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    .,.v nrrroi; u n. ibM.
t,.,nf tlio KAtT OUWIO.VIAN lllW "J
offlc'"' ' . tll0 AiiniElon of
, A lclcmiiiws received ut Colfax by j
T. II, MdntOHII, liaPSCIlI'Or p.uwlilntiir nti !
Hip Furilllngtoil brunch, stilting that a! An ArRtimrnl In Hni,r of HrlnKlmtllT
collision occuned botwecn two freights! italiromt Down yrnr tha i.evce.
yesterday on the Northern Pacific, in I Pkniilkton, Or., Oct. 10.
which his eons n and two oilier railroad-1 t. Dim K.lliorof the Kiut Orpconinn.
era lost their lives. Tlio extent of tho In talking with a number of proiwrty
wreck could not bo learned, nor tho owners, and after a careful consideration
Mnics,, H10 ",reo unfortunate- railroad , of tins matter of a sultablo right of wav
)" luiium-ti in mo rami looisiens mr mini H raiiroail, 1 won hi ol er thn Ini-
somur.y of their eomnanions. ) lowinir siiL'L'UBtlons. im! llll'tlltr Hull will
i ii.illoflt. Hu will tm i "ouicr o.isouau Horn. The cyclones ft1"-'1 "I'prevai 01 a majority i
HIHUl'l . ...... .1 I .1.. .. I. . .. . . 1. . . ffl.A ...... , . .f J .
. i fir I'liiiiiirimi. nun mill fuuiM ill rnnii nrmi f run iiiMifv,. riiu iiiriiniiir uniiirrM. ill vinu fir run
1 il'V ri!!1' ,i .-- ..... w. . viinijiuiii .y. ...v iii.i.hi - 4f . . i7 .....
"? ... i ir..,tnii L'l'licni Ml', to nillkll f.liluu U'ttl c I.... f... tin .. (trnnr ilillli'i.r nf nlTlilniilu tn !
l.n ... ...... .nrtflfo I r, 111. "Mill, I 11 b III) 11V um nm.VIIWl IIJlPUnrM. muiuun Pllivm. UIMI ll 11 HUriCd KIlIl"
rcmlir in ' ' Tliero NfiCIim In fin u rniMiliir lmui.li.ill In. Ulllird IllZllillSt illillrV to tinilicitv I U'lintil
1 fant Industry In I'oiullpton. nml niinii ' recommend lluit Air. Hunt bo ulvnn u
Ileitis will no doubt bo iiiiitiiifnHtirn.1 'Wit of way along tho ilisideof tho loveo.
hi:i:vjtii:9. into crack plavcrg in time, which In 'J'I'.h procrty Ih owned by comparatively
i much bettor than Ixiiiiir Prnnlili.nl. llm I few people, nono of whom are usine: tho
tW. Photographers. , I common Inducement held out to vounif Kroiind, and in most cases u rluht of wav
u'l.lthikiT. dentist. I Americans, i would undoubtedly be given free, and
,i ini. a d in nit room girl ut . ao,v unit titen com
.....;..f i cheek and iiinrresslv
of baled hay foruiiout tno " ' . . """".'J yporiH uiong
kw u court iiouho. " : , , .-u,m, ,M,
Of thr Supprlorlty of Elrrlrlclty In Hio
Curn of lllri fi by Dru. llnrrln Who i
Ciin Dnulit AVIirn to Manr nt Our OKI
hphh Tutlfy? '
So much linn i-een wild in pratso of
Drn. Dai rin and their new method of euro
by electro-mai!iicti(! tieatment. that it
pectus tu-clcHM to add further proof. Still, !
wo had occaKion to meet tho nioHt of tho
following iiumeil people, and from their J Ye GrOCerV-'bUVlnR, "DUbllC, aTG YOU awai'G til at
bo gonuino, -
i would undoubtedly be given free, and
linluillt Ih limrln nf ilin ' ,nJura n0 ,)n0' 11 WUC'hcS "'0 Hullo.V
i FiiMH ol !nS fin ? ' I'roporty, corner of Cottonwood and Wa-
z:z :zi; taw.. i um,,ny,un . ,,,w,s
7 .. . ' . M i" oou. uno citizon mi ki tnat it
,nM. in mill. nu 1'jrui
,,c of genuluo negro minHtrois
. i . . . . . . ill lilBltrtM tl
iiitcrcriting but Hccrot nowB In
i ua n.:iil(rH It rained lant
n mv that thero uro now 110
iccp'ln tho county, Bhowlng
Hi ii well advanced in Huh in
dl no agriculture
in lias returned from his trip
Fend country on a Hiifop-iiora-
T ...... ...i IlnMiit.) 1 1 n l
I I utlll rnirtn tta tit In if
liui "
if f nntt un fntirfiillt
llUUPUUt "-f ivwumii;
the accident at l-ofiter, unil
r a lime In 'i uangerous conai-
. . ..lii.i 1 1 1- rni'iii'iirlnt'. wliti'li
. ... .ii- i ri.....i
i in nm r u ru iu ii iuiiiii.
vJon K aboard laHt night's
t .... ....hi., i..- '.....
nliich iHtaci'ful and pretty
..i.... 1.. utuiiifl tlm U'inlnr.
......!... i.l I. I ifii.tl1f.lf in
mi iiiiimn ill . .ii. .u.w.i.
Hon nay all iKirxonH indelitcd
take notice- una nomu oy mo
muiit i. iih on tliul iluto no
party men-
I Hi' re. a i enuimuii wiiiuii-
Tilted Centervillo recently,
ii ii. ..i i... i
" I 1 1 ..
(1 l1MlMt' in lllKIUI I i'iiik it
..I I !......,.. .....I 1... .,
Million Mill not rent ii.inpy
.....I f... .. ...... ,,l,mlr (Ifv,..
." l
ini ut ii in i,uiiiii.ii.
ov. lio for Homo liltlo liuio
riting uroiind over tlio
I 1 !....
Irrlulit train, petting tho
.l ..I... . ... - I
. n' uuvi ui nHi. iin mrti
HIi.lillJ illilll I.I.V
I.. ...Ii.... lt.,1. I...1.. ...
steady employment with
lirixxl chuueo for tiromo-
rinlrcd. AddrcHS. Htatinir
Kcrby and ICeenan luivo
the Slur ItoHtatirant on Main
iiill contiuuo to ncrvi tho
r KKfinnn imu f'ritirfri. fir r nil
uji iii inu niur-i iiipruveu
look him a good half-hour to travcreo tho
distnnco between Court nnd Alta ntrcetd,
iih lie had to fight ovorv inch of tho
ground through u gang of UIiIh.
K. It. I'arkcH left HiIh morning with un
outllt of carpentorn for thi end of Iho
lino on tho "Pendleton branch" of
Hunt's railroad, for tho purpono of build
ing a wheat platform for Pendleton par
ticn. Tho many platforms built nnd
building along its lino is a HUlllclent evi
dence of tlio ureal amount of wheut haul
ing dono by tlio 0. & W. T. It. K.
Tlio cylinder of tho pump-henna en
gine, which uh claimed by tlio engineers,
lias been cut up and worn out by pump
ing piuddv wator, will soon bo tatcon to
tlio machlno nhons to bo lxired out and
otliorwlso repaired. A now brick furnace
for tho boiler will also bo coiiHtructed.tbo
old ono Iwlng somewhat dilapidated.
T, II. llond had his examination yes
terday before Commissionor Tuntin, and
was bound over In tho sum of filOO to
appear beforo this grand jury, Mr. Tustin
liavlng received iiiHtructloiiH from District
Attornoy MoArthur Htutlng tliatthoovi
detico nriHluccd was sulllcieut to hold
ft 1 " At . . t.
.iVua-ountH in tho hands of uu I u w ,0,
rif UM'I UU J II 1M 111 llUnUMllCiy 1 "vhihihioiiu vntvi -imvn "iiivu mu
iHiuritMi io nil "ioim-icu wnniH" cioiri ui
IM. ll..lt..1 . I l. I.
...!.. It. Ifj-ttti It. in luiAii J" ' UU M Ulilllii lIlliUHi 1'illllHIU
UTBIKVMUI.HIIU I ... . jiil1uii Wij xfltiKifc .ilt..l . il in.u
down to tlio editor's pusto pot and
scissor, was sold to satisfy u judgment,
tho creditor bidding In tho outfit.
Halls lmvo now liecn laid twenty
eight miles east of Albany on tho Oiegon
Pucillc. Tho contract bus 1noii let for
building tho tunnel, which will I hi worked
during tho winter. It is thought Hint
tifty miles of rail will bo laid down cast
of Albany beforo thn work ceases.
Tho cigar made by tho Pendleton man
ufactory is, to all intents anil purioses,
U'liiul to imrorted, us their htock used is
exactly tho samn us comoses u bints-up
imported cigar. Unlillcd orders on baud
amounting to i"00 is sulllcieut evidence
of tho Kjpu!urlty of their cigars.
From u letter received to-day by Deputy
ShcrlllMoo McCoy it Is lcarifed that Al
Stlllo, shoriir of Asotin county, is renting
easy, although blood Kiison in tlio
wound is feared. All trace has lteon lost
of William Williamson, tlio despicable
criminal who did tho shooting.
Tho Presidential fight iu this section is
extremely tame. No enthusiasm of any
kind, no' torch-light processions, bliulng
bonllres, and brass band campaigning
have us vol innrkod Its progress. Kvcii
tho everlasting "jiolltlcal jot" has failed
to boil.
Tlio "steeples" Just completed oa tho
front of the now Pendleton hotel uro
really very ornamental and iuios!ug, It
is suggested,- howovor, that they lw
braced, us tlioy oiler u fair target for
KuHtcrn Oregon's famous winds.
County Treasurer Nobbing luw made
anotlier'scrip call, amounting to some
f 2000, to-day. Umatilla county is now
very solid financially, and tlieso reiKjatcd
calls uro gradually diminishing what lit
tle debt remains unpaid.
Hesslo IfOiilso King, tho one-tiino fa
mous songstress who once- visited Pondlo-
. ...11 I I Imiiiui Id until in linVf,
t I IDII Willi II lllllinuui ii viii), io w iih . w
timl linr viili-it from the fireels of llrinklll!!
1 i !.!." Intoxicants, and now occupies it subor
teruiii s .ii..., , ...wiii,.
lllllllllU fVF.Tl,.W...
Holiday Is tho iiiimo of uu Indian liv
ing on tho L'inatilla roMirvution. Uolng
one of tlio nation's wards, ho may be
said to bo u National Holiday. Of courso
ho has grown used tolling observed.
Uolil in paying quantities was found on
Main street iu Helena, Montana, by
workliigmen who were excavating for u
sewer, causing considerable excitement
among tlio town's citizens.
Itoblrorica uro numerous in Walla
Wttlhi, a "hold-up" occurring niilto fre
iiuontlv. Pendleton Is rather lucky in
1Mb regard, ulthough tough charttctcre
a o plentiful enou;h.
Tho rounders, who, according to tho
I'nion. have been i thick und doubtless
us pestiferous us fliesin Walla Walla dur
ing tho fair, are thinning out.
Frank IjiDow was exacted homo on
last night's twin, but for some reason
fillPil to arrive. Ho will probably set
'on, tho llakor City Reveille I tool in Pendleton to-night.
Iiracl. tin. l. ...i,n i. r;.,i,t ..,.rin:uU nf windmills were taken
, -" v luniui nitui ui i 4f. - ----- --
rvum uuGriiuv.iiuH n. iitimDor 1 1111 on um r iiruiinutut l4mv.. y i
wtfr wr cotumitteu during una uho ox um u, iv. n ...v
wreer, ranging from mnr MtutloiiH.
ul LDiia id Anstrnllii wltli I t n U'11,1 il.n nvi.nfl4 mPHH'nL'er Who
iKmel it) woll known ..a ininafnrrrxl in tho Portland OttU'O. liUH
irroHln hhorter. unil tho
Ioni? nlntnr ih'ihiIiil'h" will
nil, iim buMjluill luvor will
icion ulvo wuv In IVmllotoii
,l..t.,v...f.. ..III. il...
iilUll nfltifLml At'iirv lull ntiil
il.. . - . .1 i
. ..A - .1 f
luicnictl. llm iMitKiiti riiiiilH
ti t . . t . ii
t. ... t . I.. 1 1 ... ftl ...J
--.r,,., Mll.lMII.ll i IIIU llllllifr
Ailmvel durlni? thn rcront
, M II-VII life J
IM 1 1 I
Win wcro eiiLMLMtl. At laKt
fiiintiiH-li.it . 1.1..
"""IIHl, UUIIUUKU fill 14!
OU' I It'll 1'iut ntirlif fnr tin
tle new rreBbyteritm chuich,
ir m i imvn. tutiir fiin nun
iue result . Jumen ilbiton
'ii ' : i- i
Jlioinon Htreotn in empty
iue town mn:irni iu lrw
its lari?ft fn
Z Z lUlk liWV IIIKUli
I.I .1 ...
,4u4UQ, wnero io win aw n
UNf Mill. ,1.. , ,
iiurcliased in order to ulvo a curve outlot
to Water and Main streets, tho road to
run thence along Wuter street, botween
Falling's and the now hole), and out to
tlio otid of tho gravel bar facing Court
street, whore Mrs. Dlckcrson would sell a
block und a-lndf, mi It able for deuot
grounds, cheap, und if moio room wits
needed, tho proiierty adjoining her on ei
ther sldo could bo tsiught for a reasona
ble llgtire. I own property ulong this
route, and am ready and willing to give
right of way, und hope every othor holder
will do the same, und realizing tho situ
ation, lend a helping hand in tlio further
ante of tho project. With the right of
way, dc(ol grounds, und f: 10,000 bonus,
Mr. Hunt will no doubt bo willing to
maku his own road bed, and build such
bridges una trestles us uro necessary, also
keep u watchman at tho crossing of Main
street, thus avoiding any KsHlhllity of tic
cidents from upproaching trains. I have
been a resident of Pendleton for seven
years, taking part in its advancement,
und um thoroughly satisfied that this
roild will bo of vast bcnellt to the town.
The subsidy alouo will repay Itself within
u short timo. Without this road tlio sale
of tlio reservation, and the long-sought
manufacturing enterprises, would fall Hat
and prove of slight benefit to the town,
hut with It every encouragement In tho
way of through Kustern competing lines
w ill tend to lesson freight rates, increase
travel, und build up our city to ut least
double its present size within four years,
thus ollerlng greater inducements to cap
ital. 1 do not approve of running the
lino along any of our principal streets,
und us .Sir. Hunt says tlio leveuistoo
narrow unit a few ol Its curves too abrupt
for his road bed, I think hu will lw satis
lied with the route und depot grounds.
We need tlio road, and as Its hulldlm:
will employ a largo force of men for a vo
rlod of about eight months, tho natural
lesult will bo that Pendleton will supply
thesu men with goods, thus giving u large
trade to our merchants, and the road,
unco completed, will certainly employ u
largo number of men at this end, who
will mako their homes hero. Tho actual
cost will not oxeced 10,000. Tho right
of way and grounds would havo to be
paid for nt onco, but I would recommend
thu first payment Isj made to Mr. Hunt
on completion of thu road, tho others iu
onn ami two years following, at six cr
cent interest, according to Ills tirojiosl
tlon. .Now is tho time to secuiu tlio road,
and it will need a combined ell'ort by all
concerned. The road onco here will ona
bio us to keep our lead as tho best town
In tlio Inland Umpire, Isith for business
mid general prosierity.
Thank DunuT.
own lips Und their cures to
and that no oxuggumitnii of their cases
In tho main Drs. Darriu iim electricity
and nnlmul magnetism, applied or ini-
parted by their own hands to tlio dis
eased by rubbing or manipulations. Thoy
do not, how over, rely wholly utstn this,;
as thoy um medicine In special cases, i
Somo people who havo not received treat-:
ment pronounce tliem great humbugs, ,
whllo hundreds of otlieis speak of them 1
in terms of the highest praise. What '
physicians ate there of any noto or prae-1
tico, against whom (hero will Ivu no such ,
denunciations? Drs. Darrln do not pre-1
tend, not can they cure everything audi
ovorylwdy that comes j but we know that ,
multitudes have been greatly benefitted
or permanently cured by their treatment. 1
The fact that their olllces aro crowded tlio I
greater part of Die time, and that so few
go away dissatisfied, is pretty good evi
dence of their success. We would not
knowingly pull up it fraud, either as a
physician or otherwise, but facts seen
with your own eyes cannot be contro
verted. A Lonthmiiiir Cnlnrrh Curit.
Dr. Darrln, Dear Sir July 3 I came to
you for treatment for u disagrecablo enso
of catarrh of sovon years standing. My
head and throat was thorouzhlvtliseascd.
! und It had deranged my stomach and
I bronchial tubes to that degree that I
I wim tilrltii1lv llifiiliilif(utnfl f r. tr ,ni
I work. Many tilings in tlio way of patent
j medicines l nail tried io no avail, ton
cured me In two months with homo
treatmout, and 1 do not begrudgo the
1 tK) I paid you. Itofcr ,Hoplo to me, at
.Salem, Oregon. H. Asiikhson,
in bo purchased nt W. C. TJLTON'S
Cheaper for cash than at any other place in
Absolutely a Fact !
And a visit to the Star Bakery will doubly
prove it to you.
Never to shut your eyes to the truth, and buy
Goods where you can
Get Them the Cheapest.
Cant I'roiii Mr. Illrar.
Mr. l'dllor, Sir For two years prior to
calling on Dr. Dai rin I had leeu seriously
allllcled witli liver and kidney romnlulnt
! dizziness and pains all over my system.!
1 1 was almost wliollvimablotoatto..dtomv i
' work us farmer, and was dragging out u '"""
j mlR'ntblo existence, until coming under 0 . ,T . T-r n a nn-i i-t-i mnnriiT
Dr. Darrln's electromagnetic treatment. ' GOODS DELIVERED TO ANY PART OF TOWN.
Now I am ablo to work and 4 feel like u
I nuw man. I rcslilo clglit miles west ol ,
Ktiltou, Or., and that is my itolllce;
can Ikj referred to. O. IIn:si:.
J JM r,3to "y 'Si i Proprietor Star Bakery-
four yoarsr standing. At times I could .
! Ill Nut lllur from UN Chair,
of four rears standim:
not move or raise from my chair. Can
Ikj scon at f-'ealco, W. T. A. .l.u'Ksos.
Court Street.
E. 0. & E. M. WHEELER,
Vslluwriiloiin Turk In Oi lnlirr.
Tho Northern Pacific railroad In con
nectlon with tho Yellowstone Park asso-.
elation havo arranged to furnish trans- j
isirtutioii und hotel accommodations 1
.throughout tlio park (luring October at I
greatly reduced nitos. rasseugur iruum i
will mako tho round trip.frnm l,lvlugston
to Cinnlbar ami return, on luesdays,
Thursdavs and Saturdays, and u live
iluvs' trln fiom Cinnibar to Iho nrinclnal
iKiintH of inter-'!-! in tlio park can be
maiiu ut an expenso of not to exceed !
thlrlv dollars. Tho rail rato from H,
Paul', Minneaisilis, Dnhith or shland on
tho east, and Portland and Taconia on
tho west, to ClnnllKir and return, will
bo SO, und fror intermediate points ono
and ono-llftli fares, but not to exceed f.'s).
Tickets will Iki on saio up to auii in
cluding Obtobor ilh. Parties going Into !
thu park should call ou V. S. Hepporllii, I
agent for tho Northern Paclllo railroad,
Immediately on arrival at Livingston.
For full particulars Iruiulro of your near
est agent, or A. D. Charlton, assistant
general passenger agent, Portland, Ore-,
Kon. t
SlrchBiilr' fair, j
Tho tenth annual exhibition of the,
Portland .Mechanics' Fair ojwns Uctolr
4th and closes October -Itli, 18SS. I-arg 1
udditlons have Ieen mado to tlio Pavil-;
lion, and It Is the Intention or mo manage
merit that tho fair of this seawm shall bo
tho greatest of tlio Pacific Northwest.
Tlio Second U. 8. Cavalry Hand, the best
on tho Coast has Iieen secured to furnish
music Half faro rates over tha O. H. A
N. Co., O. & C. It. It. and Oa-gonlau
Hailwav Companies' lines have been se
cured. ' Ono and ono-llfth faro over tho
N. P. U. K. Co.'H lines.
Hissclal Excursions over the O. It. & N,
Co.'s lines ut loss than half rates on
i Octoboi 8th. 16th and !KU. H lurtner
information is desired auuress a. .
Whiting, Kupt., l ortland, Ogn.
Mnrn Cur by llrn, llnrrin. j
Mrs. M. ltcbe. US Water stecet. Port-
liinflMIWiiitiliiki mill liliiti'linM mi llm fa -n
for years, pains In Iho buck and womb
troubles cured.
Mrs. W. H. Austin, The Dalles, Ore
gon Conllned to her room nine months
with an evo allllctlon. called "nervous
ubhorreuco of light," accompanied with
inflammation, cured. j
Ihiv. M. M. Hasher, llrooks, Oregon-
Nasal und throat catuirli, cured. ,
W. F. Oglo. Scat co, W. T. Liver and !
kidney complaint und dysiepslu, ulso
deafness anil whole system run down,
cuied. j
Win. Allnow, Drowsoy, (Jrunt county,
Or. Catarrhal deafness and ringing In I
tho ears for 111 years. erfectly cured.
Wesloy tiraves, formerly proprietor of
tho Chemeketit hotel, Salem, Oregon,!
now residing ut (Jcrvais, Or. cured of
sciatic rlieiimallHiu and tho opium habit. ;
U. Mcluighlhi, corner of Nineteonlli ;
und Jcllerson staots, Portland Ua-'
tarrhal deafness, eould K-arcely hear a . , .. . .........
u sound or tho car bolls und was in con-'IT, (J. fLllcl E. jVI. VV ItL J 111 1J Jiliv.
stunt fear of oing run over by wagons,' J- vy ..i,j.U4JJja.t
A Complete Stock of Furniture und Carpets.
Our Stock Covers 6,000 Feet of Flooring.
Association lluildlng
Pendleton, Or.
New Goods for the Pall Trade
m wuu Miunu u'lia iransiorreii m mu unitii'.",,
"own, In fact-ln Pcmlleton. ! hLn or,iered back to Walla Walla.
"X queer snec men of unnlo- -
..a" r'cinieu w mo riT i 11 .nicni . w . . -.
'vuicBrA.fi... r...-. 41. ' ... t .nnl,iiif,fi ffiinm.
... v Mi,i, uu u iiiu i:uiiicii ' inui nr iniir iiun laiiioiiim.v., ..v...
"7"'- near livers' mil . Tho ' u. i. an umateur lire (loiurtment
-- imiiur small, uavo uitli r,nniiliriililo success mi ihuimiui.
Muuuiicw ui iniir ,,r nil.. v.i 1 1 1 ii . urn wmiii ii vwuk...
mt ' . . . w.i -- - - . . i r
"""" wavM lmautnaiiie. , .,,..,,.,.1 .,, nf tna cnimuon u
rrr..fi! ir . .v ... '.::""-. ..- , 1.1.1 v.i. 1. i.
mVifVi ' ,,ln"gi are Xurner's resldonco anu um
'luelr'.sk i,. .innnHMiia. was noticed first
PI.... ..1 . . . .) n,l arnlinil
I--- uruixi ni no 11 pner, ny mo youngaiorB. !-:"r? rr;;i
. ' ".' r . .lohnson of Pen-1 irot the hose, and soon nau mo i
?a"el in marriage ut Pilot niillml in their Inclpiency, assistcu d
ii V. uci-nui rjiiuruii. 1 flir. lunicr, r. 11 u umi ,
s. wus un when the kids Had sireai 1 u.
water playing on his dwelling. Only
fow second more and the whole house
would have been ablaze, but the prompt
actios of the boya dUappointed the are
cured so ho can hear nnllnnrj eonversa
Hobt. Hardy, litna, W. T. Weak eyes
Mrs. S. A. Wooden s girl, III l llth,
street, Portland Nervous debility and
malaria fovor and discharging car, re
stored. l.eoold Dietson, Twenty-second nnd 1
A streets. Bust Port land r-'crofuloim
lumps on the neck and head, cured. I
J. W, Ziiuiwuli, Albany, Oregon j
Itheumat.Hiii.splnal ' imphiinl, chills and
nialuria. lestoied
Alfretl I-eteher, Tillamook, Oregon
discharging ears, cured. , ,
Mrs. .N. P. Uriggs, Corvallib, Oregon, Boys' Express
reiuhvs in a tiermaiieiit cure of iiaralysis, I
malaria, liver and stomach troubles.
This tine was performed ono year ago by '
Drs. Darrln.
J. F. Pccbler, Adams, Or., doafness
seven years, restored. 1
Mrs. K. A. Alhf, 100 North Fourleotli j
street, Portland, painful menstruation, ;
li.n vniira iviuiih Irniibln in olerv con-
teivabio way; cured six months ago. j Bartrains on the 5. 10 and 25 Cent Counter.
Also, her husband wus cured of u cross ,
i In onn luiiillto. ' . - 3
J. ti. ltyckmun, Knappa, Or., skin dis
ease und it loathsome catarrh ; cured.
C. W. Scott, 271 Fifth street, Portland,
rheumatisin cured.
Adolf Aiithonsmi, quartermaster
steamer (ieorgo W. Bldcr, deafness
T I,0VI.II 1'ltlt KS Tit AN KVKU
Wugons, Voloolpodos, Clrla' Trioyolos,
Picture Frames.
Line of Artists' Materials
A Complete
Kor Oil ami Mulie I'slnlllix imi l'a r Klowcr Mutrrlul.
Tho Finest Lino of Stationery over shown in tho city, and at
Ijwer Prices.
Aharon ol that place.
r.. bharon, of Pendle-
--I UKEflliVf AV with tlif.1
11 Uhe to the happy
W. C. T. I'.
Tlio members of tho W. C. T. V. and
tho V. W, C. T. U. are reiuoted to meet
... i... i!,i..iiut f'lnircli Kridnv evening, at
7 :30 o'clock, to discuM matters of lmor-:
tanco to Uitli unions, a iun;u mwuu
anco requested. Tell tho members about
Why do savings bank deposits increaso
Uner cent. a year, IMtVCO, under low
tarltr, and only 8 per cent, a year, wu
65, under high tariff?
The Baker City Democrat complains of
the apathy and Indifference of the town h
citizens on the mining questlou.
Holly Rolley, a Walla Walla racer, Iihji
been aold to a Spokane Falls man for
Drs. Damn can Isj
tlm Stino House, corner
.Main. Wa la Walla. W. T anil will un
dur no circumstances take a case that 1
they aro 'wsitivo that thoy cannot cure or j
bcuolit. Charges uro reasonable, und tlio
poo.- treated freo from I) to 10 a, m.,Tiics-1
iIuvh anil Haturdavw. 1
j . . .... . 1 1 1
Ollice hours Irom iu lot uan
"Wine and Spirit Merchants,
nor toiiriii wiiu U.,i.n, Wl CYPnnT nil QNPR RflTTI FnnFFR. ARR.
Jil.a dsw .'irn
ly ; eve-
niniM. 7 U 8 : Kunduvs. 10 to 12. All cur- (
Alexander & Prazer.
able chronic diseases loss of manhood, .,.,., lu
blood taints, syphilis, gleet, gonorrho-a, 1 -PhAi.r.iiM in
stricture, spermatorrhea, seminal weak- .-! Wktm . . I. n rl
r.snsjssrjs General merchandise,
rSLriSftnS, Clothing, Hats, Caps. Dress and
after a Tiait to the doctors' office. In- Fancy GOOdS.
SSr axaily 'Gfroceries a Specialty.
office at 235 Fifth atreet. Portland, Or., ... .
where any in that vicin ty can consult COODt DELIVERED FREE OF CHARGE.