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jcst winr vou want.
A 1,1 lilt A UV.
(,.fltl,cf nl. lit money or stamps will
VnlroiiD' (if the .tally or He nil-Weekly
KAHT IIIIKMONIAN run freely iimkw use
of tin. I!AHT Oltl.OUMAN library whcn
nrer they mi ilr-lrr. The public urti ciir
dlnlly Invited to vlult tlin ofllce whenever
so Inclined.
. h. SrinMVeekly JiAsx n..in.
for ,r iintll fl" HioJfovomlier
(from n"r, ..,. nf,v .,,, wm
"J.Ti.Tr KAHT OIll.OONIAJi for the
OL. 1.
NO. 97.
Has been taken off both
roolen and Cotton Goods
Not by Congress, but by
And they now oiler their Largo and Complete Stock of
Examine their goods, get their
hat the above are not mere assertions, but that they will sub
tautinte what they claim. Theirs is not an "Infant Industry,"
herefore they have discarded Protective Prices, and will freely
Loot competition from all quarters.
leneral Merchandise Stock
Consisting of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Men's Boy's and
Mens Ladies and Children's Shoes
Straw and Felt Hats, Crockery
and Glassware, Groceries,
Hardware, Etc.
Groceries, Vegetables, Fresh Fish
D. KEMLER'S Grocery
Fins Spices, Fine Coffee, Fine Tea, and
Grocery should
Ml on mo If yon want Groceries cheap.
Great Western Bakery.
M. GJIATZ, Proprietor.
Frosh Eastorn Oysters, in Every Stylo!
Main Street, near PoHtojjlcv, rcntlleton d.w
Skoo Fly.at tils mora In Walla Wnlla, hasou
"U a largo amount of oil klmU of
Hreworks, which he will noil
&.t Thirst Cost.
A" vjf t , , ,ve(, ,.ill(.r , mnll or pncfl0
-M". v 11 be promptly ntun.dd to.
Walla Wolia
Tho Truck Ma,n
f he Transfer Man,
prices, and convince yourself
They carry a
Store, on Main Street
Everything Fine that a First-class
Keforo making your contract for next win
ter's nupply of wood, consult Charle Frailer
the wood doctor, and obtain the lowest price
for the best mountuln wood.
Charles Frazlor,
Ju 11m dw I'endlcton. Oreeon.
At Wholesale Prices.
Imh ills Imh H Co.
Yard and Oflice at tho Railroad
Depot. ju!5 dsw Jm
i.odoi: DiitKcrrouY.
.. . Me.cl!'. ".!'"'. Mnmnlc TcmpM on llic
llmtniul third Krlilayn of each month, at 7:-T0
o'clock. J. 1. Husiikk, If. V.; V. U. (U.olTo.v,
KUN.IE I.01)QKNo". ai. A. K. A A. M.
Meet on tlio second and fourth Mon
day of each month, tit 7:.w o'clock, H.J.
Hkan, W. M.J W. K. 1'otwink, Hecrctiiry.
pKNOf.KTON I.0IKM3K0. fiS. A. V. A A.M.
X Meet In the Mnnonlo Temple on tlio
"rut nml third MomliiyN of cicli month itt
7SW O'clock. T. J. MILLION, V. M.J It. AL
kxamikk, Hecrctary.
VIT.A I.ODOK NO. lll.A. O. U. W. Meets
every Thursday nlxht lit the Kniflno
!.'.m,?f'."l71 " "'''lock. ' C. I.KASUIIK, M.
W . F 1. Tu.stin, ltecordor.
IJIUUKICA I.0IH1K NO. 3i. f. (). (). . Meets
J every Hntiininy evcnltiK n 1 7!.T) o'clock.
T. J. .Million, N.u.j K. K. Kharnu, hecrctary.
O. V. Meets on I lie second mid last
Thursday of each inonlli, ut 7I.T0 o'clock.
I.OT l.t VKKMOItK, C. l'.i K. HliAltONtScrlhc.
JL O.K. Micts tho tlmt nnU third ThurH.
iliiyn of each month.
AHMONV 1.01)0 K NO. SI, K. OF V.
day pvor.liii: ut 7;30 o'clock. .!.(;. I.kahuui:,
C.O.J C.J. VltlTAKi:u,K. of lUiml H.
OAMON I.0D0K NO. i. K. OF I. Meet In
Oild FcIIowh' Hull nvery WednoKduy
cveulnKnt 7l30 o'clock. M. Moiikiixai). 0.
C; II. )-. (lAiei lKM), K. of It. mid H.
KIT CAUHON I'OST. (I. A. It., mcctH nt
WhcelerM Hall every Thurday nlitlil.
II. H. Wakki.k, Commuudur; J. H. Howkn,
.icrinin mui rciinwR nun nvcry iuo
Eagle Hotel,
FRANK DOWNEY, Proprlotor
Meals Qrc; BedH 20 & 50o.
r(:iill nml isotuuood menl nt tlio corner
of WVhhiiiiil Onrden rit. JuUdxvr
On nud after this Unto, n ndinlnlatmtor of
the CHtnto of tho Into William Hosh. 1 olfer
for mtleiill ttlo live Ntock owned by the de
ceiued, cnmtlMlliK of
Thorouuhbreil Hereford lliilln.
Short-horn Odtle, Grade Cattle,
and Oemral Stock Cattle.
Thoroughbred Spanish Merino
ltuclcH and Ktvea, JUylHtered.
Grade Jlnchs and Stock Sheep,
Alton larse iiumher of Ilornen and n iiinn
tlty of Hay.
For particular!, call on or iiddrem
rcndloton, Or.
Ono Night Only.
Monday Evening, June 25th,
Special KiiKaKCinent of tho Kmlnont Irish
In tho Greatest IjiukIiIiib Huccens of tbo day
"Soap Bubble,"
Under the mniiBKement of J. II. IKibblnn-
BB'Ainoiik' the Hor.Ks rendereil by Mr. Far-
roil will be fconiR tint have irudo him fa
mous wherever tho Kiigllsh laiiKiiaEo N P0
keu. IncludliiKsuch favorites aMr McCur
thy," "Itemciiiber. Dny. Vou'ro Irish," ' Ihe
Kxl e's LameiH," 'Corporul Mulciihy,"
vina, the htrawberry Olrl," "Tim Flaherfy"
and others.
i i l a1... ,.I..aii Hint ir Apiyi nt
HoMtt Terrln i thU ilav UoIv4h1 by imu
. . t t..i.l Di.ju ilirliiif frimi I tin
nrm. havlmr sold Ills Inturi'Sli to IlluUe IVr
rlu. who will continue the business ut the
Ilureau Haloon, collectlinf all accounts uu l
"khumliisull liabilities of the Arm of Kcmh A
'(IWoa undor our hands and scnls I III" 30th
ilavof June, A. U. lb, nt ivndlcton, Ore
JuUilm lll.AlsK 1'IMtlilN.
Due notice Is herobvElven that n ineetlnu'
of the stockholders of the OrMou ISulld iiic
V . . ...lit 1. ftul.l ut til to ft f II MA lit
the tlinaitl.4 lUal Ilitole A Iian Assool
tloii.ln I'tndlel-u, UintllU wiunty, OrBOn,
it 7Volok p. in., of July Jlth, IfoS. for the
l)i,rpos.of formulatliiB and adonllnif u con
illliitlonaiiil b-l s, ond electliiK uoh dl
licUirs and oommUiewt s will oonform to
the by-laws .hen ado, u
J. II. KAf.KY.
juKlmd J.M.l'BUKTr
lart-k' nd riuipii-d lu tbejnland
Empire. KuMei.i pr s
' k. O Fob. Co.. I'endlet n,OrroD
Last NlRhl's mid To-Day's rrncrcillii(js.
OtiiCAtio, Jtmo 7 l. si. It in roort
oil !oib lit etty uood nutliorlly Hint tho Now
York-(loloKUtloii will awing a portion of
its voIch to llnriirton.
7:1- l'. m. Tho convontion oallcil to
order. The cntrumu o( Dciow 1h grcotcd
wltll iipiiUiuoo.
7;'-4.i'. m. IJojiow taken tho iilntform.
7:27 1'. St. DollOW HHVH tlmt lin i-nmn
horo us a derogate, neither uxM!ctlng tior
donIrliiK.to utiiH-'iir in tiny other clmrneter.
After Ills turlvul Now York hud present
ed hi numo. For rcaHoiiHtlmt IiIh voca
tion anil iiHHocfatioiiH will rnino qnuHtioim
which limy end in linger und ruin tlio
proHpcclH of tho jiarty, therefore ho with
drinvH IiIh mime. Doiiow'h iinnouiicc
nient wim greeted with ttiiniiltiionn up-
7:111 n. m. WW uunounccH tlmt , the
VirKinl.it dblcgiition Ima polcctcd him uh
7:!Wi'. m. Hitstiiifw of l'ennnylvuniii
iiiovch to iidjbiim to 10 o'clock to-morrow.
Motion lont. CSrcnt coiifiinioit.
7:48 i'. m. U. G. Innernoll tuken tho
platform imiiil creiit upplniixo.
K i. 31. InucrHol) Ih inaklnir 11 HDeccli
in favor of protection. Ho nayH ho fa-
voni the noiiitiiutioit 01 wrcMiatn. Ill
mtilttioim doiiioimtiutlon in thu uudionco.
8:1!1 1: m. IngerHoll hIIh down and tho
baud HtiikcH up to drown the nolco.
8:15 i. m. California rniHCH a big ban
ner for niaino tuid I'roluctiou. Great up
nhuiHo and coufiiKiou.
- 8:'J0 p. i. CharleH Von3 of St. Iou1h 1h
reciting 'bIiuiIiIuu.'h utile."
8:110 p. m. Fitch oi California in Hieak
ing anditllu crowd U leaving tho hull.
Adjourned to 1) a. m. to-morrow.
Ciiicaho, Juno Tlio Tilbu'no HiiyH :
"Tho untbIlariiou forceH have com
blued to prevent bin nomination thin
morning, and' after a ballot or two Mill
udjoiinii to unite ou hoiiio other candi
date." Tho TiinoH wiyHi "Alger anil IIurriHou
gaineiliiniicli.Htreuli during the night."
Tlio Nowh nayH that tlio ticket Htill
l(K)kH lIliiliiU'iuul llarrixon, or lllnitio mid
Tho. IlemliLHoyH that Alger and AIIIhou
are very hotefuL It further huvh that
part of tho lWtiHylvania vote will go to
AlliHoii.nflur Blicrumii.
Tho jmporH agree that ut prenont liar
riHon in tho lnortt prominent candidate.
10 :03 a. M. Convention called to or
der, and Warner Miller, of Now York, in
10 I'M a. m. Fourth ballot eommoneoH.
Iiulluiui.for tbo Unit time votcH for llarrl
Hon. MoKlnloy withdraw after tlio con
vention voted ouo for him.
IO'.-IL'a. M. Ulinolit given IIurriHou I),
GreHlituii -II.
10:64 a. m. New York c.ihIh fit) for
Harrison, IHaino 8, Alger 4, Sherman 1.
Tho HtitUi Ih now being lulled.
11 :18 a. u WiHConrtin voIch IIurriHon
'M. (irt'atupiilauHo.
11:10. a. m. llallot: Alger 135, liar
rldon L'17, AIUkoii 88, lllalno I:', Sherman
LMO, GrcHhum 1)8, McKinloy 4, Lincoln 1,
Doiiglua 1, Foraker 1.
12 a. . Fifth ballot in lielng taken.
CalifornLi voten for IHaino. Greeted with,
cheern nml ldsxcri.
Iiiiliiuu. given Ilarriton '.".), GroHhum 1.
WibcouHla votott IlarriKon 20. Ap-
11:40 a. m. Now HiimpHliiro givoH
HinrlHoii 8; Now Jornoy glve McKinley
Fifth ballot : Hlulno 40, Alger 142, Al
liHon l)!l, Harrison 2K1, GroHhum 87,
Sherman 224, MoKlnloy 14.
12 o'clock. Now Jetvey calln roll of
StalcH and ordered tin aunouncomcut of
voten for IHaino and McKinloy. Thia
wiih greotel with applauxo.
12:10 p. m. Convention hue-voted to
adjourn till 4 p. m.
U:20 p. i. At tho afternoon. HCHBton it
Ih generally oxiected that mi etlort
wllllK) niailo to Htamjicdo tho couvontlon
for Hlaluo. Thitt ufternoon there in homo
talk of noiiiluatlng Alllnon. Hluino men
expect tbo Now York delegation on tho
sixth or Hoventh ballot.
3 :2fi p. m. Gov. Forukor of Ohio bun
iuttt Haid that Ohio would not voto nolid
lor Shorman thin afternoon. Uo wuh
uxked about tho ntamiede to lihlne. and
ropllcd: "If thoy break U) him It i likely
to go to him. lie Ih a very Htrong man."
4:07 p. m. HlHcock, of. New York, JiihI
nald that a motion will, bo luado to ad
journ to Monday.
4 :10 p. m. Convention called to order.
4:11 p. . Warner Miller cayri tho
unilei-Wanillug Ih to udjourn till 11 a. .,
Monday. ,
.l.i.. 1. ... Motion to ad ourtl muilo.
KanruiH calls fos roll call. Iowa njcoiuIh.
4 :20 p. m. IndicatloiiH for adjournment.
Indiana voten 'JO. and Iowa 20 ayo.
4:22 p. f. Now York voten 72 uo,
great appluuw.
4:21 p. si. Michigan voten 2(1 no.
Minnesota 14 110.
Voto on adjournment 402 ayo, .1Y0 no.
4 :40 p. i. Con volition ndjoiiriisd until
11 o'clock Monday morning.
they I'ack oir tlii'.l'rlK' ut the 1'orllanil
1,...t. i.'i. linn. -;t At tlitt I'traiiion'u
tournament in thin cilv yoatortluy the
Walla Walla team won tlio wot tout, time
3d 4-5, prbsa 2U) and a limuUunio ellvor
truuit. Tlw climNVl"nhip ru c u
won by tho I-int I'ortluml teuin, time
llti 2-5. In a runaway wliiiliMiuned
yesterday. th' I'lt of an oxpruon w.i)f'U
",ih imU'l.li t a torn In tln bmly of ali'irni
that Htill liven
111: si'kaks l'nii iiimsi:m'.
Ho IIuvji Trrrlhlo Vicious lice In Ills Hon
net. Ciiicaho, Juno 211. At evening Hcnnlon
ujpow nituwuHpeoon witliilrawlng lroni
tho race, lngcrnoll made a npcech in
nupport of protection and GrcKham. Do
IHivv feeln deeply grioved ut tho opposition
to bin caudidiurv. In the convention hint
1 ulghti ho Hiiiil t hero wan an iindortono of
Indignant feeling againnt Cleveland in
Now York which can only bo utilized bv
a citizen of tlw State who ban tbo con
fidence of the hUMtncnn chinnon. Ho Haid
"There arc in tho employ of tho rail
road company of which I am president
llfty thousand men, twenty thousand of
wiiom aro' 1 Jo nocratn, anil every man
would voto for mo, wbv? Becaimo over
hIiico mv nrcHidency tho door him been
open to any and every employee of the
Spokf Arturll Had llrrn IIutiR I'our .Min
utes. I.onnvii.!.ii, Kentucky, Jiino 22. Wil
liam l'attcrnou, hanged hero thin morn
ing for the murder of Jennie 1 'avail, a
nervant girl, iirotented bin innocence on
tlio Hcallbld. Ho wan nlovvly ntrungled to
death. Four mlnulcn after the drop fell
ho uttered through bin firmly not teeth ;
"Cumo them I" and followed thiH up
with, "Lord' navo mo." 1 1 Ih Hlruui.'len
at the end' of tho iiooho were frightful,
and ovory iernon jirenent turned away
wiih a HiiuinaToi Horror.
llllls I'aased.
Wahiiinoton, I). 0., Juno 2;). In tho
Houno yonterday the Senate Civil anil
Naval Appropriation bllln passed.
l'ouri.ANO i.i:tti:k.
Till. I.nrKO KntlllilUhliirnt of Itimill A
Co. IntdiTntliiif t I'ltrnmrs "T. I,."
tllves Way to. Ih Miisr.
1'iiuti.asi), On., Juno 20, 1888.
An you approach Fort laud from tbo
Kant Sido,.either by tho O. It. & N. or the
O. it C. linen of railroad, the mont ntrik
ing part of tho picture that npreadn out to
your vinion in tho Morrison Htreet bridge.
.n tno ey loiiowM tiun Hiructuro along to
tbo WeHO 1'nd you uro Hiiro to Huddonly
find your attention attracted to u hand-
Homo, drab colored, four story brick,
trimmed m iiriiuaiu roil. Atttiii top, 111
great, bold lettem, reaching clear ucronn
tbo baulcol tho building in thin legion:
"ltunolV& Co.," und now, while I think
of it, lot 1110 udvlso you to lie nuro and
visit thU house when you come to the
city. It won't cost you a cent and can
not fail to iutorcnt and Instruct you
ltuHrtoll& Co. are iimuufacturorH of the
celebrated "Mannlllon" threnher. homo
M)we, Hteam enIuon, savvinlll ma
eldnury. etc. Their factory in at MuhhII
Ion, Ohio, and thoy have branch houscn
Hcattered all over tho I'nlted Stilton. I
wiih hIkivvii through their l'ortlaud bouse
rcountly by Mr. Hughes, u very obliging
gentleman, who In tho manager. Thu
KiHomont of tho big building in "plumb
full" of bollern and engines, among which
particular attention wan called to their
celebrated straw burner, the best engine
of the kind in tho world. They have in
ntock Hteam engines from 0110 to nixty
homo 1 toner. On the ground floor are
Htorcd more engines and a big assortment
of Huvvmlll machinery. The lirst lloor in
ho densely packed witli tho world-famed
Fish Ilrothern' wagons, knocked down
that there In hardly room tomovoaroiuul.
Above these comcn thu can luge reposi
tory Hero may bo seen, Hot up,uU'roudy
to liitch your horse to a collect ion 10I road
vehicles that muilo my oyon waton eurtn,
carriages, phaetoun.laudaun, etc,, costing
nil tho way from $50 to glfiOO. Horo I
must toll you nomothlng ntrictly on tho
side: Ah I stood In the preneuw of all
that magnlflceuco, ga.ing upon tho.o
gorgeously U-aiitiful bugglen, ho near and
vet ho far, I fell into a black-tnal blue ho
liloiiuy. My Horioun thoughtB-aro ulwayw
in verno, und whitt those tlmiightn wojo
on thin oeeasion I give to yu, '"tin till
tliatlcan do:"
My paihvvay has no roius,.
flut Is everslrowu wlti thorns,
Will (i my shoes of puttut leather
(Scarcely cover all my eorns.
I.liuvo patches on my trousers,
And my seersucker uoiit
Represents mo current vnlue,
Of my Deinociulle coat.
I'm scarcely ever treated,
Thoiiijh 1 ropresuia tlm press,
Hut this conduct liuiMilltlo
J attribute to my dress,
I would patronlio the tailor
If I only IihiI ihediist,
Hut my pockets uro depleted,
And Ihe clothiers will not trust.
I hardly ever worry
Ove' my unhappy lot,
Or Indulge In nioilllatlon
About tliliiKs 1 huvoii'lifot,
Hut Iho roiu.orts of those IiubiIoh
'I'll ut I never have enjoyed,
Makes inn Unto old unbuild talker
Ily wnom I urn employed.
And I think that If I only
Owned a raulHKe and 11 team,
I should b" supremely happy,
I do wonder now 'twould seem.
To ride about the city
In a Hit that few possrss,
And persistently rrfuse lo know
The members of the pnswi.
On tho fourth floor nothing but thresh
er n und hoiHO 1 si worn aro tolxjscon. Hav
ing a tlvo-ton elevator in uo a tbronhing
inaehlue in just an handy to got ut up in
tho attic an on tlio ground. Tnnn and
tons of llieso hiuhU mo uiiig In and out
f that building daily. Whon we think
of tlw liniiiunno amount of farm urn-
ehlnery, waK-iiin, etc., tliut are alilHMl
out of this i itv, and how unwli of (Jroium
i still iiiicnltivatcd. and how few- ja'opli'
llwrr are tn llii H.jii.ni) mill' hero ill rom-
' purixui with the grout fanning Kialeti in
tbo Fast, tvb.it 111..V wo reanoiialily ex-pt-i't
will li tin; ihiiiatiiln fur HUi'h goodn
ill tin- fiilurt' .'
; Jlefore cl'Miii thin letter let me nay to
any und all who may vinit thin city, and
are In the Inmd interested in tlio lino of
gooiln kopt uttbo hottnffof Huxscll it Co.,
don't fail lo anil', nik for Mr. Iluglien, ami
Vou will L'ct un lnterftmir und Inntruo-
live lout uro and a pfenning nbow, all for
nothing. You don't have to buy gooiln to
1)0 treated Iwoll'iit thin hottne. The man
ager bollbvcH in patronizing nowpaporn
lllierally, uml'ii man of that kind in al
most Invariably u goniXman to deal with.
Ho won uineng tlio- first to nhow apiirecla
tlon of tho F.aht OimuoNiAN I'ortluml
branch ofllcoi unci- ban leen kind to iln
reprcHcnlatUo, whoso other nunio in
Turn: I.ankh.
l'oini.AXii, Juno 22.
Yenterdrty.' afternoon it cab drovo up
First Htreet' at brealt-neclc Hpeed and
Htoped in 'front of Judge Hiinliwoilor'H
court. A goutlemau and youog lady hur
riedly ntopped front tho cab und riwhed
up-nttiirn to-thu Judga'n room. Hush wan
very htinynt tho tlnm trying a cane, and
tuo court room wan nui 01 people, tno
cab-ilrivor-Hecmed to realize Iho fix tho
couple wenv'iu, mid made wild gesticula
tions for Ilunllweller Income out. Ho
did ho, leaving the court to run Itnelf.
Tho moment ho emerged1 from tbo door
ho wart.yunked around' a comer out of
sight und told by the young man that
he wanted to got married' ami wanted tho
job dono bright now." "Ilnnh" wild ho
wan very busy, and' wanted' to know if
they couldn't "ttiUo a Hphv around tho
bloc'k and romo back tiflur awhile.
"No, wo can't," said tho young man.
"Why not?" nnlill llunh, gutting uwful
"HeciuiHo wo can't wait another min
ute," chippeddu II in bllinlung girl.
llunhwellor naw that deluy wun ilangor
oun, ho bo Hteered' them ucronn tho hall
and Into a barber niton, where ho tied
them ut hi a bard' kiuxr, 'vovkotod hlnJ
fiut. 1 til. I.i Iln. 111 ..fvut.livii.imil ntirtiofl In l'
Ills eotirt-room Hi muuli ll'ss time than it 'r!
. . . . . I. i. t, .1.. . .1.,
uikoh 10 ion 11. neioro ruNiiiug 111111 mai-, ,
ritnonv her iiaino wan Mary h. Nelnon ,
and bin name In Charles Wultem. if
'I'l.n. l.,rll,,.,.ll l.-,.ul li,rlt,..i,l W.lllfl if
Walla, Vaiteonvor, Albany and Lebanon :
llreinen leains, hero for the tournament. 1? I
paraded at 2:30 Hint evening, 'llinii-r
naiidh of peojilo.vvere em tho streeln. Tho)
llremen tniulo- a very pietty iipearanceli
In tholr unlfnrniH. biit somo ofthem would.
havu looked fully tin well if ttioy had kept;?
on more clothes. A. man otan from head.,'
10 reel 111 gauze m mil oxuciiy iiiiiiuj 01
. t 1 ki.. .. .1.1....
beiutty. fi ,i
A Hollcltor for hoiiuj deud-lieat uilvorh .1
tlulmv Uldlitln,. 11111,1111...,! tfl irnt TlmU.'l 1
Giilneiiii'n uutogr.iph to u noto for thlrtyl,,
dolliirn by miiUiug hlui think lie won sign-, .
itu! a recolnt' for a.b(N)k. Gulnean pair
tho note, saying ha hud rather do ho thai t
go Into couil'with tho cano, butho'Hawfuii'
mad. ;
-Mm. unman 11. miiium, chichi (iiiugn v i
tor of Hon. Uiclmrd WIlllauiH, died yoti
VI t 11W IUU is lsy J ktl1J Willi MV
The Skidlnoro fountain Inoxicctedlior
early in July. !
Tho gri'Ht amronly Gun WllllaniHoiHii;
at tho Now l'lirk. next Monday nigh ,,
I'ntti ltona, who flnlnhcn it week's et
giigetneiit' hero to-morrow night, m f
darling little witch. Sho hut. capture I
tlio city. I
Tho otnplovcH of the flriim of Fonter ,!
Hober non timf Shell. Ilcitncuu x oo ',y
ard will play a game of bano ball to-mo
row attornoon. iiai.i.ock.
a.mono tiii: i,i:i'i:tts.
rather Coiuarily's Letter to ArelibUli
IJniler ibto of Kalawo, Molokal, Saif
wicli lnlamln, May 17th. l''atlier(!onrar:
wilten 10 Aicniiinnop uronn too louowi
"I left Han Francisco on May fith.
thu nleamur .ealaudia. ami arrived
Honolulu on tlio 12tli. whom Ivlnll.'i
Hoveral offlcialn, und on tho 14th left , fi
tho loer Hottlement, whero I arrived y ,
fvnkiy ovening, May lllth, "
! l.unt night I wan given a concert
tho loHir lwyn nowK'i in numlier. Tl
nliiL' unite well. Their leaderH uro I i
Ihliiid lojiorH.
huh morning nitor iiiiihh i vinitou; . .
hospitals, where ono may nee thu wi
ca en. No night llko that cai Ito,. h"' ,
anywhere hut on thin loner iH'und. Ft .
and b.'dlm uro horribly dlHflgurjJ. , ,
nuiiilHjrn tho earn, lip , none und chc ,
uru very much Hwollen. Tho loiithw
disease docri not work tho naino on .
but appoarn in varloim fornm. Yo
Ikivh look like old men of 70.
Father Damlen'H hundn uro hoiiiov
h -tier, but bin earn, face, neck und a '
aro covered with Hwolliiign,
Them in hero at the Hettluinent u
vert from Fplncopaliauinm, Brother j
Hoph Dtitton, 'v ho him do voted bin lift ' 1
tho caio of orphan boyn und othorn, , '
Is like the gmnl Samaiituii iiuannui
but ho iIooh tho work of a nuliit. ' "
Now, ubout lemaiuingiini'onlamlnt ,
I iiuiHt put mv faith in God; for I dr 1
hoo how any ouo living heio for a nut
of yoarn could ponniblv encaiNi.
I.'. II .11.... ....I MM... I. ...I I.. I
cooks uro an iiineunoii. inu iiiiuvu id.-'
baked by loiiern. I nlt noar Fatbou-rj
llllllll IlltllUitff .1 All I U:.. I
'God huvo mo, hapMin what may.'
Tim injur luiiora wtein i(Uilo happy
IIUII lllllirJII st opi(i 'III vnu irt
wliito liooile wore allUftcxl lot the luu
aro with loiirowy, I tliink many v,
coininlt miielile.
To-morrow lh nuiierinteiiileiit
lupor netlleineiit. wiio dsn not
here, will ci.inr I i nelcct a lm'al
l.ilild a In. on' i lb" hintorn of HI.
i'n, who i-.in- i -;.' idly for the fi
I For tho cvcloni!
I count v .'I.'..mJ in
I lleppm r.
siiUch ih of M
cash wan rain-
m.. a .
srRFLT -