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    ... L.iMKri.'Mnrcn in. irss
iccnii ' -
.,., f Hie KastOiieoonian nit
S1V.V1.I In the AbillRton
nnif", ; .....i.,,. tlm inntl.
fflrh" lMl.f. lie wlIM
t.ltitri ill I't'HUIVlwiit Hint
Slier tl.eni any service In hi
IlltliVI ''
Co., Photographers.
Whittaker, dentist.
.1 .iIiIml' ut Donaldson iv
photographs go to 'f. 0
.1,.. Ma n street nnugu.
1..1.1 ..1.1 tlnu.r untl fur
anuniKie. .V!" .-.-
aaeftuen ol vteswn, uicu iusi.
...i i. la ulfit ut Guircn'H hotel
BI,u ..." .. "...mi.... ..
IOVIUOIII 1110 """"l
,iof uonoruuiu ui.
i.,. of oIHcch for rent in tho
),nll,IInL. Htcam heated.
rivllcgeH, not una com water,
rotivonionceB, iui fin
. . ti i i ... .i. i .
iiutiful trimmed nuis job. re
the Opera Millinery Store,
ilron, tho gay or demure, can
Powers, ii citizen nnd council
i ....... Iti fiivi'ti tn.tliiv. tin
decided stops 'ivo been tuiton
tublishlni! a system of water-
ii.i.. .. .i tirrmitnmit irnintrnr
nun of tho Potts, was in town
eolng homo happy in tho au
( a brim now wagon, purchased
. . . 1. i.
t that you occasionally tueot u
wear u'u overco.it and looks iih
I .1 l ...... ..I.nnt. ! 'n .t.tl.l
U.lU IIITII nilllkK I'J I. l..l.
ilk that old Winter 1h sending
ailvutifo KinirilH.
Vmllcton 1h ut present u little
encourage itself with thu re
It lu .... tt.iMii .ill' limn Itu
. il in uw nutru v.. ...
Again, tho longed-for after
ore will soon be plentiful.
.Mnnwll 1st now receiving Iter
of millinery goods. Sho also
full stock of Ocrnmn yarnH,
mportod S.txouy and all mute
ucywork. Court sticot,oppo-
nuiu iiuu.'i.
bcl was taken caru of und ox
tho Knights of Pythias, to
.. I.a I.aIaihij .tilt trtl lttu 1tirttfr
rum tliu oiiecis oi uio ucciucui
. .1 l-.l 4 ..... 1...
. ... 1 ....I.... .1 a It.
a Pl'vlt.'l UIllvl iuwin nikn
n h now singularly free from
1 vagabonds, few arrests being
tuy, However, un oiu isruei
iui Wen troubling rendleton
arrested by Constablo lay lor
:. and brought beforo Justice
I.I.. ..l . I. .
(1. l.Ultl'II. 11 III IlllllHUlll 1111 I11U1
AiUms neighborhood, wan in
hlpcd from iKjintH along tho
T. rullnviil tu trmiionrimiH.
here for u few duyn only witli u
.four. live, and ten ccntu ior
and k'o them; look out for
Lnvrtv tinllilfnt.
late las 'Hio Irani l'ortlanu to
in. timl u-lll r.ttiitiln ii wnnlr fp
city of the golden gatcH. He
leave for IiIh homo ut Albuny,
H urobab o that "Km" will
tho wide, wide Went, but will
remain contented in liifl Kimt-
iHioDle of l'endleton uro
aoaiiini; the uimearunco of tlio
i .,f !.. II . " "... il . .if..
UU.1 1 II Li I IL I i:iHt I 111 I I'llIIIt'MI. IL
1' haven't ot tho nervo to iml-
Juint i' .invention with Damon
i ...... ... . i.... ... -.hi
lamvii r liuorgo W. Jutt, who
visit tin' two lodgen in joint w
ui iiun iui uiii intii'ii i if
toiniMiueil hv a Humlnjr f
e lotl;,'!) there,
lhimlli. ill rn(i.i.i..l l.iu Mi.tlit
tv I hi 1 1 vi I iw atitt
IfliMot JttllH illoUKtllO t). U. iV
Mill and llourko A (). Ho
"- PULLfSM 111 MMlllMlf IL IlUirKOL
to Denver but ho rout-M-
mil irtl.n. .1 l Mi ...........
fl""NNlo( u! tho Hour m hau.J
Tlk?..,n llll .. .1 . .
in ill. ll nun uuii'i
u are hun wjiho little
m ll... .1 i. , .i
nuiiiin mm queMion,
'Cf.ll ill. .... I .1... ...
iiiiiviui unit lliu umii
!er. Willi U:lrf KMtitu.unil In I...
- . i iiuuii--: una wiw w .
vi.-i.iiti lilt, mill u ..... wa.
...,, 1J 1,W. . "V. 1
Mln"l. r.,.1 ....1 '. !.!..
i 1 icill. .YUllllllK
"J till. iliFciucrv, howover,
MteriiriMng utins havo or
J?.'' niaelil'iery, and tho
tt,J ll matorialUo, novertli.i-
ter has rwelvwl letter
JWXuniier. who in ultnuillii' lliu
.--v rfjiiu; II. I 1.1(1 1.1 IIIH.
. i v i m'iuu uiiiiiiiniitp
" Mr. Vfexandor whiten
tam i.. ' zander utates
BO of m.OOO has been nient in
,- t i uio iiruiier recvii
legates, and that they have
I. I.. . .1
mciuueni win ie in ut'
O. A. Hnrtman returned lust night
from a trip to bin Wcnton ranch. Ho re
portB that town (liiict in the extreme.
Being lumallcd by tiiree (limistroufl ilrcH,
and, to cap tho climax, held backward by
contentions botween its prominent citi
ZCI18, tho town lms been nearly downed
by its tnisfortuneH. It in tttlll Htruggling
bravely iigaitmt tho current, howover,
und may yet reach tho verduro-clad
Bhorcfl of proscrity.
II. H. PiirliCH hpent yesterday in Walla
Wullit, and reporlH the garden city to bo
uhowing KlgiiH of life and activity, llusl
iieMrt men of thu place think that tho
coming of 1 Inn IV railroad In thu c.iupo of
tho prospect for better titnes. Tho that
Iron home on thu nuw Hue will roll into
Walla Walla in thirty days, no it is re
ported. W. K. Crews having rcnlgned tho man
agemont of tho rendleton tnelmll club,
a meeting was hold last night for the pur
pone of electing u new manager. I..
Kucblcr wiih tho man cIiokcii for tho
position, and it is believed thu choice
will prove u good one. KllbrtH will bo
mado to arrange a ncrles of games with
tho WlllametteH, und it is hoped they will
1)0 HUCCCHHllll.
A HrHt-chiHM barber. J. S. l'ennoy, of
i'-ast roriianu, iius uecn ernianon(iy
employed by lleorco Huvs. Sliould you
wIhIi u tdiuvu or haircut drop in ut liis
hIiop on Main street, und ho will gtiuran
tee a satisfactory job. Mr. l'ennoy is a
tiiorougti tonsorliu artist.
At her homo near Canny. CIucknman
county, Monday, Mrs. "Doc" llartonshot
iicrsclt in tlio Head witn a snot gun, cans
iiic liiBtunt death. Sho wuh twcntv-livo
years old, and the mother of four chil
dren, tho youngest only four weeks old.
Yesterday's smash-up of u wuson on
tho railroad crossing ut tho deixjt is not
without its benotit. it will touch ruuroaa
men to bo more careful in switching, und
ierliaiH awaken teamsters to tho neces
sity of keeping their eye and cars opon.
Tho East Oiikounian'h Wallu Walla
letter to-day contains an Interesting ac
count of tlio recent horrifying discovery
at that place, "1800" having crsonully
investigated the mutter in tlio interests of
this paper. He In a valued correspondent.
Wool is now fourteen und Alteon cents
u lKMitid, and wheat till cents. It is re
ported that two buyers wero in town to
day eager to purchase wool ut tho figures
aliovo quoted, but Eastern Oregon's
product is nearly all disposed of.
The sheriff Is issuing thu "lust call" to
delinquent taxpayers to-day. Every ono
on tlio list will receive an earnest mis
sive explaining why ho should pay up at
oncu and save costs of collection. It is a
good scheme.
Landry it Dumott have started a flsh
market in connection witli their fruit,
vegetable nnd notion storo. hplendid
fresli salmon can bo procured by custom-
era on luesduy, t-rkluys una Mituniays.
IVaveling doctors uro beginning to Iks
quite plentiful, a "specialist" or two
striking tho town every day or so. Thoy
probably find l'endleton too healthy for
a profltablu fluid of oorutloii.
Miss Nettlo M Her. who hua been visl-
ing ut tlio residence of 1). 11. lllsliop in
l'oudloton for tho past week, left lust
night for her homo in Memphis, Mis
ALSidom Monday Habit's Arthur II.
easily won tlio two-year-old dash of three
quarters of a milo. TImo i;21l. Thu
Urcgon ucroy wus won uy i omnia in
TwOnty-Avo Swedish girls lately ar
rived in Now Yoik, under contract to
marry men in this country whom thoy
know only by photographs.
Whv has this county got un appropriate
name? Umatilla plecu of gruund in u
most unv corner of it und ruuo u bounti
ful crop. Next.
Many business houses in McMinnville
aro closed, nnd tho town Is almost de
populated, on account oi uio smuupox
prevalent tiicru.
ltuln is des rod bv ull to settle t 10 dust.
freshen tho utmosphore, und totiHhIt the
honest urmor in sunimer-iaiiowing.
.1 nmns Johnson is iirovitig-uti in tho
clerk's oillco to-day on his timber-culture
Charley Tumor now presides behind
the bar in Ix)ii Shaw's establishment.
Frank Eggleston, of La Gniudo, is in
town to-day.
lintel Arrltala.
Villaiiu IIousk. M Carey, O H A N
Co;JJ Savior, 1 M Kirkland. Weston;
.1 MiJlorrls, Couti-rvllloi J II Canon,
Seattle WT; J C Kuganofiiny, Short
Line ; Mrs Mugorer, Wulla Walla :F 1
1'rine, (loo Carmlchael, Weston; 1' V
Kundred, Wulla Wulla; J K Taylor, Ar
lington; l'cter Mclntyer, l'orlland; II M
Grlunell, Dalles; N Ilerkeloy Jr, City;
J II Atkinson, J 1 Culboitson, Indiana
ikjHs; U W Jett, Uaker City; A 11 Cump,
San Francisco; J H Hcnncy, East Tort
land; K L Whipple, Jub Asliton. Dalles;
WWHrown, Portland; K A Thornton,
San Francisco. .
Bowman Housk. U U noon ixing
ton; 0 II Kuppcrt, Oakland, ("al ; II
Stewart, U D Kellogg, Texus l orry; II h
tirider; H O I.inder, Pilot Hock ; J I,
Johnston, Moscow; D MeCall, alli
Wulla; J It nilllips, t enierviiio; irs r.
I.lbby. .Maine; S F ltlchards und wife,
Huntington; Milton Perkins. W T; C
King and wife. Tho Dalles; WW Austin,
0 It A N Co; J Kennedy. Portland.
Golden Uuu:-Ed Hardwick. h h
Perry, I Hathaway, city ; T II Andoraon.
Milton; Eugene .Kcher; Q Snyder ; J
H Greenfield, Echo ; . I M Coirey ; Mc
pherson, Dakota; K W May. Weston ;Jas
Kirk, Cold Spring. JN doling, Kagle
Mills; L BCrumlil.
Kfeuil lUr llef.irinlU.
Dr. J. W. Culliertson. Principal Pliyei
clan and Surgeon of tho Central hurgicu
lntlnnary, Imlian:ilw. Indiana, will
visit professionally, Pendleton, ut tlio
Villard i louse, Wednesday and ri.urs
day, Seiitemlr litth andiOth. Allaflllc
ted W uny disea.eo thehye or har,
Catarrh. Cros Eyes, Club roo . CurNa
ture, Piles, ltuiiture or Chronic Diseases,
1 etc.. can consult him free of charge. Ar
itltkial Eves inserted, ltemeinber ttie
dates. '
i Senator Beck ia ill at Fortress Monroe,
and it is reported that he probably will
I not recover.
rrtlculm of tlie lllncovrrf f Youns's
lloily-Curjur, of White Men lllilil. n In
Clilnatuwii, In tlm llrart r the Clty
Tiilk ut ItcmoTlnc the l'rut.
Walla Walla, Sent. 18, 1888.
our correspondent in Ids last letter
gavo un inkling as to what would turn up
in ono of our alleys, occupied by tho
Chinese. Ho has since Saturday eve
ning been busy uatherlni; inf.., m.itlui
und investigating, which led to th" re
sult telegraphed you to-day noon.
Sunday evening in company with
Marshal ItobiiiHou and Ollkvr Small,
aided by the facts already published, a
search was made of the 'Chinese alley
running through botuecn Alder anil
Main stiects, but nothing could he found.
Thu article published llist in th'j Jour
nal und reproduced In the East Oiikoo
nia.v wus read by Mr. Shoo Fly, und he
ut once gavo the alarm, and on Mmiduy,
peoplu living In thu neighborhood of tills
ullcy weio surprised to seo all tlio Chi
nese moving out. Truly, there was
something rotten; und itgain Monday
night, by tlio aid of dark lanterns, thu
otllcers named made another search,
which again proved fruitless. I.atc in thu
'night, however, your correspondent, who
never says "die" us long as there ishopo,
succeeded in getting from u Chinawoman,
living on Alder street, information itliut u
dead man was hidden in ono of tho hovels
made vacant by tho frightened heathens.
Locating thu house, another search wus
made, and in u ditty, dlmly-llglited dun,
lying under a bunk, in a curlcd-up posi
tion, wus found tho body of a white num.
Tho corpse wus hidden under old rubbish,
covorcd with board, und wus evidently
placed there after death, und in a husty
manner. Thu writer at once recognized
tho dead man's faco us that of Edward
Young, u well known young man, of 2o
years of age, for some time in thu em
ploy of Win, Kirkman, us driver of the
meat delivery wagon. He is an English
man, having a father and mother in l.lv
erool, tho slro being an Episcopal min
ister. Of Into, through the extensive use
of opium-adulterated cigarettes, ho has
occasionally "hit the pipe," and ono
theory advanced is that while so doing,
ho was overcome and expired. Another
theory as to his deatli is that while going
through China alloy to his room, in the
rear of Kirkmun's butcher shop, ho wus
wuvlaid bv tho Chinamen, in hones that
they would llud keys to thu safe In Kirk
mun's building. An inquest is being
held us I wtito. but I cannot Und titnu to
get tho result for this mail.
Tho Chinamen who occupied tho build
ing in which thu body wus found, i three
of theim), are supposed to havo taken tho
rendleton hound tram .Monday.
Several urrosts aro mado, and moro dis
coveries uro oxjiected. It is suggested
that thu dug-outs ho unearthed, the
buildings torn down, and oncu for all, gut
rid of this "deuil house" in tho "city of
tlio living." Tlio reason theso dens
have not long sinco been burned out, is
because much valuable property on
Main, Second and Third streets woulti
sutler, nnd tho suggestion, that these
disgraceful, dirty, diseaso-breeding
hovels be torn from tlio lace ot our beau
tiful city, by determined tixi paying
regulators, Isu good ono. Tho senti
ment of tlio community is ugalnst all
such nuisances, and us our city council
fails to find means to extinguish tho
evil, "1800" will bo ono of a "1000" who
will rid tho garden City of Wulla Wulla
Vullev of ono of tho worst curses dod
placed on earth a diseaso-breeding
China town. "1800"
llr Wniitu tu bo t'rntartrit.
Aliia, Sept. 16, 1888.
roth-i Killlori'l thu UifttOtvKOiiUu.
Protection is a tax on everybody to ac
cumulate money in the pockets of cm
When the Eagle's tall feathers nnd tho
Plumed Knight's whisky Mtlo aro taken
from oil" It, it is simply 'this: Is it right?
If tlio voteis in Oregon, on November
"Hi, by their voles decide that Protection
1 right , then you and Mr. Uumbeo might
ii-slft in making a law next winter to col
lect u tax of live dollais per held on tho
inhubitunts of our county and pay it to
You may call it protecting butter milk.
Onc-tblrd of this money will help to
milk my cows and ruu tho ranch, und
with (lie rest I'll giit u cuytisuund go
coaching ull over the mountains, like
Messrs. Cuiueglo and Hlulno In Scotch
I urn willing totuko my whisky and
tobacco fivo; und If proteetiui Is'to ie
main und grow bigger, I want tnv share
of it. La F. Kn'kiiit.
saw TO-lA
Thr 'ri4rlpr Crpvk M Inr..
Jim Turner, Jr.. who for some time
has lieen sojourning in tho Cracker
creek mining region, returned last night.
From him it is learned that numbers of
lalxjrcrs in tlio mines havo now been
discharged, because of thu near approach
of winter, but that next spring a morn
eager rush of prosiicctors uud minors
than over is expected. It is stated that
u iiuartz mill will then lc erected to
crush tho largo amount of ore already
taken out. Many rich mines havo al
ready been extensively developed, tho
owners of one of them claiming to havo
tunneled into tho mountains flvo htm
dred foot. With thu aid of capital, tho
Cracker creek country can most probtt'
bio bo protitubiy developed. tJulto a
littlo villugo has been erected within the
tiast thrco months In the mining neigh
borhood. comiK)scd mainly of saloons.
It is said that ulmost'overy man who is
not a miner, nnd can raise tho necessary
capital, establishes u gin dispenser ut thu
mines, tliure now-being six in lull must.
Itppitbllrnn Vrr Holt.
The Minneapolis Evening Star and Du-
1 tit 1 1 Industrial Ago havo bolted tho lto-
publlcaii ticket. Tho Star suys: "This
paiier will siipiwrt Mr. Wilson because
ho and thu platform which ho stands
tioii represent, without equivocation, tho
principlo of tax reduction and turiiT ro
form: because we piotest against tho
principle virtually proclaimed in tho Ito
publican nomination that only rich men
aro fit to hold ituxrtaut oillco in tills
Tlio Industiial Ago says: "Contrary
to every oxpressed bono of tlio indus
trial element the Republican State Con
vention nominated W. It. Merrlum for
Governor. Mr. Merrlum represents
overythlng that is vicious in politics and
opposed to tho working classes. With
tlio limited time to roviuw tlio nomina
tion und tho ill-temper tho Ago tlnds
itself in at tlio result of tho Convention,
nothing can bo said this week further
than whatever aid is possihlo will bo ex
tended to E. M. Wilson, tho Democratic
nominee, liotween now audclectlonduy."
Tho feeling against Merrlum is particu
larly strong in thu cities, and it is be
1 loved thu labor und German vote will
opMiso him almost unitedly. Wagers
aru being placed that Wilson will bo tho
next Governor of Minnesota.
Ne' Itullruui! I.liic.
iplomentary nrticles of lncoriora-
tion havo recently been filed In tho audi
tor's oillco of
WiiHhliiL'ton .v
nropcso to build tho following Hnos oJ
road and equip them, together with tele
i most
Whitman county by thu
Idaho Company. They
graph lines along tho samo :
A line from Farmlngton Joy tho
nract cul route to hixjkuno falls,
. - , . .i
Chmuirry TMlkril Too Miirh.
Chauncoy M. Doiww bus contributed to
tho Presldcntlu! canvass u sensation thut
surprises und confounds thu Republi
cans. Instead of heating testimony to
the enthusiasm of tho English for the
Democratic policy and helping thu false
crv of "free I ruuo," as ho wus exacted
to'do, Mr. Deow relutes this incident
which occurred on ills travels :
"I mot an Englishman, a nobleman of
high education, who bud traveled ull over
ll... ti'r.rl.1 mill imifli In Amnrii-il. who
A road from some point on the above 1 u.u i.. r
lino, near the forks of Hangman ciuok. j wnM-HninowImt HiirnriHod ut it, for liar
in a northoasterly direction ucross tho rih) js j,ar,v fcuown over there, und I
Ciuurd'Alono reservation ton iwliit noar aHj.t,- jdm whv. Ho said It was
the mouiii oi M,.iosepnsoin. iruru aieno lC.1K0 u tarilt reduction such us wusj
luko, llionco in u northerly uirmiuu ,IMiseil bv tlio DcmocrutH would lie tmd
along tho east sidu of dciir d'Alunu luku ( Jor j,0 English iiuinufacturerH, for
to tho (Vurd'Alono river, Ihenco In u,tt wou,j ormbIo the Americans to com
gonorally easterly direction to thu Cfctir witi, tnem n the markets of tho
d'Aleno mission, thence In a souiheasi worj,i wj, riiler tho present system
orly direction along thu south foik oi the i
Cieur d'Aleno river to Wurdner.
A lino from or neur Hpanglo, in u
northeustoily direction to u oint on
the Cu'iir irAIcne hike ubout live miles
north of tho mouth of tho Co;ur d'Aluuo
A lino from tho town of Milo, Idaho,
along tho south fork of Cieur d'Aleno
rlinr In tlm tnU'll (if Mllllllll. IllllllO.
A Hue from Mullan in un easteily dlr
eetion by tho most practical route ucrot-s I
the Bitter Hoot mdhntuiu to .Missoula; why is them no homo market for all
Montana. our doniehtlo manufactures, und last year
A lino from or near Lndlcott, Washing , U);trIv two imn(rt.,i lnilllnns t.f dollars'
ton, in uiiortlieasterly direction to a coil wortf,0f them had to 1st sold in other
nectlon witli tho lino from tarinlngtoii to t.0Mn,reHv
SuiVuno Falls at a iioint twelve miles, ..... ..i
north of Farmlngton ; why do the millers und tho moat pack ,
Aline from u olnt near the Junction ' ,,;. , f,,mierM' products und ship
of the north ami south forks of the I luur ,1(!,n (0 (,treKn vmtrles instead of the1
d'Aleno river, thence along the north i! jlf ,,)v roe, ted indnrtrles hero consum
Dm EiiL'lishmaii has ovorythlug his own
wuy. His opinion wus that with free
raw materials American manufacturers
would become formidable foinK-tltors to
tho detriment of English manufacturers."
Tho Republican muuugors havo made
zealous elfin ts to have Doew lis detract
or modify this statement so damaging to
their cause but their attempts uro una
vailing. The storv Is strictly true and
Mr, DeK)W w ill not deviate from It,
O ?
0 0
A Twenty Jol lr 4?oll nwe- will ho givon to any oiks who will
find u G110U5KY KTOKK in Pcntllftou, that will oll
ttt (ho
fnrk and Pr c haul creek to I ho town oi
Murray, Idaho, with u branch lino from
u iwint ut or in-ar tlm mouth of Beaver
creek up said crick tu its source.
A lino irom oi near uio inoiiiii ui 'ii"
Mlhieieek ilia northeilv (
said creek to its source.
ing them?
Tho Senate bv a majority of one, re
fused to reconsider tho vote b which tho 1
rii.i... ..v..l..Lt.... t.lll ii-tic ...luuitl Tluil
.. , VlllllllKJ IJAl..in. Kill niw . ..w (
lirectlon ulong . votw uUmt e(,,miy divided (Kilitrally.
Manufacturers threaten to reduce
nn the yoto'W0geH f thu turin" is reduivd. How
Republican mnnv tu.,n 0V(ir lncreao wagon when
of 1884, ten ,i,itt('K wuro increuwd? Not one.
Democratic gain in Maine
of 1884, seventeen percent.
...itn In Mntnn nn the vote
".- "Si . . "i i ...I. I. ...... I.... 1
ler cent, mew am uiu emu unuiiiiuui-ai i
facts against which Mr. iBlaine;s " hl.
cat revoiiitioii- ooks iiko - ,-. -,,,,. ,,.. , f.v
lnmon Monday. K. S. Cox of New ork
with I
dying on u chunk of Ice.
" 1 ' hi Kiw.jLit in bis ulisenco,
Saturday, ut Devlno Station, Texas, . .
I''.0 llrXdle aU,ti!ee 'AS ykentene; ' It I now thought the Senate will
Vt'Va , t H l,r and burned heT und i-mlt the udjournment of Congress
three younger children to death. Mrs. aoout e.ecwon mc,
Smith was seriously burned in trying to i r
,aveU,ern- DUTCH HENRY,
ItrJt The Truck Me,n
court, and was sentenced six months in DUTCH HENRY,
the penitentiary and a tine of WO on . rjig Trangfer Mail,
rcgul.urly I'ht'apt'r thim they
1 pay Mifh 'trnl
Andean and will iiiiike the
Tho t'hoiipcBt Orocory Storo in lown.
I Have no Old Stock to dispose of.
All goods aro now and fresh and of tho
I intend to keep tho lead in High Grade and Low Prices of
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Odd Fellows Building. - - - Alain and Alia Hjh.