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.11 ST M il IT VOlt WANT.
a nti:r. miiiiakv.
... ..Miliiiiionivnrlnintwlll
!"'n C i. .!' :ast hiikmon-
t'nltmiK of tin- Dally or HiMiiWWrrkljj
Oltl.OOMAN inn fit-t'l) nmkti unit
rw.T.'" ..mil ..rt-r
W . it.tr .l.itl.ir ni"l "ft f nlii will lny
'l'1.0 ?. . IIUIMIONIAX for tin.
of tin- r.AST M!i:IONIAN lll.rnry rlirn
ihit llifj- mi iltnln-. Tim putiHi- am r
for II"
11 illv HAS riMii.u.'
illully InWtiil In llt IIik iillleii hciii-vm!
. f tlmr by mull.
i Inellni'il.
VOL. 1.
NO. 73.
litis boon taken oil' both
Woolen and Ootton Goods
JS'ot by Congrcdd, but by
And they now oiler their Large and Complete Stool: of
Examine their goods, get their prices, and convince yourself
i i .1 !... ni tint iiini-o nuunH irma lint, flint tlwiv will mill-
u-liiif fhf'v rlmm. 1 heirs is not an "Jntunt Industrv.
tlicrelbrc they have discarded Protective Prices, and will Ireely
meet competition from all quarters. J hey carry a
eneral Merchandise Stock
Consisting of
-k ji . . -mrr tp a
-. i j . T-i ri j
Umicirens ui,OLiimg urmsmiig- uooas,
Mens Ladies and Ohildr oil's Shoes
Straw and Felt Hats, Crockery
and Glassware, Groceries,
Hardware, Etc.
r II ii i v i 1 njj i in V- c know uxvu unxbji.xiij
IIMililHiiV riiil) 9 111 IIilI. I 1 luisl 1 lOli
Mr. KoonU nun -The oUtlrt
(IjiltiloiiM of I'rimiliiriit lli'iit"! rut..
I'ditTi.ANi), May I'll. .1. II. Kiwntz, uf
hcho, In In tho i:lty. Ho nuv.t Ills loss bv
the burning ofhlH grist mill" amounts In
about lo.ODU, over and above insurance.
Ho will not rclmllil this season, but will
put In a chumicr In order Id keeji uji tho
llnino, which would llkolv lie neglected if
unused. IIlHioKjrt of tho uondlllon of
tho crop in that section in tilmiit thu
samo tin that of several other purtlurt from
J'-llHtortl Ori'L'OIl. who hm-ii liccn Inlnr.
I viewed on thu subject. Kain would hrhi),'
.out tho ijraHH, but not tho niln. Mr.
Koontz loft for homo thl-t afternoon.
Vobb, who attoinptcd to steal a diver
water pitcher, was held tj appear before
tho Krand jury in tho Mini of U)I).
"What In tho imlltind outlook?" naid
your reimrtor to a prondnont Democnit
and ux-ollico-holder of Kilmu. thin mom
"Good, uood, nir. 1 heaul olio of
tlio bent nolitleal Hticei- hh In S'ulnni 11
tow iil!ilH ao I over heard. It wan de
livered ny .loiin r. irimi and 1 toll you
no ih doiiiK jsood won; lor our party.
John M. (iearin MuikIm an oven cliaueo
of boinc oleeled, and if ho kcIh out in tliln
city on election day and cuiivuhhch aH ho
ouht to, ho will lo elected."
llowaliout tho loKllatlvo ticket?"
"Well, nlr, to tell you my candid opin
ion, if tho DomocratH all over thu State
will turn out and vote tho ticket, I bo
Hove they will elect oiioukIi of our men
to make the next Lcuinlaturo Demo
cratic." UoorKu W. Webb, Statu Treamirer,
HpuakhiKon tho name mihjuct, wild tho
pro.spect for Democratic victory in Juno
wuh bright. Ho thought "Johnny"
would heat Dinger, and wild Mr. (Iearin
thought ho hiuiKcIf. He (Webb) wuh
very much nleaned with IrMi. and xaid
ho wan helping tho Domocratiu party in
Oregon a great deal.
Or (.'niiim. tl Ol-cKiilllilll" SH) H -.
I'oHTI.ANli. Jlnv I'll. i Ori'LMintuii nl-
itotial this inorhliig hivh: "Duo thing
tho .Mills 1.11 1h itino: II hart utteily
I knocked tho bottom out of the wool maf
ontii.nk kct, and tho wool grower of Oregon ate
un.i.i.u to get olIctH for their clip. Tlio
iii.ii ket In onu of Oregon h largcnt
ptoductn i.-t 'hung up' to await lestiltH. ,
DniiKiuritlH Surreril In I'l-lernlinri;.
I'lrnniMintri, V.., .May M. DemocratM
vcHterd.iy elected their entire ticket, j
headed by Citation F. Collier for mavor,
by n'.'O majority, and eight out of twelve
county men. Tlttw tho entire municipal
government nmw into tho handn of
lioinocratH for tho llrxt time in eight
yearn. A largo number of negroon voted
ino iciuocraiic iicuet.
Oulilriuiiii Will Unvat" u".
San I'ttANcim u, May I'd. Thu Supremo
comt to-day alliimeil the decision of the
HUtierior cotut in the cai-o of Allen (iol
tiuiiHon, who killed .Mamiu Kellv,iiHchool
gin, jn.st year. Till kciiIm Ills late.
Or.u-o n Cnmllitiitr.
Ni:w YtiKK, May '-'(1. Fx-Mayor Ciruco
Ikih announced hln intention to go before
thu Democratic Statu Convention and
iiiiike a content ag.diit-t Oov. Hill for thu
nomination for Oovernor.
poxed, and continuing down tho opposite
Hide of tlio mountain several hundred
feet, whcio another tunnel Isb.-ing piwhcd
into it, from which considerable of the
."amo chaiucter is being extracted, and
which in elevated several bundled feet
hluhcr than tho oDcnlnirn on tho vein on
Cracker creek; onward to tho south the
lode llndn Itn way through tho inountainH
that will hold 10,000 toiiH.nn opera house,
anil other latuo brick blocks, and contour-
nlaton biiililint! thice-Morv brick hotels.
All the-o foundatlonn aiu Milid and tlrm, 5,f
and will stand for ages. 1 also erccivo!!j
.1 M II ..ll.. 1 1 1 . 1 . i
uiai iiir. iaruu nan cuusaieraoiu
moiiuy luvuHtetlin builtllugin l'cudluton.
It appears hu in not afraid to llsk hirt
own monov in lVmlleloii, but hu tclln tho
and acrosn canyoti fortnllen and has been tcui.enn of t'matilla county it Ih not
located in mining cluinm all along tho inafo to build a court hoiiho in rendloton,
:h Spices, Fine Coffee, Fine Tea, and Everything Fine that a First-class
Grocery should contain.
in f v I't want (irvrioH cheap. D. KEMLER.
Aiiihk of Mlniu iipoll. Haiti In lm Woiklnt
for thu Noiiilinitlnn for Vlra l'ro.lilrnt.
Min.si:ai'oi.ih. Mav 'M. It in ttosHlblo
that l'ortland. Oiegon, may indirectly
furnish a candidate for Vice i'rcsidon.on
tho Democratic ticket. Tho man will bo
none other than Mavor Amen of Indian-
apolln. Thin scheme ban ltccn hinted tit
uoioro, nut olillclauH til tl.u Uemocraltc
party have atrected to connider it a Joke.
.Mayor Amen in certainly In the Held, and
uronosnn pushim: bin candidacy in bin
usual dashing style. He will leave in a
few davH for St. I-ouIn. and will open
heiidtpiartorri from which no delegate
need go away thirnty. Ho will baso bin
claimn upon the argument that bin noiii
illation would Inmiio tho poven electoral
votes of Mlnnesola, nine volen of Wis
ennsin, and inissibly thirteen votes from
lowa to the Democracy.
MYHrr.imtttn miuiii:k.
I.iilmt .'Miirln't Ili'imrtK.
I'ohti,anj, May L'tl. Fasturn and San
Francis(o ml vices to-day at noon show a
decline all around of thteo-tpiartern of a
cent Itelow yesterday'H closing prices.
rriccn in I'ortiaiui remain uuenanged.
Cunt lcti-il if Amnn
WAM.A Wai.la, May 'M. Tho jury in
tlio case against Clink, on tiiul for arson,
returned n verdict of guilty last night. At
preount ho in lying very ill.
Thd MurkrU.
Ciiica(ii), May I'd. Wheat closed 8(l?u
for May, Htlu for Juno.
San FitANctsco. May L'tl. Verv dull.
only nine hundred tons selling on call.
A NittTinlll lluriieil.
1'a t.oi'Hi:, W. T.. May M.W. L. 1'ow
cm' sawmill wan totally destroyed bv llro
nisi uignt. utM uncoil iiiounand dollars,
with but little insurance.
In- ll-Nt itaxl Ib.h 4 Br
or No. . .SIO.OO: No. ' Sli.00: No. -k Sl.'.OO
For sale by JESSE FAILING, Pondlotoni Or.
ash, Doors, and Building Material,
xVt T3f)ttoi:n Prices,
II IT. rsltrafclalv.M mm mm m. wm
b m m m aim na mm mm m m. m m m, a iji m M
J. vanTschuyver ?c 00.,
' i I ICtEX.
All Old CViiiiiui.ilTluilrTtlo Orinul-Cllll-
ilitni roimil Aluritrlvil liy Uiikiimvu 1'Hr-
Viiioih a, Wis., May L'l). Inforinution
Min icccivcd heie to-day of tho murder
of four persouK last night, at thu town of
Kickapoo, Mr. and Mrs, Kobiu Drake,
an old couplu, weto shot dead in their
own house, by unknown parties. Tho
throats of their two little grand-children
were cut from ear to ear. Tho lifelowt
hodiori woro found thin morning when
nolghborri made an invotigntion because
of the unusual iiuiutuesn about tho house.
Thu couple lay on tho floor, tho children
in beds and everything was turned upsido
iIoimi in the house. It i:i supposed that
I tho utuider wan in consequence of a reso
lute uMomiit at robbory. Thoio In no
clue to tlio porin'IratorH.
A l.ouUlnun DeleentO Clullii tliut I.rvl
tIII lie thu Mini.
Washington, May -'0. Thu latest
Iilalno programme talk hem In that ltlaino
men are to Himiort I-ovI 1'. Morton, of
New York, an tho dark horse, if tho de
feat of ltlaino in tho convention is at all
probable. One of tho delegates to tho
convention from Louisiana in authority
for tho stutomout that bin delegation will
I not be stampeded for Ulaiuo. Shormam
I may have four, and jtosslbly six, votes.
'On tho Hint ballot tho majority of tho
I sixteen voten will bo cast for Lovi V.
Ho In Tm ii tiled wltli it Jtriirt Dintculty
tliut U I.lkel- tu lie l-'utnl.
Wamiinoton, May "0. (Joneral Sheri
dan is a vorj' fi't mun. II in physicians
ino in constant attendance tiiMin him. His
1 trouble is valvular tillect Ion of the hnart.
I lie has had several alarming sinking
' spells, from which ho rallied with tlilli
i cultv. tho last lieing tho most t-overo of
PORTLAND, OREGON, lull. Failure of tho heart's action has
i brniiL'ht him near death's door t-ovoral
AO K NTS timen. It in feared that a recurrence of
. ''uBLE BOURRriN tun dvc iutcticc. inc crui IT7 nnPWIWR tho trouble may tako him away uddonly
Lit K'.l a wi fw II u IMIMIIIUJ, UUIII.11. HHI..UI.M .
w- JlUaukce. W.e FYDnRT on ct.'cu nr.TTi nn RPPfi iHPJ.'11'111') 1"omillt'
?0Wpn'l!iG.'!,1NEnAL WATER, (Waukensew. Wis.) VEURE CLIQUOT
All Inti-rrillui; Dcii-rlptlnn nt tlio (Irt-itt
Mluetul lli-li HontliMu.t of llulmr City
The C'omliiE lllne. of Ilia Nurihwcut.
I-'ioin the linker City Democrat.
A fow mllort distant front Ilaker City.
towards tho setting sun, can bo seen a
group of high and Precipitous moun
tains which lift their heads skyward to
an elevation of thousands of feet above
the beautiful and fertile l'owder river
valley. Ilclow these mountains form a
part of tlio ptincipal lllue mountain
range which extends far southward and
from which many spurs make oil', run
ning in an cahteily and westerly direc
tion, gradually sloping oil' downward
and forming the foothills adjacent to tho
valley through which runs the streams
whose tributaries find source in tho
gulches high up among (lie snow-clad
eaks. Running along parallel with this
mountain laugo in a broad and extensive
mineral licit, the Unsure of which trav
erse tho spurs, cutting through thorn on
their course, boldly outcropping up one
side, down tho other and across thu can
yons between wheto tho actions of the
waters of tho rushing sta-ainn have cross
cut them, exposing to view their contents
to a depth of thousands of foct front thulr
outcroppings on tlio summit to tho base
of tho mountains, where nature ban pro
vided for man the most dcsiruhlu facili
ties for thu exploration f Iter veins while
in search of the tieastue vaults that
might ii contained within tho walls of
These ' clns, some of them of immense
projKitti .i-t, are faultless, never having
been brtk it and displayed by upheavals
and dlstti auces of the earth's cruM.
cun be reality traced by thult bold anil
continuous outcroppings for miles along
their course through separate and dltl'er-
cnt lormatloiiH oi ones or bells oi slate,
jiorphory, granite and gneiss with dykes
of one or the other of IIicm) formations
running through the parallel with tho
veins and somutimen forming one or the
other of the walls which indicates irma-
nuiicy and rielitu-KS ot tlio veins in
depth, a fact which has been fully dem
onstrated in tho exploring of veins in
tlio older and moro advanced mining re
gions, In lact the actions of nature with
what assurance sue nus norivcu irom ino
hand of itiuu In developing these fissures
lino, which tiro being developed with
llattorhiL' results. Another larco vein
similar in nearly every particu
lar to the ono just described, and run
ning parallel witli it He-i, about four
miles to tho West and is known as tlio
Mother Lode; although thin lisle is tra
versing a granite formation, tho formation
U slute, through which tho former runs.
The Mother lodo has I won discovered for
nearly tlvo miles and shows a width of
from '-'II to over 100 feet, and Is cross-cut
by the waters of Silver creek, where u
targo toi oi suipnurated quartz carrying
.... .... A ...A I l.-Al V'..
nn nu nuiooi kih a goon louiiuauoii. no,
tnoeouhty must not risk its money in
such an unsafe place. Now whuio docs
ho advise thu coutt hotisu to lo built?
I'lHin the blttH'or hill, cither uoitli of tlio
river or south of tho railroad, but it must
go on .Main stteet. Now, .Mr. Martin,
which end of Main street, north or south?
This question in vcty Iuiortaut to tlio
voters, especially on election day. Ho
also preaches economy. As the present
Honorable County Court Introduced n
plan in which tu build a coutt house with
out costing tho county anything, by sell
gold is exiMiscd to view, which continues I n& '" iMam street property and building
for hundreds effect alont! the lodo; tho."" College block, ho now sees where ho
samo character of ore is found in various cconomi.e by selling both blocks,
(daces along the wholo length of tlio j ami ptitchusiug a piece of proor!yon
lode. From .the lodo branches oil' sov- Mho hill on Main street, lie pi o wises
oral well-dollned veins of good size for further to eeononii.o by paying
working, on which lias lieen donu con-! architect Habcock about ,iiikI
siderublo development work and forms n throw his plans away, and accept some
very interesting group of mines, l.vlng; ' oilier plans. Why take other plans?
still further west ultout three miles from Hccauso that other picture wan nicely
tho .Mother lode and running parallel volored, and of such a modern style of
witli it in a gneiss formation, is the I.a urciiitcctttto. lie don't take Into con-
ft. it i .
oenvuo tone, wtiien lias cut Its way
through n high range and ban been ex
plored at different places along Its course
for thousands of feet on each side of tho
l.n Hcllvtto mountain; the main tunnel is
on the south s'de and is on the vein sev
eral hundred feet, oxposimr a true IIshiiih.
which varies in width from two to llvoilect Uals-ock's
feet; several chimneys havo Won passed house. If they
throuuh of from M) to "Oil fiit In
length, which are composed of lilgh !
grao gold and silver ore, silver predoin-1
muting, and where thu larger sivolln are, ,
tho richer the oro in tlio veins, continues
to improve an depth in attained, ami. '
judging irom suriace indications tlio rich
est part of the veins is yut to lw en
countered, as sumo distance ahead of the
breast of thu tunnel and on I ho summit of
the mountain a shaft has been sunk from
was i
sideration, as our ptesent county court
tlid, tho plan of Internal airangeiuents of
the building, for Its convenience and
durability of structure. No doubt but
anv unprejudiced mechanic would coin
cide with tho present county court In
their good liidgmont in accenting archl
plans tor a court
did muku such u
gruat error, an .Mr. .Martin says,
It in strunce that thu honorable county
court of V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 county should accept tho
same plans for their court house, against
live coniieleut iitchltects of San Fran
cisco and two of l'ortland. Now where
tho present county coutt contemplates
building the coutt house, (on College
block) tho court house cm be erected for
M ,()(() less than any place .Mr. Martin
can select on the hill, and the facilities
which considerable silver eluncn w.m . for sowerairo are Itetter on Collcuo block
taken that would assay from (10 to 70 per 'ban any other place hi the town of l'en
cent, silver. Mleton. Now, William Martin's economy
During tho winter between 700 and ! would take out of the county's purso
1 .000 tons of oro were removed from the 1 about f-1,000 w hich he would nay moro to
initio by the work of but two men: while ! hulld on tho hill, and i'JiMM which ho
developing from thin will bo assorted would throw away by adopting another
Am.. iiti.iiic.ii i...... A.r n..i-..i...... ..... r.. i
vi. .1 ,1.111111 1,-14 I'Jiir. in iiim-viiiT-n uiu iiji i
shipment to the Denver ore market
.early 100 tons of tho samo class of ore
from this mine sbipjK'd to Denver.ylelded
its high us JiUto.OOt) kt ton by the car
loud. On the samo lodo, ami directly
below tho I .a llollviio mine, is located
tho Wido West, on which about 1,000 feet
of tunnels ban been run. excising a good
sized and continuous vein of ote ; thin is
magnillccut projverty, and is the key to
the unlocking of the treasures contained
within the walls of tho whole lodo for
thousands of feet. Several other nroier-
lies of consldetublo Importance ate be
ini! duvclotiod in this vicinity, and within t from paying (axes on
a radius of several miles from the Cable i WOOO in IHK.'I, the lime lie entcicd Into
plan, all for the benollt of the so-called
(and there is probably more truth than
iNKitry In it) l'cndletoii Main street court
house ring. .1 i htici:.
Itrriiril of Zorlli ll'iimnr.
I'm HI I he LVliti'rvllln Ihinio rr.
It is ituossiblo to ileal with Zoo Ilousor
properly without connecting him with N.
Ifcudryx. ox-lreasiiier. tu our Issue
two weeks ago we showed how Zoo
llotiscr got rich, ami how .oe got s sir,
every wont of which was taken from the
county hocks.
it will no lotuoiuburcd now .oo jumped
riiKt, in isu in
love group ot mines are lo lie loiind
numerous ledges of quartz, witli similar
surface indications to those already de
veloped that are yet to be piospccled;
witli one exception, all the propeiticji in
tills region ate owned bv the prosticctors,
who uru tlio oriciniil discovoreis. conse-
quuntly tlioy are open for invcstigallon
pailneishlp witli Norman Ilendryx, and
on the part i.t tlio company ot ii it II.
there weio taxes paid on fISSO. Ilen
dryx wan till right with tlio State boatd
up' to the time of Ids entering into pait
ueiship with 1 looser,
Itlght thuio tho trouble commenced.
Now the law reunites (hut t'matilla
and iHirchaMt, and I must sav that a more i county shall i omit the tax on duo tho
inviting Ik-Id for the invostinout of cap-Slatoby tho llrst of April of each year.
ital, the sun never shone on: the devel
oed and partly dovelojied mines will cor
titliily bear the most rigid Inspection;
they contain the ores that carry thu pie
clous nielals, while adjacent and near at
hand me all the facilities combined nec
essary for successful and prolltable min
ing otKirntlons; extensive and dense for
ests of thu choicest quality of timber
overywhero uImiiiihI, while tlio inimv rug
ged mountain streams oiler unlimited
water power: tlio climate has no sum-ilor
in tiny mountain rcuion: tlio mines ate
all easy of access by way of linker City,
initio neuti Winers oi low uer river; owing
tu the fact that many of tho projierlies
uro fairly d(iveloK-d, showing largo quan
tities of oro which are attracting the at
tention of capitalists from tlio mining
centers of distant parts; tho country is
certainly on tho uvo of a prosperous, solid
and substantial mining Iwom. I). ('. 1'.
i i. i -. , i I,,,, ,
la ivIiIiiiii-ii miilii-ii-Tit to (-oiivinco thu in
formed observer! hut they uro romarkably I'cndi.kton, Oh., May "2, 183H.
true, strong ami rich in tlio precioun mot-' TotliolMI'orof Ui i:mt OrcKonlmu
ids. with everv indication prescntiui; itself , It appears that candidates for tho i-mn.
of thoir iierinaneiicy antl continued ricli- Jug election are very hard run for Issues,
ness down into tho deep. The Cracker 1 and aro tit a loss what to say or do in or
creek lodo, which in attracting consider- dor to become i0Pulur and gain votes,
ublo attention, in cross-cut by tho waters Perhaps they would gain moro voten by
of Cracker crcok, where it Is oxed in I keeping silent than to publish their oplu
tho bed of tho creek for forty feet In i ions and absurd ideas, estieclally such
width and bus been explored by two tun-1 Jotters us tliut iitbllshod in the Daily He-
inch o !. 3m
toves and Ranges
Deal. O'Tillv Qr (Jo.
LARGER STOCK at Lower Prices, Wholesalo and Itetail
aid Yamhill .... Portland. Oregon.
I'jti a
a Miiintit i' n.ii.i.i:i).
Tliren I'rUmier. Aiiult Their Krf-poranil
Dklnii, Ino., May id. Three jirison
ors, two tramps and Kd. ChauilKtrlaln,
who intirderod his sweetlioart, F.tla Wit
ten ocrg, at loii"lds tw-i weeks ago,
assaulted tho sherill' with an iron bar,
and mado their i-f-capi) fr mi the jail last
night. Tito shciiii's injirics are fatal
The wholn countrv for miles around Is
bcins sc urcd. It Is thought Chainber
lainwill bo captured.
iii-ls. which have run in on the vein at
the baso of the hteep mountain on either
side of und a few feet ttlsivo tho level of
tho creek, exjiosing to view hot u eon tho
jirosent tenniiitis of each tunnel, nltout
700 fcot of tlio vein, which is
comjiosed of quartz Impregnated with
verv heavy, fine grained, tlark eoloted
Iron suljihiirets currj lug gold and very
rich. From the tunnel on thu north side
of tlio creek to the cuminit of the moun
tain is more than u mile and very ktcop.
About two thousand feet iiji thin moun
tain tlio sumo character of ore txisiscd
, for over "i1"' fe t in width and projecting
liigli til 'Vf the surrounding surface on
Hie south side of the ireek. tie iii"ntuln
in more abrupt aud in-uJi hteejH r, th
ihstan elx'ingabi 'it l.-'W feet fn in the
haw to the summit, whcro unnth r h v
I outcroi iug of inincrullzcd tjuartu U ex-
In IHSI. Ilendryx kept out of the
funds until July I1,H17.0I, ami
wan a deficit of t,'J7K...'l.
This was tho year Xocth got rich, and
wan asscsred 4-000, and tho linn of
: Kiiiisor k Ilendryx 1(,000. in IHH;
, lleiiihyx was ilulluiUunl to thu Statu In
j tlio sum of $i;i,ofi0; all this wan II,
1 II. business, and interest wasltclng
charged on said amount to Omutillu
'county, and taxpayurs were suH'eiing
, from sucli a sluto ot alliilrs.
In IHKti 1 looser iV llundryx were as
sessed at -18,77t).
The count" court reduced thu tax to
l'.'.OOO, and "tho Unit of lliaisert lieu,
dryx was burst,
lint a tlellcloncy of tjl(),I-t 1.70 occurs to
tho State in that year, to-wlt, 188(1.
Ilousor wan buist, llundryx was burst,
and in 1887 I looser was assessed on 0-r).'),
and the tux on tho company's assess
ment, uftor lioing reduced by tho county
court, Is now delinquent, its well as bo
oth's, for tho year 1887.
These flguies ute till under tho cerllll
cate of tlio State tioasiiior, and cannot bo
denied. This and what wan duo the
county from Ilendryx formed the stock
in tradu no doubt and when the day ot
suttleiiiutit came, as we said before, tho
llriu was iiLSTicii.
Ilendryx was an honest man until ho
mot Hoithor. Is there any one after thin
showing so dumb as not to know that
Ilendryx tlelllteraloly kept back the State
funds, and that Ilousor shines with 1 1 i nt
tho odium, and shared tho prolltH and
losses in investments?
Wo ask in all candor can any one veto
for llom-or to handle tho county money?
brick blocks, until there uro now more !.Wooxect to see such works niudo odimiH
than a doon blocks that aro a credit to ' by refusing to uioort lioufur, and do
I'eudlutoii. and would l.o to any city of pewit your vote for linncst John Houtloy.
ten liititM its siiio. We liavo an ex-mayor I 1 '
of lV-nillott.il. and during histurni of olfico 1 The world's iuvoct MpeeleK number .'lit),
thure wuh a luvue built, uUiut a mile long, 1 000, according to Dr. J. A. I. hit nor, -'i,-tu
iirotoct thu town from high water, ,00,) helonulnu to tlio I uitod Mutes.
at 11 COM l'I IllSlUt f.lO.IMM. .Mi IV mis
satiii- ex-iii.ior in a eandld.i'o for the of-l.i-c
of i uii". j i tgc, und rigli on the c.e
of el-1 ti"n, Hu nigh his great wmi hi, ho
gku i hl opliti' us that we liuu tin 't
gtounl in IV idlcton f ur a f nn tlati ii i f
a tw rut jry court Iimiim' l'cntllctnii has
a live story Hour mill, largo warehouses
jiiiuiicuii on .May 17111, signed William
Alarllu. 1 am now a resident of i'eiidlu
ton for ten years. I havo closely watched
the prosperity of l'endlulou, und seen it
grow from a fow t!olo up to a town of
thousands, and liom a low box nouses to
About 1,00 i im-v hi h ,n tin- proiliii-lioiin
of nun, 7 t ' or h.oim U-tng fiuil j---!s,
und ii I --h Ib.iu lo lieimr kn- ,n "ii tho
a jile tre 1 ni
Dnt Mii'tnt. li-t'irall, Jovce, Ntw
man and ihU11 have lucn clcxted
binhopH In tho .M h. C huah.