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    4th of July in Pendleton.
500 Shirts at 50c each.
300 Shirts at 75c each.
200 Shirts $1.00 each.
190 Shirts $1.25 each.
250 Shirts $1.50 each.
;ieaver Bros. Dry Goods Co.
, R.&N
Of T.B
... fn Dlitanea
... m Grams Clt Brsneh.
i t SiTifitnm rua.lmeu report
W ' .,lr if ever Nfur MM
r ...r i-iiii'itrv r-
. . . , ... i
. sr. n . an. iiransr vn.
u.- ,.f m oui nurst n-ar
IM!:nn 00 W "rausr v i.j
. .,.h uhl not sonif siHits
wnd Others 1U woj ior a uis-
k.m-m iswurreu inur-'i !"'
.L..I 7 ' ilff bu.i Himj J
UW ti v fc"" - jmuiu
Is tM BID It IOI lowea mr kjn
Bvrnp wi resiTondwl to bv Mile C
Moore, of Walla Wall. The opening
address "Karlv Ranking and Business
Method, was written by M. M
I'rowlev, of Spokane, but owing to
Mr. Crowlev's illtie he could not be
in attendance and the paper wa read
by Lnv'i Ankeoy. of Walla Waila
Otber paper were:
"Oriental F.iport Relating to Hank
era," P. C. Kanffman, of Tacoma
"Needed State Legielaf ion, " E. T
Conian, of Clfai. The following re
solution were adopted relative to the
l.imlensotiie ftlfrai tax uikiii hanks
"Resolved that our senator and
congreen)en he requested to take every
eflo't to secure ttie repeal M this MI
densonie tai at the coming session of
Don't Let Them Suffer.
often children are tortured with
g and burning ecxema and other
diseases but Bocklen's Arnica
nt canyon suJ iw nne ui me salve heal the raw sores, expel in-
leaves the kin without a
. sometimes diverging wnere
... kl turn T if route lav
m -. .
. .... . li . i . a. far an iriM
gfB tsw the effects. nat
ovsr lbs bill is not yet
a ISDies WBir. mmr
rs0Mf tbe bluffs suJ bringing
sad recti down on tbe track.
L.J...kn. . ... ra..,p.. h I A
Kink and mod was
. . - J . L. i . L I ....
t tie), at one place ai a cuiveri
Swims aad loor aide. Tin wa
itt um iaat at nv. level .
satM man got out at once and
aj lrsmnien sou me ueurie was
sir totnrieniiv nv morning 10
I I 1 . . 1
. 1 1T.II..I. ... .. A L. ..
ib time to svoid running on
tm U o! mud.
TM i aid to lie atnut the hrt
m id lut uiiiun in i r Mil Lri"
scar. Clean, fragrant, cheap, there'
no salve on earth a good. Try it.
Cure guaranteed. Only 25c at Tall
man k Co.
I .. af Walla Walla Ba.
sail u Adtrsii or Wsleoms.
VaaM, Jod a-Fiftv bankers
nart of Washington, with a
mwu uvm lue ueigi.ixiring HLauis,
iiHOdsnce at ttie m-wion .if the
una! meeting of the (State
awueiation. In the ahsaaaaa of
i v, uuuHgur . .Uirfl UNI .
at MBM( af .H,-.,,,.. kv M . ....
Arrival at Motel Psodl.ton.
B S Stearas. Pendleton.
W H Scatter. Han Francisco.
P C Holland, Portland.
I'haa Biota, Palatb.
A I Heatfield, bin Francisco.
J Wool ley, Portland.
Wm Maber, Portland.
0 H Smith, Portland.
J E Williams.
H B Rees.
N Berkeley and wife, city.
I Stevens, Spokane.
T Monheimer.
Mrs F Pollock and sister, Kansas
Samuel W Cox, Kansaa City.
P K Gereald, Portland.
ti McConnell.
A Sinsbeinier, Portland.
Miss Etta Jones, Denton, Tex.
Jessie Allen, Pomerov, Wash.
Mrs V P Hunter, Elgin.
Beware of Uintmsni lor Catarrh
Contain Mercury
aa mercury will aurely deairor the scoe. of
mell aud complelriy derange lbs wbul. eye
Win when enterlns It thruugb the inucum sur
faoss. Such article should never be used aa
ucpt oo preax rl ptloa from reputable phjrsi-
tam. as the dtmair th.v will do Is ln fold to
the cuod you i au poeaibfy derive from tbem
Hairs Catarrh Curs, muu!- turel br F. J.
Cheney a Co., Toledo, Om contains no mercury,
aad la laaan lousrually. acung diroctly upon
ibe blooit aud mucous surfaces of tbe system
In buying Hall's Caiarrb Cur be lure you get
turnaulue. It is taken Internally, and made
in Toledo. Ohio, by P. J. Chruey A Oo. Tasii
uouials frsa.
Mold by all druggists, price :&c. per buttle
nils i
Hall's family
i are the Oest
Crossrlsi fur Harvest.
R. Martin has made big prepara
tions to supply harvest outfits with
i groceries. He has bought in large
uuantitiea and never lets any store uu-
snail him. He never lias any dis
satisfied customers becMUBe be give
them the beat goods in the market.
Martin's store ha the only tirst'dase
tiski-rv department in ttie city. Veget
ables, fruita and berries fresh every
awTfrT?M mr verythiiig
wd si !2iL''V" '"auifiul in
at ka. . --! 'ii u. . wa It. sell M Was I w
w saw to 1U....1
muiiit li-Ibir a
Pood cnang. a to Poison.
Putrefying food in the intestines
proiiucAM effectn like those of arsenic,
hut Dr. King's Net Life pill- expel
tbe poisons from clogged bowels,
gently, easily but surely, curing con
stipation, biliousneas. sick headache,
fevers, all liver, kidney and bowel
troubles. Oulv 26c at Tallman A
A suite of rooms in the East Ore-
goniau buildiug, but and oold water,
bathroom, for f 1 1 a month duriug tbe
summer. Apply at tbe East Oregouiau
uttn I
good bread use Bv
World's Fair over all couiueti-
D . , I . . , M .
mi oiwi oeai riour. ii nuui urai
. "l "' UblC4tWO
"' lv" excellent satisfaction wherever used.
laluU u Kuarauleed. We have the best Steam
nM "e'ley. Seed Bye and Beardless Barley.
W. S. in I .us. Proprietor.
Thsy Lan Gsorgstown. Colorado. In
ay, 1900. and No Trass of Them
Can Ms Pound.
One of the strangest disappearances
ever recorded is that of the Kelley
family, who left Georgetown , Colorado
by team in May, luoo, fr Baker City,
say the Democrat.
The family consisted of K. F
Kelley, hm wife and three sons, aged
rnapectively IU, iTjtad U vears. Thev
had with their outfit three gray mares
and one sorrel mare with a sorrel colt.
Their two wagon were of Springfield
Mo., make.
About the Mh of June, 1900, the
family camped about 2.S mile wet of
up, Tiyii. , iur pevei ai tiav on ac
coont ot sickness of one of the boy.
fince mat urns no trace whatever of
wieir wiiereatmiits ha been discovered
two older boy of the family, Rat
am! Roy Kelley, remained at home at
Georgetown, ami as timo passisi an. I
tney receiveil no letter from their
par-nta they lecaiiie alarme.1 and
started instituting a search. In No
vember last Ray Kellev arrived in
Maker l ity after having travell bv
bicycle over the direct route that the
launly would have traveled if thev
had continued on their journev. He
stopped over st every station ami town
along the route, had an inquiry in
ecriru hi I'lvn newspaper putiinel in
tiif Towns Hint posted rewurd notices
on fences Hiid at everv sight I v ulace
along the road. His efforts to learn
anvtiiing concerning the objects ol his
search were futile. He reached Raker
City almost heart-broken, and duriug
nis visit to the otnee of the Democrat
was in sore dires and exoressed him.
self that he had shout lost all hope of
ever again seeing his loved ones.
Alter remaining in Maker Oil a few
days, during which time he made
diligent inquiry, he r. turned over the
route he had come hut to no purpose.
Roy Kelley, the second sou who left
Georgetown when the fauiilv started
over the plains to Oregon, arrived in
Haker and called on the leinoi:r:tt.
lie said that he and hi brother had
never for a moment relaxed their
efforts to discover the wherealtouts of
their parents aud brothers from the
first time they became alarmed re
garding their safety. Being members
of the I. O. O. F. an 1 Woodmen of the
World, they had enlisted the help of
these orders in their search, and had
received tbe assistance of nearly every
patter in the inter-uiountain region in
giving publicity to the fact that infor
mation was desired, hut no tidings
have been forthcoming. What to do
next he doe not know, and he i
about to give up in depair.
How a lamilv of nve people, nil
nearly ot mature age, could so effec
tually disappear as if the earth bad
swallowed them up, i beyond explana
tion, unless it he they were murdered
and their bodies cremated. Then it
would seem that their effects, tbe
wagons and horses, would be a sure
means ot detecting the murderer.
Certain it is that it is the most unac
countable disappearance ever heard of,
and it looks as though it will ever
remain so.
Ths Baseball Tsam, the Band and a Big
Crowd Prom Hsppnsr.
The Heppner Tunes sava: The train
leaving here Wednesday morning, Julv
I, will carry the Heppner hasebsll
nine, the SvmpDOajP band and a score
or more of otber citizens, all bound for
Pendleton where tbey will participate
in the big celebration and baseball
tournament to be held there on July 4,
and . J tie baseball club had ac
cepted Pendleton's invitation two
weeks ago, and last Tuesday the
Symphony band waa also asked to go
over. A satisfactory amount having
been offered lor their services, the band
so accepted, and will assist in mak
ing things lively during the tournament.
The people of Heppner and Pendle
ton belong to identically the same
stock, either place containing many
relatives and personal friends living in
tbe otber. Therefore, nothing but tbe
most cordial and friendly feeling
xists between the two cities, and it
giws Heppner people pleasure to
over to Pendleton and enjoy
latter's hospitality, as did Pendleton's
ham-hall bovs and friends while here
last week.
I'eielletou is going to celebrate on a
large scale, ani the entire exercises
II he highly interesting, entertain
ing exciting and inspiring
Heppner had a roUeing lug 4tli ol
July celebration last year, exciting
football games all winter, baseball and
tbe big tournament this summer, and
now those few upon whose shoulders
wavs rests the ardour duty of carry
ing out the programs are itching for a
rest. Therefore, Heppner people who
contemplate leaving town during the
4tb aiiuuid bv all means join the excur
sion to Pendleton, aud enjoy a trip
lite memory ot which will Jive forever.
on tue diamond iiie vtana nana,
(Jolfsx, Heppner, Athena aud i'eudle
tou baseball teams will battle (or su
premacy duriug the three days, aud
overs of the great national game will
'.m aatiahed to their hearts content
visit to Portland or any other large
city would not afford ha'l the geuuiue
pleasure aud eothueiaeuj as it would to
accompany our crowd to 1'endleiou.
Let's all go over aud take the town.
Heppner .a -tte The Heppner
r-yinphoiiy baud has Imssu engaged to
play at tbe big Fourth of July celebra
tion and baseball tournament which
lasts (or three days at Peudtetou. This
is proo! that outside parties appreciate
tbe fact that Heppner has a good
band. Pendleton people can rest as
sured of being favored with good
'fee Dem Freezers
I have a full line of
i Peerless Ice Cream Freezers
ff0Iu one pim to ten quart-, will freeze cream
m froui three to rive minutes; also have a full
J of fishing tackle, Itammocki, etc. dee my
U,fore buying
c TAYLOR, the Hardware Man.
Psadlstoo Team Coes to Albsas Buaday
orolng, Juoe IB.
Tbe Pendleton baseball team will
leave for Athena on 8unday morning
June -'i, at 8:16 to go up against tbe
club there lu tbe afternoon at 1
I 1. 1 gaue w ill be finished in time that
all niav return U Pendleton on tbe
regular train. Tlse Peodletou Usoi
will have a number of new men. who
have never beeu seen in a Pendleton
uuiforuj. their ability being well
known The Peulaitd brothers will
iiUr on acuouut of it being Hundav.
C'hapler will not be in tbe game, aa be
is nursing a lame ris-ni arm. sieacn
will uitch and oue of tbe new man
catch. Ooruell will probably play
third base. Oilbert is another new
man who baa bad considerable
perieuce, and will probably be given a
Tbs Prioters Will 6e.
lu res (Mm se to aa invitation from L.
a 1. 1 1 ,mi,i nuetujaeler ai Aiueu,
and mauager of tbe second team there,
the printers' ulue will go up to Atheua
ou Sunday morning on the same train
that will carry the Urat nine. la
mediately upon the arrival of
train at Athena, the printers will
to ths baseball grounds, where
game will commence at about
o'clock a. m.
A reduces) rate has been secured of
7,r cents for the round trip to Athena
The rate to I s Orande on Sundav.
June will be iJ.ftt) for the round
trip. The Pendleton delegation will
leave on the early morning train ami
return the same night.
Robert Oronin, Clarence and Roy
Penland left for Adams this morning
where they will play with the Helix
team against the Adams nine. These
two teams have played two games this
season with each other with a victory
and a defeat for each. The game this
afternoon will be a warm number.
Jim Welch has been elected manager
of the clerk's baseball club. A game
between the clerks and printers will
be played in the near future. All
that remains to the negotiations is to
fix the date of the game.
The scouring mill club has chal
lenged the printers semi-offlcislly. The
official challenge will be published
later in the East Oregonian.
Masting or the Psndlston Sportsmsn's
Assoslatlon Friday Night.
A meeting ol the Pendleton Sisirts
men's Association was held at S
0( lOOB on Friday evening in the
council riHitns and an hour was
pleasantly and profitably spent in dis
cussing the tournament of the Sports
men's Association of the Northwest
which will he held at Walla Walla
commencing on Tuesdav, June 26 and
continue all week. The association
decided to send a team of five to the
tournament as follows: H. J. still
man, A. 1. Stillman, J. M. Spence,
C. J. Hamilton and F. W. Waite.
These gentlemen are all ir. good
practice and will be expected to bring
hack some of the gold medals, dia
monds and coin offered by the associa
tion as prises. Fred W. Waite was
chosen captain of the team.
Sunday's Shooting Contest.
A number of the members of the
Pendleton Sportsmen's association
will engage in a practice shoot on the
grounds Sunday. It was expected that
a delegation would he over from l.a
Uramle. hut that is off, according to
word brought by C. J. Hamilton.
The I ii Urande Isiys asked to be ex
cused from coming at this time owing
to tbe fact that they have a little con
test on there with a team from Klgin.
To Walla Walla Monday.
The Pendleton team of shooters will
leave for Walla Walla on Monday
morning at 8:16. The first event on
the program is at u o'clock on Tuesday
morning hut they want to go over a:id
take a look at the traps ami grounds
so that things will not he too strange
when the shooting commences.
A Lighted Plresrasksr Thrown by a
Boy Was Bxpsnsiva.
A fire alarm in the Mascot district,
which is F.ast Pendleton, was rung
about 4 o'clock on Friday atteruoon,
June 21. The hose cart of that com
pany was taken to the scene quickly,
the residence ofj.losepb iMllillis, on esst
Railroad street, being on tire. A long
line of hose waa laid and water was
soon playing on the building. It was
necessary to almost entirely destroy
tbe roof before the fire could be ex
tinguished, as the seat of the trouble
was beneath tbe shingles, close to tbe
main chimnev. A large crowd con
gregated to watch the firemen work.
Considerable damage was done in the
upstairs rooms by the deluge of water
to tbe paper on the wall and to tbe
carpets and furniture, the total loss
being estimated at VMM), insurance be
ing carried on both building and furni
ture. It is said that tbe fire was caused
by a small boy throwiug a large
lighted firecracker upon the roof of the
building. After the explosion the
firecracker continued to burn and
smolder, nntil the tire was communi
cated to the roof.
Ths Work or Developmsnt Has Becua;
Ballrosd Hay Be Built to Mlnss.
Twenty years ago coal was mined in
Willow creek basin twenty miles south
of Henpiier. The coal waa burned in
Heppner aud nearby ranches and even
some ol it was used in reiidleliin
There was a big bed of it hut for some
reason ttie mines were not leveloped
and the "II nd" was left neglected for
. ar
In tbe last lew weeks a company of
Huppuerilea, headed by teorge ouser .
of the First National bauk of that
town, has Imguu the work of develop
ment with promise ol big returns.
Mining machinery has beeu put in and
au order taken (or the first coal.
There is plenty of wood, water and
grass all around the new coal mines,
and it le a water grade all the wav to
Heppner, and au easy matter to build
a feeder railroad to connect with the
O. It A. N. at Hpepner.
C. Bi Redfield, formerly of Pendle
ton, is one of the interested parties in
the enterprise.
Klsksd by a Morss.
Walla Walla, Juue K.-A. M. hum
owner ol the Peacock mills at Milton
and au uncle of J. L. Flam ws kicked
so badly by a horse Wednesday evening
that very serious results are feared. A
broken arm, broken ribs aud internal
injuries, the extent of which is not
known were caused. Mr. hlam was
evidently passing tbe borae when it
kicked viciously, striking bun ou the
left arm which waa banging at bis
side. Kver since the injury Mr. Flam
lias been vomiting oouatautly and this
token of severe internal hurts is alarm
ihg bis relatives.
DR. i BET.
no enuul for the cure of
Nurvoutt and Phviicai JhiJ
rnyiiciii j
. . . as n . a . t
itV, hliaudUd Vitality, Van
cocole, Premature decline,
I. r- of Memory, Waiting, etc.
which ha been brought
about by early indiecretioiiai
or later ex
car a suslik" tuikty yilaum.
S ri la mdbr lor ssy lata buuka
Malar," aud "aHagta ; lis us a
tr Men
With every suit of
Boys' Clothing.
& Marx
lAt, 1 o.'IMIB
ooni6 In
from :t to
sell for
Wash Sailor
worth 48c,
colors in
year, wo
The kind you want at the time you want them,
Good Goods at Fair Prices.
$5.90 $6.50 $7.50
They don't rip, tlx1 buttons don't come off.
Just the Thing (or Hot Weather.
bunch ot lire crackers
every suit
Boy' Veatee Sulta at I re-
auotion of 15
Boys' 1 luce piece knee aut8
Suits at reduction of 18
What you need these uarni ilays, lil6i I I to IT!
, 75c, $I.OO, $1.50, la.OO
They fit, look well, wear well.
Boys' two pieos suds at a
duct ion of I
lit ;
8 piece long pants suits
reduction of 1.1
To look costs nothing.
To buy Haves you money.
.")( Hoys
suits to close at half
The Peoples Warehouse.
Agents Butterick'A Patterns.
W. J. sK W I I I , Meuatrtir.
Yanl 011 vV. I.I. Htrewt
Opposite) Hunt Krnl(ht I (.).., 1
Wa ara prarI to furnish anything
In the lainuer Hum ami :an guarantm
prieea to uu aa rlinap, if not diuaiwr
than otliera. Wa also carry a largei
line of Doors, Windows anl MoiiMing
Parties ooutt)Oiilatiiif huildiiiK will ilo
well to aee us Issfore placing tliir
orders. We also carry Caacsvlti Kesl
Kir wood. Piione Mam itt.
Farmers Custom Mill
PrwS W altars, Preasrteter.
Short and lon htiulh
Seville, sneiiths, Flexible
in all
pilch forks,
steel cables, pulleys, ropes,
Hansford & Thompson,
The Leading Hardware Men."
(lapaclli, 1st! Oar lal s day.
flour sstaaitgad lor vasal,
rioar, Mill read caopusd Fesd.
Arm in Arm with Your rcfca)f book.
lur Una raronta have) lasan las-tad
with a vlaw of giving vou Use) beat
valva tor your BBW Saat, alagaul
an.l allrailivrt patu.rua In awl with
iluralnlitv , anil wlthlu Out utaaua ol
all, Is what wu ara oflurioa iu our duo
Bltatt of rugs, varpats auu aousnihing
III LftOB . urtaiiiB ami portlars. It will
tost you n .tiling to lunk at Ihaui .
i'rli'os art right.
Jesse Fa i Hug.
Mam sireasl user Uritlga.
stc., sluari
Call up:-
No. 5
and 5and.
Thursday of Stoh week 1 will be at the First National Hank
office to receiv -ealed tiids on lots ol wool No. 6, 8, HI and
17, ftboiit 600 StYOks, now StOftd in the lndeendent wu!e
hotiMc; also ahoul MH) sacks of this years clip. 1 reserve
the privilege fjf rejecting any or all bldt, Address me I'eu-
dlotnn or Pilot Koek. Telephone Pendleton or ranch m
Hear Creek. J. & SfllTM.
Heavy Hauling
BaMCIl aitaatUsa ylr.a
Laatz Bros.
jyij iUtuilj Kirmiwd Siita MmM
M H Hss
1 HU HI ' mmJ " ,rM
Deft. A
eowil aNO.
1 .strenth -d niTi nnnurnu nrrn
..-.o is I I' i'iis irp iiriiik I'll 11 mil isii us ULLti i
d Abus b, I - - ibb b. i aimad m m mmm 1
I Polydore Moens. Proprietor.
bin mm tun.
Ksuvasa Hlsscfc,