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    J. fj. McLcud returned lust nlglit from
litrt trip to Northwest WiiMliington. Ho
accompanied .Mower. Hattinan and Me
i Arthur, hut remained away longer than
tluvo gentlemen, wishing to prolong bin'
. visit. 1 lo "took in" ,Seattlo and Tucoma,
and on hli return flopped over in Klleim
hut,'. Thin placo ho tlofcrlbo.-i us enjov
ing an iniiinjiiHo "boom." work being now
I 11 Itfii.llilJu i.l lin at .,..!..,...
''f'ini' na UntiioAi.iiKtoM "iiiiiiiiKw. .uiiioign in itociiui
. ,. ipJIII "r.""" .....I... l..i innn. I IvitlV llllulllliHM tuil.il It In ,iu .1 ,1..... tut I
. ,. tpn ii'i '". -i. ... 1 1 in i... . 7 . t i . . '
MDAV, Al'Ul'Sra, 1888.
ii:i:i, Hi'itiNds.
A l'uiulir Itpfort A Trip to the Mlnr In
I'riiippct A l.i'i Year t'wrtj I.oti'UiiiI
1iimIi Aiming tin. I'liirn.
TkKI, Sl'ltlNllM. AllEtlPt 0.
After an iibeneo of a few dayn 1 am
oneo more at tun
many more pcupl
i:mi,i:tin rnti: UKi-our.
Tin' HtntriiX'iiln or tin- 1'iiri'in if tliti
Vrl(iu C'iniiniili" ir the De.mrliiu ir.
Tin) foreineii of tlio variotm (Iru com
panics have all handed in tlio topoibi to
tllll I'llll. f i,f llni .l.iii'.rtiiuilll l!lm t.
I ll.l " ,,,v v,..., ...
mu iii niuuiK ( mm Him i mirgy
o hero than when 1 last It lM
til " ' ' tt
"!'."!! iii l'iiH f I'cmlli'ioiMiml
i,,v .... ,. i i'i ik ru i.v. i" iiiuki-
' ,. nil n In I'ltrtimui. Uo will
lliiltncl.. 'If will Iki comfortable icrddenco ulmoht tineiiilunt
bio. being continually uhuII d hy wind,
dmd and other ilifooinforlN. .Mr. 'Mel.eod
madu no InvcrtmcutM whllu on 1 1 1m dip,
although this was olio of the piliuarv uh
jeclM of hi jmirnoy. Ho thiiikH Whatcom
county, tliu main point vl.-Ited hy the
three gentlemen, as Koinowhut ovore.di-mated.
hale and j We notire an Ingenuous niaehino on
(exhibition at, tlio corner of Court anil
U In town to 1 "''L'tn. for weaving a coinhliialioii
,I,UMWI ' wlro and picket fence. It i,. lmth liuht
and tdrong, and ha every evidence of
nut mi m;
tli i.lK.t.':sr:iiiior.
Rodnuti i1 I" ,ow"
i vir
vvo, ,f .Juniper,
wrote. About one hum red and tilt v are
hero now.
All the available hotel accommodation
Is engaged, and many jolly people, are In
the camp, ami the jokes and fun usual
to largo camps of ploasure.r-cokers are
indulged in. Of course, people aro com
ing and going all thu time, lending vu
tiety to ustiociatlon, and keeping every
one on the lookout for tho unhid of old
friends, or regretting the departure of
new one.
iM leatned from tho lonorl of . A.
tinier, loieinaii ot llio rrotcotlon i om
pany iso. 1, the juliicipal company of the
department, that the following properly
i In in the tiiutmoloit of tlio company:
, One Allien engine, hose cut, hand
engine, Iiohi cirriaire, engine teulor, two
j toiiH coal, 1,'jou feet of tlist-chuti ho.-e,aiid
I -100 feet of sccoiid-clasM lioso'
) There are lifly tneinl.eiH of the com-
1 pany in good standing.
i I'lotectlcn I'ompanv. in the erlod he-
' twi.vn .lanuary 1 and ,liilv ,iiW turned
GL Shindler & Co.,
Fu rn Sty re OeaS ers.
Largest and Most Complete Factory on the Coast.
i.i nut like tnu i
i...rlniMlruii ImsincHM fqrwtlooii
. i.i if iiiri i I'll iili n ill"
lo terms. i -
. ... i I Mlua tilii Sill til?
.. nw --. ...... ,., ,.;
WiMion. visiiiiiu iiiuiiiio
. in rum i ion.
' 1,', 1,1 v.
Ben Hero tinmen asi inii . iur
wnisof toiiglHinatIotlielrpre.1-
e r ti il....... l.iut ..rntittii.
.dn 111 ICI11IIUIWII ii.''. v.. v.
1 .!, iviite IilmI. Illlt llOllllllL'
..i.iinw mi ra iroatt laud
the twontvinilo limit, hIioiiIiI
,), s'lator a' once, an their latuw
wiiH a miastinger on
tumuli." . ,
... iiiiiim mi ii nusinesH
,n.i loll list ill lime io
i ....j c. i , ihit nisi niifiii inr
rtnulu iMuvk or ho In tliu cm-
. .1 . IU Ciliiril.it 1 lut
ll 111 I. t
Jin siir-Ki'i'per -iuck,-
. 1. ...tllin f '11 111 .1 (lliL'klMtl
B, litinu.i-, ii in"
, ,r,lni! Illllllll'.: naunn, "ii dik
k but a iii.iii ill t iwn who can
I ,y v i ii ' oosias one
1 v ll t helps, (let oii.
rtrth IUil It'n p'.iblicatliin
. 1,'na till. I lU'tl.
urarcrs if the army hlno
L'iit ii l is' nUht fnun .Icf
. ti, M i. en i inlo to Port-
r ill I e added In the forco of
'a", uv r I'anaeUs.
i p 1 1. . in i
Hi-unt one or mom campaign
l.. I Siiml.W milrlti In ri
ivi 7 centrt, Daily,?!.-'.).
1'.. 'ininnii. siil Savior, U. It.
.ii i. u..i.t..... i. i ....
a.'' train from Miwivutu. It
.J Hat the circiix ollereil
; ''i-iH tli. in the moiintalim
-'.tiT.iljiux was iirosent at the
ile iiKdiiig l.i:t livening. A
u Ji'ii.'liited to relet the
IUH. U " 1 II VJ I lllll'U MltU
n f tliu resi-r vat l in land
i., 11 1 lil II I ft 'I'll Illlltlll 111 II1IL 111
t s tivitrutiw at tlio corncw oi
' M i'ltt ami Johnson, and
Wt' 'i ftteots I'ironu'ii tiro
"Vcrtlu superiority of these
i" lertlieild.
I'trd uy a itiemlier of Sells
mu' one ot tlio earn nroi.u
'.ma Wulla while
m?i u'tWroin Paytoii. It cur
' i i t of animals, which
nutiocxlillitcd in I'cudlo
. i ""-' '.' kv.j .....7 in lu nun. mi- nmiiiis. i in aggregate
year, and me, 1 believe, giving belter , lauger at these lues has hcou v. rvsliglit,
satisfaction than ever before. Hie largo Mho principal one being the 'llio at
patronago indlcitcH their popularity as u DurIioo'h Horn, the loss ainountiiii: lo
ic-ort, ami of Air. l.oluuaii uh a i-alorer to ! l,f,-'l.tKi, fully Insured. A dwelling
the public. Moose ( ottage, the only va-1 douso wan also damaged by lire to the
cmiiI enttiiLii Mnnn I IiimI. urnli, U imu'l.,,. i ..I hii r,,n ....11...1
anv other foni-o In i VT f . a xt. . 1. . iV "T. 1 V" u ' ' u,u" . 1 sural co.
ti.o t...irL-,.i. i.,,M.. ,;.,.t :rt...;: .:r. , :. v ,i r n,,v ",m " v' ,u ,v" ,roi 111 ? '" " ivn
,,cp.,ilyi;isruin:oo.M.,. u. . i,iraliility. For che.tpnesn It compares
lorrOnllih11" ' .. l wij iiniiruniv nu
u ,vit ii lesidcii oi I e no eion
reiiiunetation in Invostiiratlni; tlm sninn
.Messrs. Iliowerand liioy, who have it on
exhibition, will Ikj pleased to give any in
foi ination In icgard to tlio same.
Huv. Anderson, one of the preachers in
attendance at the Southern Methodist
conference, whllo crossing the railroad
britlgo a mile bulow town, mot with qulto
ti disagreeable accident. Ho wim prob
ably immersL-il In thouuht. and on reach-
jing Hio end of tlio bridge, supposed that
I ho win stentilnn on dry land, and in-
jHtead stepped into the atmosphere, fulling
lourieen feet, ami receiving several
I illntnti li!is liiwoi iivi'iiiiittiiirK. In.ibi. In
tiulto a tiarty are planning it trip from leaping devastating visits "from tlio lire
I hu report of A. I). Stlllman, foreman
here to Desolation I.ako and tlio mines,
among whom aro Cap Morse ami family,
Hobert .Sargent, Dr. Campbell, and .lohn
llowman. They exieet to leave In two or
three days.
Last ovenlng llio ladies gavo tlio "Hon
Ton" danco of tlio season, a leap year
partv, at which the gentlemen werofo'iced
to jilay wall (lower, or allow themselves
to (hi (lanced to death, and for once le
iillo how it is themselves. One married
mail rodo safely heru over a load of giant
lliug iKiwiler with less danger tn himself than
verv lio laid himself liable to last ovenlng. Of
No serious results are , course It was not his fault that ho was so
popular wan the ladles when It was
a ... ii.
Hovero bruises.
anticipated from the fall, although be is
now nun up irom uh eiiects.
A blind beggar-woman, carrying :i
baby, played u haml-org.in on tlio streets
to-d.ty to attract the attention and capture
the ulckles and dimes of the tender
hearted passer-by. Quito a crowd
gathered around her us shu played her
plaintive tun 's on the corner of Main
ami Alia stieets, and the heaits of thoi
nio-t i idloMH could not but bo iniptCHsed ,
by tlio oxlcnt of her mifoittiuo.
In (ho ease of thu United Stales against
I'euiaiuln Torviu, involving a prn-omptlon
entry coming fnun the I .a Uraude, Or.,
dislrict. Iho HULMvlarv revoixiM I ho decis
ion of tlio coiiimlsM iiiur of the general
l.md o!lle ', and decides u favor of Torvln
and iiu'aiit"t Mrs. Ilorlou, forinoilv Mrs.
It hi Mated by some that Kdwntils. Iho
ladliH choice." Tlio ladies decorated
tlio ball in ur.ind shape, mammcd Iho
ball throughout, and took the ksl of euro .
of the poor men.
this morning, as 1 lay in camp, 1 heard f
of Hook & Ladder Company No. 1, gives
u full statement of thu amount and con
dition of properly in tlio Possession of iho
company, hook and ladder truck, laddeis,
iiuoKciK, etc. it says mat thu company
can muster only eight buckets in good
worklni! condition, and aliout twelve
which aro noted for their "stiKirior leak-, M flf
ing ipialltioH." Tho reMiit therefore rcc- I I 1 1 I
oniineiiilrt that tlio number of uood audi l w W
eiiectivo liuckelM ho Incr. a'.ed to twenty
live. It slates that there aro now about
thlrty-llvo iiiuiiiIkms of thu company, and
that It Is in fair condition for elllcleiit ser
vice. It also fitrthur recommends thumb
ITolol Kui'iuslihiG: a Specialty.
Bodroom Sets,
Parlor Suites,
Side Boards,
Folding1 Beds,
Bedding-, Shades.
G. Shintllcr & Co.,
'urerooin, Ulll I'lrst Street,
Mirough block feet to
107 ami ICll Kiont St.,
visabllllv of adding ono or moio "Dab
oock'H hxtinguisherH" lo tho present up-
a ureal uommotioti in thu vcifctahlo klnu
iloui; I thought something unusual must
ho going on, so held mv breath, and
watched and listened. I'ho pine lieo
bout his stately head, and whlscrcil to
tho spruce, ami the neighbor ttees all
rustled an expectant guess at the romance
being told.
Who ran know what tho plnu tree
hears from tho litis of fond lovuts, seated
on tho velvet turf at his foot V lie Is a
sad old gossip, ami must wi force repeat
the pleasant little saying learned, ami
tell of tho romances ho Watches throiiuh
I tho plot; toll how Iho llgh'-haiied lassie
limit llni ilnrk viiiint' iiuitl s:it fur three
eurvo piieder, was not greatly lo blame long bourn, whllo Iho niusii' played and j
for Iho dNcr.icefiil piocoedliiLM which oc- the htentoilan "'.mIIoi" ealleiLvet thoimht I
eurrcii hfely on oii sttvet. no wn" Uu limo not lost ; how Iho lady with tho
like old dog Tray, "in bad cininy," auburn I'Hiks billed and cooed for an
but left tho eroiul h.'foro Iho dotirediitloiH liiiiir. and sealed her fate with an iniili-
weio committed. I to U now at' Toel ' jile kUs hene.ilh a llht iiitirtaWio; how
i no ."iiuiiient Jieiuoinsi coiiieioni
l'onilletouhi'g.iultHsesslon Hits iiiuriiim: at
nhio iiYI'vl;. 'I'ihiLiv's wurl: imiwIjIiwI nf
the iippulnlinent of tlio usual cointuiltoiw, w-oood lUcchiis aft -r llio nioi.it wc
present up'
Uaybiirn, for-
Y & Co,
Reductions !
toi'i hlo UUs hene.illt a light tutn-tueno; now . ;. " 'r. ; v.
the pine spinas groaned anil the night Ji V. '', ,',
.p ut owl HluHMlut Iho l.npiess of u form di- 1 V" ' . 'fl1. ,
iimut vinely fair, while hI.o walled .1 .oere.mt , '
edof Hwaln; how .a ...an, or rto.nelhlng like, (0'' , ffi. '
I paratus on tho truck.
iho report ot Charles
nieilyfotvnian of tho Alett lloso Com
pany, gives tho names of thu uiembeiH
and oilicors of the company, and iccoui
mends Hie purchase of onu light lioo
cart and (UK) feet of cotton huso.
Ti'iiclii'M lull lluli'.
The County Iiistltutu for I'malilla
County will bo held lu Pcnillot-.ut August
-'lth to llHlh.
The Institute will bo conducted on the
Normal plan.
1'iof. Frank Itlgler of Portland ami
I'rof. (leo. A. I'eeblus of Salem, (wo able
teachers, will be in iitleuilanco, ami assist
in lie nolle.
Touchers aro reiiuc-tcd to biing their
text books, now lu iim lu the public
schuols, for they will be thoroughly
Ieachcrs aro leouestcd In mipnly them-
selven with llio Mist, Second, Third,
Ill lo it ureal hell) to
.iect toi'ass tho coming
uc nacv n boh - .n.. jh'o'.uii Krwo1.
to n k n i r c, i-z t i i k i h r m m k s s w s t o o k
I i;ii':ii i is!
Goods, Ftir.cy Goods,
a ami Shoo, otu.
and arr.inglng ovoryihinn in Hysliun.ille down, and lost lils tiine-caril altogelher.
form. Ituv. K. (I. Mlcliael wiwdeputlcd All I when planls ami Hoes, ami liiigsuuii
,..J loxiiuiinalinii, formally of Iho queslloiiH
' 111 i ..ri.... ..i...,i ... ... .....t....it tn i. .
Ti'tinerv, ,1 . Hrlgs' branch
a,u returned fr un his tour
' Itimr illev. l(o reiKirts
' Udlii'U'd on his plioto
" ' i,wi in ich greater than over
".1 'ii..' bin br.incli gallery
-f mnl all t loughoiit tho
S It jll lil'lil.k t. .irip-nitvil ll
.......v. ... i.iii,,,... ..
"lie- win iVidl -ton. Them
J u.iter,il lii.re for Ibis pur-
'p Of .4 I,, ,tl illl.l.
to preach this evening at eight o'clock
Mis. It. D. Wilson retuiuud on Monday
morning's train from her visit to tho
Willamotto valley, having received a
telegram from her husband that he was
verv sick and oithotit attoiiti n. Mr.
Wilson U now much improved in health.
Mr. A. W. Shul.o has bo.m nop luted
agent of the patented Hiriiiinghain bed
loiingo which is ;no t-t in tno marKot.
ll Is exceedingly slinplo in its arrange
ment, easily handled ami ipilte an hu
proveiiieut on thu old stylo lounges.
Tho iisressinent of Cenlervlllo pri'cliict.
us now I'liiiipleted, places the amount of
l.,abk projH'rty at -'l!l u huge in
i rfaso over that of I.imI year. Cotton-
Hi mil iiioiiiii'l immti'ii llni ,'finillv :iiii(iiinl
1)101.0 j , . . (u. . , y1Mj i,t rnlf
passing I "'
Mr. Mck I'nuor, of Ilia linn oi Alox
under A Kraer. has bjeoiiio a cltiiten of
l'endlbtou, taking mi aelivo luteiest in
the atr.tlrsof tho town. Mr. 1 "razor has
hitherto liwd on bis farm on llir.'h
creek, about Iho mile from town.
Olllces and Mcoph tooiin, in Iho
I''.M' Okkoo.nmn biiildliig. for rent at
muKoiiahlo pricon. Tenunts of tlio build
Ing have the privilege nf beat, imlhiug,
hot ami cold water, and other conveni
ences frvo.
Fnh'k : Colion lmvoii5ctlved advlcns
fnun I'ortlund to the oltbct tlut all grades
of sugar luneudvuiicod ihree-oialiths of a
. ml . . , . , I
cent it ixaimi. mis smpio is netHimiui;
Peei once learn to .all:, we all must learn
to In) moio cmefiil, for Iheie's many an
act wo mortals do wo would sooner cover
with tnu shade of tho plnu, without tho
ken of fairy eyes. Kven roiuo ancient
croiioii, who hit and mourn Iho degener
acy of youth, forget u time when they
wero young and spooned lciicatli this
same oiti ticc:
often asked at oMimlnallon will bo caio
fully o.plalucd.
All teacheiH in Ih.i public schools are
leoiiircd hy luw to attend.
Wo hope leacheiH will consider this
it privilege Instead of a duly.
V.i,ti;ii M. l'luiti i:,
ScIkmiI Supt.
Sweeping Reductions in Dry
t!ono, Clothing, Ooov
Owing to llio backwardness of tin- tnuli lhi-i -o.i.ii, we have an iit'eiiiniilatlou of
stuck which woil'iiiiit piupiwi to eairy over.
In order to get this ro.m, wo li.uo diH'ided t info: hi the public thai wo will sell for
the no?;! slt davs mu- Kuthe Stuck at
Wo guaranteo that gomls of u similar no din crtiuiut Ui piiicha'cd elsewh'ro
within (Iflccii per cent, of our pi ices. 1'iiP'liu-cr wnold in well to IvmiiiiIiio
our mock.
Protection or Tariff Reform.
Ilr-yotiil iiK'siloo, IhoTarliriii the Ihkih ii whirl' tin,
ami II lit'lii'otsrvi i.v lllzi'ti w lio vkoulil voii' liileliiiii'iil
p i' I wlili'li km Ium I.v iiIIVcIs Ii, li lnMirnl wciriirc.
,illli i'iiliiiiilKii will lie fnunlil
In luluriii lihui'lf upon n mill
A (limit I'iiiht,
Dining Iho coming I'lesldehtlal
Itetter to l.avo love.l and lost, than I JJ .f' J!!!;.
v i'ii u ') ui iiirhonlni ii ... r.. i. . 11......1 h....!....!.
HIik (Loire coiihl 'o.i-1 .
. - ' i - - l i ,,r ,, n.. i... ..ii .H....I. ... ,..
a'N'-v. iiiul nut lu com
"I" Wall.i W.dla for niusii!
' is la- ml uotbinu a-.
1 1 f'Ttland (n ok
l" f !' IcIino.sU f.,
liar ilv Ik.- oth riK,
p i .ik in tin1
ii- bai.'.i'ig ipmii.
1 a fl., ., us . ut.'il
''1 ' , ! .-or for to
S .' i ily KwtiiiK
novor to liavo loveil at all." For a frag
rance lingers Mill, tuid a tender thought
of tho pa-t will sweeten many u dreary
hour, 'iho oldest trees Imvo found It just
tlio same over since Adam courted hvo.
Vonus wan .vorsbippod ages ago, Diana
was equally revered, unit Cleopatra lost
a kingdom all lor love.
Tho creator endowed all niilmato nature
with thu Instinct of love, and men the
trees breath-it; tho littlo sliiubs nod It,
ami tho llowuis all look it. Thou whore
is there a litter placo than In nature's
Isiwur to cultivate 1'ivo, lovo punt, lovo
sweet, lovo dear to us all?
When outing, u little nioro lilsirty wo
gain, and n little moio fieedom take, and
tho hoart is base and tho mind untrue
thai can associate with nature, lu (iod'H
o.sn mountain solitude, without being
tilled with lovo for his handiwork.
tiii: cjiiu'I'h.
SioiuUliliiX Aliinit tlivlViitnl Shu"' r "fflU
Soils llrothen' circus Is in town, as
ovorv ono knows, and oxldbited lids af
ternlMin, Kcoiniinily giving general sutls
faction to thoo in uttutidunco. Another
' puifnriiiaiicu will oo giwii IhU inunllig,
ler will bo especially interestliu: and val
liable. Thoroughly independent, it will
treat all the issues of the o.uiip.iimi with
strict jiistico and liup..riaii!y. Written
ami illustrated hv tU led writers and
host artists at. ! vngraverH, Iho Him
traled Nowspapor will no simply hulls
ieusihlo to all who desire to ,o Ihor
oughly informed.
It will be cent to any iiildiesM six
months for 1'. SubsciiUi at oucu. Ad
dress, Mus. Fiianic I.ksi.ik, Publisher.
M,to&f7 1'ark Fl.uo, N. Y.
The Protective Tariff
Iti'Wli'o. wliiit i iioiuilly I'oiikiili ii'il ii iiuitl iilislrun! Mill
ncrw tf a Turin erlinri' fur iln' Ii urin r u wen n a k-m
II w
J r
thlnvrt who robbed Joe llanlerV store.
S!voiv nillck' stolen, howovor, known
fund by this duo they may yot bo oaP'lu1 ,,iverllsl. Tho procowlou Ibis fore-1 ll -.'ll l-IIIIWI ll .IM1'(IK WKl HO Hi,)
A. I.. Smith, formerly om
M'ltnnW lliiiw liL'iliiiiltoral
ivull kriiiuii in I'.Miilliiton. bus twiuo buck iiv Iho tlmo' tlio oint had ntiuled. Sell
again from I'oklu. Illinois, liN present j Hrothors can b us' oi an ohlbi;ioii ip.al
Imnie. I to any thai ovee visited the IMdoc t '.m;
. ii i . . a i. I ti. ....'t.. .intti, ,iti i vtniifllvo n.iiria '.. ii
.n out-ilnor iwoonii iiaiin sumo, inm nv ' M"V . nr.. ...... i if,i,.i, u-,.i n, ...... i.i.,ii,, h.mi
ably ill. adjunct of the cinais. hold forth I including a lnivo oi mx oiopii.u m aim Jff hUuuU, ami I
i , ... .. .... i ......! ,uiu A. iir..iiMi. -'ii 111! i ono ii, .......ii.i. iv..,. i, .n ,...i ..,..,. i, I
. ... I
i noon was iorha!i tlio largest and ikhI i'ii. ui-uiuri.. inr. r wouiii kh rrmi mimi
..Ployed in 'over kh.,, In IV.i.llolii. tl.u .rf tl. ff.i:.V.'V,r'iVinVl,UiViri i..?3:,ftM.,
store, and jtar.tdo nearly reaching l he circus grooml" I ttB. ., ..... in iinwiairc. Arilclc niuo
'iitrr ilim
Wo scum to have a chanco foi a Jinio
lion of the Hunt mad, running lluougli
by way of lleppuor to l'oitlaiid.
Mr. II. Sittou shipped a cut loud of beef
cattle ii short lime ago.
Mr. I.. C. Smith, of Denvor, Colorado,
Is in Kcho with W. I'. Owens. Thev ooii
templato moving a hand f ikHi lion-os
which thoy Isiuglit lu thu .lobn Day
country to tho Okaiiagaii loginn, via
iir.iuis and (V.linnliu through iho Yak
ima country, HlCK'h.
Comiiikskman 'In. is. liming his speccli
in Iho 11 otiM', snld :
"In utHtlh ii ui u-uil n :lu nslnolloii hh
-UIiiii Hid MiiiliKhI, Mini imuit o( tluit IihiI
Iri-r INI.
lug ;'.'i,itj,l hitil Ik-.iii iI mil 1111 I In, ,
; ii.:,.i u jg.awnnii in iwiikWooi i ".iiiiii Iiiul
Ui ii lltf clilof iMlin t ut tlitii-eoiiniry; yit
Hi,. lU iiillmti party luul put II mi tlm live
ni, niii iiii-y i.ri. nun i ; nil' wmii u wiw
Till iMHll: kllllWN III!' Ill lll'l It'll. I'tllH'l lit till' l'lll'l'M
till! IIOMt iSIIIlll'IIIIIIK fl'lllllll' III I III' IkHIK Ik IIN I'Vit'l III I
lli'lll I lUVvlUIIII.
'I'll'1 HWlltlll Of .Ml. Illlllll"' Tw ! I VllUN III I ,i .fi.-.i.
0i ill tlie'lnrlll'iiiiiilyxi'il, i'1'.llcl.i'l iiiul iuiiiIh lo f urn I- !i t. . ..
ui, n- ui i mi ir.'lK'iixli ii i.
i i. fur il,i l".n iiiiI.
- -o in hi mi tin' . (iiinli'.i , IVrli iih
'llll., Ill Willi III,' IIIIXMIU1 of IV' si-
I..K' ii up, lim iimhiiI.iiih
wo r filiation.
Tim form n wmi hu ll.
lug Mirsulin ll fnriiMi ..
It U an iiliP' nun iml.'..l
ry, Tliu work U .liiK'l,iuia u v.t ulu iiiiuiiimrion.
Hiilinl.tuiH uf tliu ImmiK I ui " mluiirl I", Mint I liuvn n i'O liolli
II. jrt ii' wnrl; uf iii'ihII.ij I'm IihIIi mini' s Hit' issmiU'.
IHtS M. bli KIN-.H.N. lMiiiHHli'r i. iiiml.
i'.,iwitluii if Hit' liiiii-tli'i' iiiul ill : l.'"l. I'f ilic I IOlll llVl llni
..l .n nil llli'lillllli' "l 'linn ri'iiiriu
I; v. TuVV.nnkmi ii. i
I lli'lll. IllUt till l . I- I' ' H U llH '.l I'.llllll 'll" iH'Ol. ll I" l"Ollll'Hl iiihiii fun I i
moiittil Inilln, mill I w..i ln,i id " r.i, ' 'I iikiiiiii'iii- ni.i Ih ,ni!i 'i nula anil inluU u
eviiry itllli'ii ritllnl iiihi'i ilila viir In vi.i" aiKiu I Ii ' m il . i . . -1 . i ! . -. . iUi'liiu of niirlil
iiiul Inilil. )iIN r. III.Ai Ii i .iiiiiiI-i mm ruf I'l'imlni),
W'l' lliki' liliuiillli' ll- 'I tl.iv Hi ii. ttnrk nor lii-nr'v 1 1 . it . r i - , ' I. ,n,.l iiiiiIiiioi'ImI lllul In
Olll ISlllllllllll'iu lllul I'llll il - Ill ' ! 'I'lul ' II- i . I ruin I lim .11 II..' vnll'lK uf llllllill..
hi l f DI'MOI Ii iTU I I. NTH l .IM, I i I Ii i II.I.INulH.
Anil niHiiy nllui".
inliin mu' Vi ui,...
lUuk noil n U hi I'loi 1 1 iiiul Kuiiil.W'i i'Uly Kum Hi.-
ii'iiiu Ahmm hi ;liih, iKtat iw'ii
. I a
CcihIIi'I'iii. Oi'i'UOii.
f ,
I v
1 it
tlll4 ' . UlMth IIVM vnp. -
: .Mr. S. Ison. ..f aker ( 'ity, father of , lw ZfiTIZ 'S 3
Judge l,.n. is h, tow. .,day. ,,,.., tlA
town ii.i.ihIv t..i'"- '' ". f..Llr .mil sii.Jh-s which HWIlNlieil III
.Mii'.'.Uvi,.. '. fhuinwii, liuitor -reek. , I the wal:o of every circus, heretofore visit-
f.' iso.i. wn-V.I Tho town Is not grtwtiy oversiocuei i.,..,.!!,,,..,. ar0 w t Ii Sells llroi.. no
il tlm luirnnr of Muin and Alt.i slnstts to
. ..... .i i i... i
. . . r av, una seeiueii to no n riiMiiiis nu-i
'"Ii ru 1 ii .-ioal ejtiit" .,.:: i
i a On i
f hi- iil, All.
, I inoccnili- ud
Uobort liarrott has fiitliireil a rol.iprtt,
and is again ill. i
Colfey Is now nearly couvnles
.tli.',, i...-. . w h rn,,iil,i for uireiw iiav." iilllioliuil
' t ... nf I'll t Kock i thoy would probably niako u largo crowd
' i s irinbed from , wero thoy rounded up."
s it li. ly in i. 'I'liat everlasting font uro w I hout which
"I"' iu ihetiiattor.no circus could lo i.mplote, tlio '
r- in irl sucieded. i lulloon iiii-ii, an' out in full forco i.n
' a S I l i'iuiIm linvn I Llr.ir.lu tn.iluv'
' liiu Cioek i:.mU ,1'idgo . Kvorts .and
wife, of l'endleti n. arrived in our lairg
Tuesday. Thoy . ill reside with us for a
time to como.
J. II. Irvine, tho Nimby of Helix, is In
Fl . . l..k 1t. I aiAl iktTli
10W 11 10-lI.iy. 110 s.i)S "u ""V Vi i , ulthniil
to seo the circus, but to take in Iho olo ; '
M a lorn i
laten nn
' " T a ell m(
'in n
'l lll'sf
rrow county,
run i nam
ho countv K'a
" I oy a elou l
Uer-'il to tho
uul the lirc-
i i fearful vis
ts, SCf Illillglv
uue, oi ix mi
ll i.i,. f. r il,..ir nlimiiLM. ami 1111 tact
MUVW.ItU ,.' ...v.. -
al'iuo spuals vol iiiios lu favor of llio
, imiiitt-nniHiit of thco iinntloiueii. Iho
largo numlwr of H' plo who camo totown
"to take in tho slow ," not in.g swin
illudout if their coin by any df'-ol'iul
I schotncB.ciin goh"ino happy iu Iho belief
i that thoy have real veil the worth of
1 their inotiov pabl in d tho ticket wugon.
' Sells Ilros.' circus ia indeed a "mam
I motli tonlcil aggregation," its canvas
1 coveting a large area of ground. It Is ae
' cnmiianied bv the usual "sldo-show,
... . . . ... I I..... A
nil),., ill u ii i'ii no circus is ruioiit-ui.
largo crowd attended this afternoon'M ox
r -t the ludoinitablo cili-
. 1. 1 , 'o Hvo Ihrinmh Tho coi
k0t! IU iJ..ii ami ' 5 1
tui.i . rovuienro mav ounuing.
Jctieerful smilo Instead of i ..v- Will!,,-,. H. I
iueir bravery U to Cal., faUier of Mrs.
phant. ; hibition, and all worn satisfied with i tho
Samuel V. Putnuin, Iho celobrated e,lt0,ta,IIII0t otrered them. Tho largo
''fieo thought" orati.r, will deliver an ad-1 utt0mUnl.o wjjj ,)robably Ixi duplicated
dress in Pendloton on August 15th. i ovening.
Tho conductors laying over hero, six in
room in tho Hast Oiieuoniax
Howard, of Anderuon,
N, E. Deujuin, la tn
i town.
We ask everv reader of tho Daily and
Send-Weekly Kakt Okkookian to en
deavor to secure ono or more campaign
subscriber! to it. SemlSeekly. to o
fember 15, 1838, 75 cents: Dully 1..
Estes & Guilds,
l'rojili't(.r it Hit'
UTAH hii, I
Baled Hay and Grain.
Nplemllit ttl, Mliiuln or lloulile, uml
Nuilitlo llorncM uluay'H mi liunil.
norm's liou i'ii fit liy tlietluy.
H'ri'U ur Jlioitli.
All Klndii of Ked Kur Mule, In Srimll or
Corner 12tb auj H HI"., Callirdrul IIIkoW.
CloiMe will rron In lli new bullUlm;
Hrptrmbi-r Slh,
Tbe Indltntlon ! cinpowert-d In confer uc
dcralc lionor. rorcan.ioKuu,miurt
JUv.I)IllK.-TOU II. A. V.,
IS tyr Vanconver, W. T.
Wall Paper, Laco Curtains, Window Shades,
Oil Cloths, Linoleums, etc.
The "WHITE" Sewing Machine,
Failing's Carpet Store,
Muln Htreot, neaj tlio bridge, I'enalolon, Oregon.
llKAl i It IN
Now and Socond-Hand Furnicuro, Stovos,
Conor-cil Housonolcl Goods,
Godding, and
Goods sold on tho Instullmsnt
A.. W. SO 1 I
Main Street, -
Plan, on Eu3y Torms.
1'entUeton, Ortyun.