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    HATl'IUUY, JUNK 2.1, 1888.
Tli Anlmatt Knnnrrly a Orent Nnbmiice
to Cfttll lllr Catching an Cntumril
Muatang with a Itlfln Hall IrreclHlin
ably Vlctoii Unite.
J T Hill who for many years lias boon
enjrngod In cntllo mining In Texan and the
Indian torrltory, romarkod to a rcportor
tho other lny 'In tho early day, of tlio
caltlo bimliumn In Tuxoh. from 1857 to
1800. tho ranges rero tivernili hy bands
of wild liontua Thonc anlraaln wcro a
gTcat tiulniinco, as thity would (jot mixed
with our loose horeun uud run tlicin oil
when any ono approached An a rulo tboy
wcro a rough, III nlmpud sot of beasts, and
almost tiutamablo. so that few attempts
noru ovm nuido to catch thuin. It Mug
conaldonil bunt to Hboot tbcm on sight
and thus Rt't rid of a disturbing liifluonco
In our Iioi-hii lionln KomotliiuM, Imwovcr,
a really lino onlmal would bo sueii nud tho
ranchmen would try hard to uccuro It
Hut tho ordinary modn of capturo, Inn'o
h)(j, could noldotn Imi umihI uguliiHt wild
horses, and these Urnsts woro very shy
and oven a poor horxu, cuiTyiug no weight
could outstrip a very lino animal with a
man on his back I liavu chimed wit ,
horses 100 limns anil have become lliur
oughly convinced of the truth of tin
Kngllsh racing saying that tho weight ol
a stablo key will win or I ono a raco.
"In this extremity tho Tuxaus uwd ti
resort to a moans of capturing the ho'ii
which Is, I bollevo, exclusively Auiunoi
It was dlscovorod. I ilu not know how
that a blow upon n particular slnow In
homo's neck, located just abovo whurotlii'
iplno Joins tho skull, would paralyzo tin
animal temporarily without doing It an)
ponnaiiunt Injury In those days the
Tiixuiia wnro nearly without exception
flno shots, and at short ran go could horn'
k rlllu ball with phenomenal accunie)
Tho horsns could not bo approachoil ox
copt on fool, and It was lmOHslblo to
catch them on horseback Hut, not to hi
overcomo by any such dilllcultles, tin
cowboys discovered a way to capturi
thrm Taking his rillo. a hunter wnul
cruwl through tho thlrk chaparral unit
within fifty or sixty yards of tho homo In
.desired to nucuro Then, taking carufu
dim. ho would endeavor to Mend a liulli"
tliniugh the. top of tho nock so as to strli.
tho sinew When this was properly dot.
thn homo would fall as If struck by llgli
nlug and remain luseuslblo for ten or I!
teen minutes, recovering completely In r,
hour or two, with no worso Injury thuu
slight wound In tho back of tho neck tlm'
noon healed Of counut many bullets woli
astruy and huudnxtsof horses woro killed
but n good shot would secure about uu
homo lu throe that ho attempted I
cruiuio. us this modn of capturu wit
"Tho largo rollbro rltlcs commonly li
in-o were not adapted to this ecullar mod
of hunting, as If they touched tho aluuw
they were suru to break It, and tin
wounds tho 41 or 62 calibre balls Inflicted
went too seven) Tho tveapoti universal!)
employed In creasing mustangs was the
old llnwklns rltlo. which carried a bullet
nut much largel than a hui, had n set
trigger and required but a small charge of
powdur These weapons wcro wonder
fully accurate up to 100 yards, but In
dieted a trilling wound, and tho bullet
was likely to lake a con mo through soft
tlcsh mxitiiid any hard object. Instead of
tearing through It, as a larger hall pro
pelled by a heavier charge of hiwiIii
would do lltllidivds of mustangs, at
ways tha liest animals lu tho herd, used
to bo creased every year, and this proa
tire was kept up utU the herds had on
llrely dtiuppoared
tun or m en usu.
"Soma of tho horses thus secured were
very tough and licet animals, but few
were of any practical use Nearly all
were stallluus, as a wild maro that was
(rood for anything was seldom sven, and
tho raptured horses wero nearly, without
exception, tnvclalinably vicious, oven
when Judged from the Texas standpoint
Kveu when broken to tho saddle they
could only be ridden by tho very bo-it
honiemeii, and were always on tho look
out to do their riders an Injury Strange
to My. thoy seldom tiled to kick, but a
man had to bo coullnuall) on tho lookout
for their fore feet and teeth They only
unt their hind feet when a man was
about to iiiount, but nearly every ono of
them had a trick of kicking forward us
soon as tho rider put his feot In the stir
rup. and uuless ha was wary ho would ro
eclve a terrible blow on the leg
"I lined to own a horse that, I believe,
could scratch himself hot ween tho ears
with his hind foot, hi hind log being ap
parent))' made of lndli rubber Tho lu
slant ho felt a foot lu the stirrup his hind
hoot would eiimo forward with the speed
of tlghitiu lu the utteiupt tr Inflict a
most vioIoiih kick I gavv up mounting
htm In the usual way. ami aluya tutnl to
vault lull tlx saildl'- without touching
the stlrrupa a fmt uaslly enough pvr
fonuinl In tu yuuugut days, although I
would livr huuo dllBrulty In dolu it
now 1 usud tc like to rid, wild lsant
but aftw ou or twi uanvw ssx-spwi fixuu
their d tlly fow ht. wliWi ihoy wuuW
uso if a "it uaretiniily lood lu front of
tiu i:i ly.-vm It up uiul stuck to tlw tawc
it . k M lut l'oat lsutcli.
Told br a Idy Who Cams U ths
Fifty Tears Ago.
"My father took a claim on tha North
Side noar the rivor and not far from Mr.
Clyboumo's," said Mrs Mary Ann Draper.
"Iloro we lived for qulto a long time. I
have gone through many dangers and
hardships on the North Sldo In early days.
1 Tho Indians wero numerous, and woro
always coming and going Somotlmes
! they wero friendly ana sometimes they
wero not. My fatnor always nod hla gun
and sword by the bed at night and a dog
In tho house Often he would not romovo
his clothing Tho Indians would come up
and go around tho house, and now and
then strike their tomahawks Into tho logs
and cry 'Chan In chan muck a-mu no
good whlto man.' I don't see why thoy
didn't kill us Thoy did kill ono man and
woman Just beforo they treated.' Thoy
hung tho man up In tho woods and throw
tho woman In tho lako
"I think thoro wore only thirteen dwell.
Ing houses, all told, when I camo to Chi
cago My fathor helped to build tho fa
mous 'Oroon Tree Tavern.' Thoso houses
could not all bo seen at one vlow The
grass was south, and all tho North Side
nearly was covered with vory heavy
woods Wild rieo grow In the river, and
beautiful whlto and yellow pond lilies were
to bo seen along tho shores I had sev
eral adventures and some narrow escapes
"Hut I Want to toll vou how, I some
times bellovo, I saved Chicago from a
massacre Tills adventure I call my
'bridge disaster. I was about 10 years ,
old then, and we lived on tho North Sldo,
near tho Junction of tho north and south
branches of tho rivor Mother wanted me
to go to market So I took tho basket on
my nrm and started for the only bakery
thou In Chicago, which was on tho West
Sldo, and also for tho only meat market
In town, which was on tho South Sldo,
whoro Mr Clybourno had his shop Near
tho two rivers was a polo bridgo which I
had to cross I went over all right and
secured my brood and meat, but on my
return I found tho bridgo blockaded with
Indian pouloa, and I should say Micro wcro
nlu, lit f IWl antrnfyna In tlml vlrllllt v Tim
slatlouod on tho bridge In
Leezer & Kuebler,
Tho I argent and mot complete stock of
Drug.. McdiciiiDC,
Toilet & Fancy Articles
InEastorn Oregon.
.000 savages In that vicinity
such a msnnor that It was supposed no
ono could get through
with my basket
Dut I passed ovor
my basket by going along on tue
At tho farther end stood a 11
ends of the poles outside of a rough rail
qou a uiir
Ith a long knlfo In his hand I
shied around him. too, and had gotten
fairly over only when the bridgo broko
down and tumbled polos and poulos poll
moll togothor In tho river. A thousand
war whoops seemed to rend tho air, and
tho big Indian whooped tho loudest of all.
and, lifting his great knife, startou
after mo
"ltunl I should think I did. J ran
through a houso noar by quicker than I
can tell It. and tho Indian after me I
dodged Into a thicket of wild apple trees,
and got Into tho woods and maila my es
cape Hut I did not feci safe until my
long hair was shorn oil and my disguise so
coinpleto that tho Indians would not recog
uUo mo This racket called out tho gar
risen at tho fort Tho drums beat,
and oven my brother ran around, crying
out 'The war's commenced, tho wars
commenced, got your guns ready quick,'
Alexander Itobluson, tho chief of tho tribo,
used to toll mo that the Indians thought
I had bewitched tho bridgo and brought
on tho calamity and therefore tried to
kill mo loiter in tho day, howover, thoy
changed their minds and said was a
'fairy' sout by tho (Ireat Spirit to punish
them becauso thoy would not 'treat' with
the whlto men Tho treaty was agreed
upon that very afternoon, and peace. In
stead of a massacre, prevailed Thus, I
ox pec t I helped to savo Chicago." Chi
cago Uorald
Despaln Block
They do happen every day, and when one
happen" to you. you will wlli that
ynil wore Insured In the
'I'll r. Iiiavklkkm' rcMOiiiTfS are milllcldit to
pay nt "lire the iiiikI i-iiiirmiHix inan of
i-hilliH Hint even Kieiit railroad n ml "Iriiin
Ixiiit iiccldi-nts etui bring upon II. Pay nil
elaluin, without illnrount, Immediately upon
reri-liit uf HxtlKfrn-tory proof. Nun I'orMturo
provl-ilons In nil Its policies.
Ten Millions of Assets. Two Millions
of Surplus.
I'AII) POLICY HOMJIMtH, 111,000,100,
Clopton & Jackson,
Resident Agents,
Kat OroKonlan hutldltiK, l'endlcon, or.
Great Rock sland
The direct and popular lino In connection
with the .iirtln-rii I'urllle Ititllwuy
iniin ni. i-.iui iiimi .Minneapolis
To Clilriixu unit the Kant,
To .Ht. I.oiiIh una Hie Noulh.
To I;-m .llolnc m, l,euvf uuortli
,telilNon mill l( u n xiii City
Tim Onlv I .iiift Coimeetliiit with the
IJIO Ultn IjlIIU oi-i-umi Nliurl Mm-
ii (Tiiiikcii imilK, l.ciweimortli iiml kiiiihi
fltv (nr
I'nllnittii Valiuu; Slevithia ami
J'aluce J)lulnt Vamt
Areiiiupiiiiy all throiuli Kxpreas Trains on
nun lioilie,
Tlekeis for sale hy all councetlnif railways,
iiiiii eiiiiiii-eiioiis iiiii.iv in iiiiion urpoiN.
Tor full Information rcmirdlni; nitea. niai
etr., apply tuiiiiy coupon HKi'iilof the (I. IL
.v - ,,r .Mirnmr i I'll
p,inlcK,or tu
KncU of Atxlntlin Tlppllnc.
Tho young men aro cultivating ab
slntho, and when the present generation
reaches middle nge tho abslutlio tippler
will bo one of the freiuout guests tit our
hospitals, which aro now full of drunk
ards and narcotic takers I am now treat
Inir a man who has reached the last stairo.
The effet-ts are fearful It Is a drink that
serves as a wworful stimulant at first,
but Is tho most Injurious In tho end le
causo of Its strength. It Is easy to drink
abslntho to exi-ess becauso It requires
such a small quantity to do tho work,
cation It causes Is oxhllaraV
fiii'ltle Hallway Coin
W. U. Alil.OWAV,
Ticket AKi-nt.O. It. . N, Co.
tlllAH. KKNKIIY, lieu, .tiiciit,
So, a WiiahlnKton St., - I'ortlanil, Ore
I!. A. HOI.llllOOIC.
Oen. Tkt. uud l'u, Ant. C. It. f. A l
Clilciiuo. III. H. r". IIOY1).
Ui-ii. T. and I'. Ant, Ji. A Hi. k lt'y
Av1 Mliineiipolln Minn.
, It, It
Oealers lu
Hardware and. Tinware
Tho Intoxication
Inn and pleasant, but after It Is drank to
oxcoms tha dlgosllvo organs are destroyed
and the sppetlto ruined. With the , .
oiiecis worn on comos a tcrrluio tlilrst,
with giddiness and a tingling In the ears,
mental depression and Anally hallucina
tion aud loss of brain power. Tho synip
toras of an oxcesstro drinker breaking
down are muscular quiverings, loss of
physlclal strength, emaciation and a sal
low complexion, l'aralysls finally sends
him to tho grave, Physician lu Qlobe-Democrat.
PLUMBING Promptly Dono.
MAIN HTitinrr, l'KNIH.irrON.
Iiureof the publlo patronage In kollrlted
Hidaway Hot Springs.
31. HCOTT, Proprietor.
ected ?
A rirr Lulllir Ihul fust
"Ono's wants aro one's needs," has heer
said, hut paper i. 'law Hi tu.1aeh i .
not now nganli-d us neeesltles, S.
that amount has U-on paid for ono of tin
almost ohnolete nttU-Ies of male attlrr
and MaJ. 1). W Sanders enjoys the rep .
tatlon of having broken tho record by h
purehsiie It was during the war, in..
MsJ. Saiuieni, then an olllcer In tho Co
fedoratoarun. wua in Tennessee. He i
celved n month n pay, $180, InConfi-du
ato bills, aud then discovered that lit
mvded n clean ctdlar Ho found a nu i
who had u spare wllar and began negotla
Hons, but the happy possessor of theur
tide did not want to part with It. Aftei
homo trouble, however, he persuaded th.
owner to boll, hut only when if IM ha.
been olTored. It U dtiBeult, however, i
estimate wlmt tlintvst uf a clean sir.
would haui U-ouuiout that time, ev.
wm thti quotations ol pajnir wtllars a
glva. Coui ier Jouriui
..""r.V "Priiiirs are iieautlfully situated In
1'ie iniir .iiiiiiiiiainn, i-iisni nines kouthrast
in .tuui, in .iiniua rrairie.
'l his Mummer Ilenirt will he open for the
iwviiiu in ku-i on nun auer juiy iti, ami
p.'r.one iilvinpiutiiK n nmioer trip could
ii'i in, uriit-r iiiiiii vian iiit-ke npriUKii
M-eoiiiiiioiiaiiniiii are iiinpie ami every
J'i I'K ii I" du'.c .o milk,. Kiu-at eomforlu.
Tim climate la delUhtful, the water pure
and excellent, uud huniliii; Ilrl-eluM.
Terms Ronsonablo.
W. M. SCOTT - - Prop.
Grain Bags.
Calcutta and Jletrlvk's tUbra-
mi i:. ir.v.
or. vu kiikn, Toms, riuKM, r.ic.
A lint ul ulur I
When I go blioppirg If I vo any doubt
- i u ih.r -'i i is fast. I ust ask
a a . a t v t it lino r y i .. nth
i i 1 1 it it on o in a hil n:d If tuo
r l - vt run by U,o tlmo lia ready to
o tho utore, I'm cwtalu thcy'ro fast,
4 mu
Tlw lii mil
to Wuk i 'f iv
VC) ill u 1 1 i' i. i
t- Ct I I i.i .
. ? . . I I , , !
I M. ..
colore, in urui-r 1 1
eognie then hu1..!-
tvi. mm,' A'
Printed Flour Bags
A SiKX'itilty.
I'Ultri.WM, OH.
I lvlMIII,
' .uv attempting
lijMiui for eon
i n r bhlps at sea
I wJ with this
n ' Kt. 1ouu ii , ,
- - -fcV . OWAIJU
Those who believe so thoroughly in protection should not
go any longer without insurance on their property, of whatso
ever kind; and nearly everyone believes that n policy in a pood,
Reliable Ins ran ce Co.
Is worth every time what it costs, and procrastination should not
be indulged in when it conn to taking out a policy. In the
Hist place, pick out competent and
With whom to do your business those who represent none but
the best insurance companies and go straightway and insure.
When in search of such agents, don't fail to turn your "peepers"
in the direction of the oflicc of
Clopton & Jackson,
Located m the EAST OREGON1AN building, Pendleton,
where you can have any kind of insurance, whether Fire, Ma
rinc, Aueident or Life insurance, done up in
It 18 Wfill tfl rOMlOlllllOl- tlii in 1
........... ,,. lw uu cluuiu uti muse insure m
one of the Thirty Reliable Companies represented by
Clopton & Jackson, with a combined capital of morn tlmn
Tickets T to
Elegant Pullman Palao
KmlBraiit 8lccplnK Cum rua th
Prc.j Trains to
Close connections nt Portland
cnco nnu i-uget Somu jU
Knst hound PnenKfrsrrltM
parti nt 6:00 p. in. ,l 13
West bound pnmenger irritM.
West bound freight srrlreisiff
pnrtsnHH5p. in. m",,tll4
Wnlln WmII-i nud Prnil(U
Leaves nt 0:00 n. m. for r':, J
rlvcs nt 7.33p. in. from WalliVIa
To Han FrntK-l.rn.
Htnto, Mny la
Ort-Kon, Mny ID
Uolutiibln, 5lny20
HUito, Mny SI
Ort-Kon, Jlu vM
UoluiubU, Juno 1
Hlnle, JuiiRli
liri'Kon, JunoO
Colli mbln, Juno 13
Hliitn, Juno 17
OrcKon, Juno 21
Columbia, June 2.)
Htnto, Juno -J)
uri'gou, jiuy 3
III 111 V gl0'lm,,ll) Whr'l fWJM
Leovo 8pi-nr St. i?liarf,Ba fJ
ltnte of rtnttt.
Including mttlnndU;
Cabin, - ...
Htccrnge, . ,
Hound Trip, Unlimited,
Kpr further pnrtlculnn IniiBlrnf J
v-uni(iiiij-, or a. u Mute
s i,d., I'uniunu.urvgoi).
A. L. 3UXB
Ucncrnl Mftiiajfr.
If you contemplate insurance, call on them and get posted
and it will cost you nothing. Remember their nfll ;
3VST OIUSGONIAJ? building, or address
V4.1 Tnuit Nt.
JuWdsw If
Iv4.u. I hi' 1'irdn to ro
ii m tt Krt'rtt dutiuu-o.
l j J ttt.Hl tO U bOV.TU t,OJ'.-
t to
hk i ru is
lounHtivelnop-tv to J. 11 SlHXtuiifcer'i,
Hi' ttli) iUvr
Northern Pacific I
iilHmnfi lilncr Ntetiitna Canl
ifaiinlHeent Itnu OntW
ii hi j'ctuu tm i
From Orepon and Waitlt
to the Eitt,
Vln Hi. Paul nml MlnnriDol&l
I Inn running I'm luce Dm!ul
(Mmli ii CtMlJ
FnHtcut Tlmo Kvrr JttO I
I'oaitt vcr the rk-
To Sioux City, Council BIcA I
AIcIiIhoii. iaveinrorlh.
Ilurllngton, Oitlncy, Ht ImMI
nil nolntiitliroiictinutthtEvK
end vlaHt.l'iv'Innd Hloetrt
Ara linnlil nn ririiUr fl
tho ciillro length of tbt '
t.onvo Wnl lu I a .IillitlloDtiai
I.oiivo rnrtland 3 p. b., 4i)
.iiinnenpoim or ni. i-aui uxr
rourtli duy.
Connnrllon made nt BL Piolt
ollMionll )lnU KMt,HoaihH
Train will leave PortUnJ
in., connecting with O. IL4Vr
nil polnta on l'ugtl jfjj
Genernl Wfitern raitftru
ll'nuttl.w.tn.i Ut i.irfland.
To San Fran
Hy war of U
Soutliorn Faciflo
Tho Mount Shasta
nnlnlrsrln llnif tbao a
M nout,nt
Leave Portland at 4:00 1
Through time, 39 1
! l! M.MAN ntVITKtW
Tourist SleoplrgC
Class Passenger i
Varo rrom l'ortla4 W 1
and M Vtftv
KlrHt.elaaii UuIImU---!
Klmt.rlaMH. Lluiltfil
Mecoud-clami, lilBilf-'
Ticket OflW"
Corner FbdiI front
E.P ItOUEflS,A.O.'r
Sanitary ii Mn
Stfiflm and li01
Heating Apl
.1 MtlnnW5
IienUnc bulldlns In I
trv- r-nrriinndescd
OFFICE: 34Tnii"-
Mora than two buaf,
blanks nt tin ''"" ,n,K