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RKTlTJV 01)1 . i, li nniM,
to Nil. TpII your
.,"rvil.l"'Pl'wT nrt
rlr tonight nii-l r'rhlay roni,. t
lonUlit will. fr,ti " POO", 1
roL. i4-
NO. 4108
I imvp a large stock for
MM 10 -elect from. 1 make
M specialty of wholesale
orders, i pay the highest
. M fof count rv produce
nnl chickens.
. R. Demott.
A new stock just received ami
what pretty btylM they are. Sev
eral that we have never shown
before. New tans, new patent
kids, new enameled calf, new
bicycle boots.
Sorosls Price
Every woman who wears Soroeis
shoes likes them and recommends
them to their friends.
IMeas to show them.
i 1
r 1
Alexander & Hexter,
The Boston Store
An Exposition of Shirt and Silk Waists
Tl e Bottotl Store gathering is the richest in this city. Nowhere will you tind
itylei that approach these in beauty, and no other store is making it &o easy to own
the BWeUetl designs as this one.
W'ui.-t- cost less here than you'd expect and look surprisingly better than the
I price indicates.
. Shirt waist of neat pattern, percale
in pinks, bluet, reds and heliotrope
soft cuff, stiffened collar.
I or lawn waists with embroidery,
trimmed collar and soft cuff's.
Crv Kine gingham shirt waists, varied
Owl i olor stripes and plaids, the general
letl't'ct is the same as most expensive ones.
ttl 91 'rown linen waists, white India
yl.uv )inen waists, lilack lawn waists.
wait of hatiste, lawn, mercerized Alex
andra cloths, etc.
U RA $1.85,12.00, $-2 :.", 250 up bo
fWv 4.75. made of mercerized Louia-
a i id silk mixtures, but space forbids
in or- descriptions; you must see the show
(JQ -7R Waisls of soft wa-hahle silks in
14)0.(0 plda colon. These waists are
worth more.
0 4 10 A few size left, we'll not say
tJTl.T'0 what they're worth lest 'tu
should accuse us of exaggeration
00 Taffeta ilk waists in the newest
14)0.10 colorings antl black, every one
made with the new long w a i -1 effect.
flQ Fancy corded and tucked hacks,
i4)0.IO fiunts and sli-ews, color- foi
st reet and evening wear, also black.
TQ RA $10.50. $13.00, $14.00 and $15
pu.Uv styles in waist you'd never ex
pect to tind in Pendleton, lut they n
here and the prices are right too.
The Busiest Store in Pendleton.
Wheel made
iperienced Workmen
The reliable
Leading wheel in America
5 $35. $5".
u intend buying a wheel we
Have a tull line to select hum
House Cleaning Time.
creates a large demand fur soaps,
scrubbing brushes, sapolia and other
dirt eradicators. We are in fine
shape to supply the demand for these
articles, however large your order
may be. All of the standard brands
of soap some just as good but as
yet untried All house cleaning
helps here.
'"- al and Cleveland wheels
I22.5O tO $40.00
style tire, handlebar or color.
:ondhand wheels bought,
and exchanged.
e have received another shipment
Liasle haul curtain stretchers,
satile pins, they aave your curtains
uui Uue cheap nimay kind.
Garden Seeds
I" rt.M- out our entire atook of seeds
otter all 6c packages at JSc or o (or
We avoid carried over seed, thua
r uew seeds every spring.
lundreda of rolla of crepe paper, all
Id ami shades at 10c.
J music s.1 Sc Sluen. Gooiiie.
e; Mv bugar Nell , You am de
s, ueiiu (Jen Ira 1 give uie nenveu ,
ll 1 Uueee Yea ; etc.
redericK No
stationery. Bchool Buppliee,
To make good bread use Bvera' Beat Flour. It took drat
premium at the Chicago World's Fair overall competi
tion, and gives excellent satistactiuu wherever used.
Kvery sack is guaranteed. We hava the heat 8team
Rolled Bailey, Seed Kye and Beardless Barley.
W. S. BYERS, Proprietor.
1 have a full line of cotton and
rubber hose direct from the
factory; also have ball bearing
lawn mowertj, grans catchers,
yard sprinklers at prices to suit
all. Examine my atock lieforc
T. C. TAYLOR, the Hardware Man.
Three brigadier-general will
named by the president.
Carter Harriaon i aaid to have an
ambition tn he president.
The Franco-German expedition ha
reached the Great Wall in China.
The primary election in Alabama
gave a majority for the new ronrtitn
t ion.
Kneineers on the Great tjtkes have
struck, raiding trouble for the teel
The native of Samar in the Philip
pine are being terrorised by the insur
gent. Minister Conger speak in justifica
tion of the action of the missionaries
in China.
Lieutenant "Kdwards has leerted
from San Francisco to escape court
A vigorous campaign will be prose
cuted in the Philippines by the Ameri
can troops.
Monignor Tarnai will succeed
Martinelli as the papal delegate in the
United State.
Russian student refuse to partici
pate in the examinations, on account
of the refusal of the minister of elocu
tion to make concessions.
Csdet at West Point are in a state of
insubordination over punishment of
one of their numlspr who failed to re
port a breach of discipline in one of
the mess rooms.
Chief III Police Ripley, of Chicago,
has resigned, twins informed that
Mayor Harrison did not intend to ap
point him for another term. No suc
cessor has been named.
Is Grande is to have a Saratoga
chip factory.
Astoria will construct a wagon road
to the Nehalem
.1. J. Hill talks of buying the mines
on Vancouver Island.
Skamania countv had f in, 000 in the
Vancouver bank that failed.
The Presbvterians of North Yakima
will erect a f 10.000 church structure.
Depositor may receive the most "I
the amounts due them from the Van
couver hank.
The free ImliaiiN will be driven
back to Canada this summer, or be
placed in jail.
A suit is begun by Baker City to
prevent Union county from collecting
taxes in the 1 anhandle.
Fifty-four petitioners ask for the re
moval of Postmistress Mrs. Conway at
Kennewick for incompetency.
The united Kvangelicai conference
adopted resolutions chiding the ad
ministration for not suppressing liquor
tratlic in the Philippiens.
Old Pioneer Suleldes.
San Francisco, April 25. The body
of Geo. A. Snook, seventy-six years
old, a pioneer plumber id San Fran
cisco who has I wen missing for ten
days, was found in the bav this morn
ing, his pockets tilled with rocks.
Vole Cava Him Away.
Omaha, April L'.V Young Fddy
Cndahv, who was kidnappd and ran
somed for 25,0O0 MMtitivelv ldciiHlicd
J mi Callahan ibis morning in court as
one of the roblwrs He recogui.ed
him by his voice.
Walton It Guilt
Manila. April 25. -Commiaaary-Ser-
geant Weston has been found guilty of
defrauding the commissary depart
ment. He will serve two years im
prisonment and ia discharged dishonor
ably from the army.
Mrs. Allan laid Greenspan Dead.
Topeka, April M. Ml. Allen Sella
(ireenspan, widow of the late Show
man Allen Sells, died this morning
bin- was one of the wealthiest resident
of Kansas.
Villages Destroyed by Fire.
lenna, April H, -The villages of
Brzisiua and Roaelchui, Moravia, were
destroyed by tire last nigbt. Many
lives were lost, and four hundred were
rendered homeleas.
Canton, O.
Sexton, auut
this ne. ruing
eKInley's Aunt.
April 26 -Mrs. Maria
of Mrs. McKinley, died
Played out
Is one ol the curiouk exprcstiioiiH i
for worked out. Many a woman aiVBJ
into a chair, in utter weariness ''all
ul.iN.-ii oui. anil woiiiieri.
wliv -die ferli weak. She
has irt yet rc.Jucd tliat
the general health i
intimately related lu
local health ot the
womanly organism,
thai weakness must
follow womaiilv dis
ReAo -ation
of the general
health invari
ably follows
the use of lr.
Pierce's Fa
vorite I're
- i in ion I t
regulates the periods, dries weakening
draiua, heals i nflanuttalion and ulcera
lion, and cures female weakness. ll
irauouilizcs t ie nerves, nuit..i; tile
appetite and induces refreshing SUM
Illere Is no nuimimiH'
Hint at a Scheme to Murder
o -
The Mid Confessed lo His Intentions When
Arrested it Bucharest While Ilk
lug the Attempt.
Hucharest, April L'fi. A nan named
Hava Petroff ha been arresttil here for
trying to force an entrance to the roval
palace. Petroff stated that hi object
wa to kill King (. tiarlc. it ts thought
that he may be connected with a gen
eral scheme to assassinate all the
Kuropean sovereigns.
Said to
Have Refutsd One
a Year.
Pittsburg, April II The formation
of the United States steel corporation
ha given rise to various wild rumors
regarding the sine of the salaries to he
paid officials of the big concern. While
( harles M Schwab, president of the
combine, waa in New York a week or
r.o ago it was heralded throughout the
count rv that he was to he paid 11
OOn.mM a year for being the otlii ial
head of the steel trust. The announce
ment naturally created comment in all
quarters, a the salary was the largest
one ever tendered any man by a busi
ness concern.
1 he varn was but a twentieth cen
tury fable. The salary of the prcsi
dent of the 1'nited States steel corpora.
t ii hi is $100,000 Hr year. This informa
tion emanates from a former official of
the Carnegie Steel company now
identified with '.he Morgan steel com
bine. The statement is made that the
latter sum was the most that Mr.
Schwab was willing to accept as head
of tlie new concern. It is intimated
that more was offered, hut Mr. Schwab,
with all modesty, is said to have de
clared that no matter what a man's
ability mitrtit or miulit not be. Ii
should not accept a fabulous cnmiiensa
tion for his services just because it was
tendered him. He is reputed to have
remarked that it would he an extreme
Iv bad business stroke to accept $1,
000,000 a year, and that he could not
do so conscientiously.
Mr. Schwab is at present making his
home at the vy ahlorl-Astoria in .New
York, where his suite of rooms, it ia
asuerted, is costing him f'JoO a day
who ll I- lit the r.lte of over HI,I KM I
a vear. If this be true and it i- nun I
more likelv to In- true than the million
dollar story be would, according to
these figures, iniw- but flu, mm a year
pin monev out of his annual pay in
iiis new position all of which would
go to show that he values the honor
conferred on Ii i lit by the steel men
probably mine than he does the OOflD'
iwnsation of his new job.
than two-thirds of the stock at f'JOO
per share, payable in Joint 4 per cent
bond of the Great Northern and
Northern Pacific railways, with the
opinion of part payment in cash.
Reported by I L. Ray h Co.. Pendlston.
Chleavo Board of Trade and New York
Btoek Baehange Brokers.
New York, April 25. -The wheat
market continued strong today, and,
while top prices were not maintained,
the close was "-Hc over yesterday
Liverpool closed l-H higher, 510
New York opened 'c higher, 70 7-H
and sold between 70 7-H and SO :i-H,
closing Mb bid. The grain markets are
all strong, and promise to go higher.
Stocks strong.
Money, 4 per cent.
Closing yesterday, 70 :t-S.
Opening today, 70 7-R.
Range todav, 70 7-H to HO ll-H.
Close today. HO.
.Inly corn, 50 :t-S.
Sugar, 148 Sl; tobacco, ITSM) RtwJ,
47; St. Paul, 100. C. B. Jk IJ., 10M., ;
N. P., 105'., ; Brio, MIC.
Wheat In San Franalseo.
San Krancisco, Calif., April '..'. -
May wheat 102 ll-H to 102V
Wheat In Chleago.
Chicago, April 25. May wheat, 72 5-H.
New York Market.
New fork, April 2V Sugar, raw
(air, refining .1 I I in centrifugals, 0i
test, 4 il-ltl to '4 ; coffee, Rio, No. 7.
spot, l rice, domestic, :i'4 to 8;
wool, unchanged.
Baehango Basiled Over U. P.
New York, April 25. The Sto. k hi
change again was the scene of wild ea
l itenient this morning. Union Pacific
was the storm center, on reports nt a
three cornered tight bet seen the
Rockfetlers, Yanderhilts and J. J.
Hill fur control. The price ran up m
110, hut the gain was lost by noon on a
semi-official statement that no deals
are .. .litem plated Dealings in stocks
are enormous.
Corn Ooes to 40.
Chicago, April 25. Corn shorts
ame in out of the wet bslay, and sur
rendered to Corn King Phillips at his
own figures. Armour took half a mil
lion of abort at 4H'.,. The price ran up
to 4H, Phillips unloading to relieve the
Attempt to Have "Black
Kelahum From Hanging.
Santa Ke, N. ftf April 25. -The
alleged reprieve sent from here to the
sheriff of Union county. who has charge
f "Black Jack" kctchum, scheduled
to lie hanged in Clayton, is a forgery
No word has la'cn received here this
g concerning the nroiHisituui
to lynch Kctchum.
A Texas Fire.
Dallas, Texas, April 25.
stroyed the oMira house
o'clock this morning
-Fire de-
here at II
The loss is
On the Boad lo Mandalao.
I'uIi.iiIIii Ai.rtl A -1 1
Mandalay, the 'hief cilv of Huriiiah,
. I -- - 'I' I... I..I I...!....
jjij --..... .... .........
floisls did great damage to proierty.
loi " 1 .iwrit
: script
uod "
agixd"lur woiiuui) ins.
"1 srlsk lu alver the suttriinf w.iuc . .' ini.
grml Uud. uf lUc guo.1 I ksvr recssvrd iK.ni lr
l'if-i.- favorite Pirititi'U 4U.I '.ol i. ;
ical Discovery, ' " write sir. klsry SIiuuk II ui
Columbus Oroc, Putu.Mii Co Oklo i I ait
years I Ii . 1 Isrcu sugeri-r froiu fossslc i
and si times was u liable b do i-ven II . h -us.'
work fur three lu the faui.) I hsd su Ii rj its
thai I sugered utmost desth rhu. us ol I I
alter taking ove bottles ti your ascdu-tiu 1 uii
Liulhlully suy I lis I my heultli wa. grebtlt im-
Kroveo I Have a sool sppeoo in i -i" 'i'"
i flesh right along- rltis s linx l In 'rw
liuc Id Ave years thai I haw .lou. m limnar
clasnuuK all hy aivself au.l will... tl
lllk-iM whatever 1 ii.j an sun.nu women
y UU'l reller a l nave uoik
sly itaiu iu w.-ight has la-t-u just leu 1.-
aud 1 am stilt gaming "
Dr. Pierce s Comuiou .vcns- Me.i al
Adviser, iouH large utgrs, tiapt-r . ov rs.
is sen' ' on receipt of tl Oil' i I t
slaiups to pay rtixustr ol liialllug o ' ',
or for clutii-buuud Isxik, st ud i sLnnus
Addices 1 K V Pierce, IJulialw, N V
Coneern That Will
Bllllon-Oollar Trust.
Detroit. Mich , April 25. Regarding
the liiternatpinal Steel, Iron and Pipe
company, which will locate immense
steel mills at Sault Hte Marie on Isith
the Canadian and United States sides
of tb Soo canal, with a capacity of
a s i iks) tons annually and employing
alsiut In, mm men. It is said that Un
consolidated bake Superior Power com-
panv, of which Mr. ( lergue is vice
president, it is understotai, will take
a large block of the 150,0110.000 stock
of the new company As an outcome
of the establishing of the steel works
at the Soo it is said that a blast fur
nace will be established in Detroit
with a capacity of 1000 tons of pig iron
ncr dsv emnlovinu lOOIJ men
It was intimated by those interested
that the new company would he an
BBilVB BOMpBtltOf of the recently
formed steel combination in the United
I'he plant will he oianrated in con
nection with the great power canal
being constructed at the Canadian lot
by K. II Clergue and his associates of
the isi I'ower coris. ration.
Financed In Liverpool.
I he linaiicing of the project is lu the
bands of Alfred R. Harvey ot I.iver
pool, a well known Knglish promoter,
who has enlisted American, f.nglisl
and Canadian capital to the desired
amount When asked how stsni it was
exiaicted to have the plant iu opera
turn. Mr. Harvey said :
"Well, an enormous project like this
takes much time.
"However, we are so tar advanced
that part of the mill will be running
inside of six months, and the entire
plant within a year and a half. Then
we shall epmloy 10.000 men at least
It is our intention to have mills on
i.oth si.b-s of the Sault river: iu the
United Mates and Canada.
"Wa have the advantage of the latest
patents and much of our beat ma
chinery has been ordered and is either
building or ready lor shipment lu
Knuland. We will have the most "in
plete plant in the world, and from the
ore which comes to us from the Lake
Superior minee we will turn out cast
ings, raiis, structural and bridge iron
and everything finished and ready for
11 MAI .
"The power which we will gH from
the 8oo Power canal will make a great
uii in the coat of the pnajuct aud
we will also aave materially in ahip
i in tin- orai. as the water supply Is
very short, r'or tiiis we will build all
of our owu docks and unloading
derricks aud apparatus for the speedy
and economical handling of the ore. '
Outline of Ibe Plan Is Officially Olvea
Boston, April 26. The lirst official
statemeut regarding the Burlington
deal was made today after a special
uieetiug of the directors. It says that
the proiasjitiou has been received for
the purchase of all Oa any pari not leatg
Want to Walla Walla From Hllion and
dot Married.
From Umatilla county, Oregon.
there came this morning a timid pair
of lovers, who uolw ithstanding the fact
that Is, tb had attained the age of dis
cretion, wauled to get married with
out having anvlssty know anything
alaiut it, says the Walla Walla Mates
Up at the auditor's office is a south
who delights in furthering the devices
of Cupid, and not knowing how goon
he might im in the same predicament,
he promptly agreed tl soiipreae the
names of J. Wilder aud l-.ssie Kinney,
the would-be bride and groom. He
assure. I them that there would be no
danger ol any one fiuding out anything
about the proposed nuptials, and they
Went to the Palace hotel, where they
were married. The couple are Irom
Milton, Oregon Until a laic hour this
afternoon no irate parents had ariived
(rum across the state line, hence it is
supposed their desire to keep the
wedding secret was prompted h their
inherent bashfiilness and nol from fear
of iiareiital opposition Mr and Mrs
Wilder a ill go home tomorrow and lell
the old folks all ab. .it it.
Met Him Today in the White
Soitor Pint ToDlubt Will Politely inform
To'tii Tbit (be Ualtri Slitm Will
F.nforcp lis Wlsbn.
Washington. April B. ItwsftU be
fore 11 o'clock this morning, the Cu
ban coinm iNHioners were driven to the
war department, accompanied hy (Jan..
eral Wood, and there introduced to
Seer.. tun Root. A fter a brn f intert iew
they were conducted to the White
Hoaflfl for for n i n i presents! loB to and
conference with the president.
The com m lag lone n will bfl tUnad to
night at the WhitB House Slid will be
told ill polite phraseology hy enator
Piatt that the senate meant what it
said In pas-ing the amendment which
hears his nstne.
The president will assume them of
the benevolent interest th is government
takes iu the political future of Cuba
and that the great ambition of the
United States is to safeguard that tn
.lepeudence which will surely lie 'heirs
so soon as thev assent to the plans out
lined bv congress, tiiong other guests
tonight will la Senators Morgan,
Daniel and Cock ret I.
Introducsd lo President.
tieneral Wood mi rialuced the com
missioners to the president in the
Hiue room. Correspondents who accom
panied the commissioners were ei
eluded, also the represenlal tves of the
American press. The audience lasted
jusl l went v-llve minutes.
Another Phlllpplns Surrender.
Manila, April '.'ft. lieneral Morales,
another prominent Filipino, has sur
rendered with ii few of bis followers
Me BaVf himself up lo tin. Americans
after he had been lsaten in a tight in
llulacau prnviiii e.
Dalles Has a Rseord Brasher In the
shaps of a Hen.
The trust editor of the Dalles
Chronicle gives out the following:
"A. P. l ergusoii, of this city, has Bl
old hen thai has just made a new
record iu the egg producing DMlBBBfl
Icy laving three perlectlv natural, full--ie.l,
hardshclled eggs within the
space of forty minutes of time This
happened one day last week when
"Old Kheumall." as the hergilsoll
children call her, had been shut off for
a week or more in a lo bv herself !
cause she had lieeii suk. When "Old
Rheumatic' was heard lo cackle the
children knew something had
happened, and going lo a b.n in the
iiu Insure, out of which "Old MM'
mat I.' has just emerged, he loBJM a
lush, warm egg. In a minute or two
"Old Khcuinali" was hack oil the
Heat, and in due tune she announced
the arrival of a second egg, to be ltd
lowed by a third, all arriving well
within the lime mentioned. The hen
ladnnga in a tlisi'k formerly owned bv
Hill Kobliisoli. ol Vaiiaeue, ill which
was one hen that every few days, dur
ing the laying season, used to lay two
eggs a day Tor two or three days in
succession. All this is vouched for hy
the hergilsolis who vow thai every
word of it is true. "
The "North Coast Limited.'
Will resume serv ice on -unday, May
, 1801. The train will he even lietter
than it waa i" rial I' n H le a itim
plete home op lieels, parlor, dining
MOBBi sleeping rikuu, library, smnkiug
room and bulb rOOSB they will all Iss
there, and all ligliteii hy electricity
and healed by steam
hirst and second class tickets Isith
0fld M Itslfl tram. I'e this crack
train ot Hi. Inpml on voiir way to
the l au Auiarivau aspoaltioni Butlalo,
N H oi can go either by way of Ht
Paul and I Chicago, or Duluth and the
I. real Lakes In. pure of any Nortl.
i rn PauiBi ..- nt a to lurther particu
lars, or write to
Assmtani Qm1 I'assenger Agent,
Portland, ore.
Hswsrd. OITsrsd by Whseiiiien.
Causes hums Aatlvlly.
Frank Moule left his bicycle in
front of the uiiera house alajiit -
o'clock Tueaiiay evening, ami a 10
o'chs k tne wheel was missing. It was
found in the W .V C R freight yards
n W.-dn. s.htv ne ruing by Frank Day
and relumed to Mr. Moule. Both tires
had linen taken, likewise the chain.
1 1. . I si reward for i he arrest ol the
culprit is causing activity in aiuaieiir
detective circles. Ffty wheelmeu, of
whom Mr. Moule is one, put up fl
each two weeks ago for the arrest of
bicycle thieves, and this is Hie nrst
offense since then.
la...-. II KaUu mid W. 14. 1'leroa
returned Wednesday night Irom la
liraiide, a her., they had lieeu acting
a- OOancil in the case ol Chandler va.
Pierce on I rial Imbue h. W. Bartlelt,
r, gi.i.. i ot the laud olhce. The laud in
dispute, is on the Meadows, near Kcho
Slid was taken up bv the coiileetee
under the deaeit lands act. The lesti
BMMJ "I " witiuiases, VJM each aide,
was taken I in testuiiony is BOW la
ing traiiscrihtHl by Mlag OouO and
Waller s-wack hauier, the stenographers.
I i, e .. . s cupieil eight days In trial,
bin it will he much longer than that
before a decision is reached
TBBe laisilvs Bruuiu wululua Tabless ate
$45 HIC : VCLKS FOR $35
$.'i5 BICYCLES FOR $25
Sale in now on at
Corner Main and Webb SU.
Oun and Bicycle pairing a 3p9Cimlty.
and Mot lone.