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    r-ATTRDAY, .11 M :L'. IWM
ON tvtof
Light Sole.
Medium Heei.
For Str-t cr !eJS
tisct Rtproduciinr I
There are other hoet at
this price. Tlx: differ, at i
is in the shoes. The dif
ferrnce has made
Queen Quality Shoes
world famous. All sizes
one price 3.oo.
Practical Boot ami BtsM Man,
WMtjri A koI irl or woman at
the White latflini house. Wapes to
Removal !. itmvls at less than
i-M.t f.ir one week only Cosm iOick
Vanithan' racket store.
A ipwinl meeting of the TVndlrtton
Commercial Association will be held
at H o'clock thin evening.
I i'i phosphate. kM cream s.la ami
lea Bream tli crashed fruit. M cent
drinks, a: kueppen's soda fountain.
The taktng of tea ti moat in the rase
of ilniila Bchobert va. Karnest Schu
bert if going on lielnre Referee .lolm
:. Back lib.
Imb Im- pore based the privil
Bgo Oi selling we cream, lemonade,
ate. , at tna oanelDf platform on .loly
4, I and .
Lady nr gentleman to represent us
m tneJi looattti ooJ pay sod steady
employment, t'ls Chamber of Com
mcrce, Portland.
An i tH eoajsell No. . Iegree of
PoeoboBtea. will give a dance id lien
driek's haii, Monday evening, Jane M.
LaaieS free; gentlemen, MV.
The newly elect. -cf .illiccrs of WiLintn
MartIB Eoi'iiiiiDiiient. No. '., I'miieer
of the Pacific, will I installed at the
ra lat Meeting oa wnflMtnsjf even
ing. .Inly .".
Wanted sitaation An experienced
separator tender, can repair and tiz
any kind of separator. desires situation.
Call or address. U. K. Cook, employ
ment agent, l'eiidleton.
The usual Sunday excursion to
Me.i' hau. will take idaee toniorrow on
Work on the Building Will Ba Urn-
meneed In July
(rank Rack is m Pendleton today
from Beho and will return home to
night. Mr. Rack says that there has
recant I v been a consolidation of the
Masonic ledges n( I'matilla and Kcbo,
the former DOiag No 40 ami the latter
No. P4. The I 'mat ill lodge will be
disennt limed, but the name of the lodge
at Kcbo will have the name of 4 ma
tilla lodge. Mr Kack further stated
that the eonsol idated lodge would com
mence the erection of a new building
in .luly for a lodge hall. A committee
was appointed by the bulge to secure
the land, etc . and that matter is now
U-ing looked after.
.1. W. Kimbrell has completed the
work of laying not and platting 10
acres of land into h acre tracts for
James H. Raley. nn the home ranch
on the Vckav creek bottom land, a
few miles sontwhest of Pendleton. One
of the tracks has a I read v been sold bv
Mr. Ralev
i law ley's have a fine line ol gl M
Inks, pencils, otlire supiuie- .i I -Buy
your window shades a'
One second-hand safe for sale at
Solid mountain potatoes sttl I on hau l
at Hawley'a.
Blue serve suit, . Cleaver Bros.
Iirv (mods Co.
Cleaver Bro.
a pair
and Crawford blcrlaS
Pants. II to I
I'ry Goods Co.
A few racycle
left at With'ee's
Garden hoae at all prices and gnar.u.
teed at Withee's.
Have your pictures framed , latent
styles at Murphy's.
Fancy cassioiere suits. 15, Clearer
Bros. Dry Goods Co.
New designs in wall paper at
Murphy's paint store
Chip potatoes, cherries. Ieme,
steamed bam at Hawlev's
At Under' furniture store is the
finest line f rugs ami matting.
Automatic refrigerators ami water
coolers at Rader's furniture store.
Window shades, curtain poles, mir
rors, etc., at Rader's furniture st
Oldeat place ami liest tainalet, at L
Roy's, cor. Court and iarden itreOOl
We will clime out our enure line of
steel range at cost. Baker & Foisom.
Finest hams and lard on the Market.
Home product: try it. its guarantee.!.
Bchwars A Greulich.
Ice cream for parties and lodge
sociables at special prices, .rBalit.v
guaranteed. Candy I'uttuii.
Crescent bicycles en the installment
plan at the Orescent aaencv in the Eaal
(regional) building, puvinents a
week, no interest.
A 12-foot header and four header
beds, all in good condition, (or sale.1
Inquire of Pierce A Tweedy, or at
Zeiger's blacksmith shop north of court I
Hhow cases, counters, a lot of No. 1 I
lumber, second hand flooring, otliec
desk, stove, bedstead and springs, etc.,
(or sale cheap at once. aughan I
Racket store.
Standard tirooerv Company will
have within a few days a shipment of
the celebrated Casino brand of canned
goods former I v handlei by Tatom
Broe. Ask fur them.
If you want l la- comfortable pre
ride yourself with a tiuiim-i eont and
pants and soft bosom shirt at the I'
plea Warehouse. They are cool ami
look well ami are not rienive. It
you have not provided yuarselt call
around and do so at once. We 'II be
equal I v glad to show them to SOB
whether you come in look or t. nuv
The hoiuelieat man g r.-ielietoi, -
well as tlie haudsoiiies: and om
are invited to call on any dmggie)
and get free u trial bottle of Kemp s
Balsam for the throat ami lungs, a
remedy that is guaranteed to cure an.)
relieve all chronic and acute coughs
asthma, broncihtis and consumption.
Price lie and Ms For sab- by Tall
man A Co., sole agents.
tl.u ii 1: .v litis. pMtniiMtiii tns
at tin a m. : get Kick at IVtfU p. Ui.
i im do, i.ir for round trip.
D. II. Oilman, ol lieppner, Oregon,
ill ! in Pendleton Saturday alter
lioon, June "J. with 4il or Ml head of
large work hor.es, all bPoken, for sale
at Mteh llenrv b e. I yard.
Every one interested in string instru
ments and who play are requested to
meet at Wakefield t Failing's piano
warcrooms on Court street on Tuesday
BVaOiagi June Mi, The object ot tlie
meeting is to form a glee club.
lien ember, we make a specialty
of onr 36-canl Bnnday dinner.
(,'l.icken and icecream. Come and give
us a trial and t BOneinoad that you
get your Bonay's worth. i. Moll, St.
George restaurant.
i F Phelpv of Portland, state lec
turer of the prohibition partv. will he
in Pendleton and will sfieak at the
baptist church on Ttlesiliiv evel. g
JsjM M, at H o'ctia-k p. m. The snO
ject of his lecture is 'The Issue u(
The management of the expres
olhc Isaegsn hand" at f'J o'clock to-
Bay. L G. Frailer, who lor yea's has
lH-en agent, aas succeeded by Robert H.
Rana, son of Mr and .Sirs. B I
Rutin. Tlie Hew agent bil been located ,
at Colfax, Wash., inr th. past two
Pendleton has never seen such an
array of entirely new creations in
straw and crash hats. There are dozens
of new styles here in rough straws,
-mouth straw-, fancy crashes and
plain cashes. Mrsw bats, :.' to III.
.rash liats. 'J'tc to 7V. Alexander A
"Children's Day" wilt la' observed
at the Thompson street M. i. church
on Sunday evening. June 0, at N
o'clock. An interesting and elaborate
musical and literary program lias bflM
arranged, the prinoi (al in which
will be children of the -undav school
L. F. Redd is the snirintndeiit of
the (juiid.iv school and will preside at
I the exercises.
L. 1 ra ir. having sesered his
, connection with the express otlice,
I will engage in the statiouerv huai-
I ness. having pnrciiasel tlie stock of
I Max Haer. Mr. Fra.ier will have his
-tore in the room on Main a. reel
formerly cciipied lo K. W McComas'
gram commission ortice. Tiie work of
! moving the Stoek BCNM Ibe street froni
Mr. Haer's pnMM Pxation will be
commenced on next Mondav and
carried on without delav until the new
store is all ready to do business.
The iiiestion of low itwtitngs i- agi-
i tatllig tlie police, storekeeper and
'general public of Portia. id. Some oi
the awnings in l'eiidleton are so low as
to Ik- dangerous. A man narrowly es
leaped getting hurt recently bv the one
I in front of the poetOfBee He turned
and started away with brisk movement
like a telegraph hv delivering a mes
sage A (ope hanging in a graceful
fe-pxin irom the uwning caught him
across the neck and nearlv strangled
him before he could break awav. Tlie
law on low awuiugt a. II have to be in-
vestigared .
ShorirT William Blakley Ii trlylnc to
Locate Hit Han.
No trace oi Captain J. J. MoOook
can Ix- found since he was seen in Jack
Tomlinson's saloon at I'matilla on
last Tuesday evening and a few
minutes later al about I o'clock when
he was seated on the piaxa of the
hotel with his feet cocked up against
the raiting, lie made inquiries as to
hour of departure of the tram
that nigPt for Bpokone, but whether
or not he boarded it is an tin fathoma
ble mystery. Sheriff William Blakley
is in hlastern Washington doing Ins
liest to locate the distinguished mili
tary gentleman alio was so conspicu
ous in Pendleton for a couple of davs
in the early part of this week. No
message of am kind has been received
from the "lierif todav. wiiicb is an
indication that he i- awav from tele
grapd and telephone ami may iMtssihly
he hot on HotSook 's trail.
Hti Companion Was Sean Between
Hsupner and Pandlaton.
Blai k Horn continue- to get along
nicelv at the home of l.ittie Flawk
and it is believed now he will recover.
His companion in the trouble on
Saturdav night June fi when Chief of
Police KrislHia tried to arrest them hss
finally lieen found to la- Tuk-ua-shut
a Colombia river Indian He was seen
b Columbia Jim-ami others on the road
between Pendleton and lieppner on the
third night after the tight Tuk-na-shut
also receive. I a bullet wound
rbs bullet psssett through the flesh v
part of nil left shoulder and MB
ttoable is liable to result therefrom.
The Indian was apparent , doing his
beet to gel on out of the tooalff back
to his home on the Columbia river.
pace with the growth of population
ami wealth in everv section Church
debts have hern lowered, and in some
cases wijM'd out altogether, and the
ere?tion of new churches is projected
In Portland funds are in sight to place
the partlv constructed church under
mof, and the work will Is- taken
Bishop Morri complimented the wo
men of the chnrch for the work they
bsve done in raising funds, by organis
ing guilds ami auxiliaries, speaking
of the future the bishop found pros
pects satisfactory. The 1008001 Ol kin
dergarten and hospital work has en
couraged him verv much, and he
spoke hopefully of forming organixa-i
tions of voting men who could he i
lining! t into clnhe.witb sn eye to their
physical as well as spiritual welfare.
.Missions in the interior reported
additions by way of baptism and confirmation.
The Sun Recommit Extinct.
All eminent scientist has startled
the world with the declaration that the
beat of the sun is being exhausted
He assures us, however, that It will
he mativ centuries before it takes
place. In the meantime we should try
and make the lest of life and OftJOf it
while we have the opportunity. This,
however, is impossible unless yon have
good health and especially a strong
stomach. Use Hosteller's Stomach
Bitters to keep the stomach in order
nd too will be happy It cures dvs
pepOia, constipation, biliousness, aids
digestion and kees the bowels regular.
If 'ui-. 1 n the standard medicine of
the American people over fifty years.
Insist "ii having the genuine with our
private revenue stamp over the no k I t
the bottle.
Hois Rssei ii v 4.
A purse of IHo has been offered for!
competition of the hose running teams i
of the different tire companies of this!
city on July 4 Foreman Charles j
Oreo I for! ol Protection Booo ootapnay. I
No. 1, wants to see every memlicr of I
his companv at a special meeting to
be held at "t.'tll o'clock on the evening
of Tuesdav, June "V at the council
nanus. Protection company may Bl
ast's he depended upon both at tourna
ments like the one on July 4, and at
tires as well.
Ths Cltl.sn. of Bo... rsmoi' ""
road Bstws.n Thsss Point'-
Bo.se. Idaho. J.M H -The BoJ
Chamber of Commerce the """1?
l The rieht.ol.way end flat lent T.
"f W. Rates of the Idaho Midisno
. - .... n.mot mime a ith ne
nnrpo.e in view of the bin Id lM of i S
rPoa,i fro,,, C.ldwell.ld.bo. on the re
gon Short I Ine, vis Bo.se to Butte
Montana The eltiseM oj B.-e "d
f Caldwell and vicinity have secured
the nght-ol wav for dlftooce piiltty
miles and have Bgraed
sum of three hundred and hlt thoiis
and dollars for which tl.ev sre to re
ceive the bonds of the ss.d railrnsd
company at eightv-flve cents on the
dollar. .
There were 4b7 subscribers to the
right of-wav fund which represents a
e..b ontl.v of tSfj.OOO. This right-nf-
I wav was secured near'y :w vears sg
tlie nroiect at that time nsving
Ithrnngh with, hut being BOO
,..-,n ...mure the signature of
I " . -
rev i ve.1 ,
each of
individual subscribers to the fund.
At a mass meeting a rOOOIOllon B'T,"B
the directors of the chamber of com
BSarOS a power of attomev 10 dispose 01
this right-of-wav lor railroad purposes
Has linanitnouslv passed and the sig
natures of the subscribers sre now be-
ktwlMri When unit tins roan
Continued Until June 30th:
Our Bargain Tree is Hanging Full
for our Pfttront, Von all understand what
Will continue to make
von want G000 GOODS CHEAP no ig
wt gi throiign tne pracm-n
V4.lorte.l recfi.tns of t'nster county . Main
which are niarvehmslv rich in iiiiin rai
ami agricultural possibilities. It will
also place Boise upon a through trans
continental line.
'resident Hates ssgs IfaBl the right'
of. wav he deeded to his i-uiiipativ upon
the tiiing of a bond in the sum Of tflt,"
000 that iinmediate work will coin
BSOnOO upon construct ion of the road,
sixtv miles of which he agrees to have
built within a periml OB la- named in
the bond
Come and Celebrate
the Fourth of Juh.
Matve uur store iut
l. a lquarters. V' c
have a nice line of
ittliOiltfJF and lout t
articleb. All the latest
liuoks and MMMOwl
Whita San Huuss Aflar Pniini
Ths Dallas.
lantuel S. Child ha received a
letter froui The'sJorti .Wvgant, a cau.
taiist of 1'oriland, auvs ti,e l.ewiston
Fribnae, .Mr. Wvgam ami .Mr. Obilda
are the only surviving uieuibers ot the
partv who tuade the tirs' treatv with
the Ne PeSOa Indians in 1H.M The
IHtrty in charge of C'oioual 1'art made
the trip from I'ortlaud to lipaai
creek, a here the treatv council was
o ld Tito iale Perrip H. Whitman, of
Ua a Wit oi, aas a member ot the
paHr. In i,h iettr Mr Wvgant says:
11 muxt have la-en ijtnle interest
ing to you lo visit tlie old treatv
ground on l.apwui creek A great
chauge OPS taken place in thai eastern
OOOnuy suite we were there You re
BSSDIDOr we did nut see a u I. it.- mail's
house from tlie lime we left The
lalles, and there was uot a living
thing in the Walla Walla valley hot
one lame Indian horse.'
Hlg BOOB Welch is in the city from
hi- nor..- ranch on the John lay river.
p. a. r.iuer, ot Jiespain gulch, is in
Poudialoa Majr lie has J.Vi acres of
wheat this year.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lincoln waggcrt,
oi Athena, are in the city, visiting
Lester waggert.
I 'an ('. Kirk the farmer of the
Athena and Weston neighborhood-
a visitor in l'eiidleton today.
Walla Walla I hum: Mrs. Frank
iHipfatt of Pendleton, is visiting Mrs.
Fred mith of Jones street.
James v hittetuore ot Milton, is visit
ing relatives in l'eiidleton. He former
v re-nied here hut moved awav a
month or so ago.
Banana 'taiette: Miss Flo Halluck
who has lasen visiting at Mr. and Mrs.
W. P, Duttou's, returned to her home
at I'endietoa, rnday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kouert 6. Kenn and
child arrived from Colfax, Wash., on
n. i o'clock train this morning, to
again make their home in Pendleton.
John I. ljithrop's condition is such
that he eiiects to go to the new Walla
Walla boopltal, on Sunday morning's
train, probahly, to reman fur a
couple of weeks.
L. K Traver, principal of the public
schools of Kosenurg, is in 1'endleton
ami will leave -umisy ui.irning lor a
trip through I. astern 'Washlllgtol., .1 -eluding
a visit at npokane.
too I, -tear, n is a recent arrival
in l'eiidleton. lie may la- induced to
locate BOfraOOOntiy ami eagage in busi
ness lie can play baseball, among
his other accompi ishmeota.
Waila Walla 1 nion: Mrs, Jeff
liruan, ui Adams, Ore , act oiupamed
io BOB eon Kred ami daughter Mis
Brumtleld Dlvorae Cass.
The testimony in the divorce esse of
Bile H Hrnmfieh: vs.t. K. ilrumfield
hss tssen taken tiy Judge W. K. Bills.
The matter will not la- decided until
after the return of Judge Ellis from
lieppner, which will he on Monday,
.liitu. 24. John McCourt is attornev for
the plaintiff and John il. Law rev and
1'eter West attorneys for the defendant.
Ths Reports Kxaggsratsd
I laker City, June Ti Reports re
ceived here indicate that the placer
excitement which has caused a stir in
the vicinity of Ontario, Oregon, is
largely exaggerated. While definite
information is meager it is not believed
that the strike mentioned is more than
a rich claim in the bed of an ancient
stream. whicO is a reuu"iit occurrence
in placer districts. There a cement
conglomerate is often found contain
ing much gold, but the areas are
always restricted, ami miners Isslieve
that those who are staking all on the
Big iiend will reap nothing.
Plonaar Reunion
Walla Walla, June 22. -On
the pioneers of the northwest
houl a reunion at llus.eU's grove, tive
miles southeast of this city. While
this re-UBion will he in the nature of
a picnic and Fourth of July celebra
tion and all will he made welcome and
entertained to the fullest extent and
with that excellent hospitality which
those old pioneers know so well how
to displav, it will lie in the mam for
and hy the old timers of the citv and
vol lev.
Wool Sold in Baker.
Haker City. June 22. Approximate
ly 00, OuV pounds of wool was sold here
Friday, the price ranging from M'4 to
10 cents per pound. There is more than
usual activity in the wool market.
sheepmen III large nun, hers la-ing a-
semhled here.
Waddall Won at L imago.
Chicago, June 22 I'n ier favorable
weather conditions this afternoon, the
fourteenth American derby was wop
by Kohert Waddell by two ' "--
Term inns second I'arader third and
liuniia-rt fourth, time :fj 4. ft.
Ths Pronpaet It ths Bsit for Tsari
Throughout Western Oregon.
Salem. June 22. A week of bright,
wsrm weather has brought alsmt more
favorable conditions for all kinds of
crops ami the situation in Western
Oregon may he summed up in the
words, best crop prosM.cts in years.
irain and hay crops will w heavy.
Barley is ripe and a great deal of
clover and orchard grass has Issen cut.
flops look well and are making a
heavy growth. The p'une crop Will be
tinnsits'ly hesvj and apples are
promising t i be a tine crop in quality
and a larger vield than aas expected.
Salem Social Notsi.
Salem. June 22. The Congregational
church ladies gave an unique luncheon
Wednesday evening in the form of "A
Trip Around the World." Washing
ton, P. 0i Berlin, Tokio, and I.os
Xngeles acre a. I represented in
different parts of the city and tourists
were conveyed to tlie different stations
bv means of tally-ho coaches. At each
citv the rulers and notables of the
nation were present and tiie decora
tions and refreshments were served
in accordance with the customs of
tlie nationalities represented.
The Northwestern normal college
held graduating exercises this wees,
there ta-ing seven graduates, (our in
the post graduate class.
Commencement exercises of the Mt
Angel Catholic college will be held
next Tuesdsy and this will tie oc
casion for a large gathering ot the
friends of this institution.
The Woman's club held its last
meeting of the season today.
No Exhibit at Boiss.
Baker Citv, June 22. -Colonel P.
V. I'rake, one of the Oregon dele
gates to the International Mining Con
gress at Boise, has returned here from
Portland where a conference of dele
gates was had, and states that Eastern
Oregon disss not intend to have ai. ore
si bit a: Hoise. hut that Southern
Oregon is engaged in preparing one.
rl IT r "iin.
v Lin ""yi
a, T, '
A sinner may appear to le a saint,
DtJactl m furniture mav be covered
with paint.
Siiar coated pills will fool us.
And experience alone will school ut
that when we want
We must ko to RADER'S iWln &ebb
AJto a complete line of Carpett, Mattings, Baby
rinm S imlow I iirtniii Pi i s f'irtnrp Firum.. M:
I'ndertakinc Parlors in Connection
r - 3
' i !v
'SOLID ffift
i" In uao) ovojt y, yetr
st. r LiArette mi
mt -n mormon Dimopi
tarr Hcorirx-rT,- awrjir tjiij
lit l toht mm mmM - '
f , i
SiiMulite-o (e brim and re-v tentm
ajt aWsWy reijssiwO. villi unis. L..-n iron.
WOW iallaB WT TAlsXMsOf A OO
Curat lor Ma. a.
aishop Mamadx Co., Ban I
We have aliout 60 suits of clothes in short lotsof two
suits -i a kind, sizes from 35 to 39. which we are going to
ut 11 warnin tit tv a L' a. rnnm i,r rttiiur n nrA .. T ! I .
- -Basp.no-a. bj av umnt. awsi i ws uuici aWWUi. LJWl Ulk; ailf W(
$10 Suits at $8 $8.00 SuiLs at $6.50
912.00 uits at $0 00
and a correspondinc reduction on all cheaper suits.
V ultn V, i .. a 1 1 t. , I ...r . . i 1... .. ' - .L . . 1 11 1 1 .
.w mwm ssns hwuvw ui uuvs Mills Him WUi DO pU5ntC
hetcre you huy your suit.
We cut other merchant's prices every day, but we seldom
( III' n II t Mi n l t r f rxttm sajsnkaaSBuai mm ... asaa! II J a. 1 I 1
' s'wsss-i a "is uitJt.i ui n Hill iruUL
our own prices means.
learl. returned home vesterdav after
week s visit to relatives in this city
I'ortlaud Oregon lan: Mrs. J.
sperry.oi -ksgwsy, Alaska, is visitiug
hi 11. 1 ooioe 01 ner iiaugliter. Mrs
V . . Ilalvor, i.ol I uiuu avenue.
a in peii. 1 a 1,011 1 a
and rieinlty.
Biontu iu Portland
Cnuren Aunounearosnts.
First Prosbvterian cliurcb Hre.eh
mg at ti n. in. and s p. ui butijeet
of uioruing aeruton, Hearers and
llearuig " evening, "A Certain Kuh
Vouug Man." A special iiiviution is
OalOndod 0 strangers 111 the city.
Kohert J. i,en, (tastor.
Church ol the Ketltseuier BOOB'
niuiiion Mt 7 a. in. Mi.rr.iue oaaear.
and sermon b the Kev. Or. Harris, of
1' ive evtaiiug pruyer uud address at
K li in fhe Usual aession uf tlie
dav acbind will be liel I at 10 a.
The rector. Kev W. Fl. t'otwuie
I hold services at All saiou- onnrei
I ton, on .--ui.. 1.. niornna. June.;
A Summer Soap
it is, jjLltsjd, to supply your
earner ssuuub inuii our arrat oi d.
light and ii.tudi.ouie footwear. Fivury
shoe want uf town and eouuiry, nuai-
lewi and pleaaurv, in and out of doors,
in inet iu this smart display uf lite
sear. Ui -
fusfoii u
to lake from
rst choices at
ted prices.
JSiirK.wioi v
luting shoes fur Lndte at fci.ji), el.
Pendleton Stas-k,
James w MMloliev. count v recorder
is espected home on holiday from au
,01. tlllg o a couple 1. 1 Weeks with W
.M. lake, county judge of Muituoiiiai
.unity . W M. liradshaa , of Th
Oalius, and a geutlemau froiu sialem
Charles K na.-k and Millard lioud
11-ti on the train for Weston this morn
mg and will spend the day distribut
nig ruurtii 01 July Silvertistug matter
there and at Athena and Adams, in
vitingai lo come lo J'endietoi. mUU
join III the Celebration
W II beaver, uf han Iran.iaco, i
a guest uf tlie Hotel i'endleloii. whur
he ii fattening up preparatory to going
to Waila Walla to futrticipate in tiie
I arill. Northwest Sportsmeu's tourua-
lueui Mr Heaver Is the rvpreseutat.se
of the Wiiiitiustur KeiH-atinir Arum
BOOS pan) and puts in the aiost of his
lime aia-ndiug tournaments and shoot
mg at pigeons aud hluerocks for the
poriiosc of showing off the Winchester
goods, lie ia an excellent shot and
popular with the shooters of all sec
tions. Ueorae L. baker, wlin controls tbr
l.aker i ilv oueea house. i- In t'uudle-
ton t slay. Since coming here be has
leased the F rater opera bouse for a
term ot three years (nun J K. Dick-
.ui i W F Matlock. Mr. Uaker
cm item plates making a iiomlier of iui
provemeuts to the interior of the
house. The llaker City opera house
ami the Fraier will be connected with
the Northwest rheairical association
circuit, of who), Calviu Heilig, of
the Maripuam liraud, at i'ortlaud is
manager. Mr. Uaker was for eleven
years connected with the Marejuain
lMUcfci.AH 10MVBBU0M.
Bagan In euriiaua Thursday Buenins.
BlsBep noreis' Beporu
I oe annual diuceaau coiieeotion uf
the Episcopal church began Thursday
. veiling at Triu'iy church ia Portland
Uisbup Moin- read his aunual report.
Tke condiiiun of the church In all
portions of the state, a show 11 hy the
tarioui papers. is satisfactory, uud
proves Utal its progress) hsvs lully kept
Bank Chseat. Drafti and Tsisaram
Fras After July I.
A number of the proprietary and
documentary stumps issued under the
provisions of the war revenue act ar
Ml be discontinued Jalf 1 The num
ber to he discontinued jfi however,
couiparativelv small, but as the use o!
staiiiis on etiecks. drafts and express
receints is to lie discontinued, the sav
ing effected will lie very large
ui the proprietary stamps, much as
are used oa medicines and which range
111 vaitle from half a cent up to IS c m.
all will be discontinued, except tlie 1
uud J ceut stamps. As the use of
stamps on medicines is to be diooOB
tlnued, these stamps will be used un
wines, etc.
Of the documentary stamps. MOjgl
a.l will B retained, Heme t be die
.out Hilled being the S, -i, 40 and (HJ.
cent and the $3 ones. These are to be
done uaay with fur the convehiem, ol
the internal revenue oth. ials as thev
are uot necessary for the transaction of
Iu this connection it mav lie
that Intoruu! Kevenue Collector bonne
is receiving inauy commuicatious from
liersons who wish lo have uun.l
documentary aud proprietary stain us
redeemed, and who wish to kuow if
the can forwa'd such staiuns to bis
othce. For the belied I of such in.
iinrers the fullowiug extracts from
the law in regard to the redeuintiou ..I
documentary und proprietary sum is
are repudiated
Oocuuieuiary aud pioprietarv
stamps cau be redeemed only when
presented in quantities of f- or
more, fu-e vulue. and no claim for
the redemption uf or allowance for
such stamps can Is- allowed mil....
presented within (wo sears after the
purchase of aald stamps from the gov
"All claims for the redemption of
stamps imprinted on checks, drafts
end other instruments must be enteral
of record aud forwarded to Washington
o tne couecior oi ine a i sir ict m
ahicli in - order for the tiuuriiiting of
the stamps was purchaaed.
ine oauers of imprinted instru
ment, clicks, drafts, etc., who deal re
to have tiie stamp theruou redeemed
must, iu addition to It. mg claims as
aforesaid, forward all such inipriuled
luatruinenu securely packed to Wash-
ugloii f'ui kuges couuihing the same
should he addressed lo the MBS nil
siuaer of internal revenue. W'asbim-
ton, 1 i uud each nackaue should
be plaiuly marked with the name and
addreae of the owuer who made the
claim (or redeoiptiou. and a statement
uf the uumher aud kiud of iuatru
menta con tallied lu the package ,
im priu led checks or drafts will be re
turned to the owners after the stumps
are redeemed.
We want von to trv OWL HK1H
It is manufactured from high
grade cream of tartar and bi car
bonate of soda A little starch is
used to prevent chemical action
und prMU'VO from ktmoaphnric influences
, DiisenbGTy Building Halo Street Bennett & U
A sure remedy for lice and mites
uer..iiouM! r ouury r.sHj gHeps the hens healthy, niics erit tidl
uoue meai gives streugtb to young chicks.
"". iiouhiib ve nut nutritious fertiliser for vour laeu.
CL F. ColeSW Orthv po"'try and Bee Supplj
vv i ,,t Mvi, i Tttt
abom: statemf.m
Not be
duct it
Money refunded it vou do not like
a highly advertised por
sells at ioc uer tiuunil
w "
Owl Tea House.
I irsvrackers
Locust Hill Rabbitry
and Poultry Yards
Pedigreed Belgian Hares
and pure bred Fowls.
HareB H U0 pr pjr, p fj.
brre.l, Buff, gnd White Plvm
outh Hocks-Kggs H'.UO per' 15,
8 sitting lor 5 UO; mIso some
Barred Koca eggs at 11. &U ar
Koee and Mngle Comb Khode
Island keds-Kgg 12.00 H,r i6,
Spittings for 600. '
Visitors welcome. For further
information address
i'eudletuu, Orsgjna.
i u
Has the following bargains
4X0 acres Al wheat land.
320 acres Al whoat land.
- loll well located
1 lot lower Webb street $0.
A'o a big list of
county property cheap
tuwn and
Open day and night.
St. George
t'nder new management
Regular Meals 25 cts
stgHUM I'lNstk
Meals a la Carte.
LXlsf f "-,,1.1. r. .V , , .
jQeo. Stoll, Proprietor,
The Place to Buy
ir w nert in csu ire.
and cheap prices. Pit
your order lor iiasfl'
Ht-r Ullikr. slu IsSU
Beet line of
Lumlier, Lath,
Bhingleu, Build-
inj; par, Tir
ji;i.. r Lime and
otmtnt, Picket
Flat. r. Brick.
Sand. Mouldiat
Screen Doors
Windows, M
a Doon. Ten
Cottu Pipe.
Pendleton Hufcf
Lumber m
k m Hv i- - rru
Sudo tfnj5
IS. -ii aait tn... ii " r aasoU lor
aa.1 In,'., atl'tati,?'"- E?iLS
"'us on u. lu -:--' jo slly br
-..-.u U1U, t.
sllasSM sa
m mm ..iiiiii
Aiiuinv iiu
siewi v K('R
KAK I.N "-:."S,
In 'ouui., m
in. u .
., s' ""L.lu'sl
- mr
: T v " U, i,, .
m a, .. . .
.u, I it
... oal
I ulrl.U. ll:ll. !-
surruuiidlugs. pertsi'i
vision ssid tLuriniKii
T . ,i .... Mirt
, mi .Hill iu lo. ,u.- -
i . ...ll
le-iuiieiinim iui.j AmM.
M....1., e. rk 14, li MSIlo Cessa'
mwmm mi ui uiuu. - nv.
iVi. o num.'-