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    iV. DECKMHKK IS, 1H88,
ostcrduy afternoon TJico Hccny, who
was sitting In n wagon with Tlioma
Smith, whs hit in l,0 back of tho head
with a ock by Perry Housor, n misun
derstanding liiiying mlscn over tho price
of u hut spoiled by the latter. Mr. Hccny
Will SUIIOr COIlHltJcrnl) U nrimfmilm.ii..
The HnUrlalninent fur the llrnent ot the
r tp l.llir.ry a Sncec. In Kiery Purlieu.
l-rcc Library entertainment, strains of
Alt Ktplnnallnii fur the Hirou Mlnlake
Which Occurred .In Ycntertlny'ii Jmiio.
It was formally announced In water- j
day's East Oukhonian thai William
Migel and .Miss Kato McLaughlin hud
- 1 i irtiiii iiih liiinrv. iirifi .m. .. miiupiu mini inn 'nm uim, 11, 11 1 i
mi - - " 1 -- iiuurci la iniiimiii v . . . :. vnuium itiitnn iiuiiu. 1 i,. 1 n. .1. if .. 1. 1
' ..11 at ine r . v.nr vl(i:(irMANrK II OW rilRl Dr. ... " w. "IUC" wkwiuu ,,, tmiut raiommmi fl,...( nM
s". :: 1.. I'ivriind. una mnicn i f....i . ... . Miiu piihiiii 11 iniii.i inii.ti fti . 1 r - .unj Kiwtti uiui hhuhiuh 1
rr f - - ... ,,,iinit is in t tw. a u 1 "-- jwis. ivit 1 1 iib nun 11 in 17 iiri 11 1. . 1 r w ... INH 1 . im nuiumM ut liii t a it
mt !-- - . .flUi . iinruiimi 1 iuur ui 1 1111 i-.iLHinrii nnn tt-im-. 1... . 111 .. ..... w ituuu 1 lluii imi 1111 1 n.,ti 1 l,. 11. .1 . ...11
L SS.rK.'MlSV of 'I. 0 'ka Hoiiclt principally or l.n lYiIK' Alninli . 1 "H" T'' rom.lt wa mi audi- I V ic I
4? . o Vie r" i w P nl.JrTre l- 4t , '' 15d uls0 ,for ,llu i eiccw tlw ux n timw ,v IV, 1 1 iT" ul,Wi!' Tho couple wc.v not mar- i
U"cm.;,4ltlou of er'H edition. Treat him kindly, yc "ft far from Tt. 'the h..lo lhin
I.-uiitt-iepiioiioiiitheomco c reus of Adnm. roniorviiin WoU(,. . ' J'o I'toi'M w ill jo isvy and nbly B(llf.i ., ti- i.t.. i..
li" - ' imon, i(r no HUM a Btorv ol onrnu ti ? V."""." . Ill S cam OIK cd n no nkiu hula vnrvl
r, iHtlo cntoriwloo that ho should bo Vncour- ,ln K3h?W W nin.i 1 Ht,ri,M,!, l,mt,cr- Mr' Knwl Run been at-
n.inr ... K'cd t toll, and right well can ho tell It. Wrl .V iff L '!Mooll.,tlol!' tending tho youne 1a.lv or ron o time.
l nl 1 W III' IHilil lllll n... . ... . ... , i .......v. . jouiii .llliuil HUH II lHiril- I 1 .I.- ..... i.r. .. I
uiuxiiiL Hum mo nana .nu nctu am apnroir ate one. The MieuWrr v, . .'"r "T"1"-1
Journal doubtlefH has reference to tho ! iwlntwl Wt, ui iom Xr I 'mim lml! 0,,n?W s ric,1,l' !- Iwo woio
AlliineapoliH rUHtler who did I'cndleton fully fOUO w m Mnt .lallv In keopin ,p lr1011, mt 11 ,?,pT M Vrt,M Wt;rc
with coiiHliloraulo hucccm: "Another IVndleton'M na Doiih nni mIi I l.,.t I J ' jolcliiu niitl connldercd that tho reporter
oan iin.l bulMii.t; aiwclatlon, Kotten up ! only threo por cent of th ainoun wimll ; )voul1 of c',mm' 1,"!'cr!,,""tl Il't ' t;
bMiHh.m.8t.l m.lman, Ih about to 1m, t bo given to the frcol Uirurv InX d o t 'lho rciK..tcr nftormml
Kiarieu in in ft imiv. mil m wn i.ii.nu ..I. ....... i u . iiiivd iuwcii .ur. rvnu-c . nil i nu. imiiKiiii?
come u
-MnntifiHlnrcr nml Dcnlrr In-
,i io thellilii oi ImllvlJUBl wuo,
Vi? in l h-- I-H i u i i n h i f llm D.illy iin.l
i',71 JiiliiiKun Mri-elx. Hiiml iy
, ii u. hi nntl7!iwp. in. Muiiuny
1 " Mi.i uhIi iirnvpr.iiui.ltiv.
P, 111. wnlnnm. In
.i. llm... nni ciinnccieu wmiuiuur
..... . t. HI'HIN nu...
(R(I. II. LKK, t'llllor
rnill'ltn Cnrdi
mn'iuiire niynnlt H CMiitllUnto
' .t LI.L'untl
..... Kjt ir. ri.nnuiii
mvanlf hk iicxlullilitln for
in cmulnif cliy eii-c i n.
. ..... .a tin u uiuMiliitn fnr
reudyii local organization of tho wamo groat and worthy Institution. The
kind, wo don't eo how two uro needed. nuked that the biinlnesH men bo .11
1 atronlzo homo Indus-try In our motto." ; ward In donating fifty centH or a t
U. J. Horton, proprietor of tho How- month in ho good a cuiise.
.11. . IT........ 1 .l.f. . . IIIUItL ..f lli.... ...I. ....
irr.oiini'ti tuynt'lf nu 11 cnmlliluto
(.IMurlHil " 11 i 1 "II1
i.ltt. ..If...!!..!!.
. ...... .... ..
nnnurui. lllltl i win uu t .ritiiui
oilier o.'cUy rernnluriii- inn mijii-
M-iilnn of Kiini' of my fflciiil". I
llltHlll',ll II CIIIMlllllllO III 1110
aflffl'lnii fortln olllcoof Itccor
lD(lf U'IKlllflOll.
V. II. 1.:.1U I'.ll.
. ..III..... .if ll...ltn.
.flMattnwn Itccoriler ut lli com-
intioiilii inyNi'ii hi HcniiuiuHin
of lin-imlcr nt itn . iHUlnir oily
A. II. M l II.I..H...
.nnmiiHH inynclf 111 11 ruiiUliliitn
J.1..1 11 ll.lll n u.
icDifinre myolf iw u crtiutlUitte
..n.uinir l.iu'ii nl. rllnll.
J. A. .MAItMlW..
tii earn launurv.
1 . . i 1.. t. tt ij
. . .. .... .
... . . . .1 1 ...
no i-muiiuiiu wuicuen in.
1,1110 uicnmaKor h.
. 1 t . .
..... . ... 1.
11...1. 1 .1 .,...1.1....,.,.
- win li tiivcmm tt rniuuun;
,v trii.AM ...ill .wji iviiiit, ninn
Ki' rv luklrM. wlio Wnro Hero
n.1 ... !,.,!.... I....1 n
fUlto .. t 1 I.. .1
-ivfc. njni;ii urunil III' III
.jr.... 1.. ..I... 1. 1 fii.
in Hllll.ll iivuinn
Hi .mm.
n is, iM)i.atiliinntt liut votocn
rm in '. ii.ttitnmi in.nnv iti
Ieiiain block.
PUi! limit nvhlhltirkti VUHUr
ruM in but little ifiimuuo
tllA rnmli'itniitu
f till LnilFdlllllLT
" lniTltAaiilll .
"tMIICI lllll.
...I. "
rar ureuHt
& Howartl
.I I... ..... .
Q the Dexr
man Houw, him gone to lunching, being
now busy plowing bin land rented from
tho IndiunH. Kro long neatly tho entire
ji'sorvation, mo. of which in now lying
Idle, will bloom and blosfom nu tho royo,
under tho inllucnci! of tho white nianV
nrcfonco. Most of tho Indianu uro rout
ing tho lands allotted to them,.
Tho amount of nionoy brought to 1'on-
dolfltotl bv tho now tttno iraril In ffiiiMlitur.
ablo, and iti InlluenccH uro being felt. I
fcvery iaxengcr on tho uuHt-lHiuiid train
must breakfast here, if ho eulHiit all, und
tho amount of lucre deKHlted 011 tho
counters of I'endleton hotelK and reritau
runtH ovory morning by tliotn niukou a
wclcomo ndilllion to tho circulating mo-
mum di 1110 town, I
f.iltlo homllvH about leap year Mug I
nearly over, with much gratultouH udvlco '
to tho young lndieH, uro going tho round j
01 country oxciiangeH. Ilieyuroull pre
Miiinablv very funny, and intended to
make tho Pconlo um!h. Tho K.nr Oin:
(ionu.v iicknonlcdgort its Inability to iro
duciuinythlng of 11 Hide-Splitting uutiiro
ulxnit tho living leap year. It in too Had
11 Mibjeci.
Walla Walla Union : The Union Im re
liably informed that tho in ten on tho 0.
It. a N. Ilmm in Wiinliinuton lerritory
luivo been reduced to llvo centH a mllo.
For HiIh nciiny reduction, thankx, aw fully.
Let tho good work contlnuo und muulfest
itMJlt In tnu Irclglit department, In wlilcli
tno Nulla Walla country im mont lulor
When von uro uelcciim: holidav nren
rntH for your friendx, don't fall to drop
into tno lVnuli'ton urocuery Mom, ana
view tho decant assortment of holiday
goods there displayed. And plcuMi ro
memlier that tbeso goodn must positively
Ih) sold, and can bo purchuKed ulniost for
11 riong.
A document addre.KHl to tho counlv
court Iiiih Imioii Hunt in from Alba, signed
by several cltlteiiH, iinnouurlng that Hen-
iumin Metzknr, a resident of that section,
ih in need of help for tho tmpiiort of his
family. Tho matter will probably bo
acted iiiHin at tho next coshIou of that
houorablo lioily.
Maker City Hovelllo: Mr. Mox Ilaer,
now a wuciYssiul mercliant 01 rcniiictoii.
but formerly of thin city, and a brother
of S. L. Uuer, wum elected Noblo (Irund
of the I. O. O. F. at rendlolon laat week.
Ills friendh hem are clad to know that he
Ih held In Hitch high esteem by tho Odd
Tho cutiso of .Mary birklu. nged 1(1,
running away from lior homo nl Sjiokiiuo
1'ulH was itio brutality 01 tier lamer,
llcr whercalioutH nro now known and
tho story nho tells In truly pitiful.
Sho Ih now In good bunds lielng with
the HlMcr: ut tho hospital.
i'ho Union town election occurred last
Monday. Tho parties elected a.o na fol
lows: Mayor. J. W. Kennedy: council
men, J. S. Klliott, J. M. Carroll; trean
urer, Jv. C. Hraiuunl; rceordor.J. K. Tut
tlo; marshal, M. Herltago; Htreet com
nilsslonor, A. Chancoy.
Tho frequent ruins which havo ho co
piously lavorou tnis nocuon 01 kiio, imvo
been of considerable benefit to tho farm-
er. f.very inuieaiion jioiiiis 10 goou
crojw und prices next ncason. Kactem
Oregon Is entering upon nneruof plenty
und proHjiority.
Ocorco Oliver, ono of hcho'H onterprls-
Ing young men, is In town to-day. Ho
III win iuko piacu
h uigiit which win
bo tho event of the Heason. reo Htnall
not back-
lollar u
He s:llil llmt
inuny of those who nverrcil they were too
loor to HulKcrllw Hpent manv times the
amount In games of whist, solo, billiards,
iKxil, etc., ut various resorts, and still ex
isted, f Io thought It would bo 11 good
plan on tho part of business men to close
their stores ut eight o'clock In tho even
ing, in order that their clerks might lw
allowed u short time for recreation,
which could bo pleusuntly Bpont In tho
reading rooms.
After tho address, which was listened
to with Interest, the following program,
somewhat modified from tho one an
nounced, was rendered: .
Tableau "Tho Washing Day."
Duel (Selected, , Misces Folsoin.
Solo "Tho nug'.e," .Mr. Lathrop.
Tableau "Faith, JVace and (ilory."
ltecltatlon "Kllen," Mr. Faxon.
Kecitatlmi "Tho Uhost," Mr. lloyd.
Solo "Tho ilohcmiun cilrl." Miss Ev
Uimrtctto-" Lullaby." Miss Tarkes.
Miss Hverett, .Messrs. Hoyd and Lathrop.
I'AIIT 11.
Tableau "Hall of Statuary ."
Solo Selected). .Mrw. I). Smith.
Itecitiition "Tho Creeds of the Hells "
Mr, iioyu.
Duett Flute and Hano, Mr. and Mrs.
Ueeltatlon " I'ho Now Church Organ,"
iWlriN (unco Weltli.
Male Quartette (Selected), Messrs.
Itoosovelt I'otwlno, llovd and 1-co.
Chorus "Tho Wild Winds Sweep."
Tubleuii "Tho Sculitur Hoy."
Hvorv (Kirtlon of tho program wus on
tcrtainfm: in tho extreme. Tho tableaux
especially were well gotten up and as well
iwformod. "Tho Washiug Day" Was
ludicrous, und "Faith, Peace nml (ilory"
formeiUa beautiful contrast of color and
attitudinizing. "Faith" was represented
by Miss Vuslilo Morse, who, arrayed In
purost white, stood clinging to 11 cross.
Lying ut her feet was IVaee," in tho
IHirsou ol .Minn Mna C00W, wnoso lace and
nttltudo were certainly n picture of iKirfect
iieacefiilness. At ono side stood Miss
ltertlo llcan. attired In a garb of flaming
nil. mid hnldlni: a trumpet to her Hps.
Tho part of "(Ilory" wua indeed well roii-
rcMMitcd hy .iiiss noun. 1110 otner iuu
lcuux wero ei.ially well produced. Tljo
"Hall oi 'Statuary" composed 11 iroup of
beautiful girls dressed In white, and rest
ing on H)doHtu!s, little F.tllo Worcester
being in front. Some one said that ono
of tho statues winked at u person in the
mulieiico when tho curtain wus lifted a
second time, hut each mid overy ixortlon
of tho hall of statuary would probahly
iiul lmantlv deny tho accusation. Iho
credit of originating the tableaux belongs
in Mtm. V. I-!. (!wH und Flora Morse.
TJ10 reclliitlons wero nil oxceiteni, es-
that the nulll-driver was not in earnest in
his questioning, said that he was married
as stated, that thoevent took place In tho
Cntholle church, and that ho ami his
brido intended to leave for Portland
that evening. Tho innocent reortor
went forth happy In thu consciousness
mat no iiau secured an item, never sus
pecting that it was merely 11 "joko" und
ine notice 01 tno supposed marriage ap
penrod In the KastOiikoonias'h columns,
I'ho all'alr is chiefly to bo rcuretted bo
causo of the Inlilrv to the vnuiiLrladv. but
I it is hoHd tluiH tlils explanation will In a
nieiiHiiro aiono loriuo iiaui.igo none, al
though It cannot wholly heal tho wounds
which such a fearful error would riii'ur-
ully occasion a sensitive nature.
Wlinl Ihr Th In Nicilnl fur mill How II U
Ai'iirotloiU'il Io His Snrr.il t'onnllrs,
Sccmtary of Slnto Mcllrlde was seen at
the department 01 Mate .Monday iy a
Salem Statesman rojiortcr In relation to
tlio recent tax low.
"Tho estimate of tho lioard for ordinary
ciiricnt expenses of tho Slut; government
for tlio yearot 18H!) Is tno sumo as the
amount appropriated for like expenses
for tho war 18hS, and foots up f'.':i'), IIO.'
1)0." snld thu secretary.
"Tho estimates for tho excnses ot tho
next M'sslon ol me igisiuture is ? iir,Ui.)U.
Tlio expenses ot tho last session worn
M(M3.1!0. Kxtruoidlnnry oxiienses for
conveying insane to the asylum, rausnd
liy tlio unusually targe numner 01 er
sons committed (luring tho fast two years
will make a dc llcicncv in tno fund nppnv
printed for that expense. Other estimated
deficiencies are light, the aggregate lielng
7.H7(M'.!l. I think that there will remain
11 surplus lu other appropriations for tho
current utcuniiii term, sumcieni 10 meet
exnendlttircs incurred for tho completion
of tho new wing ut the asylum und of the
caiiitol building."
The following statement shows tho
amount of taxable omncrtv In the several
counties as shown by the abstracts of tho
assessment rolls of the various counties
for tho year IRoH, und tho amount of tax
upiKjrlbiicd among tho several counties,
to be lovled, collected 11110 paid into the
Htuto treasury by such cninties:
- inxnni iirriprnv, rim n im
llakfr . .r Hlo.im
llonlon .TIMlimi
ClHrknrnns wi'i.jii
ciHivip 2uajnn
Coos m
Clllliim... ..
Jnckwiu ....
hinmsin . ..
I.Mne .
. I.ISO.Wi
. 4VflXl
, 8,(111. 2I
. tU.KA
, IrW.W
I.ltin S,4M.tMT
ilidhrlir HMfiM
Murlon .-. 4 4in.iv
iveclallv that of Miss draco Welch, who
carrleif out tho character she represented
to perfection. I ho vocul iwition of the
program wus uiso wen susuiined. .nisu
Kverett was encored ufler her song from
tho oporu, "Hohemliin (ilrl," und re
sponded with "I Dreamt I Dwelt in
.Marble Halls." 1110 solo 01 .irs. niniiu,
which was n illlllcult one to render, was
easily and prettily execulitl. MIssl'arkeH,
In tlio (luarieno 01 "i.uuany, oviueiiteo
the fact thai sho ossesscs u voice of me-
lodlous Hweotnosh ana )ower.
.Su.iinilng up tno eiuiro program, h
nmv im nil led n succe.-s in every luriiuu-
lur" and tho e.iergetle ladles und gentle
men to whom tlie credit 01 1110 enier.a.n
ment is duo uro to lo congratulated.
Amntoiir concerts of this nuturo. esio-
rlally in so worthy u cuiiso, should bo lib
erally encouraged aim jwironweu ny 1110
'I I II m iiKxtk .
,., 'l n iivtl
.. snjus
.. 4 7(),T02
... STS.TIrt
... 0.1,417
... i'6.ViOJI
... 4i4(VMI
iVil M
I3.K1I M
!i KiT -Jl
firisi 11
i.ma o'
4.4(14 73
7.KN. Ml
flt M
.lt3 OJ
5,77 IS
),4'H M
W.lrl .14
,1,lls7 'Jll
ll,X37 IS
r.Vtll M
I0.4M 71
1,112 W
17,111 10
tifiM 14
t,8 S 7J
HJI7I .11
rejwrts that a gnind b:i
in Kcho on Now Year's
. ., ... .. 1 .1. ...
0O IIIO Oveill Ul IIIU ri-iinuu, i-vii niin.i. nun; . ,iw...mj,v.. ...... ., , .
nd, III to day's Hast Oiikoonian for par--good people of I'endleton, us tlieir ten
tlc.ilurs. deney Is essentially elovutlng,'itoclullyr
"Aro you going to vote lor Jimmy ior morniiy unu musically,
treasurer?" is tho nuestion now asked Xr,7,.K
onino Hicein oy 1110 iia. r . ' " iik K Mv
1 11
. t.w.n T ut Vltlfll fHllllUtil. IlinillfllllllllV HW'.1H - --"--rF -. . "i
""";.. "r,.V" r. :i: Wheldon. F. Lvons. FortlamliN lierkioy, entirely .rcomii unit 1110
lier iiusiam . scniicncs iu iic . .. , ... vn . v-. " . ;il Clarke. U W Hahn, San ovorhiiuled and nut In
In XrlCOina, win 111 resun.r. , ...-.., LCaclH',.0. A Hyr,I, E It Hill. Walla ! for tho coining session of tl
of it. ! ! uii . T J EdL-erton. J Strader. Siiolc;ine , The prlccH of ucconiobation
(In, Work on the Washington A Idaho rail- lviu. r nin.,m. f'lilcaio: I. R (!cof. i'n ..Will 10 to $15 ler week
to wait 'upon-road was frS!. '"I S,E!kfrCily; .Mifl KWlrick. .l CltV lyoirt and location. Tho
customorsln tlio inrowiug nuoui iuw -"i ' ,- ' w n ivino. Weston v 11 r.iiiginan, 1110 punnc ib hviiwucu.
.ain block to ' ment. ' he sponsion s oe. e 10 , F jn j t.anI(.n,T H Walsh. C tv.
. ro .in 11 , 1
.i n . ... "...
the mild weather, by plowing,
to IHlttinL' In u lur nerea'.'O
i 'I'nng.
mLt it ....
?provinir, ulthouish Mill nuf-
lD (Yin Vn II In it f-A.n n InV.tA
uroiien nu. s
a 1 .11 lt.na mrtUltlAIi
;t'ji unit n
Ai.Ki.v. 1 fi.k0iirii. .1 .Mc(4riior. li
. .I1LIIIIU1 a --rj--' -
Kast Oregon Herald! Estimates of the iCook, t'ity; J 0 Callaway, Shaiiuiocg:
,t..i i.r.nninr vntn is eenerallv incntlonci i 11 n Morelton. hinnicti. 1 1:1
by exchanges, but given in uone-wo s t Hennelly, l'ortland . A J Albrlng, U alia
oil u tiiiwd IM miles from a telegruph , Walla ; J A I'imnolle, Miison; W M
pole, with only 16 centH In our jxxrket, ( nttns0n, Ogdcn; W U Clurko, rarniing
in the cash dniwer, und-wait. tonjT M Harrett, Denver; W Marsh,
. H. Hodgers, while rtxing un elevu- AJM' U
tor nt tno turniers vuswui .nni. ,"' v",r-' t v wtntnma mid
. ... V:. . in r i..,,.u, ininr m In- nnt.rm.ir It CLE J " lllia.nsann
BlPn ..!.!.. I .I..I- tiaCK, UIIU BIIUHIIK "li" "'l,vv.- v- -- .m,"..v.--v r: rli.nii, II w
tl'e East Oiikoomian ihould 'rom th 1BClt n1, A. , n :J A Kandall. Dalles; Jas Wiiwn.O 1U
'ordewnt this ollieo or mention' Umatilla Kncampment No. V,i' "il P 1 N ; Wn. Cry Pansy I'attorton.. City, W i
I iiimb-1 . 11... 1 1' nw.nla Thnrxdav evening, DCCCIlllK r , ' , .' , Jri.t C...I,.,.. r If-imtll.in. I
! J3, at 7 o'clock. . .ui 'Mim' B: ! Citv: C D HascalL F S
MV. i.4u-ui .. Liwlniuuri siuniiingiiru luinv 1 . . iock ; W Marsn, v.eiiion ; t- rr, , i.M(.,iw,ll. oUier and daugiiier ure
tflrton,lw huw u citben of V?1 in rV Oltawuy, lilt Muu Murray , UQrndo; U,,, dol .ell.
Wjfth'alhahSl estublisheiU Uvcrmoro. 0. P- A(lo,)h S ack, l A 1 ill, C.tyi Chas ,,unt.H1Ir0)l(Uni bo in Walla Walla
'wnmUiero. Ben Hiiys Hat A money-lending establishment, l ' Evans, HllKurd;C b ail and Vi'lMby helastoflhe week. 'Hie papers ot
?P fntiful and ho is making the filthy lucre can l'teid Fn West ; J C McCL.n, eppner, 1 ' neiw tlat u wonU1 reich there
Wy, hold fiiniiluro, anJ I tlio. hVo. has Ixen FnlBk XInR Centervillet H Ueer, tho(1rbtofg e,omi r, but have doubt-
copies of the illustrated ' 'n0tt1 Min 1 ref ' . Kel?;Cha. Hurley, b J DavU CI , , ' lUveresl their mistake.
22wom ,lo on van"? It Money to loan on iiersonal wcunty t Jno Morn B Mf, tIe' Dy nest SumUy. tho Farmlmjton nas
.January Irt. HI lust the rix or twelvo months, or will bi . fcwl J liley. h IHeu, Meacliain. wJU nf ,, ,0 Uo&fai,
jeJEast to friends. Vull of notes. Inquire of Iv. l, Iwyu to. i.romlnont business thirty miles farther. The sleoping cars
the counto- and views of Good meals ut all bouw ot the French Wtsb -n a ?5 year-. will then be dropped off at Walla Wallu.
1 ten cents per copy. restaurant, J. W. SUnfleld, propnetor. man of Hoton, 1 acaa, aBeu to yi
Total . -M Sll 4,42a 31704 M
Tho obovo simply gives tho amount
each co nty will bo required to pay to
the State for ordinary current exeusesof
tlio State government as fixed by tho
board. In addition to thoso amounts
each county Is required by statute to levy
a tax of ono-ilflh of 11 mill for tho inllltlu,
and one-tenth of u mill for tho Slate uni
versity, to bo paid into tho State treasury
with thu nmounts glvou uliovo. Each
conntv Is also required by statute to levy
a flve:mill Hchool tux.
1 . . ' '
Tlio llulnl (it Salrm.
The Chcmukuto Hotel ut Salom bus
latelyco.no under the management of
C. Jl. Monroe und J. It. N. Hell und bus
furnished und thor(ighly changed from
top to liottoin. tho kitchen having I wen
... . . i ., .....
100 oy unu roomn
first clasi order
10 logislaiuro,
will avorago
tccording t,
iatron.RC ot
very near tax
ing u shortcut to tho New Jerusalem, or
. 0 .. ... Al.s ....
tlie outer piare, yesieniuy, u mu i jian
Henger train pulled out from v alia alia.
The train had -itopiH-d ut u switch, and
the man got down on the ground and
started from tho front end of tho haggaco
car to the jasscngcr coach. Ueforo no
could make it tho train had pulled out,
and as ha caught hold ol tho railing he
wus Hung many fee; ilown the ombsnk
ment. IWnj; oronk, he escaped with but
a few scratches.
f. H. Johnson states tliat ho rame into
the Jfioscssloii of a lieuiitlful flower
this inornlng. It i only a U.d as vet,
.... ...Ill a ,.. Inn,. I.liinin into a full-
nwner, riliA I rAWn fi,!r. nail its n.-imo will isi
Harness, Saddles, Bridles. Halters,
Keeps always oil hand the Best Stock of Har
ness and Saddles at prices lower than any
place this side of Portland. Call
and examine my stock.
James Wheelan
Court St.
Completely Knocked Out I
After much solicitation and demand for our
KuGbler'r Oregon Cough Cure,
Wo have dete.mlncd to again put it on the market In attrucflvo stylo and mcdicl
nully Improved, For Coughs, Colds mid Sore Throat Troubles
H't (iiiiriiiiK'i' It 10 ulvt; NutMHi'llon 111 Itcftiml till' one).
Heing made on scientific principles for ('ouffh-tnnl (.'olils, so prevalont In this
climate, wn solicit 11 trial of this Standard Itemedy.
Ilemeinber It costs you nothing to try It! 11 guuriinleo goes with exery Ixillle. Sold
only by
Lni)JiZ3i)B & K O 111
Despain Block - - Poudleton.
pardware, Iron, 5tee'?
Solo AgontM for Oregon und Washington for
. .ttRE'SNE v 3f Al.PL0v. . .
Hliiulr. IKjiitilc.or Tilpplj 1'iirrwW. riicy , iiiiptiiiiiiii coiiimo neurnlidolulo iwrfw
Hon, iliiillliow wlio liavo ii-cd ilirio or s. 111 llii-m work mill not ny tiiinuuli tu
tlieir pralMi. Wofiiriiluli lli.'i 1 villi or ndhoiilmii iillatiiiiiit.
r'cut iillui'liiiniilK ttr-x Urn.
x)j3eor,22 jpQ-wnaia lit-t L-arXjicx plows.
llnrkcys IIihi Pre drain Drill. Ilurki.vnrld'ilrri'. Ituckfyn Hprlnir T'.l ti Harrow, Hiipurlai
(Irulu Drill., HiiirlorH(((ti'r,
Tim Utr.t Irnprovoit Implement for mwlnir iimmr fallow. Tlio moot miiiiplnU, aud
ui-ri-riil t'Hit lor lliln purxi In ur.
Wo Uo Iiavs full Una ol IIUKulei, CrrlKes, l'linotoni, MouuUIn Wattona.
IMstlorin unit other Bprlna Voliiolo.
lwrriun A niapln'n HprlnK'Tontti Ilnrrowi, Dirro Harrown, Boloutlrle 1'wjO Mills,
u I'urlllc rmuiliiK Mill, 1
11.V.IHI1 JI.V111I WIHK, U'I'O., IJ'l'O.
With the TariffTaken off, at tho
Pendleton Nursery!
A full iiBsortmont of Apple, Plum, Pencil, Apricot, Nectur
ine, Pear, Cherry and Prune Trcem All kindri dI Kmall Iruitfl
and Shrubbery. A fine lot of EvergrecnH, and
75,000 Timber Culture Trees.
1 offer the above at loweHt rates. Call at my liuekiiig hoiirfo,
corner Garden and Bluf) Btreete, one block south of depot, or
Pendleton .... Oregon,