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iiitorcHting significance to tho ikjojiIo o(
Oregon'"' ,
".Vjt in Uio leiirt'undCfarbott drugged
liltn uuny.
i An O. It. A N. RtockholdcrH tncctlnir
Calcutta and Dclvlck'H
tetlJC. If'.'.
mid election of ollicorn in to Iw field here
MONDAY, JUNK 18, 1883.
Monday, which probably iiccoiimh for
Mr. ."mltli'rf precunei!. Tt'im Lankm.
GrainBags. jl UA11 Dim nn.fl 'K
The Fend b on Holier isjhki .xa.iun.ci mssasssBsm
t: !
Tim IlHKhrll-MHIIllll Iti.w-IIIIJnli Hniltli
and If U Knit Train the K. (I. .Mini Infoi-
vlflW Illlll.
l'oitTMNI), Jlll.O 1".
ltuv. Kuril IIuHkcll, u wcll-kno.vn pus
tor of OiIh city, uiirt uHHiuiltcil and Mit'ck
wjveral titncM in tlio faco last 'i'wday
oveninir bv llonrv K. McUinn. Mr .ilc
Uimi lias jiiHt boon eleeli'd to a h'cmic!
form oh proMccutiiiK attornoy of llil.s iIIm
triut. hint .Monday night Mr. ilmkcll
delivered u lecture at the I'mllicn in thin
city. Tiiu corrupt political condition of
tbu citv and tlio lnickwunlnc- of tlio inn
iilcll'itf aiitlioritieH in onfoiclng tlio law
was disciiHHt'd. During tbu cotirwj of
Ills rutcarkH Mr. Hunk ell do laiud that
McGinn reported to I it Hairy i n last elec
tion day. Mr. HiiHkcll bappened along
wlillo McGinn and Homo frlctnln wuru
HiKiakliiK of tbiri matter, last Tucudtiy, on
tbu cornur of WiiHliiugtnn and Tblrd
HtieotH. .McGinn atopied I Inskcll and
paid! "Mr. Haskell, yon told n damned,
dirty liu about mo tbu other night. Them
Is no truth in tlio things you nay about
mo." llaskull replied: "ou can indict
mu for IIIhsI If you want to."
Then Mclilnn Haiti: "You know very
well I can't line tlio machinery of my
olllco in my own ernonitl defence, but
I'll nplt in your faco."
liu tl in it struck Haskell Huvoral tluit'K
in tho faco, Haskell inatlu no iitteini i at
defenso, but not out of lliu way us tpdikly
us kjsh1IiIo. iot day Haskell had Mc
Uinn arrested for assault. Yitslcnl.iy tho
caso emtio up In tho x!lco couitaiul,
much to thti tmrprlsuof all, .Mclilnn en
tered a itlua of not utility, and bad thu
caso coutluut'il till Tuesday next,
Mr. Haskell feels that lie has hiiII'itim!
an outrage that is extremely humiliating
to himself ami a tleop disgrace to tho city,
lie says that when ho charged McGinn
with lirils'ry it was not meru tresuint
lion, but that It was based on K)rfectlv
luliablu Information, anil tliat ho was
ready, willing anil anxious to piovo what
hu hail charged, anil that now ho Is de
termined that thu uiattor shall go Isifum
thu United Hiatus anil .Stain grand Juries.
There In a ipitmtion as to which Jury will
havu jurisdiction. If tbu uvidoncu hIiuwh
tin ollcnsu against thu Statu, it is ipiitu
likely thu matter will nuvurcomo to trial;
but if u crime against thu I'nltod States
has been committed, and an indlctmrnt
Ih found by thu I lilted States grand Jury,
Homu Intctustliig ilovolopuientri may bu
looked for. Mr. McUliin lias hosts of
friends in this city who very much rcgict
that hu should havu ullowetl ids touisir
to got tltu Is'st of his judgment. It is
hostd and believed that thu suiious
charges nuidu against him aruurountlless.
anil that ii thorough Invodtlgutluit .kill
result in u clear vindication.
KIIIiili Smith, twsldent of tbu 0. It
N. Co., arrived hero In Ills private car
or ss't:lal train yesterday. Ilu made
thu trip from Now York to Portland in Hit
hours, thu ipilckest trip ever madu across
thu continent. Airoiuininvlnir Mr. Smith
wuru K. S. Ilooloy, a stock broker of Nuw
York, T, II Morrison, a tllspatcber, sir-
ter ami conw. .Morris m sayH lliu Mp.'etl
oi inu train iniuiu inn inoic ho "housicic"
hu couldn't prelum meals, anil that lliov
wuru nearly st.irvutl when they reached
l'ortl.iud, Thu colored sirter turned as
wiittu as a Hliecl on several invasions ami
thu dispatcher was scared half to death
They came, by regular train to t'liieago,
and from there West as a siH'clal. Tlio
llrst Kill miles this slilu of Chuyeuuu, al
though in Iho night and over tho inoiiu
tabu, was madu In loll minutes. A
iitiinlur i f inns weio madu at thu rate of
a mile In r0 seconds, 1'ioin (iranger to
iiuniingiou inu iiistaucu is ,t miles.
Tlil- run was madu in Til) minutes, llnlv
smoke! but isn't that Hying" Another
run of oil miles was made, in U) mlniiles.
(Kxcuso inu.) Tltuy bad 18 "relava" of
engines between Chicago ami I'ortland.
Thu Ii. O. man found Mr, Smith seated
at thu dinner table at the Ksmontl about
nine last night. Ilolsastout man, rather
Isilow medium height, inclined to bo
corpulent, Is a erfcct Picture of health
ami liHiks as rugged as a lioar. Hu wears
busby "hurnsldes," a inuslachu and his
complexion might lead onu to Mlovo
that hu had Is-en herding sheep all sum
mer, but be hasn't,
Dinner Mulshed, hu picked Ills teeth
Just thu same as though hu weio an ordi
nary human Mug, g.ilheied up Ids meal
check, examined it to sou If tlio charges
weru correct, took it to tbu counter and
paid the amount Indicated t bet eon, as
sir Instructions printed at thu bottom,
tut on his hat (ordinary fcl.ftO) ami came '
into thu bar-room, where W, 11. Mob
ootuli, Cy Dalph and II. W. (ir1mtt weio
laying for him. Cv got In ahead of the
ivst ami oseo-iod l.lijati to the walk in j
front of thu hotel. when Ihey sat down, I
put their heaiN together and iMiiversed In
a low tone of voice for uUuit ten minutes,
when Cy said gtxxl nlulit and uvse to go.
i;oriHtti iiien made a itive tor iiutli, tint
Utfoiu Smith eould giasp lliu extended
liauil bu found himself eonf'tinted by the
K, O. leiHirlur. and tho next thing 1 knew
KHJah Suillli was shaking my hand as
cordially as though I was going to vote all
my O. It. N. ntoi'k to m-ele' him
.preshlont of that company.
WTho Inferntalloii given inu by Mr.
Bnlth ill thu inteivlew that follows is
strictly e uittileuiial, ami it was only after
I had made a sacred promise of secrecy
that I eould tiut a word from him:
"Mr. Smith, w hat brought you out here
hi tuch a hu ty '.'" sall I.
"Nothing iiipatticular. I always travel
"Thou you umdtf a trip of thro thou
Kind utile In Mi hoii for 'nothing in
parii ular lid vou?"
"I aven'i time to talk to-iilgjit"
"I lw lii aiu you Kuiug toirtuv hoiv T"
"I ilon t know.'
"Are tm tcoing over mi the Sound?"
"i ilon i know, rin sine.
"S'ou made ihe iuii ket 1 1 1 1 ,e iMi thu
continent n uvoul, did ' U n t "
"I .Ion i know iilxiitM ai I p ikl no
titleiiii. li the lv i in . U ) nil
about it
Is pot ur MMt lieu: at Utiitiwowf
(Cnpnc ty AnUj'tj:! iclh P 'rilay.)
S. BYERS I CO., Propriolors,
! iillc on, tif xoii,
.Mioitirnvtiircrs of Uriilmiii, grntuiliitod mill
mt rlslin; Kltjnr.
MlUllPHt 4'iimIi Price I'ntd for All
IIIIHIN tr lil.lllK
, i ll.. nlwnyH nn lininl
Of All KlmU, Ton in. I'Iiir, II tf.
Printed Flour Bags!
A Socially.
lit Krmit '
Juimior If
l'OKTI,,t.M, Olt.
For One Month Only
Those who believe so thoroughly in protection should not
go tmy longer without insuraneo on their property, of whutso
kind; and nearly everyone believes Hint u policy in a good,
For One Month Only We Offer the Following Prices ;
.Mason's f-elf-Seallng Jars,
Iron-htono China Plates
Iron-Slono China Cups aiid Huiif-urH
Wasli Itowlsund I'ltchem
egutablu Dislies
1.50 per dozun J & gallon, !J iter dozen.
:c, -10c utttl 40o iwr set.
J.'io iHjrset.
1.10 and $1.00 jwr pair.
Mo to $1.00 each.
10c to IOo each.
Reliable Insurance Co.
Fine Metal llaso Dccoiated Lumps MtoiS.50.
(ilass Limps , 'JUeMl.00.
I'our-riecu Class .Sets .- I0e, TiOc, 7Jc, ami il.&O.
I.nrgu Covered (ilass Dishes ... lOu, 50c, 75u, $1 and $1.50.
Cake Stands IKc tofl.fX).
TiimblcrH ttie to !.O0.
(loMetri i!0e to f l.LV) sr set.
SSJaJlt::::;;:. indulged in when it comes to taking out a policy.
Mass fc'aticcr Dishes lQc cr set. '
i2SS5fiSS:nn ::::::: ::;:;:;;:::.v.v.v:.v::.v::;:: :':c.'tti place, pick out competent and
Is worth every time what it costs, and procrastination should not
In the
A 1'nll I.lno of Silverware,
I'Iiio Cut ami lllowu
stantlv on liaiiil.
Ih Closing out Wooden tinil Wlllowwaro at C ml
a'jlowaro and Chinawaro con-
Court St., Pondlotort, Oregon.
s New Store !
I. lmvo just opened, in the Matlock-Sargent brick, n handsome
line of
And a Full and Complete Assortment of
Household Goods,
Which I am prepared to hoII nt exceedingly low prices
For Cash or on tho Inotnllmont Plan, on Easy Terms.
Call and See for Yourself I
u I 'J ils w lw
Main St., Pondloton, Oregon.
Great Western Bakery.
. AN I)
m. uit. try., r,'ii moi:
Froah Enstorn Oystors, In Evory Stylo!
Main Stnrt, iifar l'tntoJlc', I'nulli lon o,w
With whom to do your business those who represent none but
the best insurance companies and go straightway and insure.
When in search of such agents, don't fail to turn your "peejiers"
in the direction of the oflice of
Clopton & Jackson,
Located in tho EAST OREGONIAN building, Pendleton,
where you can have any kind of insurance, whether Fire, Ma
rine, Accident or Life insurance, dono up in
Groceries, Vegetables, Fresh Fish
D. KEMLER'S Grocery Store, on Main Street,
Fine Spices, Fine Coffee, Fine Tea, and Everything Fine that a First-class
Grocery should contain.
Call nn im if you w.mt itxvrie.i cheap.
It IS Wfill fft I'OlllOlllllOl- tllilt ti n r-o,,.... i '
. . ....a iv, uu cl-uiuu tyuil UlllSt lllSUrO lit
ono of the Thirty Reliable Companies represented by
rn J n tt i . .
ioptou ce jacicson, with a combined capital of more than
1 1 .
D. KEMLER n 0" contemplate insurance, call on them and get posted
TYPEWRITER. !,,ml !t will cost you nothing, liemember their oflice is in tho
EAST OKEGONIAN building, or address
'M,,l, Bu iutl illlio "Bia
Pi-ioos of No. 1,10.1)1); No. i.Hl-J.OO; No. -L, Slft.OQ
For sale by JESSE FAILING. Pendleton, Or.
Elegant Pullman PaUcj
Kinlgmiit Blfcplng Cnm run n,mA
press Trnlni to
Free of clinrga nua without thJ
Clnm. coniifctlons int I'orllw,,! !.,, J
choonna I'ugetHounfij
Bust bound cniie(irHrrlvMi!hl
Knit hminil irelirht nrri...
pnrti lit 6:00 p. m. '
Wost liounil puMonger arrliMMI
West bmir.J trolght arrlvci u iif'J
piirtsnHUSp. m.
Wnlla Wnlln nnrt Pn4lM.. J
Leaves nt 0M n. m. for W.J
rlveK hi p. in. rrom Walla WtiSff
To Hun VrnncUco.
Htntc, Muy 12
Oregon, Mnv III
com in tilu, Muy so
To l'o
HUitC, Mnv 21
ColumblA, Juno 1
t'olumh, I
Lenvo stoiunshlp wharf, rorttasd. u
Hlftln. JunoS
Oregon, Juno a
Colunitiln, Juno 13
Htiilo, Juno 17
Oregon, Juno 21
Coin nililii, JuneM
Htnle. JuneSO
Oregon, July 3
Lenvo aponr 8t. wharf, San FrtntlnJ
llatea of rattan.
InoluUIng meala ami UrtU
unimi, - - -Htccmge,
Houutl Trip, Unlimited,
For further niirllculnra Innnln t...i
of Iho Compniir, or A. 1 MaiweH.il
A. L.
Ocncrul MiuiMgcr,
Pendleton. Orl
THE Northern Pacific Ran
lhiltmnn Iilnee Meriting ntrtt
Maantficnxt Jtnu Ctoehn!
Afafint Kmlqvwt BlrrpiutM
From Orcyon mi WathlijtH I
to the Eait,
Vln HU raul und MlnneapolU, T
lino running 1'nlnce lilnlcCHl
(.iieam to cnu,
VaNttrat Tlmr Kver Made YnM
I'oanl vi'r the Mtrlttnl
To Hloux City, Council lllaff-, N.
v tclilooti. IOnvmiwortli, ku
lliirllnglnn, Utilncy, Ht. liuli.CWn
nil poiiiMitimugiinutiiio r.fi iui
enit via Ht, rnul and Jllnotipou
Aro hiitiled nn rciculur exprri Ln'a
tlio entire length of the Xortiifil
l.eiivo Wnllnla lunctlon S:1(J a, m.
I.fiive I'orllunil 3 p. in., iltlln "
Jiinneiiiiotiit or Hi. i'hui iz:jjp.
fotlrtti iluv. .
Connection made ntHU raulndM
olla to nil Klnta Eal,Houth tod Sm
Train will leave Portland dHj ill
ni connecting wiiii u. ii. ,ii
(ill luthilt nil Kmillll.
(leueiol Western 'awen(r.Arri
1 , . ..... I . .,...!
w. c. Aii.owAy,rl
To San Francisco,
ny way of lh
Oregon &CaHforniaR
Anil Connrrtiaai
Tlio Mount Shnetn Ko
t)uleker In time Ihau anyouJ
Leave Portland at 4:00 p.M
Through N39
I'UM MAN llli: VKT U
Excursion Sleepers fl
Clna PrifiRoncorS 01
Fure rrom I'ortluinJ t I"1!
uml Hnn franelatal I
Ii'IthlhIuui. i r .. i i t.i I r nt .
m ...... j . . - - -
FlrHt-rlUHM, Mnilted...
Neroiut-rlUHH, Lliulted.
-Ticket Office:
Corner V nnrt Front Htw rrt'fl
e. p m)UEns,o.F.4r.
H. KUKMLKH, manager.
trains ff9
Sanitary and Heating m
Steam and Hot
Heating Apparatci
heating building In any "" I
try. Correspondence soucue
Portland, Orog!Ii
More than two hunrfrel ttj
blanks at this oau-e ?
llnnllniriiiuvlnl fnrralCtU 0S