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All florU of fluptimtltlon Concsrnlog tha
Tsetli Charms and Other Itiuiicdlrs fur
Toothache Kiigllih and Irlih Ilrclpnt.
Ths l'rarsr Cure.
The teeth and tho ached to which the;
gtvo rUo havo bc;n sublocts of many
trango Ideas among unouueated pcoplo.
Teoth havo ovon boon worahlpod, and are
still voncrntnd as rollcs In somo Catholic
shrines Ilutldha's tooth la prcsorvod In a
tomplo In India, attd Ceylonoso worshiped
tho tooth of a monitor, whlloan olophant's
tooth and shark's tooth nerved a similar
purposo among tho Malabar Islnndcrn and
it... 'Pn ...... lot lnM iutiiulv(l Htnm.
cso valued a tnonltoy's tooth so hltrhb
that they aro reported to havo olTored tho
I'ortuirucso 700,000 crowns for It.
Thoro wu a tradition that, from the
time Chonroes, tho Purslan, carried off t
ploco of tho true cross from Constantino
plo, tho number of tcoth In tho mouths of
uion went reduced from thirty two to
twenty thren It Is needless to say that
we Btlll havo thirty two Tooth havo
often been worn as amttlets Sharks'
teoth servo this purtioso In Samoa. It
was formerly thought that a wolf's tooth,
worn In a bag about tho nock, would
chase fear away from tho possessor Tho
back tooth of a homo, found by chanco
will, say tho Irish, keep you supplied with
Thoro aro many omens connoctcd with
iniunts tcolli, as well as tlioso or audits
If a child teetlw curly, It Is thought In
Engluud to predict mom children "Soon
tooth, soon toes," Is the adage, both In
that country and In tiwndon. If a tooth
comes first In tho upper Jaw It la, on tho
contrary an omen of early death, as the
child cannot survive so notout a disaster
An old work, published In 1033, tells us
that to loose a tooth or an oyo Is also to
loso somo friend or kinsman, or Is, at
leant, attended by some 111 luck Ho who
has his teeth wldo apart Is thoro said to
bo attended by good luck. Ilroton mothers
will not touch Infants' gums, lost tho
teoth grow crooked To if ream of tcoth
was a wanting of no mo disaster, unless
you dreamed they foil out
Tho period of teething being an anxious
one In childhood. It Is extremely Impor
tant to have It over with In Suswex,
England, a necklace of beads made from
peony root was placed on tho child's neck
to assist this operation, and one of auibor
beads was also thought powerful It was
also aald that Qrst teeth must not be
thrown away when they fall out, for If
any animal got such a trophy tho noxt
tooth would be llko that of tho animal
finding tho old ono. In Nova Scotia, and
In some parts of tho United .States, clill
dren aro told that the now tooth will bo a
gold ono If tho touguo Is kopt out of tho
old cavity
Folk lore Is full of odd notions about
the toothache, and many queer remedies
are current for It It was unco thought to
bo caused by a worm.
Ono of tho most potent remedies was
thought to bo u cliurm of soma kind or
other In Knghuul this charm Is a rhymo
or prayer written on a ploco of paper
Verses for this purpose uro current In Uor
many to this day St. Appollluus was
especially Invoked for this malady In thu
Thirteenth century
A work published In 1503 prescribes tho
following remedy Tho patient was to In
hale tho smoke from a vessel In which
dried herbs were mixed with live coals.
Ho must then breathe over a cup holding
water mixed with wax and serum, when
It was said that u worm, tho catlso of the
trouble, would appear In thu cup.
A.Nirninii htiuniik hi:mi'.dy
Nearly a century later wo Hud another
trango remedy "With an Iron nail rulso
and cut tho gum from about thu teoth
until It bleed, unil that Home of tho blood
pill iim tho null Then drlvu It Into a
wooden beam up to thu head After this
la ilonu you never shall havo tho tooth'
actio In all your life."
Another old writer of thu samo period.
Aubrey, gives Kipular remedies for tho
toothache A splinter of wood from a
gibbet was thought elllcacious In tho
north of Kughiiid, while In Devonshire It
was thought best to bite n tooth from a
skull In a gruvu yard, and carry it In tho
focUet as a charm In another port of
!iiglaml, an equally ghastly amulet was a
tooth drawn from thu mouth of a corpse,
carried In the pocket. Tho paw of a live
utolo or a double nut were also prescribed
preventive charms To dross thu loft
foot and leg before tho right Is equally
Homo of the Irish cures for tho tooth.
ache were fully as ghastly as thoso cited
above. Ono of these empirical recipe
bids you go to a grave, kneel upon It, say
three paters and three nves forthokoul of
Leezo me, lassie, but I lo'e thee.
And my thocht run like a soar,
As the burn odoon the coorle,
Louplnit wt' sheer Joy slang.
Oln 70 knew their simk or halrt, lore,
And would lilt tho simple lay,
Oh, how happy wad It mak' me,
Ilonole UlriM o' Otcnbrae!
'Manic the tare theo only lo'e I,
And my halrt U like a bloom,
As a Kowan on tho haugh ildo,
Hunting wt' love's pure perfuir.e;
Wad jre wear my modest poney
On thy bosom, blest for are,
It would yield Its Inmost spirit,
DounloOlrzloo' Olcnbrael
Wad ye sing my tliocnu, my ilawtle,
Yours wad lilt f and symphony;
Wail ye wear my hilrt bloom ever,
Yours wad fellow blossoms In;
Bweet wt' oy and love enduring,
Bong and bloom wad blend sis sy,
Llvln' melody and f ragrauce
Ilonnte Utnle o' Ulenbrael
Malcolm Taylor, Jr.
ftablts of the French llonrgeolsle.
It In tho mlddlo class that gives tho best
exnmplo of the ovorngo habits of tho
nation. And, Judging by tho standard, I
should say that wo Americans were tho
most self Indulgont people on tho face of
I ho earth. I wonder what tho wlfo of a
well to do American shopkeeper In a
umll way n grocer, a dealor In trim
i.ilngs, or a petty retail dry goods mer
'hunt would say to tho homo of ono of
tier social eqttuls In I'arls. In tho first
il.'iro, carpel uro unknown In tho llttlo
mine, except, perhaps, ii squaro rug In tho
titer of tho drawing room Hits of car'
t. or llttlo cheap rugs at tho shies of tho
Is, nro nlono In use In tho bedrooms,
. s Is not known oulsldu of tho kitchen,
. id possibly thu dining room.
In many households tablecloths aro not
it-ell except ut illimer tlmo, uml knives
Mt forks nro never cluumed during tho
oiirso of a meal, One very curious In
itanen of economy that came under my
own observation was that practiced by a
dressmaker of good standing, who, by
reason of her exquisite tustu und tnoder
itto prices, had it largu und excellent
American custom Sho was n woman of
education and of very guutlu and retlncd
inanneni lot sho never wore unuor.
ganneuts of linen or percale, liecausothoy
cost too much In thu washing, having
every article of that kind made In dark
llannel. Shu nuver sat dowu to a regu
larly served meal, but lived on surreptl
tloiis snacks, eaten whenever nnd whor
over hlio could sauitch u moment's leisure.
Shu made a fortune In a few years, retired
from business und married n doctor. I
wonder if she keeps up her oddly eco
nomical hublts to the present day. Lucy
lloopwr'ii I'urls letter
Nxeliig I lie l.'iilnr of Slain.
'llils mutter of color Is one of tho great
est inyslerlen of sight Wo frequently
read that in Arabia, Austrullu and the
t'apu of (lood IIoh) thu sturs are not only
much brighter than In our misty northern
sky, but they show their different colors
with great splendor. Very few people
hero remark much difference, ovtu In the
colors of pluuets. "Mars," suys New
coiiiIm) In his "Popular Astronomy," "l
easily recognized when near Its upposl
lion by Us llery rod color." I havo seen
Mars, of course, all my life, but my eye
decline to think It llery rod. It Is to mi
ellow, and only a little more so thansom
of the stars. Thosllvery rudluncoof Venui
Is proverbial, yet If Its rays luelino at nil
to ono of tho primary colors, It may Ik
said that they are faintly tinged with blue
People differ much as to tho color of fixed
stars. I never hcurd uuy one deny that
l.yra was white, hut I have met with
thoso who declared that Ahlobaran war
not n lluu red star; not rod at alii mid, In
short, that In tho whole heavens there
was to their eyes no difference between
thu color of one star and another. Head
lug over thu lust two sentences to an ob
server of the stars, ho said: "I ronsldei
Venus rather a warm colored star, sllglith
yellow Thu bluish tint that you speak
of better descrllH-s Lyra." Wo then
spoko of Sirius, "Slrlus Is about th
sumo tint us Venus," hu continued, "also
ruthor a wurm colored stur." To my eyes
Slrlus bums with splendid white light
Jean lugelow lu (lood Words.
Leezer & Kuebler,
Tholargctan-mostcompletestockof Dggfil fl MCCOlMC
mmsm' Reapers, Mowers & Binders
Toilet & Fancy Articles BUFFAL0 PITTS THRESHERS.
InEastorn Oregon.
Dospain Block
MiirnI Inlliii-nco of flliuat.
.Modem French scientists aro nothing II
not methodical, and have repeatedly called
attention to tin curious regularity In th
geographical distribution of certain vice
and virtues lutemx-rancu. for Instance
north of the forty eighth parallel, sexual
aberrations south ol the fortv fifth flnsn
clal extmvaganci li large seatort ton
thrift In pastoral highland regions It I
Indeed, a remarkable circumstance that lc
Jv la to vow never to comb ,uum ol l,u iK"x w" KWp. Ii
day, Invoking tho Creator, ' lreeco and southern Spain, druukeum-et
Is lai less prevalent man in rvotianu, oi
where lUrchus can
only with
They do hnppen every day, and when one
liappcim to you, you will wish that
you were I mured In the
TUB Thavklkrh' resources lire stilllcldil (o I
pay at ruiro the moil enormous iiiiim of '
i liilniK Hint even ureal, rallroiul mid "team.
ixiai iicrini-iiis can iirmv upon ll. ray mi I
claims, without discount. Immediately iimiu I
receipt of SHllufnetory proof. Noli Korfrlluro
provision In nil Its policies.
Ten Millions ol Assets. Two Millions
of Surplus.
I'AII) l'OMRY UOI,I)i:itS,SII,(xi01fW,
Clopton Jackson,
Resident Agents,
Host Orcgonlun building, I'cnillcon, or,
Great Rock Island
The direct and popular lino In connection
with the .Northern Pneine Hulluuy
from Hi. Paul unit Minneapolis
To Chicago milt the llust.
To mi, l.ouls mill the Mouth.
To Icm .Moliii-N, Leavenworth'
AtehlHon nnd UuiiNaM (Jit)'
MM... "V..1-- I .' ... Connecllliir Willi Ilia
xnu winy uiuu oreitou Hlmrt Mii
at Council llllllls. l.nvenwortli mill Kiiiinu
CUV for
l!lll(!.t ASIt Al,l I'OIMTH KANT.
I'lillman Palace Mtephiu and
Palace Dining Cars!
Accompany all throuich Kxprcss Trains on
this Houle,
Tickets for sale hy all ronnrcllni; railways,
mm i-uniit-ciluiiB inline ill union lie po(n.
l'orfull Inforinallon reiranllnir rutra. ninni.
lc, apply to uuy coupon snout of tliM). 1L
1 N. nr Northern I'urllle Hallway Com.
panics, or to V. C. AI.I.OWAY,
TICKPl AK01II, II. 1U A . UO.,
IVndleton, Ureicou.
UII.1H. KKWKIIY, lieu. Audit,
,Vo. 3 Washlniiton Ht., I'orllaint, Ore.
K. a. iior.iiitnoic.
Ufii. TkUutiil fun. AkI. C. II. I. A !. It. It.
Chlcuuu, III. H. K. IIOYI),
fl.it. -C ntiil 1 A ut II Uf f. IMu
ApS Mlnneiipolls Minn.
Grain Bags.
After carefully examining the diflerent lines of
Harventing & Threshing Machinery
We have selected the above as being the best lines for
our trade. We therefore bought largely, and are
now ottering them at the lowest
possible Margin.
We also carry a large stock of
Carriages, Buggies, Hacks,
On which we aro ottering
We have lately added to our large
Hardware & Plumbing
Stock Plain and Tarred
Building Paper and Carpet Felt.
a tid J)ett'lch'n
tedJ!. Vn.
OfAII UIiiiIn, Touts, riuL-s. i:te.
Printed Flour Bags
A Spocliilty.
tli. Front Ht.
jiuniitw ii
iiie ucmi, (uou cuew a iiaiuHUl or grass
tsken from ths k'rsve, splltlii(r It out.
Thu toothschu will never after trouble
Another runted
your hair on 1VI
tho Irirln and tho now moon You mav
atterwunls neglect tho two first, but tutut I In Itusrlan Polaiul
uniHii ami say live prayers ou tlrst U-hoia tempt his votarlor
Eagle Hotel,
FRANK DOWNEY, Proprietor
Moult i2T)o; HocIh 25 & OOo.
The " Superior " Stoves and Ranges.
ttiir tho new uuHin Ths two law bones
of haddock havo been (Kiwerfut in al
lay lug tho toothache ever sluco tho
acta of tho loaves ami tlshe. If you wish
to avoid tho toothache, say tho sous of
Krln. never shavo ou Sunday. Ulobo
Ueiuocrat. mii mil) in nurrs.
Just how far It Is thu duty of a man
or n woman eitherto let an outside,
talio his valuable time from lmliic
affairs Is, lu my tulml. aiiiestlon I think
iiono of us ought to MierlHoo a wlmli
morning or uu eutiro nfteriUHUt to the x
lllo duty of Uilng Uircd todcath by hhiiU
whiteo wov wo euuiiot helji. whoo ulluir
do not Inten; us. and UtMvu us und
whom there Is mil ant rung Uimtof friend
ship or common iutert And I bollevt
the txlltor, publUher or other IuibIucm
iiiiui whom I ImiI Uww iHirsUteutlv "tulk
Ing blind" for any considerable iHuiodl
would U juntlMtHl lu jHdltely. and with1
his most foM-iuutlug mauuer. culling m ,
Jtteutlon to the door Helen M. Wluslo
lu IWou (.lloNv.
Thu Idea that a low temperature begets
an Instinctive craving for alcoholic tonic
seems disproved by the tcetotultiin of the
I'utagoulan svaj;es, who horsewhip every
Spanish stimulant monger without bonefl'l
of clergy Tho U'sghlau mountaineers
too, observe the Interdict of thu Koran
In tho Icy summit regtour of thu Can
casus, but there Is no doubt that tha
bracing Inllueneo of a cold climate ulTonlr
a certain degree of immunity from th
dcllbltatlng ellect of llieulndml vice, am!
that a tH-andiniivun KstMiui can for ytan
survive tho edecu ' a daily do$r ol
ulcchol that wuuld L in 1'VM'iiau felhit
In a single month I I. iwalJ. M 1).
In lopular N.U-UC. ' v
uausecu us-l'ull nnd uet a Bootl meal at the corner
in w coo nun iinroen Mis, Jullilw
. uiom I'nxreitliii;.
Hrown What's tho matter, Dumlcyt
You look hot about something.
Dumley laugrllvV Ilotl I should say so.
I was around at tho Kaglo Just now, and
that fool Keutherly droppcU a chunk ol
Ico down uiv back llnouglt to tuako any
mau hot I New Vork Suu.
Prescription Druggists.
Requisites of tho Toilet,
Stationery & School Supplies
Fine Imported and Key West Cigars.
Oppoille Vlllur.l House,
I'KXDI.mON, - . . OltKGON
lau be hail at the Kast Ohkoonian onto
at prices that will prove ihev ore cheuivt
llian tluue of any other printing houie in
Ku.uru Orvton.
) V4 Point
2 Point
Taylor, Jones & CO,
Court Street,
Tickets TM,te
. "r. wniisvi
Press Trsim u'
ui cunree ntui m....
o suo ninl ih... Hw
Kast bound PaineHrtrsrrltM.
oiirtH ut HjOO n. in ""m
West li.im.,1 fLi.h YllL -""'1
tvnlln Walla nnd
Leaves at fl:no n. m .
rIVCS at T.'ll II. in. frnm w.ii.T-1
Htute, May 12 '
UrcRon, May lfj
(.'oiumiiia, .Muy 20
LJ... ... It.... .1.
OreKon, May f8
Columbia, Juno 1
Htute, June 5
fTnllltllllla. .Illnn H
Htute, Juno 17
uri'Kon, June 21
f 'lllltlllllln. .tilling
Htute, Juno 2)
urcRon, ju y 3
I.nivn tr.utniiiln !....
uinVflHlmnrlll nli..f u...
. - . . .. u.iiinin .
Hates of Psuin.
T(li,1ll.lln . . .
Cnblli. .
iuiiiiii i mi. u iiiimiirn.
Kflf fllrtlinr mirlti.nUM lM.iu
in" iU .."'.i ,y' 0r A.UMUtS)
t iia. i uiuuiiuiurrgon.
. .. 01
. iiui.i wjin,
Ooncrul Monujtr.
. i, A I.IHI WAT
THE Northern Pacific
IHtllmtm Hilnce SltriAna Canl
llJ. t Tl .1 . .1 '
rrois urcuuii unu niim
to the East.
Via PU J'nul and Mlnnctpolli.
nnnnninff l'uiftpa 11 n Bf
Vastest Tine Kvrr Mi
I'arlKe Hallrsst
To Hloux City, Council ninffi.
nil no nis inrouiriinut ins M'l
Are iiaiiicu nn reirii sr urmi
t.envo Wallula.lunctlonS:10i.a
I.euvo I'nrtlanil 3 D. m.. mill
Mlmiminnllii or Ht. Paul UJC
fourth iluv.
rn..nu.ln an ..I. n UI lllllU
il In In nil mi! n In Koil.Honlh tM
I'Acirio mvisioj.
Tmln will leave I'nrtlind dlllj
uu poiiiis on I'lik'ei nouuu.
IU...H.I ll..l..n llAlinflP A
Woshloston Ht., rortlsnd.
To San Fraucisco,
Ujr war of ft
The Mount Shasta
uouie, wc.wptu
4 UlillMtilll
Lcavo Portland at 4:00 p.
Through time, 39
kas m u a M UlltltVsY'P Hi.
Tourist Slaaplr gears
Class Passengert
Kur rriim Portland t
and Man Knurl"41
Klrst-elasH Uulimlted..
Flrnt.elBMH. Ivlmlteil...-
Merond-elass, Llsaltrd.
Ticket Offle;
iufurr jr muit r i "
vi I IIUUKIU1.A.U. n-
. KUKIIL.1-.U, MSniujir.
Sanitary and EeaUiig
tt li JkvinarMI
r l 1 .. . uatlmfttfl
heutliur butldlncs In any ifcw-
try. Corrsxinaence solicit
a--imb. laSTUIIDI
Portland. Oreg
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More llian two huudrea p-'Jj
nuillue special rorms csn