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daily and hi:mi-wi:i:ki.y,
declaring or that thirty-live percent. o(
tins wanes of their labor in "connHcalul
and tiikcn from tlicin ?"
How can n newnpapur linvo tlio Htilf
Hum audacity to pretend that ti HVHtein in i
beneficial or oven toloralilo to farmer,, '
which "taken :ti ccntH of every dollar j
tliev recclvo for wheat, corn, oatu, pork, I
beef, cotton, unci all oIko they produen by
I their labor V
I How much oticht the trullor to tliu
Established 1857.
ttitdih) to STAY ! J. c. oA.RSOisr9
X 1 JLV1V.J -L V Manufacturer of anil Dealer In .
Hint Orniinlnii l'tilillnlilurf t'miipiwiy,
oitnioN. i peoplo reeelvo who advocate, thin HVHiein
i of robbery, knowing that It 1m placing
them "between the tipor and nether,
. ,.r i.v i.n.11 ' . inlllHloneH oi taxation."
one ropy hIx month, iy mull - "' We propone to expose the IivimtIsv, i
Hiimlu tiiiiniMTK '. ia deceit, chain patrlotlKtn, and fulno teti-
take, Cari
i.HaOi. Doors Rlltiflf, Window At
1 iMiil' JIiii " i)iirul
! itiill-niii; SupplU'H.
T-xthiiiite ivi'l l'rlco !..t on application.
'""""l,lri')m,ry r,.rM a upeclnliy.
.acton' mid Halerofini. Wclillcr' Mill,
I ... "uruis.
i-driiprPiniit ....TO e "Win . '
atioWeat0" '""era
iiiaiiiini?. I'.ti.i i...... mil.
dram-lil. vvitw.a
bent brnml, n Mock.
li." .
lint. "-'Tim
. lU M.,
AllVl.lirlXIWI IIATIi-!
( 01'ili)l Ail' irlhrniiriiln, i
One. Inch, or lew, in Heml-Ve My Pr
ItlOlltllit i n. .
One llich.or ii'V, In Dully per inon I It. ...... 1
Two Inches or Icn, In ixitli, pit month... S Hi
Over three liiclii''iol-Wceltly, p'Tlnch
per 11111 1 If . 1
Over three. lnehe, Dally, per Inch per
miinih i
Over three Inclic, In IhiIIi, per Inch pel
miintl - I "
i mony oi huh iiiu, iiiniiitii!, iiuiniozinn
ori;uii of monopoly, and bcnuflciiiry of
)liinder mill corruption in polities).
Thero will be conic IhleretdliiK readlni
in It. Watch for tin- "deadly parallel."
tin: i.i:i'i:ti miiti.iimiint.
The Hawaiian or Handwleli IcIamN,
from onu of which Mr. I'onranly wrltcH
... .i....
tS and Lm0ieumi37 W.D.Hansfprd&Go.
w f Dealer III .unit pn
Hardware and. Tinware
yT kink imioimmI..-
Ul """iiu scrtcu tofcuM
i fir iiitMiiiinhfiH... i rat
'.I. l.l .1 I. .11 I I,... I, XI
. 111., rnnv HIT vim r. ,.,f. 11 ! IIIU IMnTIUMK letlfl inilllll-in-n urn";
Hinutelmmherrr:;.:::::::;::::::::::::::: "ht ,n ,i,," ,;" 1
Premium paper free toyearly h0h then.. "..Inhabited IhIuiuN. lyhiB In the .North
H, nonpareil .etver.len,.;n. In Semi. 1 lcllle Ocean, between 1 , and W deKreeH
Weekly or D.illy, ilit ln-ieriloii, per Incli, Xoilli Latitude, and 15.) and Ml Wet
I.WieaehM..,.e.1m.nlln.ertlon.f;.)e. ! , i(,(! ,,, m ,,,,, cn t10
w'r; '.''' -, Inland Oah.i, i li.lOU mllcx from Sun
L . -j i I'ranclxco, (,180 mileH fiom Sydney, in !
Winoii istui'k? lAimtralla, and -,8!i:i from HoiiKkon. i
j The Kroiip lakert ItH name from the larked
l.ut iih kIvo a few sIdwm of the Portland mtt Uwall. The Mlpnlatlon in 1878 '
OreKonlun'H Kte.it comerHaiilt ai l on the j W1W -,7,11s.-,, of which ulxmt I l,(K) ) ate na-'
Hiibjeet of taiiir taxation. Ah ItH teadeiH ,U,H 'r,0y Ihs1oii to the .Malayl'nly.
well know, It in now a ealotiM defender tl(i1(1 rm.0 aml )mvo u roiHi.hmwn '
of "protection." To In h It baH to llatly , hk( ljil,,k( HtriiHht or wavy hair, Hat1
contradict overythlim It law cald on , i k i',vnl,-iillv. when
A Completo Stock, covering live thousand squnre feet of
Goods Sold on Easy Payments.
Forbes & Wheeler,
AsHociution llutldln 1'endlcton, Or.
Sash, Doors, and Building Material,
A.t Bottom Prices,
PLUMBING Promptly Dono.
main sriti'XT, im:ni)i.i:ton.
AMiarooftlHi public pntroimuo U Niitlcllcd
Agricultural College,
i'l crm t'oiiinicneci WcfliiCMfii),
ScplonilM-r 12, 1HS.
1 i'Acuirv. , .
'A nil enrpi of cAperleneeil I'rofcinom 1111U
! 'f,'n,",,r:.,?,,i.-. nl.- crtM.v.
lv iii in... t tliu ilelunuiN
iinil neeilH iif the fuiinlnit InlerlHof the
i 'nl.'V.ii,. 11 iTdliV iiiPAIITMKNT
' KiirHUileatH over IS .VeurM of aue who ilelro
that ciibject for yearn. A compariHon of
the iitteranceH of the ureal champion of
ChincHe cheap labor muni convince any
In Health, they tire a line race; ami are 1
(enerally described iih pjod-temin'red, j
liht'hearied, and plnacme-lovini'. They
one of ItH total depravity. No paper , , m,llimMl? mi ,,UK.
coiilil ho completely luce menu ami no
fend what It had before denounced, and
attack what it had lately commcmlcdatnd
be honed, or actuated b honed motivcH
or oonvlctloiiM. We intend from time to
HiiicIokIvo our teadeiH a few "deadly
parallel" o.xtractH from the great moral
Hheet. It one column will be found what
Watson & Liihrs.
Tlio racu apoaiH to bo dyln out. f i-ropneior or iii-
Wliun Captain Cook vNlted the MaxuU In j Stoiun-pltMilUfj Mill, Sash uud
1778, he ectlinated the imputation at HKI,
000. ' In I8'.':i Aineilcau miHxIomiiieM
placed the number at ll'.',t)00; and in
IK.'IJ the cciiMiih chowed a population of
IIIO.IMIO. l'oieliMllm'aHeHhavede'triyeil
iitimbetH: and the women are not proline.
ItlutH H.ild when no 'political camp.il!njonIvi)K,)Ul,)f ,J(I ,,,, jiveiiio hav
wan in proKrcHH, and when it had : ,.',.,dreii, ami tho.o have hut little
motive for lyliiK. In the oilier will ho j ,,,,,., llnct, and iielefl their oil
found what It t Haylni clnco It iindur'.iMik I HjK
toiirove that llarrlnoii Ihiiii aim'el and i 1 ..,.. tM limv.,it. ,md the L'overn-
Cleveland a devil. 1 ........ haiHlabllMhed a cettleinenl of leie ... ,l",'''"" " H,,,,,K " "wW
. . 1 in unier.
D')3i Piator tiQ-i Lumbsr.
4 ,wr i
tn riit. rlheCollen'e, hut are net prepared
I to enlcrolleiteehHH he rxiilnmailon.
To I lie e.xleiit leiinlreil uy law.
j lU'll.DtS'lH. , , .
. . ....ti..... ...i.i u-utt vimt llutr il:
lirui', . 11111 iiii.iiii.'i - ......
I I.. ...... I ..ml IMirlkf lull fiflllltllllllltV.
111 ii riiniii'-. .. ... v..,..
mill iiiieoi me neaiiiiieni 111 n n rutu-.
.. lii.lllll LiV'll . I. U'V .! tl 1 V.
(roiilHr;eimtiilulni' tnattcr full of InlereM
to fiinniT''. win ne remunriy i'i"
iiiplei. mnlleil to ( lien pniro.i 01 iiiu 1.111
.... . 1 ... 1 ..i.,,,.,ni. Tin. vpnsi:
'..iii... . r...iiiinll...l wlili the lien! Hie Itnliin'il to Itiwo-I iluur.". Two or more flee
nmrkel nllonlo. I eliolrhlp fro-n over eminly,
. . I . ....m 1 tn iii wii 1 iiit-1 lit rtTiili'lit
flnnn flat antl N frht. Wecimllit-iitly apcenl ti. the farniTH and
rirWh'tc liilioi Hi hntli 111" lltllnu KKUil
'i ml Jiltrlini.
The French Rsstaurant;
I'fiil Ccrtirr. I'roprhtoi:
.Mala Slicel Oppoll Coii'l llmiu'.
Echo, Oregon. ,
Uranu"" of oreuoii 10 palron'xt' II111 onlv
KchiNil fhliilll1il hy ureaon for the promo-
l..it ... 1... ....rli.lll 1 11 ! I 111 IiTiivIk.
Kiireatiiliiiiii' or other liifiiriiialliiii,ailire
II. I.. Att.VOI.I,. I'ri'Hlileiit.
atik-'JilSw l.'iii'vnlliM, Oiemm.
The following will do for a clatter:
what ir hivh miw. wmr ir 11 h him.
Such 1KHI
government haa en
tin I The ieacoiiH);iveu .
'..ru.m M.it.iL'ill Iilli.llil U'llilMI tllll llllu.fM
aie kept cnthely inolaieil from tlieliealtliy
I iv Hi., C.nrl in. f,.r. triple.
tiiiK to a iIi'cIhIoii of It in certainly 11 ctioiii proof ( a mauV
.liiNlfce Miller! may , .lovotlmi to bin faith, to (iod and iiumau-
be iiikciI with eipial ,, , h nnf.Htnnate cie.i
r.ni ., m.iiiiiui tiiiiitii.
foiced a proteello
taritl. Let iih IooK
11I I ho tiraellcal re-
..f ll.l ....It.... .f..... t.ul II.
Ml 111 M III II n l.lllll. .'l11Tlll.llllir. llll'Mll'l . ... ll .1 ,
We have ceen how er metho! by which M""1" "I'''"' life there, renounclm;
the low tarilllH of ' Ihcliiivcrnmentlavc country, home, frleiidH, everything uijreo
lWlland IH.17, de-1 willi one hand II able or IcinplliiK In the world, and enter
vhe.l hv the i;,1,-'l,"",,,-;,'V',,'J;ir;,j;;;..pon u clow, terrible HvIiik .loath, ac
claverv free tradeiH , erly of the cllien ,' , . .
of the'eotton ctatec. I and w itli the . it her 1 ' ''""T oiimrdy ban done.
hioiiKht tin Nation hand hoxtowH that
to the verire of ' proH'itv on favoied
1. 1... 1 .1... ..1.1 ...ij .. nt.i
1NIII .1 IIIMl llllll llllll . I.llll.ir. ... . . , I
i.roclateil iln ciclil 1 pilvate enteipibeH I Hie virtuoim OuTonlau, which a few
Ik'Iow that of hull' 'and build up hull-1 montliH uk) lainltnl Thoma.i Nad uh nnn
vldual ctatcH. I'n- vldual fnrluueH. We f u, Wi,.ateM uud mod patriot!'
der our protective tefer I. Il"' '0in llM.rtllf tMm,t w ,m!Ih him " IVm"
policv the kow'iii- known iih 11 uotei-. "
ineiit neser bad a liu'tariir. " I'IiIh," j Nal, am! h horrilleil to cee him "prcli.
laitler ciihIU th.iu it iih the ('mill cild, 'into IiIh pencil to imill the party ami
now Iiiih. "In none the 1mm ' piliii'lplui tut liinl Wen co lone Identllled
V. . ".!.. . '' !'"'' ".?.!! with." "Ala. forNad.-wallH the vlr
I he eoiiclu'!. 11 done under the '
theiefme 1h (..und , fntm of law . It N tuouc i,xmnent of polillcal ImneHty ami
tliat the luotix'tlve ' I "iiUliiiloii fur ck' eiiucliteuey, "he inner nc.die can win
taiitl le,'Ulati.iii, clal Inleieclc. at the ,ju, ,amtH or dorttrve the recpect of
3!SS?,:!m.s 1 iinrart ; i"r 1,1,1 a
the war, wan nn ab-1 the iimulry. am! i be in.
Holule uecHcily. ItH imitlculaily IIiom f i All thin in hccatice Mr. Nad ban ceen
frolic aie mcii to i the Notthwed and III I.i n.. i tita fai'Ilit tiiiiuitl tn ilv 11.M1, llm
i ... I.. .1... .....l.i .1.. '...il I I.. ' '
,l(l III III1 lUI'ln !' i r"iiiiu, lllll IHMH I'l
' . i.i .. ... i ...
eieue "I our ihiiiiic iiu Aiiii'Hiai iv
hyHM'rlxy and chain duvicec of the It.,'
Mr. Nad, iu dolm,' thin,
of li'venue over ex- private perNoiiN en- ic not acMailhiK any prlnciplec which he
Kindllur,H ami tho : itumihI Iii imiiiufac I H lmfre aeddedto llludnito and niain
liirne ais'iimiilallnii turn In the eadenp. . , . . . . ,i
..(Kohl and .liver In,. .ml middle StaleN. ; j I" tliut Iiiah .Ioitoa
the vaiilu. of the' Tuke the flniile M'h prtnclphw.
tivauiv. 1 iirth li iif Halt. I "r Hut whatever iliiiiiu may lie enter-
twenty j.Mrc H; , tahi.'tl of .Mr. NadV tuition, no one I,
nllu Inuvn e,i ' n-ril at the t,e(onla "allhiK the
looily NiilNiiillaisl. 1 prluclpliM" ' it hac hitherto defended.
Yet in' all the t'nlted Tide l jud wluit wac expoeled.
Sl.itec i uly a Utile
ocr I 0 '0 perouc, . . 11H SveiiLu Knlk.v Tidlnec." tl..
l(Nidlii Seauilliiavliiu aper of Mimic
iiln. iiluait Kiionliliean Idtbeito. cave:
. ii.i.'i .nn. in..ii-.i in nn. iin.li i .
only be ewre!ed iif.u'tore. At t lilt i "Wo Noreoiueu are not hady In form-
for revuuue pur- .lav the fanner and i Jni. but llimlv ailliete tu our concludon
liitier-muUvtc u( the llieie wac a time when only Itepiililkuu
oMiuiiv aie tais I Swmliph newjp.ilH"t uNideil.and ccurcely
tiiil pr cent, on all ! a S'.iuiliiuuiuu Pem.H'iateould be fouml.
the Halt they iic in Sow lor the Hint time many of our tviiii-ordt-r
to NiiWidUe tr.Muen will vote the I Vuioeratie ticket,
the few empbeii. i Tliw ear a tidal wave has cet in that w
Hie aijrleiilturttl in- tmuini; the Kieat nuijuiity of Swedih
debt ; In the eeecM eminent loNuMdio i pnluleuii paity.
The ower tu lay
import ihltlcc i" ex
itioly uranied l
couiireHN under the
comttitulliiu , I'Ut
the "free trailer '
hit-lute Ih.il Ibii ec
centlal Kiit of the
taxlni: imwer chii
Xlrt-eliiii norkmeii emptoyeil mill work
'llllll n nnlereil.
WATHON A l.t'ltllHi
aiv'Alf IVnilli'loti.Orei'nii.
Jieiiler In New unit Seiiiiiil.hanil
Household Goods
Ami iiimiufiiciurer of
Tinware, Coppcrwarc and Sheet-Iron
of Every Description.
Gen. Merchandise
I Annual unite I'nlr will la, lielil on tlio fiilr
; (Irniii)ilH nearcalein, eommeueini; on
Anil eonllniilm: one wrek. Cadi fw
iiiIuiiio to tlieiimoiint of
-Will In, awanleit fur-
s 'i oit.t : j: Km i i'o hu a h i ixo
fin Roofing a Specialty
(live im a I r la
l'relUinL Vtl'B-lVi.il Ii
Niun I. MturslH, CuMfiiei-.
Traiimiet h Ueiinral liAiiklm; luulneni.
Headstones, Monuments
Bank, i Marble and Stone
Tor !- isciim. Hint prleen inniniU Jes.o
lux. Main Mrivt, IViulleton, l-tlmateii
ulvfii oa klone work for fux
iS-i GrrainBags.
Aarli'iiltnrl. Mechanical mill Stuck Kxhlle
IIk. work. t art ami fancy work, ami for
TV, I . . , II I -IH ot Hpeeil.
JD lOlil ! rhepreinliliaiiotrere'l Iniveheea inereioicil
I., nn,,... hihI new claeM liuvi I ceil
mtileil. No entrance fee, cIuuk"! In illvlnlomi
1 .1, K, l HIKl ij.
liiHUiiltleeiil flelil of hnrkPM enter'!, mill
! I In n will lie nMcihIIiI come. ti, of rtiuulnif
iimi triiitinireiicu nay.
'Die itlllereui traiwtnirtailou companleH
will iiialte lllieral reiluctliiiiH In fari'N ami
1 freiifl'tM
MN'clal ntlenllon l railed to the premium"
nui-reu nircoiiiiiy cMiimiH or Kruno, iirnt',
, ami Iriilli.
I'nUle. will I reeelveil in llio eeretry'
olllce at Hateni, licvluuliii; dx day liefnro
' nn nur. nun on ine r ur i ronmiH rrniu rri.oiv
livfnrethe fell'. IVrMiii" ilixlrliiif lo exhllilt
In iiiHi(ins .1. U, t), Pii'iil () are rriiu'Hieil lo
mak tlifli entrlo on Krliluy nuili-i.tunlny
heforn the fair, If plile. Alt enlrli-H clone
on .iinnuay,fpiiniier lilii, ill 7t.'M p. m.
Collpou ticket for liiu (dx iIiijh) J'.' ffl
L'uilpnn tl.'ke fur w.imeii Inlx ihiyiO 1 lj
' Ilay Iteket fur ui.'li SO
iih. tii-Kpi riiriwiiiiiiii 'j,-
iii'k. imii inr khiiiii m iii I at nice Imek
for mali'. o r 11 vi .im r..
1 Ui lli'i in Hi- traiiil .iiin.l rn i-
, Tli'M.' ii-irliiic t'l luir. hu.e Iceillm will ap-
' ply lo i In- ... lelmy,
um-s mi !. tin. Mfietnry at Kili in inr u
, premlmii .t J.T.UUKt.H
iiiiki i Hn. l ii NTrciarv.
ii.v.ii ifiihuriti ....-
lelMly llrewcrV eltJi
. Ilffii.i.i. it. I .
i.ki . i r. Ti" lurrmn
A ItNuU). A ci'Iimkkii. -
r.L III Lllll t F 111 til II .. tl-''' 'vrL
i-ii ui iiiiii wniiinain :
.'P.':.r iy '." la".".' IX'UlMJll.'riL
' ' 1 juu uon-ini.t.--
1 Ka.VI, lll.ANKH.
.More than tw liun'rM
hllUlM at thin (,mce "J
If you have nn nnlmni
cover him by exiirmllnr M
.... v...uv.lAil, 11
V.. .. I J .1.IIV.
men. w.itueu ami ,
eldlilien. ute em-
piie.l in wilt man-
The true tuitti' W
a tuiitr for ieemie
alone or pruM'i.on
iillcrllniiM Mnrto lit 'ill I'dliitw on
IT eiiMiinnlile , crfiiH,
1111'. Ml . l
ami lti-.l villi's
(mi ii;'
t.'t h hi it' I
ighton Acadeniy
Ii' uajn ami Vuniv .llt.
. fl in. Smith, Haul .r7.ff.fV.",
uAjisu.tu.A .... . iD.Tnw flTrtTTT, Ascension School for fiirls.
! AJ i,ljC3. KJ iXOAV.. X.X 2JL O , Cove. I'nion Comm . dr..,...,.
or All liliKv TeiilH. l'lnu
And whole eul-' luiUtmiU of the Cn
tinu 4 the mHjlUl state are jud
twit of illeheiiBirt now thieiittiiiedwiih
int. behikf pliiixsl be
tween the upper anl
nether mllltoiu of
taxation. Thliiy
live cent, out of ov-
erv dellar tlny r
nl e for w heat , oatc,
curu.'Hirk. Wof. cot
ton, mid all cUo they
pnchiiv liy lalcir is
eontWeatcd am! tak
en from them by
legidatlvo decree to
uv loimtle'. and
cnKddiec by certain
Now which In true, that protection ban
teen and in ti hlcccini;, as the Oreioutan
In dally pnu'lalniliiK, or tliat It Is "roli
W'ry under tlie forms of law ?"
WldOh In true, tliat protection In a Wa
ff fit to fiirmotn, as the U'roKOtiiaii U now
voter over t, rioveland'c Mipp,rt.
Tin; iHiiintrieH which have the highest
piiitiHtivo tarillc are China, Itiicda,
Spain, Italy, tienuany, and Mexiu. It
!h in theo eountiloK, aUi, where waen
are tlie lowoet. In "l'iev.tmde" l-'n-i;laiiil
wukoh are higher tli.in in any other
country osivpt the I'nltod St itos, What
nutiMiiiMi, thou, to arue that uood wajjes ,
an a recnlt of I'reteetlon !
An Imiivna Coni:ivcmau named
White has IntnHhuvd a bill providing
tli.it "female women" chall receive a
dollar a day for work. What compone.i
tlen other women are to icccivo in nut
Is Ui tsu the taritl' taxes on imp.rtc
rant;o from 1R0 to AX) per cent. Wages
lire from '.'5 to 50 contti a day.
Wagormakers, ;
. nraer Mulu iin.i W . i si ,
Ponclloton, - - Orogon
All k'niti nf Ili.i'K.iiinli'i. ilune In tl.e
titiktiiinl pmliipt in iinmr, W . .u, llanyli'k
anil hick maile i iter. ,
Jit-pii ; if Sr mill.
I'.irlieiilni atlenilini In ti r nwins
A Sivcialty.
I'j.t I'l'lilit HI.
JillOil.w If
l',MtTI.M. OK.
I Next rH, lMvlnnSi.ittiinli-r iilli. I"ur )r..
' pwliis of rllner nehniil iiililreni
... .. i . KKVSW.M. It. I'OWKI
aiulliliw 1 .ti Wt I'rlnelnii).
11 t
Hank lnillitlnK.dmrt strei
Miuloitl Mer-
or AM. KIM.
kepi III
llHUKk, Or
Milk, uinl all
Klmlii of inn.
lou in.tru.
ini'iitHxilii on
tent plan.
K. J. Ilnrlou, I'roprlelor,
Mulimnil HallrouJ HI., IVmlleton, Oregon.
Klrd-cUii la every repect. Near the de
pot ana him eiery convenience, Termi tl
any, lylttWv
Crawford, Sanitary ui km Mm
Miiniifniiiircr n( ami 'IValer mi
x' ii nf I iurern
Harness, Saddles, Bridles. Steam and Hot Water
Heating Apparatus,
mjKiniiuvr r.iu ALIZATIOX,
Notlrc In liereliv ilvnnOui..u
i , . . i-i'i ii'inner, 1M. u
coiinly clerk of t'mnlmlv,n.!.'J,
iiiiuiieiy I'XHinine inc mkmuu
f 111. ,111 Vi. nun ... ......... I "I
.... -....v. ... LMiri.lllI
'"'I H nn
h toll h, I'lc,
nil 1 1 IU
Twc'iity-clulil eliolce m:lc' mil
i-nmiKii m wiiiicriiiein,iarjrlniauu
larin, four nil leu unilti of A'IlT
prairie, rorlnformntlon looolni
f nu WHOM ir MAY C0.CER,
. My wife, KIIiihftliO(rlr,bit!u
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