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A l ltKi: I.IItUAUY.
I'ntrotm uf the Dully op Seinl-AVrrkly
HAST OltKOONIAN mil freely make, line
of the i:AHI' OltlUIONIAN llbmry when
ever they mi ilmlrc. The tulillr r enr
dlully Intlleil to visit the otllce whenever
o Int-llncd.
I, fl..ffnl l" money or Hump w"l
'"'"i'mMWckly 1JA8T OllKOON-
mitr until nr tn novwurr
on,.Onen , . hn
Le Dully'""" '
P,"n(ttl ..ftbn"r'ill.
NO. 124.
)L. 1.
Has beem taken oil both
roolen and Cotton Goods
Not by Congress, but by
And they now oiler their Largo and Complete tock of
Examine their goods, get their prices, and convince yourself
Lt the above are not mere assertions, but that they will sub-
jDtiate what they chum. Theirs is not an "lnlant Industry,
ercfore they have discarded Protective Prices, and will freely
lett competition iroin all quarters. Uiey carry a
eneral Merchandise Stock
Consisting of
staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Men's Boy's and
Oniiaren s uiouning, jrurmsning- wooas,
Mens Ladies and Children's Shoes
Straw and Felt Hats, Crockery
and,Glassware, Groceries,
Hardware, Etc.
Cheap News!
Tlx JS oxxH-7e olily
Bast Oregonian
from now until after the Presidential election
in November for
Stamps Taken.
Address :
East Oregonian Pub. Co.,
Pendleton, Oregon.
Great Western Bakery.
M.l Oil A TZ, Proprietor.
Frosh Eastern Oysters, In Every Stylo.'
Mitln Street, near l'ostojjlro, I'en'lleton
H da iv
Wine and Spirit Merchants,
VUJr PONSAROIN CHAMPAGNE. (Yellow Label.) Jiu3dw3m
L Meets lit tlif MiikoiiIc Temple on the,
2nd mill -It li KrklnyM of cuch month, nt 7:TU
O'clock. .1. 1. IIUS1IKE, 11. l.j T. 11. OLOITON,
KUN'.tK 1.01)01: "no. 81. A. K. A A. M.
Meet on (ho ncconit mill fourth Mon
tluys of ouch mouth, til. 7s30 n'clo k. It. J.
IIkan, V. M.J W. K. I'OTWINK.M-eretiiry.
F:N1)M'.T0.V 1.01)01-! NO. M. A. K. A A.M.
Mucin In tlin Maoonlo Temple on Iho
II rut linn tlilnl MoihIunn of i-hcIi month lit
TM o'clock, t. .1. Million, w. M,: it. ,M.-
mij r.otKJK no. in, v. o. u. w. Meet
every Tll'llniluv nlir'it nt tha Knirlni-
lion-', 'll II u ocinCK. ,l, i;. l.KANUIIK. ill.
W.; K T. Tu.tn.N, Kteortter.
17UJKKICA 1.0IKIK NO. .'. I. O. O. I'. MecU
1 tvery rutlur.liiy Ivt-nluir nl7::U) o'clock.
T. J. Million, N.u.; K. K. Hiiiinin.Hccrctiiry.
O. I'. Mi'Ptx on tlic m-rimd und butt
Thursday of inch month, nt T.'tW o'clock.
Lot I.ivkiimoiik, o. I'.; 1-:. R Hit Aiii.N,Horlhc
Paumnk nrnKfo lodok. no. is. i. o.
O.K. Miff tho first ii ml thin! Thins,
tiny of each month.
AKMONY I.OWU-! NO. 21. If. Of V.
I L MctM In Odd I'VllnwH Hull every Tile
tiny cvet.lng nt 7;30 o'clock. .1, ('. Lkasuiik,
O.I:.i CI. VHITAKKI,K. of H.iiml H.
DAMON I.ODOH NO. 4. K. W P. Mcct In
O III KcIiox-h' Hull I'vury Wcdncnliiy
4'Vi-MliiK nt 7I.10 o'clock. M. MoiiKIIKAI), 0.
0.: 11. aAltflKLI), K. of It. mill H.
KIT OAKMON 10T, (I. A. It., mcdK nt
Wliiflcf'K llnllovcry ThiirNiluy nlislil.
II. H. WAi'i'Li:, Cotnmiiuilcr; J. H. Howkn,
ti:n tiiolsanh doi.i.aus htoi.kn.
Drink Druvx Hint to Sulclilc-Tlic Dcfc it
of tho .liilut l.cnn Mnko u Dlrcitur Itc
kIrii A UoiiRrcKiniiiiii Itrnluim Tlin Hi
imlillcnnt ill Work mi i Turltr lllll Tho
I'rlco of NiiRiir Urol)" Tim Wliciit Murket
The attention of the trade Is
invited to our
Best sellers in the market. At
retail everywhere. Wholesale
only by
3sun, Ehrman & CO.,
Portland, Orogon.
Notary and Corporation Seals,
In Pondloton,
Tho usual prlco far cnU mailo hy other
purlieu, In Portland or tho IU front td.00
oST.0.1, wllh cxpru i haigcH aided. If yon
nerd u Hcu,eml your onlor lo m, mid mivo
from J2.ro to 11.00 Ihrrehy.
East Oregonian Pub. Co..
nihil ii if Pendleton. Oregon.
Dcnlerii In
Hardware and. Tinware
PLUMBING Promptly Dono.
A Hluiroof the public putronnu'e U ml Idled
Hidaway Hoi Springs.
W. 31. Hl.'O'rr, I'mprli'lor.
Tn-n Hpr'.ni: ire iieomlfully IMinlcd In
the Illue Mo' li'ulii", cUlit mllct nouthtnul
of Albii, IliCaniiu I'nilrlc.
Tti.i Hiiiiimcr Itf.orl will boopfii forllm
nwi'Ho i of tiu-sN on mid iifterJuiy IkI.ioki
imtoii nt nip utlniii'imiiir irtp could
not dob llurlluli vlult tlno Sprlni;.
Arooinni'ilu'loiiM ii'" mpl Hud ev-ry
Hiliifwill bo done lo iiiuku viuwim comfurU
l.le. 'J h cllniatc U iMItlitful. Mid water pure
mid exo Hum, und bun hu flioi.olu.ii.
Terms Roasonablo.
Court Hireot, opposite J. lI.Hiioeoiukor'H.
Tlrril ot One Anotlicr A llniiecrnu Turn
blfi-A Scimlde TrltWntrrtneliinii Ar
rlvloc Oi-nrriniK Mr, l.dd lion. ItufiK
Mullory lloinr Ac'iln.
1'iiiiTi.ANi), July Judgo StouriiH'
lulUHt u)iliount lor illvoico In Amy .Mnu
koy. Hho wuH nmn it'll to Judich .Muckoy
in Juno, 1.M7S. Airoiillni; to Mth.
Alitekuy'H HtiitL'inent Juiuuh lmn for yuara
luiHt licdluii mill uliUHod her, nnil nillotl
fiur profatm ami vulvar iiiitnos a latu ai
tho ttltli hint., wlion (lufunilaut Htritclc
anil choked Ills who In ttu inhuman man
nor. Hovoral Hiiiok (hiring tho inonlh of
Juno ho hail ucatuu hcr,aiul on ouo ncoa
hIoii drivon her from Iho Iioiiho at ouo
o'clock a. m., unil hail frequently com
polluil hor to lciivo her homo lo prntoet
her llf'). Sho now fooln that hor lifo U
In danger, and links for tho protection of
tho court. Mi. Miiekeyntntesthat while
hor huHhand Is ahtiiidantly ahlo to Http
jiort her, ho lias made her work for other
iinnnln und mitinort IuthcU mid him. too.
I Slio is pliynically broken down and has
neon reduced to Unit conilltiou tiy nruiui
troattneut from hor hunhaud and hard
Potor Nelson, cinployed on tho new
Exposition lluil.litit:, foil fiom tho falnc
work ycHtord.iy and received liijii'lon
from tho eUVcl of which ho may dio.
Three tnon this far lnivo boon badly hurt
by falling from this building.
Ten now patlontH worn taken to the
Good Samaritan Hospital yesterday.
Most of thorn wore utllicted with fovern.
A contract to build two Queen Anno
dwellings In Fulton Park wits awarded
vcstonluy to Hull & Chaso.ol Hat Port
land, for $1,000 each. This completes
tho list of oiiu hundred houses to ho given
tiwuv with lots in Fulton Park. Work
on tho other ninety-eight hoiieoa to cost
4-1,000 earl i has commenced, ami tho
place pa'FcntH uu extremely lively ap
If any of tho 'Jakt Okkiionian'm reudcrH
nhonld' happen to ho in this city next
Saturday and want lo Hpend mi enjoyable
.Sunday," they can do ho hy going to tho
Hcasido on tho elegant now Kteainer T. J.
Potter. On tho data mentioned (leorgo
Wright, Post U. A. K-. givo a grand ox
enraion to Ilwaco. Tho ftemner will
leave Ash Htreet dock at 1 1 m., on Sat
urday noxt, and will return early Mon
day. Watermelons nro arrlvint: in this mar
ket in largo quantities, and owing to hot
weather, tho demand has exceeded tho
Hiippjy. Tho heaviest consumers in tho
city of this treacherous fruit uro tho Chi
neco. Mr. W. H, Ladil yesterday sent u car
load of Hour to tho HUllorerH from tho
Itoslyn Iho.
Near tho old usyluin grounds In Kant
Portland, throo Cliinamen employed hy
a gardmior woro attacked und robbed of
ten dollars. Ouo of them was pretty
badlv used up, having been beaten with
an iron bar. They claim tho deed was
doui) hy it colored man.
Tho iinnouni'oiiH'nt by tho Ktntt Am
ateur Dramatic .Society (colored) that
they will produce tho tragedy "Harlur
ohm" at tho .Now Park theater this week,
linn iirniiscil cnnslilnrablu iiublio Interest.
Tho society contains hovoral memborH of
acknowledged dramatic uiiiuty.
lion. Hufus Mullory returned from tho
Hast vcHterday. Ho was it delegate to
tho Republican National Convotition, and
has U'cn visiting his old birthplace In
Now York .State.
Tlin Coinini-rclHl llnnk of rol tlillld I.oi-
(10,000, but llm i;prc C'oiiipitiiy lln
tu.Muke It (.and.
PoitTLA.vi). July 2(1. On Saturday last
tho C'ommeiclal National Hank of this
city forwarded to Astoria, through thu
Pacille I'.xpross I omiiaiiv. ten thousand
ilollars In gold. Tho uioiioy was placed
in tho oxprcsH box and placed in churuo
of tho purK'r of the Mc.itnur It. It.
Thompson. .Sunday mornliig thu Ihjx,
which arrived at Astoii.i intact, was
oenoil by thu agent unit tho money was
found to bo missing. Tho uxpresH com
pany has mado tfiu hhortago good. No
cluo to tho robbory Is yet ilinoovered.
an r.x-sui;itirr kills in.MsKi.r.
tiii: iti;pt iu.h'an TAitn'i" him..
Coiirerrncc of ItcimlillcniK nt Wiuhln.T
ton -I'hcy Will l'um n Tnrlir lllll.
WasiunutoN, July 'J5. A tariir confer
ence of Republican Senators was held to
night, at which a decision was reached
that the Hnauco committee pluill prepare
u laiill' bill, as a substitute for tho Mills
hill. That It shall then bo reported to
the Senate, and taken up and passed re
gardless of tho time required to do it.
Ills llmflmll rover llui Struck L'ntini.
Union, Oregon, July lid. A lmolall
tournament will bo belli at this place, be
ginning on Monday, August 'J7, 1888, and
continuing for one weok. Tho premiums
ottered amount to 5-7.il). All oi tun duns
of Knstcrn Oreuon. ICastern Washington,
Idaho and Utah will bo invited to take
part in the tournament.
The. Market.
Poutlani), July i!lt. The receipts of
walla Walla wheat averaged two Hun
dred tons daily. Tho outside figure of
fered for It ln'$1.17'. Tho closing tig
tires of the Chicago market yostoritav
woro 8'J. 80'h and 80Jn. Tho S.tn Fran
cisco w heat market has n (Inner touo and
demand has improved. No. 1 shipping
Is quoted ut$l.:M'4'ti $t.!l7a.
Ootid Nuvtrn to Cmi'iimcrii.
San FitANi'isco, July 23. All grades of
sugar have declined ouo cent.
Hard Drink Cmiim n (iood .Man lo (.'out
lit 1 1 Mlll-ltlU.
I.os An(ii:i.i:h, July '.'. t'harlos Jan
eon, formerly HheriH1 of Suoramunio
county, uommiltoil Hiiicido hy ilihdi.irg
ing both barrels of a shot gun full in bis
fjoo to-day. PontMiiidnuoy fiom haul
think was the only utuco,
dm: i.ns.im;, tiii. oiiilu nick.
(.Vrtalnly llm Mllbt Hid I- Not llm Outi.ti of
W'AbHUiUTuK, July 'Hi. Conijronniimii
llopkliut, of Ne Vork, ha bwannu in
Mtm, ItupraMubttivo I4kk, ofCulifur
nw, U very nick.
(Hi ltKIOh.
Itnwiutn tlin .l -lol lt W.i. I) f.-ii't il a
Ilitt r ot llm I III u I'aelUe III-.
Nkw Yn.tK.J.llv f .i,'iie lloyl.t,
lilrt- lor if tho I ni 'il I'ai-i ii- lail.uail, h m
rfMixntxl Ummiuo thw julnt Umw wub tie-ftMtud.
Mr. I'otirlni, Write" tlin Knit Orccoiiluii
uu Iiitcrrntluir Letter rrtmi Old V.n.
I.os'don, KNtn.ANii, July I), 15S3.
To lie as good us my wonl, I must
Fcrateh down a few hnprcssioiiH of this
great country (which it is my good for
tune to visit) and got them oil' by an
early post. 1 very much doubt tholr
worthiness to bo "set up," though they
may interest a few of your readers. I
liavo no illlllctilty in rcall.ing that 1 am
In a foreign country, and 1 mipiNjso none
of tho native hero imiko any mistake
about tho fact of my beiiit! u foreigner.
The first inquiry that you maku gives
the whole thing away, for onu must of
cotiiso speak his own language, and
speak it us he has learned It, hut tho
llrst Hcntunco provokes it look of mingled
..I. I ......t......, L.m ... I,,,..,,.', II,,.
ilj mill uuili t:iii' , ii. ..v ii...v,t . tiiu
accent, "you know," an I ipjak through
our noses, or as ouo ot the "Heefia'erx"
at tho Tower described It. "throuuh the
northwest corner of our moiitliH," nntl
otherwUuubuso tho King'H Kngllsh. At
least th.u Is the tiravotl) charuo. No.
theru U no uko in trying to eseuo Iho
vorillct : von are a loreigucr, anil it lur-
eigiier you must remain until you are
willing to return to thu laud of your nativity.
if there is onu tiling more than an
other that Hrother Jonathan can't en
dure, il is ull'cctatiun, and I think that
all his numerous nrouonv have inherited
koiiiu of his iinupatliicM to that sort of
thing. Now tho llrst impression of a
Yankee when hu hears mi Englishman
speak for the llrst time is I hut ho is
most intolerably al'ectctl. Tho peculiar
accentuation which is universally In
dulgcil In, m.'ciiis ihlleuloiiH and uhsuid.
You feel like iocuthig bin words after
him that you may sljow him his error
and sot him ilulit. You feel sorry for
him also, und wonder how ho over loll
Into such a bad habit, but us ho persists
in clinging to his accent in npilo of all
your protests, you glut htm up as a haul
caso and try to get on with it. It Is very
noticeable, however, that while you ate
compelled, very often, to ask an hngllsh
man to repeat his foutoncu, that you
may understand him, it Is rarely Iho
casu that uu Kngllshuiuu fails to under
stand you thu lire t time. With nil our
mutilation wo are intelligible.
Tho Kngllsh Knplo as u whole, I be
liuvo, aro exceedingly jsillto and cour
teous, and at times filgully o. One is
very forcibly IuiiiesK'd with this at tho
shops whoro you go to tratlo. You often
heat such a dialogue as this;
Traveler "I wish V) get it pair of
shoos, sir."
Shopkeeper "O thunk you, what slo,
Shopkeeper "lliunk you, to laco or
button f "
Traveler "To laco, if you pleasti."
After thu ptuchasu is mado:
Sliopkeo)or "Hull 1 wind thiim?"
Traveler "If you ple.tso, Mr."
Shopkeoier " flunk you, to what ud
dross .'"
Travelor j. i -ch utldress.
ShopkcoK)r " ih, ink you; yes, cir,
thank you; gootl-tlay; thank you, thank
It Is no tl ubt a h-tblt that has grown!
iipuii llm Kiopj, but ouo which Is very I
liotico.iolo to hlraiigurs. 'Iliuio is out
ollmr liuiiriMMlon that I have received of
tho 1Cih;IUIi, which miut hu HsH-ially
muiitl-iiiutl, liec.ui o it may bo st- kun of i
lo th.-ii ciedit. '1 hoiu t-eoiiiH to I hi a gun-1
uiiio und vmiII tloliu d legurd fur pomoual
riglilw, wlmthur of iho ilch or ioor. I
'ifitiro is Hi-no of a (liswiiiuii to eui buiid
rulraln c irporaie txiviur. ,lonoMlie j
aro not mo Mhuiiiehnu-I) unc-uiraed or hum
Ullieil ax in Aiiioric.i. Iho xir mull
with hit liul curl full of vi'Keiui lus, und
tb.i.. n by his di . i key, b,i llm kiiii.i
rhjh'H on iho crowded ih inianiifuro uh bis
u'.'dlth" nelbb ir wilh his grain! hmrtts
411-1 iohk'lu, rtlnl hi- livtuiud i . i, u bio. in.
n hoii-; i .ii r iu .my i-i s;i Mill U il to
ill iihX'1'.i-th - li .n-Hrla'iuii of msm-h-Kt-
fiom p -int I i iiii, en ni.ir llm
iou t'y i-f u i n In- lii'li.i with itH
truck, i iw lihu uf Uto ijbli-' .uu Miru-
jml UHly jiniiwrsoil. Thsu am hoiiio ut
ho impressions which have struck mo
most forcibly.
I have been in London just a week and
am moio and more Impressed with tho
magnitude of tho place. Nearly overy
street is a broadway as far us trullle m
concerned, being packed with vehicles of
every description, from tho great lumber
ing 'ilravH which mo smutl houses on
wheels, to tho vegetable vender's cart
drawn by u diminutive donkey. There
aro comparatively fow airy utrccts, how
ever, which accounts in part for the
crowded appearance of most of tho
thoroughfares. Narrow by-wuyH and
alleys abound, winding about from placo
to place ami making it quite dilllciilt for
a stranger to tlntl his way. Tho prin
cipal means ot transportation aro tho
iloublo-decki'tl 'buses, cabs, a fow
"trains," ami tho giout under-ground
railway. This latter runs quite, through
tho e'ty in a great circle, crossing all
principal Htrcets anil giving ouo access to
ullpuitsi'f the town, l-'iircs aio chcan,
and, considering everything, the transit
quite rapid. Most of the sticotsnro well
I lived, Homo of them being bard and
smooth as a polished floor. Asphalt,
wood, stone und macadam uro thu piln
clpal materials used. We havo made
"Hying visits" to sumo of tho
piihcljul points of lnteie.it and ikjihI
cretl overt Iio history connected with each,
Tho famous tower of bindun, the kcoiio
of ho much dreadful cruelty ami wiU'or
Ing; Westminster Abbey where reiioHo
tho ashes of sovereigns, statesmen, theo
logians, poets, Hciuiitists, and u host of
men famous in history; thu Hrltlsh
Musonin whoro are gathered rcIit'H of tho
past In ait, science ami philosophy; Lon
don bridge, Kensington museum and
g.iitlcus, tho great parks, thu Queen's
palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, tho National
(lallery, Memorial Hull, St. Hurtholo
mowH and Smlthlleld, where religious
toleration exhausted itself. Thusu ami
many other points havo occupied our
thoughts during tho past week, us wo
went thu rounds. Wo have not, nor do
wo uxnct't to see it all. but wo have noon
enough to think over for a while. In u
fow days wo go to Iho country to tako a
neon at Knullrh country lifo, ami then.
shall work our way lo Scotland. Tho
whether lias neen cool, nntl even com ill
limes with freiiuout shower, hut wo
live in hopoH of seeing tho sun again be
fore long. We are constantly meeting
tho ubluultous American traveler, comlm:
or going, ami lake great pleasure In com- j
paring notoH.unii exchanging a low wonm
of plain Kngllsh. I huvu lxiun thinking
to-uay thata copy oi mo ham- wuwionian
would he about the most lefreshlug thing
1 could coo, iih yet 1 have not houid one
word from Oregon, oxceiit the direful
nowH that it is hopelessly ltopublieiin.
W. K. P.
tiii: lono uin:i5K iua.
A I.rttcr by Mr, ). II. AlcKnnn In the Lone
(.'reek l.nclc.
Having traveled over Iho Pendleton
roatl, and being also iicqtialutud villi tho
lloppner roatl, I havo fully weighed tho
tlilloreiico between these two routes.
Wu will first discuss tho roatl from
lloppner lo LongCieek. Leaving llopp
ner you thug steadily up Ithea creek for
several miles, over a load that Is always
in bad condition, thence onward until
vou climb .Medicine Lodge hill, then over
thu Wall cieck hills to tho Leslie hill,
and then to Iho . I hn Day hill, which Id
fully us bad u hill us there Is in Oicgon;
anil last, but not least, comes thu f.iinouH
.School lloiiso hill, near Hamilton.
Now, by Iho Pendleton louto, you havo
but ouo really bad hill lo climb, viz; tho
iMirlh Koi U hill on iho John Day rier.
Of coiiim) Iliuio Is a hill lihlng fiom Iho
Middlu 1'oik, Inn (hulls no moio dilll
ciilt than thu .Meillclno I -oil go hill on tho'
lleppuur route.
Taking tho two John Day hills into
consideration, tho Ninth Folk hill, with
tho amount of woik put on It that Iho
John Day or Wall cieek hills on the
lloppner route have iilieimy received,
can bo mado far Iheeat-icsl hill of the
lluco; ami u foico of men nit), oven now
employed accompllnhlug that work.
1 urn Informed hy uood authority thai
an appropriation fiom thu State will b(
naked by thu 1 oiiilletoni.uiH for thu pur
iM of completing that work, nntl ui
Pendleton is onu of (ho most tlulfty
citiuH in KuHtcru Oicgon, and has nevu
let icceived an itppropilatlou, they luive
roasou to hopo that tho State will compK
with their it)iiitmt. Hut, oven if such f
not Iho cutu, Iho woik will bo pushoij
orwuiil by (irivalo outerprinos, .
Tho hill at the I'.Mnilo post, if it euii
bo culled ii hill, Ik a very easy grutlo o.
not o.er thico huiidicd yauU in length
und Iho only tlhliculty is iho rocks In the
road, which can easily lo removed,
Coming from Peiidluton, llieio Ih n(
hill woiiiiy of mention on tho I'niullll
sidu of the county lino, but on our siilot
tli.i lino Hist chines iho hill thing fioi"
thu liver, which tun bo iiuilo eiy easJ
b - folluniiiii tho old Indian trail, uhld
MoikUn-iw boint! ilono by piiuitu ia
titw. Ahtir that tho nwd to buig Cicu
i u nuturul olio, uiiti when unco opoue
Millgivu I-uhk Ciotsk iipuiiii,niii.H tl"
hu iiumr Ufiio known in ibu line 0
1 1 alio, 'ihu 1 tit lu i,i(l,wi lowiiM ut tl',
oilier Iiuijinu iNiinl-, uhitiu "( heiW
John" und "mine Ini.diU-r Isaac kt'l
dllikfi- cheap," uio n c-lll..-'lll
t t ut f .1 hi-i v
which line tin, Mii-i-' - i I
tho pip't' I w- 'I'1 at
Ill-Ill ',hl 1 1. 1 1 1 l.lr ,"
h-l, for it U -. well
uUujuLummi tlt-crea . I
uuk, m iuulhu,u Uu: mad !
J. II. McKinm.
lill IMOII tlj 11"
iii It hiiilitiinjty
1 1 liillui'iii, (T,T.
lb 1 h, 1 will 01"
an- no l'-'inp4t' r
kii'-Aii fui't th 'i
rolluH vli '!