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    WKDNKSDA Y. OCTOnKIl 17. 1888.
t'.Htt Orngolihin I'mIiIIkIiIiik Coinpitnr,
I'KNM.KTON. ' imi'.HON,
F.ltlor, deufncKt
nn ultorncy for the railroad and against 1 C. W. Scott, 271 Fifth street, I'ortland,
,tho employes nnd worklngmcn. Ah a rneumaiism curon.
. man he ln'tH alwajfi been an oxgIubIvo hU S0"
overlu-ariinj ariHtocrat, who considered u eiut
jvjur mutt little above a brtttu.
I Whether he paid the particular tiling 1
charueil HL'alnut lilin or not Is of Ptnall
i coiif(Miieiice. Wo know Irom iiih whom
j linn of conduct wtiat his Kvnipathtcs, his
jusplralloiiK, his HcntimchtH are. Work
j initmen will not vote for such u man. ,
Onu I'onv nor venr. IiV mull
Ono ropy nix months by until..
Una copy per week, by currier...
Hlnulu numbeM.
(ltltn .Vlrrrhiwrnt:)
Ono Inch, or It-s In Keinl-Wtckly per
monil '
Ono Inrli.oi lt cN, In lullyncr month....... I M
Two IiioIiik. or In iNith, tier month... 8 Ml
Overtlir.oliii'hcH,8i'iiil-Wcekly, perlneh
p(T llMllllll.... 1
Over three Incliut, Hully, per Inch per
ninntl I V
Over tim e Inche. Ill Uilli, per Inch 'r
llllllllll 1
One copy per yenr... ,
One ropy lx innnttiK...... ,
Hlnula number ,
1 2-1
I'remllim pnper free loyenrlyitiiosc'IbcrM.
Hnlld iiniipuri'll ndvcrtlituncnt In Hcnil.
We-It I y or Dully. II rut limertlnn, per I noli,
11.10; ench nub(n,ucrit liifcirllon,fii)r.
lintlrt'H, Ion icnl per line euch In
"Os'i: of tho Mtirtirlfes of tho cumnalim
Ii tho w:iv In which thu fartnorM am
Htandlni; Hfde by side with tho working
men In defeiihttof tho lariir."
The ifbovo occurs in u long New York
dispatch to the riiiUdulphta I'ress, re
)iilbllHhed In tho OicKonrau.
It iniict Im u "surprise," If true, that
either farmors or worklugmon nro.Htaml
lug "In defense of tho tarluV Wo don't
believe It. Wo don't bollovc they are
. ...1. ...... .
iooih, i no rcniui win piiow. I where unv
I)rs. Darrin can bo consulted free at
the Ktlno Ilotipc, corner Fourth ami
.Mn'ti. Walla Walla, W.T., and will iiu
dor no circumstances take a cwo that
thev are positive that they cannot cuie or
benellt. Charges aro reasonable, and tho
poor trcateil free from H to 10 a. in., lues
davs and SaturdayH.
, Ollleo hours from 10 to 4 dally : uve
I nlng, 7 to S j Sundays, 10 to 12. All cur
j able chronic llceaes Iohm of manhood,
blood taints, syphilis, gleet, gonorrhtra,
1 stricture, spcrniatorrhrr-a, nominal weak
, no h or loss of desire or sexual power in
i man or woman, catarrh and deafness ate
, confidentially and successfully treated.
Most cases can recelvo home tieatnient
nfler a visit to tho doctors' olllce. In-
answered and circulars sent free.
National Eclectic Dispensary
MieccMniltj itml ScleiUlllcully
Alt klml a"'1 slae of chronic iIImkm-n
Kyc. Bar ami Throat Dlxonn-. qi'OiilBill-
piTw's of women and chlldroii. H dnd
.Vkln tlji"n'. Dlwoimc o. the Mdticy.I.Iver,
'ilcnrt, Madder and urlmry owniiK. Srronu
lii.ltlieiinmtUin. Nitvouh iiiiiI Mlilmtl ill"-,.n-v
impoli-iiry, I'rtHlatorrr imi. I'rtMniUmo
nlilnii'. WlVrtt.ilUo-tHi-Koriill klmUof 'lin
r ocx rmllcnlly ctirvd tma cum uuuniiil wl.
lt.,,rrli.I.M'(or pllri.) curr.t l.y m r I mv.
nrliilii'il unit pulnlfis niftliCKl ttltliont nn
detention fmin IjuhIiu'hs; cun snamntrtMl.
( Mtitrrlt tirilio IihiiiI unit rtlr-iftnise, Itiolu
iIIiik Hiiy 1'ovn- iiml Asthma fii'i'd by our
iirw- tnetlHxi on tho Imtot of lu jiurm )rlRlu.
t'lidor-cil by thu Kr.'iilrt nodlciil l'Klitiof
tlo world, isocline tnUrii unUs tlH im-iI cur-
"rii'i! dorlom iiro rouulnr KM'limtrH of two
I'jiMcrn Collwi, ami Imv had over ten
ynir- cxpcrlcno; In tin' Kwlllitt hixplln's of
fhuHoutli, itiul In the trntmi'iit of prlvato
tt Hi ws unswi reii aim circulars sent cu. Sfi.-d,;, niiilnr.. th. r.fort. woli
(riiol)is. Darrin also have a branin UHnieii mid rt iponlb:f . Uoiiultatlon frro
o(lliv at 2:ii Fifth street. I'ortland, Or., !iuidcmitldenlil.
i.. ..ttir ill t in uoor net t'U irce jionuiij hhu .
Tlifirn U no pliin of prolrrtlmi that
will hrnr rxnnilinitloii, I'.wry piirtofthn (MClir.
nyniriii li trnn hi Hit1 iirnutru.nt mr inn
proti'i llon nf uol. 'I lit. ) ti tii throtiich
nut It it Kliort.nlKhted Kititif of cnird.
rrpt for thtt Krutl tiiniiopollit, tvlioin II
rrriiii M imil (.upporu." -OrrKonlHii. liui
10, iHM.
Of Dm Htipnriiirlly i.r Kli'i trlrll y In tht
Corn or lllri.f by Dm. Il.irrln U ho
Can Doubt Whrn t Many or Our Cltl
(viiit Trutlfj?
Ho much has liecn said in praiNj of
I)r.' Darrin und their new method of cin e
by electro-magnetlo tieatnient, that it
seems useless to add further proof. Still,
we had occasion to meet tho most of tho
following named people, and from their
own llis llnd their cures to ho genuine1,
tand that no exaggeration of their cases
t ;eart Htreet
Notloo In hoieuy ulvm that J. M. VrxxHl,
John Cahooii, uud.W. M. IIoaeIc. freehold
cm of tin town of IVmllcton, huvltu tho
nualincatlnmi pro-crlbfil by scilon V, Artlcln
VI, of Ih-nlmrlerof the town of rendition,
hnvo bcon nppolnli-il by thu Common Conn
ell of mild town, vliiwiim. to vl-w the pni
poied wldtnl.iK of Court Hired, between
AlHlti Hlraiitou thM went nnd Vln.'tnt ntrett
mi I Im t'HKt nutl .tnldnticGtat no widened, hihI
mitkr no uxKextnienl nf I tin ilunmxua ni
tnlntU unit himi'lllK nrcrulnic by ri-smn of
micli wlileiilm; of Court utreot in piovldeil oy
Hertlon II. of xulil Aillrlo VI, of Ih charier of
x ild inn n. Tliitt llif Common rouncll tins
n-Klftiieil ilm council room, on Ih t:ornr of
Mam nnd AHh tivolH, iih the pincc, nml
Moud ay, the jath tiny nf Oclober.A. I. Iis, lit
o'"l"n!t In l lie iillorivion.im ino nine, mr
'No linpimlllon la Inn Krnut to i iltib Mil.
pld people, anil lirieln llet the Kreiit
utri'HKlli of our i;lcirlini proli rllte
lelil.' I'rotectlou i It leKHll'eil fiirni of
robbery, ithlch miike the tiiriiinr foot III"
blllx of the iniiiiiiriii-tnrci-," llrrKiinUn,
Kelt. In, IHH't,
Till'. WOOI-St'lM ItlMI I'llliriHITION.
Ono NWMibgroMcr said it day or two ago
that he would give ."()() louaril tho estab
lishment hem of the wool pulling muf
scouiii g mill spoken of In this papi'r a
few days ago. If oven a few of tho other
prominent uool-giowurH of Ibis region
will do as well, tho iii,icssary"em,ourago
incut" can soon bo raWcil.
It certainly would 1st a great advantage
to I bo wiKjbgiowerM of tills region to have
such an industry started here. They
would save mi tho one Item of freight
about a cent and a half a pound on ship
ments to Huston. That Is, tho man who
has 60,0.(0 pounds would avo $7n0 annu
ally; ono with IlKI.OOO umls would
save 1,MM, and all In llko proportion.
Itesldu, such an Institution would
bring all the wool of this region here.
This would bo where all KaMrru huyeiH
would come. This would be the local
market of all wool naturally or sss,lhly
tributary to this siint. Tho "lAing
Creek trade" would c.omo hoiu without
any further etrort. .
Wo don't know the gentleman who
makes the proiosltlou. Hut he is willing
to come hetn and satisfy tho people as to
what ho can and will do If they will give
him any reasonable assurance of thu in
quired "encouragement."
Theio ought to Ui no hesitancy about
nevoid inn such an oiler. There might to
Iki no doubt or delay about it. Tho wool
urowors of this vicinity cannot allord to
neglect such an uportuiilly. If wo do
not grasp It at once, The Dalles, or Ar
lington, or UiOramle, will. If tho wool
growers and townspeople will hIiow a lit
tle spirit of liberality and enterprise In
this matter, tho wool center of several
I'astern Oiegoii counties can bo hero at
lVmlloton, Wo doubt not thete is favor
able d!sHihltion enough; but there must
also Im concerted action. One man should
not wait for another,
Tho l?sr ()iii:nosi.N has shown the
way; others can pmlit by immediate and
resolute action.
nit. ii.vmiiMiv and lanoit.
Tnr. I'nlon Signal, thu lndiauaiolls la
lxr organ, continues to attack, with great
peil-doiicy anil bitterness, Mr. Harrison
and his course In tho paxt with reference
to tho hitcretti of laboring men.
The Ksi' OitMin.MAN has been careful
not to publtnh, on its own account, any of
the current charge against Mr. Uuriisou.
If It has copied any, it has given credit
theiefor, and allowed readers to Judge
of the credibility of thu tcMhnouy.
Wo do not Isjlieve, for example, that
Mr, llarilsou even said In so many words,
that "a dollar a day Is enough tor any
wuiklngmau." It Is not llkOly that a
public man of Intelligence and ambition
would make exactly that lemark
MMfll VI U'etM t.l lll.,tl fl.fMILlll tllirtllril,1.
...... ....... .......
Tut liiniilrl(n itni! termini or tin- propoM'ii
In the main Drs. Darrin use electricity
and animal magnetism, applied or im
patted by thnir own bands to thu dis
eased by rubbing or manipulations. They
do not, 'liottusor, icly wholly upon this,
as they use medicine in special cases, i""
Some people who have not tcccivcu treat
ment pronounce them great humbugii. I xireit to b.i i.iidout,wiii-ii'ii,iiuileiitbirii'.eii,
while hundreds of others speak of tla-m ',.,, 1U,,.orrcll.mof u,
in terms of the highest praise. Wind unhnt Mum Mrr-i, with inn no-tn lihe of
phvslclans aru there of unv nolo or prac-1 omit mn-H.ln Mtbt town.Hini iiiiiniiiKlhriii'u
lice, against whom there will ho no such ""a.V.wM.Mi1 Jinty Al V?i iT.rM'SS'Vt
denunciations? Drs. Darrin do not pic- tfftftE
tend, not can they cure everything and i line of court irui, -ml in mi rMMtrly air
overylnxly that comes ; but w o know that Ji" V:'!"'1.1 1 'JKof ll.!n.e!"'iiiV.!!?0Wili,ViLiii
muliltmle have been greatly UwlIlliM iJftSWVtfM
ne urn ni.ini'iilh' I'liii'il liv I lii'ir treatment. ' In it imriliHrlv 1 1 1 ion i iirnlv IK) feel to the
I In. f,u. iiml ifiole iiMIivm urn etnwdi'd tint ! north line of Couit trcet, thence, (it rlshl
i rr.lil 1 III 1 1 1L m
OKKICKHOUIIK-Bn. in.toSp. ui.i even
Inir. 7 to S. Holiday, B to 11 n. m., 1 t p.
N. II. .Moxt raw can reeclte lioiio trfat
menl af tr onu visit to the Uoclori olllce.
I'cudlutun, Oregon.
Dealers In
Hardware and. Tinware
PLUMBING Promptly Dono.
A xIiiiik of the puhllu pnlronuito It solicited
irst National Bank
IjKVV A NKKNY. I'reMtWil. ,, ,
JACOIt I'ltAklt. Vice rrexl.lmit.
HAM I'.SI'IMldt.S.l'iishlcr.
('. IV WADK, AsulMiiut Caslilrr.
Transact a Generajjanklng Business
Exchange on All Parts of the World
Bought and Sold.
Collection", fninle nt all potals nn roasoieiblo
Hiestand, Warner & Co.
Echo, Oregon.
Gen. Merchandise
Roller Mills
Established In Portland in 1877.
,.f il,..i ...I I l.'it f,.. am en, in ii wc.iinriy. i reui. on uiouk , ine
"'. "'I ; norin line in conn tiiieet in inn innco oi no
. i
urcatcr n.irt
tro away iiissaiisned, is pretty gnou
dunce of their success. Wu would not
knowingly pull' up a fraud, either as a
physician or otherwise, but facts seen
with Vour own eves cannot bo con tro
verleil. A l.imlhooine Cntiirrh Cnrml.
Dr. Darrin, Dear Sir .Inly 3 I came to
you for treatment for a dlsagice.tblo case
iifcahtirh of seven years standing. My
head and thioat was thoroughlytliscuHcil,
and it had deranged my stomach ami
biouchlal tuUiS to that degree that I
was partially Incapacitated to do my
work. .Many things in thu way of patent
medicines I had tried to no avail. You
cuicd me in two months with home
treatment, and I do not begrudgo tho
IliU I paid you. Itofer pcnplo to me, at
Kalcm, Uicgon. 12. Asiiciison.
:ril I'rinii .Mr. 1 1 1 .
Mr. Kdllor. Sir For tvo yearn prior to
calling on Dr. Darrin I had Isicn seriously
allllcted with liver and kldnuy complaint
dU.luess and alns all over my system.
I wnsalmoel w holly unable to alto (I to my
woik as farmer, and was dragging out a
miserable existence, until coming under
Dr, Damn's electro-magnetic treatment.
Now I am able to work and I feel like a
new man. I reside eight tulles west of
I'ultou, (lr,, and that is my postolllco;
can 1st leferred to. (!. IIik.sk.
CoiiIiI Not lllt fniiii lll Chair.
Dr. D.triln, Sir I am ono of the lucky
ones cured hv you of a pain In my b.u U
of four years' standing. At times I could
not move or raise from my chair. Can
Isi seen at s'eatco, W. T. A. Jackson.
Mure Cure by l)r. Durrin.
Mrs. M. ltolie, H.'l Water stecet, I'ort
land Pimples and blotches on the fa o
for years, pains In the back and womb
troubles cmed.
Mm. W. II. Au-lln, Thu Dalles, On
gon foullucil to her room ulno months
with an eye alliicliou, called "nervous
abhorrence nf light,'1 accompanied with
iullaminallou, cured.
Ituv. M. M. ltaslmr, llrooks, Oregon
Nasal and throat catarrh, cured.
W. t Ogle. Seat co, W. T. I.Ivor and
kidney complaint und dvsicisla. iiIhi
deafness ami wholu system i tin down,!
Win. Alluow, Drewsey", (irunt count v, '
dr. I'atarihal deafness and ringing In
ino ears tor .ti years. (Hiriecny cuieii.
ulnnlnu: nnd nf thu private properly to be
nppioprhtic.it fur mi il pnri !)', tho lHiuiila
rle4 and il mtIiiIIiiih itru in followm A strip of
Inn I twenty (vu bet In wldih, exlrnillnu'
'loin: he wlmln of i ollcg-i blocll or bloek
tfi'ixe, (l.'i Idoi'k II. IiIik'UiI frnclloimt bloow
r, nml i.ii'irl lloaku block, In Mild Ioaii.iiiiiI
nieiiinr mi rmiii ill" -oiini iinuoi u iii iMini
imtliiiH.ini" Inix ben hcretoforn e-tnbll-beil.
Inlil mil inn opi'iicil, imil iiiiioiiuiiik to win .
tlliu .unity: to K.pliio livers, William
1 toenehi mi i 1'iiinU itlehmniid; to N. K. '
Npalli, I'loreiii'.' I, I iipalll, Alb'rl M. De
nam. ItiTiili'i DoomIo. K. (leralilliiit Do
Njiiiln. I.oiiIh II IKxpalu, Klemi'r Despiiln,
I'.niKtiitie.. A De-piln, h ml lt l.tvennore;
ioH. r. 4tiri(lii, C. II. W.hIc. .oclli HiiUHcr,
II. W. Wheeler, and l-eo Wlnelvr, and to
uniatiiin eonniy.
This nolleo In inibllHli'd by onli'r of the
Common Council, nmile und entered October
l tt, im w. t., i;itr;wN,
ocl7 Itecordnr.
The Pendleton Holler Mills,
(Capacity Sou bun oh p-nbir )
W S. BYERS & CO, Proprietors,
Pendleton, Oregon,
Msniifactnrert of Uralinm, granuliiUvl anil
Blf-rUln Klntir. ,
HlBheKt 'n-h ITiee l'nld for All
HlndM of Jrnln.
Klonr, niiial .tilinn, fiwtd etc, nlwiiyn or, liniid.
The French Restaurant
I'Wtl (lerber, Proprietor.
Miiln Hlit et OpKMlle Courl lioioie.
Klrt-cln- In all nf It appolntine'im. The
IhIiIch nresupplleil Willi Iho l.roltne
nmrkt I nttordii.
Open Day and Night,
White labor In IkiIIi tho Ulnlnii rtann
mil kitchen.
Headstones, Monuments
Marble and Stone
Ul'Hei p'lld In Oregon
I.(ii's ji ild lii Witihlii't'i i
IV r
.... lt,SII .
drain, wool, etc., eovend from lime of de
livery loroimtrt wioelmtt-Korrillrind tuilll
Hold in I'lirtland orHim Kranctfro, liKli ilInu
rlklutra ml fmiii curs to le-mer, while
on w hnive. i tc.
, iii-;uiu:iit I'liiAiKit. .tiiimiKer,
t WHtfirk Mb. l'ortlimd.
r'nr dealcini and prices commit Jt- I'ull
Im;, Main -Ireet, I'endlclon, Kallmntei
UVmIov (intviM. fiiniiorlv iirimrietor nf
id.. (!loin..l:.itii hot..l Sal.i.ii ),,.., I islvtii on mone work for
now residing at tlcrvals. Or. cured of' - .......
soiatlo rheumatism and the opium habit. tJTQDdLjOL EHT3DC"C.
t". Mel4iughlhi, corner nf Mneleenlh 1
ami Jetrcrxon slivets, I'ortlandt'a- lkadinci
tarrhal deafnchS, could scaiwly hear a TVrTPRfTFT ATAJT?
a sound or Iho car bells und was In eon-1
slant fear of Udug run over by wagons,
fllr..l un b.l lilti ln.tir or.llliiirl ,Mtii'..iw.i. :
Hon. 'vi; srocji of aoons
ltubt. Manly. Ktna. W. T. W eak eves , Jt revived.
(tired. : Satisfaction Cuamntood 1 1
Mis. S. A. WisHlen's girl, 01 llfllr
111 HVirv liAiIlrtiil r
street, rortlaml Nervous debility ami .. .
malaria fever anil discharging ear, re-'
stnicti. i
I'eiiillrlnn, Oregon, Mn'n HU.nrur Webb.
I..h.k)1,1 DieUson, Twenty-second and WATfiUMAKKR & . "IWPI.PR
Isialcr In Nw nnd Hcroinl-hnml
Household Goods
And mnniifiicturer of
Tinware, Copperwaro and Sheet-Iron
of Every Description.
Tin Roofing a Special ty
Ulvmm n Irlnl,
James Crawford,
.Mnnnfnrtiiror of and .Dvnler In
Harness, Saddles, Bridles.
Whips, Etc.,
Tonts and Wagon Shoots I
for Salo
a r HurmqcK prices.
i sbl KllnwH llulldlns, Mnln utrett. Jn2l
Farm Lands in Eastern Oregon
mm-ii on
Patented Lands,
Oil ON
Final Proof Certificates.-
We are, alto, prepared lo net ns iikviiU In
tlio hiiIc nnd pmvlmni' of nnl extttte, nml will
rent htu!illm:i, rolled runtxninl tritmnrtiiny
other lill'lni'- entruiteil m im, iin lloul
IMule Aitenli.
E. D. Boyd & Co.,
Knkt OreKunlau Olllce, 1'endMnn, Orexon.
Estabiishod 1857."
J. C. OA RSOlSr,
Mimnfiietiirer of und Deuh.r In
Simli, !toi. IIIiikU, Wliuloii A
Pliiln Ila- in.it tfiouuritl
ItlllltlitiC Sunptlc'i.
Ktlninle- mid l'rb-e !.Xm on npiillciillon.
Country onlern n knolnlly,
Kitetor.v mid Siilenroom, Wtbller's Mill,
JySfl tUw Ilm
.1 u...-.r"n,. nr..
w fninon. h
ii "'MPKn.et.Tr
I'uiuiiiio, I'thdUi." ""Mlfc
ooiturnndi, nitie'M
DAT KlNicimrr--.
court Hn. ;::'y,. vtiu:
ur CK. I'll 18 TL.
4ij'itiin linn m. inu.
. . ""bra i u..
ersof iiml wlialtiuij;'"!"?.
I '".MI.MAN.JL'STir..
r...i. ...... . vff.i
eelveil. nn, I if... '"
rnttB. r,wlt ae
ion i'ifiNTivn"Tr.; rr-
will nmn. Ihrv
- nuMinr i nhifti. .
."More limn two fcunit
noeilllllTHIM-rllil tr,r,.'?Va
If run hiYin nhiTTr..
. .. . rani
....... .nn. uj I'Mirna n hh'l
nvkfil Ilm. '""'
Notion lit hnhvfifnik...i '
ziiiwcii ic i n. i iinIiwj ...i. .
iniiinuiii. ii, r. unnuw irt
June Howell rohMntitn-lh ?
I II I ! JAtiowfin
nilin.lilin IIH nil tlnt II n
in ilm Tirm .f. i, .
rmunniii mi incru (Q (((
iiiurriir lurcuncvurin.
ii r ii ah
IH'iOf.t'Tt'tN NOTirB.
..TIih film of Sliull ,V Ikiwtti
! ilbovni h inn ialimrnl,i
i in i hi;, too uimni'nui nrtti
I !), NWII) MlllllilIcOtKliedl.
I ocfi . A.l'.lll'll
i iiiii'iiui wi innrnrr
Watson & Luhrs,
I'roirletora of the
StoHm-plamng Mill, Sash uud
Sank; and Im Engineers, i
Munlral Mer-ehnmlU
A utit't'tH. KuMt rortlaml St'rofuloiw
limn on tun neck ami lioatl, t'titotl. i
i J. . .umualt. AIIkiiiv. ()rtL'on I
Yot It la not no vtry malorlal whether lUioumatlHiu.Htiinal complaint, chills ami I
ho wiltl ut that or not; tho mioMion lualana. rj'MorwI.
rather la whothor. an a puhlU, man, as an ti;;.i;;i,;i;1,'"lu'0k' - or aw. kin.
uttomov, as a dlion, ho xymiwthli'il Mrtf. .s, 1'. liViH, Corvalli. Ort'con. , wiuin
with ami asHlHteil labor or oanltal. l.twk- rojoKva In u ivrmanent euro o( iiaralyiiiH, ktimk-.
Iiik at hla rvoonl In thin Konoral way thorn lVar,a' mvr aiul ,V,,n,lch ,ro"l"0'
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J, 8, Kyckmau, Kuappa, Or,, fkin ills
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Money to Loan
At Low Rates, on Short tr Long Time
Real Estate, Insurance and Collection
J. W. Swezea,
Koho, Or-on. JFeraMrly of WJI WaJU
Steam and Hot Water
Heating Apparatus,
Hpeetncntlonii unit tmliniitej fiirnUliecl for
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Portland. Oregon, ma
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HepalHny a Specialty.
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Tho Truck Man
The Transfer Man,
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employod and work
Klmt-i-lum workmen
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hivatf I'endloton.Orrimn,
H. F.Johnson &CoM
Prescription Dmggists.
Requisites of tae Toilet,
Stationery & SchoofSupplieH
Fine Imported and Key West Cigars.
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75 Flint HUeel
Four lota and ix hoiwo on tho flat, near
tho O. It, A X. de)ot. central! v located,
koo1 water, good fence, for tlOOO.
Eaay tcrtuH. v
Four lots, ono quarter of a block, near
tha SUtera' School, for 250 caah.
Insurance Agents,
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