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    THURSDAY, AIKI! 1 1 . I'HM.
Cant afford to buy iboaa Uial hurt you
Iot yon upend two third ol yont
t hoin . RO ifapOl, DO matter t Wh1
irii ran lit matt o BltoTtabl) . mora
naturally, mure gracetnll) ihan the
Ibaai lot Wuiuau.
The natn.nl WOOMUl'l loot h tba
"Qaaaa Quality" Laat Thai li the
reason them iboaa natd DO "breaking
in." Tliev ImI tir Doiufortable M a
locking from tin- BOBHMrt your loot
i-titor thorn.
None Higher.
Practical 1U it an.! RIi M u.
Try Dagtoa'i lea cream oho ilatee,
Bicycle, raryi-le, liicviio. V
Orouuct nf. haaBBall gooda. Nolf'la
Marly Ohio wwl p. ti. - at Hawley
Hn v your window tdiadee at
Murphy V
N wash goo if at Cleaver Bros. 1'rj
0OOdl Co.
For rent Six room boOW, Impim
I Ha'. Diekaoa.
Have your pit'tnroe framcl . latent
Rtyloo at Murphy's,
New deaiitn in wall papor at
Mwphy'l paint Itoae.
Candy, n ice and freti every day, at
liodeeke A Kirktuan'a.
Cull and aaa Of wfottl btoyolM and
recycle at WKI -
Frenb ikt, new iitatce., rhubarb,
MpHMM Hawlej Bl
Latent aoaeltiea in tpring good. Bea
window Cleaver llr .- fJrj ala Co
Oldeat plana ami heel t a ma ' .' . at !.
Roy'n. cor. Court and Qaiden It root.
Deal and lafreeb ing - i ;i Mil
waukee beer on tap at fna Stat' mIooo,
Ladies' Initio, at Mr. "inith'a,
corner Webb and Cottonw I strMta.
Tbe latent in bicycles i thi cuahion
(rallies. Come t tt and nt thotu,
N, Berkeley ha I0BM v. deeirabla
town ami country pTOpaflfl of
easy terms.
Flower and garden -. ii- I vergrei
weet corn, limine gHata, a I (alia need,
i law ley llr.ih.
Finest ham ami Ian! on the tn.trket.
Home product : try it. it- yii.iMin.-e,: .
Hchwarz A QlMllCh.
Young lady daairet a situation on
the farm. Do n.-nural bOMt work.
Good ciNk. Addresp C. F. Oook'l uin
ploynieut agency.
Mm. f in tbe ston v,t.rday
and she thought our line ol ipriD
giMHU were the nice.? : t"Wl: (.'leaver
Bros. !rv i loodi Co.
Remember 1 have a better atm'k of
oil, axle-greaite. rope, beltiag ami all
other iiarvest Mppliat than ever be
lore. 1'. oner, li.-':x.
If you have not done so already we
ask you to call ami aaa our big i at
of new wallpaper. Fverything Bp 10
date ami a low a. tei Qttl per foil
Paper hanging ami palatini prompt
done. See C. Sharp, opera Iioum- clock".
Anna Pond wa- to have had her pre
liminary hearing today before Juatici
Flta Cierald. on cnargc of check-rain-ing,
aal oarlai U tba lauf thai Itaifat-
loruev, Jaiuen Fee Wa- out of the
city, the baartaf aaaoootinaad until
Satunlay, Apr: IS, at 10
Try our tatty candies, latest ilavors.
QodaoJM a Kirktnan.
At Bailer's 'nrniture store is tbe
Hnoa) line of rugs ami niatttug.
Window Hbades, curtain polw, mir
rors, etc.. at Bader's furniture store.
l or sale Lodging hoOH one block
Iron Mam str-et. Iiuiuite of this
QiJI M iip over telephone if you
want nice hot taniale. Qadaakt
Wanted- A yonni air! to assist in
homework, So talking, Apply at
this otlii'e.
Wanted R aoiaan for general house
work, Anidy t. Mrs. .'. H. Bryant,
Willow stre't.
Owing to a Change in the building
Mr. Catttpbell Will close out her
entire stock of summer inilinery in the
next BO day. hi great h.irgains.
K. W. Fletcher, tbe Kamhler man,
a ill give away more onvenirs next
Ntnrda morniiig, Ferv lo or gir
calling at tbe Rambler headquarters
will receive one.
I d Pntefl caught a salmon near the
Mam street hridgi roOBtttly that
Weighed nearly II pound. He bad all
kimln of sport landing his victim, ami
the leal aa w itnessed by a number of
Intonated ipw tatora.
A. F. Stanley, nt Fcho. has a
th pro agh brad yaariing Bhortkora ball
for sale. nir.Hl by Tec, . No. J8S,110
He in a straight, ricblv tretl regmtered
animal. Those intereled can write
for full description ami price.
Oharlei Matt and Oatheriae Joodai,
f ruin the feeer ration, were joined in
marriage at IP o'clock thin forenoon by
Justice of the Peace Thomas F itz
Herald The anraBMay wai performed
in the office of the justice. A small
party of friends wan present.
A aglet! will be It rook !with the
novelty ol tba dlgplay in tbe south
window of T. C. Tavlor's hardware
Mora, Bods, baaketn. tlies in fact,
everything (or fishermen. This is the
- a-hi of the year when such thingn
look k"ih1 to iboaa who like to flab, ami
the fmlay of tackle is certainly such
an to please.
l or their 17iith surpr,e naie the !'e..
ploa Warehouse offer. Mil yards mill
end lengths of calico at St per yard.
a line ol iniishn drawer, worth al'i
lor tie, a lotofmuliD skirts, witl
mfBOi worth Hoc for SBe, a lot of ablld
rao'l shoes at a special trice, a lot o
wonien'n nhiMs at sp cial price, and So
boys ".'-piece kne' pants nuitn at half
The riding of bucking horses at
I- anion's corral ha.- been a pastime
I oaj Wild Bill n thrown a couple
of times this morning hv one wild ani
mal, and the same horse was ridden
bj I! ib Kntes this afteri n in the
prenem-e of tiiits an asnemhlage of
"pectatorn. The ine.i i-animal in the
ronntry, what is known an an outlaw.
will lie brought out m.'ki this evening.
and will U riddel, hv Oscar Bust.
Spring m a favorite neason (or Mb
jou.iiiiiti l new uiiriiiN auiiiiain ami
ttite a crowd will doabtlaaj Im- present
tonight to see the sport.
Tne t n i ted state- grand jury is in
session in Partlaadi n t' Meane, of
Pendletoa, ami ). I.. Elan, ol Milton,
are inenihern, the others lieiliu I'. W
Qillette, Port land, tntaman. wniiani
Bweaiiev, I.e.. Fried, f.dward llughen.
J, 0, Lnokal, Otto Hreyman. Oeorge
C, Flanders. Cleveland Rockwell and
Hiislave Konenblatt. of Portland: J.
Pillabnry. Oregon City n. c.
My en, Blaiook; A. B. Hainea, Klk
tou; J. A. Miller. Halsev; W. L.
Wells. hal'.aa: Richard ' Cornell.
nee : S. M. Kelly. Oakland .!. J.
Unrgi'nn. Oregon Citv A. J. Voder,
Reeoyj Marshall. HonSaaa, t'nion.
A lire alarm was bMBtd in at S
"'clock this afternoon. Many congre
gated at Court and Cottonwood streetn,
ami along north. The lire wan
located in a pile of rubbish in the rear
Of the Qpldaa Rule hotel. It burned
an ti char the lenee. but wan
axl ngaiabed with tbe small ho- used
:n wnsniiig hugwiaa, so it wan not nec
ensaiy for the department in lav hose
and turn on water This makes the
third alarm witlni. a few dayn Fires
go b) threes, according to 'firemen's
npentttlea, a it i- , .. ,i that it
Will be some time before there in
another alarm.
Thsy Ars Popular Young People of the
Town at Horn ATMr Miy First
In Their New Home.
Athena, April U.-AI I o'clock yen
tcrdav evenini: at the home of the
bride's parents. Mr and Mrn. C A
llarrett. Mmn Arcta llarrett and Ir. J,
I. Plamomlon were joincl in the
hoftdl of holy niatritnony The cere
inonv was parforaad by Ber Mr
Bramblet, pastor of tbe Baptist church
of thin citv The wedding wan qUMJl
one. there being present only the rela
tives ol the lirnle and Mr. and Mrn.
William McBrlda, ol tbleelty. ami
Miss Mitvlena Fraker, of Pendleton,
The bride la a ataal aoeompliahed ami
eetimable ronng lady, who ban hoati ol
(rlendi who wiiti bar great future
happinesn. I'r. t'lainomion. 1110111:11
onlv located here a little over n vcar,
bae baill up a large practice ami ban
made (or himself many llfal0Bg
friends. Tin- voiuig couple w ill be ti
honic alter May 1 at their rennlenc. on
tbe corner of' Fourth ami College
Five of th Students ol the Pendleton
Academy Will Compete.
The filth annual declamation conteai
of the Pendleton academy will be held
in the Presbyterian church on Friday
evening. April IV, OOfltBtanoIng Bl I
o'clock. More than DfUOl latetoel ll
leitig taken among the DOpill in tbe
contest this year, and that too when
the interest in vears gone by ban ill
wavn been considerable. There will le
live competitors in the content all
yonag ladv studentn ol the luatltntlon,
as to! lows: Mabel McPill, Rnby
Whlttoaore, Thraei Porter, Lola
Marple and Kthel Forties Maeic under
direction o( Robert Pond, will he in
terspersed with the declamation!.
The small charge oi III BMtl ndminstnn
will be made, to defray the no ar
expensed, the attendance win un
doubtedly he a tax upon the cupacitt
of the church, as Irtaadi ol the aootaa
tantn ami ol the nchool will la- present
in large numbers to enjoy the treat.
was snrprined to meet him. 1 asked
him if bis name was .loo Piinn. and
he said it was: biuI if he was from
Worth ingt on, Kngland. Be aald he
wa-. and then I diiid, 'you should
know me.' He Myi, 'Yon have got
the best of me ' lie did not know ine
from a crow, but when 1 told bim
thai I was Jack, he did no' know what
to think, but wc celebrated the event
in good style. Re nays he will take a
run out aiid see you all some of these
days. "
Jck and Joe I'm i Meet.
Jack and Joe Dnntl separated more
than L'd nan RgO, when .lack left
- Rngland, Joe the younger remain ina
there for a low years. He ulterwaid
! left Rngland on an Kngllah monofaar
laud ban been knocking ai'ouml over a
greal portion of the world ever since
The two brother- hud md seen each
OtHbr since the parting at home more
than 10 years ago.
Bunrd ol Ronentj
We Have
The most complete line of
Wen's, shoes ever shown in
BaadlabWi our iBparieooe
enables us to give you a !!
lei't fit. Tbe styles are cor
reel and nobby, gfg ur
display window and then
get our prices.
Shoe Co.
Baseball aeetins Tonight.
kBOt bet meeting of the Pendleton
haaeball euthusianis will he held at
tin council rooms at r, o'clock this
evening riie ci nti.-e apptiitited
lor t :it purpose will submit a brief
ronatitatlon and bylaws for adoption.
Tba agitation -if hateball matters ban
I ei carried ou industriously fur the
ta days. The warm' weather
bai btaajgjbl a aambof of new playon
k the Mrtaoa, There hi good material
lot u team in Peiidielou and the new
board ol directors seem to understand
theaaaalaai ggaj their hi.. Tbe outlook
II good.
Wedded Thursday Bvenlna.
D, If Dtabj gad Adallg Bamville
aare united in tarritwe at the French
n Itanraal at : 0 o'clock on Wednes
day evening, April It) Judge Pita
Cierald tieotbe knot. Jiamj liackett
"a- master of ceruuioniaa. Onll a
Mends, including W V Belts" and
E.U Paten, were present U) witness the
ceremony The principals are from
neat Ithana. on tne reservation,
whore thay grill continue to anaka
their home.
Theee Witt. Goods.
II rOO give your grocery orders to
Martin he will he -there with tbe
goods " Fiuoat vanned goods and
dried Iralta in ti- citv alwave on
hand; also, a lea treati vegetables He
agent lor J. B. Jacob Boms
celehrat.-d Putter Low price and
high iaality batorn bams ami bacon
A nice line of Iffloked fish. All the
good brauds of pickles. MPQei and
relishes. Florid.i ntrawlKirrien In the
market in a few davs
Jainen A. Fee in aNent at I'n ion OB
legal business.
C. V.. Fell is quite sick at the home
of bis son, T. I. Fell.
!lenr Bparkl went t" Walla Walla
this morning op huslnesn.
W. H, Hilliert i- one of those pTOOent
in Pendleton from I'kiab toda .
M. Rosenweig, a merchant ol
Athena, in a visitor in Pendleton todav,
John Sylvester ami lamily. of Pilot
Rock, are vialton in Peodletoil today.
tttiy Wade has lieeli kept at bOBM
(or several davn with a severe attack of
la grippe.
Misn F.va Bwittleff ban returned home
to Walla Walia he was accompanied
tiy MbW Mabel Ne.
Mayoi Jacob Bm, of Walla Walla,
is a visitor in Pendleton this after
noon, lie will leave for home at :'-'.
Mrs Kaspar Van Dial ami MIm
Monteitb left for Portland and Albany
this BMffahag, to he gone a mouth.
Henry BcWcr got back from Hot
Luke, 1' ii tern county, lust night. John
Foe-:. ie will remain for a lew dayn
Judge W. R. F.llis and C. F. R.d-
tiehi ratoraod bis morning to Hoppoer,
The former will be in Pendleton again
next week
Mrs W. F. Harretson left (or The
I'alles.ber former home, this morning.
She will continue her journey and
visit her sister at Portland, and Qipecll
to remain away two or three weeks.
Mesdames Catch mg.Patton, t I'llarra.
Turner, Johnson. Vamlell and Pointer
assistetl by I'r. C. J. Wlittaker, con,
posed the committee of the Pioneer
the Pacific that plovided the supper
last evening.
W. F. Matlock did not arrive at
Seattle on the Cottage city lam -un-day
as was expected. . letter from
bin arrived instead announcing that
he would Pe in Pemlietou about the
middle of April.
State Senator .1. W. Morrow returned
Wednesday atteruooti (nun Weston ami
took the tram for Portland last night,
lie was accompanied hv his little
daughter, whom be is tukiug there fur
the purpose of having lier eyes ex
amined by a specialist.
Mrs, Millard I While led (or l
kane thin morning, after having
visited in Puudleton for a couple of
weeks. Hbe will resume her position
in tbe millinery store of her aister.
Little Marguerite White will remain
with relatives in Pendleton.
0i A i Burrett, of Athena. 0M "f the
incorinirators ol the Athena Blectrii
Light Power conipaiiv, is in l'endie
ton laday, lie states that things are
shaping themselves satisfactorily in
regard to the (lower scheme his com
pany is handling, and that g i new.
concerning it may be given ool loon,
Joe Hocb ami John Qariaon ratarnod
Wednesday from tbe John Lav. wher
they left their cattle, ggt) head. OH
summer range. Thajf tmik the cattle
(rom the Cold .spring country on
March lh. Thev arriviil at Willow
L: ... : .... i
I'oin" un numiny .liarcn where
they aaaoaa toned a haaey snow storm
There Imve ben-ii several snow storms
in the John Lav country at night w ith
in the past two weeks, ' but there, as
hen- the weather has turned off
pleasant, and the ranges are in g,.,H
condition Mr. lloch ami Mr. Uarison
will return to the John Lav
a few days.
Hold a Mooting
BfeCtea Wednesday.
At the meeting of the hoard of
Haeanta of the l antern Oregon state
normal school held at Weatoii on Wed
Incedey thee were plana mbmltted by
hut two rchltecte. C. H. Bnrggraf, "f
Albany, and W. D. Pngh, of Halem.
Neither of the gentlemen BUbmltting
the plans loomed to he In u position to
state what a building would i nst con
ntriictid according to the drawings, so
both propoeltiona were rejected. Boo
rotary P, A, Worthington was not
present, but he was iMtMICtod to coll
ier with B. Mi Laaama, an architect
of Portlamli and make a contract with
him to draw in 1 table plans and
peclltcatloni tor a three-story brick
bnildlltg to cost ggfi 000, and no more.
The n gents pnrpoeC to buve a build
Ing erected that will la- US good as
poaaihle lor the money, but do not in
tend to commence to build one with a
plan that they cannot tell within
several thousand dollarn ol what it
will cont Another meeting o( the
board ol regent" will be held at Pen
dleton oh Batntdoy, April 90, at 1
o'clock p. m.. to see what Mr. Laaama
ban done in the matter of a plan,
e a
Arrivals at Motel Pendleton.
t; W Phelpa, Hoppoer,
A 0 Koeppen, city.
Mn Lucy Utto ami lamily.
Tall Thompson. Portland.
D shultn. Portland,
w ii Colby, Dobnqoe.
II M Burna, Laramie. Wyo.
A s Hoatfleld Spokane,
i lao Whltln, Henpner,
1. L Hiinlock, Heupnar,
l.eo l.mfelder, Portland.
I w Jackaon
I lliirns.
K lliirne, Spokane.
I ' L ii ker. Spokane.
Wei 'el. Portland.
1' Leigbtoll, Milltieilpolis.
II Roes and wile, ummerville.
It Bai In-, -cattle.
M Ogden. Portland
! rtn, p.,sll.,.l
Win Mabar, Portland.
A I Spemer, UhtoOgO,
ii F I 'an i.l, Chicago.
C II Hunter, San I rancleoo,
Frank Wilson. Pondon,
Win Maber, Portland.
I H Burns, Portland.
It This Plain bnouali.
If you have a nngging cough ami are
losing llesb, go to a drag store, and
get a bottle ol Bhiloh'i Oonanmptloa
cure. Take two-tbirds of it, and then,
if yon are not benefited, return the
bottle to the drngglat, ana be w ill re
turn your money. Isn't that fair'.' No
one could usk more. 2octs.,.'ai cts.
and ft a I -ot tie. Tallman A Co., lead
ing druggist .
liu.t.i, ui Mrs. Lw .
Sewn ansae to tbis city this morning
that Grandma Law. who made her
home with her daughter, Mrs. (. W.
B. Zurha. one and a half miles this
side of Waterman station, died at fit
o'clock lust night, riie deceased ladv
was ns years Ol age and (or the ant Mo
year, has had the utllii'tlon ( being
totally blind. The later meal will
take Place at the Athena cemetery at 1!
o'clock this afternoon.
For bale.
One yearling bofthova hull. Sired
h Teco No. 188,110. Oilor red. A
straight, richly bred animal. Regis
tered. Write (or lull description and
price, or call at ranch one mile below
Baho. or.
i; I
country in
Brothers Run
Spring Troubles
t illltU'tilt-
11 I
SlUUItoll ailUMOal,
ami ( )iIum- Brupiioiii
are ioiue tt' them.
uorraoig all of thou
inakus the blood pON).
Lcakbug DruggUta.
A familiar
Joseph Lilhll
'change and
"Cap'' Dnnn.
of Pendleton,
eeveral vears
received a
Aerost Kaon Uthar
figure in Pendleton
but he is known on
generally simply
His son Jack, (urmerly
went to the Klondiki
ago. i-roui bun "Cap"
letter on Wedn.-.d.. .
In the
written at Uoiianza poatomoo, Yukon
territory, on March -.'4, in which
th. re wa- information of a romantic
nature. Baahtoa WO tbre- b.ns in Pen
dlaton, Mr. I miii has another buy,
J. mi, who has never been in Peu.lleh.ii.
J.H' remained in Kngland until a i. w
years ago, when he struck out ai.d
went o Cauada ami British Columbia,
then.-.- to Alaska Neither Jack UOI
Joe knew that the other was in that
Jack Tails the Story.
Jack addrenses his father as Cap aj
do thoae who are got K DOarl Mtoto
ami says: "Well, i'p, I not Joe hare
a week ago tonight. He looks tine
we had a g.nni time together. H. hai
been a.l ovr the sUtes and Canada
aiidiiiheyearsihCarrilHMi.il c c
..... Bpriug and went
Nome, and then to Lawaun. He
lasaii working on Hunker creek
uiier, uut quit there. H
-.t.r it. Unrk ii... i
r""" ciaiin i an
-..U, Ull USJI HM)k, Wol
I .11.
II till
' pruparuii.ui
arc hMUirad
our word lur
id spring lucdi
INipular prti . .1 .In.
on L'.mri Siivct
MM laVi
CUMi i n
.N.itllllll! bill H I
MBMMl) limine til
. hlnnl, u 111 cure
The Speclllc is
Ull Cream Bill
Cemmtoileaer Jnge oeor says lla 0li
trial Will Produoo g 1 .000,000 Worth.
J Odd (ieer, of Cove, who bus been III
Milton examining the (mit, says thai
tbe fltth hortlonltnral district, ol
which he ii coininissioiu'r. will DfO"
duce a tl.lKMi.iSH) (mil i run Ibis year.
The district comprises Baker, Dnlon,
Wallowa, Harney, Umatilla, Malheur
and (irant COItntlgl innre than one
third of the land area o( Dregon. Com-
mice loner Gear says tho Saatorn Ore
Oil crop is in no danger (rom late
roots, "We neser lose nv spring
Iroeta," he agld. "The thing that geti
the beel Ol Ol is extreme cold weather
in the winter. We have bail none ol
this in the winter just past. Tbe
weather has heuii OXCOpI uuially favor
I able, ami our orchards have come
through the winter strong and
healthy. "
Commifelonef Goat Hndi it ImpoaaB
ble to pay a Hall once a year to every
part of the ll.'i.b'il square miles of
territory in bis district. He lias
rialted In Union ami Umatilla ooon
lie., ami received reports from other
counties. He says Kasteru Oraaog is
making tremendous progress in horti
culture, and many orchards are being
'The majority of our orchard, that
are just beginning to hear," be said,
"were planted six and ten vears ago
Then there was a lull (or a tew years
on account of the bard times. Now we
are planting again. This year our
people planted every tree they could
ijet. We stopped only when the supply
Ol trees gave out.
"Baatorn Oregon is destined to be
the great fruit region ol the stale.
What We OaO do is illustrated by a f-year-old
orchard near l.a Grande. I.asl
year it yielded hiHXi boxes of No. 1
apples. The money received for the
crop undoubtedly paid the cost of the
land, trees and all expenses id main
tenance up to the time the apples were
gathered for the market. Among our
nig orchard- is that of Van (lilse, near
Nyaaa, etalboor county, it covers phi
acres. Tbe oldest trees are nine years
old. Next in sie is the K. B, i I.
orchard, near Van tiilse's. It covers
160 acres Both of these are on irri
gated land, which, until a few years
ago, was considered worthless."
Fivo Things.
Tbe live diseases for winch Sbiloh's
OonaOmptiOfl Cure is especially recom
mended, are Coughs. Colds. Whooping
Cough, Croup uml Consumption. No
medicine ever made by man is aqoal
to it in any respect. Bom under a
poalttve guarantee. Money back if it
fails, '.'fi cts. rm cts and ti a bottle.
Talluian A Co
received from the largest
the prettieal lino
innnufa, to,
t ...... . .ID
!! Ml IK I WA S 1 R
smkis nna i inukkskirts le he fom,.
city, l.uilics, call anil linik them
wish to Buy or not.
in AL
ovor whether J
You can'i afford to buy tailortnadg
have aeen mir line foi Bl
Sllit i,n,:i
41 i . BULK
i noy ;iu- mn aquwiea may wiiaia, i ins is the
expreaaion oi tnoge wno nave examined
and FT
. n. .
tl.cn. "
Otll I'lrss- (infills Sale, With
tiOlie until Saturday niojit.
t.ikmj; advantage oi salt:
Lining! free,
A ... a
Vttt'l ill. i
I 1 .im. i :im.
why not you, reader, ajj
Ke il. LYONS & CO.
The l p to-Hntr House
IIT T 11 A WkTa WVtra, -ar-v
Willi:. 8HELI' IIAIJDWARE, lTMl'Sand
a k t a.
' an -a i r m m . mm
Uncle Sam ti lls him tu tci t toward
Rader's Furniture Store
Main am Wabb streets, retulleton, OrL-o!
where he can Ol one ol those nice
Golden Oak Rockers at $2.25 before tin
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Owl Tea Mouse.
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Furniture, ( ai'iretg,
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N iiulow Shades,
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Mtrrora, wtby cabs,
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I uropean Plan
liiitck ana a hall froa
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Room Kate
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Woman'a Work
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Lodging Houfl
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Ok. W. E. QAkkliTSON.
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Bun au.
un- vers rariv
Locust Hill Rat
and Poultry Yar
Medlcreed Belgian Hrl
and pure brU I uwa.
Huron, $6.00 per pair, Pj
lntrr.il. Huff, an-1 WlilKf
outli Korku-hxip- ?-'.UU paj
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information aUdrttati
Court Street.
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Corporation t C. F. CO0K1
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Do you
want work?
Do you
want to hir
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OrUera fi r Hubber Huunpa
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carTMM, only i5 LauU a wk.
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