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    XSDAY, MAY 2-1, 18S8.
....Lilian HrniicliUHicr.
.11.... i.f HlC l'.AJlT UIII.HUiiiiin inn
"":.:. i. riiniiii ii i id AinnutoM
11,111 ml Moor, muter tlio mine
VflSJw? H munfk. lit., will Ijo
render tlicm imy service in ut
t Kll ut tlio opera house.
.!...., Iiwrii COtltS it llltSS.
i. fivnr lo-U.iv from Juniper.
lond luisicturned from vuinuia.
.. i i 1 i.t.ttiii fur Miiln lit
pOCOIlU'liiiii" I'i.v
karstcn wont over tho moun
morning. Hamilton, batruugo man ut tho
s reigned.
i - tm tinvnr nf
, is in town.
j M)p crowd wont up tho river
tliirt morning.,
-. miiimii'II tho old Merchants'
sjIooii thin morning.
... . ., i i..... ,
i'rn..r leit lor roriiann ian
imiN v. swim.
Kunnim v ut II In Krecli In Pendleton
I,nt Kelilna Illoglrnl mill MUli-iiclInc
TIiioiijjIiouI ilin Alulleiice OreutlyDli
mnlHlril. lion. John V, Rwlft, llio grout Itcpub
llciin uun, who it hud boon alleged was to
demolish u nd disconillt tiio betnoeiutle
hosla iind turn thorn nil into tho ltcpub
llo.ui runts with IiIh eloquence und IojiIl,
in lived lust evening, und dollvciod li Tin
self of his giout Hjiocoh nt tlio 0o;u
llo Fuid tho good limes wo lmvo boon
enjoying for tho past Iwoiity-llvo voiiih
was duo to llio high (ailll's imposed du
ring tho wu. Wo hud no "good 1 1 inert
prlo"- lo tlio wur, bceaiico thoio wuh liioii
tir.'ii'tlc.llc f mm Inuln. I In nilnilllml (Imt
, , r...i ... .1 mu.,n iiiniraumij 11 v.un uir
thu turlll laws hud built up latgofoiiiinos. (Iced that ho piedlrlod Clavulund'H 10
"nuuiui, iiu mini, iiiiiiiuiiiuimcH on u election.
liugo sculo, is eeiluin to muko 11 good I During tho speech about one-third of
iieui 01 inonoy unii 110 will do so 1 10 am enco oft t m nmin. (inn -.L-
ing nnvthing for oxjiort. All wo could 1
do would ho to noil 11 few mout-o-trupa in
Madagascar. Wo could not compete
with Kngliuul, und thoio was no iibo in
tiying, without coming down to KuroiKMin I
Might hcio would huvo hecn u good ,
oi)M)rtunity to lmvo oxplulned why with
till tho rent of tlio "protection ' American
labor hud not Leon pioteclcd ut nil
ng.ilnst tho fico Inflow of tho sumo
JMitopcan labor, hut It was not done. 1
Mr. Swift cloned his lomatkH with a1
"VCIV flltlliv" tiicttlro of Imw f'tnvol.iml 1
and IiIhIi would poifonn when they met
together utter having fooled tho people
of Oregon and reduced tho wage- of all
tho laboicrH in the land,
t.-.i . .
111 1110 course 111 inn tiniti it wuh no-
From tin' I'ortliiinl Hittiituy Wilcoiittj.
From tlio inforniation of tho Hast On
koonia.v and other journals with similar
opinions of I'oitland Democracy, wo
fhull ntuto there !n no hucIi dissension in
its ranks an In Imputed to It by nowspu
pers outside of Miillnoinuh county, 'llio
Democrats, of Pottiund uvo fully ublo to
tulco cuio of themselves, are willing
10 tiav their nun fiimtiuiim cxnensos
and do their vo'V utinont in battling I
r... n. ..!....!. .V. 1 1.1..1. 11 1
iUl IIIU I'lllltll'IU IM IIIUII tlll1,
havo over Hleadfuntly ' Htood. That
thoio aro half u dozen cranks In our
mldnt, who would lw pleaucd at a fac
tional light, In vcrv evident, hut theno
few havo neither fnlluonco nor uhillty,
und. working in tho intorcf-ts of the lie
inibllcan party, can accomplish no real
injury to tho cauno they huvo deserted.
Tho Mast Oiiiuionmn must remember that
Gr. Shindler & Co.,
Furniture Dealers.
j Largest and Most Complete Factory on' the Coast.
whether cngngod In munufactu.lng In j ingmau win he.inl lo sav as ho ca.1.0 out )Z Z D,1",1 1JMUn"1n,,,,, ?1l"lly.iiire
i.owoll.MassadiUhctts.orIiiManch.'stor. ontl.oHhont! -Wnlt. 1'vn in ,. . u ....V.. 1 lll'-,rcnllys (Hated fmm those .of I mutlllu,
J-' !iau '- I tlio Kopublicuu ticket, und thoiiR it tho
l Jo did not explain why, this being tho Domocratu woio lying to 1110. but if that
is nil tlioy have to tell its, I'll bo d d
1 vote it any longer.' This man ovl
dontly exp.espcd tho views of numbers
1 no spcecn was 11 nut lainti-o. it was on
lit face so contradictory, ho illogical, so
uungiing 1111 uneinpi 10 jusuiy imconstl
tutionul and cluss logMatlon in tlio iit
torcst of capital, that no ono could bo do
eolved by it.
Tho trouble
tors Is
1 l'oiio about a week
1 wiison loads ol onilgrantH
,roiiKh town this mornliig.
Matlock made another shipment
'ef catllo to I'oitland last night.
llowaid has 11 largo quantity of
'hay for sale in small or lurgo
rrick, Jr., of Minis Hros. A Co.,
1 (iraiido in 1110 inieieni 01 111s
euo, laws to luvor tins foitunalo class of
pooiilo woio necessaiy.
llo said it was bettor to havo the a
foil lines go to Amoilcuns, men of our
own iiatlon.than to Englishmen.
Tho comfoit und well being of all poor
pcopio uoponti on one w oiti employ ment.
When ncuily nil people uro employed
wo havo "good times j" when lcH iKJoplo
a 0 employed wo havo "dull times;'' und
when people uro hugely unemployed wo
have "Iiurd times."
Ho foigot to say in connection with
this, that u far gieulcr per centiigo of tico'
plo huvo been unemployed under tho
Iiigli than under tho low tarlll's.
Lust your, ho said, wo bought sixteen
million dollais' worth of foreign wool,
and forty-four million (Minis' woith of
foreign cloth. If this had all been lulsoil
und muiiufactiiicd in this coiuitiy, all
eisoiis could have had employment,
Thoio were "00 000 Idle peoplo tiiimps,
lu tho cotintiv , who cost tho peoplo ifli."
a year each, in aggregate of L'j.OOO,-
lliodl."t Cicncral Conforonco has t hH comes 1 ut of tho jHioiorclusses
I its tumoral tonus I10111 tliieo to ioiho i. uoii io-iio pcopio iiko nun-
imiiii ii!iiM iifi iiiiii iit ir in iiii.iiiiii inir iiiitt
i'm i" nt-ji i iivmii urn 1 uuj
is putting up 11 fruit
next lo McUullough'x
. I.........
nit htatid
ilcc fuiiilnhed rooms on giound
rent, l.iiinuio 01 .Mrs. J . nox-
,ere Kll to-night at l'razer's Op-
I I....1 "....I
voit uiiiit to laugh.
'arrolli at her icnldolico on Webb
ar tlio Kast Uiti:ttoNiAN olllco,
lv irum iwiu iu iuiii. 1
o flock of tlio Into Win. Hons Is
orciloiiy u. 11. inoinpson, an
cr. imiUr "Now To-duv."
,,t lj .,lfwllir fill! fit f..iut litu
hoots and shoos. Tho prices at
ie dock is ollbied aro low.
iiiti.i iinfft h Hiinrv urn ifiiiiii
lived chlelly oil' peoolo of small moans,
ny sponging ami tuiiciiug.
Tho speaker dwelt 11 consldeniblo timo
upon this gieat bunion tnmii soclolv. uml
Hcotncd to Ixi Hying to uigito that u high
lurid', if it only could bo uiudu high
enough, would ut onco hot nil tho turnip
it 111 1 io.iici-h unii vug iDomis 111 1110 country
ut work.
llo went 011 to druw quite 11 dowim:
picture of tho beauties and comioit.s of
wealth. Ho liked to neo peoplo live well
and expensively. He did not want to go
luck to the plain old limes, when 110.11 ly
all peoplo woio poor uml could not enjoy
tho luxuiies una elogiinehM of life.
Tlio speaker then alluded to tho 1'iesl
dent's mcsago uml chuructorked it us 11
ccu!liir document, becatn-o it told Con
gress what ought to bo douo. '1 ho people
of l'omlleton, thioiigh Col. Itth.li, hud
with tho Honubllciin imv
that they havo been talkim? bosh
and buncombe for tho last twent wears
about nothing hut tho wur, mid putting
ooH ii 1110 rciieuion. ami Having 1110 rnion,
uml tlio groat guns, and tho lloutlngllags,
and tho grand old patty and now whon
it comes down to u matter of IuihIiiojis. nn
Issue in which they have to give reasons
uml snow cause lor their jilundor of tho
poopio, iney nio 1111 ut sou, und know not
now 10 meet tlio issue.
Urki'v's htoro building, occupied learned about thu message at the vcrv
outset 01 mo campaign.
Tho special Inteicst of President
Cleveland's fiiends, tho speaker imported,
were especially guaided in the mensago.
He had not usked for 11 reduction of iovo
11110 on sugar. In older to got II fly mil
lion dollais into the Tic.isnry consumers
pay fifteen million dollufs into the
pockets of the sugar planters and iiiunu
lactuters. Mr. Swift, with the candor and truth
fulness for which Honiibllcan seakers
uro noted, did not tell Ills audience that
thu Mills bill ludttccM thu turlll' iijhhi
sugar over eleven million dollars, uml on
woolen manrfactiiies over twelve 111IIII011
dollais. while pulling wool on the free
list only 1 educes It ny 11 little over live
dolliiis. Neither did ho sav that while
I clgiitv'.lvo per cont. of tho tuilll' tax col
lected on sugar goes diicctly into the
tio.isiny, only uliout twenty por ei-nt. of
the t..iilf t.iNei on other uianufactiiicil
111 Holes got into tho ticcvuy, while about
eighty per cent., or miiio threo hiindiod
million (lolluts a your. g fs Into the ot'k
ols of the favoied classes, instead of IK-
of only
rti!licc, a fresh coat of paint
liMtier aro reotiestcd to meet at
IJ t..n, I
IVan's, as pruviotisly unnotiuivd.
, .1 .t.
'ir ji)iiii.miii. rmmrii'r inr inn
...II.. . is.u
1 unii innm m I'lirii icru'tr 1 iiiiiil
I l' I ITH. lVIr lllllllirill. III ' I U
- v 4 - - - o
11A I lAlltiil itiiutmiwrrt Iill llittt.
wllMit I'itrif V-IIVI IU(ly MII-
oih hour l.itu to-dav, but will
nuke tin mcst of It between
'I tlicro.
Afhiiaugh, a prominent farmer !
MKIl I. .,.u 1.,
"v ... i.i inn ii.nit, . in 111
lllV. Till V.WT (1 If I'f 4V til
W. I'.ratinln who has Ima h on
"-aiv i,iur inniiiiiii I'.fiuTfirn nun
iirruory 1110 past iincen days, re-
i.1 lilt-lit il l M'.ill.i W.ill,.
otray hordes aro advortl. -d 111
tir. UnilAa ... T....I....
A rriiponll.iiii f urn Multiinn, Which In
I'mily Arri'pttl.
Mr. .fumes II. Itulov iccelved to-dav
the following telegram, in 1 espouse to his
cnaiicngo 10 Air. aiattooii:
".Meet mo publicly nt ui lirundo nt 8
p.m. on Mny 'Ml,, Union .Mny -Ml It ;
.Milton ma. m.. estou .1 ti. 111.. l'ono o-
ton 8 p. 111., 011 May L'Stli.
"A. I!. Mahoon."
As Mr. Haley has been through Union
county twice, ami as Muttoon well know
hits Just returned from thoio to look uflor
tlio canvasshi thiscoiiutyiliuing the next
week, ho itnswcied as follows:
"Owing to engagements hore, impos
sible to meet your appointments ut I .a
Gruudo uml I'ulou. U ill uccopt your in
vltallou for Milton, Weston and Pendle
ton on liSth. .1.1 1. It a 1.1; v.
llntul Arrival.
H11W.MAN 1 lofdi: .1 It Cox, Davton;
Jus Itltiiiey and wife, Mlns.Iuckson, Coun
try; John Nelson, Wulla Wulluj Peter
Mitchell, Pasco; M W Mitchell, Idaho;
John McCuus, Portland; W A Chimin,
West Plains; !' It Sclndlor, Ohio; (IP
I.lnilloy. I own 5 (I M Kiddle, Wuitsiuirg;
Geo Irving. Weston: U tJilliain. V Mitch
ell, Pilot Hock; T.I Kirk, Contucvlllo.
.... .1 1. . ......I ... 1., ti,
ii.i.mii) iiihm;. vi .v iminiiuii, v, 110
lloivo: J II McCoy, .1 H Klikland, Mil
ton; 1) II Wilson, . I V Swift, Hun I'ran
Cisco; H V Smith, W Jones, Pilot
Hock; J W Sampan; llenrv Stover,
Country; C U Harlow, II C Allen. II S
Johnson, II Metgar, Portland; T 11 Col
lins, S.iiininervlllo; S 11 Sweeney, Walla
Wulla; Mrs Collins, Cove; CharlesHoad
eriiiel; It It Hlshop, City; J II Settle
mler, FWSettleinlor, Woodbtirn; Joseph
tloi.niiN Hi 1.1:. I) Kelts, T J Tweed v,
Pilot Hock; S.I McDill. J Shay. Jack
Canyon ; HA Ilurdwick, i: Ilhiton, Hut
tor Cieok; K II ('iimbee, Adams; MJ
Kelly,. I Nelson, J It Knynl, Walla Wull.i;
Cosicllo llrothurs, V Jones, CItj ; Amos
Johnson, W 11 Hudson, Mea'cliam; J
."0..11W, Iluich Cieok; J M Turvilugor,
l'lieio you have a sure maiorlly of bit) or
-00, whllo heto the Hopul llcans have an
easy 0110 of (ii)iiln iniletlimes.which when
tho necessity is urgent, and tho suck con
Hooticntly plelhoiie it-t present condi
tion may be Increased to 1,L'00 or 1,500.
To keep this fraudulent vote t educed tho
Democracy is determined and, judging by
the sentiment universally expressed, It
will succeed so far, that u number of tho
local olllces will lo tilled bv Democrats.
One-half tho Ix'gMutlvo ticket will lie
elected and so largo a vote given for Hon.
John M. Uearlu, our gallant standard
bearer, that ho will bo Oregon's next
representative to Congress. Should tho
fault-finding counties cuter the campaign
ami worK as Heartily and untiringly as
tho Democrats of Portland aro doing, wo
venture 10 pieiiict a i'gislattiiunext .inn
nary that will crown our victory by send
lug an Oregon Democrat to the V, S. Sen
It is iKJsllivclv assorted bv Illalno lead
ers that under no ciicumhtilitces will De-
pew tiermit his .mine to go In-foiu the
convention, ami ho will bo in Chicago,
himself a delegate, to foicc his wishes.
They usert that Illalno will accept the
nomination if teudcied to him, ultliotigli
tney pioiiiico nololtortobucli uttllieassor
Hon. They claim that tho sttength of
DetHiw. Ilnninon. Pheliw. Allison. Stun
ford, und almost till Hint of Shei mini uml
husk, 1101 iowcii Horn illume, will cmne
back in piopcr timo, mid whenever culled
T-Io i e 1 1 i u' 1 lirtliinc,-
a Specialty.
Bedroom Sots,
Parlor Suites,
Side Boards,
Folding Beds,
Bedding1, Shades.
G. Shindler & Co.,
Witierooni, led First Street,
through block -00 feet to
107 und Id!) Front St.,
On mill u'lor IIiIn ilnlc, nn mlinttiltrntnr (if
Hip eitnlo of tlio lii'o Wlllliim IIokh. 1 olTcr
for nio all tlic live Mode owned hy llio do-
C(tfCl,COtlH!l,lU of
Thoroughbred JIarr'uril Hulls.
Short-horn Cuttle, GruWa Cuttle,
and Gtfivrul Stock Cutttr.
Tho rou fhbrrd Situnlsh Mrrlno
lluvlCH und liwcH, Jtryltitered.
Grade Illicit und St oik Slice).
AIo n lariso number of Horiti 11 tut u quan
tity of Uuy.
Kor pin tlriilnrx, cull 011 nrmlilroii
iiijJI Okw tr I'i'iiillrtoii, Or.
rlp'iso lm this year's jiotatoes
n igh ti use. Ho planted them
niTV. ,lti, I i.'.u 1 1....I ... 1... l.t .
, ...... nt.n i.iulll'll ill. liv 1111.
f'T pLinihig them so cailv.
iwi uviH ihV w lio laughs lust."
' !'' Vliilh.1,1 11 lli.lil iillli vnlliii.
ul I'll 1 vh il'.i. in whlcli hlri
1 'V I II ullli 11 un.,1,. l,..a
.;iti town to bo treated for
wtng in a bud wuv. Tim iiinv.
... iM.ju.UMIll V HIS Bkllll IH
m ,r i,eauro cmild mako 11 hot.
'eu arked a well known It.-
ir.tiii imp ...inr .ir nil iii'i.ikiii r.i i'
wwh cstray or knowing of others I ubout ten million 11 o.ir, on sugar.
luialKcstray should lead tho.w Air. Swift then sliuck tho favo.lto notu
-'WiU, woul. Ho H.d.1 Dish clitli.icil It wns
ll.V t'l. Will Ki'll fnrnllnrii In rn. Dtlt Oil the flVO lUt 10 lliakd Wool COIIIO
lM woih i'ii notoH puvablo after up, and at tho sumo time to make clothe
Vnv rnu di'slrhiL' in imivlumi 1 come down, lie coiiUl not undoistand
frt kllllt.l .1. ..1. ,1.1. ..11.1.. ' III. (I If lllull IK.tll.l ,..1,1,11, II. .,1 I...
I'li.Tiui TPKJI1UIU ". ,...i. i.v
ilielr prices on such sales are us I would I to a good onu. llio simple expla
' any in town, iiiutiun oU'ered by tho ways and means
k Meriviiiun. wh,, ..ln,p.m nf cominlttoe, and that nutii ally would
....... ...... ....w , , ... ...... I I.'.... . . . I . . . 1 I.
did not dolgn to notice orunswoi.
Ho was sine that by g-t'iug clo'bes
cheapor tallois would be thrown out of
employment. He dwelt ut sonic length
on what a doltimeut Mich a jxillcy wo.ild
be to AuuiiiMii tailors.
Nothing, s..id tho Heiikor, can be mado
to lie like llgii.o. Ho did not want I-j
have anything to do with ciutoui house
and dealing houso lejHiris, und kIuIIsiIcs
iiiesontcd by Cong.e slonul coiiiniitteeH.
llo bud nothing to do wilh f!gn -s, but
deiHsnded uiwn oluiu PKiK)iiiioii from
n f(a. w.. V'.""" 1 " wl.li'li ll.n Iiif..mn.. ..nnlil l. ,li,ivvn lli'.t
t I' iiio "it lu.Vf..,.tu' 1.,,'L i tlio Aniorlcan looplo have leon im-
Tailor Horlulilx,
Tho ineinlwrs of the Methodist Church
held it Mx'lal.le lust evening at the iij
dunce of MinHhal French, near the mill,
ut which a largo crowd purtlcliutcd und a
jolly (line was had. It was called a
"Tailor Sociable," and was conducted as
follows: Kuch young lady provided ma
terial ami int out nn upron ; suiuplos of
c.u'li ttproii were then put in a hut uml
lllll VI1IIII1' Illltll lllll. 1 till , Wll ! '"-Ii
l.l. Vl.,.1. ,l.,.r... y.u.,l.u .. III. II... Pl-'OI-llf r,(i.., Hfivf. t l)"(f, I.MVll'Oll . pU'i'f
i v"'. ' " ur Iron r kiitt.ii'liv i wutriifi'iii 'Ho m- iiwk
riircp tut'iiv liorfN enne Into inv Imnil In
llio Ituio iiioooinliiKoiuMiin hint wrrk. Tli
h-.iKiM tin. uiiirlcil nt fnllowM Onu iiioMrii
lllll X-, Ii' out rltlit l IIIH lllll, Wl'ljillt I Ilk'
lioiin.ik, IiiiiiiiIcI jz: llwo hir) mi Irfl
Hliuiilil-r; ono Imy imrk", wi luli' ntxiul lixij,
HlHintk vi'U jriiiiiiM, liiuiiili"! ('C'oi oM-ri!)
on Icfl liinililt'i-; oiii' urny li'irn1, mlilli.
inursfil. Iirnii'ifil i.iiiiHiiliiit lilt., ii '
tU'lil nil fi. 'I Imnwir i-.irow ii'innn r'ntver
'i.t'io liorHi liv provlni; iisiiir:y lunl imylllK
i liuiKf nf iiilVPl.Ulliit unit Hi'i'iili'i;.
Aililrcsi: V. M, KO' 'TV,
A Pi.', nivalin,
OllCii:()It(jr Mcl vIllllll.V.
nih2l Int IVinlli ti.il, Oregon.
Out at Cost!
Entire Stock of Goods,
Coinpiislng tho following goods, to-v.lt:
$&000 Worth of Boots and Shoes,
The best stock hi Pendleton. Also
$2,000 worth ' Mrns uml linn'-, tin In and Furnish I nf; Goinln.
1 ulso put on the Market
$7,000 worth of Harness and Saddlery.
All of my good I bought for cash, and 1 can sell thorn J pei cent. cheaier than
than men who buy on credit.
Salu to U'glu this day, .May 1U. Come early and got baigalns.
Lease and llxtutcs for sale of the lino brick store, Cotiit stieet, In Dospnln block.
Hksiiv Htiivhii, l'rckliU'iti.
K. J.HOMMKKVII.I.I:, ViC'U I'iTXllU'llt.
I'iikii I'.uiH-TcsTiN, Ki'i'n'tury.
Jacoii TrniNiircr.
The Farmers' Custom Mill
This new mill Is how miuiiibictiirlng Hour by the bilest Improved inctlioils
Flour and Mill Feed Always on Hand
We Hollelt u shnre of piihllu patroniigo.
Wall Paper, Lace Curtains, Window Shades,
Oil Cloths, Linoleums, etc.
The "WHITE" Sewing Machine,
Failing's Carpet Store,
Main Street, near tho brill);', P.uigloton, Oicgon.
inn' Ii iv noro, bMli'l'il II on lilt left IiIp
uUiot ilia-it r 'iIiib u' olil, wik ii'k 'ii ii
on ino .ii npoiioi Mut,'' "i "i '' ('.
wimple drawn had to show the young
iiian how to hem the same. Two prizes
wore given, one for the neatest ami one
f.,illi. t u .jl ....rlr 11 l'.v.i, li'i.u
IUI IHn ., .,. ,, ... , H..UII ItW.li
i variled tho (list prize and Cola Fiuker
i econd. nefieshinoiils weio soivcd
. . iy coniu ii couple, and tho receipts
. v- ,i very good.
Id I i" .w ii. I lie iii'icli at So. i m. -- Mi"
to iiiUoh rii-i i f V'Tlli ho k. wln-.v
owi.orcaii rvcovi r lilin.
ANTi'S" NOl.Tf
monsely bonollilcd by liiuteutiun.
A man, said Mr. Swift, has no tight to
turn his back on his neighbor ami go to
Ivnglaud to buy goods. If woh.ulfico
trade, all tlio iii.iiiufucti'iei.s llioio would
i ..i. ... ... . ..
1 LIV UUII irilll111.il,..,,.
MailV nf Hi. I ,.,. .,,,.11........
....., iu n.iiuimeti.
-...v. B. iiiiuiii)ii lo-uay is mo
"e U ijnitu despondent und 1 1)0.,1" "'"""y would Le u few men to
K li'e that his condition is not i ",ul1 " "ocsIiosm and sharpen plow
.V.,'1 l.v f,-
11 Nlkl'l'lli i.tf-AtMii'
1, . In.. . il. 1 .
fp w ii "u' lopoiii'ii mini
Mrs. Putter-
tho southern ,
sli.it es.
Tho high tariir coniH)ls llio lioli iniin
to pay $7'i for u fll) suit of clotlios, and
this i.i a penalty on the rich for trolim'
. a.l l. . . i. "Ul,u,u'" I l.rn l I.nv clnl linu u-li.in lin nni'lit In
cf-;- ..u. , ,o country home:'
A'ain tho speakor forgot to mention
that whllo the licit man pays on his
broudcliKitli a tutiir tax of 50 r cent.,
tho inxir man on his eheaer and coarser
guides of woolen goods juys from 80 to
lfiO por cent,, the heaviest tax boiug laid
on I he che.iM'r goods,
Tho Xer York imiwrters and Poutliern
On Monihiv colt ui tilanters want cheap wugas. 'llio
md evond ulaccs ! Democru'ie party, and .Mr. .Mills and Mr.
liul FiiH.ained tho. McMillan and .Mr. r-'cott and the Presi
dent nil waul to see wages reuueeu in una
cotintiv, Kegrocs in tlio .South now
woik for $S ier month, and theso mon
v.unt the labor of tho wholo country to
Th'relt mi lti ilr...
''" lav John Mctiarrv. tho well-
P, 1 la, i1"
!-... . ' . V1 "men was iiii.ou. for
Z ' . .vin ui, and dopos-
i ri . V "H' alidiawcr. On
tar,, . - l , V"i " "lvu"I0y ins
; .i ., .
bv II l ' d auhoFlirt National
J vh '",'ii'H Co., who.dur-
h I ,JM'ei lor tlioir many
.,,1 v 1101 reniem wr a
t 'o party. A thor
ilJ nm vis,Inad? fortho nmn, but
7 . Ut be foiliul Tl.
, -we Jir. .McGarrv will una.
v .tCVI, "
Tlii. Illlloii .Munlnrcr I (rail.
Shoilir 15entIovlias iccelved tho follow
iiig loller fioiii tlio Warden of the Jlaiti
xiba nitontiary i
"In acknowledgement of your favor of
Feb. I'.'itli, iniuliing aliout an Indian
named .luck'ton, I beg to say that uu In
(linn was Hcnt hcie from l'ott Mcl.cod In
.Inly, IHMi. His iiaino, date of sentence,
etc., agivcs with the description given in
your loiter, und no doubt he was tho man
'wanted: hut bo is now beyond tho touch
of unv earthly justice, as ho died in the
hospital of (his institution on October Oth,
. ii ii
To-NlulilV Omicerl.
To-nlglit, in tho band Htand. tjie JVn
dletou baud will render the following se
lections: 1. .March.
'J. S'chottische.
.1. Galop.
4, Pass Holo.
5. Schottischo.
0. Concert Polka for cornots.
7. (ialop.
8, .March,
In 1881 Malaga furnished to tho Unit
eil Stales l.OIMUlU lsixes of raisins: Cali
fornia, 00,000. In 188JJ. Malaga, 8V5.747 i
California, IL'5,000. In 188.5, Malaga,
j inn
DcjiU'I it.
HiiMi" " a- Mlilppel froio i:"li'ru rill
via 1'ort IiiihI. '4ii Imvt frelKlit fiilil, lo.nm
iiiul o v ri'MiirKCx ndjimlrd, uml forwunlliiK
ulti nJrtt (o jiroiuplli , ut Imv riili'i, liy nil
OltOCKitlBi A Sl'IiUlAl.TV.
Ituyliitf uml St-lilii ilonx tin CoiiimlK.loii
The Peiidlefoii Roller mills
The J. I. Caso Little Gianr. Walking Gang, Sulky.
Gang aad Walking Plows.
Studebaker VVay-ons, Hacks and luoo-ics.
v. lllll llio lauor oi llio iwiuiu kmiiii; iu i . "" ",,, Ann I mV
como down to that, and even below. No j OS., 800; Caniia, 475,000. In 18S7,
reason was given by Mr. Swift why these
men should deshe such a condition of affairs.
Ho ridiculed the idea of our being able
Malaga, 4W,000i California, 1,000,000.
William Shorwood, of Pultiinore, Md.,
has Iwen sentenced to one year's Im-
to compete with England in manufactur-1 prisonment for stealing a bible.
((,',iMitlty M lmrr(k p r ilay.)
V S. BYERS & CO., Proprietors,
MiuiufitoturcM nt (Jmliiiiii, Kriiiiiilutoit imJ
kir rUliif I'lonr.
'uli IM'H'. I'll III roc III
ItlmlM ur (lulu.
Klmir, moid, oliou leal, t'tc,. iilviiiyM ur, linuil
The Pendleton Mfg. uompany,
I'KNUWUON, olcKiioN.
Machine Work or All Kinds
IXitio proiiiplly.
1 'utter Hi mailo. Itenulm lo fHrui miulilnory
mid machinery of every (lenvrlptlon a
Churuts for Work Iteattonubte.
Wo are rccolviiut. uliiu..-t daily,
Goods Direct from tho Easlorn Manufactorios.
Our stocJt will Ui now In iIusIkh und compluto In iwirliiioiit, euiwlgtlni, of
Whatnots, Brackets, Chairs, Springs, Mattresses, etc
Also u coiiii'lctii lino of
Oarpots, oil cloths, linoleums, shades, portieres
Forbes & Wheeler,
Association IJuildlng, Pendleton, Or.