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    htaiHV, DKCKMIIKU 20.
I Ki.l Ownliin Hrnncli Ofllce.
Ln,m riantem Owion "ro eonllally
I 111 r"i... I. P.iMluml. ..ml ..,.,l,
in 7. i. ....... Tlm iilllun I. In Mm Alt.
"kiiiilini! tin Tlilril fctrcel, between
E..,n slid Hlnrk. .lies of tho Kast
Cxi s. I'orttutul iiuiiirs, mm iiuiur ore-
'!... inr I i ii iiccolilliioilntlmi of
L I,, J there l u tslepliono 111 tlio ulllca
'iUie welcome louse.
rr. li . it . . .
nu coinnrninn pnaii r....... it.'.i i.. 1 ....... .
of A. J, Curl is vb. llin t. 1 u'' ""h "Mr"M'h' , Hon upon I ho properly until paid, lam
I tlratillo Water Company is being tiled Hta, iw.m Outline. ' il.V"re,t'' "j" '''j" "'Vf.0 ' ootn
in chambers lie ore Jtutgo Fee to .lay. "r '' i sec. i.,u ,i iw .. ' J.'V l,rivttl, 'i"1"1.' ,w 1 '. ".'! l'h ,1,u
I Lx-fcenutorJ. II. Slater appears for tlio '""i','. , public have nothing l ulu," but the very
nliiintlfT. and C. It. p.... i , fait that onoh tuxtuiver would bo com-
II. Williams of Portland Tothe Kiliton.f .i,m ' f1" n. iniiot.ie.inoss, or pet
It b unite, (in Imnoilntit . In .... . . " .Y' ' . . " ""' "uwfor, would U o great
1B88. and Col. !..
s J for tlio defense,
To Untitle Men.
dollars In Hold coin will lie piiM on
i l v0,to the firm or Imllvliluiil who,
ihi)l'r-vl ejoriiu- uiu niui, nullify
.rtljfnit In tlmcohuiumor llio Dally uml
, protection to tlio county
llt,,i.. ii, , , :i ;!rai i miuiiui ihv i nieroas mi: tno loveilUCS
liriCKWOrk llllll Blnlim..! mi (!. Cm. !.... VllUlM r.lllliir f,. il . .. . " V. A1'" lln
Methodist elinivli l.iilf.lli.,, ..,.. I.. u Htlll fiirl lu.r ....WiT" .T.1
,,f . , : ...B, ..uii in ivmru ',. . it .. "I""-V" UI 1UCUH, lllllll 111
v. t.iv...fii. uii:iiiini. ill mi. rn mm ...nil i i.iu iitimi 111111 mil tii..t.
' - av..! (.will ...... - I'll! uiiuiiU
mid Mum in
II. IllldW i'AlM llVI'llltltlnil fill llllllBli.
hold jwxkIh. .1. II. Hai.kv.
It ilil.sUHl'.UAiiu.ivu uiiuiiuii
Wl a . . I. I.mI ttt II. U I.T f tttlll.l.MH
linu uivi '.i w. ...tii.i,K
(Webb mill JoIiiikoii "trci-U. Hunduy
Ii t It k. "I Hlld 7IU0 p. ill. Hiilitliiy
lit 1 p. in. wbijk priiyor-me'-lim;,
Ltd4r. ! l' 1,1 .i..ii ni.-i;..iiiiT ill
tclilly llioo iiiiicotincolrd wltliothur
Houti frcf.
(lKi. It. Lkk, rmtor
L 3-3 ivnttt nt J. F. UohliiHonV.
Il meaU nt all hourrt ttt llio 1'ronch
hnt, J. v. fetuniioiii, iroprieior.
I'm .MiiHtiTH. A. ! . t A. M.. uru
tetl to liiei-t tiitH ovonliiKiit MiihoiiIo
dt 7 o'clock.
Anktnv IntH hooii oiiHiIoyud In
r. i i r i.i ii. .i.i t
rlnjr Ml"l' Ol J . JK'uuinun, lllltl
kiimrnco work to-inorrov.
liwoilciinva'O'orn wanted for Kast-
num. IH I'.iyKooii Hillary or
UNI. .udroHH tlilH olllro.
I tt i .
tery small lumionro Krecioa mo
i.'.l... ...... II l.o. ..,....... IT. I..
IlllUUUUI liini viv-iiiii. uu in
Ui)itlte mi mvompl.Mlieil wheurd.
. KurnlHh took n Monirollun hclotv
l?r nUliI for rollln whinky to In-
I iiml ntnrtu'ii on mm inorulni;'H
n.t.idow hay In any inmnlltv inn
f.h iy fiiiuni: on .lauioH .. now
it tno oiiico oi uio J'.iniuro uom
(trwt in ImIiik is'radod In front of
hrcler biook. ruiiiilxii m Iwlni;
ay and roon tno Htrcot will txt
Srt'M of l'i'uillcton and Kiinzlo
A. I'. it A. M., will Ik) liiattillcil
v (ThtitHday) nftornoon at li
Tlio itiiiilic uro Invited.
Creek Kaulo: Tlio population of
rtck City, lUTonllnu' to our luHt
ds not uxeood HSU souln, includ-
.Hndern. lawycrn and (Iokh.
't llendrlckN, tlio nlK'ht clork In
o.Hon hotel, Ilukor City, and tlio
iho shot hitn and aluo received a
lhisnriu, will liotli get well.
iirt'heveral ondn uIoiik tho rivor
ill prnvido hjilendld HkntlnK' when
(rweii over, which h eagerly
xwanl to I iv many yniin(Htorri.
j Matlock, who wan hrouht to
n Sunday evening by his father
tlitr, In now Improving rapidly,
t nianv iIuvk 'will lo na well an
contest, to settle tho Jiover-fallh ir food wl iOi 1 .3 ..i..',;i . '..'i '!ri,iuct,t on9' i !,ro!''1! "" '. ' imbllo uml .in special
lor I t iru on. 11..1I..,. :..!.( " ........ : - .'.v""." ,u "V1"" iiue oecii
, ............ .Ihii,, I'lUllV LrPlllril IV .'IUi.lloa.i.1 I ....I....!.
III tllll rni nnt i-olil 1110 OCIlL'I Illllt 1 nlti ..IV.,.!.,,. ...... .1.1....
muiii. In three duyn more ull brickwork , 'hat may, or In likelv to be, adopted as u
would have beeihcoinploted, and thoiu- Iuw: ' 1
I.. ii1, .1 ,Ilu, wo.rk 'l"lckly fliiinhodM, 1. A full mid fair uwowmont can kut A Soclnly K.flutofu Vry..:J..j(,i.ioOr.l'.
"l.r "rl ueu" lor 1110 -voree condition , w oomined tlirouuh a 8Mematlieil ni-1 Information U received of u nn1 oleart
"1C oi"cnt8. ' iird of projwrty nuhject to taxation. In I tint little ilaiuo which occurred at Frac.er'i.
AcouiloofyounKntcrfi,onoof whominav I ! r,".foq ot this yntcui, 1 would make I "chool hoin-o, i-cveii iiiIIcm youth west of
Boino day wear tho "diamond belt" us. V i ' . ''".""V nwecsor u wdurled, town, on Cliiixlnum Hve. (lulloanuin
uclmmiion HlugKcr, met In tho court-1",1'0 "lcu 'wated at the county heat her of youtiK folkH were in uttendanco,
yard yemcrduy, iniprovlwd a ring nn,j , each county, hach county nhould pre- "d diinclnn wan kept up until daylight.
miv uii'iui-iiiH iHxurreo on una occi.tiiou
more than n pusslnc
ount; lellow called
11 hllf'l'f.ilMlviiK' ulin
liiul Hkiken MurriiiKiy of him to othern
and adminlfrteicd puniflimcnt to each,
Ho would jso In, dance a net or two, anil
then call out an enemy and proceed to
"do him up," Marnuln of Uooiobcrry
rules, until thrco had lieon disponed of.
Ht 111 tho danco went on and jov was tin
conllned. Uno of tho yoittin fellows who
llljured in one of tho encounters nfter-
wuniH leu lor nonio ami reiuuieii with an
rhatBUCKcstlvoBign, "To Let," is liegln
niiiK to appear on soveral haudsomo
bulMings In Pendleton. "What'M tin;
matter with Hunt's railroad for a rom
edy?" lvchoanHWons: "It's all right."
I roxjrty owners should ask themselves
t.io above ipiection as they pass bv theo
fiu'liui OUIKllUgH
tlie county assessor, and lie keiit up by
Htm. ilicso jilat lwoks ehould show
upon their face each deeded quarter sec
tion, or tract of laud, and each town lot
and parcel of land subject to taxntlon
within the boundaries of their rcsicctlvo
counties, and tho abstract or marginal
reccrd of each tract of land should show
tho name or present ownei thereof. Kach
couiny assessor should
. . " .. ... iiuinuy acsessor s oil 1(1 lirenure froin
A'0'p vpiir ball will bo given at Milar-' these books a duplicato plat or man lm"sonal and blood in Ids eyo. Thereafter
u;Bi.au now learn ovo, under tlio jot each district, and deliver them to tlioi"" remained nniKler of ceremonies, and
miitingement of 0. J. l raker. It will various distilct asu-ssors, heielnafter pro- w not called out again. Another
probably take well among tho Young vided for, on tho llrst dav of April of I merry-maker of tho initio iKiisiiasion got
people, ami u largo atlcmlanco niiil good each year, with Instructions to inspoct 1 lllcr hun there was anv occa-ion for,
tluio Is oxiweted. Ladles will havo charge and place a valuation ution each soiv.ir.itu ! a,,t ,,ow ' a fence-corner to sleep,
or tho lloor until midnight. tract or parcel of laud contained thereon, ,u' " tlnally found by his lilllcunis,
John Jack, tho celehmtcd theatrical nd at tho samelnie make a eaicful as-')vl0 Instead of routing him, thrown
mini. In In llm pli i- in.iL-tni- ii-iMii..,M..,Miu sessmcnt of nil iMirfiiiiul iirnimrtv. irlvlin, I blanket over Iliui mid left him In the
for Iho iiiitMiarnneii nf IiIh ri.iwnvni..l irnm.i tlio name of tho owner thentif. nlliiu'ini-1 hind ) f Nod, or In a feuce-corner. rather.
In tho near future. Walla Walla Jour-: 110 exceptions or deductions except in 1 11 Hau' "'id ho dreamed he was shi-
nal. Ills "rononnd troupe" consists of u ll,l0 01 " nctuai Householder, who should 1 wrecseii in 1110 norm nuo anil had im.en
who ami a small nut precocious son, but i " "onen an exemption oi uu, ami ie-1 ", '"""'"ii mo .in uu inean
it is good what there is of It. ; quiring all district asfessors to retuni .ll!k(,n. u" tt" 'he d.ineo win a mii lvss
Newmarket Block, Portland, Oregon,
Oiler for the season of 1880 the largest and mot complete line i f tho Verv Host and
Latest Improved
Of Every Description.
(luallty of Goods guaranteed. Trices tho lowest, quidity.cniisidcrvd.
Call and sco u, or semi for our
Mulled FItHH oupilicatton.
-Manufacturer ami DenUr In-
liatilri Is buying hlden, pelts
vi. snil lis old friends should not
piut Im Is Ht 111 in the business.
w tho hluhcst cash nrlco for
tarsal Nolln Christmas ovo was
Wr attended, tldrtv-slx numbers
Hi An iiuinensu llino eencrally
Ibytlie worshipiH-'in of Terpischoro
Cnvk F..iulo: Tho now paper.
Inio Whisper," which "Potor tho
lo start wnm time ni'.o. must
n only u whisper" in truth, for
L . . ... -
r di moro ol il.
hrrivaU for tho penitentiary at
Mia are cominii In overy day. It
rem to a man up in a tree that It
M l the pleasaiitest tiling in the
Ira town to havo u jall-blrd'a nost
V&ij seemed moro liko Sunday
wtitinas. and was a triflo dull, to
truth. Christmas cheerfulness.
Mas plentiful, nnd iniiiiv u "han-
ptmxi to you" was wafted on tho
pirouimeiHl to trlond.
M' Court street meat market
pkomely decorated lust oveninu'
W"i I'lirlHtlimu ntul linllhintlv II.
Wwlth unv (iiiiillnii Tt U'iim tlm
IfUisluiictit In town which thus
rniiat day of good cheer.
lla Ig troubled Just as Pendlo
i many another town over the lack,
fmodatlona at the 0. H. & N. do-
i company should hereaf lor con
oepotson a nlun ulili-b will In.
pwMiigors more comfort and less
rner of tho tent. II. n Web-footed
aouataln lytix and tho threo-
'itiOW hollllnc fnrlli tn tlio court
hot seem to l doing a rushing
SQa llA tlinrnfnrA nnmnlillnH nf
M enterprise and a proiwr spirit
Myinl'endlotm. 1
Jpn? in high llfo took place to-
uw iiisiiop's olUco. tho groom
l UnThnriirt n iinltf..iuiin fill
H'ion, and tho brido Mrs. Mary
widow of tho Into
we of tho Umatillas. The
ipie will iv.ioi.Mt,. ti... ..v..nt i.v
. . . ' . ... ... t. .VJ ...u u.v... -J
' Ulia eveniiiL' at tl.n Itnwman
fc'rta private letter from Spo-
t"li thna .rt.-n 1. 1.. 1.I.T..1.
' is tho muddiest iilnco In tho
vcr" "nhealthy; no lesa
j-- ic wing pianiea everj' oay,
7 rim are ven quiet aooiit H.
diseaMj U typhoid fever, al-
knU. There III linn inwA nf Hlililll.
K. L. Farnin, of (iullmau, had a largo
tumor removed by Dr. lllalock from be
low tho ribs on tho right side. Tlio man
siill'ejed terribly for a long time, and is
lying In a critical condition at .St. Mnry's
iiosjuiai in at nua waua.
Two mammoth hoir enirliu s arrived In
Wallula Sunday morning, for uso on tho
0. Si W. T., ono being consigned to tho
Centervlllo brunch, and tho other to the
hiircka Hat nndjjjiillu Walla lino. Tho
weight of each iseighty tons.
It is learned that a passenger brakomau
was shot at Pocatollo yesterday by a
porter during a quarrel occasioned by
drinking. Tho br.ikcniiin's name, nor tho
nature and extent of Ids injuries, cannot
yet bo learned.
Tho Long Creek Kuglu comes out
strongly in favor of the division of Grant
county. Tho Milton Kagle Is also scream
Itur its sentiments in favor of tho division
of Umatilla county. Kaulcs uro peculiar
i.i -
Dims, anyway.
ItcmemlsT tho rcannoariini'o of the
John Jack-Annio Uriiiln Dramatic Com
pany noxt Saturday evening, December
inn at i-ruzior HUiKira lloiiuouv special
request oi fomo ol 1 lie citizens ol 1'en
Puyallun Comniorco: Two humlrod
Indiana families are making preparation
to Icavo that fctato earlv in tlio snrlim to
form a colony on Pugct Sound. All of
them arc issrsons in good circumstances.
All the prisoners in tho Whitman
county jail Imvo been ordered removed to
u la n ulla county la I by Judiro nash.
Iiecauso the jail at that place is unlit for
thocoiitlnemeut of human Is-Ings.
Col. Clondcnuin. tho commandor at tho
Walla Walla irarrlson. has lieen ordered
Kforo the retiring Wird. Col. Green
will assumo command of tho itarrison
until the arrival of Col. Ilrisbin.
Kov. W. II. Howard and wlfo are over
from Walla Walla on a visit to ltov. M.
V. Howard and wlfo of Pendleton. Tho
former will preach In Slaughter's school
Iioupo noxt Sunday evening.
Tho Now Year's edition of tho Kast
Okeooman will bo put to press noxt Wed
nesday afternoon, Jan. 1'nd, and copies of
the paper can bo had for ten cents each
on ami after that dato,
ii.nuiu tin Minimi unurMim leiuni I 7 , ... ...i, mi.- .1.1111 u inn 11 rin u.-nn-
Mich pints and itsfossinent to Ids olllce nt d high-class society event, although
Tho oldest Inhabitants, and indeed,
overyonu olso also, aro now prophecy
ing a heavy enow-stonn. Whether or
not tho prophecy will bo verified remains
to bo proven.
Tho Weston mill Is now in operation.
Tho machinery has boon found to work
very satisfactorily. Itecauso of lack
of wheat no flour has yet been
F. Pollock, who stepied off tho back
porch of u barber shop Into space last
week and was quito badly hurt, is getting
along splendidly nt his quarters In the
1)0 you want to make a letum for the
Christmas present you received? You
ran Unit something suitnpio, iinu ni mo
samo time useful, at tho People's Ware
house. w
Prof. M, 0. Itoyal, principal of tho
IVndliitnii Public School. left last
evening for Union, to attend a teachers'
Instltuto there the rest of tho week.
Alblna strenuously object to consolida
tion with Portland under ono city gov
ernment, althotiKh I'jtft Portland is very
much in favor ol tlio move.
Tho firm of Tavlor, Jones A- Co. are
busy this week in invoicing stock, rather
a long, tedious business in such an ex
tensive hardware fctore.
the county teat on or Mow the loth of
May next theicaftcr.
Upon receipt of tho loisirts of the va
rious district assessors, the county asses
sor should enter each assessment' of real
estate upon his tract book, and each as
sessment of personal proortv should lsj
transcribed Into uu alpludicticullv ar
ranged assessor's liook, to bo kept for
that puriK'so, deductions for indebted
ness only being allowed, as provided for
In my answer to question eight.
Tho county assessor should prepaio
nlplmbetlcally a list of all taxablo pioii
city, Itolh teal and (icrsomd, and certify
tho samo to tho county clerk on or Mom
Juno Iith of each year. I would make
tho treas liters of tho sovcial counties
tlio collectors of taxes, have all taxes
payablo at tho office of tho county treas
urer, and all dellnuuent tuxes draw
twelve per cent per annum Interest uml
remain as a lieu upon tho property as
sessed until paid.
'2. F.xetnpt ull proorty of the United
States, of this State, ami all public prop
eriy 01 couniics, towns, schools
churches, charitable Institutions, urn
public libraries,
II. I am in tavor of a State Hoard of
r.uua'.uatiou. and bcllcvo a moro emi t
able assessment could Is) obtained
ny sum a iKi.irti, placing a mil'
form valuation on many' kinds of tier
sonal pro)orty for llio government of us
scssora in their duties.
4. I am in favor of making each voting
precinct a nisirict lor mo pur'sixo oi us
sessmciit, and would require tho county
court to upiMiItit In each such district
some coiiiieteiit resident, mereoi as u
deputy usscssor, who should Is) provided
with u plat of ull deeded lauds In such
district, together with tho names of tho
owners thereof. It should be the duty of
tho deputy assessor to lsTMinully lusis-ct
and placu values on ull such tracts of
deeded land, and to obtain a full assess
ment of all iiersonal properly within his
district, anil muko a return to thecnunty
ussessor, showing no deductions nor ex
emptions except an exemption of HDO to
actual householders.
.'). I am not favorable to a graduated in
come tax. I U-liovo it inequitable, Im
practicable, and unnecessary.
(I. I look tiH)ii the "cingle tax" or
land tux" theory as belonging to Iho
samo category oi oppicosions as trusis,
HKioH)lies, corioratiohs and other gi
gantic combinations wliich schome to-
Kuther to protiH-t capital and compel tho
farmer to bear the burden. Why should
a .man Mho now imreiy oenvesususie-
nanco from tho sou bo compelled to pay
ull tho tuxes, while tho banker, the man
ufacturer, tho capltulist uml merchant
pay nono?
7. I think tho bill prepared by tho tax
commisblou of 1H.S0 a great Improvement ! this meet the eves of unv of his acouuint
over our present law. Tho fact Is, I ainvs who know his address or resldunco,
doubt if any better bill will ever become 'jnf.nmatinii of such would 1st gladly
a law In our Stato. I would, how over, j received by either of tho ulovo men
fully concur with 'he minority reiorf in . tinned gentlemen,
all pints set forth. ... 1 t f
entirely fiee from tho tamo convention
allty so usual at modern sisial gather
i1ihi ,ilr. Ulirvlre Ni.v .vliinit tlm Hun
ItiillriiKil Cninliiir tii t'oirn
Mr. K. M. Wheeler, of the firsts of K.
and!'.. M. Wheeler, s.tys that several
years ago when ho llyed in Schuyler
vine, .ew 1 ork, u great contention was
had over Iho piiosal to run a railroad
down one f the ptiiiclpal streets of tho
town, und great anil determined opH)d
lion manifested Itself, and for a long time
the road wiih kept out of the town, but at
last the road cattio In, and down Victor
drive, the only drive in the town, and
through (be principal residence street
ProiH.'rt.v owners on tho street ollered
their property at lower prices than lieforo
the road came In. und failed In most in
stances to ofl'cct a salo; but after tho road
was built and in oenitlou, every ono of
theso samo proiH'rty owners found their
: projicrty Increasing In value, and greater
iiemanii lor proiierty on mat street than
was over known before. Mr. Wheeler
continued: "Now, tho road rims down
that street several trains each way a day,
I.I I I . . .. p
uiiii too iieoino iiareiy notice tno incou
venlences so much deplored before the
road came," Mr. heeler thinks that
Hunt's road Is a neceslty to Pendleton's
welfare, so much so, he says, that ho will
have to look up another location for his
business If Iho muss meeting to bo held
noxt Monday oveulngat lhoOHru House
falls to develop any uncoumgomcnt to this
Itnvltl llinHlii-plirr.l liny,
Tho "Shepherd Hoy" to-morrow nlclit
ut the opera house, by local talent. .Much
time and attention has been ulvcn to tho
production of this play, ami it promises
to lie a lino ctitcriniiiuient. Tho ladles
and gentlemen who will take part In It
are making overy elfort to perform their
parts well, and (be People who witness
tho iH-rformuiice "ill go home much
plciiMd ufth the evcnlngV or afternoon's
amusements. The "Shepherd ltoy"wlll
Imi produced to-morrow and Friday even
ings and on J'llday uftoimsiu, maliuco.
I ickets, chairs 7o cents', gallery Ml cents :
matinee, children '.'j cents.
AlJl Mum tVnnlril.
A letter was handed In to Fred Kcnnicr
tin other day, tho wilier of which
William Moureh of Hamilton, Grant
county, Oregon, Is inquiring for Joseph
ncltuiiei. who was la'd urn or heard ol
alxnit two jours ugo. mid was then on his
way to tlio inouniaiiis. muck ihen no
trace can l f 'iind of his wherculsmts.
A trunk and other pioisTty U'lonulnu' to
tho mlssltiu' man is i-tlll In tow n. Should
Harness, Saddles, Bridles. Halters,
Keeps always on hand the Best Stock of Ha
noss and Saddles at prices lower than any '
place this side of Portland. Call
and examine my stock.
James Wheelan - Court S
parclware, Iron, $teel,
Solo Agontu Tor Orogon nnd Woshington for
r. i.u.i..iu, iii niii.iu i iiirnr. iiii-y uu m, kiiiipit anil riiinoMi nnir Minolnlo rwrii
lion, tliiit I Imtii who liuvu uvil ilii'in iirn-eii tin in wmk r.tn mil utv iiiniiinii In
uoriirnltli ilii'i-i Willi i.r without uvutultiicliiiKiit..
i-i'iii in mi'ii jtniiiM iir.t ixtrii.
Miss Lena Kunrie, of Umatilla. is villi- i ... .... .......liiion that he has iiloced
ing Miss Klsie llushee, of Pcnj leton, at . ' , a hook t0 kt.,)t by ,j10
8. I am decldollv In favor of deduction
for ull just iudcbtedhcjs within tho
State, but would again bring my record
ovldenco into uso, und ollon no Indebted
ness except such as apiiears of record.
As un exauiplo, A owns a farm worth
11000, upon which It, holds a mortgage
for $1000. A should lxj assessed for
t'MOO, und ulloucd an indebtednets of
flOOO. The assessor could then assess
l from the moitirago record for tho 1 1000.
In other words. A and H each have an
Interest of 100i) In the land, and should
psv an equal tax thereon.
Another instance: A lwrrows of 15
.2000. A should bo assessed with tliOOO
ash. and ullowcd liiiioi.ti'.itiess uiereior
A Vrry nrlefftruly,
Aliia, Or., Ike. '21, 1833.
To the Eilllorof the Katt Orronlan.
Your circular camo In myaWncc. As
I am late I will I si brief. I will adopt
Clark Walter's answers to your questions.
As to deduction for indebtedness, nol
emphatically, no! I rather think there
would I wisdom In taxing both proiieity
and debts, for tho maintenance of the
public roads. N. 1Jkkkki.y.
- -
Meyer A Perkins rccelve.1 a quantity of i
fine liiiiorted tobacco jesterday, exiKn-
slvo enough for a nalxjb. Abalulilch
anv ordinary man could carry on his
shoulders cost tho linn four hundred dol-
thi'lr praUi'
lIuckrynHnel'rcuirjrulii Iirlll, Iiurkity.iHit'tlrr. lliirki-snHnrlnuTooth Harrow, Uuptrlo
ilruln l)rllln,Nii.rl(irHtrd'i,
Tho latrst lminnci hnptf inmit for miwIiik miniiier fill low. Tlm uiont oomploto aud
, .1 - . ..11. 1 .!... I... 1.., ..1 ,ui.l H11UI1111CJI .Affll .1
lars. This will all 1 manufactured into
lir father's res denco on lliompson ., ..j.,, r..r timt nnrm-A. somo cigars
- Limuis sicrn ppwi v . -- - i
street. i ..ui.i..,'..h. uiu.roi.v HmasisPnsor may know Alexander Hest, tho young man who
Saturday evening Whitman college, at that H should iwy taxes thereon. Such accidentally shot nuiisc! m me palm oi
iir.n. u'ii ...i...l (rr.i.i l!nv Win. !....!. i. ui,n.ii.i I.. I. rwnr.l of tliii oriui- tlio liana recent v. is wit ni! aionu niceiy,
1 Uliu ..aim, ...ii.... ..w... . , uiiuvmw piiuum. .v m - '-- 1 , ,,i i i, i . i . ... ;
t a v..ti. Vnrt.- i. f'lirlsfmiis L'lft of i i.r.A ui.kIi nnfn in remain of record, althouuh ho will probatdy bo laid up lor
jjOO ' taxable to II, until paid and cancelled. I the remainder of tho winter.
Harry Leslie, ono of themanugers of If A owns a note or an t VOwmtiU are now In reIar
the now vaiiety theater in lenuieton, 'WHICH lie miu ur iuuhbiuii.v"... lauenuuiini ui. i im. nus mi n t...iii.(
came back fro.n Portland this tnornlng. j
Mrs. E. E. Sharon, who left bumiuy on ; -" f(M,.R.toil ,imm
lurents at l cston, returnin , - ,iert.f.,r. The county asBesxir
g s train. should ullow only such deductions (or In-
roads are in good condition ,iebtednebs as aptear on record in Iiw
i. l...in,. nmrnn ll , ... . .1 . .t : t..' .I.r. ilu,.u.
Ur,: -i iiiain, mu iaiu iictjmj ....u0 - oiiun ui 1110 iho ui iimniis ui' '"u
IU W111ITI1 nrillllll 111HI1111 , IH ll.Iu
' Tl... ii . j ..- injuai-UUIH ttJID tvwniu
J.te.T ..... 1
, "ra I'nsblnenlertalniil a small i a visit to her
vm,,,. inemn last evening at j on last evenlm
mW. ed 'he"' a y J' pleasant , streets nnd
tioyinent An .-.111. ....
I a mucli larger numisjr man nan over i-tendi-d
at any jirevloos term,
i Eight hundred Southern Pacific orn-
ploye havo lately !een dischargeij Ijc
! cause of decrease of business. They may
1 lie re-ernployisl In tho spring
Tl 1 iiiiti.il tiutiiv
R.'. iHe wllowinir wero in attend-
I" illKiaa In I.' 1.. Clol
T Folsom, and firaco Welch
'I'Ulh, and L. O. Wood.
tfi t 1 I I .
,nont roll. These deductions should llrst V?" "r '?",'.' V"'.',
. m . r.i .,1 . I.. i l - I I.. .rwi....l ..rnfinHV. in Ull o '""111 -M"" """'l"
jteroemoor ine r;iicj.uu j w " ',T, , , iiifl ra a schorj , now closed lor tlio Holiday,
morrow evening at the Opera House. , cases, as far as iwssibl, making " f real . ....j..,,,....
Mr. M. Kudley. a well-know n Weston J estate of tlio rty assessed resijonsime to d.
M-h.r in Inu'n tnlav. the COUnty IOT UW ou u. -- '
ucioiful tool lor thin iurii in iiw.
Wo !io hve a lull lino of Iluttelei. OarrUses. I'haotorm. Mountain
I'lutform hou other Mprlnic vehicle.
I-uwreuca & CtiaVlu's Hpfluif-Tooth IlHrrowa, Dnrn Harrows, Kelenllflc feed
I'urlflo KuuiiliiK MUU,
iiAiHii iiAitu wiiti:, arrcj., x:'i"o.
The Leading Photographer
Wo wlslt to lufonn tho public that wo havo lately fiirnMied our
Gallery with the
Finest Instruments, Backgrounds and Acces
sories that can bo had.
Wo havo had -many pears oxtrionco In tho Art and know that wo can suit our
many customers in uny stylo photograph Ihoy may desire. Hoiuenils r wo
aro hero to stay and aro striving to build up u reputation, therefore
We allow Nous bat First-class Work to Leave the Gallery.
Call and Examine Our Sample Photographs, if Nothing More.
Gallery at the Main Street Ilridge,
Pendleton, Oregon