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I'USDAY. MAltCH lfi, 1883.
lll.lUllelH Of thu MAHT OlIKflONIAN
nuilned Id olTor lliroo cnli nwiirdit,
on Juntiiiry 1, lfci, nn ft1IwMi
t'lmt Awnnll
J)om.Aiw III iciilil colli m tltc Unit or
. . .1... ...... f iitm nitititl
in won. uiiriiiK
thu Dully itntl tcnii-euiuy
ttrciimt Awnnll
boTpSiroiilM" Hie olllcc moit oxiciimo
iTwrliitloiiHtH tin- Dully orH-ml-W cckly
rifcni.siA.1. either for papers for thorn-
tlvCfor others durliiB the yeur isss.
Third Awnnll
thu. i.ailh lii wild cola to tho boy or
I " ...
irfBflrrelKUtrcu yeiiro of nge, who solicit
atJHcrx mill puy Into the olllco for Mlb-
h to tho Pally or Homl-wccKiy j-.aht
an Hi" lnrgnt nniount, during tho
iil of the itmiiuntH imld In will bo kopt
Li,, i.ii.i ...iti'IIv bv thlH olllco until
Lu nrn liuule. KviTVOMU Striving for
LnlH will hnvo the privilege of check-
ky IcecphiK mi account for tlioniRolven.
"who receive iiiiiiiiiihsIoiih tor inuir
vlll not bu ullowcd to compclo for
ivurcli. . .
llnstUrrgnninn i-iin.l'o.,
l'UMil.KTo.x, OlIKllON.
i, ltoburiuu, tho conductor, is in
. llycrH will return from Portland
,'. Nvo wont homo to his Jutiliwr
its liiuriiitiK
lilli wall nround tho NHturH'
is iccolvlng ii coat of jialnt.
Nvo Im on crtitclics for tho hist
iys, "cuuxxl by u spniiuod unklo.
Ulln W hue ur uft for l'ortlanil
y ovcnhih'ito Iw gono ulwut a week.
.1. (ii Hwo d and llun Luhov,.
cut citizens of Helix tireelnct, nro
KicliuriNun hits ro-;irMiu;cd tho
br ol His ciioti iiouho ami niiicii un
ink Ilodgkin, tho well known and
uuiitloiimii. who is uiioxnerl in tho
unco IhihIhum, was in town yester-
lios Wheohm is Helling Ids largo
of boots, shoes, saddlery harness,
for tho next thirty days ut social
m ltorts was not tlrivlni? tho team
ran down Main btreot mommy
IK, as stated in tho Hast Ohuionian
i( ywKorilay.
T - il... T...II.... I.. ..
iiiiLiwi.in ill Lvim viuhi .. -w
W! VI' nil (lilVH. 1UOKIIIK UllUI lliuill-
ot Ills ticnooi.
illlir I .IllllIHHMI IV 11 1IMUI1 IUHU
. I .1... IL.lll..Lll ull.klV.
... .1.. . 1. ..t .. .till.. ...... . .It '.. U.t.ltl
I itiini. ii in ii ipt;nui.b junvi wi
mill nono cannot resist stoif
- i . .i.i i. ...i n..... ........ i...
Walla Walla train was about an
t.ti.l tli.i rnirllltll- ll'iaonllirnr fill
ast niulit : tho west bound mall from
tllia ii Ullll nruiu;ii iiivn uwi tiuiu iu-
i-.. i i 1.....1.... ti...i. .I,....
Ur IX lYUlllflUI UIU IlitllllK lilVH Mi"h
repainted and ro-arranijed. It will
in l'cndlutou. and that is huvIiil' a
dual, as I'ondleton has threo of tho
emilppcd drug stores cast of tho
i. i. . i i i ii
for construction of tho stono found
walls of John Haven's now ti'3,000
hotel, to bo built on tho eornor of
iii.l I. .lini. ulr...tj ill lilt.. I'iUltrt
mm uuinim.li rii.vu.i'i ... ........
i iinil. .nr. I iiiiriiii ill it.iiunii mil
..i I I., il Mw
il liHi'ii ill mil i:uiini i ill null. -.11.
. . .in i , i- .i ...in. ..
forco of mon.
. 1 A. t .. . 1 .l
it. wnrn iirnii'Fiu 1111 niinri4 iiiH'unnir
' A t . ! " . i t i
n Itlin 1I1V11IIIIK 4il tUtMl4ll va
woro seen yesterday iu broad day
niakiiii' indecent shows of them-
n ximt uiiLii iiuiu iiiimi din i tun
in Jail, uml ordered to loivvo town ut
- - -
a. ' ll ti .
. . a a. i . i i e .. t
.A f . 4 .11 - ..II .Ilk
. f 1 .....v..!,.! ,nll,
aiul Knulinli well. Ho lum not heard
. t.i... t n
. r ' ii
... 1 . r 1 f. X .1 K .... .
Knowing oi P,rne.sr8 wncrcanouiH wm
i a . r i . . ! i f..
inn ir.& i kiiii vr. Jh . ii . .'w. ft v
ineir ianKtaemi uuimin mm ww
with wator for 130 a month. This
a i . : t.t. i ...in :..
1 m f At ' . 11 ...111 i
It . i . .... .ii. n.j
OfUcerH Klrcted
m i t ii. n i .1
Hkating rink and tho following oilleein
i i . a . . . " t
lllCIIUlll. V IIUIlL-n JIUUlli l.bWIIU uiuu-
1 lllt'll lini UN 1I1I1IIHN : JVIIHUL .11111 1 PMTI I .
t:Kdwanl Switzlcr, Third Sarnent;
i in. n i. i iiftn
utu luiuin, i'uuiiu camuiiv i unit 11 111
K. T. Partridge were appointed cor-
kllOflir 4. 44 14 II1U v4 Uv 4 n I44V44
nes appear.
I.ou Over 85,O00. Tlu Deed of nil Ineeii
illnry. 1'riilmlil' Sovernl l.lvcn Lout.
From thu Wnlln Wnlhi Union,
At 2:40 Tuesday morning flro, was dis
covered hack of tho Aurora hotel, corner
It oho and Fourth streets and an alarm
was turned in. In u very short tlino,
considering tho lateness of the hour, and
the fact that tho bell could bo heard only
a short dlttanco, Tigers and Our Jloys
ungiuo companies had their engines set
and strings of hoso strung out to tho lire,
but with tho strong wind blowing thero
was no hope of extinguishing tho Humes
in tho burning building, but a i;trong
cll'ort was mado to stop its farther spread.
Tho wing was blowing strongly at tho
time, and it was only with tho utmost
dlfllculty that the hosomen could get near
enough'to play upon tho tlames. At 2 :55
another alarm was turned in, thu lire
proving tills time to bo at tho corner of
l'oplar and rifth streets, in tho old eon
vent building, owned by Kd. Williams
mid occupied by Mrs. I-andlaaHa lodging
house. Ourlioys engine was immediately
dlfpatchcd to thu sceno. hut tho building
being largo thu Humes had coinpleto as
cendency, and the dwelling houso next to
tho burning building, owned and occupied
by J. Kaucett, was also iu Haines, lly
throo o'clock Chiof Engineer Kulliug
ordered out tho Heseuu steamor, stored In
tho city hall, and this was soon in tho
hands of ltescuo tsiys, with steam up and
strings of lioso out, attempting to stem
the stream of lire, which by tins timohad
gotten almost beyond control. When it
was discovered that tho hand engine was
not ablo to i.'o 110 with the Humes At Fifth
and l'oplar, Itoseuo steamer was ordered
up and moved over to that place, wlicro
their timely arrival was tho means of
saving I ho residence of John l'icard, next
door to'l'aiicott's. IJy ;t:4 tho llros at
both places woro under control, there
being no longer any danger of a further
spread of llanies. A strong wind was
blowing at tho tlmu of the alarm, almost a
galo, and but n few minutes after llru was
discovered In thu Aurora hotel, il was a
sheet of llamo, and thoso who oscaiied
from tho building only did so by sacrillo
ing thelri'lothing, many of them having
to jump from thu uii-stairs windows to
escape. In an incredibly short spacu of
timo the building occupied by A. Noack
was also allro and bti'iieil. A few min
utes afterwards tho small dwelling back
of tho hotel, on Koso street, occupied
by n family recently arrived, was
on tiro and soon burned down.
At almost tho sumo time Marshal
Martin's blacksmith shop, across
tho street, was allro, hut hard fighting
by tho engino extinguished this hlar.o
in its iiiclpieney. Mrs. Thomas' residence
u cross ltoso street, for a time was in im
minent danger, as was tho residence of
Mrs. Ilerzog on the other side of Fourth
street, the flames blowing directly in
tboir direction, while phowors of sparks
Hew on tho wind for a long distance,
setting lire to tho roof of Airs. M. M.
Hart's residence, back of tho Chriatian
church on Sumach street, lly hard work
tho places were saved. At the tiro on
l'oplar and Fifth street tho building in
which the tire caught went in tho same
way, tho Inmates only having time to es
cape iu their night clothes, and tho wind
swept the Humes across tho street setting
fire to the residence of It. i. Parks ami
the fenco surrounding that ofO. llrechtel,
1'icard'ri residcuco, from which thu furni
ture was removed, was saved from burn
ing. Thu origin of thu fires is shrouded in
mystury, but every indication ioints to
incendiarism. Mrs. I.undis, who occu
pied tho old convent as a lodging house,
was llrst notified of It by hearing Mrs.
Shaw, who roomed there, calling to hor
t6 get up as the houso was atlro. She
sprang out of bed immediately, and look
ing iu tho hallway, found it a mass of
llamo, and seeing no opportunity to
escapo in that direction, seized u chair,
and breaking a window sash, sprung gut
in her night gown. Mrs.. Shaw, in an
ellbrt to save some clothing for her baby,
was hemmed in by the Humus, and In
endeavoring to escaio through a window,
gashed hor wrist severely. It is known
that tho hallways hud leun liberally
sprinkled with coal oil. In tho Aurora
tlie lire was llrst discovered by tho
night watchman, who saw the tlames
breaking out buck of tho dining room.
Ho immediately ran tin stairs, kicking
tho doors in and alarming tho sleopors.
Ho succeeded In doing this on one side of
the upstairs, but by that timu tho flames
had gained such headway that there was
no wav of alarming tho. o on tho .other
side. 'Kven with tho promptness of giv
ing tho alann, nono got out too soon, and
it was early cared that several had per
ished iu thu tunics.
When tho tiro was at its height Henry
Lowe- saw u man descend the stairway,
his clothlm; all blazing, when he reached
tho foot of tho stairs the man Ecomod be
wildered, waudoring about iu an aimless
fashion, apparently not seeing tho door
way, but a few feet distant. Iiwo
rushed in and grabbing the burning man
dragged him into tho street, where tho
burning garments woro torn ofT, and ho
was recognized us (ieo. Herold, of Eu
reka Flat. Ho was burned frightfully
and was removed to the Sllno House,
where Dr. N. Ii. Hhdock dressed his
burns and hud him removed to tho hos
pital. From tho fhst the doctor enter
tained no hope of his recovery. His
hands and feet woro literally cooked, tho
skin and ilesh jieeling oil entire. His
head was burned almost boyond re
cognition. It is understood that u lady
with two young children did not cscajto,
and soveral men who were known to bo
sleeping in the Iioubo have not yet been
seon. Tho hotel clerk informed the
Union reporter that ho has no way of
knowing how many jwrlshed, but says
that Mrs. l'ylo wus tho only lady in tho
houso, Tho !ed book of tho hotel was
saved, and an investigation will bo made
as soon as it is imssiblo to search tho
1 ruins.
Tho losses and insuninco uro estimated
as follows, in somo cases it being imios
slblo to seo tho losers : J. S. Cox, (tho
Aurora hotel owned by him being a total
loss) $4,000; insuninco, $2,000; Mrs.
I'ylo, furniture ledding and fixtures,
600 ; Insurance, t-',800 ; A. Noack, build
ing, machinery and household gqpds,
800: insuninco, $400; John Louga,
dwelling houso, fCOO; insurance, $300;
Kd. Williams, lodging houso, $5,200; in-
suranco, $3,000; John Faucetto, dwelling
homo and hausohold goods. $2,000: in
surance, $1,C00; Mrs. Landls, turnlturo
and household goods, $1200; no Insurance.
lintel Arrival.
HoWMAN Hol'SK. I. L. Howl, CitVJ II.
Westlake, City; J. 11. Malmna, Milton;
K. II. Adam, Vinson ; J. Sanders, lilies,
I. T. ; C. W. Colt, Walla Walla : CI. W.
Shumwav, Walla Walla; I. 8. Mansllold
and wlfo, Adams; J. T. Lieuallen,
Adams; F. Williams, O. It. & N. ; 0. M.
Dennett, City; Thomas Ualv, Portland :
T. J. Hughcy, I,a (iratulo; 1?. Dartou and
fundi v, Portland: O. F. Leo. Umatilla:
C. W. Uuess, Tho Dalles; French and
wife, l'ortlitnd; John VnnOrsdall,
Meacham; William Kirk, Iowa.
Vri.i,.itn Hiil'si:. U. A. Stouder,
Hoyul Heath, Frank K. Hodgkins. Wm.
O. Irwin, Jas. Frecdnian, H. M. Hlner,
T. H. Walsh, of Portland; A. W. Nyo.
Wnllula; W. W. Nye, Juniper; Samuel
Ooldstono, San Francisco; I). J. Macken
stein, Wm. Plillpat, (Jims. Leltuul, F. W.
Kinney, San Francisco; H. U. Peterson,
Vinson; W. F. llutclicr, Ccntervlllo;
John M. Duiloy; W. W. Cavlnoss, Fos
ter; U. Willehm, Pilot Dock; Charles
Drash, Portland.
(loi.nr.s Htn,K. Geo. Doss, Pilot Dock;
Dr. Shackloford and wlfo, Portland; C.
W. Guess, The Dalles; J. Grango, G.
Morrow, Duller Creek; A. 1.. Gordon,
Juniper; P. J. Kern, C. A. Kern, Helix;
N. A. Dobcrson, Pilot Dock; D. H.
Myers, Knmela; P. C. Costello, Yoakum;
J. C. Harp, Adams: C. M. Clark, Ccnter
vlllo; 0. Simpson, It. N Simpson, Walla
Walla; Peter Miller, country; J. A.
Doss, Milton; J. H. Dldwell, Ccntervlllo;
Thomas Kelly, Jack Canyon. '
A Hoy Without u Home.
A boy named Charles Diver, about six
teen years old, was arrested yesterday for
vagrancy. After giving him a moral lec
ture ami somo sterling advice this morn
ing, Decorder Crews asked him what hu
would do if hu was let oil', and hu replied
that ho supjioscd ho would have to beg
again. There Is no place to keep children
in this county, and It is rather a dilllcult
thing to dispose of a case of tills kind.
Ho is too yoilng to work on tho streets,
aitd unless a pjaco can be found for liim
with a family, ho will have to" Iw kept in
Jail. Mr. Crews, in sjieaktng of him. said
that hu was a handsome, bright and hon
est uicarlug boy, and If he had a chance
might make a good man. Will not some
good man who needs a loy in his busi
ness call at the jail and do a commenda
ble deed by saving this ioor wanderer
from tho snares of tno wicked world?
A l'rciillnr Allllctlou.
Several weeks ago tho llltlo son of Mr.
and Mrs. F. C. Campbell changed from
sunsliiuu and smiles to bitterness and
woo. The little fellow seemed to bo suf
fering, but apparently thero were no Ills.
At last it was discovered that his arm was
crooked, and apcarcd as if it had been
broken and grown together again in an
irreuuhtr hIuuhj. Hu was taken to the
doctors, and ft was discovered that tho
arm had Imjoii broken, nrolmhly by a fall,
and its condition hud not Itecomu ap
parent to tho parents. Infants' arms are
In a very llnilxir condition anyhow, at all
times. The doctor advises Mr. and Mrs.
Camnliell to have thu arm rebroken and
sot, so that it will bo straight, but its
mother cannot reconcile nerseit to cause
her darling so much puin and sutlering,
which would follow such a proceeding,
although it would tho best for the little
fellow In thu long run.
Tho Iiiik tiinek Committor.
At tho sneclal mcetimr of tho Hoard of
Tntdo last overling it was resolved to in
crease tho committee to visit Jxng creek
from four to eight. President Dalleray
appointed tho following committee: J. P.
Wager, It I.ivermoro, D. Alexander,
Leon Cohen, II. F. Johnson, M. J.
Grecno, J. M. Loozor, and D. G. Thomp
son. On motion of Mr. Eddy, tho committee
was Instructed to reort by April 10th.
It is not yet definitely decided wlicn Ihey
will go, but probably alwut March 2';th.
L'jion tho suggestion of tho president, u
committee, consisting of Messrs. Kddy,
Wheelun and Martson, was apiointed to
;xtition the Indian Department In regard
to tho sale of tho reservation lands.
IiiKHlU' Cull.
Krom tho Now York Worlil.
Tho Senator from Kansas was liorn
with a direct gall-duct connection Ih;
twecn his bile and his brain.
It is not surprising, 1 here fore, that ho
should have disgraced the Senato cham
ber by a bilious attack umu tho President
uml a foul-mouthed libel upon threo dead
American patriots Greeley, McCIellan
and Hancock.
A Kausus-guttor diutrllK) like this of
Ingalls' sulUclontly answers itself. Hut
if anv other reply were needed Sonutor
Dlackhurn furnished it iu his dignified
but trenchant rejoinder. Ingalls' war
record, mado "behind the rear of tho
army, prosecuting Kansas Jayhawkcrs for
rilling lion roosts," win suck.
Overroncheil lllmelf.
From the Auruki i Maine New Ace.
Mr. James Keewiu had bargainod at
Prlnco Edward IMand for a horse, tho
prico to Ihj $17f, and was just about to
liuiul over the monov. when no nuirKCci:
"Tho haltor goes with tho horso, of
courso: l liavo nono wnii mo." ino
baiter in nuestlon was an old ono. worth
iierhaps forty cents. "O, no," replied
tho owner, "if you want tho halter, I
wunt my pay for it." This was too much
for our L'cniul friend Kecuan. and mioth
ho: "How much do you want for your
old halter?" Seventy-five cents," was
tho reply. "All right," said Keenan,
"hero's vour soventy-nvo cents; that's
just such'a halter as I've leon looking
for." And as ho passed over tho clmngo
ho quietly took otT tho halter, put the
$175 back iu his jiocket, stepped into his
luiL'irv and roda awav. leavlnif tho ovor-
grasjiing owner to lament tho loss of a
I uu DUIUi UIIU v fjv. ..... ... . . . - ,
Uionio as licst no might.
II. C. Guornsoy returned from San
Francisco tills morning. Ho has been
gono two weeks, which ho has spent with
his mother feeing uauiornia.
Wheat 71 Cent.
Poutlanii. On.. March 15. 3:30 p. m.,
wheat ia quoted to-day at 71 ceuta per
Seventy-Eighth Annual Exhibit
of Titr.
Assets, January 1, 1888 :
Cnnli on liaiiil.ln liallk,
nnil ciiMi I'cim $ C03,2S(3 GO
Cnli In luuulniif iwntK
nml In eoi'rtu of
tritunmliiftton 3$0,IIT C2
UcntHntuI ncctucd In
terest ... 31,617 09
Heal culnte, uncticutii-
broil OM.075 00
Lonni on ImiuU mut
inorfKHKeo (lt 1Icii)...I,U0jO0 00
LoutiH on Collateral
Rcctirlty 70,f0 00
! 2,Sfl!,Mn7
III Untied Htnten lioniln, rullronil
Htock.uml Nntlolinl Hunk nlock 2,131,777 00
Total Assets, -$5,28860317
("aali cupllnl Sl.'iW.OOO 00
llmervo fur ro Itmliriuico (jeBttl
Klnniliinl) I,7S,7OT 04
OlltmnntllliKcliilniH '."JOAU 12
I'm ley iKiiiirrN'Kiiipiii ,i,iso;iVj si
Net HiirpliiH over ciipltul nml nil
llabllltlcft 81
Net preiiilunm recetveil iturlne tlio
year. 2,4,310 f0
Tola) Ineoma received iltirlnu the
yciir. 2,fiM.n21 8
IncrenHn In incln SU.iVVf K
Iticrcimp In net Htirilu-.... 10,'J7;1 W
limtire In tho olil rollnblo Hartford,
Glopton & Jackson, Resident Agts.,
Court Htrect, opposite. J. II. Hlioeiiinker'ii.
Plti:i). KEMPKIt,
Proprietor of tlio
Klve-t.Vnt Ilrrr Hull.
Miilu HI.,npponlto l)0tnlllp, I'onilleloii.
I'cndlKtnn deer on ilrniiKlit. Wines, IIiiiioih
nml cluiiw.of tliu bent brand, u Mock,
f!illl ho lllld fit tlio 10AHT OlIKOONIAN OlIU'O
ut prlooM Hint will prove they uro elicupcr
1 1 lull innne oi liny miiur iiriuuiiK nuimu in
UiiHtcru Orrvou.
If Ton linvo nn nnliiial cnlniv. vou enn ro-
rover him by expending fJ.0D In uilvcrlUliiR
III 1 110 KAHT uar.OIINIAn. ii cuicueii iiiem
every time.
r EClAli DI1ANK8.
lorn t Ii nn two hundred forum of Ircnl
lilunkn nt thin oftlce. Ijiwyern nml otlum
iK-cdliiK npeclitt fDniiRcnn bo mippllod.
A home, wllh n bnrn Hint will utiiblo four
liorti'M. Apply to A. I). H., nt HiIr olllco.
Notices not mnklne more, limn four llurw
will bo Inncrtud In ttiin column nttho rnto of
nvo centK nn i.mcrtion.
Blacksmith Shop,
Noxtiloorto llninincr.t KBteH'Hlulile,
corner Cottonwood mid Attn
HU., I'uiidlcton, Or.
And nn clienp on the clienpcit. Ulvu
u n trlnl und ho convinced.
JIurHC-Sliocint and l'loiv Worl;
Glvon Hpoclnl Attention.
McEachorn & Thomson,
Altn Street, - Hontli of Court lloimo
Corner 12th nml IifltHCnthedrnl Illock.
Clunaei will reopen In tlio now building
Ncpteniber ntli.
The limtltiltlnn l empowered to confer aca
demic uouorK. rorcntuiomio, uuuieHii
HKV.l)IUK(mltll. A. .,
Vancouver. W. T.
Henry Eopittke& Co.,
Highest market price paid for nil kind of
Australian white wheat, winter barley nnd
rye for aula for seeding purposei. Tho Aim
trnllnn white- whent In JukI Ho nrtlclo ttock
muii need. It mukeN u llrJU-clum ijuullty of
Jnlyl tf OHEQON.
Are You Protected?
MalnHtrcet, I'ondleton, Oregon,
Transacts Conoral Banking
President, JmesHtkkl,
Vice President, Luiman ni-uu,
Cashier, OhjIV, Hamilton,
Collection Made on Favorable
apl 12
Those who believe so thoroughly in protection should not
go nny longer without insurance on their property, of whatso
ever kind; and nearly everyone believes that a policy in a good,
Reliable Insurance Co.
Is worth every time what it costs, and procrastination should not
bo indulged in when it conies to taking out a policy. In tho
llrst place, pick out competent ami
With whom to do your business those who represent nono but
the best insurance companies and go straightway and insure.
When in search of such agents, don't Tail to turn your "peepers"
in tho direction of tho office of
Clopton & Jackson,
Located in tho EAST OREGONIAN building, Pcndlcion,
whore you can have any kind of insurance, whether Fire, Ma
rine, Accident or Life insurance, done up in
It is well to remember that to bo secure you must insure iu
ono of tho Thirty Reliable Companies represented by
Clopton & Jackson, with u combined capital of more thai
If you contomplato insurance, call on them and got posted,
nnd it will cost you nothing. Remember their oflice is in tho
EAST OREGONIAN building, or address
Clopton & Jackson,