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division .mi:i;tin(is.
Tlfn Kliillrmi Nillijut of Oiiiinly DlvUtoti
A Kntu AKltutlni: Hie IVupluiif Mlllun mill
l'nini ill ii M'lluii Kiwle.
OllU of tllO HK'SJt NllCCCSsflll, lllllltlllllOIIS
mid largely attended meetings over hold
in KiiHtoiii Umatilla county was culled to
order In Phelps' hall, All I ton, .Monday,
tliu session holding fioin iiboutlO..IJu. in.
until it o'clock p. in. Tho subject con
Bldeied wiih u division of Dniutllla coun
ty. Tho country precincts udjuccnt to
Milton worn nil represented and iniiny
Bjicoehes wore Hindu, expressing u unan
imity of sentiment in favor of 11 divbion
on lilies which uio given further on, or on
Hiich lines u h iliu leuiHlutlvo uHbutiilily inuy
ileum Just mill equitable after a lull and
air discussion of tho subject.
Tlio meeting wait called to order liy
Nathan Piereo, and U. 0. Walker elected
to tlio chair, J. N. Stono Secretary. It
wiui moved and carried that a committee,
bo apK)iutud to canvuss the question of
Hiich of (IIvIhIoii and repot t at " o'clock,
when thu meeting adjourned until 'J r. m.
At S! o'clock tlio committee roitortod
mid jiiHt nuil suitable linos of division
were submitted to thu meeting for its ap
proval. After a ninubcrof speeches from Nathan
Pierce, A 11(imuii, A. M. Khun, II. 0.
Walker, II. Stout and others, tlio ulsivo
linos woro adopted. It was moved ami
carried t tint Immediate steps bo taken to
raise funds fur tho purpose of paying the
excnxeH of four good riders to canvass
I.axturn Dninllllu county and obtain the
namuri of all tliono favorable to u (IIvIhIoii
on u petition lothe Legislature. Thosecru
tury proceeded to solicit from thoso pres
ent, with u result of neatly a liumlred
dollars cash. Tlio committee was then
iiiHtrin.'li'd to invito t'entervllle, Weston
and other precincts in thu proH-.od new
county to cootioruto with uh In our cUbrts
for mi eipiltablo (IIvIhIoii. mid to suggest
u..y measure for tlio furtheraiico of tho
' Tho four canvassers woo thun In
structed to thoroughly canvass every
precinct and roport at Phelps' Hull,
Milton, on Monday next, at 1! o'clock r.
i., at which 1 1 1 no mid placo u mass meet
ing will bo hold, to which all friends of
division in Kastorn Umatilla county an1
earnestly solicited to ho present and give
tholr viuwri.
Adjourned to meet on .Monday, Decem
ber .'II, 184S.
Till! WKhTO.V I.INU.
From llii Weston U- ulcr.
Mr. A. M. Klam and Mr. Willis, of
Milton mild WoMon ii visit l;iMt Wodtios
day. They wcro liero to ascertain tho
sentiments and desires of thu Weston
pcoplo with regard to Ihodlvision of Ih
county. They Informed us that tho peo
i tilo of Milton mid vicinity mo imaiiilouslv
in favor of an early settlement of this
agitated question. They exhibited a
map of tho proxnod new county, which
they stated had been tigieed upuu at
an iisHotulil.igo of tlio oilUons of their
lo.-ullty. It Ii tiM follows: "Coinmene
inn on' the Oregon St. ito Hue, on ran go
lino between U and .1.1 I'.,
W. M.! tlieueo boiiUi Kl iiiIIuh
to tho HotithwoHt corner of See.
18 In township l N of r.iuw 'M I. ;
thence oast 10 miles to tho southwest cor
ner of See. I I, in township -t N., of range
111 I.. j tlumco Houth 11 inlleH to tlioHmitli
west corner of Sec. 11, In township .! N.,
of range III 1..; thence cut on section line
to tho Union county lino; theme along
tho Dillon county lino in a nnilheiistntly
direction to tho Oregon State line; thence
went on sta'o lino to place of beginning."
After mi carnu"t and friendly coiiHiiltatlon
with tho people lime, it was agreed that
a meeting should bo culled at an early
date, tho above linen submitted to the
citUcim for their approval, or disapproval.
uiui immoiiiaie ticiiou laKeii mine mat
ter. Their pmiHwIlloim wore accented in
good allh, mid Wednesday evening ipilto
a number of protnlnant gentlemen of the
city mid country met and dis
cussed the iiuostion. Killing to
wholly agree with tho linen proposed
by Milton, a map of tho proved now
county an representing our wishes In tho
Dinner wan drawn, us represented iy tlio
Milton delegation, and ban Ik-cii Hiibmittcd
to them for tholr consideration, It is us
follows, mid yo consider it fair and eipilt
able, and tlio linen likely to iccoivn tho
least opposition from tlio people of the
county at lartrc ; Commencing on tho
Oregon Statu lino on rmigo line botween
33 mid III I..; thence south It) milen;
tlienco east tl miles to tho rango lino bo
tweoii 31 mid thonco south to tho
main channel of tho I'matlHa ltivor;
tbonco up tho main channel of na!d river
to tlio Union county lino; thonco north
easterly along said county lino to the
Oregon niaio line; wioneo west on mo
State lino to tho place of beginning. This
la tho Loo county lino oxcept all that Hr
tlou on tho south of tlio Dumtllla river Is
cut out; also C'anmn prairie.
Tho bloaiu schooner Uhi vm wrecked
t l'riuco Frederick sound, ulunit noviuity
inUwrsjutlieastof Juneau, on NovuiiiIkt
Tlio Io loft Seattle one month pre
vious, laden with u goncml cargo for
AUsUinHirtn, and wuh returning with a
ciirgti oturs. WhenHtortny weather en
nucd sbo U-U l'rlnco TrtMlerick sound and
anchored. Xbcn tho tldo receded and tho
slot in abated tliv. ,v.h) was loft high unit
dry on a table iwV, Tho vessel nettled
down a distance of Km feet, striking her
btri on tho itvcky iKnVlerHiindconipleto
ly doiiinlislilni' her kee1. Tho veiwol will
bo a total wreck.
Tho business sitlon of IVlorulne,
Manitoba, burned Friday morning. Tho
(liy htatted in u iwm above Senders A
)jVIinnu 's stiiie, mid although all tho
ito'oplo t lined out t) cheek Iho ll.innM.
. ....I. I......I,. .... I, ,1.1 IH..., ,l,.,t
grv.U l"sn hud resulted, Tho Iom Is cs- '
tlimited ut ulu.ut )W,IKX).
At Strauu, Ind.. Klijali Haskell shot i
and kibut tu a neliiiau l sou, uiui ill. n .
bo' 1 1 nself. H. had Uvn s.lng l.cr
attou'ion for some time, niul it Is supposed!
xho bail refused uu oiler if man l.igo. 1
uoiaiuiii r ire ot marine immm tuiupai
' 1 ' . '
Vice I'renident.
ecictiiry and Managor.
W. II. WALK Kit, i...
It. L. Dl'HIIA.M
f. K. SMITH ' .
Portland, Oregon
Portland, 'Oregon
Portland, Oregon
. ...MoMinnvillo, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
. ..Kast Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
t Portland, Oregon
Pendleton, Oregon
....Oregon City, Oiegon
Pottlaud, Oregon
Poi Hand, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Salem, OrcgiM
Portland, Oregon
Poitl.iud, Oregon
Dnton, Oregon
Piiillaud, Oiegon
Poitlaud, Oiegon
stoiia, On'gon
Portland, Oiegon
It is of interest to Every
Taxpayer in Oregon.
DKAD Silt :
Would say in reply to yours of even date that tho sunt of
77.00 paid to mo by tho Columbia Firo and Marino Insu
ruueo Company, of Pottlaud, Oregon, for School Tax In Dis
trict No. I, ropresentiunoio money thun ai(l to this otllco
by all tho Foreign Insurance Companies doing diisiucss iti
this city. FHKD A. DALY,
School Clerk District No. 1.
That to protect yourself you should give your liisuninco to
tho Columbia Firo mid Marino Insurance Company, of Port
land, Oregon org.inlcd under tho lawn of Oregon. ' Has a
guaranteed capital of 00,1100 for your protection, which is
ten times tho AMoi ,vr ot m:i'nir required of Foreign Com
(tunics, w ho pay NO tacs, mid skm .m.i, tiu: i'koiitn out of
tho State, thereby increasing your taxes. Think of this and
glvoour Company a part of your INSl'HANOK.
Youra, rvsivctfully,
JOHN A. CHILD, Secretary.
OfTice: Second St., Next Door to Child's Drug Store
c rilied Capital, $500,000.
Portland, Oregon
c n I ii Til n i n uirn nnn haiun. I
uoiuuiuiu iiiu uuu rammo ius rnr
Of Portland, Oregon. Capital Stock, WlO.OW.
M tl rri.n !...!. ,... . ......
i, i. i iiumji.'-iiu, iusHieiii joiniiivrciiii ftatioral
I'ortlaud, Oregon.
Frank Dekiitn, Pres. Pottlaud Sav'gs Hank, 1
f 1.1 It) tt 1 . ...
u. i. nmiiii, ico-rroH. Ainswortli Knt'l Iiaak.
K. S. ICoamoy, Capitalist, Portlmid, Oregon.
r.i.,.,i. L......n.. ii..... i.-t.. v.. tu ii.ui .
"I"'"' wui.iiiuii. i iirn, x'lin null iiuiik. iticmnnnu.
ii in it line. ice- res ami. n nn a i:i. t'ns
John Halo, Hallroad Contrnclor, Palace Hotel. K. F.
H M Steele, O.ipitallst, St JoIiiih, Midi.
C A Dolpli, Attoriiey-iit-Iuw, Portland, Or.
.John Donnorlwrg, Plumber, Portland, Or.
Uklm IE lili ,1 Vi.nll n..l ..! T if . It
W 11 Houoyiiian, Capitalist, Portlmid, Or.
J K Smith, Contractor, Portland, Or.
A ii limviiiiin. i tcs J' irsl .Mil I laitt. VmI I'ornind.
John Hoinmei WIlo, Merchant, Ka-t Poiil.uul, Or.
(1 P Hummeliu. Furrier Meichant. PoilUmLOr.
t II II. . . ik t .i
(ieo II Williams, Kx U K Alt'y dVn'l, 1'eril.inJ, Or.
C 0 I'eekmau, Hunker, .lacksouville. Oi.
Wnller V Huiivll, Capitalist, Portland. Or.
S P Sfirgis, Cnshlor Firt Nat'l Hank. I'cti(lktoa,0r.
T L Chai nmn, Druggist, Oiegon City. Or.
II II Noithup, Attorney -al-Law, Porilaml, Or.
John A Child, Druggist, Porilaml, Or.
.lames F Watson, AvloinoyittLiw, PoitUiul, Or.
vligitra Watson, Poitlaud. Or,
Frodeilck llickol, Capitalist, Pottlaud, Or.
U, - t. II I 1. IT I I.. 1I...JI....I
uni .uikeny, Ties FiistNatT iuink. wmu wmu,.
W II Stlno, Cashier- Fitt Nafl Hank. Walk Wrt'Li, 1
A Huford, Abs't Cashier Fht Nat'l Hank, WalU
W. T.
L K C Smith, Morchaut, PoUland, Or.
J S Whlto, MoMinnvillo, Or.
Cliailes H Dnrhkoop, Maiiufautuicr, Portland, Or.
J C Moielmid,.Atlornoyalhiw, Poitlaud, Or,
UiiiIh Soltns, President First Nat'l Hank, niironi
It li IMirilitln. I'liMliler t iiiiioien l:!! ?i:il I lank,
S A Durham, Washington county.
Mary H Splllor, Kugeno City, Or.
C A AlluL-v rf AltuL-t. II.,,,,., X- P.. C.infwIInnOrt.
Asahel Hush. Hunker. Salem. Or.
i iiiioison, inrcctor uregon .Mitiotiai nam,
II K Johiuon, Hanker. Walla Wull.i, W. T.
It V AIIUII, Willi MIOII, llellSllll(V (KKI.ll, . -
lieo H Jlatklo, Vico I'rvs. Oiegon Nat'l liank,
v. t i.'..n m.. ii. i...i r'iti- DrMua
.mill. tin, .ii imager iaunui wii-uh vi
II C .Slovens, Hallroad Agent, Oregon City, uwuw
W T Wright, Cashier First National UnV, VpSm,
L. L. McArtliur, U. S. District Attorney, IIkiI!,0-
Huinfonl Kobb, Grain Dealer, Pomtroy,
C H. Kmtlli f..r,t..ll. l.,rll.,,l Or.
rt . I I '111 llll'l I TO .it. I a Tu i i I TV 111 ! II1I1E. 1 UIW1I VJI
ii i uunijy, Cashier First Nat'l Jianir, viimw-i
I W Cumo, Uaukor, Astoria, Or.
Plnl.tn nfn. PB(lltell l"
John Wortman, Cuslilor First Nat'l IWmk,
11 C Worlmun, Asi't Cusli'r Com'l Nut'l IuV, 1V
W II McCoy, Druggist, Siwkano Full,
Hufus Mallory, Attornoy-nt-Uw, Portland, Of.
Subscribed Capital, $5OO,O0i.
4 t
Clopton k Boyd, Agents, East Oregonian Building, PendMoi