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r ..., srs anI s a mmnr
Den's Outside
50c, 75c.
leaver Bros.
. ... v 11 L II I I Ik
IT dVMum l 1 iviuuui
elirov Bourni the Dtalh of s
Likely Animal.
, .. .......... .i.-eiilftinta svhlch
mr 111 mi"-. 1 . . , . .
,.n lulraqtiently is t" oa ciironicieo.
r. 1. 1. . ...lit H. I-. Me-
muii ii- " -
.. .111 tlif reservation
alia e-- rendletoti, manaeti 1
! 1. mi 1 11 ursnav.
H, m aid lin i" send must of
BoaaUlM ami loouniis
llintiiiimer He nit out toor eoiie
levers! mares iroui me ouncu,
Bg , kt'f' hum' mi inr WW.
;ieil tilt" mares aim uani-m .. -i-
.. . I . .. ... II. u
tinur. intending to drive the
. u rn.lit after dinner
. " -
... i- . .... - .. itii.u lie Mnt
... iu.It u III.' HL Il k HUM 101II11I
. . ". . 1 I 1 I
mir.it I lie colts DM accidental ly
inn tli halter strap which secured
mere IB tht itittntfer. then gave its
J - . ... ikal . I... I lur ulr...
f nllf 111 -;. .1 nil 1 I nn. i nr
. . .
- I J 1 1 ,1 ....I, ir..,.
Willi tin' ill iiibi tne run h
dead im kerel within a few
M.I 1 . - . ft. .1.1
UlrP. III. I 'lift WHf lllie W IXB ......
!a eel I bred mare and was sired
MM N ii Mil 'iiging to Cliria
ISJtill ..II. 'I i.ii'.(. pisiii fti.wft .
at handi ! as anyone had
seen . I ' ild not have
ID I UV 111 k'oin ior 11. 1 ne run
ftiai I- 1 1 f It HI 1.
ipieMiM M laviaf a swift, and ita
lh un ler mn li circumstance in a
A Flreman'i Clou Call,
tuck to in v entitle, although
rr in nr hi '. .n . u-rv nerve whs
ft . . 1 . .. :. i .
', lomniiitiv hreinan, of Hur
Ion. low u. "I wan weak and pale,
I wa about to give tip, I got a
ignr I' .in thcr use I rv them.
iflli'ti 11. iHiHrHii! .-..I liv ThIIiiihii .V
Price "hi rent
I lo jMNln amM IhM wlih roe .vrrTtulng
BUUon i , r ,,,, B111 bcHutfiul IB
B" "' "i '"tut iu lalrlueie worth and
H '"' run mi ri.k iu buyiug your
H.. :lu. - ... )wlr ut BM m I uualtivelr
.lir (.B k . , w. ,r,,rvtruod.
laaatAtJ .... j . v t t
".in on j vLyiiLian..,
1 Aleiauder A Hexter'a
"" ' ' o, return Shall Oymtttr Purlw, ut Rouhttmtvr , J.
ubtxmvd 92,000 Ufm
My b s :.ess as uroorietor of th!
v 1 ' ..!'-.-. . V " P, 1 u. VI, I I.
UQgk Iwitim uganl
KO L.,l VI ia ,
.HI t
" ", ncisia
V Ug v.. ... , I I
r-. "uvi i anew it
I a. U teli . i... ui
0 troulile huJ
. v. i.cu
--e, i. me ior a
- ..ut most
r p. jjcopie i Ulttl
" "Jiacu oclieve
"-""ic waa in it m
- "ra. i tttuea it
omi.i t. i.i- I
' . ... uci- - - - v
uisoraer. hut I-i
r- - .. ft- ii . ii . . Ktiltlinar "
-olii.k avcav riirut
--6 i lusi in weivrht
-a .iuiii (J lo ,,5
'"-.inciitiw or
"vi, j g,n ho,,!,,! AcU.
' occame anectca. aiv uociox tola me i a uavc u iov. iuc voic
ai a lung Troubles, ana alter laaiux iv -.v......
' wll aa any mwi in NtJW York State. I was healthier and atroogar than bev
r I loov ZsJzSl "JSrJZrZZ. lAni me. I now waigh iso pound
any mwj in New Yora nuns.
took ih a Li-t. mftair
c ao near
. ,
r-uuua more than aver
' Z
When the doctor
iunis nan i aa-ir-a t 1 1 Mn untfcicu
' .""oiu.ced in a nratw.-laa. coudiUot).
v- L ... .. . .
- ..iiu uiut Ackers Kntlifih Kellieov
' .i '.in.i I..;..-i u,m,.ftt rudorscuicui . Wu. o
-j-mv wuo wiaiies may write me persuu-" j
at asc.. sue uud t. a buttto. througho.t tVBtUi
"iiKiann. at is aa. . as. u.. 4a
uuuie iu mar nrugti. auu e..
OtftO it V UtttOUat dk M'UOMAI. VKMUUKVtiM , Otttt
Shirts, each
$1 00.
Dry Goods Co.
Arrival! at Hotel P.ndirton.
John J Thanmm, Portland.
K I' KergiiDon, Cincinnati.
J J Burns, Portland.
T W Jackson, Portland.
A Sineheiiiier, Portland.
J F Krepi, Walla Walla.
A C Blair, I .ui- Angela.
A M Stone. 8tn Franciiny).
P l Newberry, Philadelphia.
V J Heanuiont, St Joe.
J P Havden and wife, Portland.
Kdward Hinith, Spokane.
K H Clarke, city.
8 K Dean, Walla Walla.
F W Churchouae, IVirtland.
Kert K 8choonmaker, Spokane.
J W Collini, San Franciaoo.
(imo Stevena, Hpokane.
John K Iathrop, city.
Ralph L Knapp, Astoria.
H H Kee, Spokane.
Lea Eiafelder, Portland.
K C Grennman, Oregon City.
J C Bradley, Oregon City.
J s Vining. Siattle.
D L Koaeufeld, Portland.
J J Fowler, Portland.
Jaa G Buchanan, Saattle.
Wati or Ohio, Cirr or ToLr.no 1
l.r Corirrv. i
Prauk J. ('henry makee otb tbel he It tbe
eenlor pwrliivr of the firm of P. J. Cheney 4 Co.,
ilolna iiuilueup In tbe t lty of Toledo, county
ind nutr aforfwid, anil that uld firm will par
the sum of Our Hundred Dollars for eat lb. U
every mm' of I'stwrrb lliwt cwuuol be cured by
the nee of Hwll'ii Catarrh Cure.
s.iru tn la-fore me and subscribed In my
aaaaa pruaeDce tblafttb day of Dwnmber, A.
"L ( ' A. W. ULEABOM.
.-. NoUry Public.
Ila. Catarrh Cur Is taken luternalljr wmt
acta direi tlj mi lie bliaxl and mucous surfaces
of the system. Hen. I fur teainnoiilals free
T J 1 UBNIY Co.. Toledo. Ohio.
Hold lo drucglau, 75c.
italic Family Pills are the hsM.
Judgo W. K. Ellia and Jadge Robert
Eakin will escbange places iu holding
tbe June ternn of circuit court for
Morrow and Tnion counties. Judge
Ellis left on the Friday evening train
for Ki.urpriae to hold court, Judge
Eakin being interested in some of the
11- Judge Eakin panned through
Pendleton Mil morning on his wav to
HtippDM to do likewise for Judge Ellis.
District Attornev T. i. HaiTey and
Court lUporlfsff John S. Beckwith
ioifMtj the jOalg here m l will assist
in the Imames of h iltlisM court at
HappDsr. Tfic tafM will last a week,
it is thought
m as .
I Iftk) I Wat Her T.rror.
"1 would cough nearly all night
lung," writes Mrs. Chaa. Applegate,
ol Alexandria, Ind., "and could
hardly get any aleep. I had conauuip
tion aoTiad that if 1 walked a block 1
would cough frightfully and apit blood,
bat, when all other medicine failed,
three f 1 bottlea of Dr. King's New Dis
covery wholly cured me and I gained
II pounds. " lt'i absolutely guaranted
to cure coughs, colds, la grippe, bron
chitis and all throat and lung troubles.
Price 60c and 91- Trial bottlea free at
l allman A Co. 'a drug store.
I. Mann. Leads.
K. Martin is entitled to be called
tbe leader in the grocery trade on ac
count of his loug experience iu the
business. Then as be boys in car lots
for t ash he gets a trade and cash dis
counts which give hitn his goods a
I Iktla cliMwianr than other stores Mar
tin gives this saving iu his buyiug
price to his t-ustouitrs. If you want a
big bill of groceries get prices at other
stores and then Martin can beut their
A suite of rooms in tbe East Or
Kouiau buildius. hot and cold water,
bathroom, for U a month during the
summer. Apply at the East Oregouian
ImmurmmoB roMoy.
Lyceum Shell Ovater Parlor. 141
r I ... W Uuh.4u.lr "urn Ui iVTITt II 1 II 1
- -
killiui' me
annua, - , 7 . ,
i d for a life luauiance
' I vTaf raid he would dUoOVr
- -- . ... i
tnai tan J tuuult STTZ. ECZ
AA aft, ftnifina ouu i auww ...
6"-"' . rV i i i
i . ,
, -
... ... - rftaflW.
'II ..111 1 ftftftftM- k . bbbbbbbbbbw., 1
-. n . ' saaaasi ill iiiaiiiBi 1 1 1 .
Th Train Will Laava Pandlatoa at :!
in th. Morning and Walla Walla
on Return Trip at 8 p. m.
The great game of baseball between
the PendMon nine and the Walla
Walla team will tatce place on the
grounds of tbe latter on Snndav, May
19. The Pendleton contingent will
leave this city on the regular train at
8:15 in the morning and will come
back on a special leaving Walla Walla
at o'clock in the evening. From
Pendleton a delegation of I fit) or there
abouts will go over to witness the sport.
Many will go for the purpose of enjov
ing a day with Walla Walla friends
who would not care to attend the base
ball game.
Th. P.ndl.ton Nine.
Owing to the fact that Claude and
Clarence Penland have conscientious
scruples against playing on Sunday,
it will he necessary to make several
changes. Mench will' pitch and Chapler
play third base; Harlow will he behind
the hat: Captain Hartmsn will play
first, I I rich second, Co a shortstop,
Fletcher center, Pnpnis left and either
Allen or Cronin right. The batting
order will be as follows: l lricb, lb. .
Cot, as.; Fletcher, c. f. ; Barlow, c. :
Hartman, lb. ; Dupuis, f. f. : Chapler,
3b.; Allen or Cronin, r. f. ; Meach, p.
Ticket! on Sal. Thll Evening.
There is liable to lie a rush for
ticketa Snndav morning. In order to
avoid the riieh those who intend to go
on the excursion will be given an
opportunity of getting their tickets Ifl
advance, and with that object in view
F. F. Wamslev, agent of the O. K. A
It, has authorised the statement that
tickets will be placed on sale at the
depot at it o'clock this evening.
Field Sports at Walla Walla.
Field day sports art being held to
day at Walla Walla, teams being
present from the Weston normal, Iav
ton High school, Walla Walla High
school and from the academic depart
metit of Whitman college. Kov Clonk
lin, manager of the I'einlleton High
school athletic team, and Jim Wvrick,
one of the footracers of the team, went
over to Walla Walla to watch the
games, so as kO gel some pointers for
the track meeting to te held at Ten
dleton on Monday, May '.'7, where the
Baker Citv High school, the Weston
normal school and Pendleton lligl
school teams will compete .
at s a
ProieeullBE an OtT.ndtr With a atultl
tltud. of Wordi.
A case of common drunk catue before
the police court of Pendleton today
The case, however, was not of com
mon words, (or the greatest conglom
eration of phraseology was fired at the
judge that ever came irom the lips 01
an officer. The luckless fellow was not
vet over his intoxication. So the
iilticer, presenting him to the court
.be had apparently been reading tbe
New York Sun, for the same combina
tion of words appeared recently in that
newspaper said ot the culprit:
"Your honor, this man is intoxi
cated. He is drunk, inebriated, tipsy,
full, loaded, jagged, fuddled, tight.
tonheavv. slewed, half-shot, half-gone
overgone, overtaken, primed, afflicted,
flevated, exhilarated, genial, happy,
mellow, corned, beery, winy, groggy,
li.inrv. soaked, chock-a-block, lusliv
muggy, it. ted, muddled, jiggered,
foggy, hazy, diaiy, stunned, dazed.
moory, dopy, oasibed, petrified, para
h zed.
"He has a (glorious or elegant jag
on. a load on, a skate on, a tmn on
a brannigan on, a shine on, a still 011,
an edge on, a skin full, he has got a
cup too much, be has looked 011 the
wine w hen 11 was red, ne nas a in
In- h ninet. he has an applejack gall
he has been taking a little of Paddy's
eye water or of red eye, he has been
crooking his elbow, he has more sail
than ballast, he has his main-brace
well spliced, he has the sun in his eye,
he can't set a hole 111 a ladder, and
be can't lie down without holding tin
"He is ha If -seas over, three sheets
in the wind, oil his beam ends under
tbe influence of the weather, ov-r the
bay, in the .clouds, iu his cups, in his
pots, off his trolley, off Ins nut, on a
drunk, on a spree, on a bender, on a
racket, on a tear, on the ran-tan, or the
ree-raw, lie ii feeling his oats, lie is
full of mountain dew, full of doie,
full of forty-rod boose, full of Jersey
lightning, full of tangle-loot, lull
Pug-1 11 ice. he is as full as a tick, full
as a goat, full as a bedbug, he is as
drunk as a lord, drunk as a Ixn imj ow 1 ,
drunk as a (idler's bitch, drunk as
David's sow, he is weak ; wabbly
on his pins, all mope and brooms, and
about to cast up his accounts. ' ' And
at last account the court was running
Ha Wanttd to Be In That Animal
With Norrls a Howe's big trained
animal shows, which will exhibit in
this any next Friday afternoon and
night, under their large waterproof
tents, which will be located near the
O. U A Mi depot, is a stage struck"
canine, who answers to tbe name of
Hamlet. Tne dog jg . t-roas between i
' Yallar" and a cur dog. but is parti
cularly bright and affectionate. Ham
let "joined out" with the show at
New Westminster last season of his
own volition. The dog was noticed
around tbe teuU all day with a sort of
a "wiab-I-was-witb-tbe-show" look in
his aye. After the performance in the
evening when the men were loading
the cars, they found Hamlet seated on
the front steps of tbe baggage car
They tried to make him go away, but
he determinedly remained where he
was seated ami tbe eudeavors of tbe
meu to gait him to go, were of no avail,
so as a last 'resort they placed him m
side with the other dog actors. Ham
let made friends of his canine com
nanioiik and was soon tbe favorite of
all tbe attaches. He was taken in
baud by Professor Noma and he
showed a willingness and aptitude for
learning tricks that was nothing short
of phenomiual. Hamlet is now one of
the star nerforuiera with Norris A
Kowe's shows. I u I ike the other dogs
he is given the freedom of tbe tents;
cau go and come when he pleases, but
Hamlet never abuses tbe trust and con
hdeuce put iu bits. He is a great dog
and no mistake.
si to a i rail lasi 'oowas.
Ladl.s la "What Old T.aiklas Do"
Wtar Thaaa.
Th. comedy of tbe seavson iu Peiidle-
tou will be the appearance of lrry
Our auu Clarke, who la well rsuuem-
bered from tbe bit he maUe laat
season in "WLial Happened to Jones. "
Ha ia supported by a New York cum
pant in a brand new farce entitled
What in. i loiuaius i'
JiiiitfJus? froui tbe ureses criticisms,
Mr. Clarke has swoead a hit of huge
nrooortiona in -He latest attempt, the
opinion obuiuiug that bis ptarformauce
IS the Very Uip UOSCU OI count ouun
One feature of bis production, uon
which no monev has Itoen spared, is
the beautiful stage sett ings, the hand
some women who support him and the
hpautifnl ami artistic gowns the wear.
1 here are no less than a dozen Pari
sian creations of this season, and thev
alone represent the expenditure of
small fortune.
Tbe date is Tuesday. May II,
' df --f- -
Columbia Rlvar and Casead. streams
Mutt He High This Spring.
"If the warm weather continues for
ten days," said a prominent rsilron.ier
today to the East Oragonian. "thot'ol
n in tun river will be hooming, perhaps
it will he st a Hood mark that will
cause considerable damage. It is in
season!" when the spring is rather late
that the floods occnr, and this has
been a late spring. Already the Ool
umhia has risen enough to oat) as appre
hension in the districts on the lower
river, and some of the people living
along the shores are preparing for
"f was talking the other dav with
the siiierintendent of the Northern
Pacific railway. He asserted that the
records kept by the company chotv that
at the tunnel high up in the CAsOEtlel
144 feet of snow fell during tic Winter.
Practically all of this snow is vet to
come out, anil the danger is tl.at.
hen it comes, it will come all at
Pratt Sayt IT it Good and B.netits the
Athena merchants have no trouble iu
disposing of produce bought from the
farmer, savs tbe Press. Athena bus
access to Isith the Portland and Sound
markets, for reason that two hues of
railroads give her these facilities
facilities which both merchant and
fanner profit by to a BtMt BE tent, As
a trading point Athena has altv.iw
been head and shoulders above other
towns in the "Fast End," ami ttt
years go bv she predoni inatcl v in
creases her lead in the commercial
race. Muring the past vears thousand
of tons of potatoes an. I hat have fottlld
a market in Athena Here the pro
duce was loaded on the cars for ship
ment west, the producer got hi- call
and before leaving town a goodly .r
tinn was lelt with the merchant in Bt
change for RfMfOhgUjdlifMi It lakes all
kinds of push to make a good trading
point, anil this produce ptllb is RbOUl
the best push we' have been up against
It brings trade to Athena and trade ll
what Athena is after.
Milton Han't Expsrl.nee With an
Attorla Invsttnient.
Tbe following unusual occurrence is
recorded by the Milton Eagle
Last week, through the bank of Mil
ton, Thomas Spence received f ":!", the
same being for money invested a few
vears ago in West Astoria town lot--Sir.
Holy, tbe man who sold Mr
Spence the lots, guaranteed the return
of the money in two years with n per
cent added for interest it the iiis. -i-
metit did not prove sat i-factorv. Mr
Spence failed to realize the golden ie-
l urns expect.- I and the cash wit- re
turned promptly and cheerful Iv op
demand as stipulate !, and everyb ..It
is happy.
e v
Bouqust for Pendleton Pitcher.
Edwin F, Chapler, says the Atbeoa
Press, Pendleton's new pitcher who
did such splendid work against Col fa I
Tuesday, came up and umpire. I th.
Colfax-Athena game Wednesday, lit
is an old friend of the four low.i hots
on the Athena team, and has played
with and against them many times.
His friends here speak highly of hi-
quahties as a hallplater ami a genth
man, and Pendleton may congratulate
herself on having -e. nr. .able a
Suprsms Court Jutllcsi.
Chief Justice K. 8. Bean, and BfO
ciate Justices F. A. MtMWM ami C E.
Wolverton, constituting the supreme
court of tbe state ol Oregon, finish d
up the Mav term at Pendleton on hri
dav, Mav 17, and left this morning
for Salem. They had a successful term
here, made g.ssl headway with the
locket and enjoyed themselves when
not in session.
For Sal..
Owing to mv is sir health I oiler for
sale the Leezer Bakery; also, my resi
dence prujfterty on iiardeii street hi
tween Alta and ( 'oiirt.
Exeuriton to Maaeham.
BSMffsOB tram for Meacbam and
way S)ints leaves O. K tV It. depot
tomorrow Sunday morning at 6:1!
Kouml trip, t
For Sanative Uses.
Its remarkable, SBaoUtsati ataaastng, ai.'l
purlftiug eropertlen, th
lived tiniii l i in i ii I1
great, rklli curs, WBrrgl'l U.e
o.-e ol I Hi I Ha Mot i
xjL3 ii i bathi f. i ai
YX & n.fti lii'iuiUoiia, 1iiI1u.ii i .
k ttuoa, awl l.atliiftfi-, B3I i u
i f n tret .n ofsuslvs psi i
V Is Mtoa,ai4alaolntssforuiol
V v.. li.uiiiul uaahea to I
Ui.iiaforuiceraUr.weaaiiraaea, ami formally
sanative, antiseptic uurHea wlilcli n
tuji urmt tlieuiaelvea Iu wuineu, and eaias :iUy
to inoUier.. The Use of I 'prUH'MA OIliluiSUl
Willi CimoVtU -XJAI- w.il sUftjiiuat It -ell in
(lie auvsrer ouaca.
a.ja iluouraout ll.- - l r..iiaIJ a u t: "ft
givi-i . buauu. CsfUtaa aftr buua, Ua i. w.
Under New Management
Kales l -Mi. ami (I .fill per .lay Meal, u
Sbeclal Kales ty the uioulb.
Beat Hotel lu the eily for families
Bus to all trains, Kree sample iuusm
Electric UgliU and Mum heal
Fire proof bulldn.g
Cor. Court and Johnson Sts
Telephone 7S.
Wood and
Ueii vrrt Press Ml f
cil... Kishl
m sun la
lauiuiarack Pist
niftv.l un aim tli
Ofnce roar of Havings Hank.
PKNlll.KiXJfif, OEhoo.N
Btir.ka lodge. No. 82. I. 0.0. F , In
th. Principal l sgstse.
The last will and testament of the
late JaOOD r rater Iihs been made
public. It was executed tin October 7,
I . . . , ... i i
INP7, having neen iirnwn up nv .lonn
11. I.awrey and signed bj Jacob Krazer
It) the presence 01 T. B. Wells and C.
.1 Smith. H. Alexander is made exe
cutor without surely or sureties, or
bond ot anv kind w hatsoever. I he
foil, wing legacies were left: To Eva
Fraer, of Eugene, bis only grandchild.
(10; to his lite brothers nu.l two sis
ters, William rge, Monlgonierv,
Andrew J,, James, Klua Shanks, and
Ellen Johnson, he lelt fft each. I'lien
came the follow I MB paragraph
I devise ami beneath all tl ther
estate and effects whatsoever ami
wheresoever, both real and personal,
to which I mav DB entitled, or which I
mav have the power to dispose ol at
mv decease, unto Knrcka lodge, N...
I. o. o. I-'., of Pendleton, uroatllla
county, Oregon, absolutely.
The estate In the hands of the ex
center consists o I fsn.fCi in money, El
ccirtling to the iinentor, . After BMllil g
all legacies anil paving all other ex
penses incident In the death, there
will remain about 800 for Knreka
Itslgc. It might be proper In this
connection to state that Bureka lodge
has hail a nurse Inr Mr I rater for
about half the lime during the past
four or live vears, and all the time,
dav ami night, for the past II months.
(t is Is'liev ui thai tlie brother ami
sisters of the deceased mentioned in
the bill reside in Iowa
The Pan-linoi-lcsn Ii xp.nlllon.
The exposition at Bu ilo will he
one of I be greatest Ibis OQntr) hat
ever seen The entire lunch inert will
be run hv the power furnished from
N iagar.t Vails. Although the motive
power rei'itired ll enormous we believe
It is t't nil I to the task, the MEM M
Hosteller's Stomal h Hitlers i-t,iiiil lo
the task of supplying the human b. .Iv
with motive p itver when it is en
feebled and run down. It- power to
revitalize the stsl-m and supply in w
life and energy is well known. There
is no other medicine iu the w. rid so
gotsl for dyspep-iii, ludlgeaton,
fiatuioney and nervousness, Ii I us
Iveen the favorite medicine for OVtf
fifty your. Be sure and get I be genuine
with private revenne stamp over tie
neck ol the bottle.
Has no j n .i 1 for tlu imith ol
Norvoui and Physical Debil
ity, ESihatuted Vitality. F;ui
oooolt, Prematura teoline,
Loai of Ivfemory, WastiiTg, ate.
winch lias bean brought
about by early indiscretions
or later excesses,
ssWASttWlD riiiKi v v SASA
W rite lot h fur my latstl boOEl, "Haatk In
Nature." an I ' ! iikIIi 1 Us I'm-un.l ,Vlni h;
by Men."
l)k. i, T. 8ANDEN,
Dept. A. kussel Block,
At towssl rsti s
l ast Oregouian Itulldlnx.
Pendleton, Off g m.
fur in iiilciu. n
wlui hei iah
ito.it by JOHN - ii .1 ' .. i
The Louvre Saloon
Take the...
Washington &
Columbia Nier
Bm riciii'i, SI Paul, ft. IsWlal, Kau
tu - L'ft) Ml Joe, Omaha, and
All Points last and S ulb
Portland aou points
on the Stiuml.
Arrlftiia 4.,l.ilavft
Wv liisadart ax. Prluayi a
11 at a u.
Tiii-s1as, Thaiasisytsini saniraa)
alK.W- I"
in c.i r dan
lor hiforftaall
I.....I.I' . uall
.l K. III . -)'.' I UI
lerdli'S ralos aiid acioii.
W. ilUllt
S. B -AJ Ut.tOISAH o I' 4
wiia waiia. nasi.
Pendleton tlkiah Stage Line
Huston st Caraey , Prop'e.
ftave Pendleton evert dav at 7 o'clock
except Sunday, for Pilot Hmk, e,
Kidftfe it Ilia and t'kiah. OimsI ae
couiinialations. Moaisiiiable freight audi
p.ftnr.-ngor raitw
City ollic) at I'm 1 1 in an A. CJo's drug
mi a nnn en tns Wn
r-wss s-swuivs tvi vvaiia WW ell It!
& Marx
omiM e MABts
sflP 1 MH.AOU
... Several Reasons ...
Wi v it pays to send' yo ii orders to lis
and hoy from us:
I We are the only people in Pendle
ton in the Saddlery ouainoM thai bsvs
BO rent to pay .
'.'. We c.irry the lar'tst stock in
K as tern i Iregoti.
:t We are tbe only addlerv house
in I'endletou that ne er employed boy
I We have strictly one price and tne
goodt are marked iu plain Bgwreei
.ri our stock is always rreeti and I
s es (he latest.
We have an eatabllahed reputatl in
for rel Ifthla work.
7 If "lir t'ooils are not as represented
the m 'iiev will be cheerfully refunded.
H. We never III 'srepreseilt Koisis
make a sale.
tl. We give von good work, low priMM
and prompt attention.
JOSE I il I,
llari.i-is and attd'i i j
TR A N S F E I ,
s r o a c ; k.
ll l I 1,1 . s h MIS
dealer in
Wood and
j Henry Kopittke
The Dead ft
Winn! is uds s Ma'i a ii h iii.i iuuiiIum
akisl Ii Utt mp'i ii. I- iMi uvw. sttlhaslastli
.i i nan
Ilia. i .iru IMejB Men an I Mates PltS rlil I'.r
iii-.ai.i ii aM PI H i UN
oe aspaatk rsM'Uluj ai arevss nnii,
for eo ui fori in .li i I-
ma isrta ii Hi Bitumens!
..In... ,ir li. I ' i:..u Isler l.'W ll
l.udler ' i.eiitl l.llfbl li'iiiul.-ler 'Id 0
I IOt III plii I Ild Kno' o (.11
IjmJIch ur tienls t.'haiiib'is i HO
Id.als -. --.,
i i-ij.Ut 'I'd, i ivifuu
For llealili, Slrcngth and
Plea: ure Driflk
I'olvdore Mot . is, Proprietor,
Baso Ball
viiiiin t,t
SOc i(
50c to
$4. .SO
Leading Clothiers and Hatters.
K.i - Running, I 'lean ( 'utting.
tail Bearing
Thej itrt' fruaraiiUHjil, ('all ami noe them.
Hansford &
601 Main Street?
Ho I LL Peni
i nder Ncv
Btrietly First-Cins..
bx client CuisiQr-
llfHrv Uiiilnrn
afl i if i
III IJ 'WI ll jjj
CooreBiuci M
ar n' liiiri I irtl
li... Mai li.ii. I
rVs.il Di n Bros.. Prone,
A sure reinisl) for lieu aud UiibaV
, I keep tin 1
I . III. .11 , . . - - i
i it K
C. I . Colesworlhy
B sk. . a s ill ana
Aw I1UIU1 Ula uuulv,N
aSSSftW?SL yBt
I Ik i ui n pen Han .
a Has SSV M sTasM i.nftfta siis asa
mum m mm bisbisi m st bbs m m .
UI I I UJIL f ILII 1 liw
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w nmrnm
f : IAL
, cm.
alls to
Vi nn-
with a
tt n
k rtont.
J'f any
f with
. y I sf n1,
Sft. ' 3 L fry,
A ksnsM
ml la
of tbe
ng Ih.
tory of
I lie (ilorir
1 In- pk
ihown in
1" uutii s w
loi sunr H(
morn daisji
th.it tin- in
Rugs i
I .ol. i I .i king
I ilriUilTrHi
. th.y
t night
n .ight
r m
Rita. J100 i fttS
Special Ritas H' "m
ImI or dm
tleadquartere for Trsvellns Sj
in I Atlern Or.aon.
suctessors te J. E. Hooi.l
-ii- healthy, mica grit adda dlgsaU
'ilk.' i o Ol I Ml I ik u. ...
it fertillaer lor your lawns.
''-u'try and Bee Waggly QmA Jj
- , Hi! ftnh.
iiisnnjBi u. u-ia, - AmM.
Mil It
n th.
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f an
way tbe