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' . iMfllw Uie WMJM thny
AilViVM vnllr I
?Tr.'",lt S",nr,U' lNll
NO. 1115
have a large "tm''t 'or
. . ? i
n (,, ironi. i m
ipMlalt) of wholoMM
Mar,, I pilV I III- highest
rices for cniiinr piiwwm
id chiekeno.
Dress Goods
for Spring
Foulard Silk
for Summer
The black gown bus
the approval of the
fashionable world.
is genteel, dignified
and suited to every
A New
Choice ( Collection
Satis or dull finish.
Plain or fancy weaves.
Light or heavy Weight
is here to claim the
feminine attention.'
Our silk department
is creating unmatch-
admiration for the
foulardi we show.
All the new designs
and coloring are here
t a. .
ins, 1,1 hemes,
Indias, Twills
You'll not find their
epial in Pendleton.
75c to fi.oo
per yard.
Alexander & Hexter.
he Boston Store
ie weather will be good and
buy your new spring suit
you can
When you huv vo ur clothes of us vou get the beat
UI.YOK SUITS of all kinds; we will "show them free.
BUSINESS SUITS; u big lot on exhibition, money hack
if not the beat .
Boston Store $2.50 Shoes
Men ami Wniiii n. 1 fere
Knocks 'cm .ill out.
s tin- nest ..!.qo shoe to he
Try Douglas SIioch, S3 00. $3.50 anil $5. 00.
Bossot Black Dress Goods
Tor fine black dresses, 501 to $4 a yard, guaranteed black
and price. The largest assortment to select from.
Hats-Knox, Stetson, Belgian,
50c to 6.00, Nqiic hetter.
Itt tht spring tune the young man's fancy lightly turns
to thoughts of underwear.
we the best sellers of Clothing in
Because we are the best Buyers.
clothes pins, ic.
dericK No
tm Always the Luwrat.
Another Move in China.
may here he chronicled in connec
tion with our latest invoices of llav
land; a move which will inten mi
homok pr. wilt and husband alike
beeuuse tlie ware itself is of exquisite
baaUtVi the price so reasonable that
no one need frown over the bill.
These tew items give only a hint of
the many here.
line floWM pots 5c to 24c.
L ' repe iiapers, all colors.
fresh and good,
en Si i.-iU
-aai(c ac.
URg lllvar novelties, 1 st
-5 per 1 t;nt more.
White uranitcware from
IMC)' goods, useful pres-
ToiL-t Soap Values
I ' astile soao r bar- nat
lu"" pure tar, Turkish
opi.lar soap 5c, six for 25c
ericK No
-'"moth Department More
To make good broad mr livers' float Flour. It look rJrHt
premium at the Chicago World's Fair ovttrall competi
tion, and give excellent satisfaction wliorovor used.
Kvory sack im guaranteed. Wo liavo tin. liest BtaCID
Kolloil Bailoy, (seed Kyo aud Beardless Barloy.
W. S. BYERS, Proprietor.
1 have a full line of cotton and
rubber hoae direct from the
factory; aluo have hall hearing
luwu mowers, grass catcher,
varrl Horinklorfl at orices to suit
j .
..il 1 ...... 1 ,. mi' afiwL
all. Examine mv
stock before
T. C. TAYLOR, the Hardware Man.
American beer in finding a very 1 1 i e
market in the Orient.
Plans are lieing drawn for a new
huildinK hr Idaho university.
Wm. Hamlin paid B000 for Mm lirst
ticket to the Buffalo exisisition.
Ocrniany has selected 11 concession
at Canton and will soon take osse8
sion. The Yukon river opened 00 April
L'7 from White Horse rapids down to
The electrical display at Buffalo
Tan-American exposition in said to he
very fine
The Buffalo strike of marine en
gineers has been settled, on the basin
of a compromise.
France has presented a claim for l,
866.000,000 francs, 6178,000,000, in
demnity from Russia.
I Owing to mooning for the late
queen, no drawing rooms or levees will
be held in I Inn this year.
City Marshal Neilson, of l.ewiston,
Mont., killed cowboy L W. JobDMO,
who was about to kill the marshal.
GOD. f'alma fins the lead in the race
lor tlie presnlencv o the Cuban re-,,,fli,
i.l... :.. ,i,, ; . . 1:1.... I "' ine
The Avov Plow works at Louisville,
Ky., has DOM sold to the plow trust
for between fl .MiO.OlrO rim! f2,UOO,000.
Sent il Up to
Down to 55 M CMUjl Board of Trade
Was a Scene of Frenzy and
Mad Excitement.
The c ity council of I .ogansport, Ills.,
has asked the mavor, .eo. McGeB, to
resign, owing to the mayor's tOO great,
fondness for liquor.
Archbishop .lohn Ireland has been at
Washington consulting with Secretary
Bool about the ilisposition of churcii
property in the l'hilippines
An implication lias been made to the
London Btock Exchange to list fstH,
000,000 of common and preferred shs'k
of the I'nited States Steel corporation.
Kive of the greatest shipbuilding
concerns of the country will fie in one
combine. An immense dry dock at
New York will lie part of the MboOM.
Knglish coal miners declare they
Will stop work if the taxes on coal are
not withdrawn. It is claimed that
they can hold out for six weeks easily,
and that four week would paralyze
every industry in tireat Britain.
Chicago. Mnv '.. Not since the davs
Old Hutch" operations on the
Hoard of Trade has there liecn so much
excitement as that which swept over
the floor when trading U-gan this
morning. The corn pit was tilled with
a howling. frenried nob, and the
shorts acted like madmen in their
efforts to cover. Wild bidding for May
corn characterised the opMiBg, and.
bel ire the session was half an hour
old, the price was like a sky rocket.
Il went to M, an advance ol 4 cents
over last night's close, l'hillips was
still master of the situation, and ruled
the market with an iron ahnd. refus
ing to diifsise of a single bushel.
Shoctl Hammered It Down.
The persistent hammering by tlx
shorts forced a decline, and, at noon,
the price htd dropped to "iH'4.
Another slump set in near the close
ami the tinal price was V.1 ..
Raportad by I. 1 Ray a Co., Pendlaton.
Board of Trad and New York
Stoek Rxehanae Brokari.
New York,, May 8. The wheat mar
ket was weak from the start, and
closed at the low point of the day.
ttlvorpool OPtOOd ") llB, and OlOMd
ft 11 7-8.
New ork opened :t-8 higher, so'4,
and declined steadily to the close at
"9 l-S. Com was excited, May corn
selling over 66c at Chicago.
The sbick market was in a primary
condition, and prices tluctuated
wildly. St.. Paul and Northern I'acitic
being most active.
Wheat :
Closing vesterdav, 79 7-S.
Opening today, Hi).
Range tislay. 7' 1-H to SH'4.
Close tislay, 7W 1-8.
July ;-orn. 71 7-8.
Sugar, Itti',; tobacco, 127 M steel,
M -8; St. Paul. 177 : C. II. A )..
106 7-8, N. V., h)t'4 ; Krie, 40',..
Wheat in thleago.
Chicago, till 8, Wheat, 78 7-S to
Wheat In Sun Franelioo.
San Krancisco, Mav Mav wheat.
100 to 100K.
New York Market.
New Nork, Mav 8. Sngar thw
Securities Were Irregular, Then
a Slump.
is at-
as returned
A herd of buffalo in Kalisiicl
t ract ing much attention.
Mortimer Montpetit, reported
ami buried sometime ago
to Walla Walla.
The Kvangelical conference
Keardon. Wash., has closed, and
appointment are made.
l.ewiston, Idaho, is arranging to en
tertain the river and harbor 1 omm it tee
upon their visit to 1 he coast
Oregon receives fll,7ti:;.'i as its f, p,.r
cent shure of the proceeds of the sale
of government lands in this state.
Harris W. Creese, aged 4ti. conlessed
himself insane at Colfax. He hail
previously been twice in the asylum.
The I sidy of Alfred Moss, aged 82, was
found in the Columbia river. He dis
appeared from Vancouver last Novein
ber. For improvement of the tinted
States quarantine station at Astoria
8(IO(i has been allowed ny the depart
ment at Washington.
Salem Spanish-American war vet
erans lormed a preliminary organiza
tion and will apply for a charter under
the National Spanish-American war
veteran's association.
Krnest Urns, managing editor of
the Portland Oregouian, spoke before
the I'nivereity of Oregon at KogttM
on 1 ,reat I 1. tors and Oreat News
papers of tiie 'th Century."
The Sisikane Tax Pavers League
adopted resolutions adv ising citizens to
v.ite forjthe democrat ic city candidates,
hecaiise they are on a platform promis
ing reform in methyls of doing busi
ness for the municipality.
Mrs. Tracy, a bride of a few weeks,
signed her husband's name to a check
in North Yakima, for 6618 and ob
tained t uu it. A complaint was
tiled charging her with forgery hut she
was not arrested. She was suffering
from mental trouble.
moim; to end it soon
MX did not sleep a
night for seven long
That prolonged 1 of ileeplcu
lies.-, is most expressive ol the pain and
iffariM OMhWa l) womanly dlseaaes.
11 Is. pleasktlll to con
trust the modioli m
efficiency which taid
"1 could not b
cured with the
piompl aud a-rman-eul
cure etlected by
the use of lloctor
PiafOO'l l''avonte
Prescription. This
great mediiiue for
women establishes
regularity, dries en
feebling drums, heals
inflammation and ul
ceration aud cures
female weakness.
" 1 lake gt rut plcasim
iu miaumudJiuj Df
piercc'i utrdiciaes iu
utiin i . woenea "
w at -Mi - Mui Ailanik.
ot Gfaaaycrtek Ash.
Co S G "J had in
1, 1 iiuubit- very t,uUiv
uulil it rrsultcil ia aid r
ol (lit- uteius. I VI
troubli d with it su ll...'
I did nut slrrp a BWui
fui srvru lung wevKf
The 1 1 l id 1 cuuld
lutt Im- cuird. hut I t-oiu
mcnoed tuWintj lr roe's Favorite Prescription
and ' I'lrusaul jvllris.' Altrr takinx Iwu bottle.
I could slcrii all night and after taking hix
taatlt's n1 'Favorite Prcsvriiitiou ' suit ;wo ol
i.vtlih-11 Miili,al in Ally aud thrc vials ol
in., ..mi 1 my .as,- was cured 1 hud
told il. y tiusoulid that I Would have to ill. n
itcnicif I could out live II, told mc to put laita
tin Ur pierce luetticiueg tut it bad ,110 U -o. 1 -and
weutd cure inr ho it did and 1 thank lioil
aud your lucdiciuv for saving iu liiv
Dr. Hetce'a CSOOJMWMi Sa us. Medical
Adviser, luuK lurge p.iges, is sent ,, ui
receipt of stamps to pay e).aiia. ol
mailing only Ss uil i one-n ut stamp.-
for the book in cloth binding, 01 onh ji
lamps for the panel covered luiae
Addreas Or K. V. Pierce, butfalo, N. Y.
Standard ot London Says War Wont
Lait Long.
London. May it. The standard to
day says that the war othce now is
more hopeful of the termination oi the
south African war than it has been
for weeks. That paper says that ar
rangements for final and forage for the
army. based on expectations that
hostilities would be prolonged. are
likely to ta cancelled.
Boers Concentrating.
Cape Town. May I. - f he Bars are
concentrating near Klerksdorp, in
fkmtbttOOtOn I ransvaal near the Vaal
riVOV. Ooneral Habiiigtoii now has tre-
qnoof engagements with the enemy.
Must Be Koughl Out Again at Next
Congress Session.
Washington, May :!. Tlie army 0M
teen ijllest ion will hi fought all over
again at the next session of congress.
Army officers here freely predict that
the prohibitory law will be revoked
and the privilege of selling beer and
light wines at army sists will Is- re
newed. Manv post commanders allege
that l Ik number of court niartials .has
increased on account of the fact that
the men no longer are under the con
trol of their olficers iu the matter of
9(1 ; powdertsl, B .'.' ;
offee, ,'i point t lower
on snot, li. ; rice, domestc. .'P.,
to (l'4 ; wool, unchanged
retiticd, crushed,
granulated, I., i
No. 7
ol the cabinet
The Slaughter House Burned Loss Was
Chicago. May a. -A lire which
threatened to destroy projatrty valued
at l,(sMJ,0(K) start. si early thi morning
iu the slaughter house of tlie P. J).
Armour plant. The building was en
tirely destroyed liss was f lO.OOO .
The three-foot lire wall prevented the
tlaiues from reaching the cisding and
ice nanus where half a million Jollars
Worth ol dressed beef was stored.
Employes Tried to Tear Uu the Car
Karceloiiia Spain, May .(. The
strike of tramway employes is becom
ing serious, ami tne .government may
suspenu tne constitutional guarantees.
i. a-i night the strikers trim! to tear
up the car tracks, but were driven
oft by gendarmes, who tired on ttie
Flowers Strewed Beneath Hli Carriage
as He Rode Along the Streets
of Houston.
Houston. Tex., May :t. -The proof
leiitial train arrived here on time this
morning, The diotingnisbod portji was
met by Governor Sayers. There was
a carnage drive around the town, then
exercises ami speechmakiug at the
Auditorium. (inventor Sayers and
ins stall will accompany the party to
Austin (ins ailermsin. where lie wil
give an informal baiiiiiet to the presi
'! ui anil the tnemhers
who are with him.
'i ... . .... ,
neii inn irain arriveii Here, a
parade was immediately formed and
the marchers and the presidential partv
roc n il to (he Auditorium. . nr it
tlioiisand school children waived llaus
along the line ol inarch. A chorus
colored school el.i uren samr "Stur
pangleil Kanner," and streamed
overs on the street under the presi
dent's carriage. Hangers in typical
cowboy costume acted as an ..aeorl
from and back to the train. Four can
non planted beside tlie train lired the
Little Girl at Prosser. Wash.. Who Wa
Prosser, Wash , Mav t The little
.'year-obl daughter of W li Mathews,
ex-county commissioner, who was lost
in tlie Horse Heaven plains alsmt a
week ago while hunting cattle with
her 7 year-old brother, was haunt dead
or. Thursday 17 miles from her home
near hone Springs The wlioh n
inuiiiiv turned out as mam aa the news
that she was lost was spread until to
day from 'Ml to .'at men on horseback
U Speculation, Now Kampani Tbrouiioiit itio
Country, Be Allowed to Condone.
UN Money Ik Advanced.
New York, Mav J. Wall street
heard wild rumors this morning that
President McKmley had lsen shot,
ft helped along the slump in stocks.
Banks Wain to Stop the Wild Specula
tion to rrevent l rials.
New York, May .:. I he mad whirl
in Wall street shows no sign Mf aha'ing
todty. The sales before linen were over
SiHMHMI shares. st. Paul advanced
f ',, Missouri I'acitic A, H. ,V.(., S,
The banks, so it is reiterated t.slay.
are making an effort to stop the iponu
lative cta.e that is sweeping the conn-
try. They have advat dcall mnticv
toll per cent, and will go further, if
necessary, to bring (he sectilat ion
within normal limits. They tear a
crisis, if tin' speculative fever be al
lowed to continue.
A big slump in prices set in litis
afternoon. I'mmi I'acitic, Rock Island
and st Paul leading the way with
docl ities averaging from live points to
fractious. Nearlv the entire list felt
the effect of the slump.
Bull Market Woars riiein tint In New
New York, Mav ::. flic physical
and mental pressure on the brokers
in handling the tremendous bull mar
ket on the Stock Ivxchange has caused
many prostrations. miiscrvative
estimate of the number who have
irokeii dow ti under the strain is placed
at lortv. Some ot these it is said.
will never recover from the strain.
Won the Klghl
U. P. In New
ror the
New York, May :t. -A truce seems
to have been agr Ion tislay by the ill
teresls contending for control of the
I'll mn Pacitic It is semi-ullicially
aiiiioiiuced that I. ..swell Miller had
retinsl irotn the board of directors on
account of disagreement with Ham
man, who controls the Uniofl I'acitic.
ft is reliably stated that attempts to
wrest control of the road from llarri
inan have failed.
Win. Bell. Living Near Athena. Was the
Athena, May .1. (In Wednesday
..I. ....!. .... Ik' . I I II. II
...... ,7 ll'H'IH .1 m O I I Ol H TW llllltlll IH'I I,
have been searching the surriuiiidiiiu i i ..... . . n. . .I .. ....
- .il... oi i ui in.- .hi lie wm .
Mars ot age and leaves a wile to
Shu was barefooted and had gathered
grasses an.) put around her feet li,
side her lay a hunch of Mowers which
she had apparently len eating from
indications she had been dead Hi
hours, leaving her five dais of wander
ing without iTssl or water It la evi
dent that her death was the result of
lack of foist There are no inhabi
tants near the place where the child
was found and il is supposed that she
searched in vain for some om, to give
her assistance
The people of this section are
greatly shocked at the tragedy but no
lie leels to blame from the (act that
everything sasible was done to locate
the child in time to save her life.
K. R.
Jacksonville Hat a Ulsastrout Klre
Many Blocks Destroyed.
Jacksonville, rla., May 3. Fire
which started in Cleveland's fibre
factory has spread to scores of uuigl
During dwellings. At 1 o'clock, one
hundred houses had been burins!,
while a heavy wind is forcing the
Haines along through the residence set
tiou Kight block ate in tlaiues now
He Determines That Asphalt Uuesllou
Shall Be Settled in Venezuela tourtt
( ara.as VODMUOlo, May i. Presi
dent Castro has issued a decre pro
viding for the continuation of organic
law through a new court established
under the provisions of tlie new cou
stituion. Thin action is interpreted
Here as evidence ol tils .1. -termination
that the asphalt question shall not be
settled except by Ve.ieziielan courts.
Died In Poor House.
Norfolk, Va., May 33. Frank Gil
bert, son of the famous Knglish com-
tjoeer, died in the pour bouse last
night. He will be buried in the
isitt.ir's held. He was ruined by
drink, ami was cast on Uy his father
Sim II noil I to Hainan,
Washington, May , It in authonta
tively stated this morning that Cardi
nal Martiuelli will remain in this
. country for one year as the preventive
poja' with the title of pi., delegate to
tne fn i ted mates.
The Kaat Oregonian is Kastern Ore
gon's representative paper. It leads, aud
the people appreciate it and show it by
ban- liberal patronage, it ia toe aaver
ieine; medium of thus eection.
Commission Returns.
.Manila, May 3. -The Pbilippiue
comuiiasion returned here today from
a tour of the islands, establishing civil
aoveriiniulit wherever the ...... I ....
were suitable.
Nelils Says California Has Dune
This at Buffalo.
In writing from iiutfalo, f, .
Mel I is said :
l aid. .una Is making an ideuant
fruit display. While examining it tlie
oilier day .Mr. llosch, who i uporiii
tendeut of the Oregon exhibit, rOOOg
ni.e. ill the Ualllornia illsply his ow
collection Irom Oregon, which I
loaned to the Southern Pacific railway
lor tne rans exposition. I in, man in
charge of the California display
delile.1 II, Wlieretls,u Mr. Woach Inrnisl
the jars around and showed him the
Oregon labels on the other side, t d
not know how they will settle th
mailer. ' 1
fn referring to the Oregon mineral
exhibit Mr. Mellis said it would com
pare with that from any of the other
states, no far as indications now point
Ibis is very gratifying, for the small
sum devoted bv Oregon to the in moral
display led many to think she Mould
be completely over-shadowed. Idaho
and Montana made special efforts to
proivile lor tlie mineral exhibit, whip
Oregon treaetd it as incidental. If tin
Oregon display ranks so well, the peo
le ol eastern I rregoii will leel a cer
tain degree of ardouebJe pride in tak
ing the bull by the horns aud workina
. i t . . . w
independent of the commission.
Sawdust la Bear Creek.
At a meeting of the Pendleton M ports-
men association held last evening
information was received that owners
of sawmills on iiear creek had been
dumping sawdust into that stream.
contrary to law, and in aucli a manner
as to make it unhealthy for fish. The
attention of T. B. Wells, deputy state
game wardeu, was called to the matter
and be will aee that the practice is dis
mourn bis loss. He was a
young man and had hosts ul mends
who extend their heartlelt sympathy
to his bereaved relatives The Issly
was interred in the Mheua cemetery
at IfltlA Weduesiluy highl. There have
been numberless n -potts as to the
cause ol Mr Hell's death lr Cronp,
oi Walla Walla, was summoned Wed
nesday. He c .annuel the remains
and pronounced the disease sllialllsix.
The other path-Ms are getting along
as lavorablv as an 1st e s'ted
K. P. Kitchen, oi Albany, who for
the past week has la-en visiting at tlie
home oi J. rt. Morgan, returned to his
home yesterday.
Horn, on Irnlai, May :, to Mr. and
Mrs. Amiel -. hiiU.rt, a girl
The year and a hall old baby Isiy of
Mr. and Mrs. John King had the ims
lortlllie (o lall oil the porch vesterday
and break its le't arm I'r. finikin
wai . a. I and redticisl the Iracture.
He report the little nclfcret as resting
easy this morning.
Horn, on rhurado, May I, to Mr
ami Mrs. .(esse Miling, a girl.
Hert Carlano, of pr ingville, Iowa,
arrived in this citv this morning on
the delayed train lie is an eiirienced
bartender, and will mix the latest for
tne patrons ol "The Corner." Mr.
Caranto, who is a line ball player, will
hold down the second hag lor the home
team this season. He was met at the
train by the "Yellow Kids" iu their
ball Miformo,
Arrangements have la-en completed
(or a train to return Sunday evening
alter tin- hall game from Walla Walla
lhe round trip will be fl.l.V
A nor Knight left yesterday morning
for Hillings, Mont , to remain airiu
an ant I .
papers received in isealtle say
Seattle, and
ttiat Ken Miller, of
Charles K day, brother of United
States District Attorney (iay, were
frozen in the big bliaaard. j
flake the flair gruw. Clear
tilt Complexion. So It na aiMf
whiten the Hand. JProwrve
and baautifie the akin ot In
fanta and Children.
I jyr- tlaiSllWIllsg. Jl
. rmzinzuTZL i ts ms
IIOAaav vwn" "