heat have oBUNflojd since laat
night. Several Hrsoiis have been
craerl b)f the heat and a large numlier
pn s-tratsal.
indlsatas Thai Rsiumptlun Will bs by
Non Union Blsn.
Pittsburg, Jnlv 'I Six sd icemen
were sent to Clark nulls Una morning
As that Ullll lias BOM marked tiy an
absence m the least BBBjhUBXal M dis
order, It is Udievtsl the owners asked
tor Millce to assist in the resuinpt lofl
of work at the mill with non union
men. A rumor wss current this morn
ing that a deaHirate light is lie nig
made to start the null with mm tin
men Irom the southern statea.
AnialBamatso unteers In Uuandary.
1'illshurg, July '.'4. -Amalgamated
officials scan-civ know which ot the
three places, Mckeeaport. Wellsville
or 1'ittsburg, will require waif first at
tention. In McKe'Ssirt, there ia
danger ol an outbreak tin the part oi
the realieaa slrikera. In Wellaville
there ia a strain ol development- lol
lowing further attempts at resumption
of work, and In Pitts' uig there is
liability oi injunction ag its ag i 1 rsft UsB
steel workers in the I Riled states
Will Try Arguinsnt.
Karlinatou, Julv 'J4 I'nion minors
Irom Indiana, Illinois and KMteob)
aro expected 10 gather at M ad iron v 1 1 le
on Sunday and organise a marching
party to visit tbe mines and attempt
to force non - it it Ion men to put work.
Million Nun lonllnuss.
Astoria, July '.'4. The big run ol
salmon continues. Canneries and cold
storage plants are Mocked and can re
ceive no more ileh tor two days.
Pimples, Blackhead, Red
Ruugh. Oily Skia
ssjfKvBrrrui ev
Mm i.i. una or Pson.B i sa OtiTa'caa
Boar, assisted by Oath BM Uiuluiuiil, for
preserving, purifying, and beautify lug the
skin, fur cleansing tlie scalp of crusts,
acalea, and daudruff , and Uie atoppiug uf
fall iug hair, for softeulug, whlleuiug, aud
Mantling rod, rough, aud sore bands, for
baby rashes, itchiugs, aud chatluga, and
for all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and
nursery. Millions of Wooieu use d n
cuaa Ho a i in the forui of baths fur aiiuoy
big irrilalloiis, luti animations, and excori
atious, or Uxi f roe or ofleuaive perspirawou,
lu the form of washes for ulcerative wean
lursiiri. and fur many aaualive purposes
C'uticuma Boar couibiuss In Ou Boar
al Oaa 1'awa, the ansi atJa and oou.
plexluu soap, and Iks aasi loUes, .
and baby snap in ths world.
roOisraasT, uilusnuitly allay itcli
?,.Tr y,.....Atl..i. anJ irrltattoii, anJ soothtj
SaTaiel ii. i SA Hi '
jtUsaussiliel'lisi.1 A SinolbBki Uoitau
uAftiisut to cure ilie sevtueat case.
M ai' Brtlwa lSjS.'.'-lli'
i a SosT
run uu
auUu I
I , Bft W
U ... - I