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    MONDAY. JUNE , -
I.,., iti-nncii timer.
r- A .f the Kaht Oiikoonia.v liu.t
nfhDinn'.'.'.'.V SS.ii.1 lii tlio AliiliKtoii
uMimw niiin.r i ho limn-
w!'"""ii 11.1 loH:. lie will lo
a,lV Mliimi ' lvmllolon,
11 "1... when I" 1 r
,11; rcn.i"
IMrlliillll. IIU Will
purvioo in ni
.. . ..i.tnitriinlinr.
. ......... j.
:.c,ln,iii.bccroi,ontiugii. ..
mi. Walla city election occuih
Uiilin ------
UtCoV aHoiiiowliiit prominent cltl
lain (own to-day.
l.i.. l nnlliiiBliiHlIc over tho
-..iid celebration."
Yi..l.-lMinit!oll 11 HUCCt'BS.
ni,..i hIiIihhmI ii carload of
r. v -"- i .
r.Hiv. ana ""'r " ' -
with HtrawbcrrlcH
It IIlu ll'i""""" '
.lathe motlnj? of tlm Mirth
lAnl nn til OVOJI"1K Ul 1""
.. Itrptl.
.if-Vnfltl An oliMatmioneil l)iir-
UU v. ..!. I.... f il...
lilllicono i l iiie wniiK'us ui mu
lots and, a Miuill Iioumj lor uio li
te t a exweillngly low prico-
i e.iM.I-.,.. funnnrlv nv'Ollt lor tho
iS. Co. at tuw piuce, h down
lie Fourth of July celebration this
juttlie liAMT wki:iiikms uiin.ee.
IVtoilire Store'! open for business,
lurtalns there in books,
.... .,!,! iiu mill llm ri't nf tlm
i Walla iicoplo aro waking an
t pt tits ' vo tlolive y h.vhum"
M by mo ik'.oiiico uopawmoni
' t .t ...1. Im.1.1 ... .It'...! V. f tp.l.1
Tlio Klmw In oiio cur wuh hov
frou tlio engine, anil poveral
nre ringed.
!indVclcnuio: A gentleman just
rs loik KiiVH the iictllni! there 1H
ui( that 1'lovcl.iml will succeed
lull 'i eat.
vaA total secured by MiltsHp-
M . .--!.. .1.1-..!. ! .
taetouriina oiuy I'ciei'rniion w
, AlcK'.inoru dollars a-o new
iiineunt pliotorapbcr, with liin
lis: t:nt and oilier lwruutiei-
i t . .i . i .
iiit of miinmer.
L Kavcr. inilto well known 'in
i. ; i i i.. ii..!.... t!...
.... 11 '...I..Ci.i ' 1. l..JUI7V 4H
Work on tho foundation of'thonewand
magnificent tflO.OOO hotel Btructtird la
iirogrcHjlnK rapidly, about cightcon men
(wing connt..ntly and bunlly engaged in
breaking and hauling rock, making mor
tar and digging and laying tho founda
tion. An engine 1h tirted to pump watir
from tho excavations, which iuiih jna
eoiiHlant Rtrcam th-oagh tho dltchei.
J. A. Hrlggrf, reml'ctou'H well-known
pholopgraphtu artlnl, was Keen on tho
HtreotH to-day, Hlhling his apiiaratns In a
threatening manner. Ho wivh ho has
been all over Pendleton l.ik'ng vlnws of
tho dlircient biiHinesH Iimmo- and blocks,
and other iromlncnt featii'eH of the city.
Tho Kamt Oiik(1o.via, npeakltig for tho
lieoplo of Pendleton, w ish, i to thank Mr.
Link Jay and others for their untiring
cllortH in Beciirlng HubHcriptioim fortlio
Foinlh of July celebration. Such un-
HelllHli cntorprlHo decrves public rocog
A parly of amatiur tlBhormen wont up
uio river tjunuay ana nuuiuciuiiMircs ;e
t..blo catch that Ih. if tho follow Inn hIuHh-
tlHaro rollabto: (Jeo cu Hamilton. 177:
K. W. Fa-row. IMS: M Fa .ull. 4S.
Other fishy piscatorial 'eiwrta aro now i-i
Go to tho mcetlnir of tho Foii'th of Jnlv
colobratlon tli'soveniog. Your prcFonco
in nccucd.
Mr. William Stokn. tho contractor, has
commenced wo.-K on uagen's Hotel.
wiiour IT OIM
Duih'Ih and I.enoia Miller
- 1 1. A A ll
Oi'onetl charivari lv onthuHi
rEiKTOnixiONiAN. until uftr
ii ' .... it i ...
iivi cive Mini or ner u oouar
I'clnlli'titn'a iirnHi orttv
1111 Uuul 41...
tIVVI imn hmvh milieu iu iiiu
tiVOTH HllOVVIl hill) hv Dim
. . .
trile tbU ntow for u horo.M
rul muI. I i j I . i
. rr.l i i .
inihiii.i a.... ..I t .1. . ...
"'" ctc-iirii; lur m il pur-
llrinrfc li.iu .....t..l
ltumlr nf I. .lla .if nil. .I. .....1
i. . -v. . o V. IIUUI Hill.
- itti uunifVI-r. I'flll Vrtl In tli,. im.
wpiiHu-o oi iiits- aavagu
i i i? .
rT 'wniriy oivuDied liv uu-
! ' A'"-' wu'-foi med Into
- " will ana L.'iiiiiuHliini. n
Jii'Joik recei
tk, SatoMay. which t;it..l
.r""ioauut iav nt lxiniM-iu
r'ns'fterHamltiio bot
'wonaawliiii her.
Mf8lio!n.i i i
nhcoofJ.M. Keolor,
9 - . .,.uii mrarii i-nclimii nt
"UOHacounlv ..ii
J.uf tho Oregon IluMd-
i'ig at 7 ;30 o'clock
1 . ... "' ' 'n UrVL'lUrM mill
Wlier lli.nr . .. :
-no opcrutu 'lis.
remllotnn to Celebrate The Olfl-Fnati
loncil llnrlicciie A I'lirnilr, fine Mimic
nml AM KIimM of ltnrc tlir Onlcrofllio
IluyAVo'ro lolti7t fltTli. rf, Kit.
'lhoro will bn a celebration in I'unille.
ton : an old-faMi oned one: a (li'inncnitle
gatho. Jir with a b.i becuo. Tho neces
sary a-iaugonientH w II 1 bo made at onco,
and the wotk of getting up a celob;ation
will Ikj done thoroughly and In short or
der. No ono need foar that tho Fourth
will not bo nat.lolleallv obso ved In Pen-
d'elon. Stiecial c.ir pf visitors will bo
taken uud ouii'vihhn: dono to mako Ilia
day enjoyable U tliom. Ulcvclo races.
sack inc , foot i.io'h, t-aa racos. clmibluu
a u ou. ed jxjlo and ri'nninga.'io.-aga'a ed
pig, or vice versa, will bo wimo of tho
amusementH of tho day. Uio guj.iteat
ovont of tho day will bo a ba becuo of tho
old-fashioned viHoty, In which every ono
will bo oxncc'od to mi flrln. ta. ThaPin-'
lloloa 11-irn (!and of fou icuii 'ileco1 has i
boon enaucd to firnlsli mi'slc Hi 'oii'.'li-
out tho dav and ovenluu. i'lio IVndleton
Firo Uujia'tment, conslhtlng of I'rot.'ciiou
uouipany no. i, nc cuo nook am; l.jd
dor Company, A let Hoso Comp..uvand
tho Pluvnlx Tender Company, will jmi
ticiiu: i in tho narado. til mi: wilh the
civic and State ortran zal ons of the (own
JCvo ynody is going to do hl.s lovel lrt to
make the celebration a gieat success, ami
overylsidy in tho vast throng to be p.-es-
ent will bo made to fcol at homo and vn
Joy tho HJIh annlvoisary of Amuilcan In
dceiiibnco. Como ovc-ybotly, from everywhere,
anil b-ing along tho folks. Wo will bo
glad to teu you, and will do our best to
givo you a sure-enough holiday.
3Postof.fi.ee Store!
Crop l'roniteoti.
Paitles from the eastern end of tho
county ropoit that tho prospoch for ii good
crop in that section a o very favorable
that tho la'j numorousand gonorous ralna
havo joico,itr.ily sho toned tue visage of
every honoht armor In that favoivd laud.
indeed a total failure in that uiauuers'
paiultso was never kno,.'ii, and o hajm
never will lo. Iteiioris I cm Helix and
tho Cold Spring leg on H'oaLop'tiinislng,
saying that the lut i i'l'is came just ill
tlmo to change almost to ui'n failu eJnto
a reasoualilo jirospectof modoatosucco. s.
However , Pioiidenco could not favor all,
and gloomy reports como f.om the Willow
creek countiy and oilier jKirtloim of our
Hist ii county. Tho cam lielng jJanlad
carlid'- than bore, tho lains were loo lata,
and caiihcd a feeling otaggnivution,uither
than of g.iitltude. It is said that a good
many fanners havo ialho vd (bemsclves,
famllleH and bclonulnus tmethor.and slid
out lor "g eon Ileitis and pastua-s now,'
iiecomliig theil oi mini? in a "ile.ort.'
uud deiHmd'ug upon two llckloiie 'H of for-
tuuo and the elements.
Ill4iit'li III Iriionllimi j-.
'"ho Jury In the- caso of tho tow.i of ln
dleUiu vs. It. Saunders, ot ul., what is
iioiiularly termed the "reservoir" case.
Iielug called into court ut six o'clock
Sciday morning, announced that it was
impossiblo to reach an agreement and
were discharged by tho court. ThoroujioH
Judge Shattuck started for li's homo in
Portland Ia Walla Walla, and all un
llulshel business will stand over imt'l
tho seclal term to Imj held July Oth.
Court was ojioned on tho 5th Inst., at "
p. in., the grand jury cmpanncled mid
sworn, tho docket called and a trial !'
juy liad that day. Thon tho shot fe
thick and fast, and in tho ten and one
half davit tho tjrm lasted tho court tried
sixteen jury cases, rondered nine deciees,
disiiosts of llfty-nino other can's in ono
way or another, and admitted Ave per
sons to citizenship. Never More in tho
history of Umatilla county has as much
work boon accomplished in the same
length of time. Judge Shattuck made
a friend of every man with whom ho
camo In contact, uud takes to his homo
tho appiobation of this entire community,
hut leaves behind him a badly dilapidated
A I,lt ofTlumo Who llnvo Alrrnrty .Sub
scribed. At hif-t Pendleton will celebrate, and
judging from present appearances and tho
vim ami oueruv Wi i w He i I in wor ; s '
eariied forwardit ,lll bo a colouration,
worthy of 1 ho name. Young men IT rial-r'PR n a Qlnva
rustlers In every mmiso havo carried a UOuUii-LUfc OuUl xS,
subscription paper into every business
house, and tho insult has been truly cn-l
coinaging, H"n being now subscribed. A
descilptlon of tho luwpecttvo celebration
apjiears elsewheru in this pajier.
Tlio bonelllH to be deiived from a good,
rousing celebration in Pendleton aro
at last beginning to lie toon
by our business men and cltlrens. They
know lhat every visitor to tlio cltv on tho
glorious Fourth conies with tho Intention
of having a good time at whatever ex
ponio, and consenuentlv carries with him
a large-sized wallet, well tilled with coin
of tho realm. Part of this amount, and
sometimes all, he Is almost stuo to de
posit into tho coders of our business
houses. Therefore a sum of monoy, ag
gregating probably several thousand dol
lars, wilt be kept at homo by this colobra
tlou,that would havo been spent elsewhere
Following is a list of our liberal-minded
business men and citizens who havo
cheerfully subscribed their names and
monoy to Insure a fitting recognition of
tho glorious anniversary of our nation's
birth. May they havo the satisfaction of
knowing that they aro simply casting
bread upon tlio waters, and tiiat it will
return to them in tho shao of tlio mani
fold benefits which will result from their
enterprising spirit :
PA Hammer -f'.'OOO
KJ Stlsbco U) 00
Fast Oiii'Oosjan Publishing Co 10 00
Davo Horn 10 00
Ii Dusontwry Co 10 00
H F Johnson A Co 10 00
JohuGugen 10 00
First National Uank 10 00
Pat Klnc 10 00
L Kuvkcndall 10 00
Laundry & ilomott 10 00
Fiank Arnold ; ' 10 00
l.ou Shaw ; 10 00
Fred Kcmcr 10 tJ
Fred Gcrber 7 CO
Max llaer 7 CO
JohnKmst 7 50
JooKIl t)
Warhol Son 5 00
Mtiratr. 5 00
I. W Whlto 6 00
Hansford it Co 5 00
Campbell A Wilson 5 00
Ge.i Darveau 5 00
J WagonblasL. 5 00
0 nieharilson 5 00
Alexander & Frazcr 5 00
Pcudloton National Hank 5 00
1 Studenbordt 5 (K)
J II ICeenoy A Co 5 00
(itiumliert 5 00
Frank M Colin & Co 5 00
Leezcr, Kuobler St Co 5 00
SCTuvlor&Co 5 00
Wm Hoeseh 5 00
1a.'0 Moorhouio it: Co 5 00
Wheolor, (iieune St Co ,.. 5 0.1
F.I Donaldson 5 00
FalckA Cohen 5 00
OJ Gammon 5 00
Uothchild St Uean 5 00
J A llriggs 5 00
MrHllradloy 5 00
Peto Parmentler i 5 00
tins IjiFonta'no 5 00
O W Wlllcko : 6 00
A Hansen 5 00
Geo Darveau.. , 5 00
J II Haley 5 00
Johnson & DIack 4 00
JohnSlobort :I00
1) Komler 2 50
J Diamond 250
I II Shoemaker 1! 50
Forbes & Wheeler. i'50
rCWard i'&0
Geo King L'bO
Mrs Marshall 2 50
llurroughs St Kiunoy 250
WSF.yors 2 50
MFFo'som 2 50
S L Morso 2 50
It r.ond 2 50
II hCarl 2 60
DespaiiuV Howard 250
A W Schultz ! 50
Kstes Guilds 2 50
W D Fletcher 2 50
Postoffice Store I
C 1-112 A.P!
Photograph Gallery
Tlio liiont Micrcmful
Ph otographer,
(x now Iikmi Icil In l'onillutiiii. ill tlio ill, I Kfniiil
nt tlio (iMitof Mnlu street, nenr tlio brlilue,
nun iiir inn
Photographs, Tintypes, En
larging and Copying,
Cut! not ho pxwllcil nuywlirrc All work
Kiinniiitrrii in kivo cniiro siitmMrtioii. He-
ipoemiiiy. yours v. t:. aiii.
Nations Indepe
An Old-fashioned Barbecue, Foot
Races, Sack Races, Bicycle
Races, Climbing Greased
Pole, Catching
Will bo some of tho plensantries to bo indulged in on that tiny.
Main nail Webb HI reels.
KlIHtt'l'll .llllttK
mill hiii-h
IVrcri ill (liiiiriinii'tx
Will bo erected on tlio grounds for D.'iiieing purposes, and tho
Ileurv llowiuan.
W C Hilton
Hanson St King.,
y.ov Ilotiscr.
tlco M Hayes
Jan Crawford
JiHh-o railing
W S Wells
Geo W Sweotlii),'.
2 50
2 50
2 50
2 60
2 50
2 50
2 6u
2 00
lie Wrnt It Alone.
A Boinewhat ainusing and jicculiar in
cident occurred early yosterday inornliii;
at tho dopot. Tho Kasteru tiain did not
in . . i ... 1 1. 1 .
(i. A , "'"vu is ai work ro-!1""'0 0 cuh k, mm u uct-uuiu uci
& ji' ?nJ ,i,lll 'in railroad ! essary to havo it side-tracked. Tho
, ui;U 111111111' III lir.-mil. ' Hill WUH EIVCI1 11V 1110 HWllciniiuii, uui. wun
mistaken iv tlio engiiieur, aiui no jiiiiiuu
out alono for Portland, leavins; tho con
ductor and brakomen to thoiroHiiKid
retlections, lvo engines wore . 3nt aft3r
him hi hot hasto, but loiiojiurohO. His
train, however, finally arrived at I ma
tllhi safii uud sound. iIth no datiiau'o
done, and what might havo caused a rail-1 y
road tragedy, was by tho smiles of For-
tiling t ftt ia(rrm1 t nt.. nn titniwlni? farce. I'
i:,"'"?"!'! rnen nil !....,. l.
r:?ll ?Ueil an tl,
"J Mr hit .t... -mi l-lllil-
it, mn "'He remain to hi
..u. ""iiionco for
ui. :.- M'jni 1 1 i!iL-n
1 1 : -
a back
come in tlm f,,-.,
"flajoiity of Its cltl-
vuil! nu'it 1 . .
v.e nil " anil
'ly-tinii..,;' i ins
W. DptImeanJawarmand
J 11 Kddy 2 00
Sid Savior 2 00
Jack ItobhiHon .'. 2 00
Chun Frazisr 2 00
J A Ward 2 00
WCKuslo 2 00
I) M Connell 2 00
HSHorton 2 00
W A Miller - 2 00
W K I'oHt 2 00
K Werner 2 00
M A 1'aUon 2 00
G I Lai ov 2 00
LDSiHsarCo 2 00
G S Stoker. 2 liO
HotiHjrfc Feck - 2 00
X M FcrkhiH 2 00
M Alloway 2 00
John .McUarry. 2 00
A M Isaac 2 00
Hier Sc Sjcrry t 2 00
Adolph SamlerH 1 50
J It Fhlllii'8 1 60
G C G'eoiie 1 00
J II Kobhinx 1 00
C W Glbbs 1 00
K It Darker 1 00
Geo Ilosonbon,' 1 00
V Tillard 1 00
W I) Dolwn 1 00 ,
.Mnnnfaruircr ot nml Dealer In
Harness, Saddles, Bridles
Whips, Etc.,
Yonts and Wagon Shoots
for Salo
Odd Fellow.' flu Muij,', Mnlu utrest. Jll2l
Whieh is under ongiigemont, will furnish tho bast of music.
And the
Es,eLLG"ilds " Howlima horribles "
I'mprletoni the
Baled Hay and Grain.
Hpiemllit Ulan, Nluglu or I iiiblD, unit
Muddle llorHi'H uluujH un liaml.
UurHeH hiiuriti'd liy tltu duy,
Mek or lloutii.
Ml K n ! n( I'.td Kor Halo, i brail or I
IJirti lH",
Will bo ibaturcd of tho Celebration.
Lend us Your Assistance
CHARGES F EA S 0 N ABLE ! follow Uuizcns, and wo will enjoy together tho finest Colobra-
. . . r- - lion on record.
JliiiiiifiH-turin and HoIIh
un iueeaay. najH a LeniHion uihu
near Julietta, In a ilinmito about a fen
Wm.Stanton killed Win.McCoy. Sian
e.-icacd to the mountains,
violenco from tho rcoplo. on
camo to George Mchol's Iioubo,
DLM'UlS-MILl.EK -Io I'enilleton, oa Bun.
d-. Juna 17, 1 i, hy llev. T. M. llord, hd
woid Uupuli, or Walla Walla, and Lenora
Mlller.of Pendleton. '
110 I'ut on i:iul to III. TrimMc.
On Tuesday, najH a Lenlston dispatch,
but fearing
Sunday ho
anil re-1
iuentcd him toilet tho Bherrr i lhat ho
could give hhntclf up. Du.int! Mclwl'H,
ah enco Stanton suicided, nhootini htm
J)lf through the heatt. Tho oricinal
i snooting is pciiovcuio navo ik-cji ju"-
flablo, but It is surpaiisInK Btrango wtiv
peoplo will kill and bo killed over land,
in a country where land la bo plenty.
Is invited to comelo bring their uistara. cotisiiiB and mini.
their mothor-in-laws, their wivas and all of tho children. No
ono is too small, too largo, too dignified, or too inodost loVm.m
Jcc all como and purticinato. It's to bo
and patriotism.
a day of sociability
Cheaper than they can oo bought anywhere
iu r.aaivru irrKOU.
Main Street,
. Next door to Foitomce Seo future advertising matter for further particulars1