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    ESDAY, MAY S3,
nl.ui llroiicli Hlo.
H mJnftlioI,01'1 begun with tlio over
Mn. 1'crkln' Muttcal ltccltnl Perfect
SllCCCM. .
Mrs. 1'orkins' recital, which took phtcu
last availing In Mima llnw. & Co.'h iiiuhIu
juniors, was u trout long to bo remembered
by tlio select eompanv of friends present,
lhoio woro over ono hundred ladles mid
gentlemen in the rooms at 8 o'clock when
Will III'
nW:. ?nZ, i ir.-tiornll.v, lo inako
iiti'rii uiv'1 . 'ii ..ii.niii mi win
taiwui ... iit.,n
. ..-..I... Id Hum i ....
1 1 i nl.iiui for nalo at
J iWMIM'il.H'" I - m
i . .1-,, n frnlll IIlO U. II
fXIUl isuvi"" -
, at the Opera Hoiico to-inor-
1 ,. f.unilv returned to
.Klliwu "
It,. I tiil'llt.
..... lloJullBint IS uio -uobh
Ue.K'of V"m WOrk '"
tl.v comes on the 2d of Juno
iVaJlitho next legal holiday.
HVrt fond ni'i'lo l ,urK
.iVi l.Mi4 to fan 1 raneiseo to-
iv -
i Howard lias a largo uiiantlty of
, W for nalo In small or largo
r,.ii, it, a itninililli-anftidilucco.
r,riiti1,u ,,vi : , ., , '
L .1 I ,nl tii.ril I lOUSU UVU
Wnliovlland "ill furnish iiiuhIu
t,,A, H. on Memorial nay in lcu-
'w furnMied rooms on ground
( fftlti Wlijuira ' uir. ...
jJMr. Oniric Hlaek, of ioIiii
i tuck fWer, .miss umucs,
farcin town.
Jo-fl.li Fitnon, tlio well-known
.ill in V 11 aril.
jri lhnlev is building u hIioo
1 rwi'loiicc in connection on
urnl of Weill) stieet.
. ii I t.1 .... "U',,1.1.
iirroii. ui hit i uiMiivii u w.i ..v....
Kir the KvT Oju:oo.nian olllco,
aiotfrcnt room to rent. T
.. I! . . I.. V..... V.,.1. .... I.Ij
to a tailor sociable at tlio
i if. i. . 1 1 i. .i.i..
u .Manual i itm.ii uun even-
M...H. M Hill .111 11.11 ll
i k Howard havo just received
lUrmcni oi niro kock unnuy
brUutirri. nvir lirounlit In l'in-
..!.... if " -.1 .1- 1
V f a i
7. Eunaril, of KohmI, Gilliam
H I ... l..li. .....I ..'III
.IIHTI JflUlli Ulllt 11411 riivnu
here mtini: h U duimhter.
dtiot. Tho Iliimniilan Dance. (llnihiiiH)
by Misses llertlin Jtean uud Uraco Kvans
vim next on tho progminmo, and tho
young ladies acquitted Ihenihelvcs bril
liantly. In this dltlicult piece two pianos
uoio used, a llaiiiesand a Starr, the full,
rich tonus blending in u most plcat-Ing
and harmonious manner. Abendglocklelu,
(lviillak) was rather ii didlcult piece for
inn., nil., ii i.... ,.i i i.
very crcdiiuuiy. noing Hoinowliat fright
ened ut llrst. Iho llrook. (Arthur I'ooto)
by .Miss Viola Ualioon, elicited loud an-
plauso from tho uiidienco. Thu test of tho
programme was excellent, and was
as follow h: .Spring song, (Jlen
dolsBohn) Miss ISertha lioan; Comet
bolo, (Uagloy) l'rofessor Perkins;
Tuiu uud tiplel, (Lichnor), Miss Cozzio
Haloyj duet, Caprice, (Itouuinont),
Misses Cozzio llaloy uud Annio Marshull ;
Song Without. Words, (Mundelssohn),
Miss Gruco Kvuns jSonutu No. l,(Unicry),
jiiHs Aiinio .Mursnuii; Bong, "iny soil'
tinel Ami," Professor Perkins: Invita
tion to Duneo, (Webo-Li.st), Mrs. Per
kins. 'Iho Hong"Gisola,"(lCuckcn), bud
to bo omitted, gteatly to tho disappoint
ment of tho audience, on account of tho
illness of .Miss l-'lorenco Despain, by
wiioin ii win to oo loniierea. inoHong
tlV I'rilfliUMnr Hlttllillt'tl mill tra irha
iHii forniuiii o w ere specially complimented.
.Mrs. Perkins' pupils all showed tho
marks of careful training, tho credit
able manner in which all their perform
ances wero rendered being tho best com
pliment that can bo ollurcd to their
teacher. Those who had tho good fortune
io receive tin uvit.mon went uway Willi
grateful hearts to: ho pleasure they had
oxjiurienccd, thugi iiural sentiment being
that the entertainment vas a great mm-
Till! l'ltOlllllITION TICKICT.
A I.ntter fri.in Cliiilnnnn linn 111 of Inlt-r-
cut l tlio I'lllllll'.
Adams, Oil, May t!L', 1888.
To tlio Kitltorof tlio Kant Uri-uouian.
Thu followlni! is tho Prohibition tickut
as it now stands: Tor Congressman, Prof.
G. M. Millorj forrepreheiitatives,Hov. W.
II. Pruett. of Weston. Dr. P. N. Hichard-
son, of Adams, uud .1. N. It. Gerking, of
loutcrvillo. .Mr. u. 1-. Jiiompsou was
recommended by tho convention for joint
Senator, but declines, and us there is no
organization of tho party in Union
eountv. tho committee thinks it not lcst
to till thu place. Mr. N. Pierco.of Milton,
was nominated tor representative, lint
also declines, giving us u reason that ho
was in tlio Democratic primary, ino
committee has supplied his place with J.
N. H. Gorklng.
None of tbeso men nro olllco seekcrH
uud do not want these olllces, but simply
eousont to run Iwcause they believe tho
cause to bo a lust ono and otiuht to Ih)
supported by all good men. They do not
ask thu vote of tho good people for them
selves, but for tho princiiilo for which
they standi the entire Prohibition of the
liquor trutlie. Thu convention did not
deem it lest under tho clrctimstuui-cH to
noininato other men for county otllcors.
lll aniiear ut tho Onoru i leaving nil frcrt to luako their owu choice
ftuMliy evening next. Aduiis- ' "f thn o aheadv on the other tickets.
11 U V ii-iilK. uti nn nIm mo lie iiiuiicaus inn not uuoeur uio
lneuvcl rmIh. f , Prohibition party mon to them very
IflrtWheelan oilers his lurgo MI,,Il'Il1 tliolr nrtloiiH on tho 12th Inst.,
fflf')r wlo ut cost lii this l ln nioru thoy lio about us in their
hihoiilfcni for sale tweutv 11' or elHowhero, tho more virfes they
tfrAwon Main slr.-ot and tun wM ioxo and tho moio wo. will gain. u
-'Jitrcetoi.iitothool.i.iliii? ,lmnU .vm r putiiisning u irutnnu
' " ; wutoment oi ino cuce.
l ours rospei-ttullv,
S. L liL'itiui.i,,
Cliairmun of tho County Central Com
mittco of tho Prohibition party.
Hotel ArrlitUn.
Viu.AKi) lloitsu.-C Herman, Wullula,
W T: iMrs Hlack, Couutiv: Miss Grimes,
Iho Dalles; W Simpson, Country ; Cbas
Hoadamel; WG Taylor, Chicago : J U
iiruuioy. m. jajuis; ,i n million, .Milton
l-rank l-razlor, Walla Walla; W J Snod
grass, I ji Grande; A I Wciler, San Kran-
CISCO! iMrs riCCutt. Dm. Mini .liitlnx Mull
i brainier. Portland! G A
vallisjT.I Matlock, Ileiipner; .fohn h
Lox. Country; I.ang, .loteph 1, Simon,
Portland; I-.d Gilmartln, P Mulhem,
Chicago; Isaac Grail', Mountain Homo;
Walter H Craig, New Yoik.
Goi.dkn Him: Miss M Ilagon, G H
Odell, W H Gilotto, Kcho; 11 V Imwolt,
W C Somoiids, Mo; Kd Morris, Omaha;
W H Humoll, Ohio; C K Lewis, Milton;
O C Giirdeau, Kidgu; A 11 Henlck anil
family, Mis V Henick, Junhier; 11 Jami
son. .1 II Coylo, country; S 1-runch, North
Pork; J Nelson. W H ilimiinell, II
Walker, Centervillo ; T M Smith, city;
J W Sallsbiir, Vinson; J W Lawrenco,
T II Hills, Portland.
Howman Hotsi:. Henry Talbortson;
M J Goodo, 1) lleirlck, City; Sam Maun,
LaGrando; W KColton.Tex; 11 Hauyo,
Portland ; 0 1) Morel, 0 F Andre, Coun
try; J E Tuylor, Atlington; H F Wil
liams, Salem; J no Callahan, Californiu;
Dan Cameron, Helix; Jim Cameron,
Kcho: A A Cole, I'niatilla; Kim Morton,
Tho Dalles; J Koam, Sacraniento.
AUrentUrnl of Viilnnliln Tlmo AViutml by
nOfllceriinil II la Force.
Tho Orcgonian announces that U. S.
Marshal .Myers and his deputies were bu
sy ono whole day tiling to figure up how
papors wero to uo served at ittuiis,
Malheur county, without loss. The dis
tance is about 1200 miles and the fee al
lowed Is ll cents lwr mile, making "2 for
thu trip. Thu deputy making the trip
will havo to pay 8 cents tier mile, on ac
count of tho high stage fair, making his
transportation bill !(). This makes a
balance on tho wrung side of ijM, to
which, when tho necessary traveling ex
penses ara added, the trip will cost about
or cent more than thu fees allowed.
Tho conclusion aril veil at by thu force
was that tho papers must bo'served ut u
loss to tlio marshal.
Tho marshal and his force, who havo
ample time to enter into such calcula
tions, can console themselves with thu
fact that there are losses sustiilued by till
business and professional men in 'some
instances, but these Iuh.-l-s uio oll'set by
haudsomo prod Is In other instances. Tho
Government allows enoimh when it al
lows six cents a milo for expenses. On
an average tlio Government allowance
covers exjioines and leaves a surplus.
- i
Mrs. Eininu Hobuits. neo llurke. and
daughter, arrived last .Monday from
Washington Territory, and will send
about two weeks visiting her mother,
Mrs. It. Ii. Hlshop.
The Hoard of Firo Delegates w ill meet
this evening at Fireman's Hull.
NI'.W iikmm.
4Co,illK-ll furniture to ro-
kfmmin notes i-umiMo after
w I'tia ilt-ilriii" in iiiiri'lin..!
ftwiMi-oniinlt this responsible
w j-rli-es on such sales aio as !
J 1ST In Inn n -i. '
t5fTlienii)ii will stint Hast
,llu Nwtlu'rii l'a
'J Walla. S,ouill ok joined !
r. lot u ino in nliont two
tosctlierlliy will g., to Jin
I'bhoii Jlorris' naitv in
Iiilert'itliij; I.nrnl Itt-nm from tlio llenutl
fill l ltilo Vutli-y.
Moi ntais Vai.i.i:v, May IHtli, 18S8.
Sheep hheailug U tho order of tho day,
Tho Campbell liios. mo sheaiing their
hhcop and tho clip averages between tun
r.i. , .. , aim eignieen inuiiiiih nor ueaii.
4'Jl Sun, .iy K-hool w ill Oops look woll in this section.
f 'M'iimdng In the woods I Hov. A. Y. Skeo und family aro visit-
- ll lireiltt 01 t 10 I- I lllrmi tmr Mmi.lu In tliia iinti.lilmll.
iied,out thote w ho cannot
WtollilB tlin i.l.ll.lr.... ..1
i -i.i .. . :v ....in. v.. iv
''u nielr Ittnc-hoH by
r ' Ullllm iii-i.l.i rn.
Governor Nlcholls wus inaugurated at
li.iton it on go Monday.
Henry Schussler. iikciI 14. a Nana Col
lege student, was drowned at Folsom,
Cab, Sunday while bathing.
Tlio President on Monday nominated
Thomas J. Smith, of New lfampshlm, to
1)0 solicitor of internal lovouuu.
Seventy hon-os woro sutlbcated in a
burning building in Chicago Sunday
night. They wero valued at f 22,000.
Mrs. Sawvor. wifo of Senator Sawvor.
of Wisconsin, died Monday in Washing
ton. Mrs. Sawyer had been an Invalid
for many yearH.
Peter J. Oulnu is misslm; from Pitts
burg. Ho is shod in his accounts us
book-keeper 1MH). It is behoved that
I ho bus gone to Canada.
At present there are over ono million
leople out of employment in tho United
States. In Now Yoil; uloiiu there am
U7.0UU men nun ihmwu women wno uro
Tho 74 Ih annual mooting of tho foreign
missionary society of tho Hapllst church
began ut Washington on Monday. Hon,
Guoigu A. 1'illshiiry, of Minnesota, pro-
i sided.
I Visible supply of grain Mav llltli;
Wheat, 20,022,000 bushels; coin, O.tMiO,.
' OCX) bushels; oats, -l.filtf.OOU bushels;
ryo, :!(ll,000 bushels; barley, 48;i,000
' bushels.
Three thousand men employed by tho
- ui iiii .lion l i..u.. i
iiivio wail ii i'iuuI utiiwi-
- ur.uuiiuii mill ,v- aws
V -'MeUi'll. 'I i.il- will 1,
. ''iiwtlng of tho
?WW'll-atinf,,r nilM.L. , .,
r .oiiraem win bo ,u,ulu to
cliool Miijoiin entlon I'iorco juiin our j io.l(IMg nuromi Company in their
school a visit this week and was well i COi,j luinM u Pennsylvania uro Idle, on
ploasod with its condition. Mr. lliuagan, aL.t.nl)nt (Jf fl dillbronco between tliciii and
tho teacher, is giving universal satlsfac- t(m comiany.
- 'I0'1;, ... , , . , . i -Mrs. ElU'i Lewis, an nged woiiiuu, und
ilhaiii Gendano started for u visit to ,la.0 Mml t-hlldren woro burned lo
! Montana niid Idaho this week. , ,iL,;iti, ut Clovelaud, Ohio, Sunday night.
Hov. Dennis preaches every third Sun- 'iho housu In which thev we:o Hsik lint
day at the Mountain alloy chaj el. ,)u and was deslrmed befoio helj) ivachcd
have Sundu school ovory Sunday, which ,10 ooiilng iH-ciipants.
is In a flouiishingconililiun, i ii0,,rv Krolller and his wife, of Mil-
, Dan Jones left for tho llig Hond coiui-1 Waukco. had u babv three dayM old. I-w-t
, try ono day last week. Ho contemplates , (,ll ith tho niothor and grandmother
jn iviuuviiig uieio wiui jus Mimiy io lermo i ft,j njdyop, i j,o niotlior awoko llrst, nun,
tuiiii.iiiuiiu.y, uirniug io tno cranio, saw a cai which
Campuieoilngconimoncesat tho Halni Jmil lccn left in tho room lying on tho
Grovo the second Sunday in Juno. I ant 1 ,.1,11,1'h ehost, with its noso at tho inf.int'
roliably iiifonned that ono of tin; minis- lttnouth. Hercrv uwoku tho grandinothor,
ters who will assist In conducting tho ' w,0 imVo tlio atiiiuul uwuy, hut tlio fliild
sorvicen of this camp meeting w ill lead to 1 waH ,oa,jt
tho altar shoitly ono of Hidgo'H fairest ', . j
Ice Cream Parlors and Lunch Counter
Call In unit frcer.r ymirRi-K with a ten or
twenty-live cent itlsli ot line Ico crenm.
If you arc liungiy beiwcuti meals, not nn
oteollerit luncli prcpareil by u whllo coolc.
No Chinese employed nlxiuttho rnneh.
lw .Main Htrect, rcndlcton.
H. F.Johnson&Go.,
Prescription Druggists.
Requisites of tho Toilot,
Stationery & School Supplies,
Flno Imported nnd Key West Cigars.
Oppoilto Vllliir.l ltoune,
Kurri-HHors to
t'oruer Main unit Water SI.,
Ponclloton. - - Orogon
All hliiiln of llliicliumtllilnK.iliuie In the
lienlaml prompt milliner. Wiikiiiis, llni:len
nnd Iihokn iiiiule loonier.
lit'jHtli-hii a Speclalt.
I'artlculai uttentlnii lo horio hoeln
John McGarry
-Dealer In-
Flint-clam KiMiila only in sloek.
(I u co Im m h 1 t iinil mill.
13UYS arul SELLS
Cor. Stain anil WobbKrrecU.
A Im Rrain ui Ea; farm
For Sale I
Two hiiuilrcil iM-jpn deeileil; SDneris mllrniul
rientyof riiiinlin,'Va(er; K-iiiil IiiiFiko, kIii-iI
mrralx, i"c.j nil under vihmI fence; a youiiK
on-lmnt of iiImiiU l.V)irei-n; il aeri-N nf ineiiilme
scl In tlnuitliy; JSneren liniUen nnil In Kralu
All 4-an I mi jiliiwed.
If npjilkil fur ui oner, It i-au I)' ImiiiuIiI lit
krret Imiifiilii. Hi ii ii 1 1 payment iloivn; bill
iiuroou liriim to Milt iiiiri'linser.
AI'1'I.Y to
NELSON S. CHAPPEL, Echo. Orotjon
Umatilla FbolE state &. Loni Association
liiyt l'UNDI.iriON', UltKdON.
"; know a yoim mil
. . ' tha nomft nf H..I.I.. .V
litiiii-n.l i i.i . i . .
t I lllil UJO V.
winirt .r.rili'1,.eu to
ho was so
.""aerahvorbv l..tti?, i.i.
W H m Mwa or
bK''.,h('vi.Iental shoot-
m l ie. no
"4.10,, kUIe-l unoileor.
an ttk(l1 1 nMliflH?ll in-
jsrt-v ti ,lu alHivo,
V u?;'11 11 Irvine, at
.ns, .?.?."?.. burned to
m m L nlt IU all
A .abaeks werunlar.
ttlr? of wlver ..,,
Mkia'hiS?.," nearly ttUro.
9fiillrfvon "ie liouso. in 1 boxes. A considerable nortion of this
eoEW,,4n'f Salem, stock, however, i- undesirablo
Hlllhll.la fn, ul.ln,
S. 1', Ilarton will comnieiico fencing
ills --H) acre tract of laud next week.
Mrs. Annlo Ilutts, of Uirnmlo City,
Wyoming, arrived hero to-day having
been called to tho bedsido of her father,
, J. .M. Thrasher, who is a very sick man,
und is slow y grow ing worse Tho doctor I
i in tuteuiianco savs uiero is no noi oi
1 his recoveiv. Km.
llawluif t'XHl khlppeil fl out lvi-titli elite
via 1'iirlliinil, emi havn frclulit pnlil, lue
uinl overi'liarKfn inljimleil, ami furiviuillu
utteiiileil to promptly, ut liov niti, by il
Iltiyluir m 1 1 I Selling ilonu on Oummlmlou
The Pendleton Roller Mills,
(Capnelty Ui) ImrreU porilny.)
W S. BYERS & CO., Proprietors
Jlaiiiifarliireri ut (Iraliam, Kranulutei) ami
kmi ri'ini; r iour.
As an lirL'iininnt In favor of corsets, it
may m said that if .Mrs Kullmoyor, of
fc'an Franci-co. had not v.otn corsots her
body would have ov'cujiied a slab in tho
niorguo todav. Thoy saved hor from
fatal wounds n't tho hands of hor murder
ous lover, i'eter Kolb.
Advices from Florida uv that there yot
remain in tho tato L'oO.OOU to IluO.oiH) box
es of oranges. Tlds would bring tho crop
of this reason uo to a million and ,u half
nrablo and not
suitable for shiimient
For Sale.
A half lot fronting twonty-flvo feet on
Main street, paying 1) per cent, intorest
monthly, and two lots ou Webb street,
opioito tlio planing mill, for sale at
very reasonable prices.
CiihU I'rii-f IM lit far All
iiiiniH or faruiu.
Selling Out at Cost!
My Entire Stock of Goods,
Comprising f ho following goods, to-wit :
$8,000 Worth of Boots and Shoes,
Tho best stock in Pendleton. Also
$2,000 worth of ATn initl lion's ll'tlt and Fitrnhhtitf Goon's.
I also put on tho Market
$7,000 worth of Harness and Saddlery.
All of my uood . ,.u,.iu lor cash, and I can soli thorn LVi net cent, cheaper than
than men who buy on ciedlt.
Salo to begin this day, .May '2. Coino early and get bargains.
Lease and llxtuies for salo of Iho lino brick storo, Court street, In Despaln block
Owing to the ill
health of
of the
the senior partner
Chicago Store,
the entire stock will be closed out at
Flour, m in I, chop feed, i te ulwiiy or. bund
Livery, Feed, ad Sals Uk
J. B. KEENEY & CO., Props.
James Wheelan,
At Ids store on Court St., Pendleton.
Put up your animals and your
money ut this stand. There
is no bettor in town. Our
patrons and frioncls will bo
wolltr at d.
this day,
s tock
Monday, May
consists of a
line of
Ladies Misses, Children, Men and Boys' Boots
and Shoes,
All new styles, fresh from Eastern Factories.
A beautiful line of
Mens. Youths and Boys' Clothing.
A nice stock of
Gent's Furnishing Goods.
, A complete line of the best grades of
A fresh stock of
Those goods have all been bought in the
Eastern Market for CASH, and will be sold to
you cheaper than a great many of our competi
tors can lay them down in Pondloton. You will
no doubt perceive that this is a great oppor
tunity to save some money. When this stock
will have been disposed of you will have to
pay high prices again.
Yours, respectfully, J, G, WRIGHT & SON.
Rockford Railroad Watches.
We havo secured the agency for this city of the cli-brated
Rockford Q,uick Train Railroad Watch
Which wo havo lilted In (lold, Hoss-lllled, Silver ami Nli lde cases, which wo sell at
price that
Wo also oarryju full stock
of Howard,
munis, of all i
and Elgin Move-
latest pattern.
is now oomplulo, and of tho
W giiarantpo ovmything wo sell to ln as rupieweiitcd.
(HIU'I'KSHOHH TO K. V. N 1(!I()I,S.)
City Drug Storo, Pon'lloton, Or
Wo nro receiving, almost dally,
Goods Direct from Iho Eastern Manufactorin
Our stock M-ill lw now In dosign and wnnjiloto in assortmont, coiiHlstlng of
Whatnots. Brackets, Chairs, Springs, Mattresses, etc
Alno a conif leto lino of
Carpets, oil cloths, linoleums, shades, portieres.
Forbes & Wheeler,
Association Uuildlng, IVndloton, Or.