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il'".r. under thu man
4Hvm '"'Vi.,,.i. Hi- will li
uonier i . ivnuirtoii, uhtl
i .tftmni .v. i "ih'v:
,Tn unu" i,rii,uii:. iio win
. nimifUIlill'lis.-
" i ft ifltifri 1L 1! UHSi
I,f li from your neighbor.
, tho warp, u""". "
gibing W going ciicur
t . resilient of roiullcton
ot V.. n.llv Kaht Ok-
...i.it Mt tills forenoon on a
ptoWwon, nn ' -"
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Att City " ",U
j... l.iw iiuHK lor sale on
Icrmi'. 1 or punicum, m-
.... fiofoiln imtn writes an
1 i-i .t .Mim whether uuv
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I It nf tin).
Howard are compelled to
itir cntlio Mock of boots and
the next thirty 1.i.vh.
!il tluc Itopaln A Howard
inllicluiKWofiiii attorney
3tn Atigtint iKt.
1 ratlin,: a piece of loathor
it serious niistnku and
' I ,.f 1,1a Illll'nrM. III!
idliiin.vii from his inggy
.. I .t.. .it u.nmttlilll'r III tll
iiifji i vi-sterday, anil tiled
after from i.tn Injuues.
1' 1,1. ,11 II, Al' ll'IH II iHVlt
;jdi1 I'M ike corner of Main
iffi'ii. ami vou will have no
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v I lti'il l.nbuiistclti lum
.i -J I lit Pendleton lor mo
it.i. lln Inn iroue to tho
itu.:i pleasure-seeker, but
Dtl 4 lll.lll III lii, "iiv .
iuilv la r Oin:osi,s ono
Ewr'v HUlulielns. (let one
n r in u i! in" ii.
rwrv re.i'lcrof tho Dully and
kfure ono or nioto campaign
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W II, reilllMtTUI.V l" "
Ki. 7 I IKIltS DllllV.
Midi i-Iilll-SIIlUIl, III1U III
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or uivm ill iiiu r-miu, in in
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wm Lclnif abHont in tno
llif MUJi gN.it ItitorcHt WIIB
mill, fitiutcd on I'ovorty i hit
Willi, hui liiirneil to tho
'jM. Imt it will bo ooii-
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THrt.e. North Pnrlr lIni? tho
Uiuntorrtund flxhcrmmi. con-
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I itt. F J I nuior uixl Mr.
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.ei eral travelln i(;ent
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irniiies were i tlio
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feitt "Ililivn tho linn fnr
' 'n i. take . jio nf. Tbia
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if 1,0 rirUcl to
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.11... . ' 'w "r un .Ujm'Ih',,
uwttS?.rti,er d.rivere "over
"Juans they don't get.
Tho thrco tramps arrested yesterday,
after being confined in Jail, nt omo began
to look around to tea wlmt tbov could
Btcal, true to their iiiiturc. Seeing H. M.
Tweedy, a half-crazy ininato of tho ew
tabllshuiunt, tho idea ntruck thoni thut
bo would be a good mibjecr. for thioverv,
und il was ut once put in practice. Iio
wart Htrippcd of neatly all hit, clothing bv
tho vugs, but tho robbery wan discovered
by Tweedy h relatives, who emtio in to
visit hint, and his wuidrobo was restored
by tho J.dlor at their discovery and com
plaint. Tlnk French and Al Despaln liuvu
returned front th ir oxtended hunt
ing, fishing ami mining ttip to the
(trcenhorn uiouittaius, tho balanco of
the paity stopping at Teel sprlug-i on tlio
lutitrn tup, not yet being Hiirfci oil witlt
mountain life and its pleasures. The
boH created iiulto a sensation on riding
into town, looking like u couple of desper
adoes with their mustangs and pistols.
Tltoy very uatiinillv ie)ort a lino time in
tho rugged mountains, "far oil' from the
madding crowd."
A prominent young man wont to n
hotel in l'cndlotoii tho other evening to
engage a bed. Ilo also asked for a Blieat
of paper on which to write a letter. Ilo
liaptieucd to bo unknown to the night
clerk, and was lefmed lxth without a
"put up" in udvanco. Tho fact that ho
wub suspected of Itclng u dead-beat nat
urally aroused his nngcr,aiul ho departed
in high dudgeon for another hotel.
Whether tho Joko is on the young man or
the nlgltt-cleik still remains in doubt.
Five, soldiers from tho Walla Walla
garrison cutno in on tho train yesterday
evening, and left on tlio west-bound pas
senger train for Vancouver, T. Tltoy
aro men picked from etch company at
Walla Walla for superior marksmausltip,
and will contest in Vancouver with tho
jlck of sovetal regi.tients on thocoast and
In Arizona. After the contest, the four
finest marksmen w ill bo bo selected mid
sent to Fort Mugara, to take part in a
national content.
Tho upper Columbia river Is to Uo navi
gated. iSleauioirt aro already on tlio
river, and on u trial trip tho steamer City
of Klloushiirg went from Port Kuton to
the Okanogan tiver and up that stream
ten miles, and returned, making the
round trip In thirty-three hours. Tho
country opened up by this now .-ile.iuiboat
line ii a magnificent one, rich in both
agricultural and mineral resources.
It is stated bv th Oroiroti Made that
tho Stars weio defeated In their gunio at
Haker City with tho picked nines, coin
posed of llolso, North Powder and 1 1
liiando nines. This is u strungo mistake
on the part ol tho iiliule, and will lie
deemed intentional miles u correction Is
made. Tho Stain won every gamu In
which tltoy contested.
0car Crau N on the programme for
to-day's gauio hct.vceit tho I'ottlamN and
Willamette at l'oitlattd, as catcher for
tho former club. A rupnrt of tho umiiio
and his work behind tho b.it will bo
looked for anxiously in Sunday's Ore
goui.iu by his Pendleton admirers.
.1. F. ltoliluson has returned from
Mcachaui, to remain In Pendleton to-day
and tomorrow. Ilo has not yet ob
tained his fill of tho pleasures of moun
tain life, and will lucaiii depart for tho
similes of tho pines on Monday noxt.
As soon as ground aro obtained, a
stock company formed, and ovorythlui;
Mjitlxfnrtiirllv urriiiiL'oil. tlio Stars will
ciiallougo the Colf ix nine, which appears
to bo so awfullv anxious to cross bats
with the Pendleton boys.
Centervlllo Homo Press: Tho Pendle
ton Stars havo Just caui-o to feel proud
over their victory at tho basnball tourna
ment held in linker City last week.
They were given a grand reception when
they returned bundiiy nlgitt.
Mr. A. II. Hurler, who has been visit
ing relatives hero, together with his two
daughters, was cotncllcl to return to
his homo in .Mlmuy last oventng, Having
leccived word that his immediate pres
ence was necessary.
Robert I louden-on, of Silver City,
Idaho, blew out the gas in a Chicago ho
tel several nights ago, and when found
was barely nllvo. It Ih thought ho will
recover, although it Is a "cloo shave."
Another "advance brigade" of Sells
Ilros.' circus passed through town j ester-
dav. It looks like tho elicits was com-
posed entirely of "advanco brigades," so
ireiiuem aro ineir visits.
George I), ltlchlo, of Camas pralrio,
lias been granted a pension of itf er
month with about )W) back pay. Mr.
Jllchlo is ono of the veterans of tho. Mexi
can war.
Drs. Kagan and Vincent visited Sam
I lavs vctordav, and report that ho is do
itig'siilendidlvi and is getting well vory
rapidly for u man with a badly-brokon
Mr. J. .1. Worcester and wife will
loavo on to-night's tndn for Cayuso, to
si-end another Sunday on ft search for
tho "sjmckled bcautios" of tho Umatilla.
Chatles Wilkins is etnjaged to-nay In
removing his family and Iwloiigingu to
his neat now resldenco on tho hill south
of town.
It, Cotfev, Indian Agent, has rt notice
under "New To-dav" of intoivst to per-
sons gunning and itching on tho rjecrva-'Hon.
His Grace. Archbishop Gross, will lee-
.ilnlhou- Itt.rroli Wuulil llnvo llrcn (liven
Work ir tin lint lirrn Cupnlite .Mc
clinulc. PlINDIiKToN, July S(l, 1888.
To tlio IMIIorot the Kn-1 Orroni in.
Ill tesponso to tliearticle published In
yourjiaperof Thutsday, I will take pleas
ure in explaining the matter to vour
renders. 1 can snv vou Imvn Immi "mli.
Infornieil concerning' tho matter. You
and tho general public know tho French
mechanics, and know them to bo free
and liiierat men, far above small ucllons.
inoy never boycott any one, no matter
who they aro. It takes niaons who
know their trado to wotu with them. If
wo need Mono masons we can eel thmn
everyday In Pendleton.aMgocdwoikincu,
or neiier, tnnn .Mauiow iierron, Imt tltov
are not cupablo of doing the work reaulreil
of tbetn. I wish you would got Mr. Iier
ron a joii.il you can,
Ilntrl ArrlvnU.
Viu,Aiii) Housk W U Calhoun, Cen
tervillo;CV llansler, J J Scheliner, F
W Husey, 11 M Parkhtirst. G II Kngllsh,
J Suldar, .1 Garrig.iu, udvanco brigade
No. U., Hells Ilros; T II Walsh. V S
i-ord and who, l.a tirandoj W C Starr,
San Francisco: Geo JI Saubert. Sulont:
It P Klllott, St Paul; .1 F Clark, Denver:
win .MiiHKciyno, naucr ttty: Thos II
Cox, Island City; .1 15 Kecnev, .loo Gar
rett, city; c M Campbell, O It it N Co;
J II llottefiel, Santa Monica, Cal; .1 K
iortli, O lUVTltltCo! F A Frisch
I...... i n it-.. ii... n t ii tt
"iii, i,iiuw,,u x iiiiiiun, iiitrvov
Harris, Julius Ileilbroitiell, PortlandjGco
(llHtl'lln. MltMllllfltl'll (-IrfMIU
(iiii.iii-v lirii- s ll rViii.iiii ..id.
........ - - - ' Illlli, VII. ,
Frank Haniia, 1) .Murphy, Cold Spring;
H Campbell, 0 Hardwlck, city; Mrs
i.i'.iiiner, a umison, oyo; . u itennick,
.innipor; Mison, itng crock; J II
Ogg and brother. Nolitt; Frank Williams,
Muuntaln; M Wild, wife and mother,
country; T Seragg, W llrown and famllv,
lloWMAS Horsi: K F unmet. Diilutli.
Minn: Miss Sullivan, Mrs Cahnbach, l.a
Grando; M 1 Mullory, Walla Walla; C II
White, I.aGrando; Win Kobltison, Ar
lington; MrsC W Gates, Haker i!v; J
: Mills ami family, Kingsville, Mo; '.Miss
i.ciniuoii, Kansas; .icsse urimcs, I, M
Hi-own, C Gerald, 'II C .Muir, Trinidad,
Cal: Pat Carroll, Cluirlio Shafer. Asnen:
August Fessel. Jco Mack, Falrplay; C F
urievo, k I-, upon, , lames i.it, Denver;
Win McFtill. Cartlmifo. Mo: A McDon-
i- noil, W.I (iihlaiii, Denver; D McDonald,
a i A Campbell, Peter Welch, K O Town-
semi, Collins, i.a(irande: .1 iv Meant,
Weston: C II Nafienlto, Ilakor Cltv; C
W Shank, J Melquist, The Dalles.
"Si-i-oinl to linker lly."
Tho Haker Cily Detnocmt man Is ihw
sesfcd with extraordinary powers. Ho
thinks Haker City comes first; Pendle
ton si-cond, of tlm towns of Kastoru Ore
gon. Tho 1?at Oiit:mNiAX of course
iliil'ers with thu Demisinit man, but Is
willing ti admit that it is in a position to
bo prejudiced; so is the Democrat man,
but Is willing to leavu it to the record of
both places and the progress each has
made in I bo last live years. The Demo
crat enthusiast speaks us follows of Pen
dleton and linker.
"The last issuo of tho Kaht 0ui:aoNi.N
was brimming with good cheer over the
news that Pendleton within a few- weeks
would become tho end of a division of
tho Wallula branch railroad; also, cen
tral division of tho 0. It, Si N. system,
Wo aro glad of Pendloton'H good fortuno,
and Iiojk) sho will reap every benefit kis
slblo. Pendleton Is u live, progressive
town, second only to Maker City in all
the great Inland F.mplro, and is dentincd
to 1h a larga city some day. Hy tlio wily,
sHaklugof this divirioti iiuestlon, it is
now strongly ninieii inai iiukoi- city is
upoily situi
Tlll.V Alti: CD.MIMl.
Hi-ll" llrollirrA' Stioiv to Apiienr llrro an
AuRimt Htli-l',,n( Aim ill the Illntnr)- or,
tlio .Men uud Tlu-lr Kthlltllli'UK.
Sells brothers wore inerclmntH in Co-i
luntbtiB, Ohio, about twenty jears ago.
They started Into the show business in u
small way, but always managed to give n
gocd ling i eifoiinunce. 'llioy mudo!
monoy ino ursi season that was about t
fifteen years ago and put the money ,
Into the show. Hvery vear thov improved I
their menagerie and invariably beat all f
competitors in thu iptalitv of the show
lit the urona. They visited tho panto
territory in tlio Mississippi vallev year(
after year, plaxhig to tho same "jicbple
and to steadily Inereailng business.
While them were fc.ihi ns when l!arnum. '
Van Atnbiirg and (?ooier it Hulley, hail
tho larger nienageriu, nono of them came
up to Sells ltrothers' ling ticrfonnanccs. ,
That was tholr big card, und thev alwavs
gmo what they advertised, llero was;
the secret of their success. And un-!
other tHtltit, tltoy always preient their,
exhibition witli as much care und elabor
ateness in. the smaller cities us in tho i
mctroolitan centers. In another column i
win uo iutiuii ii iisi oi mis year's ultra ti
ll its. NunieroUB enough and fine
enough are tltoy. What will pleato thu
lieopio of this coast most will bo tho army
of great buro-bnek riders. Tito Kansas
City Titnos, in the course of u long and
interesting article, contained tlio follow
ing: "Ten thousand people cheered as
tltoy never did before at Soils llrothors'
circus last night. The great white tent
was packed to suffocation, and still a
crowd besieged the tlckut wagon, which
the jHilice ordered closed at a quarter to
8, so fearful weio they that u panic
might occur. The surprl lug merit
of the Sells' show was full v known
here, und all Kancus City was' anxious
to pay homage to a management
that has created such a stir throughout
the country. Thoo who were forlunuto
enough to gain admittance were abund
antly rewarded. Illuso show-goer we ro
dumbfounded to find that it is still poti-1
bio to proKcnt entirely now and thrilling I
circus acts. Thu thrco rings and hungi
stage blazed with marvelous and pctllous
feats during thu circus proper. The!
shooting exlilhtlon by Cupt. Ilngurdtis'
und his gifted sons, tho twenty-threo I
horse act in tho eclipse, and the "hippo-,
drome race, wrought thu uudieucu up to:
a delirium of excitement. Sells
llrotliers scored an uiimistukahlu triumph
hero yesterday. ;over befoio has a cir
cus eslatilMtuieut given such thorough '
sutifluctlou in this city, and for tlio litsl
tlmo Iiiu one roliglim-dy fullflllod all its
A Narrow i:iMii'
Mr. Put ritt, the old gentleman who
owns tho Bureau saloon in Pendleton,
came very near "shiillling oil' this in irtnl
coil" tlibt morning in uo very ple.is.iut
manner. Ilo was ono of thoso unfortu
nates who tiro iui-t sulllcieutlv late to bo
compelled to nut to c.it'b a train; bo
was nuccesslul cnoituli to cntcit tlio vwtiln
Walla train, but hi') mannurof doinuso
camu very near costing him his life. He
caught hold of the liiind bar and at
tempted to reach tho steps between the
passcngor coacn and sicccr, nui instead
wus thrown between the two cars, duni;-
lint: there, and holding on for dear life.
Just us li s situation becatno desiHiiilo.
and ho was on the point of falling nil', be
was icsciicd and hauled on to thu plat
form by tlio conductor, ttcmbling llku an
aspen. It wus u narrow et-capo from a
lioriiniu end.
The Largest and Most Complete Stock of
Castor, Lard, Skidgate, Pioneer,
Black and Golden
n Eastern
Man Oik
We Guarantee Our Brands
to Give Satisfaction.
Despain Block, Pendleton.
F. J Donaldson & C
Wo ivrry tlio Inrecii ii'N'irlnioiil of
Watches, Clocks,
Jowolry of Evory Doscription
llvctj lliliu- wiiinuit'il to ln in, ii'iri'M'iii'i,
Watch Repairing a Spocially.
Tlio lli'Bliiiilin;.
The chanuo of division wont Into effect
yesterday. In tho ovening it mudo a
very apprccianio diiiereiico in mo liveli
ness ol thu streets. Mvuriiis ol icopiu
went nbouid tho wcstlsmn'i train, yestur-
lav uveulni;. and it was nuiiu eitteriaiit-
ing to wut ell tlm dusty, truvol-sttilucd
lassengurs Jump from tlio train and Hock
or the hotels, tho stimulus of hiitteer
milling great celerity to tluir movements.
The good ull'ect of tint change Is already
making itself decidedly felt, every tran
sient pnssouirer leaving moru or loss
ready cash, which finds lis way into the
tills of the hotels und stores, und from
tiicru into general circulation.
protK'iiy situated to Iiocoiiio tho end ol a
division, and It is very probablo they
may conclude to inako it so within tho
next few months.
A liimi'lmll Ntm-lc Coiiipunv.
Anotlior nieotlngof Urn Pendleton Huso
ball Association was held Ftlday evening
In tho P.AxT Uiii:ooman olllco. A (jre.it
deal of informal dincitsslon was carried on
about tho feasibility of forming a stock
company for tho purchase cf grounds, in
older that PoiulK'ton might havo full op
portunity for n toiiriiauiuut, and liherty
to iudiiliru its buKuhall fever in tho future
to its fullest extent. Witlt this in view, a
committee consisting of Mosrs. Turner,
I.lverinotu and Carter was aptiointed to
draw up nrtlcloH of Inconior.itloii for a
baobal' stm-k company. J hoy were fur
ther autliorued to see on what terms
suitable grounds for baseball purjioses
could bo purchased, Tho grounds now
l,i iliiv ..irihiut nt tt unrtli.ti fif Hin nlil r..
f A fninL- tni.nllinv uttli tlii i.r.jni
Hiilninllil i tin-' maintenance forever
inoud, and every onjKiitunlty for specta
lots to witness and enjoy the game, Mr.
J. II. Turner has promised to mlwrlbe
fliiO wottli of ftcok to the association to
purchase thoso (.-rounds, und cptito prob
ubly others will follo-v his example. The
croat national gan.o nf America has
found a firm footing, and many enthusi
astic worshipper in Pendleton.
Castor, Lard, Block and Golden Machine Oils,
n-Vt miiirniitco the quality of our b'mmN to Imj ih n-iir
ntcit, a' nrli'i'S Hint ili'fy coin-
Protection or Tariff Reform.
Ili-yninl (iicslloii, tlm'iurliri lln-1- ii on which IIiih-iuiiIiik i .i' 'IhiIvii will 1st lunulit
mill It Ix'liimvc" iviry i lt,.i n Iio JniiM mii Inlcilk'rnll.v In Infiirin h'lii.rlf iipnii a will
Ji'it wiili'h sorloM'ly ulli-i n Iik . inH,rii .rlfaii'.
The P
tsve Tariff,
1 1 Can't Hi I iiiilt;il.
It Is painful, wo know, hut the Itepub
licau organs must really be held to their
platform, 'tho freeing of whisky, says
tho Trlliimo, Is "not an IminiMli.iio oolicv,
to which tho purlyiis definitely com- j
milled, but a step wlijiiijthu liupublicaus
would rather lako man give up Itrmlim wluu m iikuii ,,,,.ti ,i imuosi nuirur siiojh i i-iwy of . ..in t,r lM-iinli
till lirotectlVO SVSlem. MICU lO IIIU li'r.v imu inrill I irt ill l-l i n- uu- n-.iriii-i i. u, n iim-ik,iii. im-1 1.11 I'hiiiimi.
toxt. Tho platform says: "Wo favor the ! iiHui.oilt "oioi"
entire renoal of thu Internal taxes rather 1 limit t.iuvnliimi.
'than ll"1 surrender of unv turt of our ''!' iltiou of Mi. IIIhIiii-'k "Thihi hih in ( nniiriH," is title n up, hu iniitioiiN
Ii vdl
rm I nil , rt.-. -I nt tin, I'ruti i'lli' -J t iu Ir mi llirnilllltr.v, l'i iIiuimi
i.r., i,f i'ii, Imm.k I-Mk rx irt uIIkhi , ,.,tli 1 1 n niint(i, of I'ivkI-
w ar tat ill'. It ciu't
gled away from.
This means thu ! "'"m
of a 47 per cent,
bo dislged or wrig-
,iiinl.iil, nrllli'lwi l Mini iiuiilu in furnish im-lr own r, ftitiitlon,
from Cniijiiii City. :
(no. Martin, wltn for soma timo has
llwi'tt sojourning a ( .invoti City, hasio
l impil. Ilo briiiL'-i lack tho n'iort that i
His antra. Areliul ion uross, win cc-, , , f w u Uq ,, VCJ. .
turo In tho Catholic chruch to-morrow at litlIo 1)llhlmH ,uiK transacted there at
10:80 A. M. , i,rc.,mnt. 'I ho inwcoert.hoiij there looms
It Is now the dullest season of tho i ., on ., uttrucnv i i-tto, and Imparls un
year in tho clerk'H olllco. a(r of rospectability to tho town. Tho I
W. S. Ford, tho genial landlord of U iuv crop that 8c tlon will bo somewhat i
(irando, Is in town. Hhort this season, this, together with a ,
iiittio mining ai.u MuCK-rutiniiK. dcihk nio
The Hurteter on luTraveli. town's main do mdetice. Kmio little
Tho combined harvester left Friday I placer 'and muru-Hiting :1s carried on
afternoiii I for Temple's farm. Its , trip J near Canyon 'Ity and ' hig ton
IthroiiL'li tho streets was a sort oi in- At iiouinsviuo. iony uuiun in.u.n, ..
Hiiccuro Jim" and
lln In (iHtllnir Muil,
IVoin (ho New York Wotltl.
The siucoru and earnest elToi Is which
aro being made to render thu present
campaign one of urgumuut und not of
iiursoiiulltles uiu met witlt such discour
agements us tho fol owing from thu Picss, j
tho ureal organ of war larlll': j
Tho man who hays that lieu, Harrison i
is In favor of admitting Chinese lulsir '
into tho Culled ritutes, or who says ho i
voted to do this, is an unmitigated liar, j
And tho Iio is nono the loss a hu because ;
tbu cowardly liar hides his identity lie-1
hind thu inystlo editorial we.
The form ns witll in. tlio siiImIioku- of Ilo- lux tic U hum! hiIiiIII'uIiIh, mill I llnvo siiu tiiith
lliXHiirHisltij forutu In tlu jiini work nf Miri-Hilliiki ( lit- trull, uiiiuhk Hit- ihopIi-.
IsiN M. nicKINNUN, 1'iwtiiiiwtnr ihiii-nil.
It Is un uMi' mill loflcnl iixuhltloii nf I lit liijintlic mill ilii'isliii, nf tlm ntotivllMi tlm
ory. Thu work U '.Iiifly.iiiul u iry Viilutiiilorniilrlliiltliiii mi llir lllinilorc ,. luiltr inform
It W. illWNHKNIl. M. C
I notlitr Unit lliiK iMHik U K'CkivIiik n-ut i-'iiiiiiiiiiiliitlou, II U IhiUiiiiiihI iiimu fiiiutit
liK'iilnl truth, noil I u'lali Hint Uu- fui't ami iir'iiini iil iiuiy In- in lit- lunula uml inlniU o
i-Vi-ry ullivn tmllwl Hmiii ih yi-nr to M,li-iii)in Uu-Kruiit i-i-oiintiili'iil iiui-atlniiK nf suri'lil
uml Itirlll, (li;N. JOHN ('. l.,A('K,('niiiiilssom riif IVtislou.
W'eluki' ii-imiiii If Klvlnu IliU work nitr hnirly liuliirx-uii" I, n ml ii-piiiiiiiiiii Hint In
nil I'lllilliillli-i-Hiiliil I'IiiImiiuisI In I'Xli-iiilliiix IN i-ln-iiliitliiii miinii Hi" voti-iKiif 1 1 1 1 tM .1st.
HfATi: 1U..MIX ll TJC li.NTKAl, ( ll.M.Mini.i; Uf II.I.INOIti
And iiiniiy nlhiiv.
l , ii'irlv ill lull r ll
: .. . . "A " ,. i.u T..,..trln.. moliiiis. of L.oitl. or itl.400. In live weeks.
i i.LinrH iiiii!.ni tin iuiivin " i r .
Sis horses were all that were necessary Mm tin Iitiurvlowe.l
Wo usk every i cutler of thu Daily and i
Sattil-Weekly Ktsr Ohkooxiax to (in
deavor t i hccuro one or iimro iMtiipaign '
suUscrJbors to it. Pomi-Wookly, to
iNovetuner 15, 1K3S, 75 cents; Dally 1.S5. "
i Hook iiotiiut
ItixiK Aloiin,
ii (imli ami mmil-Weekly Kit (ireuoniuii Ou- . ur
II (Jlt.lll, fNWl
. i u
I'm it 1 1-to ii Orctfou,
to lltllll
tho machine
twenty iiro
t.. tin, farm, lll-illoli . cii nnis. "
necessary to its HioriiF las-kwisKl
i ii , ..
ii- muruereii ii-iuiiy
wth being airain
in tho harvest field. , bjhlnd tho pris "i lx..s. inv mue uon
nco struck terror to cfK.tedthe arn that lckjvcKl committed
l iii-oimloof tho I sulfide, but wili swing all the sumo for
nnimtilH tioil to tho hitch nc-rtick on Alta their crime
street, got excited and twisted tho tongue j - -
nirilm t,mfi. to which they were at-1 oaek every
tuelip.l. Itoforo leavinc. tho huge ma-1 Seml- eckly
chine was photographed. Kb trip across
tho Main street bridge was a novcre
to that-struct uro.
reader of tho Daily and
Kast Oauoo.NiAN to en
deavor to secure ono or more catnialgn
subscribers to it. Semi-Weekly, to No
vember 15, 1883, 75 centa: Daily l.a.
OUTCIIKIt M Komr, nr., July JO, Ui, to
Hit- wife (if I. U. imichvr, u iTirl. Mother I
uml child dolutf wi-ll. 1
ni:v To.ii.iv,
All peniona are nr-ri ntniiiru inai on nun
after llil date no liuntltiK oi nhootlriK will
be ullowed Uxiu Hie UliliKlllu Intlluti reei
vutlon without a apeclul jicrinll lit wrltm
from me, an J In no event will hiniHiu or
klinotlce be allowed thereon on HuiiiIhh,
Bated July a, Una. II. COfVK Y,
and Socond-Hantl
Stovoa, Boddlngr, and
Coods sold on tho Installmont
Main Street,
Plan, on Easy Torms.
----- J'emlleton, Oregon.