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MAUOH 8, 1888,
thiu:i: oAtut .awaiius.
.... - .1 ... Anvnnutlu
o iMlillHliera oi mo jabi u..r..........
determined to oner nuvu n..... .........
. . . (uun rn IdU'fil
First Awnntt
. . I.I (Itn 4ltM rif
HI 111 II nilHiuuimpt"'"' - -
. ... li'owH.Uiif In Mm mlm
s of tlio D.lly " BcmNWcckiy .aht
Hccoml Award I
Durum-" ..... ... .
i uteri niiuiiniwiiiu s(n j j - ii
iiifnrtvtiv. I'M nor inr nancm iur iiiuiii
.... .. I ,...!.,,. !. Itild
Or lOi lllIIlTlnt "111 i"K hiwjvhi iujvj
Third Aw unit
. . . .... I.. ..,.1,1 -..I.. JA (l.n l,.
MAS tho larKCKt amount, during tuc
,4 Ititttf.
fiwatvlA nre mnuc. Everyone filming ior
U oy IMICPIUK nn nccowu iur iiicniuivi-K
Khm Orvffoninti run. Co.
tlti I ii tit i ii 4u ii I kin tt t n u iltrnlti.
is tho
"he H
i tWown
tut rMiir iuniiuruii
.. .It A 1 1 .
VllllgiltWII tWIH tV VI?
uuiiurn roiMjrL mm uiu wnt kuiu u
. 1 .V I
II. IlmiiturHliut. tlio Drummer lkiv
lii lillltl.l IIIIKtllKU IU 1 II Stll'tl
nit i iriHik 1'iiiiiii.v i7(!iiiin:iiiiii: 1:1111 vi'ii
will bo coiuimihcu oi o.'I uoleirutoH.
nrrlHliiirif. Dr.. (lXiKTiniiccil u Hum II
mommy ovoninir. i no iohhwuh nom
ironiiemiin lost u ciiikih tmoo on tno
t whlut nt tlio rcsiilcnco of Dr. Vin-
rcHi)onnH)lo mrty With plenty of feed
llH 1UJ IIClUl 01 COHn Oil MlUrCS.
ply nt tliln olllco.
I vounc nnin imniod Ycoiul wah
h IiIh homo in Wiilla Wall a ycHtonlnv
iiinf, and rnmtulned ii fructura of tho
it ICR.
obert Wnrnor'H wihool. illntrict No. 01,
foster, cloned hint Friday with nn en-
Lilnment, at which u largo midlenco
i present.
IIhh Phronti llcalo and fnthor. who
fo lcon vlnitln relatlvcH at Kiikoiio
(or Homo tlmo I'UHt, returned Homo
i morning.
IVin. Vohr and J. H. Sullivan, of Echo,
II J. M. Dowoy, of Alba, were each
Interi licenncs vcHterday by tho County
lirt to Hell liquor.
taturdny. April 28, will Iw tho 12th nn-
rerHary oi iwmon imi;,'o, k. oi i:, niui
Soiiinnttco Iiiih lcen annointed to tlovino
Iay of celebrating It.
). W. Ualloy'H do ltcx in lost. Ho in n
wii oin(ur, intelligent, and a great
tier around. J. J. ltalloray, Khij.,
II pay ?5.(X) tor litn return.
k'hoco Koviow : Mitchell can boaftt of
ring ono of the most genoroiw naloon
n in tho Statu. Ho will not take moil
in oxchnuo for driukx, but kcIIh cigara
1 given liquor nway.
'he Kurcka Flat fariuerH uro agitating
i project of having tho O. & XV. T. mil
d build a lino Into that ncctlon from
dlula thin npring. They Imvo a fair
si)cct of being miccesHful in their
Tho unfortunnto Bteamer Uentloy, bo
iging to tho O. 1'. Hailrond Company,
Toil a snag Tuesday in tho Willamette
ter, and Hank In (our lect o( water. Tho
lamer carried ntwut iou lona ot lreigttt,
bleh will bo only nightly damaued. Sho
111 1)0 rnixed an noon oh poHlhlo.
pwo cow lxyB from tho John Day
luntry pluylullV tripped nn unotronding
linamun iii Wnlla wullu, throwing him
blently to tho ground, Tho cow boys
attempting to run away uroppeu a
ntol, which was discharged, creating
Insidomblo excitoment. lho boywero
Iptured, jailed und fined.
U. S. Murshul FurulHh Iiiih nn Indian
kder arrcHt und in iail who cot drunk
Id Btruck IiIh Hiiuaw over tho head with
empty bottlo, intucting u paindil
liund. Tlio Indian Iuih had hia exam
lition before CommlsHlonorTustin, anil
111 bo taken to i'orthinil (or trial lc(oro
dire Deady, leaving hero on to-morrow
ening'H train,
Tho Umatilla Real Kntnto nnd Ixian
isociation sold this morning two lotH on
o corner of Alta und Garden streets to
W. ltoner. n coiiHldemtlon of a.200.
Ir. Hojicr will tear down tho houses now
cupied by Chlneso from tho lots nnd
imovo his blackHinith bIiop ncroBS tho
reet thoreon. and on tho . bito of his
Licksmith shop ho will build a couplo of
Following nro tho city oAkers elected
M .Monday In Jacksonville, Oregon;
rustees, D. Cronoiniller. re-elected, J.
. Neil. K. Kubb. Charles Nickell. re-
lected and Majc Muller : recorder. J. II.
ull'er, ro-elected by 148 majority ; trcas
er, James Croneinlller, ro-elecfed by 7
ajority j marshal, D. L. Curtis, ro-elected
f 2d majority j street commiBsloner,
im, .cnion, re-eiecieu oy hu majorny;
Ity-cight votes wore cast.
0. T. Uichardson has purehnscd ihe
.interest of his brother in tho Kichnrdsou
llroH.' chop hotisc, and is now conducting
u alone, no can do iouihi at inn post
from ..eight o'clock in tho morning till
threo lho next morning, with everything
goouito eat that tho market nlloriis.
JJaker Citv ltovelllo'. Jonathan Swift
who in nntloubtedly well remembered by
oia timers its tho tounucr ot tno om bwnt,
or Marshall. Htut ion on tho Umatilla river
is uursiiig his brother. Col. Swift, of this
neighborhood. Tho latter is improving
In health.
Thu Lewis farm near East PortlanJ
mentloiiudiin tho East Oiikcioniaku short
time uiro. was houuht in trust for L. V
and E. lh Starr, of Pendleton, In iiceord
unco w jththo will of tho httcL. M. Starr,
of Oakland, Cal.
Tho iiiiiiexauill Droicct must not bo al
lnui'il iii tn ii t .-hi ii i 7n. Tupntv niim Mill)'
Hcriblng to 5U0 of stock will insure its
success. Nftueamvo volunteered tomato
tho twenty. iiiero uro tho others?
Tl,.. II 11 .1. V .,..... .fill .1. ......if
IIU . . V A... .l.lr....vT ..... .U .......
with their tuiiJc .and wind mill nt this
station, which sunnlies their cnuincs will
water, and will hike water hereafter from
tlio town reservoir.
A telegram from Wolla AViilla to-day
noon' says flvo iucljen of snow fell there
this forenoon, nnd it Instill snowing. Tho
wind is in tho south.
Desnain t Howard have ndded n lino
of lioots und shoo.4 to thoir largo stock of
groceries and other good, and uro selling
tnem ut low prices.
Grand family dinner will bo served
next Sunday, at tho Villiird houso res'
tuiirant under the management of Mrs
Julian. Sinttli.
Thoro uro eitiht commonial travelors
with their samples in town to-day, und
sample rooms uro m demand.
llov. W. E. I'otwJno is in Wciton to
day conducting tho funeral services of
.Miss Edith Wood.
Lulu HlmcB in vorv ill with . crvflinclns.
conlntetcd by it fall tit tho wkutintr rink n
snort inno ngo.
V shootimr mil erv is in oneration on
Alum street, next to J-iinilry'H store
Town lots ami houso and barn for miln
nt u low price. Apply ut this olllco.
Edwnnl II. Killuini, representing J,
Gill & Co. of Portland, is in town.
A, HiilstOn. furniture dealer of
Gnindo, is In town.
County laxo) will bo delitinuont on nnd
liner April 1st.
Umatilla county Bcrip is Hellinir nt 08
Another (Irrnt Man Declliiei.
I'liNDMiTo.v, On., Murchd, 1888.
T Hi" KUttorof Knt Oreconlan.
To my many mends wlio liavo bo
earnestly solicited mo to lxicomo a can
didato to tho presidency, I vish to state
tliat,owing to lulling iicaiiu,! will Do com
Dolled to decline tho nomination for that
exalted und honorable lKisltion if tend
ered mo. I trust that my many friends
who imvo bo Dcrslstontlv urucd niv can
didacy will become reconciled to this dis
appointment. I havo lieon utlllctcd with
rheumutism for tho past year, und now
my eves uro lallliiK mo. und 1 could not
hco to go to Wushington wero I elected :
in fact, I now feel that I shall havo to
leave Oregon, and jierhaps tho United
States, (or u whtio, and return, to Mis
souri, where I bono to reirain mv health.
Trustim: that my Democratic friends will
be able to select some othor available
ciindidato with tho necessary JoifcrHonlnn
qualitleutions, l respeetiuiiy, but iirmly
und iositively, decline to liecomo u candi
date. J. II. Tuiinkh.
1. S. I see it hns l)ecoino (ushlonublo
to decllno nominations, heuco I doclino.
J. 11. T.
1( VII1 Mnrry n Kleh Woiimn.
Sovoml youugstcrs, since tho departure
of Professor Morris, tho phrenologist,
have amused themselves by feeling the
heads of their playmates. The other day
u bright little girl in tho upor end of
town mounted u chalr.and latd her Hands
knowingly und Morrts-llko on thu head
ot her small hrothor. accompanied by
this speech: "Hob V .you havo u
lino brain nnd will marry a beautiful lady
with ii largo amount of money, but you
will Imvo to lw careful, ns you will havo
uu iiisatlablo upietite for whisky when
i-oii oucu gel snirieu." iiouuy having
md his attention called to tho dreudful
habit that is overshadowing him has
iiiado u firm resolve novor to touch liquor,
but ha is determined that tho Unit lady,
with u lurgo uniount of monoy, who pro
poses to him ho will marry oll-hund,
without quibbling and other proorastlnut-
ug nrniiigomeiits.
A Hail Dentil.
Mr. Clark Wood recolved u telegram
from Weston hist evening, saying that
his sister, Miss Edith Wood, was dead,
having died in tho Wall a Wullu hospital,
where sho was tukon sovoml weeks since,
in order that sho could havo tho attention
of better nurses and physicians than sho
couid ut her homo in westou. .mss
Wood was un accomplished and popular
'endleton und othor purts of tho county.'
Tho blow wuh sudden to them all, and
falls with great forco Mr. Clark
Wood. Ho und Mrs. G. A. Hurt-
man, un aunt of tho deceased, left
on this morning's train for Weston,
to be In attendance ut tho funeral, which
occurs from tho homo of tho bereaved
parents ut Weston this afternoon..
Kobbeil on the ItalU.
This morning there anneiircd liefora
Itecorder Crows ono Murv Harris, who
claimed to havo been robbed on tho train
yesterday between Wullu Wallu nnd
Pendleton, of her ticket und flO in monoy.
Sho is from Dayton, and on her way to
Nebraska, but tho loss of her ticket com
pelled her to stop hero. Sho had a young
man arrested on suspicion, but nothing
could bo proven against him, and ho was
turned loose II sho has beoirtho dupo
of u professional traveling sharp, any
hopo of recovering tho lost projerty
would bo nonsense, as their plans nro
usually bo well luid us to defy detect ion.
Wo Iioixj tho unfortunato lady may yet
find tho lost valuables and go on her wuy
"Tank you." ns tho man said to tho
kerosene, when it offered to blow him up.
A 0I.A8H in ouoouAriir.
IVlnit Our llf prmontntlvon Know AJjeui
Tho CnKrntlo lAlckr.
From lho Viico8un.
Johnny Mitchell, where uro tho Ca'
eudo luniks?
J. M. Thov nro situated half-way bo
tween tho Northern Pad lie Kuilroatl and
Scupposo bay. They wero commenced
by Alexander in optwsltlon to tho Co
lossus of Rhodes (tho N. P.) in H. C. 1402,
tho samo year liacon wrote Sliukespcuro
und Columbus discovered America : niui
uro uccountcd ono of tho soven wonders
of tho world. Tho wonder Iwlng that un
outraged public didn't kill n derelict
senator or two, and a half dozen suierin
Josej Dolph, where nro tho Cascade
J. N. D. Thoy havo not vet lieon dis
covered Greely mentions tho fact that
ho mighl hat) found them, only tho
Jeimetto foundored herself on Ico. Tlioy
nro niciiuouL'd Dy Josophusns being sit
tinted in tliat fabled country of Atlantis.
und rtoicmy ulso mentions them us huv
ing been shorn Xroin tlio head of Sainii-
son by ono J N Dfwhich last stands for
Delilah), lho Indians in Oregon call
them Skcukimi Chuck which, showsthat
their legends run duck to tho lost trthes
of Israel, und fully establishes tho fact
that I should 11:41111 go to thu head of my
ninny Herman, where uro tho Cns-
cudo Locks?
ell, really, I got mired down last sum
mer on 11 piece of desert land in Hnmov
valloy, und havo not had much tlmo to
rend up my lesson. My 11111 told mo thoy
were 11 lubulous monster who eats up
upprojiiiiittons, und eleen Congressmen
nnd fattens government olllcors, uiu!
makes jieoplo swear, somo icoplo. but
I can't tell where thoy uro us I hain't
novor been Micro, but my ma sho says
thoy nro nn awful good thing for mo and
must ulwnys lovo 'cm: but I don't
know how I enn lovo nnything I never
saw. t?av do you 7
Then sayeth tho indignant teacher.
"Go to your scats nnd study vour lesson
and yon shall bo kopt in after school."
So bo It I
I'ow of Tho Nuttiorntu Compliments
1'nlil Tlio Unity by Our KichntiKm.
Arlington Times: Tlio Daily East
OitKdONtAX is tho newsiest und most com
plete daily published outside of Portland
11 tho state.
Astorian : Tho East Oiii:oonian Iuih
hloi somed into n dully, nnd makes 11 very
creditable showing. It gives evidence of
ability und has a healthy look.
Wulla Wnlla Journal: Tho child is
born nml its nnmo is "Daily East Oni:-
(ionian." Pendloton may (col proud of
it, for its 11 hoy, weighs 11 ton, und hns
como to Btuy (or gcod. Success to tho
Astoria Hoomcr: Tin East Ohkiionian
published ut Pendleton, has Issued 11 daily
edition. Like tho weekly, it is chuck full
of news, und a credit to tlio city of Pen-
Salem Statesman : Tho daily East
OhkooMian, tho Unit number of which wus
Issued on lliursdav. is a decided success.
und u credit alike to tho publishers nnd to
tho town. Wo wish thejiowjventuro tho
success und patronage It merits.
McMInnvlllo Koportor: It is 11 pleasure
to note that versatile sheet, the East Ok
koonian. is coon to issuo 11 daily. It has
published tho lwst weekly in ilia State.
und will undoubtedly muko tho dally rank
ns menus 1110 semi-wceKiy. success to
tho llvo proprietors.
Hotel Arrlvuli.
Howman Houhk: Tom Johnson. Pilot
Kocic; 11. 1., l.ruco, Uamus I'nurto; J. W.
Hotts, Centarvillo: C. 0. Sharp. City: E.
A. Vuy, 15uttor creek: W. M. Himoi
Cedar ltuplds; I. II. Ward: 0. M. Me
Cauimon, Stunsolls; J. T. Edwurds, Tlio
ViiXAiti) Houhk: II. Millor. Milton:
It. Albeo, Vinson; It, II. Hcndershot,
SK)kanu Falls; Hon Hiscnstoin, Murtli
L. Colin, Sol Hlumncr, W. W. Harris,
Portland; John H. Watson, Chicago; S,
M. Cooper. Charles M. Clark. John G.
Sltiushm. Una.. J. G. Thurlwr. San Fran-
isco; J. w. Jiitihirn, Jr., Uhlcago:
Miss 0. Tur. Centorvlllo: Walter M.
Pierce, Weston ; L. H. Geer, linker City
E.J.Wilbur, Ilartniun'H mill; Chas, G
KoliortB. Tho Dalles: A. C. .Tucks and
wife, J. lJ. Swltzlor, Umatilla; G. Wulen-
ton. Uleklcton ; w. u. Hliallo
Montana; Chas. Hitter, A. Kropf, Sacra
inento;0. II. Pitrick, M. A. Dart, San
l'mncisco; It, C. Ilinton, l'ostor; Wil
son Jensen, uillainctto; Mn. Haley,
Union; 0. M, Atwood nnd wife, South
Cold spring; J. Davis; D. Plymouth,
'ontarvllla : Miss Hlchov. Eiigono Citv :
L. H. Heodor, Adams; K. Ilurnos, 1).
'ampl)oll, Camas pmirio; Fred Schwuh,
itv: E. S. Wutleman. Contervillo: H. S.
Hindi, C. L. I3mmon. Portland: Miss
Phronia Healo. Eugene : J, 1). Caninbjll
und brother.
Tho cnpylxt croup wns Rnllirred routul
A time-worn In-sco, wnrlilTnuowneil,
wiiosu rciiirni cinry tuivc 111111 iiten
rlnl, Un
Tho face of Uhr
hu Nnzurcno.
Anil every cnpyUt of tlio crowd
With hi own houI lliutfneo e ml owed,
rjentle, Hovctc, mnjent Ic, menn;
Hut with Christ, tho Nuzarliie?
Thru 0110 who watched them mndo com-
And mnrveteil,H4.vlnir, ''Wherefore pnlnt
TIM ye lio xnre vour eye Imvo fecn
Tho hco of Christ, the Nnr.nrlno?"
All 11 MUtake.
Tho editor of tlio Miltoii Euglo buvm
that "Pendleton furnishes one of tho
nastieet i-loughs of crime in tho Patillo
Northweot." Ho ulso says thut "tho in-
stitution known us tho Pendleton hospital
is nothing more than a houso of ill-
Hukcr City Hovillo: Tho Milton
Kudo man is ono of those pop guns that
frequently go oil" half-cocked. Ho took
a vagabond's word for it und published
this slanderous matter concerning tho
management of tho county oor house in
I'ondletou, which no nils-styled "tlio
Pendleton hospital." Tho Milton Eaglo
man Is u littlo too previous.
A Iloine-tnmte Ilroora Sweeps Cleuu.
Yesterday It. 0. Ilinton. tho enterpris
ing broom maker of Foster, was in town
ith 11 sample ot each crude 01 ids hroom.
taking orders from tho Pendleton mer
chants truo drummer style. Mr. Ilinton
has about 800 dozen brooms on hand und
material for 400 dozen more, and there
certainly is no excuse for tho merchants
Bending away for tliis urtielo of commorco,
as there can bo found no objection to tho
quality and prices. Mr. Hintbn says ho
is selling his brooms nil over tho State.
and they are gaining quite a reputation.
KnctN fur 1'nrniern.
Do you got high prices for your crops?
How much monoy do you muko 111 11
year? Is your farm out of dobt?
For twenty-live years, tho "protection
Ists" havo kept you down under u high
turiir. Thov Pruto about "11 homo mar
ket" and "diversifying interests" to belt)
tno nirmer. hut mo the (acts
Docs your next door neighbor pay you
nny more lor wncai in tno "homo mnr
ket" than tho shippers for LIvcrnool?
Does tho manufacturers pay you 11 higher
price man ine grain ncaicr r
1110 iiirniers are not "protected." Thov
pay war turiir taxes on everything thoy
buy, nnd thoy get no more for what thoy
More than half of tho workers of this
country nro farmers and furnHuborcrs.
Tho farmer is tho strong horso who lias
to bear the burden of taxes, while tho
wool is pulled over his eves.
iou get (or your wheat tno prlco ut
Liverpool, less tno cost of getting It there.
Thu enormous duty on steel rails und on
iron has Increased by untold millions tlio
cost of tho rullwuys thut carry it, und so
increased your freight and lowered your
i'.very 1100 and plow and (in-puii nnd
stovo costs you more because of tho turiir
tuxes. 1 our houses und your fences cost
you more, xour clothes cost you more.
Tlio duty on wool do you say?
Well, only $70,000,000 worth of wool
(prico paid farmers) is grown in this
country to $000,000,000 corn $500,000
000 hay, $250,000,000 cotton $100,000,0)0
heirs eggs. ioi u tiuruotii 01 our larm
products is wool, It Is hard to tax !!0
mon for one.
Hut tho wooMiirilT hurts tho wool-
growers. Why? Hecuuso tho woolen
manufacturers havo to buy imported
wools to mix with domestic wools, and
tho duty makes tho price so high as to
irovont their paying a good prlco for
lomu-grown wool.
Thus tho farmer pays more for his
blankets und gets less for his wool. Eng
land sold to foreign countries in 188."),
$115,000,000 worth of woolen goods, where
..... .....I... i fuvt rvyii 1 'ri... ...I.... nf
1. VI PUItl MI.Ui;. 5l,irVU,VW, 4 ALU f'tlWU VJ.
woolen nnd of nil farm products averaged
higher in tlio free trade than in tlio pro
tection period.
1110 tunii uiiects 110110 01 tno lurmer's
products in favor of the farmer. Tho
turiir on wheat, etc., Is entirely a sham,
because wo exjwrt grain and do not im
ort it.
11 wo wore really to shut ourselves up
to "tho homo market," tho glut of pro-
luce would ruin our farmers. The more
freely Euroo buys, tho bettor olT uro
American larmcrs.
Givo our workingmcn work all tho
year round, by help of freo raw materials
ami more loreigu trade, and nicy win
navo more monoy to spond nt homo.
When you vote for Congressmen, don't
mind putty names, but find out If tho
candidate iwlieves in ltevenue lteform
und lower tuxes.
"Protection" doesn't protect. Tho
farmer needs freer tnulo us his truo pro
Willi toil.
An exiH)rienced salesman, well ac
quuiuted with thu general merchandise
business, particularly dry goods and
fancy goods. Hoforonces regarding char
acter und ability required. Apply or ad
dress Schwabacher Hros., Wullu Wullu,
. x.
Illoml Telia.
NortTii OdDK.v, March 1, 1888.
To Uoltln l Haxe, ami nil thoroiiKhhrriU;
Wo nro pleased with tlio Holstein Hull
"Jasper L" bought of you. His cnlvos
uro e luuai
yesterday and all of un rejoice to'
" San; and Silky Plow
Tho following farniors hi
county who uro
suioriority :
using them, will testify to
"Jasper 1." has a son born
see. It
weighed 110 ikhiiuIs. Wo uro proud of
him und ho Is king of tho pastures;
wno can nsui inurr tours truly,
John Woomdiaii and Family.
P. S. I am otl'ered $50 for him ; don't
thut beat wheat ut four bits a bushel?
. John.
London's Lord Muyor has 11 salary of
f3ii,euu u year.
Tho latest Republican ticket is Slier
man and Miiliono,
A Now York woman has applied for a
iiivorco 011 tno ground that her husband
Kurcd ashes on her head. What would
tho ludy Imvo? New York real estate is
so high that sho must not oxcct to have
mud lavished ujioii nor.
Tho city of Symcuso, N. Y., guvo u
Republican majority of 2500 lust year.
At tho lata municipal election tho party
mado its campaign iiKn tho protection of
salt, one of tho local industries, and wus
Iwuton by 700 mujority.
UK l). KEMI'EIt,
Proprietor of tho
Vive-Cent Beer Hull,
Main St., oppoalto pottolllc, Pendloton.
Pendleton beer 011 draught. W'lnm, llquoig
unu cigar. ui 1110 ueab u mucin, n moon.
melts U
netiien uiuh win uo received uy uioiown 01
Pendleton, until noon. .March the I6II1. for
theKmUlDKniulgravednK of the kquore ut
tho Intersection of Thompson street with
llallroaa street, liluir Hrcel, unu tusiiii
street. Tho ektlumles uud NptclllciitlouH can
he seen ut tho town survey cr' oltlce. All
bids must bo uddrew,ed to lho commlltee 011
strews und puhllu iiiipruvenients, anil
murked! "llids on Thonipkoa street." Tho
town reserves lho rlu'lit to reject uny nil nil
bids. iiich5 d
All persons Indebted to me bv note or ac
count uro requested to roiuo forwurd without
further deluy und settle same, as I need
money in my business und must have It, If
this tequeki;ls not complied with, 1 will place
the notes und accounts In the hands of un
attorney for collection.
Pendleton, Oieon, March 6, 1RS8. .
mcli7 dsw W. D. H ANHKOltD A. CO.
J. F. Temple, W. P. Temple, J as. Trobaugk, A.
R. Simpson, J. W. Simpson, John Crow, I. L.
Barnes, Geo. Kinney, Geo. Aldridge, J. B.
O'Daniel, Thad Armstrong, Jno. Bitney, L.
B. Gilman, W. H. Reeder, John Timmerman,
G. F. Kimery,
And numerous others.
Tho only plow which completely covers the highest stubble, nnd nt tho enino timo
pulls with tho very least draft.
To Arrive This "Week,
-A carload of-
Old's Tubular Axle Wagons,
(Each Axle Warranted fur 1'tvc 1'cars.)
A carload of
Tho lightest and tho best wire on tho market to-day.
A largo and complete stock of
Builders' Hardware, Mechanics' Tools; Shot Guns, Rifles,
and Revolvers.
Wo claim to have tho finest Una of
Of tiny houso in Kautern Oregon.
Jewell Stoves and Ranges.
Every custinj; guurnnteed npihiHt cracking; every tiro back warranted
for fifteen years.
Theso Stoves Load tho World, and uro sold ns cheap us tho cheapest.
A complete stock of PLUMBING GOODS, with first-class, experienced work
men, enables us to do K'ood work, at bottom figures.
mch7 dltswStlf
Wheeler, Greene & Co.
Frazer's Opera House,
Friday, March. 9,
One Mght Only!
From tho Atluntlo to thu 1'nclnol
A Nnw Department In Mlnttrolsjrl
am moth Minstrels!
iolt ut tho Monster Array of Tnient Grt-uier uml Heller Hum Kver-wlth un Kntlru Nov
Company for tho Hchmmi of 7 anil 'M.
Low Bonodlct, John Mack, Ellsworth Cook. Albort Loach,
John Dillon, Horace Rushby, Chas. W. Coodyoar, Jamoa
Croon, Will L. Pollard, Byron Loach, Harry Dillon, C. W.
Kuropc'ii (IrenteslHonsiitlnn, Tlio Itoyul IIumMloll Ilhiuors, lho llrlllsh Clloo llimls, flvo
Inmunlu r, Kluht Orent Coineilhins) Kluht Knit Menl Tn Cloir Kxiierisl Kluhl Kuperh
Vnculistnl Twelve (Ireiit HH'cliilUts new, uiiliii, nuvel mid rcllmil! Hfty l'oiiny Knu
turio the Ulnit liniKli-iiiiikuml Ten Honu nnd Duiire A' llt ptnntHllon, uurolmtlu uiiiIkuu
ttell Twenty HklllcJ Muslclons-ovtry mnn u solo pliiyerl
Watch for the Grand Parade of Baird's Gold and Silver Cornet
Matt Elder, Leader, supported by Major Gorman.
Military Drill KxperU, and I.tghlnlnif Musket Jwwlori. DAILY AT NOON j KltKKTO AI.M
Listen to tho Hand! Heethe lleiuillfut Ilornsl llturtliu Hololslsl
s-Hecuro your TlokeU ut I'letclii'r's Jewelry Btoro. moli5l it
For tho next tlilrty duys I will soil at ton per cent, tibovo
cost tlio largest and host stock oi boots and shoos that is in
Pendleton, comprising:
$2,000 AYorth of Buckingham & Ilecht celebrated boots and
83,000 worth of C. M. Henderson goods, who is considered
one of the best manufacturers in tho United States.
$1,000 worth of Sailor Lewin it Co.'s ladies' fino kid shoes,
of tho Sailer Lewin make, Philadelphia.
1,000 pair children and Ahsses shoes.
500 pair of slippers, of all grades.
Don t delay, but como and get bargains, at tho' Pendleton
Boot and Shoo store.